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The Garage Sale

When I was in grade 9 our band decided to hold a garage sale to help raise money for our trip to Calgary. It was Saturday morning and the school principal and a couple of the teachers had let us in to the school so that we could receive the truckloads of stuff all the members of the band had been accumulating. The first truckload arrived and we set to work unloading. As we neared the halfway mark in the load I noticed a lot of baby stuff, playpen, high chair, crib etc. it seemed that someone's baby had outgrown it and the parents were glad to donate it to our cause. One thing that caught my attention was a half full box of Pampers. I enjoy wearing diapers and coming across this surprise got all of those feelings swirling around inside me. Once the load was unpacked the adults were heading off to go pick up another load. It was decided that Nicole (clarinet player and also the shop teacher's daughter) and I would stay at the school. While Nicole was examining and organizing some of the stuff that had come in earlier in the week I started to make my way over to where the diapers had been placed. I thought Nicole was distracted and didn't see me as I grabbed one of the diapers and a container of baby powder I saw in with the diapers and headed up to the band room where I thought I'd be alone. Once inside I pulled my pants down around my knees and unfolded the diaper. I put the diaper on the floor and lay down on top of it before sprinkling my crotch with baby powder. I reached down and grabbed the front of the diaper and was just starting to pull it up between my legs when Nicole walked in. I froze as she walked across the band room to stand over me before kneeling between my legs and taking the front of the diaper out of my hands.

"You know Mike..." She began, "I've had a crush on you since the beginning of the semester and have spent hours upon hours trying to get you to notice me. Now you have supplied me with the ultimate way to get you to notice me..." She was saying while simultaneously smoothing out the front of and then taping me in the diaper I was lying on, "Because you know that all of a baby's attention is focused on his mommy." She finished with a huge, satisfied smile as she grabbed the crotch of my diaper.

"Nicole looked at me smiling and began nuzzling my neck as she purred in my ear, "Would you like that?" she asked while she fingered the bust-line of her shirt, "Would you like to be my baby? And I could be your mommy and do all the nice things that mommy's do for their babies like breast feed them and diaper them. Would you like me to breast feed you?" Nicole asked as she pulled her shirt over her head revealing her ample bosom straining against her bra. She reached around to unclasp her bra forcing her breasts straight out, I was transfixed at the sight. With her bra undone she slowly slid it down her arms revealing two of the most perfect breasts I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. She placed one hand behind my head and gently eased her breast and my mouth together. I took her offered nipple eagerly into my mouth and began to suck on it, a little too enthusiastically at first, but with a little direction I was gently, rhythmically nursing.

"That's it baby." Nicole encouraged, "Nurse for mommy." As I continued to nurse at Nicole's breast I began to relax to the point that I didn't even feel it as I started wetting my diaper. It wasn't until Nicole, who was becoming aroused by me sucking on her tits, placed her hand on the crotch of my diaper and noticed that it felt different.

"What the..." She began confused. Nicole looked down to confirm what her hand was telling her and her eyes went wide as they beheld my wet diaper, "Mike, did you pee in this diaper?" Then she realized that I was still peeing, "OMG! You really are my baby aren't you? You wet your dipee for mommy just like a good little baby didn't you?" Nicole leaned in and kissed me passionately, her hand still on my diapered crotch.

"I stumbled in on something bigger than I thought didn't I?" she asked looking deep into my eyes. I nodded my head while the other one finished peeing and began coming to life.

"You knew you were going to pee in that diaper before I even came in the room." Nicole said putting all the clues together.

"Do you still want me to play 'mommy'?" she began before she saw the tent that was beginning to form in my diaper. She began alternating between kissing the growing bulge in the front of my diaper and rubbing her entire face against it when suddenly she stopped. She grabbed one of my hands and curled it into a fist with my thumb sticking out and pushed my thumb into my mouth, "Don't move," She began as she threw her shirt on, "I'll be back in a minute." Leaving me lying in the middle of the music room floor wearing a wet diaper and sucking my thumb Nicole took off. As I lay there sucking my thumb wondering if she was going to come back the door opened and Nicole came in carrying the box of diapers and what appeared to be a diaper bag. She put the box of diapers down beside me and threw the diaper bag's strap off her shoulder kneeling down and madly kissing the front of my diaper. She unzipped the diaper bag's changing pad and with my help, slid it under me before popping the tapes on either side of my diaper. She pulled back the front of my diaper exposing my erect penis before she pulled a bottle of water from the diaper bag and poured a little into the palm of her hand before pouring it on my crotch and wiping my penis with a baby wipe before swallowing my entire erection. She started sucking my cock as enthusiastically as I had when I was sucking her tits. After a moment she slowed her pace, stopping long enough to pull down her shorts and run my hand across the soaking wet fabric of her panties while gruffly explaining, "I had 2 orgasms on the way to the gym and back, OH GOD!" She exploded as I slipped my fingers inside her panties and into her wet vagina. She came another 2 times as she ground her pussy against my fingers. Gasping she kissed her way up my neck and into a frenzied kissing session before diving back on my penis. I was so excited that I came less than a minute later. As she became more able to articulate she rolled on top of me and explained, "I'm not sure if it was you in a diaper and 'breast feeding' or watching you pee in that diaper like a little baby or even the realization of actually changing your diaper, but all of a sudden I started Cuming in my pants, It was all I could do not to just peel off my clothes and start masturbating in the middle of the gym floor. If this is what happens when I diaper you and watch as you pee your diaper then I want to keep you in diapers forever. Speaking of diapers, I think it's time that mommy put you in a fresh, dry diaper." Nicole pulled the soggy wet diaper out from under my bum and cleaned my crotch with baby wipes which she rolled into the used diaper. Pulling a fresh diaper from the box she unfolded it and with a little help soon had it positioned under me. She gave the head of my penis a quick kiss before dusting my crotch with baby powder and taping the diaper snugly on me. Looking at her watch she determined that we had a little over 45 minutes before the trucks would be coming back. She had me crawl around on the band room floor for a little while so she could 'play with her baby', then she pulled a baby bottle out of the diaper bag and said that it was feeding time. She sat down on the floor and had me put my head in her lap while she slipped the bottle's nipple in my mouth. I lay there drinking the juice in the bottle when a strange expression appeared on Nicole's face. She gently freed herself from me and gave me the bottle to hold while telling me she'd be back in a minute. A couple of minutes later the door to the band room opened to reveal Nicole carrying a large wooden high chair. Figuring what she was up to I got up and was ready to sit in the high chair when she placed it in front of me. Surprisingly enough it wasn't that bad of a fit and once I was seated Nicole did up the strap around my waist and locked the tray into position effectively trapping me in the high chair. Placing the bottle's nipple back against my lips she soon had me drinking from a baby bottle in a high chair while she cooed and made sweet talk. She told me what a good baby I was and that she was so happy to have discovered my little secret. Suddenly a flash went off and I turned to see Nicole's friend Angela snapping another picture of me.

"Aww, he's so cute Nicole. He's way too cute for just one mommy; I think we need to share him." Angela said with a smile.

"Look how cute he is in his diapers." She added.

"Not only does he wear them, Ang, but he pees in them too, I had to change his wet diaper half an hour ago." Nicole said, holding my used diaper in her hand.

"You're kidding." Angela replied in disbelief.

"No, I'm absolutely serious, he wet his diaper right in front of me. And he breast feeds too." Nicole added.

"He does, does he?" Angela asked in a sultry voice as she pulled off her sweater to reveal that she wore no bra. She smiled as my gaze fixed on her perfect nipples, "Does liddle baby Mikey need to suckle?" she cooed as she brought her breasts towards my face painfully slowly. She giggled as my head swayed back and forth in rhythm with her breasts.

"Do you promise to go potty in your dipee for Aunty Angela if she lets you suckle?"

"I promise! I promise!" I practically yelled, desperate not only to have those divine nipples in my mouth but also because I really needed to poop.

"OK then, here you are baby." Angela sighed as she brought her breasts to bear.

"You've got to stop and let Aunty know when you're going potty though." She added as her nipple met my lips. My tongue tried to wrap itself around her nipple as it eased its way into my mouth to the sound of Angela's moans. I began suckling and licking so intently that I didn't even notice Nicole unbutton Angela's pants and begin to ease them down.

I had to rip myself away from her breast just to gasp, "I go potty." And was so enthralled that it took several seconds before I realized that Angela had also gasped "Me too."

I was brought out of my private little world suddenly as Angela took my hand and placed it between her legs where it came in contact with something plastic and soft that was growing rapidly warmer. My eyes practically bulged out of my head when I looked down to discover my hand was resting on Angela's diaper and that she was flooding it.

Nicole released me from my high chair and helped Angela pull me to my feet as our lips met and our tongues danced in the euphoria that we were each feeling as we felt each other soaking our diapers. I barely even noticed the muffled fart that came as a pre cursor to the load that was now sliding into the seat of my diaper. I heard a whispered 'Ang' as Nicole realized what I was doing and placed Angela's free hand on the seat of my diaper. Angela moaned even louder and her tongue seemed to go into overdrive and she pressed my hot load of poop back against my body as her senses informed her that I was messing my diaper. I felt trickles of pee going down her legs briefly before she slid my hand inside her leaking diaper as her last squirt of pee flowed over my fingertips. She practically bit my tongue in half as my fingers brushed against her wet clitoris sending her into multiple orgasms. Soon she was begging me to stop and remove my hand from her diaper sending another shuddering orgasm through her as her diapers sodden padding made contact with her clit. As she stepped back to regain her composure I was able to survey the damage of her diaper flooding. The crotch of her pants was completely soaked through and there was a puddle at her feet.

"Wow you really soaked that one Ang." Nicole said, "Even if Mike's hand wasn't in it and you didn't cum five times there's no way you could've hidden that one, one glance and anyone would know that you flooded your diaper and pissed your pants. But I think Mike still wins the prize for shitting in his diaper."

That seemed to snap Angela back to reality, she took a sniff of the air in the room and said, "We better change baby Mickey into a clean, dry diaper before he gets diaper rash."

Nicole directed me towards the changing mat but not without mashing the poop in my diaper up against me a few more times while telling me what a wet and messy diaper I had on. My diaper made a squelching sound as the poop oozed throughout my diaper as I lay down on the changing pad. Nicole and Angela each took a side as they popped the tapes of my diaper, releasing the full scent of poopy diaper. They quickly wiped as much poop off of me as they could with the less messy parts of the diaper before rolling it up and going to town with a fistful of wipes in each hand. Convinced that I was thoroughly clean they slid a fresh diaper under my ass and Angela squirted baby lotion on my diaper area and massaged it in before Nicole sprinkled me with baby powder and taped up my diaper. With a crisp, clean diaper on I vacated the changing pad for Angela who asked me if I'd change her diaper for her, I was thrilled so while Angela sucked on a pacifier she pulled out of her purse and Nicole opened the windows to air the place out I proceeded to change Angela's diaper. After wiping her diaper area I leaned down and lightly kissed her vagina causing Angela to purr like a kitten. Then I lotioned and powdered her before taping her snugly into her diaper. I gave her a gentle kiss on the front of her diaper when I was all done.

Nicole looked at Angela and said, "I think we finally found someone that your mother's not going to disapprove of."

Angela laughed, "Are you kidding? The first time she ever saw Mike poop in his diaper, she'd start sending out wedding invitations." Seeing my confusion Angela explained, "The last 'boyfriend' I brought to the house really hurt me when he found out I wear diapers, so ever since then my mom's had a hate on for any guy who even comes close to me. But if I had a boyfriend who wore diapers too she'd realize that he'd never hurt me that way."

"Are you saying that you want me to be your boyfriend?" I asked Angela.

Angela giggled and laced her fingers together and extended her arms towards her crotch, this had the effect of not only pointing straight at her diaper but also pushed her breasts together as they swayed over her arms. Then she batted her eyelids at me and said, "That's the general idea."

I was so overjoyed that I startled Angela as I lunged forwards and began kissing her all over, "You have no idea how happy this makes me...I've loved you since the first day I saw you." I explained to her between kisses, "And finding out that you wear diapers and like a guy who wears diapers makes me want to move into a giant nursery with you so I can love you and your diapered body forever."

"Oh Mike! You make me so happy I could wet myself. I want to call my mom and have her come pick us up right now so she can see how happy you make me and so she can see that you really enjoy wearing diapers, it's not a dream." Angela beamed.

"You haven't told him the other part." Nicole urged.

"Oh yea! I almost forgot my mom is the school nurse so we can wear diapers to school and she'll change them for us whenever we're wet or messy. Well she already changes mine but she could change yours too." Angela informed me.

"Sweet!!" I practically shouted between kissing Angela and hugging her.

"OK I need to drink a whole bunch of water so I'm sure to flood my diaper in front of your mom." I suggested before asking Angela, "How long will it take her to get here?"

Angela answered, "About 10 minutes, she drives pretty fast." So we agreed that I'd drink 2 liters of water before Angela phoned her and I'd continue to drink while we waited for her to arrive.

It worked out perfectly; I was bursting to pee by the time we reached Angela's house. I was hoping that this would ease tensions as Angela's mother was giving me the evil eye the entire drive to their house. Once we got there Angela took me to the kitchen and offered me a coke. I had barely even swallowed my first sip as I began flooding my diaper. That's when Angela's mother came into the room and staring me right in the eye began telling me that she didn't like me and if I knew what was good for me I'd leave quickly. Angela stepped in to defend me saying that I was different and wouldn't hurt her. Her mother turned to Angela and asked her what made her so sure. Angela pointed to my waist and exclaimed, "Because he's flooded his diapers so much that she was surprised they hadn't leaked already."

Angela's mother hissed at her, "I can't believe you'd make up such a pathetic lie."

Angela shouted back, "I'm not lying mother, I'm telling the truth, look!" She quickly unbuttoned my pants and yanked them down just as my diaper began to leak little trickles down my legs. As if to prove her eyes weren't deceiving her Angela's mother reached out and squeezed the front of my diaper causing urine to pour out of my diaper, either pouring straight down into my pants or flowing down the insides of my thighs, either way my pants were soaked.

"Well I'm not completely convinced." Angela's mother said as she looked me up and down.

"I told him about wearing diapers at school and having you change them in the nurse's office." Angela added.

"And how did you feel about that?" Angela's mom sneered.

"That means that there would have to be a supply of diapers kept in the nurse's office for you at all times. Somebody might see them, someone might see you getting changed doesn't that bother you?"

"Someone would be far more likely to smell one of my poopy diapers." I rebutted.

Angela's mother narrowed her eyes when she heard that, "You poop in your diapers too do you?" I nodded. Clearing her throat Angela's mother said, "Well if you're going to be wearing diapers at school you'll need a supply of them. Would you be willing to come and pick them up with me right now?"

In response I stepped out of my wet pants and said that I was ready. Angela's mom lead me to her car and made me stand beside it while she spread a couple of large plastic bags out over the passenger seat so my diaper wouldn't leak all over her seats. As soon as I sat down the pressure forced about 2 cups of urine out of my diaper forming a puddle around my ass. On the way to the store Angela's mom warned me that if I was playing some sort of sick joke with her daughter that I'd be very sorry. I tried to assure her that I really cared for Angela and would never do anything to hurt her.

We pulled up outside of a busy drug store and Angela's mom said this was my last chance to back out. Without saying a word I got out of the car and headed into the store. There were a lot of people staring at me as I walked into the store wearing a flooded diaper that was barely hanging on. Angela's mother appeared beside me just as one of the store employees asked if she could help me. Wanting to put Angela's mother in her place I said in a fairly loud voice, "I'm looking for a line of disposable diapers for a 14 year old who's a very heavy wetter and frequently messes his diapers as well but they should be as babyish as possible. The lady led me to the adult diapers and started showing me some generic diapers. I shook my head at them, "No no no! They need to be at least twice as thick as that otherwise they'd leak every time I wet them." Angela's mother pulled out some Medline Overnight diapers and showed them to me. While I examined them I pushed a log of poop into my diaper. These diapers looked to be three times as thick as the generic ones and smelled faintly of baby powder I thought but I wasn't certain as my diaper began overpowering it.

Angela's mother sniffed the air and looked at me, "Did you just poop your pants?"

I laughed at her, "I couldn't have pooped my pants, because I'm not wearinI did just fill my diaper though." Angela's mom grabbed another package of the Medline diapers and we went to the baby aisle for powder, lotion and wipes. The cashier rang us through as quickly as possible once she got a whiff of my diaper and we were at the car. Once at the car I was about to ask Angela's mom to change my diaper when I realized that I didn't even know her name. She told me to call her nanny when we were not at school.

"OK," I said, "Nanny? Will you change my diaper, I'm wet and messy?!! "

Nanny looked at me, "You want me to change your diaper here?"

I snickered, "Actually I was hoping that you were going to change me right in the middle of the store. I just figured that you wouldn't want to drive too far with the smell of poopy diapers filling the car."

Angela's mother smiled a broad warm smile at me, "To me your messy diaper smells like heaven. You aren't kidding are you? You really enjoy wearing diapers and you really care about Angela?"

I got in the car and squished my poop around a bit and smiled back, "I've loved wearing, and using diapers since I was 4.5 and I've been in love with Angela since the first day I met her."

We pulled up in front of Angela's house and I helped her mom bring in my diapers. Angela came rushing downstairs and gave the air a sniff, she was about to say something when I pulled her close and kissed her deeply. I let her go when I felt her hand on my poopy diaper, at the same time I felt a lump in the back of her pants and pulled her back for another kiss as I squished her poop against her body.

"Well?!?" Angela asked as her mother walked into the kitchen carrying my diapers.

"I love him Angela. I can't tell you how happy I am for you." Angela looked as though she was on the verge of tears when her mother sniffed the air, "Are you both wearing messy diapers? OK, changing time. Upstairs, both of you."

I followed Angela upstairs and she opened the door to her room and inside was a giant nursery which smelled strongly of baby powder. Angela turned to face me with her back against her changing table, "Will you lift me up?" she asked softly. I leaned in and gently kissed her before lifting her up and gently laying her down on the changing table. I secured the strap across her chest to prevent her from falling off and as her mother stepped up to the end of the table Angela and I looked at each other and began sucking our thumbs. Once Angela was changed into a nice clean diaper her mother unstrapped her and I helped her down before climbing up and laying back. As Angela's mother was opening my bag of diapers she said, "We should've picked up a package of Angela's diapers while we were at the store. Well you're going to be storing a supply of your diapers here and it seems only natural that you'd have a supply of Angela's diapers in your room too." Even with her thumb in her mouth the smile on Angela's face went from ear to ear. Getting off the table I realized that these new diapers were 3 times as thick as what I was used to. They made me feel very babyish as they spread my legs apart forcing me to waddle. I realized that they'd be fairly obvious under my clothes if they'd even fit under them, it wouldn't take anyone too long to detect that I was wearing diapers and I hoped they did. After we were diapered Angela and I watched TV in the family room while her mom began making dinner...

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