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Accidentally on Purpose

"What is this?!" Tina's girlfriend Alice, a woman with dark hair and fair skin, walked into Tina's room holding a pair of rumpled pink panties. They were the pair Tina had just tossed in the hamper a few minutes earlier.

"Uhm, my underwear?" Tina answered nervously, not used to Alice being so forceful... and wondering what was coming.

Alice held the panties up by the sides so hey could be seen clearly. The bottom crotch-area was a darker pink than the rest, and still damp.

"Would you mind explaining why they are wet and smell like pee?"

"I uh... I wet them." Tina blushed admitting that.

"I guess that explains the little puddle in the kitchen I had to clean up!" Alice said intensely.

"Now, was it an accident or did you do it on purpose?"

"Well..." Version #1 - Accident " was an accident." Tina blushed some more.

Alice looked Tina over.

"I'm not sure I believe you, but alright." She walked out and put the panties back in the hamper then came back in the room.

"Sorry to hear you can't control yourself though. But if you aren't ready for big girl panties, I have just the solution. Stay right there." Alice left again for a few minutes. Tina's stomach turned from nerves.

A couple minutes later, Alice came back holding a bag under one arm. She put the bag down on Tina's bed.

"This should take care of it." She opened the bag and pulled out a peach-colored disposable diaper that was clearly sized for adults.

"Wit these you won't have to worry about accidents again."

"But, those are diapers! I can't wear those!" Tina protested.

"Well, we can't have you having accidents in your pants now can we? Imagine how embarrassing that would be if you peed your panties while we were out shopping." Alice held up a diaper and motioned for Tina to sit on the bed. Even though she wanted to protest more, Tina did as she was told and sat down on the edge of her bed. Alice slid Tina's skirt off, revealing a pair of yellow panties underneath.

"No more big girl panties for you, not until you learn to control yourself," Alice said and slid Tina's panties down too. Tina was blushing a deep red by now.

Alice had Tina lay back on the bed and lifted her legs up. She unfolded the diaper and slid it under Tina's behind then pulled it up between her legs and taped it firmly in place.

"There you go, don't you look adorable?" Alice smiled as Tina sat up in her tee-shirt and diaper. Every time she moved the diaper crinkled a little. Alice got one of Tina's miniskirts out of her dresser and had her put it on. It was so short that if Tina did anything other that stand straight up some portion of her diaper would peak out.

Very embarrassed by her situation, Tina tried to forget about it and get back to web-surfing.

"What are you doing?" Alice asked.

"I... was just going back online." Tina was confused and still rosy cheeked.

"Oh no missy, we were planning our shopping day today and I still intend to go. With you." She crossed her arms and waited. Tina complained a lot about how people would know she was diapered.

"Well of course they will, but without your diaper they'd have just seen you wet your panties and it would make a big public mess. It's better this way. Now let's go." Alice lead Tina out of the house and to the car. Tina sat quietly in the passenger seat on the ride to the mall, her shame evident as a peach colored bulge between her legs that she couldn't cover.

Eventually they got to the mall and found a parking space. It seemed like Alice picked the spot furthest from the entrance she could. They walked together toward the mall, Tina trying to stay as upright as possible so no one could see what she was wearing. A little kid walking by saw from the lower vantage point and pulled on his mother's sleeve, "mommy, mommy, that lady is wearing a diaper!" Tina blushed even deeper but the mother didn't pay any attention to the claim.

Finally they got inside the big air-conditioned building and started window shopping. They each picked up a soda at the food court on the way by, then went from store to store checking out what was new. Tina tried to forget about the diaper she was wearing, but only succeeded in relaxing a little by not thinking about it as much. A few times she regained her red cheeks when a guy would walk by and look down at her butt. She kept wondering if anyone realized she was diapered.

They also stopped at a coffee shop while they browsed. Tina got an iced coffee and Alice got a caramel desert drink.

"Let's drink these here," Alice said and gestured to a small table by the window. Obediently, Tina sat down and started to drink her coffee. Alice sipped her sweet drink slowly. After a few minutes, Tina realized she was sitting facing a window and anyone passing by outside would be able to see up her skirt. She didn't dare move though, not wanting to bring attention to herself. But she started to feel the soda from earlier catch up with her, and a strong urge to pee overtook her.

"Alice..." Tina whispered, "I have to pee."

"That's what your diaper is for," Alice replied in a voice a little too loud for Tina's comfort.

"But, I can feel it and I could make it to the bathroom..." Tina whined, "could I please use the toilet?"

"No honey, you need to learn at the right rate and this is too soon for toilet training." Alice took another slow sip of her drink. Minutes passed and the urge to go became much stronger with each second. Tina fidgeted in her chair trying to hold it, hoping Alice would see her discomfort and change her mind. A few people walking outside noticed her because of her squirming and a couple laughed when they saw her diaper.

"You're only making it worse by holding it," Alice said, "that's not good for you." For ten minutes Tina held on with increasing discomfort. She clamped her legs together as much as the diaper would allow and pressed her hand into her crotch. The thick padding made both efforts difficult. Eventually Tina gave up. She relaxed her legs apart a little and pulled her hand away. Immediately she felt her bladder contract with the rushing feeling of peeing. Warmth spread in her peach diaper, spreading from between her legs to go up the front and back of her diaper. Her butt quickly felt warm and slightly sticky from the soaked disposable.

"Good job honey," Alice said with a smile.

"You might have been a bad girl wetting your panties, but that's a very good girl using your diaper." Tina's diaper sagged from how flooded it was. When she and Alice stood up she couldn't help but notice that her diaper now hung lower than her skirt.

"Everyone can tell I wet myself..." Tina pouted.

"They would if you weren't diapered anyway," Alice smirked.

"Could you change me?" Tina begged.

"No dear, I'm not about to waste a half-used diaper. Especially when we aren't at home with plenty of spares." That phrase made Tina's heart sink as she realized she was probably going to be stuck in diapers for a long time, even at home. Alice chuckled, "that diaper still has some use left in it. Let's go." She lead Tina out of the coffee shop to continue shopping. Anyone looking in Tina's direction had to tell she was diapered now, and a few snickered as she went by. Tina found it very hard to focus on anything else.

Alice lead her through many stores, buying a few things in a few places. An hour went by and Tina's diaper had gone cold but still sagged. Then an even worse though struck Tina's mind. After drinking so much coffee, she had to poop.

"Alice," she said very quietly while her girlfriend looked over choices for new purses, "I have to go."

"That's what your diaper is for honey," Alice replied somewhat distracted.

"But, I don't have to pee, I... I have to poo." Tina had a hand over her butt and was pressing in against the soggy diaper.

"Like I said, use your diaper." Alice said plainly.

"You'd better get used to it anyway." Tina blushed worse than she had all day.

"But..." she started to complain but realized it was pointless. Resigned to her fate, she pulled her hand away from her bottom and relaxed. Her intestines gurgled unhappily and Tina closed her eyes. Everything inside went to work and she felt her bowels move. Moments later a heavy load slid into the seat of her diaper, dragging it down even lower. Tina thought she might cry from the humiliation.

"That'll do dear," Alice said.

"I've got everything I think I need here, and I don't want to bother people with your stinky mess. Let's go home."

"Can you change me first?" Tina begged.

"I would hon, but I didn't bring any changes with me. I'll change you when we get home." Alice smiled.

"You were a very good girl though, only complained a little. Before long I'm sure you won't complain at all." Alice lead Tina back to the car, her mess swinging in her soggy diaper behind her. Tina sat in her slowly cooling mess the entire ride home, and despite herself was glad when they got back and she was changed into a fresh diaper. She would learn to get used to it, as she was diapered every day after that.

Version #2 - Deliberate " was on purpose." Tina blushed some more.

Alice looked Tina over.

"I'm not sure I believe that, but okay. If you really want to wet your panties like that, I have just the thing!" Alice's tone sounded ominous to Tina. She left Tina's room for a minute then came back with a belt in her hand.

"Take your skirt off!" Alice demanded. Surprised by the forcefulness of her girlfriend, Tina obediently slid her skirt down to reveal the yellow panties she was wearing underneath.

"What's the belt for?" Tina asked nervously.

"In good time, first put jeans on." Alice pointed to Tina's dresser. Tina walked over in her tee-shirt and panties and opened a drawer. She pulled out an old pair of slightly faded blue jeans and slid them on.

"Good. Now, this belt will make sure you don't take these off," Alice slid the belt through the belt-loops on Tina's jeans and then clasped it closed at the front. She then pulled a key out of her pocked and Tina heard a faint click.

"What was that?" Tina asked with some alarm.

"That was the lock. This belt is not padlocked on to you and I have the key. If you want to piss yourself so badly, now you have no choice!" Alice put the key back in her pocket.

"Now, let's get going. I'm not giving up on getting some shopping done just because you wanted to pee all over yourself." Alice drove the two of them to the mall. She seemed to pick the parking space furthest from the doors she could. They walked together into the air conditioned building, Tina somewhat worried about her state but hoping she'd be able to convince Alice to unlock her. They passed through the food court and picked up a couple sodas on the way. Then Alice started to lead Tina through some window shopping, checking out what was new. After a little looking around they stopped at a coffee shop and each got an iced coffee. Tina didn't think much about being locked in her jeans for a while.

By the time Tin had finished her coffee she was starting to feel a need to pee.

"Alice," she said quietly as they walked, "I have to pee."

"That's nice." Alice replied.

"Could you... unlock me?" Tina asked.

"Nope," Alice responded flatly.

"You made your choice."

"But..." Tina complained, "If I go here everyone will see."

"Yes, everyone will see you are a naughty girl who wets her panties," Alice said fairly loudly.

Tina blushed.

"Please Alice, I don't want to wet myself here!" She started to squirm a little as the pressure began to build in her bladder. Each step Tina took she tried to keep her legs as together as she could.

"Then maybe you shouldn't have peed on the kitchen floor," Alice said with a smirk.

"Besides, now that we've looked around I think I want to get a few things. Let's go." Alice lead an increasingly desperate Tina through a dozen stores to buy a few things. Tina's bladder started to scream at her for relief but she held on as best she could. Eventually Tina decided to let a little go, just to ease the discomfort. A tiny squirt of pee soaked into her panties and made a very small dark spot in the crotch of her jeans.

Surprisingly that little bit of relief helped Tina keep going, but only for a little while. As the hour stretched on Tina let out a few more tiny bits of pee. Each time she did however, the dark spot on her jeans got a little bigger. It grew big enough that Tina was sure some people had seen. A few snickers as she passed confirmed her worry.

Something even worse struck Tina as Alice looked through styles of cell phones. Her intestines were gurgling from the coffee she drank. Before long she would have to poop.

"Alice," Tina begged, "please unlock me. I have to poo."

"Well, that's no good," Alice said with a wicked grin.

"Wouldn't want you to make a mess in your pants here in public." Tina nodded agreement.

"Tell you what, if you wet yourself completely, I'll unlock you so you can poop." Tina looked around the store, seeing a lot of people shopping.

"I..." she stammered, "I guess so." She thought it would be better to wet herself than to crap her pants in public. At least some people might think she spilled a drink on herself. Cheeks flushed red, Tina pulled her legs apart and removed her hand from where it had been pressed firmly against her crotch. Alice turned and watched.

In a rush the contents of Tina's bladder emptied into her panties. A warm stream of pee came out forcibly and soaked through her already yellow panties and into her jeans. Heat soaked around the seat of Tina's jeans and ran down her right leg. Very quickly an enormous wet stain grew the length of Tina's jeans. A puddle formed on the floor, and some pee ran into Tina's shoe. A few people nearby saw this and laughed, a few looked shocked and a couple gave sympathetic looks to the girl pissing all over herself.

"Atta girl," Alice laughed, "If you like peeing yourself, that was a big one!" Tina's whole face was red from shame.

"Okay, now unlock me so I can go poo," Tina demanded while trying not to notice the looks she was getting.

"Alright fine," Alice said, "I have everything I think I want here anyway. Let's go back home so you can poop."

"What?!" Tina asked in shock, "You said you'd unlock me so I could go!"

"Yes I did, but I don't have the key with me. I left it at home. You'll have to hold it until we get back." Alice smiled evilly.

"Think you can make it?" Tina didn't say anything. She left the store as quickly as possible, but had to wait for Alice. Alice took her time, walking painfully slow through the mall toward the car. Tine was pressing her butt together as best she could, hoping she could make the trip back home without losing it. As they walked through the food court, a few people laughed at Tina. Someone asked if she'd peed herself.

"Yup!" Alice replied almost proudly, "she's a naughty girl who pees her panties!" as she said that and before Tina could reply, Alice slapped Tina on her pee-soaked butt.

That shock was too much. Tina jumped from the spank to her behind and at the same moment her unhappy bowels emptied themselves. A heavy load pushed its way into the seat of Tina's panties. Her wet and clinging jeans bulged from the sudden addition. Tina nearly cried, and ran out the door. Her mess mashed inside her pants as she ran. Alice walked casually, leaving Tina next to the locked car for over a minute before arriving. Some teenagers in the parking lot saw the unmistakable signs in Tina's jeans of what she'd done and pointed while laughing.

"Guess you couldn't make it," Alice said to Tina. She started up the car and the two of them drove back home. Tina had to sit in her messy and wet panties and jeans the entire way. Alice unrolled the windows to help a little with the smell. Tina was relieved to get home and be unlocked. After a long shower she changed into a fresh pair of panties and pants.

"Hope you learned your lesson!" Alice said when she got out of the shower, "because if I see wet panties in the hamper again, the belt is coming back out!" Tina knew she meant it, and it wouldn't be the last time she was forced to use her panties as a bathroom.


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