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Gone Fishing

Here is the true story of how I first learned to please other men

It started on a week long fishing trip when I was 19 years old with 5 of my friends. After we got to the lake and set up camp it was time to grab the beer coolers and the fishing poles for a couple of hours of intense worm drowning. When it started to get dark it was time to quit and head back to camp for food when we got there it was time to figure out who was going to be the camp BITCH (all the cooking and cleaning) since I was the smallest and the youngest you can guess who got elected ME.

After the meal was done and I had cleaned up we all went to bed early after everyone went to sleep I snuck out of my tent and put on one of the 4 disposable Attends diapers I had brought with me then went back into my tent to jack off and fell asleep. Early the next mourning I was the last to wake up the others decided to play a trick on me and grabbed my sleeping bag then dumped me in the lake when I stood up they all started laughing at me as I stood there in nothing but a diaper and a tee shirt. When I went into my tent to dry off I was followed and teased about my diapered state as I opened my bag to get dry clothes my other diapers were spotted and in mass the guys decided I should be forced to wear nothing but diapers and a shirt since I was the camp bitch I could be the camp sissy bitch.

After fishing all till lunch as I was cooking Jim and Gene went into town on a beer run but what I didn't know was they also stopped at Save-on drug store and picked up two packages of medium attends so I could be kept in diapers the whole week also the had picked up a baby bib and bottle at the supermarket. When they returned I was told I had been elected the camp baby and would have to where diapers all the time or they would tell everyone even my parents when we got home. After grabbing a few beers we all went to the lake to fish (man was I glad we were at a secluded lake so no one could see me) when we got back to camp we were all pretty drunk that nigh so after eating most of the guys went to sleep except Tom and me. About 35 minutes later Tom told me he had to pee so I was to stand up and turn around when I did he walked up behind me then proceeded to pull open the back of my diaper and pee there.

This really felt strange but started to really turn me on especially when I sat back down in someone's warm piss later he did this again until pee started running down my legs so I was told to go to change my diaper and go to bed. The next day we all fished and drank till dark then after dinner we were all sitting around drinking when Tom said hey everyone watch this then he proceeded to make me stand up so he could again piss in my diapers I stood there humiliated while the others watched and laughed at me till he finished then I went and changed my diaper and sat back down later Jim wanted me to go night fish with him as we sat around drinking waiting for a bite Jim said stand up baby I gotta pee.As he pissed down my diaper he reached around me and began rubbing my hard cock he told me I noticed you liked this when Tom showed us then he kept rubbing me till I came Jim then sat down and said I really must have liked that I told him I loved it well he said now its time that the baby made him happy so crawl over here! As I did he UN zipped his pants and pulled out his cock and told me now its my turn when I first refused he threatened to beat the crap outta me so I reached for his cock and began to rub it but he said to start licking it then when it got big and hard he told me to start sucking it then he told me baby's loved to suck on things and its time I learned how to give a blow job when he came in my mouth I was told to swallow it all or else when I finished he handed me a beer and told me would probably taste real good now as I finished the beer he told me now go to bed baby so I did and had some really weird dreams that night.

The next mourning he told the others watch what the baby learned to do I was told to stand up as Jim pissed in my diaper while jacking me off after I came the others were laughing but Jim told them to wait it gets better then forced me to turn around and drop to my knees as I did I was told to start sucking so I did as the others watched and made more comments as I started to feel Jims cock grow even larger in my mouth he grabbed my ears and started to really deep fuck my mouth till he came as the others applauded I was told to now go and see who wants to be next I then had to suck off the four other guys even Tom who we had nicknamed Mongo and he was hung big time. Afterwards when I went into my tent to change Jerry walked in and told me "let me do that for you" when he untapped my diaper and proceeded to wipe me clean but then stuck a finger up my asshole and pushed in and out then told me "I have a good use for that hole later" later that night after being used as everybody's toilet and everyone's had gone night fishing Jerry told me to go into my tent and remove my diaper. when I did Jerry followed me and pulled his cock out and told me to lick him for a while when I had licked and sucked him till he got hard was then told to "lay on my belly" as I did he said since I liked to suck dick so much I should really like this. As he kneeled behind me he smeared some Vaseline on his finger and his cock then used his finger for a few seconds then I felt him pull his finger out and put the head of his cock against my asshole then he grabbed my waist and shoved his cock in my ass its full length as I screamed and started to cry he told me how tight my ass was and how good it felt when he finally came he pulled out then kissed me on the cheek and told me I was a "great sissy fuck and don't worry I will soon learn to enjoy this" he then rediapered me and told me to get a good nights sleep. As I cried myself to sleep because my butt hurt so much I only got about an hour of sleep because when the others came back to camp he told them he had just popped the babies cherry.

At this point everyone else wanted a try so the all drug me out next to the fire and ripped my diaper off Tom then started to rub his dick against my lips and Jerry told me the others had decided it was time to find out what a "Train" was as I sucked on Toms dick to get it nice and slippery with spit Jerry started to use the Vaseline and really grease me up then tom got up and knelt behind me and then rammed his cock home (tom is about 13"inches long and 2" around) when I started to cry Jim got in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth to keep me quiet when Tom finished Curt yelled it was his turn Gene shoved his cock in my mouth so I could suck him off when Curt came Jim took his turn with my ass after I swallowed Genes cum Jim finished and then they all switched places and started over. When every one was satisfied later a couple of them taped a dry diaper on me and helped me back to my tent as I laid down my asshole really hurt and I could actually feel cum leaking outta my asshole.

When I woke up the next mourning my butt hurt but not as bad as I thought it would when I walked out of my tent everybody told me I smelled like a real messy baby and ti take my diaper off and go wash up in the lake. When I returned I was asked how I liked getting raped and treated like a girl also did I love my first CUM enema. I told them I didn't like it at all so they said to shut up and drink my baby bottle when I started to I noticed that the milk tasted funny and was told that they all had jacked off into it and then filled it to the top with milk. After I finished my bottle Gene walked up and pilled his dick out and announced that he would feed the baby his dessert I just surrendered and started to open my mouth for him to shove his cock in. And this went on for the next 4 days so now I like both men and girls but mostly men who treat me as there sissy baby bondage slave. Timmy

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