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Part ONE

Jeremy had been renting the house since late spring and a long hot summer had followed. On weekends he'd get out in the sun, working in the backyard, 'til it got too hot, and then he'd go inside and work on the bathroom or the basement stairs where it was cool. The garden was mostly grass with some fruit trees and an old swing hanging from the sycamore. As the sun set he enjoyed watering with the garden hose, running the cool water over his legs, plugging the mouth of the hose with his thumb and shooting jets of water into the air. It fell back in a mist, washing the trees.

It was on such an evening toward the end of September that he noticed a guy in the back garden next door. He finished watering and dragged the hose back to the faucet and began to roll it up.

"Hey, how are ya? I'm Mark." Jeremy jumped and turned around. The man stood on the other side of the fence that separated the properties. Jeremy saw the smile first...flashing teeth in a full chiselled mouth framed by the jet black Ali Baba goatee against his fair skin...glittering blue eyes....thick black lashes, his head completely shaved, but for the beard...a beautiful pirate.

"We just bought the place..."

" name's Jeremy." They shook hands over the fence.

"Maya, come meet our new neighbour." And a woman, ebony black, appeared behind the pirate. She moved with the natural grace of a panther and her mouth was meltingly beautiful....the pirate princess.

"This is Jeremy.....Jeremy, my wife Maya." Jeremy, wet and only in his trunks was shivering. It wasn't just the sudden cool evening was more the shock of being confronted by these two extraordinary looking creatures. He figured he'd got some very interesting new neighbors indeed.


A week or so later, coming home from work, he saw Mark in the screened veranda that ran along the front of their house. He and several other guys were replacing lattice and priming new wood. He waved to Jeremy.

"Come by later for a drink..." he hollered, grinning and brushing off some sawdust.

"Yeah, we'll have a drink and maybe play some cards."

"When?" Asked Jeremy.

"'Bout an hour...hour and a half." Shouted Mark over the power tools. Jeremy nodded and raised his fist, thumbs up; unaware that he had stepped onto a web.


They played poker in the dining room, at one end of a worktable, beneath a bare lightbulb that cast hard shadows. Jeremy knew little about poker and he began to lose early on...he'd only joined in the game in order to be agreeable. He found himself mesmerized by the two of them...not sure whether he wanted to be them or fuck them.

It was as if he'd lost all sense of control as he found himself going into debt, losing more and more money, until he finally was aware of Maya's hand on his.

"Don't you think you've had enough?" He looked at her concerned expression, then at Mark who just sat with a smug expression.

"Surely you don't want to go on." She said gently.

Jeremy shook his head, dazed.

"I'm sorry...don't know what got into me." Mark filled his glass, "I can't afford.....I mean....I mean I'm sorry but..." His voice grew softer and softer until he was quiet. They sat in silence for what seemed to him a very long time.

"There's just no way I can cover..." and he stopped again.

Then Mark nodded his head slightly and Maya said brightly, "Maybe we can work something out.

He sat quietly as she laid out an agreement that Jeremy would join her and Mark for the Halloween weekend. It was agreed that she would determine what their costumes and indentities would be and that everyone would play their "roles" without complaint. She stressed the words "roles" and "without complaint" and the hairs on his neck stood up as he agreed to the terms. Mark, grinning the same smug smile, looked into his eyes and straight through him.


He sould have had an inkling of what was happening when scaffolding went up around their house and it was painted pink....not the soft pink you see on houses in Bermuda...this was dayglow hot tit-pink. It's a measure of how deply he was under their spell that it didn't occur to him that it was completely over the top....they could have painted it black and he would have had the same blank reaction.

When he got home from work that fateful Friday night he had no idea of what was in store for him. He showered, dressed, and had a drink, thinking first of Mark, then of Maya, then of Mark again....the confusing flirtation from them as they morphed back and forth in his mind. He hadn't been in their house since it'd been painted pink....socializing had been over the back fence or on the street and the Halloween agreement hadn't been mentioned so that he wondered if they'd forgotten all about it. He finished his drink, turned off the light, and locked the door behind him.


He completely stopped thinking clearly when Mark opened the door and he stepped inside. Everything that wasn't white was pink, with touches of pale blue here and there. Some of the furniture seemed oversized...a chair here, a stool there. The floor was covered with thick white capeting. Mark looked completely incongruous in this setting, dressed in black Levi's and white T shirt, an odd grin on his face (made sinister by the trim goatee and amused grin).

"I've a couple of things to do...Maya'll be with you in a second." And he disappeared down the hallway.

By the time she entered the room he realized he was trembling slightly and had a full erection.

"OK, baby......there's gonna be no fucking it? You're going to do exactly as I say." She stood with her hands on her hips...her tight white leather pants gleaming disturbingly in the nursery like atmosphere. He nooded dumbly.

"Then let's get started."



Her voice was like honey, mellifluous; there was even the purr of a cat in it. It was unbelievably comforting. But what she was saying was not. She had let him know that she "didn't want any screwing around" and that he was to agree to total obedience. Of course he agreed.

"You're to do what I say without any feedback..." He nodded.

"And I mean it. No bullshit!" And he nodded.

"And if I tell you to go into the john and shave off that goatee, you'll do it without complaint, without a word?" And he nodded again. +++++++++++++++++++ Jeremy felt like he was watching himself from a corner of the ceiling....slowly shaving off the short goatee he'd started growing....a perpetual five day growth like Mark's....his whole being was gripped by a growing sense of physical excitement so strong it blocked out thought. If he thought anything it was delight in what he was doing, and when he was done he took off his clothes, folded them neatly, and stood stark naked in the middle of the white, pink and blue tiled bathroom. When she finally entered the room he was like a tuning fork vibrating with mounting anticipation. Mark followed her in, put his powerful arm around her waist, and they both stood and stared without expression as his cock slowly, in a few jerks and spasms, came erect.

"Ahhh, naked as a baby." she said.

"Yeah, with it's little flag waving." said Mark, grinning in a particularly nasty way.

"Stay where you are and do as you're told, baby. Mark is gonna shave off that nasty hair on your body, so you do as you're told and if he wants your arm in the air or your leg you do as he says. Understood?"

"Yes." more a sigh than a word.

"What was that?" she snapped. Mark was already rubbing shaving foam on his legs and he found himself spreading his legs slightly in cooperation.

"Yes, mam?"

"No, honey, it's Nanny. Can you say, Yes, Nanny? 'Cause that's what I'm gonna be this weekend and you're gonna be the big baby Nanny takes care of." There was almost a hint of menace in Mark's face as he shaved the crotch hair.

"Understood?"she thundered.

"Yes, Nanny." and his cock bobbed up and down in agreement.

"OK, follow us." she said and, as they walked out of the room , Mark turned and said, "But on your hands and knees like a good baby." As they walked and he crawled down the hall Maya continued, "And that's it with talking until I tell can only talk if given permission..."

"But what if....." and Mark turned and silenced him with a glare.

"You're only to make the sounds suitable to a's and gaa-gaa's and it?" And he began to gurgle baby gibberish.

"A little higher...a little more like a baby!" As he crawled into the room they had entered he was goo-gooing and gaa-gaaing in a whining , pitiful , infantile voice that fell silent once he got a load of the room. It was an oversized baby's nursery with a crib and a playpen both big enough for two, even three, big babies. And everything was white pink or babyblue. Mark pulled him up onto one of those trolleys they wheel you around on in hospitals and shoved an oversized pacifier into his mouth.

"Suck on that, you big baby." He had that same nasty grin, the goatee accentuating his jaw. And Jeremy began to slowly suck in a slurpy moist way.

"Alright, Mark, I think it's time to put baby in his didees." She stood with her arms folded, her sensuous body silhouetted by a babyish little lamp on the table behind her. Mark slipped on surgical gloves and began to oil and powder Jeremy's ass and crotch. He did it matter of factly, as if he was shearing a sheep. He expertly pulled his legs in the air and slipped the thick diaper under him. The absorbent cloth was pulled up between his legs and, Maya on one side and Mark on the other, they both pinned him snugly into it. The fabric was at least three inches thick, and folded up in the crotch, forced him to keep his legs slightly spread. Without having to try Jeremy knew that any attempt to walk would automatically result in a waddle "Now," said Maya.

"What shall I name baby?"

"Is the baby going to be a boy or a girl?"

"Ah, yes...the gender..." Jeremy sucked on the pacifier and began to kick his legs in uneven baby spasms as Mark slipped big pink booties on his feet.

"I know!" said Maya.

"What was the name of that great movie with Terrance Stamp? Oh, yes, we'll call her Priscilla....Baby Priscilla!"

"How about Baby Prissy?"

"Perfect!" Maya went over to a white enamelled metal cabinet and Mark put the new Baby Prissy on the floor, opened one side of the playpen, and told the man sitting on the floor, covered in baby powder, wearing a huge diaper, sucking on a giant pacifier and drooling , "Crawl into your playpen Baby big sissy." And Jeremy crawled into the vast pen and sat amidst the oversized baby toys, slightly whimpering. Maya returned with a big pink baby bonnet trimmed with white lace.

"Now, you be a good baby!" said said, and she put the thing on his head and tied a big white satin bow snugly under his chin.

"Baby doesn't want to be punished, does she? I don't think Baby Prissy wants to be punished." He shook his head and resumed sucking. Maya had a triumphant look, pleased with her work. And Mark, arms folded over his chest, looked down at the big drooling man-baby with a mocking sneer.

"Baby Prissy want a ba-ba?" Jeremy let the pacifier fall out of his mouth and bounced up and down, shaking his arms in little jerks of excitement. He was genuinely thirsty.

"I'll get him his bottle." she said.

"See if you can get her interested in her toys." And she left the room. Mark didn't move for a minute or two; he just looked at Baby Prissy and grinned.

"Baby wanna play?" Jeremy was now still.

"Where's Baby Prissy's pacifier?" He looked desperately around him. He didn't see it amidst the rattles and stuffed toys.

"Did the Big Baby lose her pacifier?" And Mark slowly moved toward the playpen, with that same grin, rubbing his crotch. ++++++++++++++++++ When Maya returned with the warm baby bottle and found Mark holding the ruffles on Jeremy's bonnet and fucking him furiously in the face there was a scene. The fact that it was a fake scene, that it had all been worked out between them was beautifully concealed. She laid into Mark and called him every name in the book until the man just stood there dumbly looking down at the floor. Finally she walked over and lifted his chin.

"I think it's time for you to get into your costume, don't you?" There was a slight nod of the head.

"OK," she said to the man in the playpen.

"You be a good Baby Prissy and Nanny will be right back." She put the missing pacifier in his mouth and left the room with Mark following meekly behind. Jeremy watched the whole thing with wide-eyed wonder. +++++++++++++++++ After what seemed a very long while Maya returned. Jeremy was playing with a stuffed pig.

"Has Baby Prissy been good? Has she been a good sissy baby for Nanny?"

"A ga-ga do-do a la ga-ga."gurgled Jeremy, smiling stupidly and drooling.

"Oh, good, because Nanny has a lovely surprise for Baby Prissy." Jeremy bounced up and down.

"Yes, Nanny has a little playmate for you so you won't be lonesome. Come in here Baby Snookums." And Mark crawled into the room. He was dressed exactly like Jeremy. His goatee was gone and his body was splattered with baby powder. As he crawled along the pom-pom ties on his booties bobbed up and down, keeping rhythm with the lace frill of his pink bonnet. For the first time Jeremy realized how really and truly ridiculous he must look. The only difference was that Mark's body was slightly more powerful. He gurgled baby sounds that ran rings around Jeremy's and looked up pleadingly at Maya. She opened the side of the playpen, gave Mark a look, and he crawled in and sat next to Jeremy.

"There! Aren't you two adorable!" Mark and Jeremy looked sheepishly at each other.

"Well, aren't you?" They both nodded their heads.

"Oh, and all this has been videoed from the start. Look up there, Baby Prissy." She pointed to a cut-out of Tweety Bird on the far wall and he realized the the dot of the eye was a camera lense.

"Come on you two sissies, wave to the camera. Show what big babies you both are." The two men waved toward Tweety Bird and broke into a wave of excited baby babble. Jeremy shook the stuffed pig he'd been playing with and Mark clutched a a big frilly doll to his massive chest. Then, after a minute, he began to beat Jeremy over the head with it and then Jeremy began to beat Mark over the head with the pig. And then they both began cry.

"That's enough, you two." She slapped their hands. It quieted them down but they still whined and whimpered. Opening the playpen and lowering the barred side of the enormous crib she ordered them to get in it. They crawled from the playpen to the crib and awkwardly crawled up into the waiting baby's bed. Once in she tied big bibs around their necks and raised the side of the cribs. Mark's had "Snookums" printed on his bib and Jeremy had "Prissy". For a moment they looked at each other self-consciously, then she gave them each a giant babybottle with an extremely phallic nipple.

"Now, Nanny wants the two precious sissies to feed each other these ba-ba's." And Mark and Jeremy began to suck on each other's bottles voraciously. I want you to finish your ba-ba's all up and go nite-nite for Nanny." The room was filled with gluttonous sucking sounds. She tucked them in together tightly.

"And keep in mind that Tweety Bird will be watching all the time and if either one of you gets up to any mischief Tweety Bird will tell and thenNanny will have to come and punish you so you'll never be naughty again. Understood" The two men, their faces framed by the frills of their bonnets, hapless, humiliated and uncontrollably turned on, looked up at the triumphant woman and fed each other from the immense babybottles "Nighty nite, Babies." She turned of the lights, leaving a little carrousel night lamp on. She pressed a switch on the side of it and the carrousel began to turn and emit "Mary Had A Little Lamp" in cloying tones.

"Sleep tight!" and she left the two men softly sucking their ba-ba's.


Maya came into the nursery once during the night. She stood at the crib, looking down at them in the dim glow of the night light. The room was hot, she had intentionally left the radiator on and the men had kicked off their pink satin comforter. She was smiling and softly humming along with the music of the carrousel lamp. There was the smell of baby powder and stale milk. She had spiked their bottles with a cocktail of diuretic, laxative and a sedative strong enough to make them sleep soundly. Mark's pink pacifier had partially slipped out of his half opened mouth. She coaxed it back in and watched him slowly start sucking on it. The slight five o clock shadow around his full lips always amused her. He looked so ridiculous. Any woman would drop what she was doing and happily jump in the sack with him ; his baby blue eyes and dark brows, the full sullen lips, the body. And any woman would drop what she was doing and run real fast in the opposite direction if she saw him like this. The absurdly large diaper, the milkstained bib half folded beneath his outstretched arm , the white bow beneath his chin moving as he sucked, that beautiful face absurdly framed by the fussy baby bonnet, his long powerful legs intertwined with Jeremy's. Her imagination brought fleeting images of Mark in his "biker" gear, or the laborer outfit, or the crazy cop, and the contrast between the two images increased her excitement. They were lucky to have found each other, yin and yang, and in each other a mirror image sexuality. It was a year or two into their relationship that they discovered that along with a desire to explore males images, Mark also had a taste for exploring the antithesis of the male image...the victim, the helpless, a baby, a girl baby. And now there were two big babies in the well used crib. Baby Prissy had joined Baby Snookums; two big men forced to be babies was much funnier than just one. Maya and Mark had both felt Jeremy, whether he knew it or not, was ripe for conversion and they were right. He lay on his side,snuggled up to Mark. His pacifier was gone and he sucked his thumb. One arm was thrown over Mark's chest. Their bodies were similar and she delighted at how asinine they looked. She went to get the camera. +++++++++++++++++++ They woke around the same time, somewhere after ten, the sun falling harshly through the slatted blinds. Jeremy was first. He kicked his bootied feet and few times and, as he reluctantly opened his eyes, he heard a low moan next to him. Mark, on his back, was feeling the crotch of his diaper. His moan grew deepr and he turned his head and looked over at Jeremy's. It was then Jeremy realized his diaper was sopping wet. He looked down at the yellow stain and was about to shout "Oh, shit!" when he caught sight of the watchful Tweety. Mark had begun to whimper and so did he. He watched Mark's handsome face slowly distort into a mask of infantile misery and knew he was doing the same. Shortly they were both howling and drooling. Jeremy held his limp-wristed hands in front of him and shook them. Mark, holding a rattle was beating his crotch as if it had been naughty. He found that the more ridiculous and babyish Mark got, the more infantile he became himself. It was at this moment Maya entered the stuffy nursery."Now what's all this?"she asked, gaily.

"What's all this ruckus, girls?"

"Gaa ga doo bu bu..."they slobbered.

"Ah da wee wee na na." She pretended not to notice they were sitting in pissy diapers at first.

"Are my little sissy babies hungwy?" She opened her robe and moved to the crib. They were both kneeling at the railing, sniffling and whimpering and they both began to suck on a tit with a timid reluctance, at first. For Mark it was a kind of sexual bliss; this woman he could make serve him like a slave forcing him to suck on her tit like a helpless baby. Jeremy wasn't quite so sure. He did know that it was humiliating to be sucking on her tit and that it turned him on to see Mark sucking the other one. The ruffles on their bonnets quivered and they made little sounds of contentment as they sucked. Finally she pulled away and for a moment they went on sucking air.

"Now, that's's time for bwekfus!" Mark made a whimpering sound and pounded on his crotch. Jeremy followed suit.

"What is it, Snookums? Did you wet your didee last night?" Mark gave a wretched nod.

"And you too, Prissy! Just look at the two of you sitting there in your soggy diapers. Aren't you a picture. Well, Nanny will change you after yo have some bwekfus. For now you'll just have to put up with it. You did can sit in it. Just be happy you didn't make poo-poo!" They both looked at each other despondently. She put a small table beside the crib and on it she placed her coffe and an enormous bowl of a pablumish looking stuff. She put a big wooden spoon into it and stirred, lifting the spoon every so often to let the gluey stuff plop back into the bowl.

"Mmmmm, doesn't that look good........babies, doesn't that look good?" They forlornly bounced up and down trying to pretend they were thrilled with the horrible mess before them.

"Now, I want you to eat it all don't want to displease Nanny, do you?" She began to feed them with the big wooden spoon, first one and then the other. The bowl of the spoon was a little too big for their mouths and the overflow of the sticky stuff ran down their chins, onto their bibs and, finally onto their piss stained diapers.

"Ah, what a picture the two of you make!" she reached down to the floor and picked up a camera and stared taking shots of the two of them sitting there, slimy babyfood gurgling out of their drooling mouths, eyes vacant of any thought. At last the bowl was empty and they actually managed a whimper of disappointment.

"Oh, do my little sissies want more? All gone." They foolishly continued to whimper; Mark more than Jeremy.

"Does Baby Snookums want more of the yummy baby food? Yes?" Mark stupidly nodded his head.

"Well, look....Baby Prissy is just covered with it." And without any hesitation Mark began to lick the gunk off Jeremy's face. Jeremy followed suit. The two men sat and slobbered all over each was licked off nipples, noses were sucked clean...and Maya continued taking pictures. It was going to be a wonderful day. ++++++++++++++++++ She made them shower together and clean each other up. Then they carefully and completely shaved each other so that Jeremy's head was now shaved just like Mark's. They stood before her in the bathroom tiled with nursery colors, abjectly looking down, completely hairless.

"Now we're going to go to this afternoon's Halloween Parade." She wore a dove grey Nanny's uniform with a definite military cut.

"You're both going to behave and be good sissy babies. Understand?" They nodded mutely.

"No, you can answer Nanny. Since you won't be crawling you don't have to continue with the gibberish. But whatever you say has to be said in the babyish of babytalk. Understand?" Shyly they answered, "Yeth Nanny."

"And what are you?"

"I am a big thithy baby." said Mark.

"And you?" she turned to Jeremy. <em> </em>"I am juth a big thithy baby too."

"And what do you wear?"

"I wear didees" they both said together.

"That's right! So let's get you dressed." +++++++++++++++++ When she was done she made them stand and look at each other. They both knew they were looking at exactly what they looked like themselves. Fluffy white diapers peeked out from beneath a pink baby dress. The waist started at their armpits and flared out from an explosion of pink lace-trimmed petticoat. A white sash was tied in a big bow in back. The short puff sleeves began halfway up the shoulder, making the shoulder look smaller. On their feet they wore white lace trimmed ankle socks and black patent leather Maryjanes. She had attached a blond curl on the tops of their heads with spirit gum and it peeked out from the huge ruffles of their baby bonnets. But what shocked both men was the face they both looked into. They wore false eyelashes that stood out against their pale faces and made them look involuntarily wide-eyed. Their cheeks were rouged enough to make them rosy and their lips were painted within the lip line, making them look small and pouty. Jeremy thought he might pass out for a minute. She sat them down and made them paint each other's fingernails a neon pink while she photographed them. They worked as babies would; unsteadily, drooling occasionally. When they finished she made them stand in front of a full length mirror.

"Now, have you sissies ever seen anything as sweet as the two of you?" They twisted shyly back and forth. Mark held the hem of his dress, little pinkie out, and looked up shyly. Jeremy was too humiliated to look up and timidly began to suck his thumb.

"Well you are! How do you think you look, Baby Snookums?"

"I think me lookth bewy pwetty, Mith Nanny."

"Yeth, me too." Echoed Jeremy.

"Me ith juth tho thwilled you put Baby Prithy in dis pwetty dwess. I wuv it."

"Well, you both look very pretty and it's so sweet you're such friends. I want you sissies to give each other a big sloppy kiss to show how much you love each other." The men didn't move. Both of them, for their own reasons, were thunderstruck by the idea. Mark looked at her imploringly.

"Go on, hold hands, bend forward til your pretty little faces meet and give each other a big slobbery kiss. They did as they were told as the the camera clicked away. She knew she had them both under complete control. She put on a pair of shades and motioned to the door.

"Now, let's hit the streets." ++++++++++++++++++

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