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Genie in a Bottle

I have been involved with infantilism since I was a teenager, but it has always been alone. I have never found a partner that was willing to participate in the fetish with me. When I met my wife four years ago, I was very upfront about the fetish. I did not want to start a great relationship keeping something that was so important to me a secret, just to drop a bomb on her sometime in the future. She was surprised when I opened up and told her about my desire to wear diapers, but she was very curious about the fetish. For the first two years we played games and role-played with the diapers and other accessories as well.

The problem was that she had three boys of her own that she brought into our relationship and she was afraid they would one day discover our secret stash of adult baby supplies. She made the decision that she would not participate in the adult baby games any more and she strongly encouraged me to stop as well. I tried to stop, but this was something that had been a part of my life since I was a teenager. I just ended up going deeper into the closet with my desires than I had ever been before, and started to keep a growing secret.

Any chance I found to purchase a bag of disposable diapers I jumped on and wore them every chance I had. I did not enjoy the hiding and being deceitful, but I knew I could never go without ever wearing a diaper again. Other than that, our sex life continued to be great. We still role played and many occasions' switched roles and she participated as the male figure and I found myself getting fucked by her strap-on. I loved the variety that we had, but I still miss the diapers. This is where an active imagination kicks in.

Every year we tried to go to a new part of the world and explore the different cultures. This year we had chosen to go to Tibet . My wife is always collecting souvenirs from every country we go to and this year she found an old vase that was covered in dirt and dust. She picked it up, blew the dust off the bottle and made a comment on how unique it was. A man walked over and she made a deal with him and soon we were on our way with a new souvenir. We packaged the vase in a crate and had it shipped back to our house in the US , so we would not have to worry about breaking it during the rest of our trip.

We had been home for several days when the package finally arrived; my wife was at the store as I opened the package and removed the vase. As I was looking at the bottle, I grabbed a hold of the top and pulled it until it came off and the bottle opened up. I looked inside and tilted the bottle upside down and it was empty. As I was holding the bottle I noticed that it had a hint of gold under the layers of dirt. I went and retrieved some cleaning supplies and began to clean off the dirt. As I was getting down to the end of the dirt, I was rubbing pretty hard to get the dirt out of some of the smaller crevices when the bottle started to shake and a dusty pink haze began to expel out of the bottle. From the haze a strangely dressed man appeared out of no where, and he told me that he was the genie from the bottle. He went on to tell me that he had been trapped for over 2000 years and for releasing him he was obligated to grant me 6 wishes.

I was blown away by this, and had to think. The first thing I wished for was that our business would grow to the point that neither of us would have to ever work again and our families would be taken care of financially for the rest of our lives. The genie asked me if I was sure this is what I wanted, then crossed his arms, gave a nod with his head and told me that within a week we would see the changes in the business.

I thought for a moment, and thought this was the opportunity I have been waiting for my whole live. I told the genie that I wished my wife would play baby games with me, keeping me diapered and taking care of me. Once again the genie asked me if I was sure this is what I wanted to wish for, and I assured him it was, and he once again crossed his arms and nodded his head. This wish you will see the effects of soon he stated.

I then commanded the genie back into his bottle, saying I had to think about the other wishes. The haze formed around the genie and he was sucked back into the bottle. I wasn't sure if any of the wishes would come true or not, but none the less was very excited. When my wife returned from the store, was very excited, but I thought I better not tell her until I know it is for real. I helped her carry in the groceries and but everything away.

That evening when we were ready to retire to the bedroom, she told me that she had a little surprise for me. We climbed into the shower together and she proceeded to scrub every inch of my body. I did not think much about it and returned the favor to her and washed her as well. One thing led to another and soon we were having sex in the shower. When I finally got to the bed, she told me that she had a surprise and asked me to close my eyes. I did as she asked and she then got off the bed and walked over to the closet and pulled something out. When she returned, she told me to open my eyes and there she was standing in front of me with an adult sized diaper. I looked up at her and she told my to lay back on the bed so she could diaper her new baby. I did and she diapered me giving me a little pat on the front of the diaper when she was through. She then crawled into bed and I crawled in beside her and she held me all night long.

When we woke up in the morning, the first thing she did was stick her finger in the leg gathering of the diaper and when she found me to be dry, she gave me a little kiss on the forehead and got out of bed. I laid there for a minute thinking I was the luckiest man on earth. As I laid there I noticed the felling of having to go to the bathroom, and concentrated on releasing as I lay in bed. Finally, I soaked my diaper just in time for my wife to return from her shower. I sprang out of bed and gave her a giant kiss and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

When I returned from the shower, she was waiting for me and had yet another diaper ready for me. I told her that I did not want to wear a diaper all day, and she said don't be silly. This is your game and when I am in charge, you will play by my rules or else. I then laid back on the bed and she continued to diaper me again. She then told me to hurry up and finish getting dressed because breakfast would be ready soon. After putting on a pair of khakis and shirt, I headed downstairs in time to see all the boys head out the door to school. Then she came over to me and had a plate full of pancakes already cut into small bite size pieces. She placed the plate in front of me and sat down telling me that she had the strangest feeling yesterday afternoon while she was in the store. That she realized that it was wrong of her to make me stop wearing diapers and that she felt as though she wanted to make it up to me by taking care of me and diapering me.

I felt a little guilty about what I had done, and told her all about the bottle and the genie. She had a very confused look on her face and did not know what to think about what I had just told her. I went on to tell her about the business and what I had wished for with that as well. She was so upset with me that she told me to get my ass upstairs and go to bed. She said that the diapers might be a game to me, but thanks to my wish, it was no longer a game to her and was now a new way of life. When I got upstairs, she had me lie face down on the bed and took out our restraints and tied my wrists to the headboard. She then asked me if I remembered what she used to do to me for punishment when we played out games. I got very nervous and begged her to stop.

She left the room and returned with and enema bag full of soapy water. She lubed up my ass and inserted a double balloon enema nozzle. She inflated the first balloon, then released the water into my rectum. Then she inflated the second balloon and removed the hose. She told me that now I was a 35 year old baby to her and that for my foolish behavior, she was going to give my 35 swats with a leather paddle. The first swat came down on my waiting ass with a vengeance. By the fifth swat I had tears in my eye, and by the tenth I was bawling like a toddler in trouble. When she finished she undid the restraints and had me roll over and refastened the restraints to the bed again. She slid a fresh diaper under me, deflated the balloons and removed the enema nozzle before she finished diapering me.

"For all your troubles you will stay here while I go shopping for a few more things we are going to need" she told me before she left the house.

As I lay there completely helpless I realize there is no use in fighting the enema and released it into my waiting diaper. Hours went by before I heard her return, and by now my bottom was developing a rash compounding the soreness from the beating I had earlier. I figured that the first chance I got I would release the genie and undo this wish with a new one.

The next few days went by and were not nearly as severe as the first. I was kept in bondage the entire time and she administered an enema every day. She showed me no mercy in regards to the diaper rash I had developed and allowed it to get to the point where I needed to go to the clinic and see a physician.

"I hope your wish is going as well as you planned." She said to me as were on our way to the doctors office.

The office visit was probably the most humiliating day of my life. I was not allowed to speak, and she told the doctor that this is the life that I had chosen and it was going to be a regular thing. He looked at me strangely and did a full exam on me. He gave us a prescription diaper cream and told us what we would need to use for an incontinent adult. She thanked him and soon we were on our way home. When we got home, I thought this would be the best time to try and get the genie bottle and release the genie, but when I went into the room where the bottle was, it was gone.

"What's the matter baby?" the voice said from behind me, "Not happy with your new life?", she asked. She then told me that she put the bottle in a very safe place, because she did not want me to screw up anything else right now. She told me that besides the fact that she had to care for me, she had received a phone call in regards to the business and that wish has made us financially set forever. She said that she would be able to oversee operations, but there were people in place to completely run the business and the residual income was more than we could ever spend.

Then she told me to get up to the bedroom. She told me to lay face down again and I started to cry. She told me to stop, that I was not getting spanked and she then restrained me to the bed. She then told me that the games we played involved a lot more than diapers, and that she wants to fuck that sweet ass of mine. She removed my diaper and put her strap-on on and lubed up my ass. She fucked me for what seemed like a full hour before pulling her cock out of me. Then she rolled me over, refastened the restraints, and got my cock good and hard. She mounted me and rode my until I filled her pussy with cum. Good boy she said as she lifted off my cock and lowered herself onto my face. Now, clean me up and give me an orgasm, she stated. When she reached orgasm, she climbed off of me and diapered me and left me tied to the bed. She then produced a gag that looked like an oversized pacifier and gagged me so I could not speak.

She returned minutes later with the genie bottle and told me that she had released the genie from his bottle and it was decided that since I chose to put myself in the role of a baby and since she was my given guardian that she would be entitled to the remaining 4 wishes. She thanked me for thinking of our financial welfare, but that she could not handle taking care of an adult baby. With that she opened the top of the bottle and began to rub the side. The haze started to come out of the bottle and the genie appeared. He looked at me tied to the bed wearing only a diaper with the gag in my mouth and let out a belly laugh. Then he turned toward my wife and stated that your wish is my command master.

"Since my baby here seems to enjoy his role as a baby so much I am going to help him. However, I have already raised three baby boys and do not wish to raise a fourth. So, here is my wish. I wish that he would become a pretty, petite woman whom will start to regress in age at a rate of 1 year younger for every week that goes by until she reaches the age of 6 months, at which time she will stop regressing and start the aging process over. However, she will age slowly and for every month she lives she will only age one day. And since she wants to be diapered, she will be completely incontinent and totally diaper dependent as soon as her body becomes female. This is my wish." I could not believe my ears. She was going to turn me into a woman who will slowly regress in age, then basically leave me in a infant state forever. The genie asked her if she was sure that was what she wished for and she said she was. He then crossed his arms and nodded his head. He told her she would see the results by tomorrow morning. You now have three wishes the genie told her and then returned to his bottle.

She left the room, put the bottle away and returned moments later. She sat beside me on the bed and started to talk to me. She told me she could not handle another boy and that I had always enjoyed my role as a woman when we had sex. She said she had put a lot of thought into this and figured regressing 1 year every week would give us time to explore lesbian activities at various ages until I became a real baby. She said that she look forward to having sex with me as a woman and she would continue to have sex with me until I was too young. Tears welled up in my eyes and I could not believe what I had gotten myself into. I also calculated your aging process, and at 1 day per month, every year you will only age 12 days. It will take 30 years for you to age one full year. At that rate you will die of old age long before you are out of diapers. I know this is not your exact wish, but I did not want to care for another baby, and you did not ask me for permission before you made your wishes. So, do not waste time worrying about your future, just enjoy what you can, and I will see you in the morning.

I could not sleep that night, but sometime in the early morning I passed out. When I came to, my wife was shaking me with a big smile on her face. She reached up and undid the restraints that were holding me down and then took the gag out of my mouth. My shoulders hurt from being tied to the bed for so long and my mouth was so sore I could hardly speak.

"So, how do you feel?" she asked me. When I went to speak I did not recognize my own voice. It was not that of a man, but that of a soft spoken woman. Instantly I looked at my body and noticed my hands were smaller, as were my feet and legs. I looked down and noticed that I had small perky tits that were perfectly shaped. I wanted to see myself in a mirror and tried to get up. I almost stumbled getting off the bed because it was slightly farther to the floor with my new body. I stood up and my diaper just about fell off. I grabbed the side of the diaper and noticed it was soaked, and then walked to the mirror. I could not believe the image looking back at me. I was gorgeous. Then she walked up behind me and grabbed my hands holding my diaper up and raised them above my head. The diaper fell to the ground and I looked at my new pussy in the mirror.

She took me by the hand and said "You will be free to come and go as you please. I will no longer need to restrain you. You know your fate, and in less than a year you will be a 6 month old baby and only I will understand your condition and take care of you. There is no need to search for the genie bottle, because you are under my guardianship and the genie has given me the remainder of the wishes. And if you did not notice, your diaper was wet when you woke up this morning. You have already lost your continence." With that she led me to the bathroom and helped me into the shower. She stripped off her clothing and joined me as we took my first shower as an adult female lesbian. As my body was being washed, I felt an unusual feeling and looked down to see Pee running down my leg. She looked at me and said we are going to have to be careful with that and smiled at me.

After the shower, she took me into the bedroom and dressed me. She said the first thing we need to do is find you an apartment. This will be very hard to explain to the boys. They would never understand or believe what was happening. She would tell them that I left and when my regression was through, she would tell them that she adopted a 6 month old baby girl with a rare aging disorder. We also had to take me shopping for some clothing. The diapers she had bought no longer fit my smaller female body, and I am even smaller than her, so her clothing is big on me.

We were fortunate when it came to finding a place to live. We met a couple through a rental agency that was going to be gone for 1 year on a mission. We only needed a place for 8 or 9 months or so, but we agreed to watch over the place for the remaining time until they returned. Cloths' shopping was fun for the two of us. We truly were just two girls out on a shopping spree. It was decided it would be best to only purchase dresses and skirts for me since I would be regressing and wearing diapers the whole time. We picked out about 8 outfits, a few bras, and a few pairs of shoes then called it a day.

The next 5 weeks would prove to be very interesting. I was still in my thirties, and was starting to get used to my new body. We were exploring many new sexual avenues that only two women could explore together. I was finding that I truly enjoyed being a woman more than I ever did a man. Being incontinent had a real learning curve too. Before I controlled when I wet the diaper, now I did not even know when I wet. We had to purchase waterproof sheets for my bed, because we had a couple of accidents while making love. I could not believe the difference in how a woman felt in regard to sex in comparison to how men feel towards it. And the orgasms are so much nicer as a woman.

One thing that turned out to be very interesting was that I got to help design my own nursery. How many 6 month old babies can lay claim to that. I got a little sad at times knowing that I would spend the rest of my life in the nursery, especially after discovering how good it could feel to be a woman. By the time I was about 25 years old, we had already put a nursery together in the house and told the boys about the little girl who would be coming to live with us.

By the time I was 20, I had only had sex with women, and wanted to try a man before it was too late. I went to a known college hangout and started to talk to two guys who were roommates. We had a few drinks and things started to heat up pretty good. Before long one of them ran his hand over my ass. The look on his face was priceless when he felt thick diaper instead of sexy panties. I made up a story about being sick as a young girl and having to wear diapers ever since. They were both too drunk and horny to care at this point. I assured them that everything worked properly other than that, and we continued to laugh. I excused myself to the ladies room and went to my car and changed myself, and rejoined to two boys. I told them that I had never had sex with a man before and they both looked surprised and did not believe me. I assured them that I had had lots of sex, it was just always with women. You could see that they were both about ready to explode, and when I told them that I wanted to have sex with a man tonight and that two is better than one, we were out the door and on the way to their flat within minutes.

I had forgotten how much and how often a young man could cum. Every hole was filled with cock and I swallowed what seemed like a quart of semen. I have never felt so satisfied as I did by the time we were through. Neither of the boys dicks were as big as the dildo we usually use, so it was a relatively painless night. The feeling of having two real cocks in me at one time was incredible. When we were through, the guys asked me what it was like to have to wear diapers all the time. I said let me show you and grabbed my bag and pulled out three diapers. I oiled each of them up and diapered them as well as myself. I then took each of their heads and held their mouths to my breasts and let them suck on my tits while they wore the diapers. Soon one of the boys said he had to pee and I told him that if he used his diaper, I would have a reward for him. He did, and I told him to lay back and I would change him. When I took his diaper off I took a hold of his penis and sucked it into my mouth. I sucked him to orgasm and swallowed every drop. When I was through, I looked over to his roommate and could see he was wet as well, so I did the same to him. When I was through, I told the boys they should experiment some more with each other and gathered my things, got dressed and headed home.

The next several weeks proved to be increasingly difficult. I was experiencing hormonal flocculations and was always in the mood for sexual activity. My wife on the other hand was having morality issues with my age and was becoming very standoffish. By the time I was 15 years old, we stopped having sex and she started to assume a parental role in my life. I kidded with her that I was now the same age as her boys and maybe I should teach them about the birds and the bees. Like a 15 year old teenager, my comments were stupid and distasteful and she did not find them to be the least bit funny. A couple of more weeks and I no longer thought about sex anymore, and was now thinking like a child. I needed to be cared for on a full time basis and being alone was frightening. I spent a lot of time at our house and the few times the boys seen me, she just said she was sitting for a friend.

The final two months were the most difficult. I was too young to stay in a house by myself, but was still too old and regressing fast to stay in our house full time and have the boys see me at multiply ages. There were many times she would hire sitters for me and have me stay at their place and she looked into day care for me. It seemed like this stage took the longest to pass, but soon I was completely transformed into a 6 month old infant. I moved into the nursery I helped design just 6 long months ago.

My new mommy walked into the room and looked at me lying in my crib and said, "Remember, I still have 2 wishes, and I am in no hurry to use them. You will be a 6 month old baby for a long time, but maybe I will miss you and change the status of your aging process in the future. Until then 'sleep tight little one'."

To be continued--

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