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Katie's Big Weekend

The weekend had finally arrived. Katie thought it would never come. Her parents and younger sister were going to the eastern part of the state, far away, where they couldn't bother her. Katie told them she couldn't go on their little family outing because of a big test she had to study for, but in fact she had no homework whatsoever. She also didn't have to be at work this weekend. She had nothing to do.

The only bad part about this weekend was that her boyfriend, Sam, was out of town, too. 'Oh well, I'll just have to manage.' Katie thought to herself as she parked her car in the empty driveway in front of her home. She looked at her watch: 3:15 on a Friday afternoon. 'Plenty of time' She thought.

She went straight to her room, dropped her backpack on the floor, and threw herself on her bed. She lay there for a few minutes, staring at her ceiling. Should she change now or later? Katie smiled a wicked smile and decided on now. She rolled off the bed and went to her closet, pushed aside almost a dozen pairs of shoes, and pulled out an old, supposedly empty suitcase. She set it on the floor in front of her bed, unzipped it slowly, and with great anticipation, opened it up.

Inside was a treasure chest of infancy. Assorted disposable diapers, thick cloth diapers, baby pins, powder, oil, a pacifier, plastic pants, even some baby clothes with prints on them. Katie decided on two big cotton diapers, and set them out on her bed. She grabbed four baby pins, the baby powder, and oil. She set them beside the diapers. Finally she rummaged around in the suitcase for awhile until she found what she was looking for plastic pants that locked at the top.

"I'm a very naughty baby!" Katie smiled to herself as she put the pants on her bed.

She stood up and unbuttoned her jeans. They fell down around her ankles, exposing her beautiful legs and white cotton panties. Next she pulled off her tight fitting T-shirt and threw it to the floor. She undid her bra and watched herself her full-length mirror as she took her bra off. Katie really liked her breasts. She thought they had just the right shape, and were just the right size for her 5' 6" body. Unlike some seventeen year-old girls, Katie wasn't ashamed of her body. She actually liked to flaunt it.

Finally, off came the panties. She stepped out of them, completely naked. She sat down on her bed, the two diapers between her legs. She pulled the first diaper tight around her slim waist. She pinned it into place, and then pinned the second diaper on. She stood up, making sure the diapers were tight, and would stay on. Katie sat back down on the bed, and poured a gracious amount of baby oil down the front of her diapers. She loved the feeling as it worked its way between her legs.

She lay back on her bed, stuck her right hand between the diapers, and moved her fingers very slowly back and forth. It didn't take much, and soon Katie was incredibly excited. She rolled her head to the right, and laughed out loud. She licked her lips moved her hand faster, harder. In a matter of minutes, Katie had achieved an orgasm.

"Quicker than the real thing." She said. She lay there a few more minutes, breathing deeply. When she was ready, she sat up, poured some powder down her diapers, and then pulled the locking panties on.

They were see-through, and Katie examined herself in the mirror again. She liked her naked body, but she liked her body in diapers even better. She locked the panties into place, and put the oil and powder back into the suitcase. She took out her pacifier, put it in her mouth, and sucked on it happily, while putting away the suitcase. Then she headed upstairs, to get something to eat.

She didn't have to worry about anyone seeing her, because two large trees in her front yard blocked the window. There were windows in the back of the house, including on in Katie's room, but you couldn't see in them unless you were in the backyard.

Katie made herself a big bowl of instant oatmeal. She sat at the kitchen table, and watched cartoons on a little television. 'How great is this?' Katie thought. 'I'm just sitting here, with the whole house to myself, being a complete baby. It just can't get any better.

When Katie was full, she got up to throw the rest of the uneaten oatmeal away. 'I hardly ate any of it.' Katie was surprised at herself. 'Guess my eyes are bigger than my stomach.' Just as she was about to dump the oatmeal in the garbage, she got an idea. Katie had peed in her diapers and pants on many occasions, but had never pooped. The thought of a big mushy mess in diapers turned her on, but she wasn't going to poop. She decided to dump the rest of the oatmeal down her diapers, to see how it felt.

It took some work, with the panties being locked rather snugly, but after some effort, a large amount of oatmeal made its way to the back of Katie's diapers. Katie was enthralled. She sat down several times, in several positions, and felt how the still warm oatmeal oozed between her legs. Finally, Katie decided to finish her cartoons.

After Katie finished her cartoons, she decided to fix up her room. Not fix as in clean up, fix as in babify. She had plenty of stuffed animals, which she kept on her bed even when she wasn't in diapers. She spread them out throughout her room. Next she emptied her underwear drawer in to a garbage bag, and filled the drawer with her diapers and rubber pants. She put the bag in the laundry room. 'No need for these. It's diapers all weekend.' The thought made her giggle.

Lastly she hung a couple of decorations her mom had kept from her room when Katie really was a baby. She looked around her room, which now could have been mistaken for a toddler's, were it not for the full sized bed in the corner. All that work made her sleepy, and she nestled under her warm covers amongst her teddy bears to fall asleep. She drifted off to dreamland slowly, absent-mindedly sucking her thumb as she went.

Katie awoke to a loud series of thumps. She looked up at her window, and saw her boyfriend Sam peering in.

"Hi!" He yelled through the glass.

"Let me in!" He smiled at her.

"I'll meet you at the front door." Katie said. He nodded and began to make his way to the front of the house. 'What am I going to do!?' Katie panicked. She made sure Sam wasn't still at the window before she got out of bed, her diapers in full view. She opened the suitcase and frantically began looking for the key to the lock on the plastic panties. She didn't find it. 'Don't panic, it has to be here somewhere.' It wasn't. Katie heard Sam pound at the front door.

'I know, I'll tell him I'm sick, and he has to leave.' Katie hurriedly looked for some pants that would fit over her diapers. She grabbed a pair of light gray sweats and an oversized sweater. She checked herself in the mirror. 'Not to bad,' she thought, 'but he can't hang around long.' She ran up the stairs to the front door.

"Took you long enough." Sam said, he moved to hug her, but she stepped back.

"Sam, I'm really not feeling well, you should leave." Katie hoped the noise from her diapers wasn't too loud.

"Really, that's too bad. I bet I can make you feel better." Sam moved for her hips. Katie slapped his hand away.

"No! No, really, I just want to be alone right now. Sorry. What are you doing back so soon anyway? I thought you had some big trip this weekend."

"Well I did. But you see, it wasn't going to take all weekend. It was just to pick up my new car, and I wanted to surprise you."

"You got a new car!" Katie exclaimed. Sam had been saving up for a car for a while. He had been looking at a very nice red Honda. It was super cool, and super fast. Katie really hoped he had gotten that car.

"Come and see it, come on." Sam motioned to the porch.

"You can see it from here."

Katie stepped out onto the porch, now hating the fact that she had a load of oatmeal weighing her diapers down. Sure enough, there was the little red sports car.

"Great, now I'm going back inside." Katie turned to go, but Sam grabbed her shoulder.

"C'mon Kate, take a ride. Just around the block. It'll be quick, I promise. Then I'll leave you alone. You know you want to."

"One ride, around the block, then you'll go. Promise? I don't want you seeing me like this... I don't want you getting, um, sick."

"Alright, let's go!" Sam bolted to the car. Katie was slow to follow. She sat down on the nice comfortable seat, and winced as the oatmeal forced its way to the front of her diapers. They weren't long out of the driveway when Katie came to a frightening realization: She had to pee.

She was doing fine, fidgeting a little, but she managed to keep up conversation with Sam, and she didn't think he noticed his girlfriend was in diapers. All the time the pressure on her bladder was building.

"This sure is a long way around the block." Katie said.

"Well, I didn't think you literally meant around the block."

"YES! That's it. I'm sorry, I just really don't feel up to this right now." Katie had her hands between her knees, trying to keep her diapers as dry as possible for as long as possible.

"Fine, I'll take you home." Sam went to make a right turn and head back for Katie's house.

"Could you go a little faster, I kinda gotta go to the bathroom." Katie said.

"Sure, Kate. Check out what this thing can do." Sam stepped on the gas, and the car took off. Suddenly, a van pulled out in front of them. Sam slammed on the brakes, sending Katie flying forward.

The pressure of the seat belt on her bladder, in combination with the scare of almost being in an accident, was too much for poor Katie. She let loose, and flooded her diapers. Even after the danger had passed, and Katie was seated normally, she continued to pee. She hoped Sam wouldn't notice.

"Sorry, Kate. Are you okay?" Sam looked at her with his big blue eyes.

"I'm fine just get us home." Katie was almost in tears.

They pulled up into Katie's driveway, when Sam looked at her and said, "You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just gotta... go to the bathroom." Katie began to open her door when Sam said, "I think you did. My seats were not that dark before." Katie looked where Sam was pointing, underneath her left thigh. A dark patch stained the light fabric.

"Don't worry, Kate, it was my fault, don't worry about it." Sam tried to console her, but Katie burst into tears.

"My diapers leaked!" Katie said without thinking.

"You're what?" Sam said.

"Nothing. I'll call you later, good bye!" Katie said, and ran to the house. As she did, Sam saw the dark stains on either side of her inner thighs.

"Diapers?" Sam thought to himself as he pulled the car away from the house.

Katie got inside and slumped on the floor, crying her eyes out. What was she going to do? She was locked in diapers, wet diapers at that. She had just accidentally told her boyfriend, and had peed in his new car. Katie was convinced her life was over. She took off her pants and walked slowly down stairs.

Katie walked slowly into her room, her pace slowed by the thick wet diapers bulging between her legs. Through the clear plastic of her panties, she could see the dark stain on the outermost diaper. She wished she could change herself, but she had no idea where the key to her panties was, and it was Saturday night. By this time tomorrow, if she hadn't found a solution, her entire family would see her in diapers. Katie was not about to let that happen.

Sam called a few minutes later. He said he was sorry for dragging Katie out when she wasn't feeling well. He said to forget the whole thing, and he'd see her in school on Monday. Katie was relieved. Now she wouldn't have to worry about telling her boyfriend.

An hour passed. Katie had turned her room inside out looking for the key. Still nothing. She thought she could probably deal with wet diapers, it wasn't that bad. The oatmeal was a little uncomfortable, but it could be worse. She decided to get more to eat, thinking she'd be more level headed after a meal. She waddled upstairs, and made herself some hamburger helper. This time, the unfinished portion didn't end up in her diapers.

She headed downstairs, to her room. She re-oiled and powdered herself, trying to avoid getting diaper rash. Then she watched some more television. She was sucking happily on her pacifier, remarkably cool considering her situation, when Katie realized she had to go to the bathroom again. However, this time, she didn't just have to pee. Katie shuddered at the realization that she was going to poop in her diapers, just like a little baby.

In a flash she was upstairs, in the bathroom. She opened the cabinet, looking for some scissors. Maybe she could cut the panties off. After some searching, she found scissors she thought might work. Desperately, Katie tried cutting the chain that held the panties snug around her waist. Her movements became more frantic, as she was quickly losing control of her bowels. The scissors weren't making any headway in freeing her from her diapered torture.

Slowly, her bowels gave way. Katie began to involuntarily fill her diapers with the end product of two days worth of food. She through the scissors on the floor and watched helplessly as the diapers continued to expand. Katie felt her butt grow warm as the soft mess worked its way between her legs. The diapers grew tighter as Katie's bowels finished relieving themselves. Then, before she knew what happened, Katie peed again. The growing stain on her crotch told Katie she was a complete baby, incapable of even the slightest control.

Katie began to do the only thing she could do: cry. She let out loud, deep sobs, as tears streamed down her face. Still sobbing, Katie headed downstairs to bed. She found it made less of a mess if she crawled around on all fours, so crawl she did. She found her pacifier, and sucked on it as she slowly cried herself to sleep.

Later that night, Katie awoke, having to go to the bathroom once again. She cursed herself for being so stupid, as she knew Hamburger Helper always gave her the runs. With very little fight, she let herself go, and another, much less solid load filled her diapers to the point of overflow. She was laying on her stomach, so the mess surged forward, to the front of her diapers.

"I'm so stupid." She said angrily.

"Just a stupid little baby!" There was no escaping the mess, so Katie just rolled over on her back, and went back to sleep.

Katie awoke to the sound of a familiar voice.

"Isn't that just darling?" Katie's younger sister, Amanda, was standing not three feet from the bed. Katie was so surprised the pacifier dropped from her open mouth.

"But it smells awful." Amanda continued, sniffing the air.

"Does baby Katie need changing?"

"How did you get in here? What are you doing home so early." Katie shot a glance at her clock radio. It read 10:30 Sunday morning.

"Well, we were visiting grandma and grandpa, and Uncle Rob was heading home a little earlier than mom and dad. So, I hitched a ride with him, and let myself in, knowing I'd find you like this. You are so predictable."

"What are you talking about?" Katie asked, a slight tremble in her voice.

"I found your suitcase of baby stuff a while ago, while I was looking for something nice to wear. You really should have hid it better. I was a little shocked at first, but the idea of you in diapers, acting like a little baby..." Amanda laughed wickedly, and Katie felt her face go red.

"I knew you wouldn't pass up the opportunity to indulge yourself with everyone else gone from the house. So I took the liberty of borrowing the key to your locking panties for the weekend. That way, I'd be sure to catch you in the act." Amanda held up a small key on a chain that hung around her neck.

"Give me that back." Katie moved to grab the key, but the bulk around her waist made her movements slow and clumsy. Amanda just laughed. Katie stood before her thirteen-year-old sister in soiled diapers and locking panties, and realized that her sister had the upper hand.

"I'll change your diapers, but you will remain in diapers, and do everything I say, otherwise the key stays with me." Amanda said coldly.

Katie pondered the situation for a moment. She badly needed to get out of these diapers, but wasn't too happy about going right back in to new diapers. Especially not when it was her sister that was putting them on her. Finally, she decided to do as her sister said.

"Lay on your bed." Her sister commanded. Amanda withdrew two white disposable diapers from the suitcase, along with powder and oil. She unlocked Katie's panties, removed the old diapers, and cleaned off her older sister's crotch. She slipped the first diaper underneath Katie, and applied a large amount of powder and baby oil. Then, with expert precision learned from so many years of baby sitting real babies, she taped the diaper in to place.

"And just to make sure my baby doesn't get any leaks, I'm going to double diaper you." Amanda said to Katie in that silly way adults talk to little babies. Katie knew she was going to be wearing two diapers, the fact that her sister had to say it was just rubbing it in.

After the second diaper was on, Katie was locked back in to the panties. Her sister sat her up and admired her handy work.

"Don't worry about the key," Amanda smirked, "I'll hold on to it for safe keeping. Now, let's pick you out some clothes."

Amanda dug through the suitcase until she found a pink pair of shortalls. They were like overalls, except the legs were shorts, not full length. There were snaps along the inside crotch area, for easy diaper changes. A cartoon baby bunny emblem adorned the front. Amanda picked out a short white baby tee from Katie's "big girl" clothes, and put it on Katie. It was very small, not even making it to Katie's belly button. It did, however, show off Katie's chest quite nicely.

Amanda had Katie stand up, then made her step in to the shortalls, one foot at a time. As she pulled them up and fastened the straps over Katie's shoulder's, Katie thought she was going to cry.

Amanda pinched Katie's cheek and said, "Just look at you! Aren't you just the cutest wittle bay-bee!" Amanda grabbed the oversized baby bottle from Katie's suitcase.

"I'm going to make you a drink, you stay here and clean up this mess." Amanda gestured to the suitcase and it's contents, spread out over the floor.

"It better be clean when I get back, or baby Katie's gonna get a spanking!" Amanda started to laugh wildly.

"From her little sister!"

Just as Katie finished cleaning her room, Amanda bounded through the door, holding the baby bottle. Katie was on her knees, zipping up the suitcase. Before she could move, Amanda grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to her feet.

"Sit on your bed." She commanded.

Katie did as she was told. Amanda sat next to her, and stroked her beautiful hair, which was pulled back in pigtails. Amanda forced the bottle in to Katie's mouth and told her to drink. As Katie gulped the bottle down, Amanda just watched, obviously amused by her older sister's reduced condition. After Katie finished the bottle, she felt like she was going to explode.

"What was that?" Katie asked.

"It tasted awful."

"Well, it was just a little of this and that from the kitchen. You know, prune juice, cherries, bananas, laxatives- everything that would ensure you're gonna fill your diapers quick. By the way, mom and dad said they'd be back kinda late tonight, around nine or ten, so I invited Stephanie over to help me baby sit you."

"You WHAT!?" Katie panicked. It was bad enough her sister caught her like this, but there was no way Amanda's little blabbermouth friend was going to see Katie in diapers. The two had never gotten along. That was probably why Amanda had invited her over.

"You can't do that, please Amanda!" Katie got down on her knees.

"You've seen me in diapers, you've ordered me around. Please, don't let someone else see me like this." she begged her younger sister.

Amanda grinned, and said, "But I wouldn't want my wonderful shake to go to waste. I'm just dying to see you poop in your diapers. Tell you what, baby Katie. You fill your pants right here in front of me, and maybe I'll think about letting you out of diapers."

Reluctantly, Katie agreed.

"How do you want me to do it?" she asked.

"Take off your clothes. Nothing but your diapers and plastic pants." Amanda giggled. After Katie had disrobed, Amanda said, "Turn around and face the wall. Grab your knees, I wanna see your big butt." With a red face, Katie did was she was told. She spread her legs, and concentrated.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun! My sister's pooping her diapers, my sister's pooping her diapers!" Amanda chanted, still seated on Katie's bed. Suddenly, Katie didn't have to try. Her bowels released a steady stream of thick diarrhea, and Katie could feel her diapers expand. The load filled the back of her diapers, and because she was bent over, the mess began to seep towards the front.

Just as Katie was finishing this ultimate act of humiliation, there was a flash from behind her. She turned around, and saw Amanda was holding a Polaroid camera. Katie stood straight up, almost oblivious to the load between her legs, and Amanda flashed another picture.

"Just for old times sake." She said.

"Give me those!" Katie lunged forward, but Amanda jumped off the bed just in time. Katie charged, and Amanda barely had time to set the camera down before Katie was upon her, tackling her to the ground. In her rage, Katie had forgotten about the fact that her younger sister had taken several years of Tae Kwon Do, and was one of the best in the state. With expert precision, Amanda escaped from underneath Katie, and managed to pin one of Katie's arms behind her back. Katie howled in pain, one arm caught underneath her, the other pinned behind her back. Her butt stuck straight up in the air, a perfect target for her angry sister.

Amanda mercilessly wailed on Katie's backside, saying, "I'll take whatever pictures of you I want to." Katie began to cry, not so much because of her degrading situation, but because her sister was giving her a brutal spanking. After Amanda was done, Katie lay on the ground, crying longer and louder than she'd ever done before in her life.

"I hope that teaches you a lesson." Scolded Amanda.

"Now get dressed and pull yourself together. I've got a friend coming over, and I want you to look presentable for her." With that, Amanda took the pictures and stormed out of the room.

Katie didn't know what to do. She had finally calmed down and stopped crying, but any minute Amanda's stupid little friend would be over, and Katie was still dressed like a baby. She waddled over to her bed, and lay down on her stomach. She grabbed her nearest stuffed animal, a plush white teddy bear, and tried to think of how to make the best of the situation.

Upstairs, Katie heard a knock at the door.

"Oh Katie, could you get that?" Amanda called down to her. Katie didn't move. Finally, Amanda answered it herself.

"Come on in, Stephanie." Amanda announced in a voice louder than necessary.

"Let's go downstairs, there's something I want to show you..."

Katie hurriedly tried to get under the covers of her bed, but Stephanie and Amanda were through the door to quickly. Stephanie's jaw dropped open, and a smile quickly spread across her face.

"I don't believe it. Your sister's a..."

"Meet baby Katie." Amanda said proudly while pinching Katie's left cheek, the way an annoying aunt at a family reunion would. Katie kept her head down, trying not to meet Stephanie's eyes, but Stephanie walked over to the bed, eyes as big as saucer plates, drinking it all in. Then she smelled the mess in Katie's diapers.

"Gross! Your sister needs to be changed."

"Why don't you do it, Stephanie?" Amanda joked.

"Me? Oh, no way, that diaper looks full, I'm not changing your older sister."

"Look, I changed her last time, she's already been humiliated by me, now it's your turn."

"Last time? She's done this before?" Stephanie started to laugh. Amanda joined in, both ignoring Katie, who kept her head down. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. Finally, she could hold back no longer. Katie began to sob once again. This got the girls' attention, and Amanda patted Katie on the back.

"Does my little sissy need a didee change?" Amanda said in mock-sympathy.

"C'mon, Steph, I'll show you where the diaper supplies are."

They brought down the suitcase that Katie had just finished packing, and Stephanie armed herself with two more thick disposable diapers, powder, and baby oil.

"Here's the key for her locking diaper pants. Make sure you lock them once you're done." Amanda turned to Katie.

"You behave, or I'll be down here to give you another spanking so fast..." She said menacingly.

"Stephanie, I'm going upstairs to get something to eat. Bring her up when you're done." With that, Amanda left the room.

Stephanie slowly advanced toward Katie, who was still lying on the bed.

"Remember when I spent the night over here about two years ago..." Stephanie began.

"You spent the night over here so many times, how should I remember just once?" Katie asked, a little more sure of herself now that her sister was out of the room.

"It was the time I wet my bed. You made so much fun of me, calling me a baby, asking if I needed diapers. It was humiliating." Stephanie was now at top of the bed, just a foot away from Katie's face.

Katie remembered the incident, and laughed in spite of herself.

"Yeah, that was pretty funny. You were crying! You really soaked your sleeping bag."

The words had barely left Katie's mouth before Stephanie slapped her across the face.

"SHUT UP!" She yelled.

"That's not funny!" Stephanie looked as though she might cry right now.

Katie was a little startled by the younger girls' burst of anger. Before she knew it, Katie was pulled to her feet, and Stephanie struck her again across the lips. Katie covered her mouth with both hands, leaving her diapered waist exposed. Another swift punch, this time to the midsection, sent Katie to the floor. She gasped for air, unable to regain her breath.

Stephanie took the opportunity to scold her, saying, "So who's humiliated now, baby Katie?" She unlocked the panties, and proceeded to remove the soiled diaper. All the while, Katie tried to catch her breath.

After Katie was cleaned, oiled, and powdered, Stephanie taped the two clean diapers around Katie's waist. Then she pulled the panties back up, and secured the lock.

"Time to go upstairs, baby Katie." Stephanie said.

Once upstairs, Amanda asked, "Did she give you any trouble?"

"No. What's to eat."

"I ordered us a pizza. I think Katie can pay the delivery boy when he gets here." The two younger girls giggled sadistically at the thought of further embarrassment for their older diaper captive.

"Oh, and by the way." Amanda added as an afterthought*, "Mom and dad called. They decided to stay one more day with the in-laws. They wanted to make sure you'd take care of me, and get me to school on time tomorrow. Can you take care of me?" Amanda said the last part in a fake baby voice, inches from Katie's face.

"You won't have to go to school tomorrow! How cool is that?" Stephanie said excitedly.

"No, we'll go to school. We'll just have to take baby with us!" Amanda said.

While they waited for the pizza to arrive, the girls watched television, and set Katie to the task of cleaning the kitchen. It wasn't that it was dirty, but they had stripped her to a T-shirt and diapers, and made her sweep and mop the floor. Katie finished shortly before the pizza was delivered.

When the doorbell rang, Amanda yelled to Katie from the front room, "Katie! Pizza's here!"

Katie moved to the top of the stairs, looking down upon the front door. Amanda was there waiting with the money, and handed it to Katie.

"Now go be a good little girl and pay for the pizza baby Katie." Amanda said, giving Katie a condescending pat on the head.

"Do it yourself." Katie said. She didn't care if Amanda did have blackmail photos of her. If some pizza guy saw her in diapers, word would probably get out anyway. Katie had had enough of Amanda's bullying.

The doorbell rang again.

"Fine." Said Amanda, and took the money back.

"I will." Amanda grabbed Katie by the arm, and dragged her quickly down the stairs to the landing. Before Katie could react, Amanda flung the door open, and there on the other side stood...

"Sam!" Katie felt her knees get week. She'd forgotten he worked at the local pizza place. Amanda knew, and she'd called Sam over on purpose.

"K...Katie?" Sam looked more than a little shocked.

"What are you doing dressed like that!"

"Well come on in, Sam, and I'll tell you about it." Said Amanda, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Once upstairs, Amanda proceeded to tell Sam all about Katie's fetish, her diapers, and the weekend's events. Sam was dumbfounded. Tears were streaming down Katie's face, partially as a result of the slap across the face she'd received from Amanda, for trying to stop Amanda from telling, but more because she'd been totally humiliated in front of her boyfriend.

"Go in the kitchen and get some plates for the pizza, Katie." Amanda commanded.

"You should go and help her, Sam. After all, babies need supervision at all times."

The pair headed into the kitchen, while Amanda and Stephanie watched the latest Britney Spears video on MTV.

"Please don't hate me Sam. I'm really not a freak." Katie pleaded.

"I don't hate you. I'm sorry you didn't think you could tell me about this yourself, but I'm not going to break up with you because of it." Sam wiped a tear from Katie's eye.



After a long embrace, Katie said, "What am I going to do? They've got pictures of me like this. They are going to take me to school tomorrow dressed like a baby. I don't know what I'm going to do."

"Hey, what's taking so long in there. Sam, are you two being naughty?" Amanda yelled from the next room.

"We'll be out in a second." Sam responded.

"Maybe he's changing her dirty diapers." He heard Stephanie say.

"I've got a plan. Just get the plates and play along." Sam walked out to the front room where Amanda paid him for the pizza. Stephanie looked up as he entered, and Sam realized she was the girl from his gym class who had a huge crush on him. Stephanie obviously realized it to.

"I've got some extra pop in my car. Do you guys want some Pepsi?"

"Sure, bring it on in." Said Amanda, not bothering to look away from the television.

Sam exited the house and reentered moments later, carrying two two liter's of pop. He brought them to the kitchen. Katie had brought Amanda and Stephanie their food, and was working on serving herself.

"Hand me two big glasses." Sam said as he opened one of the bottles of Pepsi. He filled both glasses until they were almost full, then he pulled out a small vial from his pocket.

"What's that?" Katie whispered.

"It's my grandma's sleeping pills. I picked up a refill for her on the way to work. She won't miss three or four." Sam said as he slipped them in to the drinks.

"They dissolve because of the carbonation, and the girls won't taste it, but they'll feel, just wait. Give them an hour tops, and they'll be sleeping like... well, babies." Sam smiled a devious grin, and Katie thought he'd never looked sexier.

"I love you, babe." She said and kissed him on the lips. Then she brought the girls their drinks.

"I've got to go, Katie." Sam said. He was standing by the front door. Katie ran down to give him a good bye hug.

"Feel free to stop by after work and help us baby-sit." Stephanie giggled from upstairs.

"You know, I think I will." Sam replied.

"My shift is up in forty-five minutes. Be back then." Sam said to Katie.

"I'll be ready." Katie said, just imagining the pay back that her little sister would receive.

After Sam left, Katie rejoined Amanda and Stephanie in the front room. Katie watched as the duo scarfed down the pizza, but more importantly, gulped down the pop. She smiled to herself, already thinking of the most humiliating ways she would extract revenge on her sister and her bratty little friend.

Not long after the pop was gone, Katie asked, "When are your parents coming to pick you up, Stephanie?"

"Well, they were going to pick me up at eight, but I told them Sam could drive me home at ten. How do you like that?" Stephanie responded, feeling rather smug.

"Whatever." Katie played it cool, trying not to seem to unnaturally at ease with this.

Amanda yawned loudly.

"I don't know why I am so tired all of a sudden." She commented. She lay out on the couch, still watching the television. Soon she was fast asleep, and drooling on the couch cushion.

"I'm going downstairs, to my room." Katie said, getting up.

"Yeah, whatever. If I need anything I'll come get you." Stephanie said, her eyelids drooping.

As Katie headed downstairs, she heard Stephanie spread herself out on the floor in front of the t.v.

"That's right, get comfortable." She whispered to herself. Katie was so amused with the thought of turning the tables on her tormentors she could barely keep herself from busting up laughing. She headed to her room to prepare...

By the time Sam arrived, the girls were out cold. Stephanie lay snoring on the floor, while Amanda continued to drool away on the couch. Sam knocked quietly, so as not to risk waking the girls. Katie let him in, and led him upstairs to the front room. She was no longer confined to a T-shirt and diapers. While Amanda lay sleeping, she had stolen the key to her locking panties, and was now dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt.

"Okay Sam. Help me take my sister downstairs, to my room. Once she's down there, we can take Stephanie to the upstairs bathroom. You can change Steph, and I'll deal with my sister." Katie sneered down at her sleeping sibling.

"Dear, you are so sexy when you're getting revenge. I like it!" Sam kissed her on the cheek.

Together they sat Amanda up, and were about to carry her downstairs, when she woke up.

"What's going on?" She mumbled. Her eyes were barely open, and she couldn't keep her head up. Without missing a beat, Sam said, "You're tired. We're taking you to bed." With that, he helped her to her feet and started downstairs.

"But my rooms upstairs." Amanda mumbled as she clumsily tried to maneuver the steps.

"That's okay. You're bed isn't made, and Katie's is, so she's going to let you sleep in her bed."

"Oh. Okay." Amanda giggled.

A few minutes later, Sam bounded up the stairs and said, "She's asleep again, laying on your bed."

Katie smiled.

"Great. Now let's deal with her."

Stephanie never woke up. She was carried away in to the bathroom down the hall from the front room. They gently laid her in the bathtub. Next to the sink lay three white disposable diapers, powder, and a pink pair of rubber pants. Stephanie was wearing jeans and a white Ambercrombie and Fitch T-shirt that didn't even cover her navel. It was perfect.

"I'll leave her to you, dear. And... go easy on her, okay?" Katie laughed. She left the room, and headed downstairs to handle her baby sister.

Sam looked down upon the sleeping Stephanie. He smiled to himself as he thought of the look that would be plastered across her face when she awoke to find her- self back in diapers. He removed her pants and underwear, leaving her bare from the waist down. He cast another glance at her angelic face, and ran his hand through her fine blonde hair. Then he began to apply Vaseline to the crotch of the first diaper. He gently lifted her backside, and slid the diaper underneath. He pulled it tight between her legs, and fastened it in place.

To be honest, he really liked the diaper thing. He wasn't to thrilled that his girlfriend had been reduced to using them, but he wouldn't mind seeing her diapered again either. His first attempt at diapering Stephanie had been a little awkward, but by the third diaper, he was a master. Stephanie lay stretched out in the bathtub in front of him, her knees pushed wider apart then usual because of the bulk of the diapers.

He turned to go downstairs to check on Katie and poor Amanda. Then he realized he'd forgotten the most important part: the locking panties. He grabbed the panties, which were sitting by the sink, and knelt back down by Stephanie. First the left leg, then the right, and soon Stephanie was locked in diapers. As he stood up, his elbow bumped shower control. With a loud whoosh, a sudden burst of water came showering down, soaking the sleeping girl and jarring her awake.

It took Sam a few seconds to react, and by the time he turned the water off, Stephanie's shirt was soaked. It was obvious she had no bra on underneath. Sam turned and locked eyes with a young, frightened girl. Her lower lip quivered as she looked first at herself, then back at Sam, and finally back at herself. Her hand moved to her crotch, padding the diapers in several places, as if she didn't believe what her eyes were seeing.

The diapers had absorbed most of the water from the shower, expanding noticeably. With a soft cry, tears began to stream from Stephanie's face. Moments later, she was wailing like a banshee.

"I didn't mean it! I was just goin' along with Amanda! I don't wanna be in diapers!" Her nose was running. Sam could barely make out the words she was saying, she was so distraught.

"Well, you didn't think about that when Katie was in diapers, did you? Now be quiet." Sam put his finger to her lips. Stephanie stifled her tears and wiped her eyes, trying to regain some semblance of adulthood.

"Now you're going to get what you deserve. From me. And Katie. How do you like that, baby Stephanie?"

Stephanie hung her head, and quietly choked her tears back. Sam sat down on the toilet seat cover, and picked her head up, making her stare directly at him.

"I'm going to start by asking some questions." Sam said, taking out a pocket tape recorder.

"If you answer them honestly, I will take this tape and hide it away where nobody will ever find it. If you lie, and believe me, I'll know, all this and more will be revealed to your friends at school, understand?"

Stephanie knodded her head.

"Do you have a crush on me?"

Stephanie looked away, and tried to find her voice to answer. Finally, she managed a weak, "Yes."

"What? What was that?"

"Yes." She said louder, still avoiding his eyes.

"Yes you what?"

"Yes, I have a crush on you."

Sam smiled with satisfaction. The tape continued to roll.

"Do you like being in diapers?"


"Answer in a complete sentence, please."

"No, I don't like being in diapers."

"Why not?"

"They make me feel stupid, humiliated."

"And when was the last time you were in diapers, Stephanie?" Sam giggled. He knew the answer to this himself. Stephanie had been a chronic bed wetter. One night, several ago, she had borrowed Katie's sleeping bag while spending the night. When Stephanie's mom came to pick her up the next morning and saw the stained sleeping bag, Stephanie had been scolded in front of everyone, including Sam, for "not wearing your diapers to bed at night." Neither one of them had forgotten.

"A while ago. I... I wore diapers until I was twelve."


"Because I wet the bed."

"How often?"

"Always. Every night I wet the bed." Stephanie's eyes started to tear up. Sam leaned close to her ear, and in a voice drenched with sarcastic ignorance said, "And why was that, little Stephanie?"

"'Cause I'm a baby!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Huge tears of embarrassment ran like rivers down her flushed cheeks. She moaned loudly, until Sam covered her mouth with his hand.

"That's all for now, Stephanie." He said, and flipped off the tape recorder.

"Now let's take you downstairs and show Katie. With that, he grabbed the crying girl and lifted her out of the tub.

Sam led Stephanie downstairs, towards Katie's room. Stephanie was slowed by the unusual bulk of the diapers, and she nearly tripped twice going down the steps. When they reached Katie's room, Sam and Stephanie were both shocked to see Amanda, diapered just like Stephanie, still asleep on Katie's bed.

"She didn't wake up at all?" Stephanie asked, choking back tears and momentarily forgetting about her humiliating condition.

"Not at all. I powdered her, diapered her, and locked her in tight, all without her even knowing." Katie smiled proudly.

"So, Steph. How do you like being back in diapers?" Katie asked.

"I hate it." Stephanie mumbled to her feet, unable to meet Katie's gaze.

"Well, you just be a good girl tonight, and maybe I'll decide to let you out."

"Um... okay."

"So, Kate. What next?" Sam asked.

"I think our new little girls need new outfits, don't you?" Katie asked Sam.

"I think our dear Stephanie would look just darling in this dress." Katie held up a short dress, pink with white lace. It had puffy short sleeves and it zipped in the back.

"It should just fit her." Katie carried on as if Stephanie wasn't even in the room.

"And for my sweet little sister..." Katie rummaged through the open suitcase at her feet, and produced a pink T-shirt, on which was an iron on emblem that read, "Mommy's Little Girl" in childlike script. Neither outfit would conceal the diapers each girl was forced in to, and that was the point.

At this point, Sam noticed Stephanie fidgeting slightly, casually pressing the heel of her right hand against her crotch. She tried to do this quietly, to avoid being noticed. Sam knew right away that the soda the girls had drank earlier was making its way through her system.

"Does our little girl need to pee?" he commented, cracking a smile.

This immediately drew Katie's attention away from the clothes, and Stephanie soon found herself the object of two intense stares. She backed slightly away from the duo, farther into a corner of the room. Both Katie and Sam had their backs to Amanda, and Stephanie wished her sleeping friend would wake up, or do something to take the attention off of her.

"Well..." Katie said. She knew from experience what was about to happen.

"Sam, go get the video camera, this is going to be one tape I'll play over and over again." Katie said. Stephanie's eyes grew wide.

"T... Tape re... recorder?" Stephanie's eyes began to water once again.

"Um, what tape recorder?" Sam whispered.

"You know, the video tape recorder." It was a lie. There was no video tape recorder, but Katie didn't want Stephanie to know that.

"No, please don't." Stephanie said.

"Then just relax and let it go." Katie said in a patient, pleasant tone of voice.

Stephanie questioned, "Right here? In front of you?"

"Right here, in front of us." Katie responded.

The girl looked down at her waist, as if to ensure the diapers were prepared for the coming flood. She took a deep breath, looked off to her left, away from watchful eyes, closed her own eyes, and relaxed. While Sam and Katie could see no sign of soiling on the diapers themselves, the bright red glow that overtook Stephanie's cheeks told the tale.

"Good girl. Feel better now?" Katie asked. Stephanie didn't respond.

"You know Steph, I might be tempted to go easy on you, and not tell any one you wear and use diapers... if you're prepared to help me." Katie extended her hand to Stephanie.

Stephanie was reluctant to take it.

"What do you mean?"

"It seems to me that you know a little about hypnotizing people. You did it at my sister's party last year, to... oh, what's her name?" Katie trailed off, lost in thought.

"Emma. Emma Brownstone. So?"

Katie once again extended her hand, and this time Stephanie took it.

"Come here, and I'll explain." Katie led Stephanie out of the room, telling Sam on the way out, "Stay here in case Amanda wakes up. We'll be upstairs in the front room, getting ready. We'll only be a minute."

Katie sat Stephanie down on the couch, and Stephanie winced as her wet bottom made contact with the cushion.

"Now Stephanie, listen up. When my sister wakes up, she's going to be upset."

"Rightfully so." Stephanie couldn't help commenting.

"Interrupt me again, and you go to school like this."


"As I was saying, my sister's going to freak. She'll need some comforting. You can comfort her." Katie looked at Stephanie as if she expected some response.

"Then what?" Stephanie said.

"Get her to listen to you, to concentrate on your voice. Before she knows it, she'll be hypnotized. When that happens, I'll make a few suggestions to her. If everything goes as planned, I might think about destroying the tape Sam made, and letting you out of diapers. Otherwise..." Katie grinned.

"Okay, I get it. It's gonna be tough, though."

"You can do it. You better do it."

The girls headed back into Katie's room. Amanda lay there, still fast asleep. Katie grabbed Sam by the wrists and pulled him from the seat he was sitting in.

"Let's go, dear. Stephanie needs some time alone with Baby Amanda." Sam looked puzzled, but said nothing as Katie led him upstairs.


Amanda awoke slowly, her eyes taking time to adjust to the light. She was on her back in bed. She didn't remember how she got here, but... something was wrong. It felt wrong. She sat up and immediately noticed a certain bulk around her waist.

"OH MY GOD!" She screamed as she looked down upon her body. Rather than her normal jeans and a t-shirt, she was clad in diapers, rubber pants, and a pink baby T.

"I know what you mean." The voice came from across the room. It was Stephanie, who sat at the desk. She too was in diapers, and didn't look the least bit happy.

"What's going on? Stephanie, what happened?"

"I think they slipped something in our drinks. We were out cold, and when I woke up..." Stephanie stood up and modeled the pretty pink dress she wore. It hugged her chest rather nicely, but anyone's eyes would be drawn to the thick diapers she wore, not her lovely breasts.

Amanda began to come unglued. Giant tears streamed from her eyes, and Stephanie brought her sobbing friend a tissue.

"We're screwed. Do you realize that?" Amanda blew her nose.

"They've got us now. This is just great."

"Don't worry. It'll be alright. If we just let them have their fun now, maybe it'll be over soon." Stephanie tried hard to get Amanda calmed down.

"Just relax, Amanda. Take a deep breath." Stephanie looked her friend straight in the eyes. She ran her hand through Amanda's hair.

"I can't calm down. Look at us!"

"Just relax. Listen to me. Don't think about anything but my voice..."

After a few minutes, Amanda stopped crying. A few minutes after that, her head rested on Stephanie's shoulder. And after that, she was under Stephanie's spell.

Stephanie left Amanda sitting on the bed, head slumped in her chest like she was sleeping. Stephanie didn't like to think about what Katie was going to do. She tried to put it out of her mind as she made her way upstairs. Katie sat on the couch, watching television. She was alone.

"She's, um. She's ready." Stephanie said.

"Where's Sam?"

"He had to go home. But don't think of trying something funny." Katie led Stephanie back downstairs, and they entered the room together.

"Now show me how to make her do whatever I want."

Within minutes, Katie had learned the finer points of giving commands to someone who was hypnotized. Her young sibling was now hers to control, and Katie was taking full advantage.

She started by commanding Amanda to bark like a dog. When that got old, she had her dance. Even Stephanie giggled as Amanda moved back and forth, her attempts and being graceful and smooth spoiled by the thick diapers. Once that was over, it was time to get serious.

"Now listen to me Amanda. For the next forty-eight hours, whenever I say 'You're such a baby Amanda', you will act like a two year old until I say stop. Understand?"

Amanda shook her head yes.

"And when I say 'Wet Amanda', you will wet yourself, no matter what you are doing or what you're wearing. Understand?"

Once again, Amanda nodded that she comprehended.

"Finally, when I say 'Mess Amanda', you will poop yourself, no matter what you're wearing or what you're doing. Understand?"

Another nod from Amanda told Katie she had succeeded in training her sister.

"Okay, how do we wake her up." Katie asked Stephanie.

"Amanda, when I snap my fingers, you'll wake up, and you won't remember that you were hypnotized." Stephanie snapped her fingers, and like that, Amanda awoke.

What happened?" Amanda said.

"Hello, baby sister." Katie said cheerfully.

"Oh... right." Amanda swallowed hard as she remembered her situation.

"Well, you girls must be hungry, so let's take you upstairs to get you something to eat." Katie led them to the kitchen.

"So, what would my two baby girls like to eat?"

"Nothing." Amanda stood with her arms folded, glaring at her older sister.

"You're not going to get away with this. I'm telling mom."

Katie smiled.

"Oh Amanda, you're such a baby!" On cue, Amanda regressed to acting like a two-year-old. She hit the ground hard, straight on her diapered bottom, and began to cry.

"There, there, baby. Don't cry." Katie gave her sister a pacifier. While Amanda sucked away on it, Katie prepared two water bottles full of milk, mixed with a gracious helping of laxatives. She gave one to her sister, who greedily began sucking it down. Stephanie needed a little more convincing.

"No thanks." She said.

"This isn't an offer, little girl. It's a command. Drink it down, and get ready to suffer." Katie shoved the bottle into Stephanie's hand.

"Look, I helped you with her, please stop punishing me. My parents want me home soon, anyway. Just, knock it off!"

"You're parents were called. I asked if you could spend the night, and just go to school with us tomorrow. They agreed. I thought I could have a little fun with you tonight, and tomorrow, let you go to school like a normal person. But I guess that's not soon enough for you. Oh well, looks like there will be two girls in diapers at high school on Monday."

With that, Katie grabbed the bottle and pushed Stephanie into the table. Before Stephanie could react, Katie pushed her backward on top of the kitchen table. She pounced on top of the young girl, pinning her to the tabletop. She forced the bottle into Stephanie's mouth, and the liquid began to flow. After Stephanie's force feeding, Katie turned the girl over and dealt five strong blows to the girls' backside.

"You see what happens to bad girls? DO YOU!" Katie shouted. By this time, Amanda had also finished her bottle, and began to cry again because of Katie's shouting.

Stephanie was visibly frightened.

"I'm... sorry."

"Not as sorry as you will be." Katie grabbed both girls and led them down the hall to Amanda's room. There she laid Amanda down to bed. Having calmed her down, she left the girl and brought Stephanie to the front room.

"Now listen. I'm sorry I got so mad, but you need to understand that I'm in charge. You are the baby and I'm the mommy. You will spend tomorrow in diapers. However, if you're nice, I'll let you wear your regular clothes rather than baby clothes. Just don't make me angry again."

Stephanie nodded.

The two girls watched television for a while, then Katie stood up.

"Stay here, I'll be right back." She went to her room. Stephanie could here her rummaging about. When she returned, Katie held a teddy bear and a pink sleeper.

"Let's get my little baby changed, okay."

Without being told, Stephanie stripped to her diapers, and didn't resist as Katie dressed her in the warm flannel sleeper. It was soft and fuzzy, and it would have been rather comfortable were Stephanie wearing it by choice. They sat back down on the couch, Katie holding the remote, Stephanie holding the teddy bear.

"So tell me," Katie paused to yawn, "how do you hypnotize someone? I want to know for future reference."

"Well, you just talk to them, get them to concentrate on your voice. Make sure they are comfortable, and then get them to relax even further."

Katie yawned again. Television always made her sleepy.

"You say things like, 'relax, and listen to my voice. Concentrate only on my voice. Breathe deep, and exhale all your tension..."

Katie's eyelids began to droop.

"Just relax..." Stephanie continued, but Katie didn't hear. She was fast asleep.


"Katie! Wake up!"

Katie began to stir.

"Katie! C'mon Katie, wake up." Stephanie began to shake the sleeping girl.

"I'm up, alright, I'm awake." Katie slowly came around to consciousness.

"What's the deal?"

"It's like six in the morning. We need to be to school soon." Stephanie looked desperate.

"You said you'd let me wear normal clothes today. Please, mommy?" Stephanie made a pouting little girl face.

"Okay, just a minute. Are you messy?"

"Uh, no."


"Nope." Stephanie was rather proud that she'd been able to hold out for so long.

"Well, then. We'll just give you a little more time." Katie gave Stephanie a slap on her diapers.

"Time to get my sister changed."

"Hey, that's not fair!"

"You're right. But, I don't have to be fair. I'm not the one in diapers." Katie made her way down the hall. She woke Amanda, and checked her diapers. Amanda was wet, but not messy.

"Okay, baby girl. Stop."

Amanda came back to being her usual self, and realized her condition.

"Looks like baby had an accident." Katie laughed as her sister blushed bright red.

"Let's get Amanda changed, okay." Amanda knew that Katie had done something. She couldn't remember half the evening. She sheepishly allowed herself to be cleaned and re-diapered.

The two emerged from the room; Amanda clad once again in diapers and a pink baby T. Stephanie sat on the couch, legs crossed, frantically trying to avoid the inevitable. Katie approached the girl, and placed a hand on either knee. She spread Stephanie's legs apart. She stood over Stephanie, and looked stared her straight in the eyes.

"Poop now." Stephanie shook her head no.

"Poop now, Stephanie. Be a good girl. Fill your diapers like a baby and I will change you, otherwise-"

With little effort, Stephanie relinquished control of her bowels. The crotch of her sleeper slowly began to bulge, and soon a faint hiss told Katie that Stephanie had peed as well. When it was all over, Stephanie's sleeper was much tighter in the crotch than it had been before.

"Great! Now let's get you two ready for school!"

The three girls headed downstairs; Stephanie obviously slowed by the load in her between her legs. Once downstairs, both girls stripped to just their diapers.

"Ahh, beautiful." Katie remarked.

"We'll start with Amanda. I've got the perfect dress picked out for you." From out of the open suitcase, Katie produced a large pink dress, with white lace alone the bottom.

"I'm not wearing that!" Amanda started.

"You're such a baby, Amanda." Katie said. Her sister instantly dropped to all fours, and Katie had no trouble fitting her into the dress and matching pink frilly panties. They locked at the back, of course, insuring that this would probably be the longest day of Amanda's school year.

Katie turned excitedly to Stephanie, "Now it's your turn!"

"Remember- you promised to let me wear normal clothes. And I still need my diapers changed. And..."

"I didn't promise anything. You'll stay messy, and you'll like it. Got it? Good." Katie pushed the smaller girl, and then instructed her to put her arms up. She dressed her in a white baby T and a pair of pink corduroy overalls that only served to highlight the bulge around Stephanie's middle.

"Okay, Amanda. Stop." Amanda found herself sitting on the floor, and was almost reduced to tears when she realized she was going to school in diapers.

"Let's all go to the car. Don't want to be late, do we?" Katie gave an evil laugh.


Once at school, both girls refused to leave the car.

"I'm sorry, Katie, really. Please, please don't make me do this!" Stephanie pleaded. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Katie yanked her from the passenger seat. Amanda was pulled out next, and she desperately tried to pull the bottom of the dress down to cover her diapers. No luck. Katie took each by the hand, and began the trek to their first period classes.

"Uh oh, we're going to be late." Said Katie, checking her watch.

"I better walk my two girls to class personally."

In the halls, Amanda and Stephanie were greeted with laughter, looks, and a few nasty comments from their peers. The cheer leading squad, huddled in one corner of the hall, burst in to laughter and even pointed at the diapered duo. Both girls kept their bright red faces down, trying to avoid the humiliation as much as possible. Katie walked a few steps in front, like a ringmaster leading a prized lion around the ring. She was grinning from ear to ear.

Katie stopped outside a large science room.

"Here's your home room, Stephanie." She placed an oversized pacifier in the unsuspecting girls' mouth, opened the door, and pushed Stephanie through. Most of the class was already seated and talking loudly. As Stephanie entered, all conversation stopped. She moved to her seat as quickly as possible, disregarding her classmates' whispers.

"See Stephanie. I told you we could change your diapers and still make it to class on time!" At that, the entire class, including the normally reserved teacher, broke out in laughter. Poor Stephanie just put her head down on her desk, and wished the day were through.

Next came Amanda's homeroom. By this time, classes had started. Amanda walked as slowly as possible to delay the inevitable.

"C'mon baby, time to go!" Katie pulled her younger sister along by the hand. The soles of Amanda's Mary Jane shoes echoed through the empty hall.

They reached the door, and without giving her a chance to fight, Katie through open the door and dragged Amanda in to class. The teacher had just begun to lecture.

"Sorry we're so late, Amanda took longer than usual to get ready this morning." Katie said.

"Uh. Yeah, so I see." Was the bewildered teacher's reply.

Amanda hurried to her seat, waddling as she walked.

"Why in the hell are you wearing diapers? Is there something wrong with you?" A girl who sat next to Amanda said.

"There is nothing wrong with me, I just, uh, lost a bet... that's all." Amanda almost smiled at this lie. It just might keep her from being remembered as 'that girl who wears diapers' for the rest of the school year.

"Oh, Amanda why lie? You need them. Just admit it." Katie called from the doorway.

"I do not!" Amanda shouted back.

"Amanda, are you messy?" Katie said.

The first thing that happened was another round of laughter rose from the students. Then, Amanda's jaw dropped open, and her cheeks once again began to get flush. As her bowels continued to release on Katie's command, they filled Amanda's diapers with a loose, liquid mess. Accompanying the mess was a loud, long fart. It seemed to last forever. Her diapers were full, front and back, and it was all Amanda could do to keep from crying right there. She moved as quick as she could to the front of the class, towards the door. She was scared the super-full diapers might leak and send a splattering mess down her inner thighs.

She bolted past Katie down the hall. Katie gave chase, ignoring the laughter echoing from the classroom. Amanda was now hysterical, rivers of tears streaming from her pretty brown eyes. She made it to the ladies' room, and locked herself in the stall. Her sister followed.

"Oh Amanda. Where are you girl?" Katie called out, pretending not to hear the sobs of her younger sister echoing off the bathroom walls.

"Go away. I hate you!"

"You do not. I mean, you might hate me now, but we'll always be sisters. I always be there to look out for you." Katie pulled three disposable diapers from her backpack.

"I have something you want." She said, rustling the diapers so Amanda could hear them.

"Fine. Just change me quickly, alright."


The lock on the stall door slid back with a click, and slowly Katie pushed the door open. She unlocked Amanda's panties, and removed the soiled diapers. Just as she was about to fasten the clean diapers on, the bathroom door opened.

Katie turned to see who was coming through the door. It was Heather, a small blond haired girl who was the same age as Amanda. At first she didn't notice the situation being played out on the floor in front of her, but after smelling the diapers, she suddenly became aware of Amanda and Katie.

"Amanda?" Heather snorted, trying not to laugh. Her mouth slowly began to creep upwards at the corners as she moved in to investigate. The closer she got, the more the look of disbelief showed on her face.

"Uh... hi Heather." Amanda decided there was no use in trying to hide her face. She lay stretched out before Heather naked from the waist down, still waiting for Katie to fasten the new diapers.

"What are you doing down there in... diapers?" Heather ignored Katie.

"She's a baby. She needs them. So, you two know each other?" Katie stood up, leaving Amanda on the floor.

"Unfortunately. She's the most annoying girl in class." Heather said.

"Who are you?"

"I'm her sister, Katie. Nice to meet you."

"Uh, yeah, you too." Heather was unsure if Katie wanted to shake her hand or punch her in the mouth.

"So, you have class together, huh?" Katie looked down at Amanda, whose face was bright red. Amanda saw a sinister twinkle in Katie's eyes.

"How'd you like to help baby-sit, Heather?"

"Um, okay." Heather said. She was beginning to catch on to the entire scheme of Katie's.

"So, she doesn't wear diapers all the time, does she?"

"Nope. But she's been a bad girl, and I decided to punish her." Katie lifted her sister's legs and slid the first diaper beneath her. This brought another round of laughter from Heather.

"Let me help you diaper our new baby." She said, taking Amanda by the ankles and keeping her legs up while Katie fastened the diapers.

After all three diapers were secure around Amanda's middle, each girl took one hand and helped Amanda to her feet. Katie locked the panties once more, and told her sister, "Go stand in the corner of the stall, your new baby-sitter and I have some things to discuss. Amanda reluctantly did so, and Katie quietly handed Heather the key to the panties. She fully explained the situation, and Heather took five extra diapers from her, 'just in case'. Katie also informed Heather that Stephanie was diapered too, and Heather snickered.

"I love where this is going." Heather said.

"You should see where this has been." Katie replied.

"I have something special for Stephanie, so you won't have to change her, but my sister is all yours. Just make sure her classmates know she's wearing diapers."

"Don't worry, they will." Heather said, smiling at the thought at getting even with the girl who had made her year hell.

"We have all the same classes, so I'll get to humiliate her in each one."

"Now Amanda," Katie said, walking over to her younger sister.

"Be nice for your new sitter Heather and things will go quickly. Otherwise..." Both Katie and Heather smiled at each other.

Heather took her new charge by the hand, said goodbye to Katie, and walked Amanda to her next class. Katie made her way to her next class, passing Stephanie on the way.

"I need changed." She whispered in Katie's ear.


"I know. I can smell you. Meet me in the locker room before next period."

"I can't wait that long! Katie!"

"Too bad." Katie walked off down the hall, a spring in her step and a smile on her face. Life was good.

Stephanie sat in her second period, trying diligently to focus on what the teacher was saying. It was impossible, however, as she could feel the eyes of her classmates boring tiny holes in her skin. Stephanie shifted slightly in her chair, and winced as the mess in her diapers settled itself once again next to her skin. With grim realization, she realized she had to pee again. She wasn't sure if her diapers could take it.

"Ms. Crabtree, could I please be excused? I um, need to use the bathroom." Stephanie said. Her statement was greeted with several snickers from her classmates.

The bewildered Ms. Crabtree said, "Sure, Stephanie, take your time."

Stephanie headed from class, and as the door closed shut behind her, she heard Ms. Crabtree's muffled voice, followed by a huge wave of laughter from the class. 'Great, even the teacher's think it's funny.' Stephanie thought.

She walked to the bathroom closest to Katie's second class of the day. Stephanie checked her watch. 15 minutes until class was let out. She sat in the stall and waited. The pressure on her bladder was building. If Katie was true to her word, and changed Stephanie at the next passing period, she should just pee her pants now. That way, she could have a clean diaper for at least a small part of the day. If Katie didn't change her, Stephanie would never last another class anyway. She stood up, took a deep breath, and relaxed her bladder. It was surprisingly easy, as she'd been doing it for almost two days now.

She checked her watch again. 5 minutes. Stephanie waited for the saturated diaper to soak up her latest humiliating act of self-defilement, and then headed for the door.

Katie was one of the first out of class, and greeted Stephanie loudly, saying, "Hiya baby. Time for a diaper change, huh."

Stephanie nodded, and was led by the hand to the bathroom she'd just come out of.

"Lay down." Katie instructed. She removed Stephanie's overalls, unlocked the panties, and finally removed the soiled diapers.

"Pew-wee! You sure are stinky, baby!" Katie laughed.

"Just hurry up, please? I've got a presentation next period and I don't want it being any more embarrassing than it already will be." Stephanie gave Katie a sympathetic look, but didn't get any response from Katie.

"Almost done." Katie said. She lifted Stephanie's legs and slid a thick disposable diaper beneath her. She used nearly half a bottle of baby oil on Stephanie, and then brought out a container of powder.

"I don't need both baby powder and oil." Stephanie protested.

"Look, dear, I'll decide what you need. Besides, who said anything about it being baby powder?" Katie powdered Stephanie's midsection, smiling at the confused look Stephanie gave her.

"One last step." Katie made a quick movement with her hand, and Stephanie yelped as a sharp pain shot through her lower stomach.

"What the heck was that?" Stephanie yelled.

Katie pulled back, a needle in her hand.

"It's a muscle relaxant. Within about twenty minutes, you can kiss any control you still had over your bladder and bowels good bye. Man, I wish I could see your presentation." Katie laughed.

Stephanie was locked back in the panties, and Katie helped her to her feet. She got herself dressed, and rubbed her diapers, trying to ease some of the pain of the injection.

"That's what you get for making fun of a girl whose mom is a nurse. We have a full cabinet of various medications and injections, and I know how to use them. Have a good time, Stephanie." Katie turned and left the bathroom.

Stephanie quickly gathered her books, and headed off to her next class. 'Time to give the most embarrassing presentation of my life.' Thought Stephanie.

Amanda's second class was chemistry. She sat at a lab table with Heather, and two of Heather's friends, Jane and Angela.

"So tell us, baby. What did you do to piss your sister off so much that she'd do this to you?" Jane asked.

"Nothing. My sister just overreacts sometimes." Amanda tried hard to avoid the eyes of her tablemates.

"Yeah, the coolest part is she's completely under my control." Heather said.

"I am not." Amanda snapped. She instantly wanted to be able to take it back.

"Amanda, poop." Heather said.

Amanda's face became a mask of shock and anguish as her bowels relaxed and sent a wave of warm, wet diarrhea flowing into her diapers. The other girls sat there in amazement, mouths open.

"You are a complete and total baby. This is so cool!" Angela said.

"What's going on back there? Are you girls doing the experiment?" Mr. Simpkin asked from the front of the class.

"Uh, yeah. We're experimenting alright." Heather said. Everyone at the table laughed, except for Amanda. She was adjusting her position to try and keep herself as comfortable as possible.

"Amanda, suck your thumb." Amanda's hypnosis took over, and once again her body rebelled against her wishes, and Amanda found herself sucking on her thumb.

Angela took the rubber tube that was attached to the water hose at the table and fed it in to Amanda's diapers. Amanda's face took on a panicked look as she realized where this was going.

Angela said, "Amanda, stop", and Amanda stopped sucking her thumb.

"I want you to apologize to all of us for being so mean all these years. We've put up with you since sixth grade, and you've done nothing but make fun of us. I want to hear your apology, and I want to believe you mean it. Otherwise..." she turned the handle on the faucet on and then off again quickly, sending a cold spray of water down the front of Amanda's diapers. They reacted by sucking up the water and expanding ever so slightly.

"I'm so sorry guys. Really. I know, I was kind of a jerk..."

"Kind of?" Heather said. She made good on Angela's threat and sent another quick blast of water shooting in to the diapers.

"Okay. I was a real jerk. I just didn't know how to act. Because..." Amanda tried to think of something to say.

"Because you were immature, right." Jane said.

"Yeah, yeah, that's it." Amanda said.

"No, Amanda, tell us you're immature." Jane too blasted Amanda's diapers with water. They were now getting swollen from so much liquid.

"I was immature, I am immature. Please, you guys, just stop." Amanda began to cry. Tears ran down her cheeks and she sniffled once or twice before saying, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

"Okay." Heather said. She turned on the faucet and left it on, and all three girls watched as Amanda's diapers filled with water. When they had expanded to almost three times the size they had been initially, water began to leak from the leg bands on the locking panties. Amanda continued to cry, unable to do anything but moan softly and sniffle.

"All done." Heather turned off the faucet.

"And look, class is almost over. I'll be able to change you at passing time."

Jane, Heather, and Angela all laughed. Amanda continued to cry.

Stephanie stood in front of her classmates, trying to give a presentation on Thomas Jefferson, but being constantly distracted by the constant irritation in her diapers. Her inner thighs itched like nothing Stephanie had ever felt. It was awful. In addition, she could feel the muscle relaxant going to work, and she knew she would have to poop by the time the class was over. Hopefully she could last the long.

She moved behind the podium, and feverishly rubbed her diapers to try and stop the itching. She wasn't even concentrating on her presentation she was so preoccupied with scratching herself. Then she realized what it was that Katie had sprinkled on her: itching powder. The sweatier she got, the more she would itch. 'Great. Just what I needed.' Stephanie could imagine Katie laughing right now, and she became even more upset.

"Dear. Are you finished?" Mrs. Paul broke Stephanie's concentration on her diapered predicament.

"What?" Stephanie asked.

"Are you finished? You've been standing there for the last minute not saying anything. Are you done?"

"Oh, yeah. Sure." Stephanie collected her notes and walked sheepishly back to her seat.

"What's up with you?" Stephanie's friend Nate whispered to her.

"You were off on another planet up there."

"Yeah, I'm fine." Stephanie squeezed her legs together and rubbed her hand over the diaper bulge, trying to satisfy her itch. No luck.

Mrs. Paul called another student to the front, and as they launched in to George Washington, Stephanie drifted in to thought, absent-mindedly rubbing her diapers from time to time, and thinking about how to get even with Katie.

'It just isn't fair.' Stephanie thought. 'I was just going along with Amanda. She always gets me in trouble, always. Now because of her I'm here in itchy diapers, messing up my schoolwork. This sucks. I've got to get the both of them back.' She knew that Amanda was probably suffering through something much worse than Stephanie, she'd seen Heather leading her around like a real baby. That was little comfort, though, because it was someone else who was giving it to Amanda. Stephanie wanted to have her hand in humiliating her.

'There's got to be a way to get back at them. Think Stephanie, think. I can't think, I'm too busy pooping in my diapers...

"POOPING!" Stephanie shouted, not realizing she'd said it out loud. She jumped up and ran from the room, leaving her classmates wondering what was going on.

Stephanie made it to the bathroom, still filling her diapers. She locked herself in the handicapped stall and braced herself against the side railing. She doubled over as her stomach cramped and her bowels released another wave of liquid mess in to the seat of her pants. When it was all said and done, Stephanie's entire backside was coated. Her diapers were to the point of bursting and Stephanie had to be careful which way she moved, so as not to split the seams.

As always, the itching persisted. She rubbed her swollen midsection carefully, then realized the futility in it and stopped. She checked her watch. Two minutes till classes let out. Time for lunch. She took a deep breath and began waddling back to class to collect her stuff.

Stephanie and Amanda sat uncomfortably on the hard bench of the bus. With every bump and pothole the bus encountered, the two girls shifted slightly, and once again had to get comfortable with the messes contained within their diapers.

Katie had changed them in the afternoon, but the unsoiled diapers had lasted only a short time. Both girls had been force fed a liquid lunch, which ensured they wouldn't keep their diapers clean for long. Stephanie sat next to the window, looking out at the world that passed her by and trying to keep from screaming at Amanda. She'd been going on about her terrible situation for the entire bus trip home, and Stephanie had had just about enough.

"...I can't believe Katie would just leave me at school like this! She drove us to school, the least she could do was bring us back home." The bus rounded the corner and slowed in preparation for another stop.

"This is it, my bus stop. Let's get home, quick! I don't want to be embarrassed any more than I have to be." Amanda led Stephanie down the isle, ignoring the looks from her classmates as they passed.

The duo quietly trudged home, waddling slightly. Amanda continued to lament her condition, until finally Stephanie snapped.

"That is it! I've had enough of your whining! What, do you think I like this? We got screwed by your sister, just deal with it. When we get to your house, maybe she'll let us get out of these diapers and then I can go home. That way, I won't have to hear you go on about poor little abused Amanda!" Stephanie stormed off, leaving Amanda in stunned silence.

"But you don't understand what it's like. She has complete control over me. She's like hypnotized me or something." Amanda caught up with her diapered companion.

"If she says like, one word. That's it. I poop, or I pee. I become a real baby! It's terrible!"

Stephanie's only reply was "Whatever."

"Wait. Wait a minute. You can hypnotize people. In fact, you're the only one I know who can do it." Amanda pointed an accusing finger at Stephanie.


"You did this to me! I can't believe you'd do that to your best friend!"

"You've sold me out before, too."

"Like when?"

"Like the time you got caught for shoplifting, and you told them I took it and gave it to you."

"But you don't know what my mom would have done to me if..."

Stephanie interrupted her, saying; "You don't know what my mom did to me! I didn't sit down for a week. Is that what friends do to each other?"

Amanda stopped, her head down, eyes fixed firmly on her feet.

"Sorry. I, um..."

Stephanie went back to her friend, and took her arm.

"Don't worry about it. When we get to your house, I'll hypnotize you again, then undo everything."

"But won't Katie stop you?" Amanda was confused.

"She's not home, see." Stephanie gestured to the upcoming driveway of Amanda's house. Sure enough, Katie's car was nowhere to be seen.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go!" Both girls ran as fast as they could, their legs spread a little wider than usual to accommodate the diapers, until they reached the front porch.

Amanda used the spare key hidden beneath the welcome mat to let them in. Once inside, they made sure they were alone. Stephanie sat Amanda down on the bed, and once again began the process of hypnotizing her.

Stephanie started, "Concentrate on every word I say. I will count backwards from ten, and by the time I get to one, you'll be completely hypnotized, and open to my every suggestion."

Amanda closed her eyes, and tried to relax.

"10... 9..." Amanda felt herself growing tired.

"8... 7..." She yawned.

"6... 5..." Amanda didn't even remember Stephanie getting to one.

When Amanda awoke, she was laying down on her bed.

"What happened?" She said.

"What I told you was going to happen. I undid everything I did before. Now you're sister can't control you." Stephanie was sitting on the bed next to her.

Amanda sat up.

"C'mon, let's get downstairs and see if we can get the key to unlock these rubber pants and get us out of diapers."

"I already though of that. Wherever your sister went, she took the key with her. I can't find it anywhere."

Both girls tried to relax. They sat on Amanda's bed, and talked for a while. Finally they heard the front door open, and Katie's voice rang out.

"Oh babies! Where are you? Mommy needs to change your diapers."

As they prepared to leave the room, Stephanie said to Amanda, "If she says anything, act like you're still hypnotized. That way, you'll be able to surprise her when she brings out the key!"

Katie met them in the hallway. She carried a big bag of adult disposable diapers, more baby oil, and lotion.

"How are my girls? Messy, I see." She inspected them both.

"Well, come down to my room and I'll change you." They followed her downstairs, and into the bedroom.

"Who wants to go first?" Katie asked. Stephanie raised her hand.

"Good, because I had no intention of changing you." She said to her sister.

"What!" Amanda was outraged.

"Amanda, poop!" Katie commanded. With slight hesitation, Amanda grunted, and Stephanie and Katie watched as the seat of her pants bulged slightly. Both girls smiled Katie because she thought Amanda was still under her control and helplessly pooping in her diapers, Stephanie because she knew Amanda was not, and she had been forced to fill her diapers on purpose to protect the plan.

"Now wait outside." Katie led Amanda out of the room. She closed and locked the door behind her.

"Let's get baby Stephanie changed." Katie began to rummage through the suitcase looking for a new outfit. She decided on the sleeper Stephanie had worn earlier. Katie sat Stephanie on the bed, and produced the key from out of the pocket of her overalls.

"Let's get you changed first, Katie." Stephanie said, a smug smile creeping across her face.

"What are talking about?" Katie almost laughed.

"Katie, poop." With that, Katie gasped as her bowels suddenly released control, sending the results of a days worth of food straight in to Katie's underwear. She dropped to her knees, shocked by what was happening.

"Katie, pee." A warm, dark stain started across the crotch of the overalls. Katie was whimpering softly, a knot tightening in her stomach.

"I don't like where this is going." She said.

"Good. You shouldn't." Amanda said as she grabbed the key from Katie's hand.

"Don't move Katie." Amanda finished. Katie found her body glued to the floor.

Amanda got herself unlocked, cleaned, and dressed in some of Katie's smaller clothes. She was back to normal and feeling great. Katie, on the other hand, was crying.

Amanda laid the poor girl out, and removed her clothes.

"Back to diapers for Katie!" She grinned as she pinned four thick cloth diapers around Katie's middle. Then she dressed her in the sleeper Katie had intended for Stephanie.

"Now remember. I'm not locking you in diapers because I've hypnotized you. If I say pee..." Both girls looked toward Katie's diapers as a slight sound proved that she was helpless against Stephanie's suggestions.

"I suggest you never leave the house without at least one diaper on. At least for the next little while, until I'm done having my fun with you." Amanda popped a pacifier in Katie's mouth, and took the sobbing girl by the hand.

"Now let's go meet your sister."

When Amanda saw that Katie was once again returned to diapers, she almost did a back flip.

"You did it! Yeah! Now get me out of these things!"

"Not so fast. When I said I reversed the hypnotization that I had done for Katie, I was only telling half the truth." Stephanie smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I made it so that Katie can't control you... but I can! Amanda, pee!" Stephanie laughed as Amanda's stunned face told her that everything was going perfectly. Both Katie and Amanda were now her slaves. She had complete control to reduce them to infants any time she wanted.

"Katie, you're a baby. Amanda, you're a baby." With that, both girls fell to all fours, and crawled around like two scared toddlers. Katie let out a slight moan, and the seat of her pants swelled considerably. It was everything Stephanie could have hoped for.

John and Renee sat across from each other at the kitchen table. Their oldest daughter Katie came in the room.

"Dear, you do remember that you promised to pick up Amanda and Stephanie from the movies tonight, right?" John reminded her.

"Yeah." Katie poured herself a glass of milk and headed back to her room.

"You know, she's been so sweet to those two ever since we went on that family trip three weeks ago. I don't know what happened while we were away, but I like it." Renee commented.

Her father added, "Yes, and Amanda and Stephanie have been inseparable. The three of them do just about everything together."

Downstairs, Katie checked her watch. 'Fifteen minutes until I have to pick that brat up.' She thought. She didn't mind her sister. In fact, since Stephanie had reduced them both to diapers, she'd grown closer to Amanda then she'd ever been. But picking up the girl who made Katie poop her pants was not her idea of a great Friday night. On top of everything, Sam had broken it off with Katie earlier this week. Not that she'd much noticed, she'd had more on her mind than simple boy troubles. She was surprised that her parents hadn't noticed that both their "grown-up" teenage daughters had been confined to diapers for the last three weeks. Trying to hide two to three diapers under your clothes isn't easy, but both girls had done it out of necessity.

'Time to go'. Katie got her keys and headed for the door.

"Hi Katie!" Stephanie said cheerfully as she got in the car. Amanda gave Katie a weak smile. Her pants sagged low, and Katie could tell that Stephanie had taken advantage of her power while the two were in the movie theater.

They pulled up to Stephanie's house, and Katie almost lost it when she saw a red sports car sitting in the driveway.

"I know that car! It's Sam's."

"Duh. Who do you think he dumped you for? Don't forget I'm coming over to spend the night tomorrow, and on Sunday we can go the the State Fair. There's bound to be plenty of things I can do to, I mean with you there." Stephanie laughed as she got out of the car. Katie wanted to yell, but bit her tongue for fear of Stephanie's reaction.

"Oh, and uh, Katie, poop and pee."

Katie gasped as she filled her diapers. Stephanie shut the door as Katie began to shout obscenities and hit the steering wheel.

Once in her room, her new boyfriend greeted Stephanie with a hug and a kiss.

"Hi babe." She said.

"How's Katie?" Sam asked.

"Wet and messy as ever. How are you?" Stephanie undid the top button on his shirt.

"I'm great, now that you're here." Sam shut the door and faced Stephanie.

"You know, you and I are alone tonight." He said. It was true. Stephanie's parents were at a friend's party, and they wouldn't be home until very late.

"I know. I've got a surprise for you." Stephanie led him to the bed and told him to lie down. She walked over to the lightswitch, and plunged the room in to total darkness.

"What are you doing?" Sam laughed. In the dark he could hear a slight crinkling sound. Then he felt Stephanie drape herself across the bed. He reached out and grabbed her. His hands ran down her back and on to...

A diaper.

"Will you baby sit while my pawents are gone?" Stephanie asked him in a coy baby voice. Sam smiled. It was going to be a great evening.


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