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They left the back way, through the overgrown back yard; a beautiful woman in an almost cartoon-like PVC Nanny's uniform leading two overgrown babies, two men in outfits so over the top they rivalled those of the little Shirley Temple. They tip-toed daintily through the lawn-gone-wild, taking mincing little steps as commanded; their hairless arms and legs, unmistakably those of men, emerging surrealistically from a bouncing explosion of lace and ruffles and bows and frills...oversized pink bonnets framing grotesquely infantile faces....vacant eyes, slack mouthed, one drooling , they lurched along in tiny little steps as the Nanny From Hell lead then out into the alley, slammed the gate shut, padlocked it, and turned to the two trembling Sissy Babies.

"OK, girls. This is the alley...this is where the garbage gets taken away...if either one of you isn't the best Sissy Baby, ever...well, you'll both be severely punished." She arranged the folds of their skirts as she spoke, fussing with their bonnets, making them pull up their stockings. Jeremy looked up the alley and in the distance he could see the boulevard and crowds of people; he figured they it was about five blocks away.

"And it'll give you two a chance to improve on your performances. Now give each other a big kiss for courage...." Both men had hoped the baby-kissing thing was a one-off, but it seemed not. Maya was perfectly aware of how embarrassing it was for two men to kiss, even slobbery baby kisses, and in public, and dressed like this. Jeremy and Mark held hands and slowly bent over and gave each other a slobbery approximation of a lingering kiss. Both were intensely uncomfortable, sucking on whatever met their mouths.

"What good little sissy babies." She said, wiping spittle from their faces.

"Now, come along...and don't forget...dainty little steps from dainty Big Sissies." The two men, mortified and completely vulnerable, minced along behind her for awhile; it was rough going, trying to keep up and finally she stopped and let them catch up with her.

"Alright. girls, maybe if you skip you'll be able to keep up. Let me see you both skip...this should be good...Nanna wants her two baby girls to skip down to those open garage doors and back." The white garage doors were about ten yards down the alley. They arranged themselves and, pacifiers in mouth and still holding hands, they skipped first clumsily and then with an enthusiasm that made their petticoats bounce. As they approached the garage doors they could hear her laugh and then there was the harsh sound of men laughing. In the garage there were two two guys working on a motorcycle. They wiped their hands on rags and snorted with derision at the sight of these big sissies. Jeremy and Mark looked at each other and skipped quickly back to Maya. She found it all highly amusing and led us to the two guys who were still wiping grease off their hands. Maya patted their diapered bottoms to urge them along.

"Don't be afraid of the big bad men, you big girlies. They won't hurt anything as cute as you two. Will you, boys." The bigger of the two, a candidate for the role of Attila the Hun, looked into Maya's eyes and their gaze locked.

"Why, no mam...can't say I ever did see such big babies." He looked down at her tits and grinned.

"Where'd you come by these little cuties?" He put his tattooed arm around her waist and roughly pinched Mark's cheek. He wanted the earth to open and swallow him up, diaper and all." Maya grinned at the cringing sissy and said, "Oh, this is Baby Snookums." Mark awkwardly curtsied, looking at the asphalt.

"She's such a big girl, aren't you, Snookums"

"Yeth, Nanny, I am jutht a bery big girwul."he shrugged his puffed sleeves up into the mass of his bonnet and played with the hem of his dress.

"You're really a cutey..." said Atilla, coming close up to Mark's painted baby face.

"Do you know that? Does the big fucking sissy know how cute it looks in that get-up?" Mark didn't know what to answer. The other guy, shorter, in an old fringed cowboy jacket with the sleeves gone and wearing wrap around mirrored sunglasses, kept walking around the little group...taking it in from every angle.

"And this is Baby Snookum's sister Baby Prissy." Jeremy found him self doing a very shy little girl, twisting back and forth and looking demurely. He knew who these guys were, or at least he'd seen them roaring around on their bikes. They had a bad reputation and people kept out of their way.

"No, are you a big sissy too? And what's your name again?"

"My name ith Baby Prithy."

"Is that a fact. And just what are you supposed to be?"

"I am a gweat big thithy...." Jeremy had begun to snivel; he realized for the first time that he was afraid.

"I'll say you are!" Atilla chucked Jeremy under the chin and blew him an air kiss. He jerked the hem of Jeremy's dress.

"And what's this, asshole?"

"Dat ith my....dat ith my dweth an it ith bewy pwetty an I am bewy pwetty when Nanny puth me in it an..."

"That's enough." He whispered something into Maya's ear and the three of them turned to go into the garage. She stopped and turned to the two broken men.

"You two girlies stay out here and play pattycake with each other til Nanny returns." She popped their pacifiers in their mouth and the threesome disappeared into the garage. Jeremy and Mark stood looking at each other. Slowly they began to play pattycake. At this point they were happy to have something to keep their minds off the situation. They had no money, no keys, no ID and here they were playing pattycake in an alley. A woman passed, walking a black Great Dane, and let out a chuckle when she saw them. Jeremy recognized her from the neighborhood and was relieved that she apparently didn't recognize him. The dog sniffed up their petticoats, the woman laughed, patted Mark on the seat of his diaper, and continues along. A few minutes later a kid with attitude rode by on a bicycle and circled them a few times, pointing and laughing and getting closer and closer...and then Maya came out of the garage, holding a splif and wearing the wrap around shades. The two bikers followed her out and the kid rode off briskly.

"Thanks, Lou..." so the smaller one was Lou.

"I'll drop 'em off later. Sure you two don't wann come?"

"No, them sissies need you right now" said Atilla "...did'nt you see that punk kid scaring the shit outta those two? You take them whatever-they-ares 'n have a good time. I'll still be here on your way home." He grabbed her ass and pulled her to him and they explored tongues with vigor. Mark whimpered and stamped his foot and the veins in his arms stood out. Maya disregarded Mark's discomfort and gave both men a pinch on the thigh, making them jump and squirm and mince about. Atilla and Lou wished the two men a sneering Bye-Bye and re-entered to garage.

"Come along, you big sissies...the parade awaits....tiny little girl steps, Snookums...little tiny swishy steps...that's it...the perfect big sissy baby..." and off they skipped behind her. And, on top of everything else, Mark had to take a dump. Real bad. +++++++++++++++++++++ For the stretch of a mile or so the Boulevard had been closed to traffic and was filled with people, some in costume, some not...families, rowdy kids, cowboys and Indians...flaming transvestites...amused tourists. Nana emerged from the alley with Baby Snookums and Baby Prissy close behind and, rather than being swallowed up by the crowd, they stepped into what Mark later called "our own private theatre". A space was created for them, isolating them from their audience, so astonished and delighted were the revellers with this extraordinary trio. Still holding hands the two men shyly waddled along behind their ebony nurse, always facing a wall of laughter and shrieks and pointed fingers, catcalls and blown kisses. A child ran up and lightly spanked the two sissies and then ran back into the crowd. The two men felt their padded bottoms and briefly snivelled; cameras flashed. By the time they reached the first intersection they had whimpered, giggles, gurgled, drooled and gaga-gaga goo-gooed themselves into an infantile frenzy. Almost in competition the two men spurred the other into ever more humiliating behavior. And, always, the terrorizing authority of the implacable Nanny. The intersection was relatively empty due to a group of mounted police who milled about in a large "Private Theatre" of their own. The two babies had their hands up to their mouths at the sight of the big animals.

"Yes, those are called policemen and they're riding their horsies."

"Oooooo, poweesamen..." squealed Jeremy.

"An horthieth......" blubbered Mark, not to be outdone in idiocy.

"Yes, dear, horsies and great big policemen...see their nice uniforms..." Indeed they all shared an almost adolescent arrogance, riding above the crowd. Their bodies, emphasized by the tailored shirts, were those acquired from gyms rather than labor. Jeremy suddenly realized that their theatre and the theatre of the police and become one...that the three of them were standing away from the crowd, as if the crowd had picked up their bubble and carried it along to be ejected into this arena.

"They won't hurt you, you big sissies" said Maya. Those are very sweet horsies and the policemen are very sweet too." The cops looked down like thunderous gods.

"Be good brave girls and go play with them." She pushed the two deeply reluctant men forward. Mark was the first to start. He held up the hem of his little dress, pinkies cocked, and began to skip shyly amongst the mounted men. Jeremy quickly followed suit. And the crowd loved it.

"Oh, goody...horthieth..."squealed Mark, clapping his hands.

"N polweesamen!" whined Jeremy, half sucking his pacifier. The more absurd they allowed themselves to be, the more the crowd jeered and cheered. These extremes of masculinity threw everything off kilter...the macho preening cops...the sugary sissyness of the babies...the amused dominatrix...the glorious absurdity of it was electric. Then Mark stopped. In an instant he had started shitting in his nappy. Under the noise of the crowd he could hear his bowels rumble and gurgle as he slowly but steadily filled his vast nappy. He stuck out his lower lip in petulant discomfort and Nanny came over and checked the big baby.

"Did Snookums make poo-poo in her nappy?" Mark nodded his head in mortification. Laughter swelled through the crowd. The cops looked disgusted. And Maya opened a large diaper bag and pulled out a huge pair of pink rubber panties.

"Naughty bad girl! Now I'm going to have to put you these.." and as she pulled them up Mark's trembling legs she could hear the same rumblings coming from a shocked and humiliated Jeremy.

"You too, Baby Prissy?" Jeremy nodded. She made a great show of putting the two men into the ridiculous rubber panties.

"Aren't you ashamed?" she thundered at the cops.

"Look what you've done! You've frightened the little darlings with your horses. Shame on you. I've a mind to spank you all." Jeremy began to cry and drool and Mark joined in. The crowd went wild. There was even applause and the mounted police, beaten, disappeared into the crowd, leaving the arena to the Nanny and her big babies. Across the circle she saw Japanese tourists filming and photographing the spectacle. She slapped the baby's hands.

"You big sissies behave...the bad men are all gone and Nanny will change you later. Now, go out and pose for the nice people." She pushed them forward and this time it was Jeremy who took the initiative. He skipped out into the middle of the open space and began to pose. Mark had joined them and the two minced and curtsied and stood knock-kneed, feet turned in, looking as if they were about to cry, giggled, drooled, gave each other hugs and baby kisses and, after what seemed forever, Nanny collected them, straighted their curls and bonnets, and skirts, made them pull up their drooping frilled stockings, and the carnival slowly moved on. Halfway down the next block they came to McKay's. This was a place Jeremy sometimes came to for a pizza or a bowl of chilli and to hear little jazz groups.

"Oh, you little missed your five o clock must be starving..." Jeremy's heart dropped.

"And Nanny could use a drink." She roughly herded the big babies into McKay's, followed by a few people who' been following the show for awhile. The hostess, Linda, approached them.

"What have we here?" She was a hot platinum blonde and Jeremy had heard that she a wild fuck and sold a little cannabis on the side. Jeremy was relieved that she didn't seem to recognize him.

"Aren't you wonderful!" she said, shaking Maya's hand.

"Where on earth did you come upon two such precious baby girls?"

"They are adorable, aren't they?" said Maya, wiping some drool off Marks chin.

"This is Baby Snookums and this is Baby Prissy." The two men awkwardly curtsied and gurgled some goo-goos. The place had fallen silent at the start of this exchange and now titters and giggles began to spring up.

"It's awfully crowded, dear, but I think I can find you a table...we just had a cancellation." She led them to the raised area near the windows, where there was live music on Wednesdays, and seated them at a table that could be seen from every corner of the place and also from the street outside.

"This will do nicely." said Maya, seating the cringing sissies so they were as fully exposed as possible. Jeremy wondered how long he'd be able to stand sitting in his own shit. He peed without thought and that disturbed him. It was difficult for him to cope with his conflicted feelings. On one hand he was disgusted and overcome by shame...on the other, he was profoundly excited by the whole thing. Mark just grinned stupidly at Linda's awesome tits.

"I'll have a whiskey sour and...and for the babies....let me see..." She pulled the two oversized babybottles out of the diaper bag and handed them to Linda.

"...I know the big sissies must be very thirsty after their long walk...well, waddle really....and they're probably hungry too..." a slight moan came out of each man.

"We have some lovely chocolate pudding." said Linda, grinning malevolently at the two simpering men. She put their pacifiers into their slack mouths.

"Oh, I just can't wait to see them eat their din-din." The place was stone silent with anticipation and delight. She turned to the rapt audience, "Well, can you?" And they roared approval as she moved off to fill the bottles. Jeremy shook his dolly with forced delight and Mark simply kicked his muscled, shaved and powdered legs disconsolately. Maya lit a cigarette in a gun metal cigarette holder and watched the big sissy babies make utter fools of themselves. ++++++++++++++++++


"No, Linda, I'm sure it won't be enough for the two of them." Maya said, looking at the babies in their highchairs. Jeremy realized that the situation was a set up. A couple of waiters brought out two over scale high chairs and put the two big sissy babies into them. There was laughter, hooting, smatterings of applause when the lights went down and pink spots lit their was on the platform where the band played on Jazz Nights...they were on a Stage...the waiters attached the trays to the highchairs...Maya gave them two massive bibs to tie on the babies....'PRISSY!' on Jeremy's and 'SNOOKUMS' on Mark's. Then the waiters, by now very amused by the whole thing and playing it to the hilt, brought out their big baby bottles. Both Snookums and Prissy made a fuss about taking the bottles...they turned their faces this way and that, lips pursed, avoiding the pursuing nipple .

"Now, girls..." growled Maya.

"Behave! Let these nice men give my precious sissy babies their ba-bas so they can get on with their business." Finally, one of the waiters just held Snookums by the back of her bonnet and shoved the over-sized nipple into her mouth....the waiter looked menacingly at Baby Snookums...the room was quiet...and Mark began to suck on the preposterous baby bottle. By the time Snookums was holding the bottle herself, Prissy had stopped resisting and had accepted her bottle. And there they were, sucking noisily on their baby bottles, kicking their legs under the tray, milk spilling over and running down their pumping chins and onto their giant bibs, when Linda put the huge mixing bowl on the table.

"I know they'll want more than this...." Maya motioned to the babies who had broken into snivels and whimpers as the waiters appeared and took their bottles from them.

"I mean, look at them!" Snookums had three fingers in her mouth and was beginning to cry. Prissy watched wide-eyed and began to cry herself...both were drooling.

"Just look at what big sissies they are." They kicked their legs.

"No, Linda, I think they'll want more than just this." She looked into the huge bowl....there was enough chocolate goo in the bowl to feed six babies.

"I have some strawberry ice cream."

"Oh, yes...perhaps a little banana split for each of them....marshmellow sauce and whipped cream and'd like that, wouldn't you girls? Cherries?" Jeremy and Mark bounced up and down as if really thrilled and Maya began to feed them the dark chocolate goo with a big wooden spoon.


Jeremy's mouth was filled with the stuff before he saw it coming. The expression on his face got laughs. It was revoltingly sweet and viscous...but it was mainly the sweetness that gagged him. He tried to work his jaws and swallowed some of it. It went down his throat like phlegm until finally he could't stand it and his tongue pumped the other way and worked the stuff over his lower lip instead of down his throat. It plopped onto his chin and Maya, wiping the goo off with the awkward spoon left more than she removed. And again, before he knew it, she had shoved another big spoon of it into his mouth.

Linda walked into the circle of light with two huge banana splits, put them on the tables and tickled Prissy's leg.

"Aren't you the cutest big sissy baby that ever was?" she pinched the cheek that wasn't smeared with the sticky gunk.

"Oh, madam, she's just adorable. Allow me to feed her and you can feed precious Baby Snookums." A tourist from the audience came into the edge of the illuminated area and began and began to camcord the spectacle...she grinned as she filmed Maya and Linda feeding the two humiliated men in the sissy baby outfits...she could see that under the absurd make-up and costumes of these big babies there were two hunky men and she found that it turned her on.


Mark looked at the sexy blonde and could see a tiny distorted image of himself in the camera lense....Maya packing an endless array of sticky brightly colored sweet things into his mouth. He thought of her, tied to the bed, two nights before....his reflection in the mirror as he put the ball gag on complete control...the bare-chested conqueror....Ming the Mercilous.....and here he was in a highchair, dressed as a sissyish baby, letting Maya feed him this disgusting food...and as much as he hated it, he loved it. He waved, with chocolate covered fingers, at the lady with the camcorder and grinned stupidly as he sucked choccolate off two of his fingers.


Jeremy found the food really revoltingly sweet and, after eating some of it and beginning to feel sick, he just sat and let Linda shove it in his mouth while he pumped it, like Mark, out with his tongue. He watched the woman film Mark, knowing he looked just as ridiculous. Linda cooed and babytalked to him.

"Isn't it a big girl?....isn't it the just the biggest girl in the world?" and she'd pinch the inside of his thigh. The flash of cameras in the darkness.


When Maya decided it was enough (As a stripper she knew how to work an audience) she had Linda clear the table and help her clean up the babies The bibs had protected their dresses, so it was just their faces and hands that needed cleaning. When she was done she took the baby powder out of the bag and heavily powdered their faces with a big fluffy powder puff. The waiters came and got them out of their highchairs. It was just the three of them standing in the circle of light.....the room had gone quiet.

"Well, you big girls have been very good little sissy babies...." she looked out into the darkness.

"Don't all of you agree?" There was whistling and rowdy applause. Sissy Prissy and Baby Snookums stood, holding the hems of their dresses, pinkies extended, twisting back and forth shyly.

"Give the nice people a pretty bow." And the two men curtsied, leg muscles flexing, as the lights game up again. Maya had them wave goodbye as they left....and blow kisses as they minced out the door and back onto the sidewalk. The crowd had thinned was dinner time.

"Time for us to go home, girls." she said setting off, the two men mincing along behind her.

"Time for you to have a nice bubble bath and a nap and then get all dressed up for the big Ball tonight." The babies gurgled and giggled.

It was almost worse walking home. There were less people and Mark and Jeremy felt they were far more visible. People were reacting to the sight of them from blocks away. Jeremy gave a sigh of relief when they finally got to the ally. Maya put their pacifiers in their mouths and straightened their clothes.

"Alright, girls, you may skip the rest of the way home....hold hands....little kiss....that's, off you go." She patted their soggy bottoms as they skipped off.

Both of them stopped for a moment when they saw the white garage doors open, a block down, and Atilla and Lou wheeled out their bikes. But they resumed their mincing stride, so well were they trained now.


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