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Amber woke up to the sound of her alarm clock going off as it did every weekday morning at exactly 5:45 am. She yawned and then reached over to turn off the alarm. Her mother had left for work almost a full 20 minutes ago, so she had the house to herself until it was time for her to go to school for the day. She stretched for a moment and then got up to go to bathroom and get a quick shower that she knew right away she would need. As usual, she had wet her diaper in the night and needed to remove it. Amber had been wearing adult diapers to bed every night for almost 8 years in order to keep from wetting the bed. Before that, she had worn regular disposable diapers until she grew too big to fit into them anymore. Every two weeks, she would take part of her allowance money and go to the store and buy herself a package of diapers to wear at night. Her mother had no idea that this was going on, and Amber had no intention of telling her either. Her mother had threatened her with a severe spanking if she did not stop wetting the bed every night. On more than one occasion, her mother had actually spanked her hard with a hairbrush for wetting the bed. After she got to the bathroom, she undid all six tapes on the diaper and rolled it up carefully again before setting it in the bottom of the wastebasket and concealing it there in case someone should walk in to use the bathroom while she was showering. After a few minutes in the shower, Amber stepped out of the shower, dried herself off and got dressed for school. As she got ready to leave the bathroom, she retrieved her wet diaper out of the trash so that her mother would not see it when she emptied the bathroom trash. It was now almost 6:30 am, and her classes started at 7:00 am. She ran downstairs with the diaper still in her hand and grabbed her backpack with her schoolbooks in it. She then grabbed a small paper sack out of the kitchen and put the diaper into it. A few moments later, she walked out the back door to go to school. As she passed through the alley, she dropped the sack with the diaper in it into another trashcan near the end of the block. As she passed the drugstore, she remembered that she needed to get some more diapers as she had run out last night. She would just have to stop on her way home from school if she could and get some then, or try to sneak out later on and get them. Amber arrived at her high school about ten minutes before her first class was scheduled to begin. She had been going to school here for only two weeks and already disliked her first hour teacher a little bit. Mrs. Eddleson was her first hour teacher for U.S. history and tended to be a bit too strict when it came to homework assignments. As soon as she got into her history class, Mrs. Eddleson asked everyone if they had remembered to bring their five-page homework assignment in with them. Everyone turned in their assignments to her and then returned to their desks. After a few minutes of talking to her class, Mrs. Eddleson told them all to begin reading on the next chapter of their history books while she graded their papers. Amber was startled slightly when the voice of Mrs. Eddleson called her name out loud.

"Amber would please explain to me why your assignment is not done correctly?" Amber sat their confused for a moment trying to remember if she had forgotten some part of the assignment. Finally she spoke up, "I'm sorry Mrs. Eddleson, but I don't remember not finishing any of it. What part did I forget?" she asked quietly.

"You signed your name on the top of the first page, and I told all of you to sign them on the bottom of the last page. You also did not type out the assignment, and you also did not staple the pages together as you were told. This assignment of yours is unacceptable this way, and you will be given an F on it. And since you back-talked to me, I am giving you another F for the day as well as assigning you ten pages of homework. In the future I expect you to listen and do the assignments the way I tell you to do them. Do I make my self clear to you young lady?" yelled Mrs. Eddleson.

"All Amber could do was to sit quietly and wait for the teacher to finish yelling at her. When Mrs. Eddleson finally asked her question, Amber had had enough so she told her so.

"You know what Mrs. Eddleson, You can go to hell and shove your assignments up your ass instead! I quit! I don't need this class!" Amber quickly grabbed up her things and walked out of the class as Mrs. Eddleson stood there watching her as she left the classroom. Amber walked down the hall to the counselor's office to try to see about getting out of the history class, only to find that the counselor she needed to see was not in and would be gone for the rest of the week on sick leave. Amber stalked off to the library and waited until her next class started. The rest of the day went fairly well until five minutes before the last bell rang. Amber was called down to the principal's office over the intercom. Her teacher politely told her to not worry about the homework tonight since he was not going to be giving any out. Amber once more picked up her books and walked down to the office. When she got to the principal's office, she stopped and knocked on the door politely. The principle looked up from her desk and motioned for her to come in to the office. Amber quietly entered the office and shut the door, fearing that she was going to be expelled for getting mad at her history teacher.

"Amber Anston I presume?" the principal said as she tucked a sheet of papers into a filling cabinet drawer. Amber nodded her head yes as the principal turned around.

"Good. I'm Mrs. Manning. Now tell me what happened today in your first hour history class with Mrs. Eddleson. I have heard her side and now I wish to hear your side of the story before I make any decisions on what to do or not do. Start from the beginning and tell me the whole story." Amber hesitated a moment and then began to speak and tell her how Mrs. Eddleson had been giving her an F each day for her homework and anything else she could think of. She went on to explain how the teacher had also been doing to this to most everyone in the class as well as her. After the entire story was finished, Mrs. Manning spoke up again.

"Don't worry Amber, I am not going to expel you or even call your mother. I think I would probably have lost my cool too if I was treated like that. Yours is not the only story along the same lines that I have heard from students in her class. You can go ahead and go home now, Amber, and don't worry about Mrs. Eddleson anymore. She will no longer be teaching here as of tonight. I'll take over the class for the time being until someone else more appropriate can be found. I'll see you tomorrow morning in history class Amber. Thank you for telling me the truth as well." Amber walked out of the office and collected her things from her locker before heading for home. As she rounded a corner towards the exit doors, she ran straight into Kevin Swanson as he himself came around the corner as well. The resulting collision sent books, papers, and the two of them onto the ground. Amber gasped when she saw whom it was she had run into. She had always thought he was good looking, but had never had the nerve to say anything to him.

"I'm so sorry..."she stammered out.

"I didn't even see you coming! I hope you're not mad at me for this." she blurted out after staring at him for a second.

"Hey, it's all right! Really! I don't mind having a beautiful girl run into me, especially you! Here, let me help you up off the ground." he said as he reached down to help her up. Amber accepted his hand as he helped her up. Within a few minutes, they had managed to pick up the papers and books that had been sent flying during the collision. Kevin looked at her as they picked up the papers and then finally worked up the nerve to speak to her once more.

"I know this is kind of sudden and all, but before I lose my nerve, would you like to go out with me this weekend?" Amber stood speechless for a moment, sure that she was dreaming.

"I'd love to. By the way, my name's Amber." Kevin smiled as she accepted his offer "I know. I've kind of been watching you for a while now, trying to think up of a way to get to talk to you without sounding like a total idiot." Within minutes, they had exchanged phone numbers and addresses as well as the time that he would pick her up that Saturday for a date. As Amber walked to the drugstore, she felt as if she was on cloud nine and that nothing could bring her down.


Amber walked the seven blocks to the drugstore without any further problems and figured that no one would possibly see her that knew her. She walked into the store and browsed for a few minutes in the magazine section. She looked at a few of the magazines and then put them back after glancing through them for a few moments. Since there was nothing new in the way of magazines or books, she decided that it was time to get what she came for and to leave. As she turned and walked to the other part of the store, she never noticed her principal, Mrs. Manning, from school walk in through the front door at that exact moment. Amber stopped for a moment at a makeup display and considered getting something in the way of makeup as well, but rejected the idea.

"Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about not having enough money to get the diapers if I don't get the eye liner." she thought to herself. Amber walked over to the shelf and looked at the various different adult diapers for sale for a few minutes before she finally decided on a bag of attends that were now selling for only $9.50 per bag.

"What a deal" she thought to herself as she picked up the bag and started for the checkout lanes. Just as she finished paying for the diapers, Mrs. Manning came up to the checkout lane that she was in and saw her standing there with the bag of diapers in hand. Mrs. Manning didn't say anything to her as she walked out the door of the store with the diapers she had just bought for herself. Her heart was beating extremely fast as she tried to remain somewhat calm and hope that her principal would not say anything or tell anyone about her diapers. As she finally made it out of the parking lot, her heart slowed down to normal once more, and she began to believe that she would perhaps be all right after all. She had been so nervous that she didn't notice until now that she had wet her pants. She was grateful that she only lived a short distance away from the drugstore and hoped that she could get home before anyone else she knew saw her. Her luck did not hold out however. Less than three blocks from the store, she heard a car horn honk near her. As she turned to see who had honked, she spotted her principal calling her from her car.

"Amber, do you need a ride home? Hop in and I'll give you a ride the rest of the way." Amber felt like running away as fast as she could and found herself wishing she could just turn invisible or something. It was bad enough that she had been spotted buying diapers by someone that knew her, but it was even worse that she had wet her pants as well. She felt weak in the knees and legs as she slowly walked over to the waiting car driven by her principal.

"Come around to the other side Amber, I'll unlock the door so you can get in." Mrs. Manning said as Amber got up to the car. As she walked around to the passenger side of the car she thought about what excuse she could give Mrs. Manning if she was asked.

"Thank you maam." Amber said as she got into the car.

"You all right Amber? You look a little pale."

"I'm all right maam. Thank you for the ride home." Mrs. Manning smiled at Amber as she got into the car with the bag of diapers in her right hand. As she began to pull the door shut, Mrs. Manning noticed the diapers once more and then saw that Amber had wet her pants.

"Oh honey, it's all right." Mrs. Manning said as amber finally got the door shut.

"If you like, I can pull over to a side road real quick and you can change real quick without anyone seeing you.

"Thank you, but I can wait until I get home maam."

"Nonsense honey, Ill pull over here off of old Elm road and no one will see you changing. And when you are done, you can just throw the wet one into a garbage dumpster nearby." Amber didn't know how she was going to get out of this situation, but she did have to admit that she was feeling a bit uncomfortable with wet pants on. She had not worn a diaper during the day since she was two, but it looked like she would either have to wear one, or tell Mrs. Manning the truth. She thought about it for a moment and then decided that it would be nice to at least be dry somewhat, and that she could always change when she got home. She quickly opened the new bag of diapers and then got into the back seat of the car where there would be more room to change into a dry diaper.

"Thank you Mrs. Manning for helping me out this way. Please don't tell anyone about this. It would make it very hard for me if anyone else found out." she said as she slowly wiggled out of her wet jeans and panties. She stuffed the wet panties into her backpack with full intentions of getting them washed whenever she did her next load of laundry. It was difficult to get the diaper on in the backseat of the car, but after a few minutes of work, she had the clean diaper on and was pulling her jeans back on as well. She was not sure why, but the diaper felt better than normal this time. As she climbed back into the front seat of the car Mrs. Manning spoke up once more.

"There now, I'll bet you feel much better now that you have changed into something dry. Don't forget to throw the old one away real quick Amber. I'm sure no one will notice it if you just throw it into the trash real quick. Go ahead, I'll wait." Amber was unsure of what to say to her now, but she knew she had to do something soon.

"Finally she gave up and told Mrs. Manning the truth about her diapers, her bed wetting, and even why she had accidentally wet herself in the drugstore when she saw Mrs. Manning. When she finished, she was on the verge of tears and felt guilty about trying to deceive her principal.

"It's all right Amber. I won't ever tell anyone your secret if you don't want them to know. If you like, we can stop off real quick at my place and grab you a dry pair of jeans real quick. I can wash and dry the ones you have on now, and get them back to you tomorrow. Wouldn't a dry pair of jeans be nicer than the wet ones you have on?" Amber sat in silence for a moment as she debated on whether or not to take her up on the kind offer. Finally she gave in and said it would be nice and that she would do the same with the jeans loaned to her. Amber was dropped off at her house roughly 25 minutes later by Mrs. Manning. She quickly took the bag of diapers over to her window and set them right below it where she could easily reach out and grab them later when no one was looking. As she walked back to the front door of her house, she felt a little nervous as she always did whenever she had to get more clean diapers into the house without being caught. She just hoped that Mrs. Manning would keep her secret, and that no else would find out.


Amber took a moment to calm her nerves a bit before unlocking the front door. As Amber dropped off her backpack and books in her room, she felt the urge to pee once more. As she began to walk towards the bathroom, she remembered that she was still wearing a diaper and peed in the diaper instead. She figured that since she was already wearing a diaper, she might as well use it and not let it go to waste. As she peed, the diaper quickly absorbed it and left her still feeling dry. Amber was not sure why, but the thought of deliberately wetting her diaper excited her. As she expected, the house was silent. She had expected that her mother would be asleep since she had not gotten off work until 2:00 pm that afternoon. Amber decided to make sure of this before attempting to sneak her diapers into her room. She was surprised to find her mother was not in bed asleep. This worried her, so she decided to find out where her mother was. As she searched the kitchen, she found a note on the refrigerator from her mom. Her mother had to work an extra shift at the hospital and would not be back until 10:00 pm. She had left some money in an envelope on the kitchen table for her to call out and get some pizza for herself.

Amber made the call for the pizza and then went back to her room. Without hesitation, she reached out her bedroom window and brought in the bag of clean diapers. It took her only about three minutes to put them into her usual hiding place in her room. Once this was done, she went out to the living room to wait for the pizza to arrive. While waiting, she peed her diaper twice more without hesitation. She was starting to regret that she would soon have to change out of her diaper and back into her normal panties. Then she remembered the wet pair of panties in her backpack. She quickly ran into her room and dug them out to be washed. The doorbell rang just as she was headed for the laundry room. She threw the underwear into the pile of dirty clothes in front of the washer and ran to answer the door. Her pizza had arrived at last. Amber paid the driver for the pizza and gave him a $5.00 tip as well. Amber then settled down to eat her pizza while doing her homework. She had finished most of the pizza by the time she got to her least favorite subject in school. She hated math more than any other subject she had, but knew that it needed to get done. She ate some more pizza and drank down two cans of soda as she finished her math homework. By this time, it was almost 6:30pm and she still had not removed her now soaked diaper she was wearing from earlier that day. She looked at the clock above the table and reluctantly decided it was time to change out of her diaper before her mother came home. She walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. She was tempted for a moment to go get a clean diaper and put it on, but she instead grabbed underwear from her room along the way to the bathroom. She set the pants on the edge of the tub and slowly undid her jeans. When she finally had her jeans down far enough, she could clearly see the bright blue stripe on the front of her now soaked diaper. Within a few minutes, she had washed off her lower areas with a wet washcloth and then changed back into some panties as normal. Amber had just finished rolling up the diaper when she heard the front door open and then close. Amber froze in horror and fear for a moment before reacting. Quickly she grabbed the waste can and buried the wet diaper in the bottom of it in an attempt to hide it and not get caught with it by her mother.

"Amber, honey, Are you home?"

"I'm in here mom!" She hollered through the shut bathroom door.

"I'll be out in a minute." Amber came out of the bathroom a few moments later with her heart still beating a little fast. Her mom was still in her uniform when Amber found her sitting at the kitchen table eating a quick sandwich. She looked up as Amber entered the kitchen.

"I have to go back to the hospital in just a few minutes, but I wanted to stop by home first to tell you and to give you a bit of good news. I have been assigned to a latter shift at last, so I'll be able to actually stay home more and will even be here when you get up in the mornings." Amber's face lit up at this news. She had been unable to spend very much time with her mother since she had started working double shifts at the hospital due to a shortage of nurses. Before Amber could say anything, her mother spoke up once more.

"I have to run now and finish up the last of my shift at the hospital, but I should be home later in the morning before you wake up. Here's some money so you can go get something to eat if you like, you know how to reach me if you need to." Her mother gave her another twenty-dollar bill as she grabbed the last of her sandwich on her way out the door.

"Bye mom." amber called as her mother headed out the front door once more. The rest of the night went by fairly quiet and uneventful. She once more ordered a pizza and finished up some minor chores around the house before getting tired and heading for bed. As was her habit, she quickly went to where she had her bag of diapers hidden and put one on for the night. Right before she turned in for the night, she retrieved her wet diaper from the bathroom trash and carried it out to the main trashcans, where she buried it under a large bag of trash. As soon as she heard the door close and the car leave, she grabbed the wet diaper out of the trashcan in the bathroom. Without pausing a moment, she went out the back door and quietly threw the wet diaper into a neighbors trash can where it would not be found by her mother. As she got back into the house, she began to wonder how she was going to change out of her diaper in the morning and not get caught. She sat down and watched some television while thinking over the problem of how to change without getting caught. She finally decided that the best thing to do would be to set her alarm 30 minutes earlier so she could get up before her mother did. She figured that if she did this that she could change and hide the diaper before her mother got up. She finally went to her room at about 11:00, removed her clothes, put on a clean diaper, and then put on her nightgown as well. She was tired and starting to not feel all that well when she went to bed, and as a result forgot to turn on the alarm on her clock before going to sleep. She awoke to the sound of her mother's alarm clock going off at 6:15. She awoke with a slight start and stared in horror at her clock for a moment before jumping out of bed and removing her nightgown. As she had known she would, she had soaked her diaper that night and needed to change and clean up before going to school. An unexpected problem made itself known a moment later as she almost messed her diaper. The pizza and soda had caught up with her, and she now needed to desperately get to the bathroom before she messed her diaper. She made it almost to the bathroom door when she heard her mother's voice yelling at her.

"Amber stop right there!" The sound of her mothers voice yelling at her unexpectedly made her lose her concentration for a moment, but that moment was all it took. Her bowels let loose and filled out the back of her diaper with a smelly and runny mush.

"Why the hell are you wearing a diaper young lady?" Her mother yelled once more as she began to approach her. He mother got about three feet from Amber when she noticed that the strip on the front of the diaper had turned blue. A moment later, the smell from amber's mess hit her as well. Amber struggled to find something to say when her bowels refused to hold anything else back and let go with another blast of hot, runny, and smelly mush into the diaper. Amber finally spoke up as her mother stood staring at her in rage and disbelief.

"I can explain this if you just let me get cleaned up first and changed."

"I see that you need to get changed, but into what? Another diaper perhaps? I want you to go and bring the rest of your clean diapers right now, and I don't want to hear another word out of you. Now go get them." Amber turned and slowly walked into her room to get the rest of her diapers. With each step she took, she could feel the mess spreading around in the diaper. Finally she brought the bag of diapers out and set them down in front of her mother. Her mother then spoke up again, "All right now, take one out of the bag and go get cleaned up and changed in the bathroom. Take the diaper into the bathroom with you and leave the rest set here for now. I'll take care of them for you, now go." Amber walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She set the clean diaper down on the washbowl and then proceeded to remove her messy diaper carefully. Once she had it off, she rolled it up tight and dropped it into the garbage can. She quickly got into the shower and cleaned herself off completely. Once she finished cleaning and got out, she wrapped a towel around herself, grabbed her clean diaper and went back into her room. When she opened up her drawer to grab some clean panties, she was shocked to find it filled with her diapers instead. Her mother entered the room a moment later as Amber stood staring in shock at her drawer.

"You wanted to wear diapers so much that you shall now wear them instead of panties. You will also use them for their intended purpose as well. You will wear them 24/7 from now on, and that includes school as well. She couldn't believe what she was hearing and kept hoping that it was all a terrible nightmare that she would wake up from. Since she had nothing else to wear for pants, she was forced to put on a clean diaper while her mother stood and watched her.

"I will excuse you from school today, and will make arrangements to get you changed at school at least twice a day from now on.


Amber had just finished putting on a clean diaper when her mother reappeared at the door to her room.

"Now that you have finished cleaning up and changing, you can finish getting dressed so that we can go shopping for some things you will need. I want you to wear that dress you got for Christmas so that it will be easier for me to change your diaper when you wet or mess it. Amber wanted to object, but her mother had a look on her face that told her there was not going to be any arguments accepted on the subject.

She nodded slowly as she walked over to her closet and got out the dress her mother told her to wear. She could hear her diaper crinkling with every step she took and hoped that no one else would hear the noise and figure out that she was wearing a diaper. Her mother walked into her room a moment later with an old diaper bag in hand.

"I don't want you to think I would force you to wear the same diaper all day, so I am packing you a diaper bag. I'll be able to change you if you need changing while we shop." Her mother put four extra diapers into the diaper bag before deciding it was time to go shopping.

They walked out the front door and to the car in the driveway. With every step amber took, she could hear her diaper crinkling under her dress. They pulled out into traffic a few moments later on their way to their first stop a few blocks away. They pulled into the parking lot of the drugstore where Amber had bought her diapers the day before.

"Amber honey, grab the diaper bag real quick and bring it with us. I don't want to have to come back out here to grab it if you need changing." Amber reluctantly picked up the diaper bag and tried to hand it to her mother as they walked towards the entrance of the store.

"You go ahead and hang onto the bag Amber, after all, they are your diapers. Now come on and lets get moving. We still have to stop at the mall yet today as well. Amber was embarrassed to have to carry a diaper bag into the store with her and knew everyone would figure out that she was wearing diapers.

Once inside the store, they proceeded straight over to the aisle where the adult diapers were. Amber's mother picked up three more bags of diapers, some baby powder, a large changing pad, some diaper rash ointment, and a container of diaper wipes.

"Now then, what else am I forgetting?" her mother said.

"Oh well, I'll figure it out if I see it. Lets go check out and get going now." As they headed towards the checkout stand, Amber's mom snapped her fingers and spoke up.

"I know what I forgot! Wait right here and don't move while I go get the last item we need for you in here." Her mother disappeared down a side aisle and returned a moment latter with two pacifiers for Amber.

"There now, we can check out now and head to the mall for the rest of your new things."

As they were checking out with their items, Amber felt the urge to pee. She wanted to just go straight to the nearest restroom, but knew that her mother would just tell her no and that she was to use the diapers for their intended purpose. She held it a few more minutes and finally gave up; flooding her diaper with pee while her mother paid for the last few items. Amber let out a small sigh of relief as the pressure on her bladder was relieved into her diaper. Her mother had not heard her sigh, and they quickly walked to the car with the diapers and everything else in hand.

As they were putting the last of the items into the car, Amber's mother decided to check Amber's diaper before leaving the parking lot. She reached over and lifted up the front of Amber's dress and looked at the diaper that Amber had just wet in the store.

"I thought I heard you making noises in there, and I see you need to have your diaper changed now. Get into the backseat and I'll change you real quick before we leave. Can't have you walking around in a wet diaper."

Amber got into the backseat and raised her dress up as her mother reached for the diaper tapes that held the diaper in place. She quickly undid all the tapes on the diaper and lifted amber's bottom up as she pulled the wet diaper out from under her and slid a clean diaper into place under her. She then proceeded to wipe down Amber's crotch area real quick with the diaper wipes she had just bought. Before tapping the diaper into place, she then sprinkled some baby powder onto amber's crotch as well. A moment later she taped the diaper into place on Amber and lowered her dress.

Amber turned red with embarrassment and wanted to cry. She had not had her diaper changed by her mother since she was a baby. She opened her mouth to tell her mother that she could do it herself, but her mother shoved a pacifier in it before she could speak.

"Little babies should be seen and not heard. This should keep you quiet while we drive to the mall for the rest of your baby things. If you behave, I'll let you take it out when we get to the mall. If you misbehave, I'll spank you in front of everyone and make you keep the pacifier in while we shop the mall. Do you understand?" Amber quietly shook her head yes and then got into the front seat of the car.

As they pulled into the mall parking lot a few minutes later, her mother spoke up again.

"You've been a good girl, so you can take the pacifier out and put it into your diaper bag." She removed the pacifier from her mouth and put it into the diaper bag with the rest of the items that were in it. Her mother then told her to go ahead and open up one of the bags of diapers and put three more into the bag just in case they needed them. Once this was done, they proceeded to walk towards the mall entrance.

Amber was embarrassed to be seen walking around with a diaper bag in hand and was sure that everyone could hear the tell-tale rustling of her diaper. She wanted to run and hide, but knew that the only thing she could do was to go along with her mother and silently hope for the best. Her diaper seemed to be so loud that she was sure everyone knew she had a diaper on under her dress. Her thoughts were interrupted when her mother pulled her into a furniture store.

Once inside, Amber's mom took them straight to the infant furnishings and straight to an elderly lady who worked in the store.

"Good afternoon folks. How may I help you?" Amber suddenly understood why they were in this section of the store before the sales clerk finished speaking. Amber could only stand in shame as her mother spoke to the clerk.

"I certainly hope you can. I'm looking for a changing table and a crib for my daughter here."

"I see, and how long until she has the baby?" the clerk asked as Amber turned red with shame.

"Actually," Amber's mother spoke up, "this is my daughter right here. Due to some problems she has, I have had to put her back into diapers recently and now need a good strong changing table for her. I also need a large crib for her to sleep in as well so that she will not get up and sleepwalk in the night."

The clerk was a little surprised at first but then showed them to a smaller room in the back of the store. There they had a small selection of baby furniture for adult babies. Amber's mom picked out a large changing table and a large crib that would be just the right size for Amber.

As they finished the final details of the sale and where to have it delivered to, amber began to feel the same familiar cramping she had earlier in the day. She tried to hold it in, but it did no good. Her bottom exploded a hot and runny mush into her diaper as she stood there in shame. She noticed that she had also soaked the diaper as well and felt even more ashamed. She almost felt like crying as the smell from her diaper drifted up and out.

"I think I need to change you right away baby girl. Lets get you to the bathroom and get your diaper changed." Amber's mom then took her by the hand and led her out of the store and to the nearest bathroom. As they passed several customers, they all gave Amber funny looks as they smelled the odor coming from her diaper and saw her carrying a diaper bag. Amber wished she could have somehow turned invisible so as to avoid the shameful looks she felt she was receiving. The trip to the nearest bathroom seemed to take forever, but in reality only took about five minutes.

Amber felt relieved when they entered the bathroom and found it empty at the moment. As her mother had her lay down on a wooden bench, she felt another hot burst of mush explode into her already full diaper. Without saying a word, her mother lifted up her dress and began to undo the diaper tapes. As she got down to the last two tapes, her mother slid a changing pad under Amber to help prevent the mess from getting all over the bench if it leaked out of the diaper.

"You certainly are a mess baby girl. I hope you don't have too many more messes like this," her mother said as she slipped the messy diaper out from under Amber's bottom.

She then rolled up the messy diaper and dropped it into the trashcan next to the bench. After a few minutes of wiping Ambers bottom down, she seemed satisfied and began to diaper her again. Amber was beginning to feel that they would get lucky and that no one would come in to the bathroom while she was getting her diaper changed. About that time the bathroom door opened up and in walked someone Amber knew.

Amber turned beet red as her mother pulled the disposable diaper up between the legs and began to fasten it. The girl was her best friend Julie. Julie stood in shock for a moment as she recognized Amber and saw her getting diapered by her mother. Before anything could be said, Julie turned and walked from the restroom while attempting to not laugh at her friends' predicament.


The trip home from the mall seemed to take forever for Amber. She was sure that everyone was staring at her as they drove home from the mall. Her thoughts were once more interrupted by her mother talking to her once more.

"I'll have to hire you a babysitter for when I have to work. I wont be home when you get back from school, and I don't want my baby getting into trouble while I'm at work. Which reminds me, I'll have to send a note to with you tomorrow along with some extra diapers so you can be changed by the school nurse every so often. I'll have all this done for you before tomorrow morning, so don't worry about having to wear the same diaper all day at school tomorrow, or having to wait for me to come home after work to change your diaper."

Amber wanted to protest but knew that it would do no good. She didn't like what her mother was doing, and began to wonder how she would tell her mother about date with Kevin on Saturday. She had dated a few other boys in the past, but they all wanted only to get her into bed with them as fast as they could. This time would be different due to the diapers she was forced to wear. She was not even sure if she would now be able to go through with the date with Kevin if she had to wear diapers. She almost felt like crying. It was so unfair that everything always went so wrong for her all the time.

They pulled into the driveway and parked the car. It only took them a few minutes to unload all of the supplies they had bought while they were out shopping. Amber was so busy trying to think of a way to tell her mother about Kevin that she failed to notice that she had wet her diaper until her mother asked if she needed to be changed yet. Before she could answer, her mother lifted up her dress and saw that the diaper was very wet. A few minutes later she had been cleaned up and changed once more.

The rest of the evening passed quietly and uneventfully until it was time for Amber to go to bed. Her mother changed her into a clean diaper once more and then gave her a new nightgown to wear. She wore a nightgown with a teddy bear design on it. As she crawled under the covers to drift off to sleep, her mother came into the room with a baby bottle for her. Amber began to protest at the treatment, but was quickly silenced by her mother sticking the bottle into her mouth.

"Drink it honey and then go to sleep. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow." Her mother then turned off the light as she left the room.

Amber did not feel much like drinking the bottle her mother had given her, but did so anyway so as not to upset her mother again. Before long, she fell asleep for a few hours. She woke up and looked over at her clock. It was only 3:00 AM in the morning, but she could not get back to sleep. She knew that her diaper was wet again but was afraid to get up and change it for fear of waking her mother up and getting in trouble. After lying awake for a few more minutes, she decided to go ahead and change out of her wet diaper and put a dry one on. Once this was accomplished, she threw the wet diaper into the wastebasket near the foot of her bed and went back to sleep.

Amber awoke to the sound of her alarm clock going off at the normal preset time. Before she could even stop it, her bowels let loose into her diaper once more. The mess this time was not nearly as bad as the last two she had in her diapers.

"Oh great. Not only do I have to wear diapers like a baby, but now I even mess them like one as well. I better get up and get changed" she thought to herself.

Before she was even half way out of bed, her mother came into her room.

"Time to for you get a bath and get changed honey. We don't want you to be late for school now do we?" Her mother quickly noticed that Amber's diaper was wet as well as messy as she headed Amber towards the bathroom.

"My we certainly filled our diapers last night didn't we. Well, no matter. Get into the shower and get cleaned and then we'll get you ready for school."

She quickly removed the wet and messy diaper she had on and then got into the shower. As the water ran over her body and cleaned her mess off, she thought that maybe her mother would not force her to wear diapers to school. As soon as she got out of the shower and into her room, her mother showed up once more. As she passed by Amber's dresser, she paused and removed a diaper for Amber, then continued over to her.

"Lets get a clean diaper on you shall we?" her mother said. Ambers thin hopes shattered painfully as her mother taped a clean diaper onto her.

Amber gathered up her books and papers she needed for school and headed for the door when her mother called to her.

"Wait a minute honey. I phoned the school this morning and have it arranged for you there. You will go to the nurse's office every three hours to get changed into clean diapers if you need them. All of your teachers and your principal know this and will excuse from class at any time if you need to be changed, as well as allowing you extra time between classes for visits to the nurses office. Put these extra diapers in your bag real quick honey, and stop at the nurse's office before you go to class. I also want you to know that I have hired a babysitter for you when you get home. I'll introduce you tonight. Now get going or you'll be late."

As Amber started towards the door, she began to feel a little light headed for a moment and felt a slight tingling in her shoulders, as well as a momentary loss of breath. She chalked it up to nerves as she recovered a moment later and was out the door. She knew that if she didn't hurry that she would be late for classes.

Amber arrived at the school with only a few minutes left before her first class began. She was halfway to her first class when she suddenly remembered to stop by the nurse's office to drop off her extra diapers. She turned and ran up the stairs to the second floor in an effort to get there and out in time for her first class of the day. As she topped the stairs, the bell rang.

She stopped for a moment to try to catch her breath as the strange feeling she had from earlier caught up to her once more. She began to think maybe she was just out of shape as she began to suddenly feel dizzy and numb in the arms and shoulders.

"I need to get more exercise." she said to herself as she suddenly began to pass out. She barely even heard someone yell out her name as she fell over and down the stairs.

Amber came to in the back of an ambulance, dazed and extremely confused. The last thing she remembered was feeling strange and out of breath at the top of the stairs leading to second floor near the nurses station.

"What happened? Where am I?" she barely managed to whisper. A moment later, the strange sensation hit again and she passed out once more as her heart went into full arrest.


Amber's mother had just arrived at the hospital for her shift when the call came in from the ambulance crew. They had a juvenile female roughly 17 years old in full cardiac arrest. The e.t.a. From the hospital was three minutes. Amber's mother and the rest of the nurses on duty quickly rushed to prepare an emergency room for the patient coming in. Trays of medications were set out; machines were turned on and made ready for use. Amber's mother never suspected that it was her daughter in the ambulance, or that her world was about to be forever changed.

The ambulance crew quickly backed up and threw open the doors of the ambulance to unload their unfortunate passenger. They had managed to get her heart started once more by the time they arrived, but it was weak heartbeat. They continued to move quickly with her as they rushed down a short hallway to the awaiting room and her unsuspecting mother.

As soon as they wheeled her into the room, the paramedics started to tell the doctors everything they had done to her on the trip and that she was lucky to be alive. It seems that some student saw her turn pale, pass out and fall down the stairs. Upon reaching her, the student administered C.P.R. and mouth to mouth in between breaths of shouting for help. The two paramedics credited the quick actions of the youth with saving Amber's life.

Amber's mother entered the room prepared to do her job and fight to help save the life of the young girl. When She saw who it was on the bed she dropped everything and shouted.


Another nurse quickly grabbed her and dragged her out of the room when she realized that the girl was her daughter who was in there fighting for her life.

"Calm down honey, calm down. I can't have you in there in the shape you're in, or you're just as likely to be doing her more harm than good. Quickly now, does she have any allergies that we need to know of?" Mrs. Johnson shook her head no as she tried to get herself under control.

"She's a good girl. Hates drugs and is even a virgin still. I don't understand how this could have happened. She has not had any heart trouble since she was a baby."

"Wait here honey, I'll find out what is going on and tell them the information. Go ahead and cry if you like. If it was my daughter in there, I'd be just as scared as you are. I'll be right back"

After another long and agonizing 30 minutes, one of the doctors came out of the little room Amber had been put into.

"She's stable now. She's a real fighter and should recover fully in time. I have her read over her medical history, but I am curious about the diapers. Care to fill me in?"

After filling him in as to why she was wearing diapers when they got to her, he shook his head and spoke up once more.

"A little harsh don't you think? Did it ever occur to you to find out all the details before getting upset with her? That's usually not like you to be so rash and quick to act. You're the best-damned head nurse I've ever had and also the most carefully attentive to all the details. I'll tell you what, when we get everything all figured out here in a little bit, I'll let you try to tell me about it. Strictly off the record and as a friend. Now let's go see your daughter."

Amber's mother stood staring at her daughter who was now lying on a bed and was hooked up to all sorts of various machines. Tears rolled down her mothers face as she listened to the doctor tell her that amber had a heart attack due to stress and a defective heart valve that gave out on her. They had her hooked up to a machine that pumped blood for amber, and another one that helped her breathe. They had scheduled her for emergency surgery in 20 minutes from then and would replace her bad heart valve with an artificial one.

Amber's surgery went well and had no complications. She was taken to a room in the intensive care unit and monitored carefully for the next three days. Amber's mother was given an emergency leave of absence from the hospital so that she could be with her daughter while she began to recover. Amber was removed from life support by the end of the second day, as she no longer needed it. The hospital staff continued to leave her in diapers and to change her whenever she needed it. Within five days of having the surgery, Amber finally woke up.

"Where am I?" she asked as she saw her mother standing next to her with a very worried look on her face.

"Oh thank God! I thought I'd lost you for good. I'm sorry honey. You had a heart attack and fell down the stairs at school. Apparently your new boyfriend saved your life by giving you c.p.r. And mouth to mouth until the paramedics arrived to take over." Amber winced in pain as she tried to sit up a little too fast.

"Take it easy and try again honey, only do it real slowly this time. They had to do emergency heart surgery on you and as a result you are going to be very weak and sore for a while."

After being in the hospital for almost twelve weeks, they finally let amber go home. As she began to leave her room, Kevin showed up with a bouquet of a dozen white roses in hand. As he approached Amber he began to smile.

"I brought these for you." he said as he handed her the roses.

"You know, you could have just told me you had a headache if you didn't want to go out on the date. You didn't have to go through such extremes you know." Amber laughed as she swatted him on the arm.

"As they began their drive home, Amber flooded her diaper to the point where it almost leaked before she realized that she had done so.

"Um, mom, I need to use the bathroom when we get home. I may need some help from you if you don't mind." Amber's mother smiled for a moment and then replied.

"Not at all honey. Everything is ready for you when you get home. Say Kevin, do you need to be dropped off anywhere?" Kevin smiled and politely responded, "You can just drop me off at the drugstore near your place if you like. I need to get a few things for myself from the pharmacy anyway."

Amber gave Kevin a questioning look for a moment before he replied.

"Don't worry Amber, I'm not sick or anything like that. I just have to pick up my insulin prescription from there. I'm diabetic and have to use insulin daily. I go there every two weeks and pick up fresh insulin supplies and testing papers as well as other things I need to use for my health. I would have told you sooner, but you decided to scare me half to death before I could tell you. Happy now that you know one of my big secrets?" Kevin stated with slight laugh.

A few moments later they were pulling up to the front of the drugstore when Amber leaned over and grabbed Kevin and then proceeded to kiss him. As she broke off the kiss she couldn't help but laugh at the look of surprise on his face.

"I had to thank you properly for saving my life now didn't I? Plus I heard that you kept checking with the nurses every day to see how I was doing and if you could see me. Now then, as for that date, when I get strong enough, I would still like for us to have it. I just hope you can have patience for a few more weeks so I can also get caught up on my schoolwork. I'd hate to miss graduation just due to some little heart attack." After they dropped off Kevin, they proceeded to head for home so that Amber could rest as well as get a diaper change.


Amber woke up the next morning at 5:45 when her alarm clock went off. She could feel the weight of the soggy diaper between her legs as well as a bit of pain from her stitches. She turned off her alarm and got slowly out of bed. She still felt a bit stiff and sore from all that had happened to her. She started sleepily and slowly towards the bathroom when her mother caught up to her in the hallway.

"How are you feeling today honey?" Amber leaned against the hallway for a moment as she spoke to her mother.

"A little stiff and kind of sore still. I could use a little help getting showered this morning though. I have to keep the stitches dry as you know. Are my pills in the medicine cabinet? I didn't see them this morning when I woke up." Amber's mom reached out to help her into the bathroom as she answered her.

"I put your pain pills and antibiotic pills in the bathroom medicine cabinet last night after you fell out of bed for the second time. We'll figure out what to do about that later though. For now, let's just get you showered and then changed. Oh also, I put your nitro tablets next to your bed in your nightstand drawer just in case. If your heart starts to bother you, then take one right away and then call the hospital next. I'd rather not have you show up at my work by way of an ambulance again." Amber smiled lightly and laughed as she teased her mom.

"Hey now! You always said that if I had any problems to come see you at work, so I did. You just never specified HOW I was supposed to get there." After a few seconds of laughter, they finally made their way into the bathroom for a much needed shower and a diaper change. Amber spent most of the rest of the day sleeping and doing her homework that had gotten backed up during her stay in the hospital. As her mother was just taking off for work, her friend Julie showed up to help her and watch over her as her mother went to work for a few hours.

While they were doing their schoolwork their conversation turned to the subject of boys. Julie jokingly poked amber as she laughed about how she had managed to snag a date with the best looking guy in the school. Amber laughed as her friend Julie described the sneaky tricks she played in order to get a date with Brad. It took them both a few minutes to catch their breath as they finished laughing about it. Amber then felt familiar warmth spreading throughout her diaper as she soaked it. She quickly tried to think of how she was going to get changed without Julie finding out when Julie asked her a question that surprised her.

"Do you need to be changed? I saw that far away look on your face for a moment and figured that might be it." It took Amber a moment to recover from the surprise before she could speak up.

"Well now that you mention it, I kind of do need to get changed. I guess you didn't forget huh? Also, I hate to ask, but could you help me with that? I am still a bit stiff and have a hard time trying to change myself." Julie helped her up and into the bathroom where she also helped Amber to get cleaned up and changed once more.

As they were about to start on their homework Amber began to feel a little light headed and short of breath. Everything seemed to be a bit fuzzy to her. Julie reacted with quick reflexes as amber started to get a bit pale. She Quickly grabbed Amber's nitro pills off of the table and put one under her tongue as she got her into a chair. It only took Amber about a minute to come back to normal once more as she sat in the chair. How did you know to do that?" Amber asked her friend as she reached for the phone. Julie reached into her pocket and pulled out a similar bottle with a familiar looking label on it.

"I been kind of holding out on you in a way. I have a heart disease called angina. As a result of it, I have to carry nitro pills with me wherever I go in case my heart starts to act up. You started to get pale and wobbly so I gave you one of your nitro pills. It seems to have worked pretty well, but you better call and get a hold of your mom to let her know that I'm taking you in to get looked at real quick. You call, and I'll pack some supplies for you real quick." Amber smiled at her friend as she dialed her mother's work number to tell her what happened and that she was coming in to get checked real quick. Both girls walked out of the house a few minutes later, with amber carrying a backpack of diapers and wipes with her.


The two girls pulled into the hospital parking lot and circled a few times as they looked for a space fairly close to the doors. It took them a few more minutes before they finally found a place about halfway down the parking lot. Julie got out and began to help Amber out of the car when they heard a loud screeching sound from behind them. Amber turned just in time to see a car careen into her and Julie as well as the car next to them. Amber heard Julie scream in pain as the car slammed into her and a fraction of a second later her as well. Amber came to a few seconds later as she heard screams from somewhere nearby. She quickly looked over to where Julie was laying on the ground with blood dripping from a cut on her arm and another on her side. Broken glass and metal were scattered everywhere she could see. Without thinking too much about it, amber quickly tore off a piece of her shirt and tied it around Julies arm in an attempt to stop the heavy bleeding there. With that done, she began to try to find a way to stop the bleeding from Julies other bad cut when help finally arrived in the form of a team of doctors and nurses. Amber tried to stand and quickly passed out from the pain in her right ankle. When she woke up a few minutes later, she almost screamed from the pain in her ankle.

"It's all right! Lay still and the pain will pass in a few minutes. Your ankle is messed up badly and I have given you a shot down near it to help ease the pain. I'm doctor West. A car hit you a few minutes ago in the parking lot. We're heading to x-ray right now to get a look at the ankle. Are there any allergies or other problems I should know about since you're awake now?" Amber took a second to collect her thoughts and spoke up, "I was on my way to get checked by someone for my heart. I still have stitches from heart surgery a few days ago. My Mother also works here as a nurse in the emergency department." Before She could say anything else to the doctor about her current medical problems, her bowels cut loose and dropped a hot mushy load into her diaper. Amber turned red with embarrassment, as the sound of the accident was loud enough to be heard.

"I think I'm going to need a change as well. I'm wearing fitted briefs until I can get control of my bladder and bowels again. I left my stuff in the..."

The shot took effect as amber fell asleep. She awoke later and found that several hours had passed while she was under the effects of the sedatives and painkillers. The first person she saw was Julie sitting in a chair asleep and with her arm in a sling.

"You're awake at last honey. I was worried when they said you'd had another accident. Julie's all right thanks to your quick thinking. You stopped the bleeding from a cut almost to the bone on her right arm. She has a few other minor cuts and bruises as well as two broken ribs" Amber turned carefully so as to avoid moving her ankle to see her mother standing next to her bed with a relieved look on her face.

"You got lucky with your ankle dear. It is cracked but nothing worse than that. The driver that hit you lost control of his car. He's in the operating room right now. His steering column somehow broke and He had no way of steering his car. He locked his brakes up, but still ran into you anyway. You know dear, this is starting to be a bad habit. You don't need to have an accident just to come see me at work." Amber laughed a little at this and winced in pain as she pulled some of her stitches a little bit.

"How long do I have to stay here this time mom?"

"The doctor said that he'd be back in about ten minutes to check on you one more time. If everything is fine with him, we can all of us go home." The doctor showed up a few minutes later as Julie was waking up from where she had fallen asleep in the chair. Both girls were given another quick looking at by the doctor as well as some paperwork and pain pills for Julie before being released to go home.


The three of them were just about out of the hospital when they ran into Kevin near the exit doors. He almost walked into them before he saw them walking towards him. He had a concerned look on his face as he saw Amber walking with crutches and Julie with her arm in a sling.

"What happened to you two? Did you forget to pay your income taxes or something?" he joked as he walked besides them. Amber hit him lightly in the leg with one of her crutches and jokingly replied, "That's the last time I file my income taxes late. Those IRS guys play rough!"

Kevin laughed for a moment he could just picture Julie and Amber arguing with a couple of IRS agents over filing their taxes a little late.

"So what actually happened to you guys this time? Did you guys get attacked or something?"

Amber spoke up, "Nothing like that happened. We just had a little accident with Julie's car out in the parking lot. I cracked my ankle and Julie managed to cut her arm open and needed some stitches is all. So what brings you up here today?"

"I had to get my medication changed and also get a few other problems checked out. They're vampires in this hospital I think. They decided that they needed six tubes of my blood for some lab-work. As you can tell by the large sack that they decided to give me all my daily and nightly supplies as well."

Amber was about to say something when her bowels let loose into her diapers with a loud and wet fart that filled the diaper up. Amber turned red with embarrassment as they all heard and smelled it as well a minute later. Amber looked around for her backpack with the spare diapers in it and did not see it. She then remembered that it was still in the wreck of Julie's car and she currently had no spares with her.

Kevin broke the silence a moment later as he broke the silence a moment later as rummaged through his bag looking for something. Amber began to fidget uncomfortably as she wondered how she was going to get changed without Kevin knowing about her wearing diapers. She was shocked when Kevin pulled out a disposable diaper and some wipes from his bag and handed them to her.

"Go get changed and I'll explain when you get back. I promise you it's not a joke of some kind to make fun of you. Now go get changed before I decide to change you right here in front of everyone."

Amber left to get cleaned up and changed as Kevin began explaining things to her mother and Julie. She got into the bathroom and found that the handicap stall was empty for a change. She unfastened her jeans and lowered them to the floor. She then sat down on the toilet and undid all six tapes of her diaper carefully in an effort to avoid spreading the mess outside of her diaper. She removed the messy diaper from under her and rolled it up tight before taping it shut. Once this was done, she proceeded to use the wipes she r given and cleaned up the remains of the mess from her accident. After she finally got all of the mess cleaned up he reached down and picked up the diaper that Kevin had given her to change into. She unfolded the diaper and began to put it on. It was a little large on her but she managed to get it taped on tightly enough after a few moments of adjusting. She pulled up her jeans and then rounded up the dirty diaper and the wipes before exiting the stall.

She threw away the dirty diaper and left the restroom to rejoin her friends and her mother. Her head swam with confusing thoughts as she attempted to make sense of what Kevin had just done for her. It didn't make any sense to her and she desperately hoped that he was not pulling some type of cruel joke on her. She hoped that he really did have a good reason for having diapers and wipes with him.

As she walked out of the restroom and back to them she could see that Kevin had a nervous look on his face, as if he was worried about what was coming next. As soon as she joined them again Kevin began to try to explain things to her.

"I hope I can explain this. Where to start... I found out that you had a problem of some type that day you had the heart attack at school. When you landed at the bottom of the stairs I saw your dress had lifted far enough up to reveal what you were wearing. It took me by surprise for a moment, but then I began trying my best to help you and forgot about it until just a few minutes ago when you had an accident. That's how I knew you needed to change. I noticed that you did not have any backpack or bags with you and I guessed you did not have any spares at the moment. I hope that explains why I gave you one out of my bag as well as some wipes to use."

Amber looked at him and smiled as some of what he said began to make sense to her. Only one thing still made no sense to her though, and that was why he had any diapers and wipes with him anyway. She decided to ask him, as she was curious as to the reason.

"Why do you have diapers and wipes with you Kevin? Did someone else tell you I was here?"

"I guess you may as well know the reason for that. No one told me you were here either. Meeting you here was a complete surprise to me. As for why I have the wipes and diapers with me... I have to use them as well for my own protection. I have no real control over my bladder or my bowels at night due to a stroke I had a few years back. My insulin prescription was tainted with something else and I almost died from the damage it did to me. When I woke up in the hospital, they had diapered me and not told me why yet. The doctors finally told me that the tainted insulin had caused me to have a stroke. For the next three months I had to learn how to do everything with my right side of my body all over again. I have come a long ways since then, but still have only limited control over my bladder and bowels when I sleep. It is slowly improving, but the doctors say that it will be close to a full year yet before I am fully healed from the stroke I had two years ago. There, now you know my biggest secret as well as my biggest fear. I hope you can still like me after telling you this. If not, I'll understand and never bother you again."

Amber only answer she could think of was to reach over, grab him, pull him closer to her, and then kiss him before speaking up.

"You are not losing me. In fact, I am glad you told me this as well as gave me one of yours so I could change and clean up real fast. So far, you are the kindest guy I have ever met and I hope that never changes.


The Next day started out normally for Amber with her changing her wet diaper and then taking some minor pain medication. She finished getting dressed and settled down to eat some breakfast before going back to school for the first time since that fateful day she had a heart attack.

She picked up her backpack and put her books in the bottom of it. She then proceeded to pack six diapers and some wipes into it as well. When she finally had everything loaded into it that she felt she would need for the day she closed it and fastened it shut tightly. A moment later she slung her pack on and made her way out of the house to go to school.

For the sake of convenience she wore a knee-length skirt and a button up blouse that she hoped would conceal her diapers she had to wear. She could only hope that her diapers did not make too much noise as she made her way to school that morning. She was certain that everyone would hear the crinkling of her diaper and would torment her when they found out. Even though the sound was not very loud, it still worried her that it could be heard at all.

Upon arriving at school she found it difficult to get through the narrow doors on crutches and managed to snag her backpack on a few of the various doors before getting through them. She finally managed to reach the stairwell at the end of the hallway and began to go up them one small step at a time. By the time she reached the top of the stairs she was out of breath and her body ached a little from the exertion. She slowly made her way towards the nurse's office through the crowded hallway of people rushing back and forth to get to their classes on time.

She was just about to the nurse's office when some careless individual ran into her hard. She hit the floor and cried out in pain as the kid also tripped and landed on her bad ankle. She lay on the floor in pain for what seemed an eternity before the kid got up and took off down the hallway without even saying sorry or trying to help her up. Tears rolled down her face from the extreme pain in her ankle as she attempted to get up from where she had been knocked.

It would have taken a few more minutes had the head nurse not come out and seen her sprawled out on the floor and in obvious pain. A moment later Amber was on her feet and being helped into the nurse's office. The pain in her sore ankle was beginning to subside a little now that she was off of it. This allowed her to notice that she had flooded her diaper and that she now needed to get changed.

As she sat down on one of the chairs she was offered she felt her bladder let go some more into her already soaked diaper. She was sure it would leak before she could explain to the nurse what happened. The lady instead smiled at her and asked, "Do you need some help getting changed or are you able to manage on your own?"

The question surprised Amber for a moment and it took a few seconds before she could respond.

"How did you know?" was all she could manage to say.

"I had a phone call from the principal a little bit ago and she told me of your condition and that you were going to be stopping in this morning before classes. I'll tell you what, why don't you lay down up here and I'll change you real quick before you go to class."

Amber handed the nurse her backpack as she carefully got up on a large examining table to be changed out of her wet diaper. The nurse pulled a privacy curtain around the table before proceeding with Amber's diaper change. She lifted up Amber's dress and then proceeded to undo the six tapes holding the diaper. Within about two minutes she had cleaned Amber off and put a clean diaper on her as if it was an everyday occurrence to do so.

Within a few minutes of time, Amber was once again off to class. She had left all of her changing supplies at the nurse's office so she no longer had to worry about someone looking in her backpack and seeing her diapers. Most of her teachers were happy to see her back after what all had happened to her and made sure that she had enough room to get around on her crutches. Around fourth hour her stomach began to gurgle as a warning that she had to have a bowel movement. She managed to make it to the hallway before her bowels emptied into her diaper. She had hoped to make it to the nurse's office before her bowels emptied into her diaper.

She reached the nurse's office and walked in. She was surprised to see Kevin just coming out from the back room with the nurse helping him stand up. His face was a mess of bruises and cuts. His shirt was torn in a few places, as were his jeans. He was still holding a cloth to the side of his head in an effort to stop some of the bleeding from one of his cuts. Amber was in shock and was not quite sure what to say when Kevin broke the silence for her.

"Go get changed And then I'll fill you in about this. Besides, you're starting to smell a bit."

Amber went in to get changed just as a police officer walked in and began questioning Kevin. Amber was in for another surprise as the head nurse did not offer to change her and instead asked one of her assistants to do it while she finished stitching up the cut in Kevin's head. The assistant nurse turned out to be guy named Mr. Swift. He smiled nicely at amber as he helped her up onto the examining table so he could change her out of her messy diaper.

"I take it you know that young man sitting out there from the way you keep looking over that way. He'll be all right. He was lucky that someone saw the incident and ran for help." Amber was about to ask what happened when he announced that he was done and for her to go ahead and talk to Kevin.


Amber walked out to where Kevin was sitting at. He had just finished talking with the police as she approached.

"What happened?" she asked as she sat down next to him. She was very worried about him as she asked him the question.

His right eye was swollen shut and had three stitches just above the eyebrow. He tried to smile at her as he answered her question.

"I was attacked out in the parking lot as I got out of my car. I don't know who they were or why they chose me for their target. I Don't even know what it was they wanted with my car, but they stole it anyway after hitting me repeatedly with a bat and slashing me a few times with a knife as well. I'm lucky that someone saw it happening and called for help right away. All I ended up with are some bruised ribs and only one cut that needed stitches."

A few moments later Kevin's mother came into the nurse's office and was surprised to see how badly the thieves had beaten her son. As Kevin's mother and the nurse were talking amber was trying to hold back an all-too familiar sensation in her bowels as her system threatened to let loose into her diaper. When the nurse and Kevin's mother finished speaking they turned around just in time to hear Amber fill her diaper with a loud and noisy blast of hot mush. She followed this up with a quick flood from her bladder, which served to make the mess even worse.

Amber turned red and felt like crying as she slowly stood up and walked carefully into the back room to get changed once again. She couldn't figure out why she could not manage to get her bowels and bladder under control and feared she would have to wear diapers the rest of her life. Kevin's mother smiled at Amber as she spoke up, "I think you better get yourself changed out of that diaper right away before you end up with a nasty case of diaper rash." She could see the embarrassment on amber's face as the young girl hobbled on crutches into the back room to get her diaper changed once more.

As soon as the door closed behind her she broke into tears. It took her a few moments to get herself composed once more as she waited for someone to come and change her wet and messy diaper. She did not know how Kevin's mother had known she was wearing a diaper. She had done all that she could to hide the fact from everyone so as not to get teased about it. She was very grateful when the nurse came into change her out of her messy diaper once more.

"I see you have been crying over what just happened out there. Don't worry honey, she won't tell anyone about this. She knew all along about your condition. It seems that she was one of the nurses that helped to take care of you in the hospital when you had your heart attack. Her biggest surprise was that Kevin actually got around to finally asking you out. Now lay down here and lets get you cleaned up and changed again. Can't have you walking around in a mess all day and getting a rash from it."

Amber laid down as the nurse undid her diaper and got her cleaned up. She was then changed into a clean diaper and given an excuse slip and sent onto her classes. The nurse felt sorry for the young girl and wished she could somehow help her with the stress she was going through at the moment.

Amber walked into her fourth hour gym class and handed her teacher the excuse slip she had been given by the nurse. He politely took the slip and looked at it for a moment before speaking to her.

"I'm new here Amber, but from what I've been informed by the nurse and the principal you are one very lucky young lady. I'll let you participate in some of the light activities that are not very strenuous. If you feel light headed or dizzy at any time, let me know. I also know that you have a bad ankle and also have temporary incontinence. If you need to be allowed to go change just let me know and I'll let you go right away. As for your nitro pills, I expect you to have them with you at all times. Everyone here knows about your heart attack and no one will pick on you if you need to take one. As for later when you get out of the cast and back into shape, if you still are incontinent, then I'll let you go five minutes before everyone else does. At the beginning of the class, you can come in five minutes later so no one will find out. If anyone in here teases you about this, let me know and I'll deal with them personally."

Amber thanked him for his kindness and joined some of the other girls that were helping to air up some of the various different balls and then put them away. One of the girls introduced herself as Ginger while pumping air into one of the balls and then tossing them to another girl that put them away.

"I hear that you're the lucky one here. I just moved here last week and have not had much chance to get to know anyone yet. I tried to remedy that by asking a really cute guy out for a date. I struck out on that one in a big way. Turns out you already have a claim on him you lucky stiff."

Amber laughed as Ginger told her the entire story and felt a little sorry for her at the same time. When the bell to dismiss class rang a little while later everyone but Amber headed for the locker room to shower and change. She instead gathered up what little bit of stuff she had with her and headed on to her next class of the day.

By the time her last class was over she was tired and soaked. She walked down the hall and then up the stairs to the second floor. She was almost knocked over again as a couple of guys ran into her while goofing off and pushing each other around. She would have hit the floor hard if not for someone catching her from behind at the last second. She was helped to her feet and back onto her crutches before she could turn around and see who it was.

When she got the chance to turn around to thank her rescuer she was surprised to find out it was Ginger.

"I hope those jerks trip and fall down the stairs or something. You think they could at least be a little more careful when they see someone on crutches. Where you headed to anyway?"

"I've got to go to the nurses office to take care of something real quick and then I'm headed home to call and see how Kevin is doing."

"I'll join you in the nurses office since I was on my way there as well to sign some papers so they can get my medical records transferred over to here."

Amber told Ginger all about what had happened to Kevin earlier that day when she had to go to the nurse office to take care of something. Ginger was surprised to hear about the incident with Kevin and hoped he would be all right. She then asked Amber if Kevin had any brothers that were as good-looking as him and not already taken. They arrived at the nurse's office a few moments later and walked in. Ginger filled out paperwork while Amber had her wet diaper changed.

Mrs. Johnson was just pulling the front of the diaper up between amber's legs when Ginger came walking around the privacy curtain with the paperwork in her hand. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Amber.


Amber was caught completely off guard and didn't know what to say as she saw ginger standing there in shock. Before either of the two girls could say anything Mrs. Johnson Took the papers from ginger and asked her to kindly wait for her in the other part of the room. She set the papers down and then finished diapering Amber as if nothing had happened.

When she finished diapering amber she helper her up and told her to wait a moment while she talked to ginger. She assured Amber that everything would be all right and not to worry overly much. She then helped her onto her crutches as she tossed the wet diaper into the trashcan.

Amber came around the curtain with Mrs. Johnson right behind her. The nurse then turned to where Ginger was seated and spoke up, "I had hoped that you would have more respect for a person's privacy. When I have that curtain pulled across then I expect you to wait patiently on the other side of it unless told otherwise. You have just caused poor Amber here a lot of embarrassment by what you did. As for her having to wear what she does, it is not by her choice. I expect that you will tell no one of this unless you want to be suspended from school fort the rest of the year."

Ginger was still a bit surprised at what she had just seen and had a hard time collecting her thoughts for a few seconds. When she finally got her thoughts together she realized how difficult things must be for Amber at the moment.

"I'm sorry. I didn't even stop to think first before coming around the curtain. It won't happen again and I promise no one will find out your secret from me Amber."

"Good enough young lady. I'll look over your paperwork tonight before I go home so that we can get everything ready to go." She then turned to amber.

"I need you to bring some more supplies tomorrow as you are getting low. Now both of you go and remember what I told you." The two girls left the nurse's office and started for their lockers.

As they walked towards their lockers, Amber explained to Ginger why she was wearing diapers and about her heart attack as well. Amber reached her locker and picked up all of her homework and some books she needed as well. She put everything she needed into her backpack and then hobbled off with ginger to her locker.

Ginger and Amber arrived at Ginger's locker a few minutes later. Ginger opened her locker and began putting books away. She finished putting her books away and shut the locker door then turned to go. She instead stopped and looked around for a moment then asked Amber a question.

"What's it like to have to wear those all the time?"

Amber was stunned by the question and it took her a few moments before she responded.

"I have actually been wearing diapers for years. I wore them just to bed to help with my bedwetting until I had my heart attack. I spent 12 weeks in the hospital and even had to have open-heart surgery. I was unable to get up and go to the toilet so they kept me in diapers while I healed enough to go home.

When I got home, I tried to re-train myself, but something is wrong with my system and I have very little control over when I wet or mess my diapers. I can feel it happening and try to hold it back, but it comes out anyway. You get used to it after a while though, but always fear someone will find out and tell the whole world. Does that help you understand my dilemma now?"

"I guess so, but I'm still kind of curious what it feels like. Maybe I'll borrow one of yours sometime and find out for myself. I've always been curious but never knew anyone who wore them. There is no other way to know I figure unless I try them for myself. I guess that makes us even now since you know my biggest secret now too."

Amber was a bit surprised to hear this but decided to have some fun and shock Ginger a little bit as payback for what happened earlier in the nurses office. She reached into the back compartment of her backpack and pulled out one of her diapers. She then handed it to Ginger and told her to go ahead and have some fun.

Ginger was too shocked to speak for a moment but then reached out and took the diaper from Amber with a glassy look in her eyes. She looked around to make sure no one had seen or heard them and then tucked the diaper between some books and went straight to the restrooms with it. Amber followed her to the restrooms and was wondering if ginger would actually put it on.


By the time Amber made it to the restroom, Ginger was already in one of the stalls with the door shut. She could hear the sounds of Ginger unfolding the diaper and some more rustling sounds as well. A few seconds later she could hear the tapes of the diaper being applied as Ginger securely taped the diaper on.

The stall door opened a few minutes later as Ginger stepped out into full view of Amber. She looked at herself in one of the mirrors Amber and smiled at her before finally breaking the silence and speaking up.

"It took me a few minutes to figure out how to get this on, but it was worth it. I can't believe I never tried this sooner. This feels so good I almost hate to use it. I am definitely going to have to get some of these somewhere so I can enjoy this feeling more often. Thank you for this Amber. Now I don't feel so bad about not having a boyfriend and for trying to ask out yours by accident."

As they were leaving the building a few minutes later amber spotted Julie waiting for her by the edge of the parking lot. She still had her arm in a sling and would not get it out for a few more days. Amber waved to Julie as her and Ginger went over to the car.

"It's about time you showed up. I was starting to get worried that something bad had happened to you. So what took you so long to get here this time? Oh and before I forget, Kevin's mother called me up on my cell phone. He's doing fine and is resting comfortably. He has two broken ribs as well as the bad cut that the nurse stitched up for him. She also said that were welcome to come see him tomorrow after school as long as you bring your own supplies."

Amber thanked Julie and then introduced Ginger to her. The three of them chatted about boys for a few minutes before deciding it was time to go home for the day and get started on all their homework. Ginger shook Julies hand and then turned to leave but stopped dead in her tracks as Julie spoke up to her.

"I know this probably embarrassing to you, but you need to change. You're starting to leak a little around your left leg. And don't worry, it is not very noticeable, but I have some experience in these matters and tend to spot them faster than most others will."

Ginger reached down and felt her left leg area near where the diaper was and noticed that it was indeed wet. She was unsure of what to do next since she had taken her panties off in favor of the diaper and did not even have a spare diaper to change into at the moment.

Amber shook her head and laughed as she began to rummage through her backpack once more for another diaper to give to Ginger. She pulled out her last one and handed it to ginger. Ginger was turning red as she accepted the diaper from Amber. She did not want to risk going back into the building to change since someone might spot her that knew her.

"Do either of you know a place I could change at without being seen by someone other than you two. It takes me about five minutes to get one of these on right.

" Julie opened up the back door of the car and told her to get in and change in the back while they kept watch and made sure no one would see what was going on. Ginger climbed into the backseat of the car and began to pull her jeans down as best she could in the cramped space.

After waiting for almost seven minutes for Ginger to finish changing herself Julie became impatient.

"What's taking you so long? I could have done it half the time." Julie turned to look into the backseat and almost laughed as she saw that ginger had the diaper all crooked underneath her and was trying to straighten it out before fastening it on herself.

"Here, let me. I've changed Amber enough times that I'm an old pro at this. Just lie back and relax while I get your diaper straightened out and fastened tight enough so it won't leak. I'd almost swear you've never done this before the way it's taking you so long."

Ginger laid back and relaxed as Julie straightened out her diaper and then brought the front of it up between her legs tightly before fastening it with the six tapes. She then started to pull up gingers jeans when a pair of panties fell out of the pocket and onto the floor. Julie stopped for a moment and then continued to help Ginger get dressed once again. As she finished helping her out of the backseat of the car she handed the panties back to her.

Amber was trying hard not to laugh at Ginger's predicament and knew that Julie had figured it out as soon as she saw ginger trying to get the diaper on.

"Ginger, I suggest that if you want to keep wearing diapers, that you let me or Amber show you how to put them on, and also that you find a good hiding place for them as well as a way to sneak them into where you live. If your parents find them, they most likely won't understand and could even make your life a lot more difficult. If you want to wear them all the time, then I suggest taking some to the school nurse and allowing her to change you between classes.

Amber laughed as Ginger turned red from embarrassment. This was the best revenge she could hope for since Ginger had discovered her secret earlier in the day. She tried to hide the laughter as ginger climbed out of the back seat of the car so that Ginger would not see her laughing.

"I suppose you found that very amusing. I suppose you did better the first few times you changed yourself? I'd like to see you try to change in the backseat of a car and do a better job of it than me."

Amber laughed for a few moments as she saw the look on ginger's face. When she could finally stop laughing and catch her breath she apologized for laughing. She then went on to explain how she had to change in the backseat of the principal's car not too long ago before her heart attack. She then told of her embarrassment when Julie walked in on her being changed in a public bathroom at the mall by her mother. She told of a few other times she had been caught off guard by others as well.

By the time she was finished telling all of this to Ginger, they were all three of them laughing hard. It was brought to a halt a few minutes later by a bright flash of lightning and a loud crash of thunder. All three of them were startled by this and quickly jumped inside the car as it began to rain hard. They got into the car and started laughing over having been caught in the rain.

The skies continued to darken as they drove Ginger to her house and dropped her off. Amber and Julie arrived at the drugstore a few blocks from Amber's house and readied themselves to make a mad dash for the doors in the heavy downpour. They opened the doors and ran for the front of the drugstore just as the emergency alert sirens sounded loudly all over town. They made it to the front doors of the drugstore and turned around just in time to see a tornado touching down near the far end of the parking lot.


"Holy shit!" Julie yelled as they saw the funnel begin tossing cars and other debris into the air. Amber grabbed Julie and pulled her to the floor of the building as the windows shattered. Amber and Julie got to their feet and started towards the back of the store.

A large chunk of golf ball sized hail hit one Amber's crutches; knocking her to the floor. Julie Yelled as loud as she could in order to be heard over the noise of the tornado and smashing debris.

"We need to get further back or we may end up getting sucked out. Head for the rear of this aisle as fast as you can Amber, and don't look back."

Amber gave her friend a thumbs up and started to crawl towards the back of the store where they would hopefully have a little more shelter from the terrible storm. Halfway Down the aisle they heard a loud groaning type of sound and then more debris flew over them as the roof partially disintegrated over their heads. Still they kept on moving further back as fast as they could.

They reached the back of the store and huddled together against some shelves as the storm raged on for what seemed an eternity. The rest of the roof blew off as bags of diapers fell off the shelves and onto them. The last thing either of them saw for a while was the shelf falling down over them as the wall behind them collapsed.

Amber was the first to regain consciousness. She was awakened by a sharp pain in her ankle and a terrible odor coming from her diaper. Through the little bit of light that was filtering through to her, she was able to Julie still unconscious and lying next to her. One of her crutches was missing, but the other one was right in front of her and holding up a pile of debris.

She was barely able to move with all the stuff laying over her and was wondering if anyone was going to be able to get to them any time soon. No sooner had she thought that than some of the debris was lifted off of her by someone. She was carefully pulled from the wreckage and put onto a stretcher. Her friend Julie was then also unburied and brought out of the wreckage as well.

Julie was beginning to come around as they were both loaded into the back of a large four-wheel drive truck. Amber was able to see that the entire building had been destroyed except for the back area where she and Julie had been buried under debris. Amber looked out the back of the slow moving truck as they slowly made their way through the piles of debris towards the hospital on the far side of town.

The whole trip took only about 20 minutes, but it was like a war zone in some of the areas they passed through. The two of them spent their time looking out through the back of the truck in shock and disbelief at the wreckage left behind by the tornado. Amber felt like it was something you would see in a bad war movie or maybe a horror film, but never expected to see in real life.

A field nurse was just finishing changing Amber's diaper when they arrived at the hospital. Her and Julie were carefully lifted down out of the truck and taken into a huge tent that had been set up in the parking lot to help handle the numerous minor injuries coming in. As they lifted them both onto a makeshift bead Julie screamed in pain as someone accidentally bumped her right hip.

Amber saw them take Julie out of the tent carefully and heard them screaming at some orderlies to help get her to the x-ray department immediately. She did not see Julie again for almost four hours. She saw numerous people come in and get treated for minor cuts and few for some stitches. As she looked around the tent she spotted her mother moving through the crowds of injured people and helping to treat them as she went. It took her nearly an hour before she finally made it over to her daughter.

"How bad are you hurt honey?" Amber smiled and replied, "I'm all right but I can't exactly go anywhere at the moment since I don't have any crutches to help me get around without messing up my ankle more. How is Julie doing mom? I saw them take her out and heard them saying something about taking her to x-ray. She got hit really hard when the shelves came down on us at the drugstore."

"I don't know honey. We are pretty busy here at the moment with so many people coming in and needing treatment. The tornado touched down by the drugstore and went through that whole are of town in under five minutes. It hit us hard and fast before moving on. We are going to be really busy here in the next few hours as they bring in more patients from the resort lodge as well. The tornado ripped it apart just a few minutes before finally going back up into the clouds."

Their conversation was interrupted by one of the orderlies bringing Amber some crutches as well as a bag of adult diapers. Amber turned red a little but was grateful for the crutches as well as the diapers. She thanked the man and turned to her mother again.

"I want to wait for word on Julie if you don't mind mom." Her mother told her it was fine if she waited, but to try to stay out of the way as best she could.

Her mother went back to the busy task at hand and began to help people with their injuries. Amber hobbled off on her new crutches with her diapers in hand. She stopped at a small relief booth that was handing out hotdogs and drinks to everyone there. She felt sorry for the lady running the booth so she decided to lend a hand and at least be somewhat useful while waiting for word on Julie. The lady was surprised to see Amber come hobbling up on crutches and carrying adult diapers, but was grateful for the help.

As they served the people, Amber began to write down their names so that if anyone inquired about them, she could let them know that the person was alive and would be all right. She went through almost 25 pages in a notebook she found as she wrote down names and helped serve the people who came in to her. By the time she saw Julie come hobbling out on crutches, she had helped assure over 100 people that she had seen and even served the person they were looking for.

Julie hobbled over to the side of the booth and told Amber that she had dislocated her hip when the shelves fell on them. She got a chuckle as she told Amber that they had been saved by diapers. It seems that the numerous bags of diapers had helped to cushion them and protect them from too much harm. She herself then chipped in and began helping out as well.

Amber and Julie helped out for most of the night before finally being told to take a break. With help from Julie and Amber's list of names, they had reunited a lot of people with one another. Amber and Julie found a secluded spot to change Amber's now soaking wet diaper before going back to help out for another few hours.

It was almost 11 AM the next morning before the three of them took down the booth. Everyone had finally found everyone else with some help from the two girls on some occasions. The lady thanked the both for their generous help with the relief booth once again before leaving. Amber and Julie were both exhausted and were glad to be shown inside the tent to a couple of makeshift cots where they both collapsed into sleep as soon as they laid down. It had been a long and eventful day for them all. Amber was so tired she never even felt it when someone changed her out of her wet diaper and put a clean one on her.


Amber woke up to the sounds of people moving about and to a wet diaper as well. She looked at her watch and was surprised to find it was well after 1:00 in the afternoon. It took a few moments for the events of the past 24 hours to come back to her as she wiped the sleep from her eyes and began to sit up. She saw that Julie was still asleep as she glanced over towards her and decided not to wake her up.

Amber managed to catch the attention of a nurse passing by and asked her if there was someplace she could use to change herself. The nurse told her that they had a few portable toilets set up for people to use while they sorted through all the chaos and got things organized. Amber thanked the nurse and grabbed her crutches as well as a clean diaper then hobbled off towards where the portable toilets were said to be.

Amber found the toilets with no difficulty and waited patiently in line for her turn to use one. As she stood in line waiting, she looked around and saw that there were still quite a few people coming in for medical help. She was almost up to one of the portable toilets when she felt a familiar light headed feeling and tingling numbness in her shoulders and arms. She reached for her nitro tablets only to find that they had been lost somewhere. Amber vaguely heard someone asking her if she was all right as she began to pass out.

Someone in the line near her quickly grabbed her as she started to pitch over and began yelling for help. A group of four nurses responded immediately to the panicked screams for help. They arrived and quickly set her down flat on the ground as they immediately started checking her vital signs. One of the nurses started checking the pulse and then yelled as loud as she could, "CODE BLUE!! GET ME A STRETCHER NOW!!!!"

In response to this loud call a doctor came running out towards them immediately with a portable stretcher that looked to be military surplus. The nurse called out the vital signs to the doctor as they all carried her at a dead run inside the hospital. As they passed Ginger, she yelled out to them, "She has angina!" One of the nurses stopped to get information from Ginger while the rest ran her inside as fast as they could. Ginger told them everything she knew and told them Amber's mother was a nurse at this hospital.

Julie woke up at the sounds of someone yelling and began to limp out towards the outside to see what was going on. She kicked a small pill bottle lightly with her left foot and bent down to pick it up. She picked up the pill bottle and read the label on the bottle. It was Amber's nitro tablets she had accidentally kicked and then picked up. She had a sinking feeling in her gut as she saw a group of nurses over near the portable toilets and then heard one of them shout out code blue and call for a stretcher.

She was unable to get through the crowd of people to see if it was Amber but had a bad feeling that it was. Her bad feeling was confirmed a few moments later as they ran past her with amber on the stretcher. She saw one of the nurses stop and start talking to Ginger and figured Ginger was giving them some information. She limped as fast as she could towards the nurse and Ginger with the bottle of nitro tablets in her hand.

She arrived just as the nurse thanked Ginger for the information and showed her the bottle of nitro pills that belonged Amber. She gave them the name of Amber's mother and the name of Amber's regular doctor as well. She then asked if they could have someone let them know how Amber was dong when they had the chance. The nurse told them both that she would try to have someone tell them what was going on when she could.

Amber woke up in a hospital bed and it took her a few minutes to get her thoughts collected and figure out where she was. She felt exhausted as she slowly sat up in the bed and saw her mother asleep in a chair next to the bed. She could see that she had been hooked up to a heart monitor as well as having an IV in her right arm.

A doctor walked into the room a few seconds later and smiled at her before waking up amber's mother. As her mother began to get up from the chair, Amber could see dark circles under her eyes and guessed that she had not gotten very much sleep since the storm hit. What surprised her the most were the three stitches in her mother's forehead. She smiled as her mother approached her bedside with the doctor.

"And just how do you feel young lady?" the doctor asked.

"I feel like I been kicked in the chest after running a marathon. I'm sorry about this. I lost my nitro pills in the storm and forgot to tell the nurses so I could try to get a few more just in case of this. Is Julie all right? I left her in the tent to go get changed and she was still asleep."

"She's fine dear. In fact, she has been worried about you. She gave one of the nurses your pills just in time for us to get one in your system in time to stop you from getting any worse. Your friend Ginger has also been asking about you as well. Everyone here was worried about you when you collapsed outside yesterday. You need to get some more rest though. If you feel a little better in a few hours then I'll let you have a few visitors for a few minutes. But you mainly need to rest and get your strength back.

" Amber drifted back to sleep as a nurse came in to the room to change her wet diaper.

Amber woke up a few hours later feeling rested and much better. Her mother was still in a chair near the bed reading a magazine. She looked up when she heard Amber moving around and smiled as she saw that Amber was awake. She checked the machines that Amber was hooked up to and then asked her if she felt like having some visitors for a few minutes.

"I would like to see Julie and Ginger if I could. I'd also love to get out of here and go home if you'd let me." Amber's mother smiled as she told Amber she would be dismissed tomorrow if she did not have a relapse. Amber's mother then told her to wait for a few moments while she went and took care of something real quick.

He returned with Kevin, Julie and ginger. They were all three worried about her and jokingly scolded her for scarring them half to death. Amber smiled and laughed at the sound of their voices. She hugged each one of them and kissed Kevin as he gave her a dozen roses. They all visited for about fifteen minutes before Kevin told her that they were going to leave her so she could get some rest. They all hugged one more time before leaving her so she could get some rest.

The doctor had told them to limit their visit to 20 minutes and was pleased to see her smiling brightly fifteen minutes later as they left her room. He went in to her room and talked to Amber's mother and Amber for a few minutes before giving her a shot that made her sleepy. Before she drifted off to sleep he told her she would be dismissed in the morning.

The next morning came and Amber was dismissed from the hospital. She was stopped on her way out by a elderly lady who wanted to thank her for letting her know that her grandson was alive and well. Several other people thanked her as well on her way through the hospital for her help in the aftermath of the storm and wished her well.


It was a full week before the school was re-opened again and classes resumed once more. As Amber walked the hallways to the nurse's office she could see several new windows that had been put in as well as other repairs done to the building. She sincerely hoped that none of the people in the nurse's office had been hurt or lost anything important.

Amber glanced at her watch as she entered the nurse's office and noted that she had about 15 minutes until her first class of the day. That was plenty of time to get her diaper changed real quick and drop off the supply of clean ones she had brought with her. She opened the door to the nurse's office and walked into Kevin as he was coming out.

They both bumped into each other and went down. Amber got back up with a little help from Kevin as he reached out and gave her his hand. Her ankle was healing very well and she was finally off the crutches, but it still ached a bit if hit or twisted a little.

"Sorry about that. I was lost in my own thoughts and not watching where I was going again. But hey, at least I got to bump into the best looking girl here. Maybe I should do this more often if I'm going to keep running into you when it happens."

Amber smiled and laughed at him as she got up off the floor.

"I have to get changed real quick and then get to class, so I'll catch you at lunch and we can talk then. I also have something to ask of you as well at lunch, so don't be late." Amber then kissed him and went to see the nurse about getting changed out of her wet diaper.

She had to wait to get changed due to the nurse's being busy with a few new students. By the time she finally got into be changed by the nurse the bell for her first hour class was ringing. She wasn't worried as she could get an excuse slip for being late, plus all her teachers were aware she had to wear diapers and get changed occasionally by the nurse.

She hopped up onto the changing table as the head nurse came in to the room with a folder of papers in hand.

"I'll be right with you in just a moment. I just need to get these papers filed before I forget. Go ahead and leave your clean diapers next to the wall over there. And I'll put them away when I'm done with your change." The nurse then left the room to file the paperwork away real


Amber retrieved her bag of Attends from her backpack and set them against the wall. She was surprised to see two other bags of diapers setting there as well. She wondered if perhaps they were Ginger's or if they belonged to someone else in the school. She was half tempted to ask but decided that it was not any of her business who they belonged to. She Set her diapers down and walked back to the changing table as the nurse came back into the room.

She hopped back onto the table and waited patiently while the nurse grabbed some wipes and a clean diaper for her.

"I heard you run into Kevin as he was gong out to class. I take it you two know each other fairly well. He's a good young man to know and I'm glad to see him finally making new friends. Has he asked you out yet?"

Amber smiled and told the nurse everything she knew about Kevin as she was getting changed.

"I was honestly surprised that he asked me out and not one of the other girls. I don't know how, but it seems like I might be taken for life if things don't change. But then again I'm still young and who knows what the future holds for me and for him. If I can manage to get my grades back up by the end of the school year then I should be able to choose from a pretty good-sized list of colleges to choose from."

The nurse finished changing her and told her that she would see her later if she needed to be changed unless she had Kevin change her instead she said jokingly to Amber. Amber laughed lightly and thanked the nurse as she got an excuse slip for her first hour class. The thought of having Kevin change her did however excite her a little as she walked to her first hour class.

She walked into her first hour class and was seated as the teacher walked in. Amber almost messed herself when she saw that the teacher was Mrs. Eddleson. She handed Mrs. Eddleson her excuse slip as she stopped by Amber's desk. She hoped that the class would hopefully be a quiet one but had feeling it would not be so. Her feelings were confirmed when Mrs. Eddleson spoke up.

"Amber, would you mind telling me what was so important that you felt you had to stop at the nurse's office and make yourself late for class? I also noticed that you were absent for over 12 weeks straight with no excuse slip noted here in the attendance book. I see no choice but to also reject the work you brought in for extra credit. If you would attend class then you would not have to worry about your grades so much that you would have to do extra credit work. But getting back to my first question; why were you late?"

"I had to drop off some important things at the nurses office and take care of something while I was there. There is a record of the reason why in your attendance book ma'am. I missed 12 weeks of school because I had some serious health problems that kept me out of school. I also had to have a couple of operations as well and finally had the last stitches removed only a week before the storm."

Mrs. Eddleson looked through her attendance record book for anything that she could further use against Amber and maybe embarrass her with. Her frown turned into a wicked grin as she read about Amber having to wear diapers and get changed by the school nurse. She also noted that Amber had no mention in the reports of what her medical reason was for her absence from school.

She looked back up from the desk and then spoke up loudly," I suggest Amber that the next time you need to get your diapers changed that you wait until after this class or do it early enough so that you will not be late. As for your supposed medical problem that caused your absence from school, I do not find adequate reasons here for your absence." She was smiling even more wickedly as she noted the look of shock and horror on Amber's face. She felt that she had finally found a way to get even for Amber almost getting her permanently fired and banned from teaching.

"I had a damned heart attack!! I didn't plan it and had to have two open-heart surgeries to fix the damage it did to me! If you don't believe me, then just ask my mother, or the others who saw me in the hospital when I was in a coma and on life support! And as for stopping at the nurse's office to take care of my personal problems, I think it is none of your business what the problem may or may not be! Is there anything else you want to know while were at it, or do you just want to keep on being a bitch to me?"

This shocked Mrs. Eddleson for a moment but gave her a second to also get an idea on how to truly embarrass the young girl she hated so much. She walked quickly up to Amber and slapped her hard across the face. Amber's head spun sideways from the force of the blow and left her vulnerable to what happened next.

Mrs. Eddleson pulled amber's dress up and exposed her diapers to the whole class as she drug her across her knee and began swatting her as hard as she could in front of everyone. Amber screamed in pain as most of the swats missed her diapered area and landed on her upper calves. As the swats continued to land fast and hard, Amber messed her diaper in front of everyone. The last three swats hit her in the diapered area and spread the mess in her diaper all over the rest of her diapered area.

"I suggest that in the future young lady that you do not act like a baby in my class unless you wish to be treated like one, but I can see already that you are a baby. I don't teach babies who still wear diapers so get the hell out of my class little baby until you can grow up. In fact, don't bother to come back at all anymore! You are a rude and very disrespectful bay girl and I will not tolerate that in my class! Now get you diapered bottom out of my class little baby!"

Amber was in tears as she ran from the classroom as fast as she could. She did not even bother to stop at the nurse's office as she ran for the front doors of the school. She only wanted to just get out of there and never have to come back. Her legs hurt from where she had been swatted and gave out on her as she rounded a corner in the hallway.

She tried to stop herself from falling but ended up hitting the floor hard anyway. She lay there and sobbing in pain and barely even noticed someone standing in front of her. She tried to look to see who it was as they picked her up off of the floor, but could not make out who it was through her tears.

The head nurse had just finally finished getting everything straightened out and put away as the door to her office was opened by someone. She got up from her desk to see who needed some help and was surprised to see who it was that needed her help. When she came around from the back of the privacy curtain she saw Amber being carried by a very angry Kevin. It was obvious that Amber had been crying and that she was in need of a change.

She rushed out and helped Kevin to get Amber onto the table. She was horrified to see the red marks up and down the girls' legs. She looked up at Kevin to ask what happened to her favorite student. Kevin explained how he saw Amber running down the hallway in tears and took off after her. He found her face down on the floor crying her eyes out loudly and saw the red marks on her legs.

"This was the first thing I could think to do for her." He said as Amber continued to cry.

"You did the right thing Kevin, and trust me that I will get to the bottom of this mess and find out who did this to her. Why don't you go ahead and go back to class now Kevin and I'll let you know later how she is. Right now she desperately needs a diaper change and someone to help calm her down."

Kevin told her he would stop back on his lunch break and talk to her about what happened. He turned to go but Amber grabbed him and pulled him back to her. She was still crying hard as Kevin held her head gently in his arms and let her cry against his chest. It was obvious that Amber wanted him to stay for now and the nurse felt it better to let him do so. The girl was obviously on the verge of a mental breakdown and she felt that if amber wanted Kevin there then he would stay right there. It also looked like Kevin did not really want to leave amber's side either.

"I think it would be best if you stayed here for now until she calms down. Just hold her and try to get her calmed down if you can." The nurse grabbed one of Amber's diapers and some wipes from the cabinet where she kept the changing supplies. She lifted up Amber's dress and was about to ask Kevin to look the other way when she noticed that he had already turned to face away.

The cleanup took longer than normal due to the mess being smeared all over bottom and front as well. When she was finally cleaned up the nurse slid a clean diaper under amber. She pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it securely in place as Amber finally stopped the last of her crying.

She pulled away from Kevin and looked up at him with a look that made his heart ache with pain and made him want to hurt whoever did this to her. Amber explained to them both between occasional sniffles while holding on to Kevin what had happened. She felt hurt and betrayed by life and that it was not worth living. She held onto Kevin as the principal came walking in to the nurse's office with Amber's books and things that had been left behind in Mrs. Eddleson's classroom.

The nurse and Kevin turned and saw her standing with Amber's things in her hands.

"This is her stuff she left in the classroom. I have called her mother as well as the police. I intend to have that bitch Mrs. Eddleson arrested for this. She went way over the limit this time. She'll never hurt another student ever again if I have anything to say about it. I think that Kevin here is the best thing that could ever happen to you Amber. I'm glad it was you that found her Kevin and not one of the other students."

Kevin was excused for the rest of the day as he left with Amber when Amber's mother came to pick her up. Amber's mother was happy to see that Kevin cared so openly and so much for Amber. He helped carry Amber to the car and sat with her as they drove home. She held onto him the entire time and began to calm down more as they approached the house.

"I have to go back to work In a few minutes and it will be a few hours before Julie gets out and can watch her. I'd really appreciate it if you could help and stay with her for a while until Julie gets here." Kevin smiled politely as he replied "It would take quite a bit to drag me from her right now when she needs me so much. I'll stay as long as you need me to and you need not worry about anything else bad happening to her."

Amber's mother was relieved to hear this and left him an emergency number to call her at if anything came up. She left the house and went back to work relieved that it was Kevin that was staying with Amber until Julie got there. She just hoped that he wouldn't have to change Amber's diapers, but knew that he would do so if need be.


Amber fell asleep a few minutes after her mother left for the rest of her shift. Kevin carried her to her bedroom as carefully as he could so as not to wake her. He almost tripped on the stairs as he was going up and was surprised to see a pacifier on the stairs. He shrugged off the incident and continued on to her room with her in his arms.

He arrived at her room and was surprised to see a large changing table and a very large crib as well. He was curious about why she had a crib instead of a normal bed but decided it was none of his business. He carefully lowered the side of her crib and put her in it. She tossed and turned for a few moments but did not wake up. Kevin took a seat in a chair at her small desk and decided to wait for her to wake up.

He almost started to fall asleep himself when the phone rang and brought him fully awake again. He answered the phone and was not surprised to find that it was Julie on the phone. She wanted to know how Amber was feeling. Kevin told her what had happened to Amber and how he found her crying on the hallway floor. Julie then told Kevin about the rumors flying around the school concerning Amber. She said that the police arrived and interrupted Mrs. Eddleson in her second hour class and arrested her in front of the entire class. She was being charged with assaulting a minor and a few other charges as well.

Kevin felt that she should have been dealt with long before this ever happened but was glad that something was finally being done about her. He told Julie that he would stay with Amber as long as needed. Julie told him that she would be over after school to relieve him and take over until her mother came home. Kevin told her that he did not mind and liked being with Amber even when she was hurting like this.

Julie started teasing him a little bit by telling him to just go ahead and get it over with and pop the question to her instead of waiting so long. Kevin was silent a moment before replying, "Not yet. She needs time to heal first and to be sure of a few things first. Besides, we both have two more weeks of school left and college to think of as well."

They talked for a few more minutes before Julie had to go back to class as her lunch hour was over but reassured him she would be right over after school to help him with Amber. Julie hung up the phone and went to her next class with her thoughts lingering on what Kevin had said to her about Amber. Something in what he said was nagging at her for some reason that she could not quite figure out. Something in what he said was very important somehow and it was going to nag at her until she figured it out.

Julie was just finishing picking up her books from her last class of the day when it hit her that she knew what he was talking about. She almost dropped her books in surprise at what it meant. She never even heard Ginger until she was shaking her to get her attention. Julie smiled as she turned to face Ginger. She told Ginger everything that her and Kevin had talked about as they walked out of the school. It took ginger only a few seconds to figure out what Kevin meant and it surprised her as well. As they continued talking, they both wondered when he would say something about it to Amber.

Amber woke up about an hour after Kevin had finished talking with Julie on the phone. She rolled over and stretched while figuring out what had happened. At first she thought it was a bad dream until the stinging in her legs reminded her that it was real. She rubbed her legs as she saw Kevin sitting at her desk reading one of her stories she had written before her heart attack had turned her world into chaos.

Kevin heard her moving around and looked up from his reading to see if she was all right. He put the story down and walked over to her crib.

"I hope you don't mind me reading your stories. They are really good reading. You should send them to someone and see if you can get them published."

Amber didn't think that her stories were very good but was to see that Kevin had stayed near her the entire time.

"I need some help getting out of this crib as well as a change." Kevin lowered the side of her crib and lifted her out carefully.

"Do you need me to help you get to the bathroom to change or do you just want some privacy so you can change in here real quick?"

"I need some help, but I intend to change in here where my supplies are at. Help me up onto the changing table so I can get changed, and don't you even think of trying to get out of helping me change." Kevin was a little surprised but carried her over to the changing table and laid her down on it. He lifted her dress up to reveal her sore legs and very wet diaper. He carefully undid all six tapes on the diaper and stopped doing anymore. He was not sure if she really wanted him to continue all the way until she smiled at him and told him to keep going.

He took a deep breath knowing that she was revealing a very personal part of herself to him. He lowered the front half of the diaper and was surprised to see that she had shaved off her pubic hair and turned a bit red for a moment. With a quick motion, he lifted her with one hand and pulled the wet diaper out from under her with his other hand. Tossing the wet diaper into a waiting diaper pail, he grabbed a wipe and proceeded to clean off her diapered region carefully while trying to avoid a certain area.

"It's all right Kevin, I want you to go ahead and clean me inside as well as out. I promise It wont hurt me and it needs to be done so I don't get a rash." Kevin hesitated a second before continuing on. He picked up a clean wipe and began to wipe down her most private area. He slid the wipe and two fingers inside her in order to clean her out a she had said was supposed to be done. Amber sighed and arched her body up to meet his fingers as she had an orgasm from the pleasure she was feeling as he wiped her clean.

Kevin was embarrassed as he pulled his fingers out of Amber and grabbed a clean diaper. He turned away for a moment in a vain effort to hide his excitement from her. She noticed the bulge in his jeans and smiled to herself for a moment as he turned away to grab her a clean diaper. She wanted very much to have him right then and there, but was unsure of how he felt about her.

Kevin turned back around a moment later with one of her diapers in his hands. He unfolded it and slid the back end under her bottom carefully so as not to get any of his fingers where he felt they should not be just yet. He was relieved when she allowed him to pull the front of the diaper up between her legs and tape it in place securely.

As he helped her off of the changing table, she accidentally reached out and brushed her hand against the bulge in his jeans with a mischievous look on her face as she did so. She laughed, as he turned red in the face. He set her on the floor carefully and excused himself to go use the toilet real quick. Amber watched as he exited the room and walked into the bathroom. Part of her wanted to follow him and continue her fun, but another part of her knew it was not the right time for that to occur just yet.

The rest of the afternoon went by uneventfully as they talked about how she was going to face the rest of the people at school now that her secret was surely out of the bag. She admitted that she was not sure what was going to happen but that she was going to have to face it and get through it as best she could. She knew that Kevin would stick up for her as well as Julie and Ginger, but she was not sure about some of the other students.


Amber awoke the next morning to the sound of her alarm going off. She had hoped it had been just a bad dream, but the soreness of her legs told it was all too real and that all too soon she would have to face everyone at school. She looked at the clock a moment longer before reaching over and turning off the alarm. She sighed as she began to get out of bed.

After getting a shower and a quick diaper change, she began to get dressed while wondering how bad her day was going to be. For a few minutes she had contemplated calling in sick, but knew that this would only delay the inevitable. She finished getting dressed, grabbed her backpack with two extra diapers in it and her homework then walked out the front door for school.

She was halfway to the school and lost in her own thoughts when she heard the squeal of car tires from behind her. She looked up as someone yelled at her.

"Hey diaper girl!! Here's one for you!!" Amber ducked as the two guys in the car threw a dirty diaper at her and missed. She knew it was just the start of the day and already someone was giving her a hard time.

Amber leaned over and picked up the soiled baby diaper and threw it into a nearby garbage can just as the car came back around for another pass at her. The car never reached her as she watched in horror and shock. The driver had cut the corner too fast and then over-corrected in an attempt to regain control. It was a futile effort as the car slammed into the side of a truck that had just turned the corner. Amber was shocked as she heard those inside the car scream in terror a moment before they hit the truck.

The impact had knocked the truck into a power pole that was threatening to fall over at any moment. Amber was frozen in shock as the truck and car both began to smoke heavily. She could hear screams coming from inside the truck as someone inside struggled to escape the wreckage. Amber never noticed as she soaked her diaper while she began to come to her senses and realized she was moving towards the wreck.

Inside the truck was a lady with a small baby. The passenger side of the truck was facing the sky but it was obvious that the door was jammed. She was unable to see if anyone in the car was still alive due to the amount of smoke coming from under the hood of it. From the driver's side of it she could see flames coming up through the cracks in the hood.

Amber kicked at the window of the truck on the passenger side of the truck and hoped it would soon break. Her hopes were rewarded when the window gave way with a loud crash of breaking glass.

"Hand me your baby!" Amber shouted at the lady holding the infant while trying to climb out. Amber took the infant from her and hoped down off the truck. She ran to the side of the road and set the infant down.

She saw the lady was almost all the way out when she heard a splintering sound come from the pole. She looked on as it began to fall over towards the woman trapped half in and half out of the truck. It stopped for a second, but that was long enough for the woman to get clear of the wreck of her truck. She was able to see that the two guys in the car were trying to climb out the windows in an effort to escape alive.

Another loud crack came from the pole as it fell the rest of the way over with arcing power lines still attached to it. The pole missed the lady but one of the lines did not. Amber heard the lady scream in terror as she was being electrocuted to death by the power lines. The two boys had just gotten almost out of the car when the pole hit it and trapped them in the burning wreckage.

Amber watched in horror as it burst into flames around the struggling youths. She could hear their screams of pain as the fire burned them bit by bit while they screamed in pain and begged for help. One of them had fallen back inside the vehicle that was engulfed in flames now. She could see him trying to escape the inferno as the windows melted and collapsed onto him.

Amber awoke from the nightmare with a loud scream. Her heart was beating like a jackhammer in her chest. Sweat was running down her forehead as she began to sit up in her crib. Her mother came running into the room a moment later as Amber sat crying in the crib. She felt light headed and slightly disoriented as her mother put a nitro tablet under her tongue.

"It's all right honey. It was just a bad dream you had. Just relax and let it go honey." Amber finally calmed down in her mother's arms as her mother talked to her in calm and soothing tones. Tears were slowly coming to stop as Amber came fully awake and began to remember where she was. When she finally realized that it had been just a dream and not real she sighed with relief.

She sat up and told her mother every detail of the horrifying nightmare she had just had. She was still slightly shaken that it had occurred at all and was worried about it for some reason. She looked over at the clock and saw that it was still only 2:00 in the morning. She started to drift off back to sleep and never even noticed as her mother changed her wet diaper for her.

Amber awoke with a slight jump as the alarm clock by her bed went off at 6:00 Am. She knew it was time to get up and get changed for school, but she remembered what had happened the day before and could not get the horrible nightmare out of her head either. She knew somehow that the dream meant something, but was unsure of what it was for sure. She got up and made her way to the bathroom while considering the nightmare.

She quickly showered, changed and got dressed for school as she always did, but dreaded going back to face everyone. It had been difficult enough when she was trying to recover from the heart attack and get her grades back up, but now it would be even worse she felt. She knew that by now everyone in the school would know she wore diapers and would tease her about it. She just had to hope that things would turn out for the better.

She picked up her backpack with her books and a few extra diapers in it and headed out the door for school. To be safe about the chances of being spotted, she took a back route to school so as not to be seen by anyone. She also wanted to avoid possibly having her terrible nightmare come true as well if she could. She figured she was safe and that in the few remaining blocks she had to go that nothing would happen.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of screeching tires as a car came driving by her at high speed. One of the passengers hollered something at her and threw a dirty diaper at her. Amber froze in shock for a moment and then turned and ran away as fast as she could. There was another screech of tires as the driver of the car slammed on his brakes and then backed up as fast as he could. From around the corner came a small truck like the one she had seen in her nightmare. Unlike her dream though, the boys in the car did not hit the small truck but instead smashed into the front of a police car coming from a side road.

It frightened amber severely and she ran the rest of the way to school as fast as she could go while ignoring the pain coming from her sore ankle. She arrived at the school out of breath and sweating a bit from the three-block run. She stopped by the front doors to catch her breath a moment before going in and facing the horrors that she knew lay inside waiting for her. Her ankle was now throbbing painfully as well as she stood there trying to catch her breath.

A few of the students snickered at her as they went by her and into the school, but she just ignored them. She walked into the school and heard somebody yell out, "Hey everybody look, it's diaper girl!!" A group of students laughed at this as Amber continued walking to her locker. One of the older girls in the group yelled out and asked if she wanted her bottle as well. The group broke into a fit of laughter over that remark.

Amber made it to her locker and found that someone had covered it completely in diapers. This made her slightly angry as she tore them all off in order to get into her locker. She opened her locker and found that someone had somehow gotten into it and had filled it up with more diapers and a few baby bottles as well. She was not sure how much more she could take before getting mad and hitting someone.

"Aaaaww is wittle baby going to cwy now?" Amber turned and saw the girl from the group standing next to her laughing at her. A moment later she was no longer laughing as Amber hit her as hard as she could. The girl went down and Amber kicked her in the head as hard as she could.

By the time someone came to the rescue of the girl, amber had kicked her into unconsciousness and was slamming her head against the hard cement floor with one hand while hitting the girl in the ribs with the other one. A strong set of hands pulled her off of the girl and pinned her arms behind her back. Amber struggled to get loose but was rewarded with a punch in the face from one of the girl's friends. Amber kicked hard and dropped the boy to the floor as she connected with his groin.

The young man lay on the floor in pain as three teachers came over and forced the girl holding Amber to let go of her.

"What the hell is going on here?! I want all of you to stop this fighting right now. I don't care who started this fight either, but it certainly doesn't look like you were exactly innocent. Amber, go to the nurse and tell her to come down here immediately. As for the rest of you, clean up this mess now!!!"

Amber was halfway up the stairs to second floor when she felt the lightheaded feeling again and had to stop for a moment before continuing on. She got inside the nurse's office and had to stop again due to being lightheaded. She was having a hard time catching her breath as well as a tingling sensation in her arms. She reached into her shirt pocket and found her nitro tablets missing. She would have hit the floor if the nurse had not come around the curtain to see who came in. She caught Amber before she could hit the floor.

She felt Amber's wrist for a pulse and found it to be highly erratic and slightly weak. She quickly picked Amber up and carried her into the area behind the curtain. Amber was laid down on the exam tale as the nurse turned to search hurriedly for something. She found what she was looking for a moment later and turned back to Amber.

Without any further delay, she placed a nitro tablet under Amber's tongue and waited for her to come out of it. She was still waiting when a teacher came into the office carrying the girl that Amber had beaten and kicked severely. The girl was pale and bleeding profusely from the nose and had a raspy sound to her breathing. Before the nurse could do anything, Kevin walked in carrying the boy Amber had kicked as hard as she could. He was obviously in intense pain and could not walk or even stand.

As the head nurse began to work on trying to help all of them she heard from Kevin what had happened and was secretly proud of Amber for being able to get some revenge on them. In her mind, Amber was justified in doing what she had done.

Kevin helped Amber off of the exam table as she was beginning to recover.

"Don't you dare die on me! I love you and you are not getting out of marrying me this way, so don't you dare die on me!" Kevin whispered to Amber as he set her in a chair. Amber smiled weakly at him and spoke to him in a barely audible voice, "I do."


Amber recovered the quickest as the nitro tablet took effect and straightened out her heartbeat. The young man she had kicked was starting to recover as well, but the girl was still unconscious. The head nurse worked feverishly as she did what she could to stabilize the girl and check for any other injuries as well.

The nurse was just finishing up her examination of the young girl when the principal entered the office. She had a very angry and upset look on her face. She looked around the room for a moment as if sizing them up for something yet to come.

"I don't know why this fight started, but I can guess." She looked at the young man that had been kicked and almost seemed to growl as she spoke to him.

"I should have known you would be involved in this John. I told you the last time that I would not be lenient if you got into trouble again. I intend to have you expelled for three days this time. I'll call your parents in a few minutes and then you can explain it to them why you were in trouble again."

Amber felt bad for him even though he was one of the most troublesome students at the school. She knew that nothing she said would help him from getting expelled, but she still felt bad or him. She held no regrets for what she did to the girl and was only sorry that someone had stopped her from doing more to her.

"I saw your locker Amber and I can guess quite easily that Susan opened her big mouth again. She has a bad habit of not stopping to think before saying some things. She will be expelled for the remainder of the year for this and for a few other things as well. I have had quite enough of both of these two troublemakers causing problems for others around them. Don't even try to argue your way out of it this time John. Do you have any idea of the troubles Amber has had to deal with?"

John shook his head and quietly spoke up, "I never even knew about her before the other day when Susan told me about her wearing diapers. She said that she wore them for fun and acted like a little baby all the time."

Mrs. Manning shook her head a moment before speaking up.

"She has had a tough time this school year without you making it worse. She had a massive heart attack earlier this year and fell down the stairs just outside this office. She spent three months in the hospital recovering from that. She almost broke her ankle in a car accident in the hospital parking lot. When the tornado hit she almost had another heart attack. To top it off, she suffered some type of spinal injury that robbed her of her ability to control certain bodily functions. Rather than give up, as most would have done, she fought hard to get her life back. You complain that you have a hard time and that things are going bad for you. Instead of picking on her, you could have asked her to help you with your classes you are having trouble with. So the next time you think that life is treating you bad, remember how bad it treated Amber over here, and then think about it a while. She has had a rough enough time without you making it worse for her. I would lecture Susan as well, but I think she finally got what she was asking for."

Amber was sent to her classes, as was Kevin while Mrs. Manning called the parents of the other two students. Amber had been so distracted that she never had a chance to ask if she could get her wet diaper changed. She was tempted to ask Kevin to change her, but decided not to push her luck any further for the day.

Amber finally managed to get her diaper changed before her p.e. class started. She showed up about five minutes late and was able to change into her gym clothes without anyone seeing her diapers while she changed. She was glad that her gym teacher had allowed her the time to change in privacy so as not to be found out.

When she walked into the gym class, the teacher had already assigned everyone a partner for a game of two on two basketball. Amber had been fortunate and was assigned Ginger as her partner. The two teams of girls would then play for five minutes and then the next teams would take the floor for their turn. Everything went very smoothly until Ginger and Amber had their turn.

The teacher tossed the ball up and backed off as Amber and her rival Stacey jumped for the ball at the same time. Amber hit the ball to Ginger before Stacey was able to touch it. Stacey in turn slammed her elbow into Amber's face as she came down. Amber hit the floor hard and was kicked by Stacey before the teacher could stop her.

"Stacey, you have just given Amber and Ginger four free throws for that stunt and have given yourself two personal fouls. You even think of purposely trying another stunt like that and I will have you sent to the principal's office. Now play nice."

Amber got up to the free throw line and shot her shots. She made two of them in and barely missed on the third one. She went to shoot the fourth one in and Stacey suddenly reached out and pulled Amber's gym shorts down, revealing Amber's diaper to everyone in class. She started laughing loudly as Amber quickly pulled her shorts back up. She was about to hit Stacey when the gym teacher stepped in between the two of them to stop it from going any further.

"Stacey, go get changed and report to the office to see Mrs. Manning. You can explain to her why you thought it so important to get yourself into trouble today. I also do not want to see you back in my class again this year. You may go get changed now." Stacey walked to the locker room and then changed before reporting the principal's office.

As hey walked off the floor, Stacey's partner walked over to Amber and apologized politely for Stacey's behavior.

"I'm sorry she did that to you. If I had known what she was going to do I would have tried to stop her. I've known for a few weeks about you having to wear protection and I have no problem with it. If I could though, I'd love to have a crack at Stacey. She has pissed me off so many times this year with her pranks that her and her friend Susan pull on me and others. One of these days someone is going to half kill one of those two, and I hope I get to watch it happen."

The rest of the class went by uneventfully with no smart remarks being made about Amber wearing diapers. Amber and Ginger played two more games and won one of them while losing the second game by one point when Ginger tripped over her untied shoe laces and missed a three point shot.

When the class ended, Amber was soaked and desperately needed to change her diaper. She left the class a few minutes before anyone else and headed for the showers. She quickly undressed, showered, dried herself off and was halfway through putting on a clean diaper when the first bell rang. She was just putting the last tape into place when everyone entered the locker room. She figured it would do no good to try to hide her diaper from view now that everyone knew about it.

The girls were surprised to see that Amber was actually wearing a diaper, but were smart enough to not say anything mean about it since they already knew they would get in trouble if they did. One of the girls asked Amber why she was wearing a diaper and Amber told her that she had injured her spine in the fall down the stairs during her heart attack and as a result had lost control of her bladder and bowels.

The next few weeks went quietly by as everyone studied hard for their final tests. Amber and Kevin spent almost all of their free time together with no arguments about it from Amber's mother or anyone else. As far as Julie and Ginger were concerned, they had only to set the date and have a ring to make it official.

Kevin had already picked out a diamond engagement ring and planned on popping the question in front of a whole lot of witnesses. He had help from Julie and Ginger as they kept Amber distracted long enough for him to get permission from the principal and a few others as well for what he planned to do. He figured that if all went well, it would be a graduation no one would soon forget.


Amber woke up and went through her normal morning routine of showering, changing her diaper, getting dressed, and then heading off to school. It was the last day of school for her and she would graduate at the end of the week. She and Kevin would both be graduating with honors at the top of their class.

Earlier in the week she had sifted through the various college offers, looking for a specific one that both her and Kevin had applied to. She was a little disappointed when she did not find it in the pile of offers from various other colleges. She sighed and decided that after she graduated she and Kevin would get together and choose a college together.

Amber arrived at the front of the school and talked with Kevin, Ginger, and Julie for a few minutes before they all had to head off towards their classes for the last time. They had discussed various different colleges and vocational schools as well as the latest gossip. Only Amber and Kevin had decided to not be separated and to attend the same school together.

Amber went through her classes like always and mainly just turned in books and signed yearbooks for a few who she felt she might not see again after graduation. It was a bittersweet day for her and others as well. There were a few she would miss as they moved away to pursue further education elsewhere. There were also some she knew she would not ever miss and wanted to never see again.

Amber stopped at the nurse's office for the final time at the end of the day to pick up the few remaining diapers she had left.

"So have you decided where you are going to go to college next year? I'm sure that with your excellent grades that any college would have you in a minute." Amber shook her head no as she spoke up.

"Not all of the colleges have what I want and the one I want the most has not replied yet. I want to study law, as does Kevin. We have decided to go to the same college though so that we can stay together."

The head nurse signed Amber's yearbook and smiled as she spoke to Amber.

"I have a feeling that you will get an answer from them soon enough Amber, just don't give up yet. You still have the chance of a surprise announcement at graduation tonight. You never know what someone might ask you, do keep your spirits up. At the very least, you have Kevin and he seems to really love you quite a bit."

Amber hugged her and thanked her for all of her help through the year.

"I keep wondering when Kevin is going to officially pop the question though. I'm starting to think that maybe he is having second thoughts about getting married to me. I guess I can't blame him for that though. With his looks and charm, he could have any one he wants. Oh well, maybe it was just never meant to be."

"The head nurse stopped what she was doing and turned to face Amber.

"I don't believe that for a moment and neither should you. He thinks the world of you and I have it on good authority that he still loves you. Now hop up on the table before you leak anymore young lady."

Amber got her final diaper change from the head nurse and promised to try to think positive about her future and about Kevin as well. She packed up the remaining seven diapers and left the nurse's office for the final time. She was halfway out when she remembered to grab her spare bottle of nitro tablets. The nurse laughed a little as she came back in and picked them up. They hugged a final time as the Nurse wished her the best of luck in her future.

Amber met up with Julie and Ginger outside of the school. She signed both of their yearbooks and hugged them both. Julie was going to be leaving in two days for a technical college in Colorado while Ginger was going to a medical school in Boston. Ginger would be packing up her stuff and leaving in two weeks as well. They promised to stay in touch and even try to meet at least once every two years if they could. They all hugged and agreed to meet right after the ceremony for a group picture. They all had a feeling that things would never be the same.

Amber talked with Kevin on the phone for a little while, as he was fairly busy trying to get his gown ironed and ready to go for the graduation. Amber laughed at him and scolded him for not having hung it up in the first place. She finally let him go as she herself had a few things to take care of before going to the graduation ceremony in just two hours. She just hoped that things went well and that nothing would go wrong.

It was finally time to go to the graduation ceremony, so amber quickly got changed into a clean diaper so as to not chance leaking during the ceremony. Her mother drove her to the graduation ceremony and spent 15 minutes trying to find a place to park. Amber and her mother finally made it inside with only five hectic minutes to spare before the students had to get to their places.

Amber took her place and walked into the arena full of chairs with everyone else. She took her seat and calmly sat through an hour of boring speeches made by other students. When the speeches were over, the ceremonial handing out of diplomas began. As the diplomas were handed out, so were all the awards as well. Amber sat quietly as everyone was called except for herself and Kevin. She began to suspect that something was up. Finally her name and Kevin's name were called out.

The two of them met in the middle aisle and held hands as they walked down to receive their diplomas. Kevin was holding something in his left hand that Amber was not quite able to see as they walked up onto the stage. She was curious what he was up to as her thoughts were interrupted by the principal addressing the students and everyone else as well.

"I have held back on all of you and saved the very best for last. It is my proud honor to not only hand these two their diplomas, but to announce which major school has decided to offer them both a full scholarship. It seems that Amber and Kevin have both been given scholarships to Harvard law school." Everyone in the arena was on their feet applauding them both at this point and it took a few minutes for the principal to get everyone quieted down once again.

"Now before I announce this class as officially graduated, I believe that another surprise is in store for us. Kevin has something he would like to say in front of everyone here so that everyone here can be a witness to what he has to say." Kevin took the microphone and thanked the principal. He then took amber's left hand in his and got down on one knee.

"Amber, you have managed to capture my heart and soul. I could not bear to be apart from you for very long. So to that end I would like to ask you a very important question that I am praying you say yes to.

" At this point Kevin opened up a little box with a diamond ring in it and held it up to Amber.

"Amber, will you honor me by being my soul mate. Will you marry me?"

Tears of joy ran down Amber's cheeks as she picked up the ring and slid it on. She smiled brightly as she finally replied a moment later, "I love you Kevin and you are also the only one for me. So yes, I will." The entire arena erupted into another standing ovation as Amber and Kevin kissed passionately in front of everyone.

The principal announced the class as graduated a moment later and indeed thought to herself that it would be a graduation that none would soon forget. Amber's mother was also thinking this as well while she made her way down to meet her daughter and her soon to be son in law.

They were married three months later and then went off to school together. Everyone felt that it had been a strange and somehow magical school year that would likely never happen again. There would be many students who would hear the tale of Amber and Kevin from teachers and others through the years and would be inspired to not give up on their dreams no matter how hard things got for them.

Amber rolled over and began to wake up as the sound of crying coming from the nursery told her that the wins were awake. She reached over to let Kevin know and found that he had gotten up already. She looked up and saw him standing in the doorway with the twins in his arms a moment later. He still smiled whenever he looked on the faces of their twin girls and remembered all that had made it possible for his dreams to come true as well.

"Why didn't you wake me honey? I would have gladly gotten up with them." She yawned sleepily as she noticed the twins starting to drift off back to sleep in his arms as held them proudly.

"You looked like you were enjoying the dream so much that I didn't have the heart to wake you. It must have been a good one the way you kept smiling so much." She smiled a moment and then kissed him as she took Ginger and Julie from him for a few moments.

"I was dreaming about that last year of high school and how I met you. After that dream, I am so very glad that we named the twins after Julie and Ginger. It seems right after all they did to help us."

Amber then changed the twins out of their messy diapers and put them back to bed. Kevin chuckled lightly at her.

"It would seem that they are not the only ones who need to be changed. You are soaked honey, and so am I. I'll change you, then you can change me." Amber laughed at that thought for a moment before responding.

"I believe that is how we got the twins if my memory serves me correctly. Now you wouldn't be thinking of just trying to seduce me would you?"

Kevin walked over and picked her up in his arms with a grin on his face.

"Absolutely right on that count Madame attorney!" Amber laughed a moment and kissed him.

"Not if I seduce you first"

The two of them tumbled onto the bed and enjoyed the rest of their night.


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