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Normally, I don't wear diapers on a regular basis. I wear them when I need to - when I have my period. The pads and tampons never seem to do it for me. Countless times in public, I have either leaked or stained my pants because my menstrual flow is excessive. It's easier for me to just wear a diaper during the two or three days my period is really bad. I do absolutely everything to make sure no one knows I'm wearing a diaper because I get embarrassed very easily. Luckily for me, I have a small petite body and can fit into a pampers size 6 - small and relatively thin diapers.

One time though, when I had my quarterly gynecological exam, I forgot to take off my diaper. It was an afternoon appointment, which meant that I would go directly from work to the doctor's office. I was wearing a small pampers size 6 with the barney designs on the front and just completely forgot that I was wearing them until I was called into the examination room.

My doctor led me into her regular examining room and told me to "have a seat on the table." The table had crinkly wax paper on it that sounded like a diaper when you rubbed it, and that's the sound that reminded me I was wearing a diaper. Panicking, I thought of a way to dispose of the diaper without my doctor knowing. The room, unfortunately, had all the necessary tools for the examination (i.e. a scale, height measurement) so there was no chance my doctor was going to leave. I guess I could have asked to go to the bathroom, but by the time I had thought about it, she was ready to examine me. My breathing started to get hard and my doctor asked me if everything was alright; I told her everything was fine. Inside though, I felt like I was going to die.

Even though I'm not a kid anymore, my doctor still helps me take off my clothes when she examines me. I guess it's because she knows I'm petite and probably assumes I need help. It never really bothered me in the past, but it was bothering me now.

I was slouched over in distress, not really concentrating on what my doctor was doing when she touched my back and straightened up my posture. As she opened up each of my eyelids and checked my ears, nose, and throat, she asked me how I was doing. In an apathetic manner, I said I was doing well, hoping to inhibit any further conversation. My doctor didn't stop talking though, and started talking to me about the patients she saw this morning. My doctor talks a lot, and I didn't want to sound rude by telling her I didn't care, so I pretended to listen and nodded at appropriate times.

She was just about finished looking at my ear drum when she said out loud, "let's have a look at your chest honey."

I was wearing a button down sweater and she proceeded to unbutton it for me. She helped me slip out of it and then grabbed hold of the bottom of my undershirt and pulled it over my head, exposing my bra. She didn't take off my bra immediately though, and instead started massaging the sides of my belly. I assume she knew I was tense and was trying to calm me down, and somehow it worked.

Then without even asking me to turn around, she used one hand to squeeze the connecting pieces of my bra together and unlatch it. She pulled it down exposing my small breast and nipples. I didn't really mind people seeing my chest; it was my vagina and butt I was a more embarrassed about.

Interrupting her monologue about what I think was now a vacation she was planning, she asked to take a deep breath in and then exhale. My back was firm and straight as I sat upright near the end of the table. She placed the stethoscope in the middle of my chest, then moved it over my left nipple, and then down towards my belly button. She used a similar motion for my back, starting towards the top and working her way down.

When she finally finished listening to my heart, she asked me to lay down on the table, guiding me with her hands firmly on my chest. I was starting to get nervous again, but when she started rubbing my tummy, I calmed down a bit. I still had on my tight suede pants, and was wondering when she would decide to take them off. I also wore a pair of panties under the pants, just in case anyone happened to see down my pants when I bent over. They were black so they concealed the diaper really well.

She used both of her hands to massage my tummy and asked me if I had any problems pooping or peeing. A little taken aback by the question, I told her no. She then asked if I wet the bed at all or noticed any unusual patterns in my period, and without even thinking, told her no. I don't like it when people talk about my private areas, even if it is my doctor.

By now I had consented to just let her find out about the diaper myself, and if she inquired, I'd tell her the reason. I realized there was no point in sounding ashamed probably since many of her patients wear diapers. The only thing was that I hadn't wore diapers to any of my other examinations, so I was afraid it might be weird this time because I wore one - not to mention it was a baby diaper.

When she finished rubbing my tummy and listening again to my heart, she proceeded to unbutton my pants and remove them. She noticed my diaper immediately through my panties, but thankfully didn't ask me why I was wearing them. I'm not sure what I would have said if she did. She also removed the black panties I was wearing, leaving me completely naked except for the white baby diaper I was wearing.

She rotated my legs around and bent them, touching my heal to my diaper, and asked me if I felt any discomfort, I told her I didn't. Then, just as I thought she was about to take off my diaper, she asked me to climb down to get weighed and measured. I was really relieved because I thought she wouldn't have to look at my vagina or anything. I'm not sure why I thought this, being that it was a gynecologists office and all, but it gave me a feeling of relief at the time.

When she finished weighing and measuring me, I was just about ready to get my clothes back on when she told me to get back up on the table. I could tell she knew I was nervous, and that probably why she said, "I'm just going to have a quick look down there, okay."

I acknowledged and she slowly unfastened the tapes on my diaper, spreading my legs apart and pulling the frontal part through my legs, revealing my tiny vagina. There was some blood in the diaper, to which my doctor said, "I trust these are your heavy days."

I told her they were and she proceeded to examine me without questioning me further. She opened up my vagina and put her bare finger inside, feeling around for swelling or abnormalities. Then she put a probe inside and drained some fluid. The procedure didn't take very long, and she moved onto my rectum quickly after that. She opened up my butt, took a look inside, and then much to my surprise said, "I just want to take your temperature very quickly. The new policy here is everyone needs to have their temperature taken."

Well, I really didn't want to have my temperature taken rectally, so I asked her if it was possible to do it orally. She said it was, but then said it was more convenient and accurate to take it rectally. I didn't want to give her a hard time, so I let her take it rectally.

She then proceeded to take out desitin, a creamy thick white ointment, and lube my vagina and rectum. I wasn't sure why she lubed my vagina, but I didn't ask questions. My legs were held by one of her hands in the diaper changing position while she gently with her other hand, slid the thermometer into my rectum. I felt the thermometer the whole time, mostly because her hand was holding it there securely, and every other 5 seconds, she would move the thermometer and her hand around.

The time that elapsed was about 2 minutes, but it seemed like 10. The situation was really awkward, and neither one of us said a word. I mean, just think. I was lying on a table with an unfastened diaper under my butt, my vagina and rectum completely exposed and covered in white cream, and a doctor holding up my leg while securing a thermometer in my butt.

When it was finally over, she gave my vagina a quick rub, opened it again, and then slapped my butt and said, "you look good honey."

Well, I guess I was glad to hear that, but the whole scene made me really uncomfortable. She was about to refasten the dirty diaper on my bottom when she realized it had my period in it. I might have also peed in it. She immediately opened the bottom drawer of the table and pulled out a diaper exactly like mine. Then she said, "not to worry, I'm always prepared."

She folded up my old diaper and put it aside, then opened the new one up, powdered it, and slid it under my butt. She also powdered my butt and vagina, even though they were already covered in cream, then securely fastened the diaper.

She had me stand up and she made sure the diaper fit perfectly, then gave me a spank on the butt and said, "your ready to go."

She helped me into my panties and pants and with my bra and shirt and escorted me out of the office. She had the tube of cream in her hands and my dirty diaper, and all the patients who were next undoubtedly knew it was mine. I started blushing really hard and hurried out of the office as fast as I could. It was definitely the weirdest and most embarrassing event in my life.

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