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This is my first story so all feedback sent to will be gratefully received

Chapter 1 - An introduction

This story is about a 16 year old girl called Kelly who lives with her mum in the south of England, Kelly is 5Ft 6 tall with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes 36c breast and a shaven vagina.

Although Kelly on the whole was a good girl from the age of 11 she had masturbated at first discretely but as she got older the masturbating got worst with her leaving soiled underwear soiled sheets as she slept naked soiled computer chair an a bad smell round the house.

Her mum Tina who had brought her up since she was 10 and after her dad had left was at the end of her tether as to what to do, she had warned her that her actions could damage her vagina she had made her wash her clothes and bedding but none of this had worked and so she decided to take drastic measures and if it came to it drug her to stop her masturbating.

Chapter 2 - Finding the solution To the Problem

Over the next week while Kelly was out Tina scoured the internet worldwide to find a solution to stop or slow down her daughter's masturbation.

until one day whilst reading an article by a sex doctor about masturbation and how to slow it down in which he suggested pee release a drug used for people who have trouble peeing which also can work the other way and make people pee without knowing it.

And so with this knowledge Tina rung her doctor and told her of the problem and about the drug pee release and if she had heard about it which hadn't and said she would check it out and get to her.

Two days later the doctor returned the call telling Tina that that the drug in question was American and had not been tested in Britain and comes in tablet form to be taken with hot drinks for the best results she also gave the web address where she could obtain the drugs warning her that because they had not been tested in Britain there was no guarantee against side affects, Tina thanked the doctor and hung up.

Tina thought about what the doctor had said, but could not find any other was to slow her daughters masturbating down and so went on to the website and ordered three pots of tablets with her credit card the delivery was to be in two weeks.

Chapter 3 - From Masturbating To Wetting

The next two weeks were much the same as Kelly masturbating when and when ever she could but Tina seemed to ignore what her daughter was doing and was thinking about what she was doing and weather it would distance her further from her daughter.

Then on the Wednesday two and a half weeks after she had ordered the tablets there was a knock on the door Tina got up to answer it her daughter long since gone to school and there stood the postman with a box in his hand.

"Hi is your name Tina Drake"

"Yes "

"Well I have a parcel for you, can you sign for it"

Tina took the clipboard from the top of the parcel and signed the piece of paper, and handed the clipboard back to the post man, thanking him.

Tina went inside closing the door behind her and took the parcel into kitchen and placed it on the table.

She then got herself a coffee and brought a pair of scissors to the table got herself a coffee

She then brought a pair of scissors to the table; and sat down and carefully retrieved the delivery note before opening the parcel and removing a pot of the tablets.

Tina read the instructions, which said take two tablets three times a day to be dissolved in a hot drink for the best results.

Tina opened the pot to find 50 little white tablets she then replaced the lid and put the pot in the back of a food cupboard out of sight and put the box in her bedroom.

As usual Kelly arrived home from school at 4.15 pm and greeted her mum,

"Hi mum"

"Hi darling how was school"

"Ok got some pre-exam homework" just getting changed will be down in a minute."

Kelly went up stairs

"Would you like a cup of coffee I'm having one" Tina shouted back.

"Yes please," was Kelly's reply.

Tina put the kettle on and got the pot of tablets out of the cupboard and took two out and put them By Kelly's cup and waited for the water to boil as the kettle switched off Tina poured the water into the cup and dropped the tablets in and stirred the coffee.

Kelly returned wearing jeans and a jumper, they talked for awhile about the forthcoming exams whilst drinking there coffee, and on finishing Kelly returned to her bedroom to complete her homework.

Tina made the tea, smiling to herself at the thought of Kelly's new lifestyle.

One hour later Tina called Kelly for tea and offered her a cup of coffee. Kelly's reply was,

"Ok down in a minute and yes please to the coffee."

Tina laid the table and poured the coffee just as Kelly arrived in the kitchen.

"What's for tea mum it smells good"

"Shepard's pie, now sit down and I'll bring over."

Kelly sat down and Tina turned her back on her daughter and dropped the tablets in the coffee stirring it vigorously, she then put the coffee in front of Kelly and went back and dished up the meal.

They sat talking and eating for some time.

On finishing they got up and helped each other with the washing up, before retiring to the living room to watch the television.

After about 1.5 hours Kelly announced she was going to bed, Tina asked if Kelly wanted a cup of coffee to be taken to her room.

Kelly replied yes please and left, Tina waited for five minutes before getting up to make her daughter's coffee and took it up stairs.

As Tina got to Kelly's bedroom the door slightly ajar and Kelly lying on her bed naked rubbing her vagina.

Tina knocked lightly on the door and walked in with the coffee and placed it on Kelly's bed side table.

Kelly stopped what she was doing and thanked her mum, Tina walked out of Kelly's Room and downstairs to tidy up before going to bed,.

Kelly on the other hand finished her coffee and masturbated herself to sleep.

This routine went on for the next ten days the timings of the timings of the tablets varying at the weekends due to Kelly sleeping in until late until the faithful day arrived.

Chapter 4 - Kelly's First Wetting

It was Monday morning 10 days after Tina had started giving Kelly the tablets and Kelly's First GCSE exam English.

Kelly woke early masturbating herself to climax, before getting up and going for a shower.

Tina heard the shower and waited for her daughter to finish before getting up and going to the bathroom.

Kelly went to her room to finishing drying herself and her hair, she then went to her draws and selected a bra and thong which she put on looking at herself in the full length mirror, she then finished putting on her school blouse, skirt and shoes and combing her hair she and went downstairs to the kitchen where Tina was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee.

"Hi darling would you like a coffee and some cereal "

"Yes please mum"

Kelly went and sat down and Tina passed Kelly the cereal and milk and went back to make Kelly her coffee, dropping two tablets in and stirring before giving it to Kelly.

Kelly ate her cereal and drunk her coffee talking to her mum about the exam.

Kelly then finished her coffee and cereal and stood up telling her mum she was going to finish getting ready.

She then went to the bathroom to brush her teeth a go to the toilet then returning to her bedroom to put her school tie blazer and coat on, returning downstairs to say buy to her mum.

Walking to school Kelly met up with some friends and they talked about the forthcoming exam.

On arrival at school the girls went to there classes for registration and were told to get what they needed from there school bags and to take there bags to the cloakroom.

Kelly got up from her desk and with the other girls went to the cloakroom to put her bag in the locker she like some of the girl decided as the exam lasted two and a half hours and it would be a good idea to go to the toilet, Kelly passed a little water but was glad she had gone.

Kelly and the other girls left the cloakroom and picked up there pencil cases from there classroom before going to the PE hall where they were to take the exam, Kelly sat on a seat between two friends and waited to start.

The examiner gave the word and Kelly turned her paper and started her exam, about half way thought.

Kelly felt a pain in her groin but before she could put her hand up to request help she had started to wet herself.

Kelly stopped written and looked down at herself and was about to cry, but some how stopped herself just as the examiner approached.

"Hi how may I help you?"

Kelly looked to her left where the man was standing and said,

"I'm sorry but I've wet myself and wondered if I could see the nurse to get cleaned up."

The examiner looked at Kelly and said.

"If you leave now you for fit the exam and it will be declared ungraded?"

Kelly looked at her paper and thought how important the exam was to her and agreed to continue, the next half an hour seemed to last for ever Kelly's wetness now becoming sticky and uncomfortable as it dried, the examiner finally called time and the pupils left handing in there papers as they went.

Kelly sat and waited for the last pupil to leave and carefully got up to hand d her paper in, as she did so the examiner informed her the nurse was waiting for her.

Chapter 5 - The visit to the nurse

Kelly walked slowly as not to draw attention to herself, as she arrived at the fist aid room she knocked on the door.

"Come in" a voice answered and Kelly opened the door she was greeted by a woman in her mid 30's with blonde hair.

"Hi Kelly I heard you had an accident, how wet are you?"

Kelly looked at the a little shocked at the question and said,

"My knickers skirt and blouse are wet."

"Ok what size are you"

Kelly again looked a little embarrassed and said,

"Size 14 miss"

"Ok I'll see what I can find, and you can go thought to the treatment room and get cleaned up and I'll knock on my return with some clothes."

The nurse left and Kelly entered the treatment room and closed the door, and then she walked over to the sink and filled it with warm water before taking all her clothes off except her bra which was the only dry item.

Kelly the started to wash herself starting with the top of her legs and rising up to her vagina, there was a knock on the door.

"Hi it's only me; I have some cloths and a towel for you"

"Come in Kelly replied"

The nurse opened the door and walked in and put the clothes on the examining table and walked out of the room.

Kelly resumed her cleaning of her vagina with care making sure it ultra clean before washing between her legs and round to her bottom, after finishing Kelly grabbed the towel and dried her before empting the water from the sink.

Kelly then picked up the white knickers and put them on, she then went to pick up the blouse she remembered she hadn't any deodorant, so in just her knickers and bra she opens the door to the nurse's room and call to the nurse.

"Have you got any deodorant?"

The nurse looked up and at Kelly and replied.

"Yes in my bag I'll bring it through,"

Kelly closed the door and waited on the couch.

The nurse got up from her chair and walked over to a cupboard and got her bag, and she opened it and retrieved a small pot of deodorant, closed her bag and walked towards the treatment room door and knocked on it.

"Come in" Kelly called and the nurse opened the door and walked towards the couch as she got there Kelly stood up and the nurse handed her the deodorant and turned to go out Kelly stopped her and said.

"Can I thank you for what you have done, and can you promise me you won't tell anybody about this?"

"Sure I won't tell a soul"

"Thank you"

Kelly said and sprayed deodorant under her arms and handed the deodorant back to the nurse, the nurse returned to her office, Kelly put the blouse and tie on and tidied her hair before opening the door to the nurse's room.

"Hi Kelly are you ok?"

"Yes thank you, have you got a bag for my wet clothes, and can I pick them up after school?"

"Yes I have a bag for your clothes and you can pick them up after school."

The nurse got up and opened the cupboard and produced a carrier bag which she handed to Kelly, Kelly took the bag and returned to the treatment room to pick her wet clothes, and she then went and washed her hands before picking up the bag and returning to the nurse's room.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes thank you, can I leave my clothes here until the end of school?"

"Yes of course and if you have any further problems you can always talk to me"

"Thank you,"

Kelly left the nurses room to join her friends for lunch, on walking many thoughts entered her head including what her friends might say, she stopped off to get some money before entering the canteen and purchasing some lunch< Kelly went over to where her friends were sitting and sat down,

"Hi Kelly how was your exam?"

"Ok except I had an accident,"

"Oh what happened?" all the girls said at once.

Kellies head sank but she thought she should tell her friends or face loosing them.

"I err had an accident I wet myself during the exam,"

"Oh how unfortunate and embarrassing for you, are you ok now "Elizabeth said.

"Yes thank you"

Kelly replied and they all continued eating there dinners.

The afternoon lesson in media study went well and Kelly left to pick up her soiled cloths from the nurse telling her that she decided to tell her friends of the accident and thanking her for the loan of the cloths.

Kelly walked out of school meeting up with her friends before walking home alone as she got to the door and got her key out the reality of the day hit her and she started to cry as she entered the house.

Tina hared her daughter crying and rushed from the kitchen to the hallway to see what was wrong, as she got there she put her arms out to hug her daughter.

"What's wrong darling?"

Tina asked softly, Kelly retreated from the hug and said.

"oh mum it was awful I was in the exam and felt pressure round my groin area but before I had chance to summand someone for help I'd started wetting myself, and to make things worse when the examiner cam and I asked if I could be excused to clean myself up he said if I did then I would forfeit the exam and I had to sit there for over half an hour until the end of the exam before I could visit the nurse and get cleaned up."

"Oh darling what an awful experience for you would you like a coffee before you get changed, and give me your wet cloths and the ones you borrowed from school so I can put them in the wash."

"No thanks mm, I'll get washed and changed and then have a coffee with you."

"Ok Darling."

Kelly went upstairs to her room and removed all her clothes and put them in the wash basket before entering the bathroom, she then went to the toilet and entered the shower where she washed her body clean taking time to clean and masturbate her vagina to orgasm and cleaning herself up before washing her hair, Kelly then stepped out of the shower and finished off drying herself, She then went to her bedroom to finish brushing her hair, she then got out her dressing gown and put it on with a pair of slippers and went downstairs.

Tina hired the shower stop and so boiled the kettle and made Kelly a coffee dropping in two tablets in the cup and stirring, as Kelly entered the kitchen.

"Hi Kelly are you feeling better after your shower"

"Yes thank you mum, what's for tea?"

"Your favourite, fish pasta"

"How long"

"About five minutes "

Kelly picked up her coffee and went to lay the table and sat down.

Tina finished off the pasta and dished it out and brought it to the table and sat down, Kelly and Tina talked about there days and what was coming up, on finishing there pasta the Tina cleared the plates.

"Would you like some ice cream?"

"Yes please mum"

Tina got up and got them both some ice cream and they ate and talked for a wile.

then they got up and washed the dishes and when they had finished Kelly announced she was going to bed.

Kelly then left and went to her room where she removed her dressing gown and started to talk to friends on the computer, about an hour went past and Tina got up from watching the telly and put the kettle on.

she then went upstairs to the bathroom passing Kellies door seeing that the light was still on she knocked lightly.

"Come in mum "

Kelly replied Tina walked in and saw her daughter looking at some text, on reading this text Tina realised it was about masturbation and looked her daughter and said.

"Here is your coffee, don't stay up to long and I'll see you in the morning."

"Thanks mum"

Tina walked out of Kelly's room and downstairs and watched some telly while drinking her coffee before turning in for the night

Kelly drunk her coffee while reading solo touch, went to the bathroom and went to bed masturbating her to sleep.

To be continued

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