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Hannah in Nappies

Even though Hannah was 18 years old, she still wore nappies. She had always worn nappies at night, as she had never managed to have more than a handful of dry nights in her life. She had been potty trained for the daytime at about two and a half, but four years ago after the death of her father she started to have accidents in the daytime. Now she wore pull-ups to university and to go out anywhere. She wore nappies at home. She couldn't change her own nappies, so someone else always had to do it. She could change her own pull-ups though as they pulled on like normal underwear. Hannah had been having nappies changed by her mum, Jackie, for 18 years, so she didn't mind that her mum saw her half naked everyday. She didn't mind other adults she knew changing her, but hated it when her friends or someone she didn't really know had to change her

Although Hannah had to wear the nappies and pull-ups because she had accidents, she liked to wear them and knew that she would want wear them even if she didn't have accidents. She also liked to be babied occasionally, however her mum didn't like to baby her and would sometimes tell Hannah off if she started to speak baby talk.

Hannah had an older half brother and half sister. They were from her mum's first marriage. Her brother Ted was 30 lived about an hour away with his wife Sandra and their three children Jessie who was seven, Michael who was five and Tia who was two. Hannah's sister Louise was 28 lived only about ten minutes away by car with her girlfriend Allie. They had been living together for three years. When her mum went out in an evening it was Louise and sometimes Allie as well that came over to stay with Hannah. Hannah couldn't be left on her own if her mum wasn't going to be back till quite late, as she had to be put into her nappy before bed. If Louise or Allie couldn't do it, then one of Hannah's friends would come over. When she was left alone in the house during the day she would just wear pull-ups, but at night this was not possible, as her pull-ups would not hold her nighttime wetting.

Hannah's mum had been single since Hannah's dad had died four years ago and as she was at work full time, she joined a popular dating website. Of the men that e-mailed her, she started e-mailing one of them regularly, and within the week they were talking on the phone for ages most evenings. One evening this man who was called Simon called. Jackie went up to her room to talk leaving Hannah downstairs watching TV. She was wearing only her nappy and a t-shirt. Her nappy was already wet, but she hadn't been changed. She then realised that she needed to poop. She was sat on the sofa so she tried to go like that, but couldn't. Hannah got off the sofa and kneeling on the floor lent forward holding onto the sofa. She stuck her butt out and was able to poop. She could tell it was quite a big one. When she had done, she sat on the floor and mushed it up making it more comfortable. She was hoping that her mum would come down and take her to be changed. Although Hannah did like to poop in her nappies and she liked to mush it up and sit in it for a while, she hated sitting in it for too long as she would get nappy rash, which she hated. After five minutes Hannah decided to go up to her mums bedroom. She waddled up the stairs and then knocked on her mum's door. She could hear that her mum was still on the phone.

"Come in" she heard her mum call. Hannah went in. She didn't want to say that she needed to be changed too loudly as she didn't want Simon to be able to hear it through the phone. Instead of talking she turned round and lifted up her t-shirt. Jackie saw the problem immediately. Hannah's nappy had a brown stain at the back.

"Sorry about that Simon," she said into the phone.

"No it was just Hannah wanting something. She's gone now, but I have to pee, so is it all right if I hang up. I will give you a ring back in a couple of minutes...yeah ok. Bye" Jackie said hanging up the phone. She got up off the bed and walked Hannah to her room. Hannah lay down on her changing mat and lifted up her t-shirt. Jackie untaped the nappy.

"This is one messy nappy," she said as she wiped her daughter's butt.

"I really had to go. I'm sorry," said Hannah.

"I'm not mad. It's what the nappy is made for," said Jackie. She had cleaned Hannah, so she rolled up the nappy and put it in a plastic bag along with the wipes, and then put the bag in Hannah's nappy pail. Hannah lifted up her butt and Jackie put the fresh nappy under, then she powdered Hannah. After this she brought the nappy between Hannah's open legs and fastened the tabs making sure that it was tight. Then she was finished. She stood up then helped Hannah up. Hannah pulled her t-shirt down.

"Will you be alright if I go back and talk to Simon for a bit?" Jackie asked.

"Yeah I'll be fine," said Hannah.

"I'm just gonna go downstairs and watch TV". She headed back downstairs and Jackie went back to her room. Once downstairs Hannah lay down on the sofa and put her thumb in her mouth. She had a dummy, but she knew that her mum didn't like her using it. She would only be allowed to use that or any other baby things as a reward for something. She started to drift off to sleep, but after half an hour Jackie came back downstairs and Hannah woke up again. The first thing she did was wet her nappy. Jackie could tell from the expression on Hannah's face that she was wetting herself.

"Since you were such a good girl, and let me talk on the phone, and only interrupted me once, I'm going to let you have a bottle. Do you like the sound of that?"

"Yeah" said Hannah. She sat up on the sofa and as she did that, her nappy crinkled.

"I'm going to go get it so you just sit there and I will bring it in for you". A couple of minutes Jackie came back with a bottle of juice.

"Let me sit on the sofa then you can sit on my knee and I will give it to you" said Jackie. Hannah was delighted. On the few occasions that she was allowed a baby bottle, she had to hold it herself. She stood up and allowed her mum to sit down. Then she sat down in her mums lap, her legs stretching across the sofa. Jackie had one arm round Hannah's back and she held the bottle in the other. Once they were both comfortable, Jackie put the teat in Hannah's mouth and Hannah suckled her juice. She liked that her mum was treating her like a baby. Hannah took her time in drinking her bottle, wanting to stay there for longer. She was afraid that when the juice was gone, she would have to get off her mum's knee. However, when the juice was gone, Jackie simply put the bottle aside and allowed her daughter to remain there. She quickly put her hand in between Hannah's legs to try and shift Hannah upwards, as she had been sliding down, and was practically lying down with her head in Jackie's lap. This movement took Hannah by surprise. She had been about to wet herself. Instead she managed to hold it and she wet when her mum had moved her hand. What Hannah didn't anticipate was that Jackie was going to put her hand back just to secure Hannah in place. Hannah was in midflow and couldn't stop. Jackie smiled as she felt the warmth in Hannah's nappy.

"I guess you are going to need another nappy before bedtime then" she said. Hannah blushed. They stayed in that position for a while longer, until Hannah started to yawn. Jackie walked her upstairs and then changed Hannah's wet nappy whilst Hannah lay in bed. Hannah was practically asleep before her mum left the room. Jackie then went to her own bedroom.

The next morning Hannah woke up early and she stayed in bed waiting for her mum to come in and change her wet nappy. As she was lying Hannah wet her nappy again, enjoying the warmth between her legs. After she had finished wetting, her mum came back in the room.

"Oh, you're already awake. That's a change," she said. She pulled the duvet off Hannah. Hannah pulled up her t-shirt that she slept in. Jackie untaped the nappy and wiped Hannah.

"Do you need to go to the toilet before you get your pull-up on, sweetie"

"No I already did it in the nappy whilst I was waiting for you"

"Ok" said Jackie. She put the nappy and wipes in the nappy pail then got out a pull-up. She helped Hannah put her legs through the holes whilst Hannah was still lying down. She couldn't of course pull it up completely, so Hannah stood up and Jackie pulled it up over Hannah's bottom. She made sure that it was on properly, and then she left Hannah to get dressed. Hannah then pulled off her t-shirt. She put it on her bed then made her bed. Then she went over to her wardrobe. The wardrobe had a couple of drawers at the bottom where Hannah kept her clothes that didn't need to be hung up. She opened one and got out a bra and a pair of socks. She had used to keep underwear in that drawer as well, but she didn't have any now. All she had was a bikini and swimsuit. She put her bra on and then went over to the bed to put her socks on, her pull-up crinkling as she walked. Hannah didn't notice it. It was only went she was with other people that she sometimes got self-conscious and thought they could tell she was in a pull-up.

Hannah quickly finished getting ready and she packed her bag for university. As well as the things she was going to need for lectures and seminars Hannah also packed two extra pull-ups and a travel packet of wipes. The pull-ups were only for accidents, so Hannah rarely had to change whilst at university. She would just use the toilet instead. When she was ready she went downstairs where her mum had poured her some cereal. She sat down to eat it. Jackie was already sat down eating hers. Hannah had a class at nine this morning, so had to set off in her car no later than ten past eight. As a result it was not yet half seven as they were eating their breakfast.

Hannah had passed her driving test over the summer and had been given a car for her eighteenth birthday so that she could drive to the local university. She had been at university for two and a half months. She had settled in and had made friends. Some of them were living in the halls of residence, whilst others were from the local area and lived at home. She even had a couple of friends that were mature students with children. So far she hadn't told any of her friends that she wore pull-ups and was hoping that none of them would find out.

"Have you got some pull-ups with you honey?" Jackie asked. Hannah looked up suddenly. She had been lost in thought.

"Yep. I've got two because I'm gonna be there a while today"

"Good. But make sure that you use the toilet when you know that you have to go. The pull-ups are only there in case you have an accident. And remember if you do have an accident then change your pull-up as soon as possible. They aren't like your nappies"

"Yeah I know mum. You have been saying it at least once a week for almost three and a half years"

"I just don't want you to forget"

"I'm not gonna mum"

"Good. What time are you going to be in today?"

"Um...seminar nine till eleven. Hour break. Lecture twelve till one. Then we talked about getting lunch at the pub nearby. So I don't know. Half two threeish" Hannah said.

"I'm finishing at half four all this week, so you will have to wear your pull-ups till I get home and can change you. It will probably be about five"

"Ok. That's fine"

"Oh and remember that we are going over to your sisters for tea. Allie is trying out a new recipe that she wants opinions on. We are going over at about sixish". Allie was a chef at a restaurant and they were testing out new recipes to go on the menu. As Allie was a chef she sometimes worked odd hours and was sometimes home during the day. Louise worked in an office so worked the regular nine to five, Monday to Friday.

"Ok. Can I wear nappies or do I have to wear a pull-up?"

"You can wear your nappy since it is Louise and Allie"

"Okay. Thanks"

"Well I'm going to go get a shower and get ready for work. You will probably be gone before I'm finished so bye bye honey. Have a good day," said Jackie. She put her dish in the sink. On her way out of the room she went over to Hannah and kissed the top of her head quickly. Hannah smiled.

"Bye mum. Have a good day at work". She carried on eating her cereal, then washed up the few pots in the sink.

"Honey" she heard her mum shouting. Hannah went to the bottom of the stairs.

"Do you need to go in the bathroom before I go in and get my shower?"

Even though her mum had not actually said it, Hannah knew that her mum was actually asking whether she needed to go to the toilet.

"No mum I'm fine. Remember I told you I already went in my nappy this morning"

"I know, but that was almost an hour ago and you have a half hour drive". Hannah thought about it then went upstairs just to please her mum. She went in the bathroom and pulled down her jeans and pull-up then sat on the toilet. She was sat there for a minute before she did a small pee. Then she wiped herself clean and pulled up her pull-up and jeans. When she got out of the bathroom her mum was still there.

"So did you need to go?"

"Yeah, but it was only a little one and I would have been able to hold it in till uni. Anyway I'm going to set off now, then I can meet my friends before the seminar"

"Ok sweetie. See you later on".

Hannah went downstairs and grabbed her bag and keys. She went outside locking the door behind her, and then got into her little car.

She set off and then half an hour later she arrived at uni. Her seminar wasn't going to start for half an hour, so Hannah parked her car and walked over to the canteen, where she normally met her friends if she was early enough. Sure enough she saw them sitting at one of the big tables. Hannah walked over to them. Sat at the table was four of her friends. Paula who was a mature student and had three teenage children. Sammy who was eighteen and lived with her parents five minutes away. Janie who was 19 and lived in the halls of residence. The other person at the table was Georgina . She was a mature student, but was younger than Paula. She had two children who were seven and four. Hannah thought that if any of her friends were likely to find out about her pull-ups it would be Georgina . This was because Georgina had mentioned the previous week that her children were bedwetters and wore pull-ups. The adult ones, which Hannah wore, were similar to child pull-ups.

"Hey Han" Sammy said as Hannah sat down.

"Hey everyone" Hannah said. The five of them began chatting and were soon joined by a couple of other girls who lived in halls. They were Kendra and Stacey who were both eighteen. At ten to nine they set off walking to their seminar. Hannah made sure that she didn't walk in front of Georgina , just in case she noticed the outline of the pull-up on her butt.

When the seven of them got to the seminar they sat at one of the tables together. Hannah ended up sitting next to Georgina . People were talking until their seminar leader came in, then of course they had to look at the novel they had read for that week. The seminar was quite boring and when they got out just under two hours later Hannah's pull-up was still dry, which she was pleased about. On most other weeks she had wet her pull-up in that seminar.

Hannah and her friends went back to the canteen. They had an hour to waste before their lecture. Most of her friends went to go buy drinks, so Hannah took the opportunity to go to the toilet. Georgina followed her. When they got to the toilets, Hannah went into one stall and Georgina went into the one next to her. As Hannah pulled down her trousers and pull-up she was aware of every little sound it made, as she was worried that Georgina would hear it. She sat down and peed. Then she wiped herself. After Hannah had done this she pulled up her pull-up and trousers, hoping Georgina wouldn't hear her again. When Hannah came out of the stall Georgina was washing her hands. Hannah went over to wash her hands as well. She couldn't even look at Georgina, as she was positive that Georgina knew she was in a pull-up. Georgina looked around the room quickly then spoke.

"Hannah, can I ask you something? You don't have to answer if you don't want"

"Yeah sure, what?" said Hannah trying to act cool even though she knew what was going to be asked.

"This might sound weird, but you know how I said my kids wear pull-ups to bed"


"Well, I sometimes get the idea that you are wearing pull-ups". Hannah went bright red. Georgina noticed and realised that her theory was correct.

"Hey Han don't worry about it, I'm not gonna tell anyone else. It'll be our secret"

"Thanks. Most of my old friends know, but I wanted to make friends with people here without them finding out"

"Honestly I'm not gonna tell anyone. Do you wear them all the time then?" Georgina asked. Hannah did not want to tell Georgina anymore than she had to.

"Yeah. When my dad died four years ago I started having occasional accidents. Then me and my mum decided that I should wear pull-ups so that if I have an accident it doesn't matter and no one else can tell".

"So do you have accidents often then?" Georgina asked.

"Not really. The pull-up is there just in case, and I can use it if I have to go in lectures or seminars". Then the two of them realised they had been in the toilet for quite a while, so they went out to their other friends.

Forty-five minutes later they headed off to their lecture. In the middle of the lecture Hannah realised that she needed to pee again. She knew that she wasn't going to be able to hold it for another half an hour in the lecture. She began to wet herself, glancing down at her crotch as she did it to make sure that it didn't leak. Georgina glanced over at Hannah, who was staring blankly at the wall. She wondered if Hannah was wetting her pull-up.

After the lecture, Hannah and her friends walked out of the building. When they were outside a couple of her friends had to go. Paula and Sammy both had to get to their jobs and Stacy had to go and finish an assignment. Therefore it was Hannah, Georgina , Janie and Kendra. Hannah drove the four of them down in her car, even though it was only a five-minute walk away because it looked as if it was going to be raining. The main reason she wanted to drive down was because she didn't want to have to walk in a soaked pull-up. When they got there, Hannah said she was going to the toilet. This time no one followed her and there was no one in the toilets either. She pulled off her trousers. The pull-up had swelled up in front and the wetness indicator had gone from the front. Hannah pulled it down then wiped herself with the wipes she had in her bag. Then she put the pull-up and the wipes in the sanitary products bin. After she had done this she put on another pull-up and then put her trousers on.

Meanwhile her friends had got a table and were sat down looking at the menu. Hannah came out and sat with them. She noticed Georgina looking at her, but avoided eye contact. She knew that she had been in the toilet for longer than was necessary.

The meal passed without incident and then Hannah drove everyone back to uni. Janie and Kendra walked to the halls together and Georgina went to her car to drive home. Hannah drove home.

She got back at half two. She went in and went on the computer. Her best friend, Marie, who was at a university two hours away, was on MSN so Hannah spoke to her until Marie had to go out. When Hannah finished talking to Marie she was surprised to find that her pull-up was wet. As it was going to be at least an hour and a half before her mum was home Hannah changed into a fresh pull-up. She then watched a bit of TV and was interrupted when the phone rang. It was her mum.

"I'm going to be later back from work than I thought"

"Oh okay. What about going to Louise and Allie's?"

"Well, that was the reason I was ringing. Will you go round by yourself? That way I don't have to come back and get you then go back again. They said we would be eating at about seven. I should make it for then. Allie should be finished work by now, so if you ring and check she is in then you can go round whenever you are ready"

"Ok. I'll probably go round soon"

"Remember to take your nappy bag with you. If you ask her Allie will probably change you when you get there"

"I will. I don't have anything at uni in the morning. Can I stay over with Louise and Allie tonight?"

"It's okay with me, but when you ring, ask Allie. If she says yes then remember to take everything you will need, and take plenty of nappies and a pull-up to put on in the morning. Look sweetie I'm gonna have to get back to work. I'll see you in a bit. Call me if there are any problems"

"Okay. Bye mum"

"Bye Han". They both hung up. Hannah then rang up her sister's flat. Allie was home.

"Hey Allie. It's Hannah"

"Hey Han"

"Mum is going to be late from work and won't have time to pick me up before she goes to yours, so I'm going to come over on my own"

"Ok. Do you want to come over earlier then? You can help me make the food if you want"

"That's what I was going to ask. Also, since I'm going to be in my car and I don't have anything at uni in the morning"

"You want to stay over"

"Yeah. Is that alright?"

"It's fine with me"

"I can bring my stuff and leave it in the car until you check with Louise"

"I'm sure she will be fine with it. Just get all your things together and remember to bring lots of nappies, then come over when you are ready". They hung up and Hannah went to get her things together. She packed her things together, including clothes for the next day and her t-shirt for sleeping in. She then packed her nappy bag, putting in a full box of wipes, a tub of talcum powder and a several nappies, as well as a pull-up for the morning. She also put in one of her dummies. Then locking up the house, she set off. It only took ten minutes to get to her sisters flat, so Hannah was there fairly quickly. She grabbed her nappy bag out of the car, leaving her clothes bag in the boot. As she walked up to the flat she peed in her pull-up so that she could be put into a nappy straight away. Allie greeted her at the door. They hugged.

"Hey Han"

"Hey Allie. The food smells nice"

"Yep. I hope that you like it. If you, your mum and Louise like it then it might go on the menu at the restaurant". Allie was a chef at a restaurant.

"Cool" said Hannah.

"Are you in nappies or pull-up's?" Allie asked.

"I'm in a wet pull-up. I've bought loads of nappies. Can you change me please?"

"Did you have an accident in your pull-ups, or was it on purpose?"

"On purpose, so that you would put me into a nappy straight away" Hannah said smiling. Allie took the nappy bag and they went through to the spare room. Hannah pulled her trousers down and she lay on the bed. Allie opened up the pull-up. She wiped Hannah's front then lifted up Hannah's legs to wipe her bottom. After doing this she removed the wet pull-up and slid a fresh nappy under Hannah. Then she powdered Hannah's behind. Hannah then put her legs down and Allie powdered her front. The nappy was brought between Hannah's legs and then Allie taped it. Allie had been living with Louise for three years and had been dating her for two years before that so had been around when Hannah started having accidents. Before meeting Louise she had never really changed a nappy before, but after putting Hannah in her nappy for bed a few times, she had learnt. Now after Hannah had been wearing nappies during the day for three and a half years, Allie was an expert at changing nappies.

"So have you had any accidents today?" Allie asked as she helped Hannah off the bed. Hannah bent down to pull up her trousers. As she did this, she spoke.

"Yeah I had one earlier on. I was on the computer talking to Marie, then I finished talking to her and realised I was wet". She stood up and finished pulling up her trousers. However they wouldn't fit properly over her nappy.

"I forgot that these trousers don't fit over my nappy"

"What about the trousers that you've bought for tomorrow?"

"No, because I knew that I would be in a pull-up for most of tomorrow".

"I guess we should go see if me or Louise have anything you could wear. If not then you will have to just have your shirt and nappy on"

"I like that idea" said Hannah. She loved walking round showing off her nappy, of course only in the house or in Allie and Louise's flat.

"I thought you would and it makes it easier to change you. I guess you can stay like that until Louise comes home at least" said Allie. Hannah left her trousers with her nappy bag and followed Allie into the kitchen. Allie washed her hands and then started cutting up some vegetables.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Hannah asked.

"You could make me a drink, and get yourself one as well if you want, then Louise will probably be home". Hannah made the drinks, and then sat on table with her drink next to her.

After about five minutes they heard the door open. Hannah went through to the living room to greet Louise. Allie followed.

"Hey Han, baby" said Louise. She gave Hannah a hug, then kissed Allie on the cheek. Allie then went back into the kitchen to keep an eye on the food.

"Hey Louise"

"Ok, two questions. One, how come you are here early? Two, what happened to your trousers?"

"In answer to one" said Hannah. Louise began taking off her jacket and shoes.

"Mum's been held up at work, so is coming straight from there to here, so I drove over myself. Two, I came over in a pull-up and a pair of trousers, but when Allie changed me into a nappy the trousers didn't fit over the nappy"

"Come with me and we'll see if me or Allie have anything you could wear"

"Ok. Oh and by the way, can I stay over tonight? Mum says it's alright and Allie said its fine, but she'd have to check with you. I have my things in the car," Hannah said as they went through to Louise and Allie's room.

"Yeah it's fine with me if you stay over. You don't have anything at uni in the morning do you?" Louise checked. She opened the two wardrobes and began looking through the clothes. Hannah sat down on the bed.

"I don't have anything at all tomorrow"

"Well I'll be at work, but I think Allie is off tomorrow, so you don't need to get up early or anything. Actually you should check with Allie. She might be doing something for all I know"

"Ok. I'm not bothered about getting up early anyway". Louise got out a pairs of jeans.

"Will these fit you?" she asked. Hannah got up and pulled them on. They wouldn't fasten around the nappy.


"Since me and Allie are the same size as you anyway, so I don't think anything will fit. We have a while till mum is getting here, so we can go back to your house and get you a pair of trousers if you want"

"No I'll be fine," said Hannah.

"I'm just going to get changed out of my work clothes. Why don't you go and ask Allie what she is doing tomorrow". Hannah went, leaving Louise to get changed in private. Allie was in the kitchen.

"Didn't manage to find anything to wear then" said Allie as Hannah came into the kitchen.

"Nope, nothing would fit over my nappy. So I will be dressed like this all evening"

"Ok. If your legs get cold then I will get a blanket or something to put over them"

"Thanks. Also, do you have anything planned for tomorrow because Louise said that you aren't working?"

"Nope nothing planned. I might go into town and look around the shops. If you don't have anything on tomorrow then you can come as well. We can go to your house to get some extra pull-ups"

"Yeah that sounds cool". They heard Louise coming out of the bedroom. She joined the two of them in the kitchen.

"Me and Han are going into town tomorrow"

"Oh cool. Do you want to meet me for lunch then?

"Yeah. We can talk about it later" said Allie. The food was almost finished, and was in the oven so the three of them went to watch the TV for a bit. Louise and Allie sat together holding hands on the sofa whilst Hannah sat in the chair. They were just waiting for Jackie to arrive.

Whilst they were waiting Hannah felt the urge to poop and realised that it was better to do it before they had sat down to eat. She got off the chair. Louise and Allie looked over, thinking she was going somewhere. When Hannah squatted down they realised what she was doing and turned their attentions back to the TV.

After filling up her nappy Hannah stood up again and looked over at her sister and Allie sitting on the sofa.

"I need a nappy change," she said feeling the warm poop on her butt cheeks. Allie started to get up, but Louise held her down and got up herself.

"It's okay I'll go," she said to Allie.

"Besides you've already done it once today and you are cooking". Louise led Hannah to the spare bedroom.

"Just wait here. I'll go and get the towel for you to lie on. I'm thinking this could get messy," said Louise. She and Allie had an old towel, which they would use as a changing mat for Hannah sometimes. As Hannah waited for her sister, she wet herself slowly, afraid she might leak onto the floor which Louise and Allie wouldn't be too happy about. Louise came back and laid out the towel. Hannah slowly laid down on it, making sure that her nappy was in the middle. Louise kneeled down between Hannah's spread legs and untaped the nappy. She wiped Hannah's front and was just going to lift up Hannah's legs to remove the nappy and wipe her bottom when Allie came in the room.

"Jackie just rang to say she is gonna be about ten minutes" she said.

"Ok. Allie do you think you could just hold Hannah's legs up whilst I wipe underneath" Louise asked. Allie walked over, leaving the door open. Hannah obediently lifted up her legs slightly. Allie took them and lifted them up further. Louise then proceeded to move the soiled nappy out of the way and wipe the poop of her younger sister's butt. As she did this Louise remembered when Hannah had been born. Louise had been 10 and her older brother Ted had been 12. When they had found out that their mum was pregnant, Louise had hoped for a little sister so she could play mummy and baby with her. She was so happy when Hannah had come along and would often help her mum out by keeping Hannah occupied whilst their mum was doing something else. She also watched her mum when she changed Hannah and after a couple of years, Louise was allowed to change Hannah, when the nappy was only wet. Of course after Hannah had been potty-trained during the day, Louise still put her in a nappy on some nights. She had never imagined when Hannah was born that she would be changing her nappies 18 years on.

Louise was suddenly pulled out of her memory as she heard the doorbell ringing. Hannah moved her legs back to the floor and Allie went to answer the door. She left the bedroom door open, as she knew that it would probably be Jackie. Louise quickly put Hannah into her nappy whilst Jackie came into the flat. Both girls went out to say hello to their mum. Jackie, of course, immediately noticed Hannah's lack of trousers.

"Hey mum" said Hannah. Louise went over and gave her mum a hug.

"Hello you two. Hannah sweetie what happened to your trousers? Did you leak into them?"

"No. I came over in a pull-up and the trousers I already had on. Then Allie changed me into a nappy and I remembered that the trousers didn't fasten over the nappy. And the trousers I brought for tomorrow don't fit either"

"Ok" said Jackie satisfied with Hannah's reason. The food was ready so Allie went into the kitchen to serve it. Louise got everyone a drink, and then helped Allie bring the plates through to the table. The four of them then sat down.

"So, how come you were so late leaving work mum" Louise asked as they sat there eating. Jackie worked as an admin assistant for a large firm and never normally had to work later than her normal hours.

"My supervisor Christine just gave everyone a lot of work to do. It had to be done by the end of today so she asked us who would be able to stay later. Some of them have little children they had to get home for, whereas I knew that it wouldn't matter, so long as I was here for when the food was ready. We did get the work done thankfully," said Jackie. She took another bit of her food.

"Wow Allie this is really nice"

"Thank you. There's a meeting tomorrow of all the chefs, so I will be able to say that this went down well".

After the meal, the four of them decided to leave the washing up until later, and they sat down in the living area chatting. Whilst Hannah was sat there she remembered that she had never brought in her bag of clothes from her car. She told the others.

"I'll come with you to get it if you want" Louise volunteered.

"But I don't have any trousers on. I can't go out like this" Hannah said. Although she didn't mind parading round in just a top and nappy in her own house and Louise's flat, she didn't want to go outside with nothing covering up her nappy.

"Put my long coat on if you want. It goes down past your knees. So long as it is fastened, no one will be able to tell what you are wearing underneath," Allie said. Hannah thanked her and pulled on the long coat. Louise put on her coat and Hannah grabbed her car keys. They walked down to Hannah's car together. Hannah kept checking the coat to make sure her nappy wasn't revealed as she walked. Louise noticed this.

"Stop been so paranoid Han. No one is even around and the coat isn't going to suddenly come undone"

"Can you hear it?" Hannah said quietly. Louise listened for the familiar sound of the nappy crinkling as Hannah walked.

"No not really. Look, the quicker we get the bag out of the car, the quicker you can get back inside and not worry about anyone seeing it" Louise said. As it was the beginning of December it was quite cold and dark outside and Louise wanted to get back to the warmth of the flat. Hannah opened up her car and got out the bag. The two of them then headed back upstairs to the flat.

As they were taking of their coats Hannah realised that she had wet her nappy whilst she had been outside.

"I just had an accident," she said quietly to Louise. Louise looked down at Hannah's nappy.

"Didn't you feel it or anything?" Louise asked.

"Nope, I only knew because the nappy was wet. This is the second accident in one day" said Hannah. She was really upset about it, as she had never had two accidents in one day before. Normally she only had a proper accident, where she didn't even know she needed to go until she was wetting herself, every couple of days. Louise could see that she was upset. She hugged her sister.

"Han, don't get upset about it" Louise said soothingly.

"That's what the nappy is meant for". They walked through into the lounge.

"Hannah, what's wrong?" Jackie and Allie both asked at the same time. They got up from where they had been sat.

"I had an accident whilst I was outside". Jackie, who didn't know about earlier accident didn't really understand why Hannah was so upset.

"Two in one day?" Allie said. Suddenly Jackie understood why Hannah was so upset.

"Yep" Louise said. She led Hannah over to the sofa and Hannah sat down. Jackie sat next to her, and then as if Hannah was a little child, she pulled Hannah onto her knee. Louise and Allie sat down as well and tried to cheer Hannah up. She started to cry softly. Jackie looked concerned. She spoke to Louise and Allie.

"Do you have any of Hannah's bottle's or a dummy here? I think it might help her to calm down"

"I saw a dummy in her bag when I was changing her earlier" Allie said.

"Yeah, and I think we have one bottle" Louise added.

"Ok. Allie, can you get the dummy and Louise can you fill the bottle with juice and bring them back". Allie went through to the spare bedroom and Louise went into the kitchen. Jackie still had Hannah on her knee and she held her close and rocked her slowly as if Hannah were actually a baby. The reason that Hannah had such an extreme reaction was because although she liked wearing nappies and using them, she liked to be in control of this. One accident every few days was no so bad, but by having two accidents in the space of a few hours, Hannah felt as if she were losing control. Allie came back with the dummy and popped it into Hannah's mouth. It seemed to be helping to calm Hannah down somewhat. Louise then came in with the bottle of juice. Jackie took the dummy out of Hannah's mouth and inserted the teat of the bottle. Hannah suckled and as she did, she began to calm down considerably. Her mind wondered back to her first accident and how she had freaked out over it.

Hannah's first accident was the day after the funeral. Her brother Ted and his wife Sandra had taken Jackie out for the day with Ted and Sandra's children, whilst Louise and Hannah had stayed in the house. Hannah and Louise heard them all get back and went to wait by the front door. Sandra had come in first with her children and had gone upstairs with them. It was at that point when Hannah had started to wet herself. Louise had noticed and asked Hannah why she was wetting herself. Hannah had looked down at her wet crotch in surprise, and then Jackie and Ted had come through the door. Hannah was still wetting herself, which the two of them immediately noticed. When she had finally finished Hannah had burst into tears and ran upstairs. Louise and Jackie had gone after her and found her still wearing her wet trousers curled up in her bed, crying. Jackie managed to get Hannah standing up so she could remove her wet trousers and knickers. Then Louise who had grabbed the wipes, managed to quickly clean Hannah up a bit, before Hannah sat on her mums knee. Jackie had rocked her back and forth as Louise watched. Eventually Hannah stopped crying and they were able to talk about it properly.

Hannah had been drinking from her bottle and sobbing as she remembered. After remembering that occasion and how her mum had rocked her in the same way she was doing now, Hannah felt a lot calmer and stopped crying. She finished off the last of the juice, and then moved her mouth from the teat.

"Are you feeling better now Hannah?" Jackie said. She put the empty bottle on the floor and handed the dummy to Hannah.

"Yeah. I'm sorry I freaked out like that. It was just like that was the first time ever that I have had two accidents in the same day. I just got scared that I was losing control of the situation". She stood up off her mum's knee.

"You have been having accidents for four years and this is the first time you have had two accidents in the same day. I think that is pretty good" said Allie.

"Yeah, and besides it was freezing outside. That's probably why you peed the second time," Louise added.

"Yeah. You are probably right," said Hannah. She went into the bathroom to wipe her face. Louise, Allie and Jackie looked at each other; they didn't really completely understand Hannah's reaction. It seemed that she had gotten over the whole thing fairly quickly. They waited for Hannah to come out of the bathroom.

In the bathroom Hannah quickly wiped her face, then she sat on the edge of the bath thinking. She was wondering whether wearing nappies during the day was a good thing. It meant that she was wetting herself even when she would have made it to the toilet.

"On one hand" she said quietly to herself "I like to wear them and mum doesn't mind changing me. On the other hand, I just pee wherever I am, so my bladder might be getting used to emptying itself all the time. But when I am in a pull-up I can hold it if I know I am going to get to a toilet soon". Hannah had thought about this issue before, and whenever she did the conclusion she came to was to continue wearing the nappies, but not wet as soon as she needed to, but instead wait five minutes. These five minutes would have given her time to get to a toilet. At also proved that she was in control of her wetting most of the time. Hannah came to the same conclusion again and left the bathroom. She sat down in the lounge. Allie and Louise were still stood up.

"I might go do the washing up," Louise said.

"I'll help you" Allie said. They wanted to give Jackie and Hannah space to talk if they wanted to.

"You cooked so you shouldn't have to wash up as well. I will help Louise," said Hannah. She got up and went into the kitchen with Louise. She had completely missed what Louise and Allie were trying to do.

In the kitchen Louise turned the taps on to fill up the sink. Hannah grabbed a tea towel.

"Do you still want to stay over tonight?" Louise asked to break the silence.

"Yeah. If you are still willing to have me stay over," Hannah replied. Louise stuck her hands in the soapy water and started to wash the pots.

"Yeah of course I am". As Louise did this, she pulled a plate out of the water and gave it to Hannah to dry.

"Even though I acted like a complete overdramatic loser before"

"Hey, you had your reasons for it"

"So you don't think I am a complete idiot then?"

"No, you're my little sister. I don't really understand why you freaked out so much, but I'm not going to hate you for it or anything. Anyway can you go get your bottle from before? I might as well wash that too"

"Yeah ok. How did you end up with one of my bottles here anyway?" said Hannah.

"It was when you stayed over once. You brought it over, and then when you had used it, you left it in the sink and forgot to take it back home with you. We were going to give it to you next time you came over, but then we realised that it might as well stay here, then you don't have to worry about bringing one over"

"Oh ok" said Hannah. She went to fetch the bottle. When she came back into the kitchen Louise had washed the rest of the pots. She took the bottle off Hannah and quickly washed that.

"We might as well leave the pots to dry overnight," Louise said as she added the bottle to the drying rack. Hannah put down the tea towel she had just picked up and they went back through to the lounge. Louise went to sit next to Allie on the sofa and Jackie beckoned Hannah over. Although Jackie didn't normally like to baby Hannah too much, she wanted Hannah to sit on her knee so that she could talk to Hannah.

"Do you want to sit on my knee?" she asked. Hannah looked surprised.

"But my nappy is wet" Hannah said.

"It will have all soaked into the padding by now. I want to talk to you" Jackie said. Hannah turned round and sat on her mums knee, the nappy squishing underneath her as she did so. She turned round so that she was sat at one side and could actually see her mum to talk to her.

"Do you still want to stay here tonight?"

"Yeah. I already asked Louise and she says that it's still alright"

"Good. I'm going to have to go in a bit, but I don't want to leave if you are still upset"

"I'm not still upset mum. I'm sorry for worrying you in the first place"

"Ok. So long as you aren't upset. What time are you going to be back tomorrow?"

"Allie has the day off and she mentioned that she might go into town. So I'm going with her. We might even meet Louise for lunch somewhere"

"Ok. I hope you have a nice day. Do you have enough pull-ups to last tomorrow?"

"No I brought over one to wear in the morning, so we are going back to pick some more up before we go into town"

"Good" said Jackie. She leaned back in the chair. Hannah leaned against her. Jackie then started to stroke Hannah's hair. Allie and Louise switched on the TV and Hannah's thumb crept to her mouth.

"Honey, don't suck your thumb" Jackie said once she had noticed. Hannah took her thumb out of her mouth. She was kind of disappointed that the babying treatment seemed to have ended.

"Allie, just pass me the dummy. Hannah can have that instead". Hannah smiled. The babying treatment hadn't ended. Allie passed the dummy over and Jackie put it in Hannah's mouth. They stayed like that for a while, watching TV, until Jackie had to leave. Hannah reluctantly moved from her mother's knee. Jackie put on her coat and shoes and grabbed her bag.

"Bye mum" Louise said giving Jackie a hug. Allie hugged her too. Then it was just Hannah left. Jackie couldn't help thinking how adorable Hannah looked stood there in her nappy with a dummy sticking out of her mouth. She hugged her.

"I'll see you tomorrow ok sweetie"

"Yeps" said Hannah through her dummy. Jackie then left. Louise, Allie and Hannah went back to the lounge.

Hannah took the dummy out of her mouth so that she would be able to talk properly.

"Is it alright if I take a shower?" she asked.

"You don't need to ask," said Allie.

"This is practically your second home"

"Yeah I know, but I need one of you to take my nappy off before I can get a shower"

"Oh yeah" said Allie. Louise went to go and get some towels out for Hannah to use whilst Allie took Hannah to the spare bedroom to take her nappy off. When they got in there, Hannah wet her nappy. She had been holding on for five minutes already.

"Are you going to lie down then?" Allie asked.

"Um...can you wait like a minute?" Hannah asked.

"Why? I thought you wanted a shower"

"Yeah, but I'm just using the nappy right now" said Hannah. Allie then understood and she waited for Hannah to finished wetting herself.

"Ok all done" said Hannah lying down. Allie proceeded to untape the wet nappy. She wiped Hannah, and then helped Hannah to her feet. Then Allie put the wipes in the wet nappy and rolled it up. Together they went back out into the main room, with Hannah been naked from the waist down. She wasn't bothered about it though as Louise and Allie had seen that area of Hannah many times before. Hannah went into the bathroom as Louise was coming out.

"I've left a towel on the side for you"

"Thanks Louise". Hannah went into the bathroom and she closed the door. Then she switched the shower on and got it to the right temperature. She pulled off her top, leaving her stood there in only her bra, which she quickly unfastened and took off. Hannah then stepped into the shower and began to wash herself.

After about twenty minutes she got out. She knew that Louise and Allie would probably want to have a shower. Hannah quickly dried herself and brushed her hair. She wrapped the towel around her body and picked up her top and bra. Hannah went into the lounge.

"If you're finished I'm gonna go get a quick shower" Allie said getting up. She went past Hannah and into the bathroom.

"Come on Han. Lets go get you into a fresh nappy" said Louise standing up. They went into the spare bedroom and Hannah dropped her clothes next to her bag. She laid down on the bed whilst Louise got the powder and a fresh nappy. Hannah still had the towel wrapped around her. Louise quickly opened the towel leaving Hannah completely naked on the bed. Hannah automatically moved her hands to cover her breasts. Because of the fact that her nappy area wasn't really private, as people saw it all the time, Hannah liked to keep her breasts private so didn't really appreciate Louise opening the towel and revealing them.

"You can't tell me you are shy when I have changed you hundreds of times". Hannah still didn't move her hands. Louise could have easily put Hannah into her nappy like that, but she didn't want Hannah to feel uncomfortable. Louise got out the t-shirt that Hannah slept in out of Hannah's bag and put it on her bed. Then she turned her back.

"Just tell me when you have finished and I will put you into a nappy" Hannah sat up and pulled on the t-shirt.

"I'm finished" Hannah said as she lay back on the bed. Louise turned round and quickly put Hannah into a nappy. The fact that she didn't have to take off a nappy or wipe Hannah made the process a lot faster.

"All done" said Louise. Hannah sat up on the bed.

"What time are you working in the morning?" Hannah asked as she stood up.

"Same as always. Nine to five, Monday to Friday"

"So what time are you setting off?"

"Half eight" said Louise. They went through to the lounge and sat together on the sofa.

"Ok, and what time is your lunch?"

"One till two"

"Are we still meeting?"

"I don't see why not. But we should wait until Allie is here before we talk about it"

"Okay" Hannah grabbed her dummy from where she had left it before. She popped it in her mouth and Louise smiled at her. Hannah smiled back, then switched on the TV. They watch TV until Allie came out of the bathroom. She went straight through to the bedroom she shared with Louise to get into her pyjama. When she came back into the lounge, she sat down on the sofa next to Hannah.

"Are you gonna get a shower Lou?" Allie asked Louise.

"Na, I'll get one in the morning. But since you two are ready for bed, I might go get ready for bed as well". Hannah had been leaning her head against Louise's shoulder, so she moved it to allow Louise to get up.

"You can lean on my shoulder if you want" Allie offered. Hannah moved slightly so she could rest her head against Allie's shoulder. Hannah yawned and the dummy fell out of her mouth. Allie grabbed it and passed it back to Hannah.

"Do you want to lay down?"

"Yeah" said Hannah. She stretched herself out and laid down with her head in Allie's lap. She put the dummy back in her mouth. When Louise came out, she moved Hannah's legs so she could sit down. She sat next to Allie with Hannah on top of her.

"Are you tired sweetie?" Louise asked Hannah.

"A bit, but I don't wanna go to bed yet"

"Ok. Oh, whilst we are all here, do you want to decide on you two meeting me for lunch tomorrow" Louise said.

"Is your lunch one till two?" Allie asked.


"If you want me and Han can meet you at work at one. We can go to Braiths' or something and get some lunch from there". Braiths' was a café in town, which they went to quite a bit.

"Ok cool" said Louise.

"Hey Han will you remember that?" Allie asked.

"Yep" said Hannah. She then yawned.

"Baby, I think you should go to bed," said Allie stroking Hannah's hair. Hannah yawned again then started to get up.

"We'll see you in the morning" Louise said as Hannah went into the spare bedroom. Hannah quickly moved everything off the bed, dumping it on the floor rather than sorting it out. She climbed into the bed and as she lay there, still sucking on her dummy, she fell asleep.

Hannah woke up the next morning and looked at the clock. It was eight, so was still early. She knew that Louise wouldn't have set off to work yet. Hannah got out of the bed and walked out of the room to find Louise, her nappy drooping between her legs. She saw Louise heading towards the kitchen. She was already fully dressed for work.

"Hey Hannah" said Louise when she saw Hannah.

"Allie's sleeping in for a bit. Do you want to come get some breakfast with me?" she asked. Louise then noticed Hannah's very wet nappy.

"Actually it looks as if you need your nappy changing. Lets go get that done, then we can get breakfast"

"Ok" said Hannah and she headed back into the spare room.

"You have only been here less than a day, and already the room looks like a tip," said Louise moving things aside so she could set down the old towel.

"Come on lie down". Hannah laid down and Louise quickly took off the wet nappy and wiped Hannah.

"It is going to be at least a couple of hours until you and Allie go into town, and you only have one pull-up with you. You still have two nappies so I am going to put you into a fresh nappy, then Allie can change you into a pull-up before you leave" said Louise. She grabbed the powder and a nappy. She expertly put the nappy on Hannah and was soon finished.

"Ok time for breakfast" she said as she taped up the wet nappy to throw away.

When they were in the kitchen Louise got some bread out and put it in the toaster. Hannah went straight for one of the cupboards and got out the box of cereal that they kept for her. She poured some into a bowl, added milk, grabbed a spoon and sat down at the table. Louise looked at her in surprise. Hannah didn't notice the look however.

"Geez, you could have waited for me"

"Sorry, I'm hungry," said Hannah. She stood up and went to the fridge.

"What are you looking for now?" Louise asked. She couldn't understand how someone could be so energetic so early in a morning.

"I need some juice or something. I'm really thirsty"

"I'm not surprised. The way you saturated your nappy in the night. You probably need to replace the lost liquids," said Louise with a smile. Hannah turned her attentions back to the fridge and ignored the comment. She was surprisingly sensitive about her bedwetting and hated people making comments on it. She didn't mind if people made a comment about her daytime accidents, as they were only every couple of days, so weren't in Hannah's eyes as bad as wetting the bed. She also didn't mind people making comments when she used her nappies during the day when she could use the toilet because Hannah could choose when to use the nappy. But the fact that Hannah was 18 and rarely woke up dry was something that she hated. She wanted to be able wake up and wet her nappy, but most of the time was too scared of her nappy leaking and wetting her sheets.

"Come on Han, I was only messing. There's no need to get so upset over it".

"I wasn't" said Hannah. She didn't want Louise to know what she was really thinking.

"I was just getting a drink". She grabbed a carton of orange juice, then shut the fridge. She went over and got a glass.

"Do you want some orange juice too?"

"Yeah, please," said Louise. The whole atmosphere in the kitchen was weird, and Louise didn't really understand why. Hannah got out another glass and poured the juice. She picked up her glass and the carton. On the way to the table she put the carton back in the fridge. Then she sat down at the table and concentrated on eating her cereal and drinking her juice.

"Morning" said Allie coming in. She stretched her arms in the air, trying to wake up a bit. As she did, her top came up to reveal her bellybutton and stomach.

"What happened in here?"

"Nothing" said Hannah and Louise at the same time.

"Did you two have an argument about something?"

"No" said Louise. Her toast had finished, so she got it out of the toaster and began spreading jam onto it. Allie poured herself a bowl of cereal. Louise and Allie both went to sit down at the same time. Allie sat next to Hannah, and Louise sat at the other side of Allie. Hannah was almost finished, so she left soon after the other two had sat down.

She went through to the spare bedroom and packed up her things in her bags. Whilst making the bed she found her dummy, which she added into the bag of clothes. Then she took off the t-shirt she had slept in and replaced it with her bra and the top she had brought over. The trousers wouldn't fit over her nappy, so Hannah left them on the bed to put on when she was changed into her pull-up. Once she had packed most of her things up she went back out into the living room. She didn't want to go into the kitchen and have Allie asking her why she was in a mood. If that happened, then Hannah was going to have to admit why, and it was going to be yet another thing they didn't understand and she was going to end up sounding pathetic. For that reason she curled up on one of the chairs and switched on the TV. She was there for about ten minutes when Allie and Louise came out of the kitchen.

"Hey Hannah. I've got to leave for work now, so I'll see you at lunchtime" Louise said. She came over and Hannah stood up so that they could hug goodbye. Louise and Allie had already said goodbye in the kitchen, so Louise left.

"I'm just going to go get dressed Han. Oh and are you cold because you have nothing on your legs or your feet"

"No I'm fine," said Hannah. She went back to watching the TV, and Allie went to get dressed.

They spent a quiet couple of hours in the flat. Allie did some housework and Hannah helped her. Whilst they were doing this Hannah wet her nappy on purpose a couple of times. They decided to stop doing the housework, get ready and go out. That meant they could wander around the shops for a bit before they went to meet Louise. The two of them went through to the spare bedroom and Allie changed Hannah into the pull-up. Whilst Hannah was pulling on her socks and trousers Allie spoke.

"What was all that about this morning in the kitchen?"


"Louise told me what happened"

"Yeah, nothing" said Hannah. She had been hoping that because it hadn't been mentioned, it had been forgotten about. Obviously not.

"That's what I thought, but something obviously upset you. I just want to know what"

"Nothing upset me"

"Come off it Hannah. One minute you are all happy, then the next you are moody and acting like something upset you"

"Shouldn't we be leaving now? We've got to go back to my house first to get more pull-ups remember"

"Yeah, I've remembered. We don't need to set off now. We have a couple of hours before meeting Louise. And stop trying to change to subject" Allie replied. She was determined to get Hannah to admit what had upset her.

"Shall I tell you what I think happened? I think that you went to get juice, then Louise said something about how much you had wet in the night, and that upset you somehow"

"Fine yeah. That was it," said Hannah. She was now fully dressed, so she grabbed her two bags and stormed through into the lounge. Allie followed her. Although Allie still didn't know exactly why that comment had upset Hannah, she decided to leave it.

They took another ten minutes before they were ready to go. They both got into Allie's car, leaving Hannah's car there. They chatted in the car, but both avoided the subject of what had upset Hannah that morning. When they got to Hannah's house they went in and went upstairs to Hannah's room. Hannah quickly grabbed one pull-up.

"How long are we going to be?" she turned to ask Allie.

"It is another two and a half hours until we meet Louise. Then an hour before she has to go back to work". Hannah quickly picked up another pull-up. She didn't actually think she was going to have two accidents, but she always brought spare ones just in case she couldn't get to a toilet. They quickly took what they wanted and headed into town.

Once they got parked, they headed into the centre and wandered around the shops for a bit. They went into a few, and in one clothes shop they chose some things to try on. Allie and Hannah then went through to the changing rooms. Hannah made sure that the curtain was pulled across properly before she started to undress. She didn't want anyone to be able to see the white plastic of her pull-up.

After she had tried everything on, and seen Allie in a few of the things she had tried on, Hannah got dressed in her own clothes, and checked that her pull-up couldn't be seen. Once this was done, she pulled back the curtain and saw Allie stood there waiting for her. Hannah handed the clothes to the changing room assistant, and then walked out with Allie. They still had an hour to kill before they needed to meet Louise, so they wandered round for a bit longer, then ended up going and sitting in the park that was near to Louise's office. As it was mid morning in the middle of the week the park was practically deserted. There were only a few women pushing babies in prams. Allie and Hannah sat down at one of the benches.

"Can I tell you something?" Hannah asked.

"Yeah sure" said Allie thinking that Hannah was going to explain why that comment had upset her that morning.

"Well, you know yesterday..."


"Well I was at uni and of my friends guessed about the pull-ups"

"How did she guess? What did she do?"

"She's a mature student and has a couple of young kids and she mentioned last week that her kids wear pull-ups to bed because of bedwetting. Since then I have tried to sort of avoid her, in case she guessed"


"Well we happened to go to the bathroom at the same time yesterday and I was trying to be really quiet with the pull-up"

"Was the pull-up wet and you were changing it?"

"No, it was dry, but I needed to go to the toilet. Anyway, she must have heard me pulling it down, which I guess confirmed her suspicions. Then before we left the bathroom, she checked that no one was around, then she asked me if I was wearing a pull-up"

"What did you do?"

"I went bright red and didn't say anything. She said that she wouldn't say anything to anyone else"

"Does she just know about the pull-ups or about the other stuff as well?"

"I told her that I wore pull-ups all the time because I sometimes had accidents. That was all I told her"

"Ok" said Allie.

"Then when we were in the lecture, I needed to pee, so I went in the pull-up and as I was doing it, she kept looking over at me as if she could tell what I was doing. It was weird"

"She can't have known what you were doing"

"You're probably right, but now I know I am going to be uncomfortable around her because she knows"

"Did she say anything else to you when you were in the bathroom?"

"Yeah, she said that she would keep it a secret"

"Do you think that she will?"

"I don't know. I'm worried that she might accidentally say something. I don't think she would purposely reveal it. I wanted to go to uni and have no one know about it. I wanted that to last the whole three years, but it hasn't even lasted the first term"

"From the sounds of it, there was nothing you could have done to have stopped yourself been found out. Also because your friend that found out is older, and also has kids that wet the bed, I don't think that she is likely to say anything accidentally. If you start acting weird around her, then she is going to know why. Then she might want to talk to you about it. Whereas if you just act normal then there will be no reason for her to bring it up again"

"I kind of understand what you are saying, but what if she asks me about it again? It's really embarrassing for me to talk about it to her"

"If she asks again, which I don't think she will, then just say that it is your business"

"That sounds so rude though"

"I don't honestly think that she will ask. And if you don't want to say that, then you will have to answer the questions" said Allie. She took a quick look at he watch.

"Han, we can talk about this more if you want, but we have to go meet Louise now. I didn't realise the time". They got up and walked over to Louise's office. She was just coming out as they arrived. The three of them then walked over to Braiths' together.

"So what have you two done this morning?" Louise asked.

"Nothing much. We did clean the flat a bit, then we were wandering around the shops," said Allie looking over at Hannah.

"It's been fairly quiet at work this morning. I had hardly anything to do" Louise said. They were soon at Braiths', so they went in and were able to find a table, which was surprising as it was busy.

"If someone comes to take our order can you get me a coke and a white roll with ham, lettuce and cucumber in it please. I've just got to go to the toilet," said Hannah. She got up and went to the back of the café. Normally she hated to use Braiths' toilets as they were up quite a steep flight of stairs, but Hannah knew it was either use the toiler or wet in her pull-up later and have to find somewhere to change. She went upstairs to the toilet and was glad to see that no one else was in there. That meant that she didn't have to cover up the noise of the pull-up.

Once she had finished, Hannah washed her hands and was just about to leave when the door opened. She stepped back to allow the person to come in. When Hannah saw who it was she was completely shocked.

The person that came through the door was Hannah's friend from university Georgina . The one that Hannah had been talking about with Allie not even half an hour ago.

"Hannah" said Georgina sounding surprised.

"Hi Georgina . I didn't think you lived round here"

"No I don't I'm just visiting a friend and we decided to come in and get some lunch"

"Oh right" said Hannah. Having just talked to Allie, Hannah had decided that to help her feel less uncomfortable around Georgina, Hannah was going to try and avoid situations where it was just the two of them, thus making is impossible for Georgina to bring up the subject of pull-ups at all. This situation was completely the opposite of what she wanted.

"I'm here with my sister Louise and her girlfriend Allie"

"Oh ok"

"Well. I better go. I don't want them ordering without me" said Hannah with a little laugh. Georgia moved so that Hannah could get past. Hannah went down the stairs and sat back at the table. As she did, Hannah looked round and tried to figure out which table Georgina would be heading back to.

"Are you alright Han?" Louise asked.

"Not really. I just saw Georgina in the toilets" said Hannah quickly.

"Who is Georgina ?" Louise asked.

"Me and Allie were just talking about her in the park" Hannah said. Allie suddenly realised why Hannah was acting the way she was. Louise on the other hand, just looked confused.

" Georgina guessed about Hannah's protection," said Allie discreetly to Louise. She didn't want to explain it further as she didn't want anyone else in the café to overhear. Louise understood what Allie was trying to say.

"She's over there," Hannah said quietly. She was hoping that Georgina would go back to her own table, but she didn't seem to be as she was heading over to Hannah's table. Louise looked over, but Allie wasn't able to as she was facing in the wrong direction.

"Hannah, I forgot to ask you before, when is that assignment for English due in. Is it the last Monday or the last Friday?"

"Um...last Monday I think" said Hannah relieved that Georgina was only asking about that.

"Ok thanks. Sorry to interrupt"

"That's fine. Oh and Georgina , this is my sister Louise" said Hannah pointing to Louise. She was actually starting to feel better about the whole situation.

"And this is Allie" she said pointing at Allie.

"Louise, Allie, this is my friend Georgina from uni.

"Hi Georgina " said Louise and Allie at the same time.

"Hi. Anyway it was nice to have met you, but I'm going to have to get back to my friend. He will be wondering where I am"

"Ok bye. I will see you tomorrow" said Hannah. She watched as Georgina went to sit at another table, and then looked at Allie and Louise.

"Having seen her, I don't think she is going to tell," said Allie. At that point one of the members of staff came over to take their order. They each said what they wanted, then chatted whilst they waited for their food to arrive. When the food arrived, the topic moved to Jackie, Louise and Hannah's mum.

"So do you know what is going on with her and the Simon guy from the Internet?" Allie asked Hannah.

"She is on the phone to him practically every night for at least an hour. She always goes to her room to talk to him"

"Has she mentioned meeting up with him?"

"Not as yet, but I can't see it been very far off" Hannah replied.

"It's weird though. I thought that after four years, that would be it"

"Han, mum was on her own for five years in between my dad leaving and her starting to see your dad" Louise said.

"Yeah, but that was different because she had you and Ted to look after so she probably didn't have time to go out and look for a boyfriend"

"This time around, she still had you to look after. That's why she used the Internet. Because she didn't want to be going out with guys and then having nothing come of it, whilst you were at home needing looking after"

"But you and Ted were like four and two when your dad left. You needed more looking after than I did at fourteen"

"Perhaps" said Louise. She was thinking of Hannah needing nappies and having accidents, and also been too old for a babysitter, compared to her and Ted who could be left with a babysitter if Jackie went out. She decided not to mention it as she didn't want to embarrass Hannah by mentioning it in front of other people, and she also didn't really want to have an argument about it.

"Anyway she has met Simon. Do you think that she spoke to him last night after she left?"

"She did seem to want to leave by a certain time. Maybe she was expecting a call from him," Allie said.

"Possibly" said Louise. They had all finished eating by this point. They got up to pay. Allie treated the two of them, by paying.

"Thanks Allie" Hannah said. She grabbed one of the complimentary mints that were always next to the till. They still had twenty minutes until Louise was due back at work, so they went back to the park. It was busier than it had been before, but they still managed to find a bench.

"Hannah can you explain to me what happened between you and Georgina . I know she guessed about you wearing pull-ups, but how did she guess," Louise said. Hannah told her what had happened the previous day in the toilets. When she had finished, Louise had to go back to work. Allie and Hannah walked her, and then they walked back to the car.

They were quickly back at the flat. Hannah went in for a bit, but then said she had to get home. She had a bit of university work that she needed to get done. When she got home, she dumped her things in her room, and switched on her computer so that it could begin to load up. She then went downstairs to get a drink. When Hannah went back upstairs she signed onto MSN, then got on with her work. When she was almost finished, her best friend Marie signed onto MSN and messaged her. Hannah remembered that she had wet her pull-up whilst talking to Marie on MSN the previous day, so as they were talking, Hannah kept checking her pull-up for any signs of wetness.

She managed to stay dry, but did have to leave the computer at one point to go to the bathroom. When she and Marie eventually signed off after a couple of hours they had arranged for Hannah to stay over at Marie's house a couple of days after Marie was getting back for the holidays. Hannah knew that they would have a good time catching up. Even though they had kept in contact through MSN, it would be nice to see Marie in the flesh. The only downside was that Marie would have to put Hannah into her nappy before they went to bed.

Marie and Hannah had been friends since the beginning of primary school and when they had used to stay over at each others houses Marie's mum used to put Hannah in her nappy when they were at Marie's house. As Hannah had only been young at the time it wasn't a big deal. There had also been a few occasions when Marie would wear a nappy as well so that Hannah wouldn't feel embarrassed. However as Hannah and Marie had got older, Hannah became uncomfortable with Marie's mum changing her, so for a while hadn't stayed over at Marie's house. When Hannah was 13, Marie's mum found out why Hannah never stayed over. To help Hannah she had shown Marie how to put a nappy onto someone properly. Hannah then agreed to stay over. Whilst she was been changed, she realised that been put into a nappy by her best friend was more embarrassing than been put into one by her best friends mum. So for a couple of years Marie's mum had put her into her nappy whenever she stayed over. When both girls were 15 Marie's parents went away for the weekend and let Hannah come to stay for the weekend as company for Marie. Of course there had been no other option but to let Marie change her. Since then whenever she stayed over at Marie's house, it was Marie who put her into a nappy. Hannah was still uncomfortable, especially in the mornings when Marie had to change her out of a wet nappy.

As Hannah thought about this, she finished off her work then switched off the computer. She knew that her mum would be home soon, and could change her into a nappy.

As Hannah was taking her glass downstairs, she heard her mum come in.

"Han, you in" she shouted. Hannah went into the hallway to greet her mum.

"Hey mum"

"Did you have a good time last night?"

"Yeah it was alright. I saw one of my friends from uni whilst I was out today with Allie and Louise" said Hannah.

"That's nice. Are you in a nappy?" Jackie asked. Hannah shook her head.

"Do you want to be put into one?". Hannah nodded in reply.

"OK then, go put that glass in the kitchen. I'm just going to the bathroom. I will meet you in your room". Hannah quickly put the glass in the kitchen and headed upstairs. She pulled off her trousers in preparation, and then lay on her bed. Jackie then came in and started to put her into a nappy.


"Yeah mum"

"Last night after I got back, Simon rang". Hannah smiled at this comment, remembering the conversation over lunch. Jackie noticed.

"What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing really. Just we were talking at lunchtime, wondering if you were rushing back because you were expecting a call from him" said Hannah.

"Actually I wasn't, because I wasn't expecting a call from him last night. He rang anyway"

"Ok. So what did he say then?"

"He asked if I wanted to meet up with him in person"

"What did you say?"

"I said yes. We have arranged to meet in a café on Saturday". Today was Wednesday so it was still a couple of days away.

"What are you going to do?"

"Just see if the chemistry we seem to have over the phone is there in person. We will just have a cup of coffee or something. Ok Han, I'm finished you can sit up now"

"So what's going to happen if you do have chemistry?" said Hannah sitting up.

"We will probably go out on a few dates I should think. I don't know. I have never met anyone off the Internet before. I guess we will just do what feels right". They went downstairs and into the living room.

"What did you have for lunch?"

"A sandwich"

"Ok, how do you fancy spaghetti for tea?"

"Yeah, sounds good". They sat chatting for a bit, and then they both went to make the tea. Whilst they were doing that Hannah told her mum about Georgina finding out about her pull-ups, and running into her at lunch. Jackie told Hannah not to let it affect her friendship with Georgina or anyone else at university.

"I know that you didn't want anyone to find out, but it has happened, and you can't take it back now. It is best not to focus on it. When you next see Georgina just act like everything is normal. The last thing you want is for someone else to pick up on the fact that something has happened" she said. They talked about it for a bit longer, then over dinner they moved onto different topics.

They spent the evening together, and as Simon had rang the previous evening, Jackie didn't have to phone him. To Hannah's disappointment then evening went by without an offer from her mum to give her a bottle. She had enjoyed it the previous two evenings, and had been hoping that it would continue.

When Hannah went to get a shower later on in the evening, she quickly texted Louise telling her their mum was going to be meeting up with Simon. When Hannah had finished having her shower, she quickly dried herself and pulled on a t-shirt. On the way back to her room she called her mum, who came up to put Hannah into a fresh nappy for bed. When Jackie had finished, Hannah grabbed a book that she had to read for one of her modules and climbed into bed. She intended to read a bit of the book before going to sleep. Just as she had got settled, her phone started to vibrate on her desk indicating that she had a new message. Figuring that it would be Louise replying to Hannah's earlier message, she climbed out of bed to get her phone. When she looked at the message she found that it was from Kendra, one of her friends from university. It said that they were meeting up half an hour before the lecture if Hannah wanted to come in a bit earlier. Hannah replied, saying that she would try and get there, then she climbed back into bed. After about half an hour she fell asleep with her light still on and the book still in her hand. Fortunately, Jackie noticed Hannah's light as she was heading into her own room. So she went in, moved Hannah's book and switched off the light. Hannah didn't even stir whilst this was going on.

The next morning Hannah woke up when her mum came in to her. It was still quite early, as Jackie had to change Hannah before she went to work.

"Come one Han, lets get you into a pull-up then I can get to work". Hannah allowed her mum to change her.

"Do you need to go to the toilet?" Jackie asked, as she did every morning.

"Yeah" said Hannah she stood up and, bare-bottomed went to the bathroom. When she came back Jackie held out a pull-up for her to step into. When Hannah had her legs in it, Jackie pulled it up and made sure it was on properly.

"I'm going to have to go to work ok. What time are you at uni today?"

"I've got a lecture then seminar 11 till 1. That's all. But then we are going to be set an assignment. Depending on what it is, I might stay in the library for a bit and look at a few books"

"So you aren't going out with your friends again"

"No, oh that reminds me. Kendra texted me last night saying they were all meeting about half an hour before the lecture. So I might go in a bit earlier and meet them"

"Ok. I will see you later on today then" said Jackie leaving. Hannah got up and started getting dressed. She didn't want to risk staying in bed in case she fell back to sleep. Hannah then went downstairs. It was quarter to nine. If she was meeting her friends had half ten, then she would have to set off at ten at the latest. She watched a bit of TV and did the washing up, and was about to start getting ready to leave when Hannah realised that she had just had an accident in her pull-up. By the time she had cleaned herself up, changed into a dry pull-up and got ready, it was time to set off for uni.

When Hannah got to university she drove into the car park and drove round it for a while trying to find a space. She was driving round for quite a while before she spotted one. By the time she had parked her car it was too late to go and meet her friends, so she went straight to class. They were all sat in there, just waiting for the tutor to arrive.

"Hey Han. How come you didn't meet us earlier?" said Kendra. She was living in halls and didn't have a car, so didn't really understand how bad the parking was.

"I couldn't find a parking space. By the time I'd got one, I came straight here"

"Ok cool" said Kendra. Hannah got out some paper and a pen so that she would be prepared for when the tutor arrived.

"Have you seen all the posters that have been put up everywhere?"

"For the snowfest thing?" Hannah asked. Snowfest was something that the union put on every year on the last weekend before the term ended in December. They had heard from other students how good it had been the previous years.

"Yeah. Anyway we were talking about that. It goes on for twelve hours and sounds pretty good. It starts at two on the Saturday afternoon, and they've even arranged for a dodgems thing to be outside. There is other stuff. Then in the evening it is like a normal club night with a DJ. It finishes at two on Sunday morning"

"It sounds pretty cool"

"Well, we talked about all going together, you know the seven of us. Me, you, Paula, Stacey, Janie, Sammy and Georgina "

"Ok" said Hannah. She tensed at the mention of Georgina .

"Thing is though Paula already has plans. So she can't go. Sammy is working on Saturday afternoon, so she said she might come later. Georgina said she would have to find a babysitter for her kids, and then she can come. Me, Janie and Stacey are all going. Do you think you will be able to make it?"

"Yeah I should be, but I'm not going to be able to drink, because I'm going to have to drive back home"

"You can stay at mine. I have a blow up mattress from when my sister stayed. You can just use that, then go home in the morning," said Kendra. Hannah didn't really know what to say. She knew that if she stayed over at Kendra's then Kendra was going to find out about the bedwetting and the pull-ups. There was also the issue of Hannah not been able to put on her own nappies. She had tried in the past, but had never managed to get it right. Hannah was saved from having to answer Kendra when the tutor arrived.

"We can talk about it after" Kendra said quietly to her. Hannah tried to concentrate on what the tutor was saying, but was worrying about what she would tell Kendra.

'How can I stay over at Kendra's? It's just not possible. But then again I want to go to snowfest. The only thing I can do is go and not drink so that I can drive home' Hannah thought.

The seminar went quite quickly, but Hannah missed most of what went on. As they were all walking out, Kendra waited for Hannah to get her coat on. A couple of their other friends waited as well.

"So will you come to snowfest a week on Saturday then?" Kendra asked.

"I don't know"

"But you said before that you should be able to go. What's changed?

"Nothing" said Hannah. She didn't really want to carry on the conversation at all. She walked out with Kendra, Georgina and one of their other friends Janie.

"You can stay at mine so you don't have to worry about driving home" Kendra said again. The four of them decided to go to the canteen and get a drink before they all went their separate ways. Janie and Kendra went to go and buy a drink, whilst Georgina pulled Hannah to one side.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Yeah sure" said Hannah. She figured that it would be about her reluctance to go to snowfest. They sat down at a table. It was right in a corner, and no one was sitting on any of the nearby tables.

"Are your pull-ups" said Georgina quietly "the reason why you don't want to go to snowfest?"

"Yeah kind of" Hannah replied. She wasn't about to admit to wetting the bed in the canteen.

"Well, I should be able to get a babysitter for that evening and I don't drink so if you wanted you could stay over in the spare bedroom in my house. That way you don't have to tell anyone about it"

"Thanks" said Hannah. She knew it was nice of Georgina to offer, but it didn't really help, as she would still have to be in a nappy throughout the night. A nappy, which she doubted she would be able to get on by herself. Especially if she had, had a bit to drink.

"I'll think about it"

"I thought you two were getting drinks," said Kendra as she walked over to the table. Georgina got up to go get a drink.

"What were you two talking about?"

"She said that I could stay over at hers after snowfest if I wanted to. She has a spare bedroom"

"Oh" said Kendra. She looked almost hurt.

"I told her I would think about it"

"So are you going to say yes to her then"

"I don't know. I might not even go"

"You have to come. Look if you don't want to stay at Georgina 's you can have my bed and I will sleep on the blow up mattress"

"I wouldn't kick you out of your own bed" said Hannah. She saw Janie heading back to the table, so she knew that she had to act quickly.

"Oh go I can't even believe I'm saying this. Can I talk to you after we have finished here? Somewhere really private"

"Yeah sure, you can come to my room," said Kendra. She was intrigued as to what Hannah was going to say. Hannah didn't get a drink. Instead she sat there waiting for the other three to finish theirs and thinking of how she was going to tell Kendra. She hoped that Kendra would be able to keep it secret and that she wouldn't start thinking that Hannah was a different person. Hannah breathed deeply a couple of times, to stop herself panicking.

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