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Atilla and Lou got on their bikes, reved up and tore down the alley at manic speed. The sissies stood like rabbits frozen by headlights...holding

hands and pressed together as if to make a smaller target, The bike's roar echoed in the narrow alley, growing louder as they came closer.

Maya stood to the side and watched with an expression of pure pleasure. Attila and Lou seemed to be coming straight at them and indeed they

were. Jeremy whimpered and the inside of his thighs had ribbons of piss cutting through the baby powder.

The bikers came back around and pulled up close. Lou, leering, felt the front of Prissy's could hear the squish and the run-off down her legs.

"Baby Prissy's all pissy isn't she?" He felt the seat.

"Ahhhh, and I think she went poo poo in her nappies...yes, she did...what a bad sissy...what a bad bad sissy baby...." and he roughly pinched Jeremy's cheek. Lou was in his element, bullying and humiliating his trembling victim. That was it.....Jeremy began to cry.....there was nothing of the man in it...only the cloyed and was laced with hiccups. He didn't care.

Maya had come up and Attila put his arm around her waist and they ate tongue for awhile. The pulled away and looked at Baby Snookums who was simpering and sucking her thumb and feeling the front of her nappy with obvious discomfort.

"What's the matter, you fucking piss too?" Mark nodded his head, looking in misery at Maya who was absorbed in exploring Attila's ear with her pink tongue.

"Did the big sissy piss in her great big nappies?" Mark stupidly nodded and the simpering turned to whimpering. Atilla shoved his knee between Mark's legs and lifted him, shoving piss and shit into whole new parts of his nappy. Like Jeremy it began to seep down his legs and, like Jeremy he began to cry and drool and shake his fists in clownish impotence.

" OK, Babe, I'll see ya later." Atilla said to Maya.

"What time's the party?" She blew in his ear.

"Come at nine....and bring little Lou with you." They rode off and Jeremy heard Lou say, "I hate it when she calls me 'Little Lou'!" followed by the thunderous bark of Atilla's laugh. What party? Maya straightened the two men up and they continued down the alley. As they passed a green wooden fence they heard the low deep barking of what had to be a very large dog. Then a gate opened and the redhead with the Great Dane came out with some garbage for the bin. She grinned in pleasure at the predicament the two men were in...waddling in discomfort....nappies sagging and stinking.

"Looks like those big girls need their nappies seen to." She said to Maya.

"It's always something...they're very demanding and they've been very naughty Just look at them!" Mark and Jeremy squirmed and danced about in genuine discomfort, looking as if they'd been caught doing something naughty.

"I'm Maya." she grinned.

"I'm their Nanny. Don't you just have to love them?"

" Oh, absolutely? They're so special. I'm Wanda.", said the redhead.

"If you have fresh nappies in your bag bring them into my patio and I'll help you change them....what a lark." The two women herded the cringing sissies through the gate and into the snarling presence of Thor, Wanda's Great Dane.

"I'll get a plastic sheet to cover the picnic table. This way girls." And Mark and Jeremy waddled over to the table, followed at every step by the huge dog, their cocks pressing violently against the fronts of their filthy nappies.

"You girls straighten up each other's pretty party dresses while we wait for Miss Wanda." And the two men stood, fluffing up each other's puff sleeves, smoothing their skirts, rearranging each other's goo-ing and ga ga-ing. Each could see in the other how very stupid they looked and how very stupidly they were behaving and it made each work harder at their baby act.

Wanda returned with the plastic sheet and a camera. They covered the table and ordered the sissy babies to climb on. Their dresses and petticoats were removed. They sat, revealed in all their babyish hairlessness and when the panties were removed and the nappies unpinned they sat wretchedly in their own mess cocks fully erect.

"Oh, look at the two of them....their little sissy willies bobbing up and down." (camera flash) The men grinned stupidly and kicked their powerful legs, sucked their thumbs with noisy delight and gurgled as the two women cleaned them up. Maya was working on Jeremy and Wanda, wiping Mark's ass with a damp cloth, tickled his nipples. Mark's gurgling produced a froth that bubbled out of his mouth. (camera flash) The women wore rubber surgical gloves and when they'd finished cleaning them and disposing of their filthy nappies they got rid of the towels and basins and stood looking down at the two hulking babies. (many camera flashes) They were pink and hairless and thoroughly ridiculous. Working together the women oiled the big sissies and powered them heavily on the bum and genitals. (camera flash) They helped each other put the men in fresh nappies...and then the panties and the petticoats and the dresses.

"Now. What do we say to Miss Wanda?" The Great Dane sniffed at their crotches.

"Tank oo Mith Wanda." and "Ooooh, Mith Wanda....tank oo bewy much." Dancing up and down on tip toe.

"O, tank oo." The big sissy babies held hands and capered about. Maya zipped the baby bag and turned to Wanda.

"Come by know the house....around nine....before we take the little ones to the Fancy Dress Ball." They walked the big babies to the gate and kissed before Maya led the mincing men back out into the alley. The sun was almost completely gone. The men felt the cool night breeze on their legs as they waddled along behind Maya, illuminated now by icy moonlight.



She unlocked the gate and the two men followed her through the dark garden of brambles and briers.

"Now, mind all the nasty weeds, girls....we don't want you to scratch your pretty little legs, do we?"

"No, Nana." from the men.

"No, we want to look just as pretty and pink as we can for the Ball tonight...I'm sure you'll be the biggest babies

there....won't that be fun?"

Jeremy and Mark, still holding hands, put a little enthusiasm into their skipping...and then, completely out of

character, Mark shouted 'Fuck' in his real voice.

"What?" said Jeremy in his natural voice.

Too late. They had managed to stay in character through all that bullshit on the street and now they'd blown it.

"What was that?" thundered Maya.

"What did I just hear you two say? I think it may be about time for two

naughty girls I know to have their pretty little bottoms severely spanked."

The were extravagant in their remorse.

"Oh, Nana...Pwithy ith tho thawy..." and Jeremy started sniveling.

"I'm thawy too Mith Nana...but a nathty thorn scwatched my widdo knee..." and he broke into broken little sobs.

The two men were broken....all will was gone...all judgement and pride...they could only submit and follow her into

the dark house.


Maya flicked on the harsh kitchen light.

"Alright, ladies, undress each other. She made herself a drink and watched the two wretched men slowly undressed

each other. First the frilly little party dresses...then the petticoats. They stood in their nappies and panties, little

shoes and stockings, massive bonnets, looking down at the tile floor in shame and frustration. The high chairs that

had appeared at the restaurant stood on either side of the kitchen table. It was becoming clear to Jeremy that

Maya had put a lot of work into the planning and execution of the whole thing...that a lot of people were in on it...probably even Mark who stood next to his highchair sorrowfully sucking his thumb. She walked up to him and

pulled his thumb out of his mouth, slapped his hand and shoved a dummy with a massive nipple into his mouth.

"I'm surprised at you, Baby Snookums." she said removing his bonnet....there was just the curl on the top of his


"You know better than that. I'm very disappointed in you..." she tied a little pink bow on the curl.

"And you, Prissy...shame on you..." and she removed his bonnet a tied a bow on his curl.

The doorbell rang.

"You bad babies stay exactly where you are and don't move...practise your sniveling and

whimpering 'til Nana comes back and we'll see if you can soften her up with how very pitiful you both are.."

The two men stood looking at the other, almost seeming to compete in who could be the bigger fool. Lots of curled

lower lips cascading drool...pleading long-lashed eyes, spastic movements. Their hairless bodies, though stocky

and muscular, had lost any hint of was their posture...the way they held their bodies that denuded them

of all signs of virility. Then they heard Maya returning.

"I'm so glad you could drop by, Linda, you'll be such a help. Tough shift?"

"No. It was so far out. Everyone in the place loved it...a lot of them asked if we could make a regular feature of

it...said they wanted Psychodrama Nights...maybe every Wednesday...the boss thinks it's a great idea."

"Oh, that'd be fabulous!" The men visibly sagged.

"Doesn't that sound like fun,girls....Wednesday nights at McKay's? After the nice men finish playing jazz? Hmmmm? Think of the fun we could have." They did their best do behave like enthusiatic babies...they bobbed up and down and even gave each other a sloppy kiss...they hugged and gurgled...but their minds were numbed. Jeremy slowed the tempo of his baby bliss slightly........ Wednesday nights at McKays? This was just supposed to be a crazy stunt, done in order to pay a debt. No way. And yet the very thought of it put him into a jumble erotic feelings. What was happening? "Let's get those panties and nappies off these two bad babies, Linda. They behaved very badly earlier...I'm just glad there was only me to see their shameless conduct." The women made the two men kneel down and remove each other's little mary janes and stockings. They were meticulous and left everything in a neat line. Then the women pulled down their panties.

"Well....they haven't gone wee wee." They automatically felt the backs of the nappies. And they haven't pooped. That's something." The nappies were removed and Jeremy and Mark stood completely naked and hairless, aside from the baby curls on their bald heads. Both had rigid erections.

"You both have been very naughty sissy babies haven't you?" They nodded sheepishly.

"What?" she barked.

"Yeth, me haf been a bewy bad girwul."

"Me too (sniff) a bewy naughty baby." They both had the simpering down pat.

"Turn around, bend over, and put you hands on your knees...and remain that way." They did as they were told, butts in the air...and the women proceeded to spank them. Maya got Mark and Linda got Jeremy. Three days before Mark had sawed a yard stick in half for this very moment. 'Whack!' and they both flinched. The shock of it left Jeremy breathless...the stinging and then the burning and then 'Whack!' again.. By the time they stopped the men's bottoms were bright red and they cried quite convincingly.

"OK, turn around." They turned and faced the smiling women.

"Now you won't be naughty again, will you girls?" They shook their heads in shame and, as Maya spoke, Linda tied pink satin ribbons around their cocks and balls and tied them in pretty bows...drawing attention to their throbbing cocks.

"You promise to be good sissy babies?" They nodded.

"Good. I don't want any more trouble from you girls. Now, follow us into the living room." They meekly did as they were told and daintily followed the women.

"Alright, Baby Snookums, I want you to go stand in that corner." She pointed to a corner and made him stand facing the wall. Then Prissy in the opposite corner. The men stood with flaming bare asses...hairless...each with a pretty blond curl on the top of his head. Jeremy thought of the day he'd met he'd wanted them both...and here he was standing like an absurd big baby with a whipped butt....Mark, who'd seemed the very essence of macho swagger, looking equally asinine......a cringing joke.....and Maya triumphant...Linda showing mock concern for their situation. Unbelievable.

"You are both to stand there and think about what bad babies you've been until I tell you you can stop." And the doorbell rang again.



When Attila and Lou walked into the living room they responded to the sight of Mark and Jeremy, standing in their corners, with mock


"Ohhhhh, who's been a naughty baby." and "Was Prissy a bad girl?......hey...which one is Prissy?"

"Yes, they do look alike from behind, don't they?" laughed Maya.

"Their smooth pink little bodies...and even all that baby powder can't hide their scarlet little tushes." and Linda arranged their curls so every

one could see the precious little pink bows. She gave Mark a little slap on his stinging butt.

"What's your name, sweetie?"

"Naughty Baby Thnookumsth." Mark lisped in a very small voice.

"Of, course you are.....the most precious sissy baby that ever was....and just look at the pretty bow on her darling kiss curl. Maya, don't you

think it's time to let the little darlings turn around?"


Attila whispered something into Lou's ear. Lou, looking down at the floor, shook his head and looked up with a look of horror at Attila. Attila


"Lou's going to turn the big sissies around and give each one of them a big hug to show them they're forgiven...aren't you, Louis?"

He whispered into Maya's ear, "He fucked up bad with some arrangements for the Biker's Rally....this might as well his punishment." Maya

turned to whisper to Linda.

"Hey," snapped Atilla.

"Aren't you, Looouuuis." Lou nodded and turned Mark around. Even he, as

uncomfortable as he was, laughed at the pink bow around Mark's tackle. Then he embraced the big, powdered, whimpering baby and gave him

a big hug. When he pulled back the front of his black leather chaps and vest were covered with baby powder. You could hear a dull moan as

he looked down and surveyed the damage.

"OK, now the other one." He walked to the other corner and turned Jeremy around.

Jeremy thought he might pass out. He couldn't believe what was happening. Never could he of imagined being in this situation....and his cock

ready to explode and the sickening smell of baby powder...and a very pissed off Lou about to give him a big hug. When Lou finished with that

hug the front of him was covered in baby powder.

"Honey," said Atilla, as he kissed Maya's neck.

"I think we're gonna have to find something else for little Louis to wear." Maya laughed,

looking Lou in the eye.

"No, not little Louis....Little Lulu. And I know just the thing." She whispered something to Atilla which got a squawk

of delight.

"Come with us." She said as they turned to leave the room.

"Linda, darling, you won't mind taking care of the big babies while...."

"Not at three run right along and I'll tend to these two...." and the three had no sooner left the room than the doorbell rang again.

Linda went to answer it. The two men stood looking dumbly at each other and then almost simultaneously began to suck their thumbs.

Linda returned with Wanda. She wore a man's military outfit, almost SS and she had Thor with her...the massive animal wore a studded

collar. Wanda looked sensational, enough to make any man fall to his knees, rip open his shirt, and admit he's a member of the Resistance.

"Well, what have we here, Nurse Linda?" The big babies looked at her shyly, slightly cringing away from the Great Dane, their cocks

throbbing out of the pink bows...their balls gleaming, skin stretched tight by the ribbon.

"I'm afraid the big sissies were naughty babies and Nana and I had give them a good spanking...turn around and show Wanda your little

bottoms. The men did as they were told...they were now standing side by side, holding hands. The flush of where they'd been spanked was still

evident through the powder. While they were facing away the two women embraced and warmly kissed. Linda straightened a medal on

Wanda's tunic and looked up at her adoringly.


"Snookums? Prissy?" Linda's voice was cold and steely.

"Nana has laid out your outfits for the ball tonight. Isn't that exciting?" The men

took little baby leaps into the air and shook their fists and gurgled with faked delight.

"Yes, I just can't wait." Wanda let the black

Dane out.

"He's a great guard dog...scares the shit out of everyone.....particularly men.

"Now, girls, I just know you're going to love the

surprises we have in store for off we go to the Nursery...would you like to lead the way, Nurse Linda?" The curious foursome walked

down the hall to the Nursery...they passed the bathroom and heard Atilla and Maya laughing inside.

The blonde curls on the tops of their heads were removed, and the bows from their cocks. Linda and Wanda had great fun putting the pussy

pants on them. These were snug flesh colored latex pants that, when on, gave the illusion of nudity...the novelty was that the latex thickened

over the genital area, forming a little mound with a little slit...a little pussy. The men looked down at this new pink gender, then at each

other's pussy, and then at their tormenters.

"Aren't they darling? And just look at these!" Wanda held a pair of panties up in the air. They

were of a white stretch material....the behinds were covered with rows of white ruffles that wrapped around, curving up to meet at the center of

the waist in a pink bow, leaving a triangle of the stretchy fabric showing of the slit off their sissy pussies.

"There! Just adorable. Turn

around, girls and show us your pretty panties. Jeremy and Mark turned mincingly, dazed. After a bit of teasing the women brought the

dresses out of the wardrobe. They were similar to the dresses they'd worn that day, but made of layers of white organza that you could almost

see through. First pink petticoats were put on them so that, when the dresses went on the skirts had a pink blush. Backlit you could see the

muscular line of their shoulders through the sheer puff sleeves. And on their heads they both got identical blond wigs...curls on their

foreheads, the rest pulled to each side of the head in poneytails of shoulder length corkscrew curls...tied with bows, the same color as the pink

petticoats. Precious on a doll or Shirley Temple but indeed unsettling on two big men. When their white stockings had been put on and

attached to the pink suspenders, the pink satin low heeled shoes had been strapped on, the women stood back to admire their work.

"Fluff up

your petticoats, girls." The two men did as they were told, revealing their pussy panties. Finally Jeremy couldn't stand it and he pulled the

front of his skirt down, knees together, trying to hide his panties.

"Prissy!" snapped Wanda.

"Don't be so have absolutely no

reason to be behave or I know one little girl who's going to have a sore bottom." He pulled his skirt and petticoat up, exposing his

shame, twisting his hips back and forth girlishly.

"Duth Mith Wanda wanna thee Pwithy's purdy pantieth?"

"Very nice sure to

show everyone your sweet panties tonight when you're introduced."...."Oh, yes, and because tonight you get to be big girls you also get to

have new names. Prissy, you are now Susie...and Baby Snookums, you are now Sissy." The two men appeared pleased....even girlishly

smug.....when Atilla and Maya led Lou into the room.


Part Ten

Lou was an operator. He liked to manipulate, particularly women, and was always slipping in or out of a jam. He was rough with his women and liked to think of himself as a tough guy; rabidly homophobic. He had an arrogance about his body...he was only about 5' 7" but powerful looking. Narcissism prevented him from tattooing or piercing his body...indeed; he lavished unusual care in its maintainance and enjoyed displaying it. Except at this moment.

"Ladies, Attila and I want you to meet our new baby.......Little Lulu.....Come on, dear, show Madame Wanda and Nurse Linda and particularly little Susie and Sissy what a cute little baby you are."

Lou was made up with the face of a babydoll...little puckered red lips, pink cheeks, eyes made up to look wide eyed, almost startled...and not a tooth in his mouth. He was very sensitive about this. Only Attila knew he was toothless and wore dentures...he'd lost them through High School football, fights, accidents and neglect by the time he was twenty and he was very secretive and sensitive about it. After Maya had shaved his entire body, every hair except his eyelashes and a big curl above his forehead, she powdered his body heavily from head to foot. He stood looking profoundly humiliated at the floor and Attila walked up to him and pinched one of his nipples.

"Baby likes that, doesn't she!" Growled Attila.

"Little Lulu likes it when the bad man plays with her titties..." Lou grinned stupidly, teeth glittering behind the pursed red lips.

"Give me those."

"What?" Attila slapped him hard on the butt.

"First of all, big babies like you can't talk.... what kinds of sounds do babies make?" Lou shyly gaa-gaa goo gooed.

"And, second, give me your fucking teeth.!" Attila put out his hand and the defeated man removed his false teeth and put them in the opened palm. Attila chucked him under the chin.

" Now let's see that smile again." Lou smiled a little toothless smile and Maya slipped a large pink pacifier into his mouth. He couldn't believe his roaring hard-on.

"Now, let's get Little Lulu dressed." And his powdered cock bobbed up and down. They put him in an oversized nappy with large nappy pins at each side of the waist and each leg. The nappy pins each had a pink bow. Over that were pink rubber panties that were tucked in at the waist and legs. Pink crocheted booties were put on his feet. These were lined with tough canvas and so padded that Lou found it difficult to keep his balance....this was aggravated by the length of 'invisible' fishing line that attached the booties at the toe and prevented him from taking very big steps. Attila patted his ass.

"OK, baby, let's go out amongst 'em."

Susie and Sissy were delighted with the spectacle of Lou in this state, his flabby lips sucking at the pink pacifier, weaving about unsteadily in the padded booties and giant nappy and rubber panties. They jumped up and down and squealed with delight, pussy's flashing. Linda went up to tie a pink bow to Lou's kiss curl.

"No, Nurse Linda, we don't want to over do it. This bonnet will do just fine." And she handed Linda a pink and white froth with white satin ribbons on it. The cap of the bonnet was of pink satin and fit snugly to his well shaped skull...everything else was white froth...a white circle of it framed his doll face.

"Ah, look at how much the girls love Little Lulu's bonnet." Wanda stood behind the two giggling sissies.

"Do you think Little Lulu looks cute in her pretty bonnet?" The two men clapped their white-gloved hands....blonde ponytails bobbing.

"Oh, yeth, Madame Wanda!"

"Can Wittoo Wuwu be our bery own dowwy for to pway wif?" Maya grinned at the mincing obedient husband in front of her.

"What's that, Sissy, you want Little Lulu as a dolly baby to play with?"

"Oh, yeth, Nanny."

"Oh, pweeze wet uth." Maya turned to Attila.

"What do you think?" He grinned his nasty grin.

"Yeah, why not. You little girlies can help Nursey finish dressing the big baby." The two men jumped up and down and clapped their hands merrily. Finally, someone for them to torment.

They assisted Linda in putting the dazed man into pink satin rompers. It went on over his head and snapped at the crotch. The puff sleeves had the same lace trim as the legs and it was gathered just above the waist and tied at the front in a big bow, accentuating the bulky nappy and giving him a definite pear shape. Susie and Sissy happily obeyed every order Nurse Linda gave them as they deepened Lou's misery. They fluffed up the lace trim on his rompers and straightened all the bows, and squealed with delight when Nana tied a pink bow on the ring of the dummy Lou sucked on. She pulled it out of his mouth.

"Smile for the big girls!" He gave a sickly grin and spittle ran from his toothless mouth. Susie and Sissy almost wet their panties laughing and took turns hugging the big baby. Finally they stood on each side of Little Lulu and each took one of her hands and stood happily for picture Little Lulu little kisses and adjusting her bows every now and then. Lou spit out his pacifier in disgust.

"Bad baby." And they slapped his hands. Susie picked up the pacifier, showing her ruffled bottom, and roughly shoved it into Little Lulu's mouth.

"Naughty bad baby Lulu."

Attila grabbed Maya by the waist and planted a long kiss on her.

"Looks, like it's time to go to the Ball...ready to party ladies?"


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