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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

(Interracial theme)

Dee raced back and forth between the kitchen and dining room, putting the last special touches on the table, and checking that the hors d'oeurves were timed just right. White wine was chilling, and the red was ready to be decanted later. She stopped to check her reflection in the mirror. Hair perfect, makeup just "so", jewellery sophisticated and understated. She slipped her heels on, smoothed out the sheer black stockings, and adjusted the garter belt so it wouldn't show under the Alfred Sung cocktail dress.

When Daddy called earlier, she was at first disappointed to know he was bringing a guest home for dinner. He insisted it had to be perfect, and that it was important to him that the evening went well. Oh well, even though it had been a couple of weeks since they had enjoyed any baby time together, it was not going to be tonight either. This guy must be connected to one of the many ventures Daddy was juggling.

Just as the kitchen timer dinged, Daddy swept through the front door. He handed her flowers, kissed her cheek, and turned to introduce his colleague. There stood one of the handsomest men Dee had ever seen. He stood at least 6'3", with long lashed fabulous eyes, and skin the colour of rich coffee. Early 40's she bet. So intent on looking at this man, she missed his name, and had to apologize.

"Josh", Daddy repeated. Dee shook his hand, feeling hers swallowed up in his.

Regaining her composure, Dee led the way across the room to the three white sofas in front of the fireplace.

"You look lovely dear" Daddy said. His appraising smile showed his approval and pride in her. Retreating to the kitchen to get drinks, she failed to hear what the men were saying, but she presumed it was about Daddy's newest painting hanging above the mantle.

The next hour and a half passed easily. She loved to see how animated and alive Daddy got when discussing his baby - his precious Foundation. Josh seemed to be well-read, but not as informed as colleague or investor might be. Perhaps she had misunderstood who he was in this grand scheme. The wine was gone, the food mere remnants on the plates, and both men looked completely satisfied as they lingered over their coffee, jackets off, ties undone.

"I'll bring dessert into the living room if you like and make a quick powder room stop." Dee started to rise, but Daddy pulled her back down and held her hand. Suddenly Dee knew something was up --

"Actually darling, let's leave dessert for awhile. Come with me." He led her into the living room and Josh followed, leaning casually in the doorway. He took both her hands in his, and leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

"Josh is a friend I met online last year. We've kept in touch. He has his own baby girl back home. He wanted to meet mine."

Dee felt the crimson rush start between her breasts and flood her face. God, this can't be happening. Daddy felt her stiffen, and pulled her into a hug to reassure her.

"Baby, it's fine. I promise. You've been working so hard lately, and you've been so patient with my distractions, that I wanted to bring you a special gift tonight."

The blushing continued like an inferno inside. Dee moved away and sat down -"Uh, I think I need a drink and for you to spell out EXACTLY what you're saying." She glanced nervously at Josh, who had moved closer. She could barely look him in the eye, she was suddenly so unsure of herself. Daddy dropped to one knee, and lifted her chin. He was still smiling, and said...

"yes, I know this is radical, even for me - but babydoll, you don't have to be frightened, or shy. I know this is something you've fantasized about, as I have, and well, as Josh has too."

Still speechless, she sat as Josh took his cue from Daddy, and sat beside her. Taking her hand, he said "Sweet Dee, you are the most beautiful and sophisticated woman I have ever met


sharing your secret is a privilege, and if you're not ok with this, I will not be insulted. Daddy thought he'd like to give you a fantasy, and I was honored to be included."

"Well, it's all that and a bag of nuts" she finally exclaimed. She cringed inside. That was like the "I carried a watermelon" line from Dirty Dancing. The three sat silently waiting for Dee's decision. She stared at the fireplace and finally said...

"Well I can't have two Daddys, so I guess it's up to my Daddy to tell "Uncle" Josh what happens next."

Both men chuckled at the same time. Daddy seemed pleased. He retrieved a large box from the front closet.

"Stand over here, little one" Josh said in a dreamy voice. Dee obeyed and stood shyly in front of him. Daddy moved the coffee table out of the way.

"Please take off your shoes". Dee stepped out of her pumps, and felt immediately diminutive next to this man. He rested his hands gently on her shoulders.

"May I unzip baby's dress?" he asked.

Dee looked to Daddy, who stepped forward to kiss her, while Josh unzipped her. The dress fell to her feet, leaving her braless, with garter belt and thong.

"Lie down little girl." Daddy lay her down, and knelt beside her, unfastening her garters, and pulling her stockings down. Dee had never felt more naked than under the scrutiny of these two men. All of her senses heightened... and she was aware of their arousal. She acquiesced and lay back, closing her eyes, hoping her mind would stop racing.

She could hear Daddy rummage in the box, and the men started chatting again, like they were setting up a campsite, for God sake. She almost started to laugh. Then she did. The tension broke finally, and she lay smiling, as Josh handed Daddy a diaper, and plastic panties.

"You know, I miss my baby girl something awful. She's as beautiful as you are!" Both men began one upping each other, each extolling the virtues of their little ones. Daddy whispered something in Josh's ear, who headed to the kitchen on a mission.

Alone, Dee asked once more - "I'll only ask this once darling... you're ok with this? I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, ever!" Daddy smiled, leaned down, kissed her.

"Now baby, that's enough argument for one night. I want you to be very very nice to Uncle Josh. And have fun. That's an order".

Josh returned as if on cue, with a baby bottle, which he unceremoniously plopped into Dee's mouth. She sucked, and almost choked. It was wine. Chuckling, Dee cooed happily. Yes, loosen me up please!!!. She drained it quickly and prayed the effects would kick in soon. Within minutes, Dee was diapered, dressed in a baby top, and sitting between the men's feet.

"Beer Josh?" Daddy was gone and back with beers, and suddenly, it was as natural as anything for Dee to be with them both.

Daddy looked over - it was like radar! He could always tell when she had to go. He patted the couch beside him, and she snuggled onto his lap, lying against his chest. She was dimly aware that the man sitting across from them could see her thickly diapered butt. It made her shiver more than ever when she let go the stream she'd been holding for what seemed like an eternity. Daddy sighed happily as he cupped her now hot pussy and kissed her cheek again. He started to slip a finger into the waistband of her diaper, but Dee pulled his hand away.

"What? Are you going to give me a hard time? I think Uncle Josh should come over here and hold your hands while Daddy checks you.

In a second, Josh was lounging on the sofa, with Dee lying against him, holding her wrists firmly.

"That's better, baby". Dee could see how aroused Daddy was, but she could feel Josh's enormous hard on pressing into her back. She almost came right then. Josh began kissing the side of her temples, nuzzling her ear and temples. His breathing was the only thing betraying his excitement.

"Let Daddy do what he needs to do baby".

It had been at least 10 years since Dee had had a black lover. She'd forgotten how different and intoxicating a black man's scent was. Muskier, headier in some ways. Probably because it was so unlike her own. She turned her head up, and let Josh kiss her mouth. Full velvet lips. She felt herself sigh, and felt Daddy's fingers spread her lips and tease her. He stroked her legs, to let her know he was quite enjoying this. Daddy stood up and removed his clothes. He fetched lotions, and lubes and wipes and anything else his devious mind could think of to keep in easy reach, before returning to stroking Dee's soaked pussy. Josh had released Dee's wrists and was gently fondling her nipples under her shirt. She saw a glance pass between the men as he fingered a nipple ring.

"Don't ask", laughed Daddy.

"My baby girl is such a naughty baby sometimes."

"Uncle Josh I think you need to get more comfortable." Josh stood up to his full height and stripped. Dee stifled a growl inside, as layers came off. His skin was flawless except for an ashy scar down one thigh. Dee reached out to trace it with a finger, looking up for an explanation.

"Don't ask" was all he said.

Daddy lay Dee back on the couch, stroking and kissing her face, while Dee felt unfamiliar fingers undo the side of her diaper. The shivering made her pee again, and Josh murmered something like "you go girl" and lowered his mouth to kiss her belly. Dee thought she would pass out. Daddy looked deep into her eyes, and said..

"Yes baby, enjoy it... all of it." She reached down to find Daddy's cock and whispered "Feed me Daddy". Feeling his cock slip into her mouth, she suckled happily and widened her legs more. Josh's fingers began to probe her pussy.

"Play with her ass Uncle Josh. Baby loves that", and Josh complied. Dee began to suck harder as she felt her orgasm build. One more.. yes one more... then... God, yes! Waves shook her, and she rode Josh's hand harder. She feared she'd bite Daddy's dick if she moved any more, and Daddy must have had the same fear, because he pulled out of her mouth to let her come back down to earth.

"I'm saving this for my baby slut's ass" said Daddy. Josh chuckled...

"I've never been able to do that. Most little girls can't take Mr. Jones in the front, let alone the back."

Dee had been avoiding looking at his cock, but knew from past experience and from looking at his finger proportions that it was going to be impressive. She couldn't help but wonder what Daddy was thinking. He seemed nonplussed, and made a pass-off joke, that him and his 'little friend' did just fine. And he at least had 3 holes to choose from.

"But", Daddy added, "I know at least one little baby girl who really wants to try you on for size!" Dee blushed, and hid her face with her hands.

"Is that right now little girl?" asked Josh, who reached for lube, and rolled a condom down over the first inches of his dick.

"Uncle Josh would sure enjoy pleasuring this baby girl. He surely would. Turn over baby".

Dee felt herself lifted over til she was on her knees and she sat back. Daddy slipped under her, and lay her head on his chest. Holding her close, he began whispering in her ear. Dee felt the head of Josh's cock push into her, then more, and more, until she pushed back against him. She moaned, and Daddy pulled a handful of her hair.

"Is that what you've wanted my pretty little slut?" Josh had stopped moving to let her relax around him. The sounds he was making were soft murmers and deep growls, and his big hands held her hips firmly. Dee bit her lip and whined, feeling her pussy clench to grab hard. From her position she could see her discarded wet diaper on the floor. Josh began to move, and Dee moved against him, now lowering her head to bite Daddy's nipples. She moved one hand down to his cock, and squeezed his balls.

"Yes baby, go baby". It was like a rhythm that built up. She didn't know how long it lasted.. minutes seemed like hours, but she was being well and truly fucked. Her mouth and pussy full, all she wanted to do was suspend this moment in time. Finally Josh spent himself, and Dee lay tired on Daddy. She reached around without looking, and stroked Josh's arm, to say thank you.

Daddy pushed her up...

"come on little girl. You can do better than that. Thank him properly, like a baby slut does". Dee shifted her weight around to face Josh who had just slid the condom off and was reaching for wipes. She stopped his hand, and lowered her mouth to lick his cum from the tip, and the sides. He quivered and jumped, since he was still so sensitive. He stroked the top of Dee's head then guided her mouth up to his for a gentle kiss. Standing up, he headed for the bathroom and Dee turned shyly to Daddy.

"Lie down baby." He reached for wipes and a fresh diaper, and redressed Dee.

"I want you to fix fresh drinks, and come back here. I'll put another log on the fire, and you, little one, shall wet for me again. Now.

That request was easy to comply with. She felt the first trickles begin as she walked to the kitchen, and kept going feeling the padding get hot against her now swollen cunt. When she returned, Josh sat comfortably in just his shirt, and Daddy tucked her in beside him, one hand under her warm butt.

The men chatted for awhile - sports scores or something, while Dee stroked Daddy's leg. Within moments, Josh said, as if on cue...

"So, does your baby really like having her ass fucked?" You would have thought he was asking if liked driving my new car better than the old one.

"Yes, most definitely." Said Daddy. He slapped her ass, and commanded her to fetch the lube.

"Stand up". She did.

"No, turn around". She did, facing Josh's direction. Suddenly she felt her diaper being hiked down below her butt, and Daddy's fingers dripping with cold lube, spread her ass. He made her stand for several minutes while he worked her, and she felt her nipples harden, and her face flush being on display like this.

"I see" said Josh, nodding during the demonstration. Slowly, carefully, Daddy pulled her down onto his cock in his lap. Dee happily felt her ass relax and take him in all the way. She flexed her ass and rocked gently. Daddy guided Dee's hand around to the top of her diaper and slipped it in.

"Play with Daddy's pussy now." She complied. Watching this made Josh's cock harden again.

"Hey, Josh, baby needs her mouth filled. Would you do the honor?" Josh smiled, and said "anything for a friend dear William". He stood in front of Dee who merely had to open her mouth to be filled. She kissed the tip, and Daddy over her shoulder...

"no my gorgeous slut. Show him what a wonderful cocksucker you are." She obeyed, feeling her mouth and cheeks strain to take him in. She felt Daddy pumping her ass, and his words pushed her closer to the edge. Josh held her hair and pumped gently, adding his encouragement and praise. Tensing, she felt herself letting go... peeing and cumming at the same time. She felt her cum dripping out of her wet pussy and onto Daddy's thighs. Both hands on his cock now, Dee couldn't help but milk him, wanting both men to cum in her at the same time. Fuck yes! Daddy's orgasm hit with an explosion that made him yell out - something unintelligible, but happy. Josh's cock jerked, and squirted into her mouth and down her throat. A lesser stream than an hour ago thank God, or she would have drowned. She finally released his shrinking cock from her mouth, and looked up very innocently...

"Thank you Uncle Josh". Daddy rolled her off, and pulled her diapers and plastic pants back into place. He turned her face to his and gave her a long kiss.

"You made me very proud tonight".

Standing up, he shook hands with Josh saying, "well done! Let's have that dessert now." then headed to the bathroom and the kitchen. Dee lay dreamily on the couch, almost dozing off now, and felt a blanket being tucked in around her. Before she dozed off, she thought she heard "night night baby" but wasn't sure.


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