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It's hard to believe what has happen to me these past few weeks. I am or was a grown man, 49 years old, up to last month. Now I'm considered and treated like a 12-month-old baby. My Mommy, er...girlfriend, I mean Mommy is Chrissy Powell and she is 25 years old. Right now she is asleep in her large bed while I'm typing out this story. She went to sleep thinking I'm in my crib sleeping. If she finds me out of my crib doing this, Mommy er...Chrissy er...Mommy will probably spank me.

For months now, I have been writing stories and submitting them to an adult baby site. I never push my fantasy about the stories on anyone, but my Mommy er...that is Chrissy has found them. The readers that have enjoyed my stories must think that I have given up writing them. It is just now, I am constantly supervised and the only time I can do this is late at night when Mommy, I mean Chrissy is asleep. I don't want to be punished and believe me, I've been spank more than I care to think in the past month.

To begin with, I have always been interested in infantism, ever since grade school. Back then, I would imagine babying my female teachers. In high school and college, it would be not only the female teachers, but the female students too. After starting working, I would imagine babying fellow female employees and employers. This fascination with infantism is what gotten me into big trouble.

I am a purchasing manager at a construction/engineering firm. My secretary is Suzanne Derowski. She was the one who discovered my secret. I would write my feelings about babying females while I was at work, usually after working hours when I was alone. I could not write t home with Chrissy about.

One Monday night I had left my disk in the computer before leaving. To make matters worse, I forgot to secure the file with a password. The next morning, Sue came in early to do some work. Not wanting to be disturbed, she decided that she would use my computer. She knew that I would not mind. Sue has done it before when I was not there. Discovering the disk in the slot, she decided to read the filenames. Reading the filenames, Sue saw her name listed. Thinking it was an evaluation of her work, Sue being curious, opened it. For the next half hour, she sat there reading how I wanted her to baby me. And how I wanted Barbara Leto, to be my "auntie". After reading the file, she quickly took the disk and left my office. When I came into the office an hour or so later, Sue could not look me in the eye. She just mumbled good morning. For the rest of the day and up to Friday morning, Sue hardly looked me in the eyes.

After lunch, as I passed Sue's desk, she said to me, "I need to see you later about something."

Looking at her, I said "What about Sue?"

Sue smiled and said, "I said later, Babykins." She stood up and walked away.

I just looked at her as she strolled away thinking, "Babykins? Oh my God, she saw my stories!"

I raced to my desk hunting for my missing disk. I searched my desk, briefcase and all over my office, but to no avail. The disk had to be in my office. I would never take it home for fear that Chrissy would find it. But the disk was gone. Sue must it. For the rest of the afternoon, it was I could who could not look Sue in the face. I sat at the desk sweating, waiting for 5 o'clock to come. It felt like 5 days had passed by the time 5 o'clock came, time had moved so slowly for me. Finally, my intercom buzzed.

"Come out here now, Babykins." Sue ordered.

Quickly, I walked out of my office and I found myself standing in front of her desk. Sue did not look away from the computer screen as she continued to type, ignoring my presence. I felt like a naughty schoolboy waiting to be disciplined by his teacher. At last, Sue looked away from the computer screen and straight at me.

"So, Babykins, you want me to be your "Mommy", eh?" said Sue in a normal voice.

I quickly looked around he office to see if anyone had heard her. The office was practically deserted. It was Friday night and everyone wanted to leave by 5.

Shaking my head I said almost in a whisper, " Sue. I just, I mean it's just a story." I stammered.

"My imagination, that's all."

Sue smiled.

"I don't think so. I think you are really just a baby and want to be babied." Standing up, Sue walked over to me.

"Give me your keys so I can lock up your cabinets and desk." Sue ordered.

I did as I was told. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out my keys and handed them to her.

Shaking her finger in my face, Sue said, "You stay right here, Babykins, while Auntie Susie locks up." Walking away, she turned and said, "And don't get into any trouble either."

Sue walked into my office, only to return a minute later. She closed my office door, locking it behind her.

"Time to go bye-byes." Announced Sue.

"Can I have my keys back."? I asked.

Sue shook her head and reached into her purse.

"You are much to young to play with those keys. Here, you can play with these keys." Sue handed me a set of brightly color, plastic baby keys.

I held the baby keys. The next thing I new, Sue grabbed my ear and started dragging me to the exit. I was bent over and had to walk very quickly for fear of losing my ear. Once at the door, Sue let go of my ear and took my wrist. She led me to her car. Standing on the passenger side, Sue unlocked the front door, only to open it and unlocked the back door.

"You didn't think that you were going to sit in the front seat, did you Babykins?" she inquired.

"Front seats are for big boys, the back seat is for children and babies like you. Now get in."

After sitting me in the back and securing the safety belt, Sue used a child-locking device in the door that would prevent me from opening the door and getting out. Sue got in behind the wheel and started the ignition.

"Time for Auntie Susie to take Baby Bobby home. Baby Bobby gonna stay with Auntie Susie until Mommy comes to pick baby up." Announced Sue.

"I'm staying with you until who comes?" I stammered out.

Smiling, Sue looked in the rear view mirror and coed, "Why your Mommy Babykins."

I gulped thinking who did Sue mean by my Mommy. The only logical answer would be Chrissy, but she gave no indication of wanting to baby me. Thinking back to this morning, Chrissy did do something strange to me, "Have fun in work, baby. See you tonight." As she squeezed my cheek like one would a child. Then she gave me her usual kiss. I thought nothing of the cheek squeezing. But, who knows?

We drove for about 45 minutes until we got to Sue's apartment. Getting out of the car, Sue took my wrist and led me to her apartment. Taking me in, she closed and locked the door.

"Time to get babykins ready." Cooed Sue.

"Whattt do you mean, Sue?" I asked nervously.

"Time for baby's didee change."

At that moment, I never knew how tall Sue really was. Sue stood about 5'10" and I felt as small as a baby, even though I was 6'1". Sue grabbed my ear. Leading me to the bedroom, I received a surprise. In the bedroom stood Jennifer Gluckman and Lynn Ranierri, women I fantasized about. Like Sue, Jennifer and Lynn were tall women, over 5'7". All three women wore high heels making them even taller.

Cooing, Jennifer said, "Ah, here's the baby now."

Sue sat me on her lap as Lynn and Jennifer started unbuttoning my shirt. My shoes and socks were quickly removed, followed by my tee shirt. Jennifer quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled off my pants and underpants in one quick pull. Everything was happening so fast that I did not comprehend until I found myself sitting completely naked on Sue's lap! Sue laid me down on the bed. Blushing, I tried to cover myself with both of my hands.

Giggling, Sue cooed, "Babykins, you don't have to try and cover yourself. Babies enjoy going around naked. But we can't have a widdle baby go around naked, he might wet himself and ruin the furniture. So, Auntie Susie hasta put a didee on baby!"

I must have turned bright red. Sue was going to diaper me. Lynn produced three large white squares of material, DIAPERS! Jennifer followed her carrying baby powder, diaperine, pins, scissors and a razor.

"What were they going to do with those?" I thought.

I did not have long to wait.

Lifting my bottom off the mattress, Sue slid a diaper pad under me. Taking the scissors from Jennifer, Sue began clipping all of my pubic hair away. Jennifer and Lynn held my arms and legs tightly as I struggled. Unfortunately all of it was reduced to a stubble. I was still being held when Sue smeared the shaving cream over the stubble and carefully shaved it away. I must have started to sob, I don't remember, for when I looked I was as hairless as a newborn baby.

Lynn rubbed diaperine all over my now hairless pubic area and bottom.

Cooing, Lynn said, "We don't want Baby Bobby to get a didee rash, now do we."

After rubbing the diaperine in, Lynn sprinkled baby powder all over me. Sue then lifted my legs up until my bottom was off the bed. Once done, she slid four very thick cloth diapers under me and laid me down on them. Spreading my legs apart, she pulled the diapers up and pinned them together. I found them so thick that I could not close my legs without hurting myself. Next came the plastic pants that Sue pulled up my legs covering the bulky diapers. I felt so defeated that I started crying.

"Maybe the baby's hungry." Suggested Jennifer.

Pointing her finger in my face, Sue said, "Babies like you crawl unless a grown-up is holding your hands. Do you understand me."

I just shook my tear stained face. I was scared. I was reduced to be a baby. I wanted my clothes and wanted to go home. I knew that these women would not allowed me to do that.

"Crawl to the kitchen, Baby Bobby." Ordered Sue.

I got down on all fours and started crawling. I could hear Jennifer, Sue, and Lynn giggling at my predicament. In the kitchen was a baby's wooden high-chair. Picking me up under my arms, Sue sat me in the high-chair. The seat was a tight fit, with my hips against the rails, but I fit. Jennifer attached the feeding tray while Lynn placed a bowl of mush bay food on the tray. After tying a large plastic baby bib on me, sue began to spoon-feed me the mush. It tasted horrible.

When I started to complain about the baby food, sue smiled and said, "That's what all widdle babies eat. They can't have gwown-up food, it would upset their tummies. Now here comes the choo-choo. Eat."

Reluctantly, I opened my mouth and finished eating the food. When I had finished eating every drop of the baby mush, sue removed the tray. Jennifer was sitting in one of the chairs and I was seated on her lap. Much to my surprise, she held a nipple baby bottle, which she forced into my mouth.

Looking down at me, Jennifer said, "Suck or you'll be punished. Then you will suck on the bottle so why be punished?"

Tears finally began to run down my cheeks as I sucked on the nipple. When I finished the bottle I was so full. But the humiliating was not over. Jennifer, putting a cloth over her shoulder, pulled my head over her shoulder too. My head laid on the soft cloth as Jennifer started to pat my back, hard. She was trying to burp me. Opening my mouth to object to this treatment only resulted in one thing I let out a loud burp. Sue and Lynn responded with loud howls of laughter.

Jennifer, holding me under the arms and at arms length cooed, "Hims such a good baby for his Auntie Jenni. Hims burped for her, yes he did!"

Just as I was receiving praises for me burping, Chrissy came in. She started laughing when she saw me dressed only in diapers and plastic pants, sitting on Jennifer's lap.

Coming over, she tickled me under my chin and cooed, "You're aren't such a big man now are you, Baby Bobby." It was a statement, not a question.

Sitting me on the floor, I looked up at Chrissy, mumbling with tears starting to stream down my cheek, "I...I...I...I really did not mean anything with my stories Chris.."

Chrissy interrupted me, "Quiet, baby. You're being treated like a baby until I say you can be a grown up again. From now until I say, you'll call me Mommy. And babies speak baby talk. Now get into the bedroom Baby Bobby." She swatted my diapered bottom as I crawled past her to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Chrissy picked me up and laid me on the bed. Sticking her finger in the leg band of the plastic pants, she said, "Dry. We'll have to do something about that."

Putting a diaper pad under me, Chrissy turned me onto my stomach. Quickly, she pulled off the plastic pants and unpinned the diapers. She pulled back the diapers, exposing my bottom. Sue handed her a greased tube, it was an Fleet's Baby Enema kit. Chrissy was going to give me an enema.

Starting to cry, I pleaded with her, "Please Chrissy, don't do this to me!"

Slapping my defenseless bottom, Chrissy said, "What did you call me, baby?"

Sobbing, I whimpered, "I mean Mommy, please...."

My pleading was falling on deaf ears as I looked around the room. Sue, Jennifer, and Lynn stood there with their arms folded watching as Chrissy insert the tube into my bottom.

When she finished, Chrissy said, "Baby Bobby, if you can hold that until we get home like a big boy, I'll stop babying you. But if you mess yourself like a baby, I'm going to keep you in diapers."

Slowly, Chrissy removed some clothes from a bag. With the help of the other women, they dressed me. Apparently Chrissy had bought larger shorts than I wore because she knew that they had to go over the diapers. The shorts were bright red. Next came a light blue tee shirt with a picture of Cookie Monster on the front. A pair of white ankle socks, covered by high top white sneaks. To further reduce me to babyhood, Chrissy tied a set of baby bells onto the laces.

"Time to say bye-bye to your aunties and go home." Cooed Chrissy.

For ten minutes, they stood at the doorway talking, with Chrissy holding me like a baby. I was on her side, her right leg in between both my legs, while one hand patted my diapered bottom and the other arm held me tightly at the back. Finally we left.

Sitting me in the back seat, Chrissy drove home, all the while baby-talking to me. During this time, I was sweating and squeezing my cheek muscles so I would not mess myself. But time and nature won out.

Sitting in the front, Chrissy knew what had happened.

"So you're not a big boy. You're just a little baby boy, just as I thought you were. Well I guess we know who's staying in diapers for a long time."

I just sat there sobbing while she drove. Twenty minutes later, we pulled into the driveway of my house. Opening the back door, Chrissy took my wrist and led me to the house.

Using a normal voice, she said, "When we get into the house, Mommy's gonna haveta change your messy diapers, won't she."

I tried to quiet her, but she continued, "What baby? Does baby want his binkie? Now after Mommy changes your diapers, Mommy will give baby his ba-ba." By the time she said that, we were in the house.

Still holding my wrist, Chrissy led me upstairs to the third bedroom. This was the small of the three and I had used for my office. Apparently, Chrissy had changed that. When we entered, everything had changed. My desk, sofa and computer were gone. In its place was a large baby crib with a lid, a changing table and a rocker. The shelves that once held books, now held stuffed animals, diapers, baby powder and lotion. Chrissy had changed my office into a baby's nursery!

Having me lay down on the changing table, Chrissy proceeded in cleaning me up. Taking the messy diapers, she dropped them into a pale blue diaper pail. On the outside was written, "Baby Bobby's Diaper Pail". This was so embarrassing. Using baby wipes, Chrissy cleaned me up. Taking baby lotion, she rubbed it all over my now hairless pubic area and my bottom. Next came the four thick diapers, covered by the plastic pants. A white tee shirt covered my chest, but like most baby tee shirts, the hem ended at my navel.

Helping me off the changing table, Chrissy put me into the crib, raising the side rail and closing the lid. The lid I found out had a locking device on it. I was now imprisoned.

Smiling at her accomplishment, Chrissy cooed and said she would be right back. She returned several minutes later with a baby bottle. Putting the bottle through the rails, Chrissy cooed, "Here's your ba-ba. It's 8 o'clock, time for you to go to sleep."

Turning on a baby monitor, Chrissy turned off the lights and left. My body shook as I cried. I was a grown man, being treated like a baby. I was so exhausted that I cried myself to sleep, I don't even remember falling asleep that night.

Oh my God, I hear Chrissy, i mean Mommy coming. I gotta go and get back into my crib or Mommy will spank me. I'll write more another time.

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