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Hannah sat there in silence for what felt like an hour, but was in fact no more that 15 minutes. When the other three started to get up, Hannah joined them. The walked part of the way together, but then Georgina had to go in one direction for the car park.

"Are you coming Hannah?" she asked.

"No, I've just to talk to Kendra for a bit" Hannah replied, knowing that there was no way she could get out of it. The only thing she could do if she didn't want to tell Kendra was to make up something else to tell her. Georgina then went one way and Hannah walked another way with Kendra and Janie. She let Kendra and Janie talk whilst she stayed silent. When they got to the halls of residence Janie went one way back to her own flat and Hannah carried on walking with Kendra. Within a couple of minutes Kendra was unlocking the door to her flat. They went to Kendra's room and she unlocked that door too. They both went into the room. Kendra's room was very tidy as it had been every time Hannah had been there in the past. Kendra sat down on the bed cross-legged. Hannah did the same thing. They were facing each other. Hannah quickly felt her lower back and realised that the top of the pull-up had risen above her trousers. Suddenly she was grateful that Kendra couldn't tell.

"So you wanted to tell me something?" Kendra asked.

"Yeah" said Hannah.

"Um...its about the snowfest thing"

"Ok. What about it?"

"Well, the thing is I want to go and it would be cool to stay over here after, but I couldn't stay over without you finding out something about me. And I'm afraid that you won't want me staying in your room when you find out"

"You snore? Because if that's it, don't worry about it"

"No it's not that I snore," said Hannah. She was struggling to come up with the words.

"What is it then?"

"I um...actually could I have a glass of water?"

"Yeah sure" said Kendra. She was even more confused now. Kendra got up and went into the kitchen. Hannah knew that it was going to be difficult to tell Kendra, but not this difficult. She sat there waiting for Kendra to come back. She heard Kendra come back into the room, and then realised that Kendra could now see her back, and the exposed waistband of the pull-up. Hannah knew that if she tried to hide it, then Kendra would be more likely to notice what she was doing. So instead Hannah sat there and hoped that Kendra wouldn't notice. Kendra looked over at Hannah, wondering again what it was she wanted to say. She passed the drink over and watched as Hannah drank about half of it in one go. Kendra sat back down on the bed as Hannah held the glass in her lap.

"So, what were you going to say before?"

"Oh yeah. That. Well, you see, um..."

"Whatever it is, you can still stay over here after snowfest. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to"

"But you will find out anyway if I stayed over. And I think that you are less likely to have a weird or bad reaction if you know in advance"

"Then I guess you have to tell me, or if you don't know how to say it, well I don't really know actually" said Kendra. Hannah braced herself.

"Ok, I am going to say it, then you can ask about it after I have finished" Hannah said.

"Ok that's fine," said Kendra. She lent back against her pillow, ready to listen.

"Right, I um...wet the bed. And um...because of that I still wear nappies at night. I can't put them on myself, but if it were still alright for me to stay here, then I would ask my mum to teach me. Also, since my dad died, I sometimes have accidents during the daytime. It's normally only every couple of days, but I wear pull-ups every day just in case" said Hannah. She put her glass on the floor, and then pulled down the front of her trousers slightly to show the pull-up underneath. Then she looked up at Kendra, who looked completely stunned.

"Ok, well I still don't mind if you stay over"

"Really, because I thought you would freak out of something"

"No, does anyone else at uni know?"

" Georgina knows about the pull-ups but she doesn't know about the bedwetting"

"Han, since you have told me that, I kind of want to tell you something as well"

"Sure, what?"

"Well, I don't know if you will have done, but have you heard of an 'AB/DL'". Hannah went red. She knew from the Internet what an AB/DL was and also knew that she was one.

"Yeah I've heard of that before"

"Well, I'm not really an AB, but I am a DL," said Kendra. She lowered her head, afraid of Hannah's reaction.

"So do you wear nappies then?" Hannah asked.

"Yeah. I ordered some off the Internet before I came to uni, but I haven't ordered any since then. I only wear them sometimes so I still have a few left"

"Have you ever worn them in public?"

"No, I am afraid that they would be noticeable".

"I didn't really tell you everything before. What I didn't say is that when I am at home, I am normally in nappies, rather than a pull-up. The reason why I knew what an AB/DL was, is because I guess that's what I am"

"You mean you like the whole baby thing too. I mean I just like wearing nappies. I never really fancied the baby thing"

"Yeah, but I don't think my mum likes it too much. She doesn't mind me been in a nappy during the day or walking round with just a nappy and a top on. But she doesn't like me having a dummy or a bottle. They are only for special treats"

"Cool. So will you stay after snowfest then?"

"Well, I want to, but I won't be able to if I can't put my nappy on myself. And also, I will have been drinking which I'm sure will make the process harder"

"Couldn't you just were one of those pull-ups overnight?"

"No, they don't really hold that much, so would probably leak. Have you ever told anyone else about you liking nappies before?"

"No, no one else knows but you. Please don't tell anyone"

"I'm not going to. Don't worry". They carried on chatting about it for quite a while longer. Hannah had never met anyone in real life that liked to wear nappies, and not just because they had to. For this reason Hannah was asking lots of questions. She was also been asked a lot of questions.

When they had been talking for about half an hour Hannah noticed that her pull-up was wet.

"Do you mind if I use your bathroom?" she asked. Kendra's room was en-suite so she had her own bathroom.

"Yeah sure" said Kendra. Hannah was going to take her entire bag with her, but at the last minute she just got out a fresh pull-up, the wipes and a bag to put the wet one into.

"Did you have an accident then?"

"Yeah, I just realised that I was wet," said Hannah. She went into the bathroom and quickly changed. As she did this Hannah thought over the people who knew about her bedwetting and daytime accidents. She realised that hardly anyone knew about her bedwetting. Only her family and a few friends, and now Kendra. There was a similar amount of people who knew about her daytime accidents and nearly all of them either knew from the beginning, or like Georgina had guessed. Kendra was the first person that Hannah had actually told. Hannah went out into Kendra's room holding the bag in her hand.

"You can throw that in my bin if you want"

"Thanks". They talked for a while longer, and then Kendra walked Hannah to her car. On the drive home Hannah ran through what had just happened in her head, and could hardly believe that it had actually happened.

When Hannah got home she went straight to the computer and was glad to see that Marie was online. She needed someone to tell, and there was no one else around. Hannah poured out the whole story to Marie, with Marie making comments in between. One of the things that Marie said was that she was proud of Hannah for been able to tell someone, and that now Hannah wasn't going to have to miss out on going to snowfest and drinking. They chatted for a while longer and Marie told Hannah about a guy who had asked her out. Hannah was pleased for Marie, but when Marie asked if she had met any guys yet Hannah had to say that she hadn't. Since she had been in pull-ups, she had hardly dated anyone. She had had a couple of boyfriends before her dad died. Neither had really been very serious as she was only young. Whenever boys had been interested in her after that, she would go out on a few dates, but worried that they would find out her secret, would end it after that. The only serious boyfriend she had had, was her friend first, and so knew about the pull-ups. But they had broken up over a year ago. Since then Hannah hadn't really dated anyone at all. It was only now when she actually thought about it, when she realised it had been so long. Hannah vowed to try and be more confident with the guys at uni, and not let the pull-ups dictate what she could and couldn't do. She told Marie this, and Marie was very supportive. They talked until Marie had to leave. By this time it was almost five o'clock, so Jackie would be getting back soon. Hannah went downstairs to wait for her. When Jackie got in, she wanted to speak to Hannah. Hannah assumed that they would talk whilst she was getting her nappy put on, so she was going to go upstairs.

"Honey, I need to talk to you in the lounge" said Jackie. Hannah turned round and walked into the lounge with her mum.

"One of the women I work with is leaving. She has decided to have a bit of a leaving do. The thing is, the reason she is leaving is because she is moving house. Anyway, she is moving next week, so the only day we could all get together was tonight. That means that I am going to get ready then I am going. I have already rang Louise to see if you could stay there tonight, since I don't know what time I am going to be in. But they had already arranged to go out, and they don't know what time they will be back either. What time are you in uni tomorrow?"


"So you will probably want to get to bed early. The only thing I can think of is you put your own nappy on," said Jackie.

"Yes I know you can't get the tapes done properly, but if you do it as best you can, then when I get in, I can come in and check it. Then I can either adjust the tapes or change you"

"I suppose that will have to do then"

"It's a shame that Marie isn't here, because you could have probably stayed over at hers". Suddenly Hannah had an idea.


"What do you mean?" said Jackie, who of course had no idea of what had happened during the day.

"Kendra is one of my friends from uni. And there is this snowfest thing soon. It goes on till quite late and she said I could stay over at her flat, because she lives on campus, and that way I could drink. Anyway, I didn't really know what to say because I couldn't really stay over without telling her. I ended up telling her and she was cool about it, so I can stay over after snowfest"

"Ok, so what exactly has all this got to do with tonight?"

"Well, if she wasn't doing anything I bet she wouldn't mind if I stayed over, and then I would be at uni for the morning. Also, I could do my nappy myself, it is just the tapes. I don't think she would mind doing up the tapes"

"Ok, well can you ring her then, whilst I go and get ready?"

"Yeah". Jackie went upstairs and Hannah rang Kendra up.

"Hey Kendra, it's Hannah...yeah, anyway I was wondering if you had any plans for tonight...well, my mum has to go out and she doesn't know what time she will be back...yeah, it is just I want someone there in case I can't get the tapes done, it would be just fastening the tapes, nothing else...yeah that would be you don't mind if I stay I haven't eaten pizza sounds great...ok, I will probably be about an hour or something...ok, I'll call you when I get there...thanks bye". Kendra had said that it was alright for Hannah to stay over. Hannah put the phone away, and then went to gather the things she would need. As well as clothes, she packed two nappies just in case and a few pull-ups, as she would need some for the morning as well. Then Hannah went in to talk to her mum and explain that she would be staying at Kendra's.

"Oh ok sweetie. What time are you setting off?"

"I am ready now, but I will probably wait for another ten minutes or so. I told her I would be an hour"

"I will see you tomorrow afternoon then Hannah. Have a nice night tonight"

"Yeah you too" said Hannah. They hugged then Hannah left. She put the bags into the boot of her car, and then made herself a drink in the kitchen before she set off.

In the car Hannah began to wonder if it was actually such a good idea for her to stay with Kendra. The fact that Kendra wore nappies for fun helped a little bit. It was better than someone else. But Hannah worried that she might be pushing Kendra a bit fast. Kendra had only found out about everything a few hours ago, now she was going to see Hannah wearing a pull-up and going to bed in a nappy. The bit that Hannah was most worried about was the reaction Kendra would have in the morning, when Hannah would wake up in a wet nappy. In the past people had found it to be very weird to be still wetting the bed. This was a reaction Hannah had come across since she was about twelve. The first time had been when she had been at her brother's house, and Sandra's sister was staying at the same time. Sandra's sister had happened to see her in the morning, and looked disgusted when she saw the wet nappy. Hannah had later heard her talking to Sandra, saying that a twelve year old didn't need nappies, and was obviously just too lazy to use the toilet in the middle of the night. She had also added that Sandra shouldn't put her into a nappy, as that would encourage the laziness. Sandra had defended Hannah, which Hannah had been happy about, but the comments that were made really upset her. Since then she had had a few similar reactions, so was worried about what Kendra would think.

When Hannah got to the car parked, and had parked she quickly rang Kendra, who said she would walk up and meet her. Hannah then got her bags out of the car, and locked up before she started walking towards the halls of residence.

Hannah was about halfway, when she saw Kendra walking towards her. They both carried on walking until they met each other, then Kendra took one of Hannah's bags. She turned round and they walked to Kendra's flat. Hannah could hear voices as they approached the door to the flat, so was not too surprised when Kendra opened the door, to see two guys and a girl chatting in the hallway.

"Hey Kendra" said the girl.

"Hi Dawn. Oh this is my friend Hannah, she's gonna stay over in my room tonight" said Kendra pointing to Hannah.

"Hannah, these are my flatmates Dawn, Rob and Jamie. We also have two other flatmates Kevin and Zara. Zara is never here, and I think Kevin is at the library"

"Yeah he is" said one of the guys. Hannah couldn't remember which one.

"Anyway, hi Hannah"

"Hi" Hannah replied. Kendra unlocked her door, and they both went inside, telling the other three that they might see them later.

"Just dump your stuff on that chair," Kendra said. She put down the bag she was holding.

"So what do you want to do?"

"I don't know. What do you normally do in an evening?"

"Watch TV, go on the Internet or hang out in the kitchen with Rob, Jamie and Dawn"

"Who was it that said hi to me? Was it Rob or Jamie?"

"Um, Jamie, why?"

"Just wondering" said Hannah with a little smile.

"Ok seriously why?"

"He was kinda fit" Hannah admitted.

"Oh, well you will probably be pleased to hear that he is single. Do you want to go and join them in the kitchen, so you can talk to him for a bit?"

"Maybe in a bit"

"So what do you want to do until then?"

"Not sure" said Hannah. She then noticed Kendra's DVD collection.

"Oh can we watch a DVD?"

"Yeah sure, which one?" Kendra replied. Hannah went over to look, and the room was quiet for a while. Hannah's stomach rumbled, and she remembered that she hadn't really eaten anything since breakfast earlier that day.

"Was that you?"

"Yeah, I guess I am hungry"

"Why don't we order the pizza, then watch a DVD when that is done?"

"Sounds like a good idea" Kendra got out a menu, and they spent a while deciding which one to go for. Eventually they decided on a medium pepperoni pizza to share between the two of them. Kendra rang, and they said it would be about half an hour until it was delivered. They took Kendra's mobile number and said that someone would ring back to let her know the pizza was there. Kendra hung up, and then turned to Hannah.

"We have like half an hour before the pizza is going to get here. So you want to start watching a DVD now or do something different?"

"Um...start watching a DVD I guess" said Hannah.

"Ok, well you choose which you want" said Kendra. Both girls wanted to bring up their conversation from the afternoon because of the amount of things that were revealed in such a short space of time, but neither knew how to broach the subject. Hannah picked up a couple of the DVD boxes to read the back. As she did that Kendra looked at her back. Even though Kendra knew that Hannah was wearing a pull-up, she couldn't really notice it at all. She wanted to as Hannah about it, as so far Kendra had only worn her nappies in her room. She wanted to be able to go outside in them, but was worried someone would notice. To Kendra pull-ups seemed like an ideal solution. They would feel kind of like a nappy, but would be less obvious to anyone looking. As Kendra was thinking about this Hannah chose a DVD. She passed it over to Kendra.

"The Notebook, I love this film"

"Yeah, me too" said Hannah.

"I love Ryan Gosling in it". Kendra nodded in agreement as she put the DVD into the player. They both sat down on the bed as the DVD loaded. Hannah moved about a bit to get comfortable, and Kendra handed her a pillow to lean against. As the film started, Hannah quickly stood up and adjusted her trousers before she sat back down.

"Sorry about that. The pull-up, it was in a weird position". Kendra saw this as the perfect opportunity to bring up what she had been thinking about earlier.

"Do you mind if I just ask you something about the pull-ups?"

"No go ahead"

"Well, so far I have just worn nappies in my room. I haven't been out anywhere in them in case someone notices the thickness. But you've been wearing those the entire time, and I never noticed. Anyway, I was kind of wondering about wearing a pull-up one day, rather than a nappy. And has anyone noticed, I mean I can't tell, but have other people been able to tell?"

"So far at uni it has only been Georgina , and that was because she was in the toilets at the same time as me. If you want, you can wear one of mine now. I brought quite a few. That way you can see what it feels like" Hannah said. She got off the bed, and went to her bags. She opened one of them and got out one of her pull-ups.

"Put it on now, then when we go and meet the pizza guy, you can go in it". Hannah handed it over to Kendra, who took it and went into the bathroom. Hannah then got back on the bed, and got into a comfy position. When Kendra came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, she looked kind of embarrassed. This was the first time that she had worn a nappy or pull-up in front of anyone.

"Can you tell?" said Kendra turning round.

"No. I have been wearing pull-ups for four years and I think maybe three people have guessed. But I mean, even if someone did notice something, they wouldn't necessarily think it was a pull-up. We can probably watch about 15 minutes of the film now until we have to go get the pizza, or we can talk, and then watch the film whilst we eat. What do you wanna do?"

"Talk I guess"

"Ok, so what are your flatmates like?"

"There cool. I mean, as I said before Zara isn't here a lot. Her is in his second year and lives in a house. She spends most of her time there. Then Kevin, he keeps himself to himself. He's not really a very sociable sort of person. Dawn is lovely. She was the one I first bonded with. Then Rob can be a bit loud at times, but mostly he's ok. I know that the one you are really interested in hearing about it Jamie" said Kendra with a smile.

"He is good mates with Rob. Quite chatty, um...I don't know what else"

"I know you said he was single, but what about past girlfriends?"

"I know he dated someone from home for a year, but they split up before he came here. It was a mutual thing. They didn't want to have a long distance relationship"

"What course is he doing?"

"Um, Geography".

"Do you think he will still be in the kitchen after we've watched the film?"

"Yeah I think so. He is normally in there unless he has work to do". By talking about Jamie, Kendra had almost forgotten that she was going to be going outside wearing a pull-up under her clothes, but when the pizza delivery guy called to say he would be there in a couple of minutes, Kendra suddenly remembered what she was going to be doing. Hannah saw the look on her face.

"Ok one, it is dark outside, so no one will be able to see, two, I have been wearing them and you never noticed even though you wear nappies sometimes, three it doesn't show. The only way in which it would possibly show would be if you bent over and the waistband showed, but if you wear your long coat, even that won't happen. Besides he is going to be here in a couple of minutes, so you haven't really got time to change"

"I guess you're right," said Kendra. She pulled on her jacket, and then checked herself in the mirror to make sure that no one could tell. Hannah on the other hand pulled on her jacket, and just checked that the waistband wasn't showing above her trousers. As Kendra was locking her door, Jamie came out of the kitchen.

"Going somewhere?" he asked. Kendra hadn't heard him come out of the kitchen, and as she was already on edge because of the pull-up, she was surprised. Then of course she was paranoid that Jamie was automatically going to know what she was wearing.

"Yeah, we ordered pizza," said Hannah when she saw that Kendra wasn't going to answer him.

"Oh ok cool. Well I might see you later" he said going into his room. Hannah then led Kendra out of the flat to pick up the pizza.

"See I told you no one would notice. Jamie had no idea," Hannah said to Kendra once they were outside. They walked up the path to meet the delivery guy.

"And that was inside with light"

"I suppose so," said Kendra. She started to relax. They walked up and met the pizza delivery guy. Hannah paid for the pizza, to say thank you to Kendra for letting her stay over. Hannah held the box as they walked back down to the flat.

"Is it comfortable?" Hannah asked Kendra about the pull-up.

"Yeah, well I mean I can hardly tell that I'm wearing it. Anyway, we should probably walk a bit faster. It is effing freezing out here". The two girls sped up slightly. They were quickly back in the flat, and this time managed to get into Kendra's room without running into anyone else.

"Do want a plate or something?" said Kendra. Hannah had put the box onto the desk.

"Yeah ok"

"Ok, I'll just go get them, did you want a drink?"

"Yeah, waters fine. Do you want me to come as well, to help you carry the plates and drinks?"

"Yeah please," said Kendra. They both walked down the hallway to the kitchen. Dawn, Rob and Jamie were all sat in there.

"Hey guys". She went to her cupboard and got out two plates and two glasses.

"Hey Kendra, and Hannah wasn't it" Dawn said.


"So what are you two doing now then?" Dawn asked as Kendra made the drinks.

"We are going to eat pizza and watch The Notebook" Hannah replied, when she saw that Kendra was busy.

"Oh I love that film," said Dawn.

"I haven't seen it in ages".

"Are you doing anything now? Because if you want, you could come watch it with us, so long as its alright with Hannah" said Kendra. She had made the drinks, so she handed the plates over to Hannah.

"It's fine with me" said Hannah. She wondered if Kendra actually remembered that she was still in a pull-up.

"Yeah ok" Dawn said. She stood up.

"Either of you guys want to join us?" Kendra asked Rob and Jamie.

"Um...I've got some work to do," said Rob.

"What's it about?" Jamie asked.

"Two people fall in love one summer, but then they have to break up, and there is an old man who tells the story to a woman. Sorry, I didn't describe it too well," said Kendra.

"You can look at the box if you want"

"No it's alright. I'm come watch it, but if I don't like it then I might not stay" Jamie answered. Everyone left the kitchen. Rob went into his own room, and the other four walked into Kendra's room. Hannah quickly looked over at her bag, to make sure that it was closed. She couldn't remember if she had closed it after getting out the pull-up for Kendra, and didn't want Dawn or Jamie seeing anything. The DVD was already loaded, and the TV was showing the menu.

"Sit down everyone" Kendra said. She had a beanbag on the floor, which Jamie sat down on. Kendra, Dawn and Hannah sat on the bed with Kendra sat at the head, and Hannah at the foot.

"Jamie can you reach the pizza?" Kendra asked. Jamie sat up properly and grabbed it from the desk.

"Does either of you two want some?" Kendra asked Dawn and Jamie.

"What kind is it?" Dawn asked.


"No thanks then. I don't really like pepperoni". Jamie said that he would like a piece. Kendra got one out for herself, and then held out the box so that Hannah and Jamie could get some. For her to do this, Kendra had to lean forward. As she did that the pull-up rose above her trousers. Kendra felt them do this, and suddenly moved back so that Dawn wouldn't notice. Jamie put the box next to him on the floor, and then Kendra started the film. The room was fairly silent to begin with. There was just the sound of someone getting pizza, and the occasional comment about something in the film. Then about halfway through Hannah got up to go to the toilet.

"Do you want me to pause it?" Kendra asked.

"No, it's ok," said Hannah. She figured that if Dawn and Jamie were watching the film, then they were less likely to be able to hear the noise of her pull-up from the bathroom. She went into the bathroom and quickly went to the toilet. Hannah was back watching the film within a couple of minutes.

When the film ended, Kendra got up to switch off the DVD player, and as she did, the waistband of the pull-up was shown again. Hannah didn't want Dawn or Jamie to notice.

"That was a good film" she said to distract them. It worked and now both of them were looking at Hannah.

"Yeah, well I have it at home, but I forgot to bring it with me to uni" said Dawn.

"Jamie what about you? Did you enjoy it?" Hannah asked. By this time Kendra had switched off the DVD player and had realised that the pull-up was showing. She had pulled her trousers up, and sat on the bed.

"Yeah it was alright I suppose. Not really my sort of film though really". The four of them sat and chatted for a while, and then Dawn left, saying she was expecting a phone call from her boyfriend. Jamie left not long after that, leaving just Kendra and Hannah.

"Did either of them notice the pull-up?" Kendra asked nervously.

"No, as soon as I saw it was showing, I distracted them"

"I can't believe I invited them to watch the film, wearing it. I mean I was nervous enough been outside in the dark, never mind inside with people I know"

"I'm just so used to wearing them now that I don't notice. I automatically check the back when I sit down or stand up, but other than that I don't really notice"

"I might get some, then I can wear them to lectures and seminars"

"If I have enough, you can use another one of mine tomorrow to see what it feels like".

"Ok thanks. I might try that". The TV was on, so Kendra quickly flicked through the channels to see what was on.

"Do you want to watch something?"

"What time is it?"

"Almost half nine"

"There was a programme I wanted to watch on channel 4, but it started at nine, so we've missed half now". Kendra turned it over. It was a drama, with lots of plot twists and characters. After ten minutes Kendra and Hannah looked at each other. Because they had missed the first half, neither of them knew what was going on. Kendra flicked through the channels again before switching the TV off.

"So now what?" Kendra asked.

"Don't know".

"The thing that you're going to be sleeping on needs blowing up".

"Might as well do it now then," said Hannah. Kendra got off the bed, and kneeled on the floor. She reached under the bed, and pulled out an airbed and pump.

"I'll do it since you are the guest" Kendra offered.

"Do half each, I mean I'm going to be sleeping on it aren't I"

"I suppose so". Kendra opened it out, whilst Hannah moved the stuff that was on the floor. Then Kendra started to blow up the bed with the foot pump.

"So how long have you been into wearing nappies then? If you don't mind me asking," Hannah asked.

"No it's fine, well I have a little sister. She was born when I was six, so she is now 12. Anyway before she was born I got all the attention, but then suddenly she was the centre of attention, and she didn't even do anything. It really annoyed me, so I took one of her nappies and taped it on myself so get my parents attention. They didn't even seem to care. They just took it off me and told me that I was too big to be wearing nappies. I knew that I liked it, so would take one of my sister's nappies whenever I could. Of course my sister grew up and was potty trained. She didn't even really wet the bed either; so all the nappies were gone. That was when I was about nine, I think. Then I sort of forgot about it until I was 14. One of my friend's parents had just had a baby and when I went there, I suddenly remembered everything. I managed to get one of the nappies, but then when I got home and wore it, it didn't fit. Obvious really since it was made for a newborn baby. My mum found it in my room and grounded me. She also made me go round and apologise to my friend's parents for taking it. That was so embarrassing, because my friend was there as well. But it actually turned out really well, because my friend told me that she had just to wet the bed, and still had some bigger nappies left over. She gave me a couple. Then I decided to look it up on the Internet and found that it wasn't just me. I used to go into boots and buy the pull-up training pants for little kids, which still kind of fitted me. I didn't tell anyone obviously. Then just over a year ago I got a debit card so I could order stuff off the Internet. Since then I have been buying nappies off the Internet"

"Ok cool"

"Sorry that explanation was so long. So how did you get into it? I know that you wet the bed, so did you always like wearing nappies?"

"I don't know really, I liked the attention. I mean my brother is 12 years older than me and my sister is 10 years older, so when I was born it was a big age gap. So even when I wasn't a baby, I was still very much the baby of the family. I was potty trained through the day at the normal age, but couldn't stay dry through the night. It was usually my mum that would get me ready for bed, but sometimes it was my dad or my sister, and I liked the attention that I got for those ten minutes or whatever at the end of the day. Then when I still hadn't stopped wetting the bed my mum took me to the doctors, and we had a couple of years when I was in pull-ups, or underwear overnight, whilst various things were tried. Bedwetting alarms, been woken up in the middle of the night. Then none of it worked so my mum decided to put me back into nappies. I was nine at the time, and really protested. My mum didn't force it, but waited until I had woken up in wet sheet for a few nights before she asked again. This time I agreed. Then I remembered liking it, so since then I have known I liked it. I even wanted to wear them in the day. My mum let me a couple of times, but it was only for a couple of hours each time. Then my dad died, and I started having accidents during the day. After three accidents in three and a half weeks my mum took me to the doctor. He couldn't find anything wrong with me. Then when my mum was ordering my nappies off the Internet, she noticed the pull-ups. She ordered some of those as well, and then I started wearing them in the day. It means that when I do have an accident, it is not so embarrassing as no one else can tell. After I had been wearing them for about a year I think, I asked my mum if I could wear nappies around the house during the day, because I preferred them to the pull-ups. She eventually agreed, but said that I would have to use them for everything. I think she thought I wouldn't want to, you know, mess in them, so I would forget about the idea. Except that I agreed. So anyway that's kind of my story"

"You said this afternoon that you were into the baby thing as well. When did that start?"

"I don't know really, it just sort of happened. I mean my sister always babied me, and she noticed that I had started to suck my thumb, so she got me a dummy. She would let me wear it whenever she changed me. My mum found out and wasn't too happy. But then she came round and my sister bought me some bottles and a couple more dummies one Christmas. I am only allowed them occasionally. It's normally as a reward, or if I'm really upset. They're like a comforting thing"

"Yeah, I can understand that" Kendra said. As they had been talking, they had been blowing up the bed.

"Bed is done".

"Ok, cool," said Hannah.

"You know, I don't think I've ever really told anyone all that. Most people who know were around when it was going on, and for a couple that weren't, I normally give them a condensed version"

"I've never told anyone my story either" Kendra replied.

"So have you never fancied the been babied thing?"

"Well, you know like how you were saying that the babying thing was comforting to you. The nappies themselves are the comforting things for me. So what do you want to do now? It's still only like quarter past ten"

"I don't know. Normally if I were at home, I would probably be on the Internet, or watching TV with my mum"

"Well, we already know that there is nothing good on TV. Actually, I have been writing this story, and I was kind of thinking about posting it on the forum of one of the nappy sites I go to. Will you read it and tell me what you think?"

"Yeah, ok," said Hannah. Kendra switched on her computer and waited for it to load up. She then opened up the story.

"I'm going to go wash these plates and glasses up whilst you read it then". Kendra picked up the things that needed to be washed up, and left the room. Hannah began to read.

When Kendra returned, Hannah had almost finished.

"Hey, this is quite good. You should definitely post it"

"Thanks. I'm gonna finish writing it before I post it though"

"Do you mind if I get ready for bed?" Hannah asked. It was quarter to 11.

"No it's fine. I'm going to get ready for bed as well"

"Ok" said Hannah. She didn't really know how to bring up the topic of her nappy. She was hoping that Kendra would mention it.

"I tell you what, I will get changed in the bathroom, then you can be in here, then just call me to let me know when you've finished". Kendra grabbed her pyjamas. Hannah heard the pull-up as she did that.

"What are you going to do with the pull-up your wearing?"

"Oh, I'd almost forgot about it. Wear it overnight I guess"

"Um...Kendra, if I do everything else, will you do the tapes up on my nappy so that it's tight enough"

"Yeah sure. Just call me when you have done everything else" Kendra went over to the door and locked it; whilst Hannah got out everything she was going to need. When Kendra was in the bathroom, Hannah quickly changed into the t-shirt she had brought. Then she took off her trousers and dry pull-up. Hannah quickly wiped herself, then opened up the nappy and slid it underneath herself. After she had applied some powder, she pulled the nappy up, and made sure that it completely covered her.

"Kendra" she called. Kendra came out of the bathroom and began taping up the nappy. She checked that it was tight enough.

"All done" Kendra said, standing up.

"Thanks" Hannah said. She sat up.

"I normally sleep like this, but I have some pyjama bottoms with me"

"I don't mind if you sleep like that," Kendra said. Kendra stepped over Hannah to get into her bed. They chatted for a bit, mostly about their friends, and the modules they were taking. Hannah started to fall asleep at about half past 11, so Kendra got up to switch off the light. As she did, she noticed that Hannah had her thumb in her mouth and her nappy was showing slightly from under the covers. Kendra couldn't help but notice that Hannah looked content and peaceful. Kendra switched off the light and got back into bed. Within 15 minutes she was asleep as well.

Kendra woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. She was careful not to disturb Hannah as she got out of bed. When she had finished Kendra climbed back in bed and tried to get back to sleep. After about twenty minutes Kendra had almost drifted back to sleep, when suddenly the fire alarm started. There was an alarm in every room and kitchen in the whole block, so that no matter where you were, you would always be able to hear it. Hannah woke up in surprise. Kendra was completely used it the alarm as in the two and a half months she had been living there, there had been five fire alarms. Three whilst Kendra was asleep.

"What the hell is that?" said Hannah above the noise of the alarm. She realised that her nappy was wet.

"It's the fire alarm, we've got to go outside"

"But I'm only in a top and wet nappy"

"You'll have to put on the trousers you came over in, or the pyjama bottoms you brought. Your jacket goes over your butt, so no one will know what you are wearing" said Kendra. She grabbed her jacket and trainers. Hannah knew that the trousers she came over in wouldn't fit over a nappy, especially not a wet one. She grabbed the pyjama bottoms, and because of the elasticised waistband they easily fitted, although her bottom looked puffy. Kendra passed Hannah her trainers and jacket. Hannah quickly had them on.

"Can you tell?" she asked. Kendra looked over quickly as she grabbed her keys.

"No, and besides it's like you were saying earlier, it is dark outside so who is going to be able to see. Come on we have to get outside". Hannah reluctantly followed Kendra. Kendra unlocked her door, and then went into the hallway. Dawn was waiting in the hallway; Jamie and Rob were just coming out their rooms. There was another guy in the hallway. Hannah assumed that it was Kevin.

"I am never going to get back to sleep now" Rob commented as they all headed out of the flat. As well as listening to the conversation, Hannah was trying to tell whether her nappy could be heard as she walked. She hoped that it couldn't, but knew that even if it was heard, it was only likely to be Kendra that would recognise the sound. They went outside and saw lots of people stood in groups. Some were wearing dressing gowns. Others were fully dressed and Hannah even saw a couple of people with their duvets pulled round them. Rob saw someone he recognised, so went over to say hello, whilst Hannah, Kendra, Dawn, Jamie and Kevin stood in a little circle.

"Oh Hannah, this is Kevin" said Kendra realising that the two hadn't met.

"Kevin, this is a friend of mine Hannah". He put his hand out so that they could shake hands. Hannah had to pull her hands out of her pockets to do this.

"Wow, your hands are really cold," said Kevin. Her hands been cold, was to be expected really considering the circumstances. It was the middle of the night in December and she was stood outside having just woken up. Of course those circumstances applied to most of the people, however they did not have a cold, wet nappy on. Hannah was glad that she brought a spare one, as she intended to change as soon as she was back inside. She just hoped that Kendra wouldn't mind doing up the tapes again.

"Let me feel" Kendra said. Hannah held out her hand, and Kendra touched it.

"Yeah it is freezing. Are you ok Hannah?"

"Cold, but alright" Hannah replied. Jamie took Hannah's hand and began to rub them vigorously to get some warmth into them.

"That's not too much is it? Just let me know if is starts hurting" Jamie said as he carried on rubbing her hand.

"That's really nice actually," Hannah said. She knew that she wanted to get to know Jamie better, but didn't really know when she would get the chance, except if she saw him when she was with Kendra.

"This is so crappy. I have a lecture at nine" Dawn said.

"And this cold is really making me need to pee". Kendra and Hannah both smiled to themselves when they heard this.

"Yeah me too" Jamie said.

"Well, it's alright for guys. If you got desperate then it is easy enough for you to go outside. It's a whole lot harder for girls isn't it? Kendra, Hannah agree with me here". Hannah of course had no problem with peeing outside.

"I know it's harder. I was just saying that I needed to go as well. The cold makes everyone need to go" Jamie replied. He looked to Hannah and Kendra to back him up.

"Yeah" said Kendra, not very convincingly. Hannah realised that she needed to pee as well. She relaxed and then was able to slowly release a stream of urine into the waiting nappy. She made sure to drag it out, just in case it started to leak. Whilst she was doing this Kendra looked over to her, then quickly looked down. Of course through the jacket and pyjamas that Hannah was wearing, there was no way for Kendra to know for sure whether Hannah had been wetting herself.

"I think your hands are warm now" Jamie said to Hannah letting go of her hand. Hannah put her hands back in her pocket, and tried to feel her nappy to see how wet it was. She quickly realised that the only way she was going to be able to do that would be to lean forward, and Hannah didn't want anyone else to wonder what she was doing, so she left it.

Rob came back after talking to his friend and joined their little circle.

"So what's been going on here?" he asked.

"Nothing really, we were just wondering whether the coldness makes everyone need to pee"

"I think so, I need to pee. It's probably a good thing that we have our own bathrooms otherwise we would be queuing". Rob said.

"Rob, do you know how the fire alarm got set off?"

"One of my friends flatmates said that some drunk guy had managed to get inside and he set off the alarm then went"

"I bet he doesn't even live in this hall" Dawn said in frustration.

"Probably not, but then again if he doesn't then how did he get in to set the alarm off?" Jamie replied. They carried on talking for a while longer, then the alarm went silent. All of a sudden there was a rush to the doors, as everyone wanted to get back to their flats. Kevin held the door open to let the others through.

"Thanks Kev" Rob said as he walked through the open door. When everyone was back in the flat Kevin, who was the last in, locked the door.

"See you in the morning at some point" said Dawn disappearing into her room. Everyone else did the same.

Kendra and Hannah went into Kendra's room and Kendra locked the door again.

"We should probably be able to get another few hours sleep before we get up" Kendra said. Both girls took off their jackets and trainers.

"That's only if we get back to sleep in the first place"

"I hope I get back to sleep. I'm still really tired," said Kendra. She walked over to her bed.

"Um...Kendra, before you get into bed, my nappy is really wet, so I'm going to change it. Would you do up the tapes on the fresh one?"

"Yeah ok. Do you want me to wait in the bathroom until your done?"

"You can wait in here, so long as you turn round," said Hannah. She got out her wipes, powder, a bag and spare nappy. Hannah quickly removed the pyjama bottoms, then laid out on the airbed. Kendra sat on her bed and turned to face the wall.

"Is this alright?" she checked.

"Yeah, that's fine". Hannah quickly untaped her nappy, and then wiped herself. When this was done, she rolled up the nappy with the wipes inside and put it in the bag. Then she put the new nappy under her and powdered herself. When Hannah had brought the nappy between her legs and to her stomach she spoke to Kendra.

"I'm done. Can you do the tapes now please?"

"Yep. Just a second" said Kendra getting off the bed. She quickly taped up the sides of the nappy as she had done earlier.

"Done". Kendra climbed into her own bed. Hannah sat up.

"Kendra, what should I do with the used nappy? It's only in one bag"

"If you open up my wardrobe then there will be another bag in there you can use, then just put it in my bin. I can put the bin out tomorrow and the cleaner will take it"

"Ok thanks" said Hannah. She got out another bag, and then put the nappy and first bag into that, before tying up the handles. Then she put it in the bin before switching out the light and getting back into bed.

"Are you still cold, because I am?"

"Yeah I am still fairly cold," said Hannah pulling the covers closer round her. Kendra did the same on her bed.

"Han, can I ask you something? You don't have to answer if you don't want"

"What's the question?"

"When we were outside before did you wet your nappy?" Kendra asked. Hannah was grateful that Kendra couldn't see her going red.

"Um...yeah. I needed to go because of the coldness and if I had waited and gone to the toilet when we were back inside, then it would have taken longer to change my nappy, because I would have had to go to the bathroom halfway through. Do you think anyone else noticed what I was doing?"

"No. I mean I didn't even know for sure"

"Good. I've never done that before, you know deliberately wetting myself in front of so many people. And it was weird doing it with Jamie still rubbing my hands".

"What was that about actually?"

"What was what about?"

"Jamie rubbing your hand"

"He was trying to warm them up. I don't know why he did it, but it was quite nice"

"He has never done that for anyone else in a fire alarm". Hannah was again grateful for the darkness as she smiled broadly.

"Maybe he likes you"

"Maybe" Hannah said coyly.

"Do you think I will see him again before we go to class at nine?"

"He has a class at nine, so I have ran into him in the kitchen in past weeks. You never know, you could see him in the morning". They heard a knock at the door.

"Kendra, Hannah are you awake" someone whispered through the door. Kendra got up and went to the door. On the way she switched on the light. Hannah sat up and then checked that her nappy wasn't showing. Kendra unlocked, and then opened the door. It was Jamie.

"I know it is like a ridiculously stupid time in the morning, but I was wondering if I could talk to you for a couple of minutes". Kendra looked over at Hannah. Hannah was reluctant for him to come into the room because of her nappy.

"Please". Kendra stood aside and let him in.

"Was it both of us you wanted to talk to or just Hannah?"

"Just Hannah really, but I'm not going to kick you out of your own room"

"Ok then, take a seat". Jamie went over and sat on Kendra's bed. Kendra sat down as well.

"I can't really believe that I am doing this, but Hannah, I know I have only know you a few hours. But I think you are really interesting. And well, would you be interested in going out with me sometime?"

"Yeah ok, that sounds cool," said Hannah trying not to sound too excited.

"Um, Kendra said you have a class at nine"


"Ok, so do I, so we can meet in the morning at some point and arrange something and swap numbers or whatever"

"Ok then. I suppose I will see you in the morning then" said Jamie getting up. He headed to the door.

"Thank you for letting me use your room Kendra," he said as he left the room. Kendra got up and locked the door. She then switched off the light as got back into bed.

"I guess he does like you then"

"Yep" Hannah squealed.

"I'm glad he didn't want us to talk in his room though. I doubt he would have asked me out if he had seen my nappy"

"So, if things took off between you two, would you tell him?"

"I don't know. We haven't even arranged a first date yet. I will have to wait and see"

"What did you do in the past?"

"I have only had one boyfriend that I was serious with, and he was a friend first so knew about the pull-ups and bedwetting. I told some of the others about the pull-ups. There were two I think that had bad reactions to it. Since then I have kind of been reluctant to tell any boyfriends"

"That's a shame. Jamie seems like a pretty easygoing sort of guy. I don't think he would have a bad reaction to it, but I can't be sure," Kendra said. She yawned.

"Anyway I will speak to you in the morning" she said as she turned to face the wall and closed her eyes. Hannah closed her eyes as well, and thought about what had just happened as she fell asleep.

A few hours later Kendra's alarm went off. Both girls woke up. Kendra switched off the alarm.

"I am still tired" Kendra said.

"Me too" said Hannah yawning.

"We've got to get up though. Otherwise we will end up falling back to sleep, then missing our lecture. And you will end up not seeing Jamie"

"Oh yeah. I'm glad you said that. I thought that I had imagined it or dreamt it"

"Nope, it happened. I was there," said Kendra rubbing her eyes. Kendra got out of bed. She shivered, as the room was cold. They heard a door been opened then someone walking past the door to the kitchen.

"That will be Jamie. You will have to get up and dressed unless you want to go into the kitchen in what you're wearing now". Hannah then got out of bed, and realised that her nappy was wet. That meant that she had peed at least twice in her sleep in one night. Kendra noticed it as well.

"I'm just gonna go to the toilet and stuff, so that you have privacy to get dressed. Just let me know when you've finished". Kendra went into the bathroom whilst Hannah grabbed the clothes and other things she would need. She laid back down to undo the tapes of her nappy, then wiped herself. She moved the nappy to the side whilst she put on a pull-up. Once she had done that she wrapped up the nappy and put it in a couple of carrier bags then put it in the bin. Once Hannah was dressed, she let Kendra know that she could come out. Hannah couldn't help but notice that Kendra looked different. To be more specific, it was her bottom and between her legs that looked different. Kendra walked over to her bed, and Hannah noticed a slight waddle in the way she was walking. It was the same waddle Hannah had when she was in a wet pull-up or nappy. Hannah wondered whether or not to mention it, since Kendra hadn't said anything. Kendra looked over at Hannah, and then looked down. Hannah decided that she was going to mention it.

"Do want to use my wipes to clean yourself up?" she asked. Kendra nodded.

"How long have you been wet?"

"I just went in the bathroom. I wanted to see if it would leak"

"Did it leak?"

"Nope. Do you have anymore spare pull-ups? So I could wear one today". Hannah checked in her bag. She still had three left. She got one out for Kendra.

"There you go," she said passing it to Kendra. She also got out the wipes that she had just put away and handed those over as well.

"Thanks". Hannah went into the bathroom, and Kendra ripped open the sides of the sides of the pull-up. She let it fall to the floor, and then she grabbed the wipes, and wiped herself. Once Kendra had done this, she put the fresh one on. She grabbed a couple of carrier bags, and rolled up the wet pull-up to throw away. Then she put the carrier bag into the bin. She lifted the bag out of the bin, and checked that nothing could be seen through it. She didn't want the cleaner been able to see the nappies or pull-ups that were in there. Kendra quickly dressed, and then let Hannah know that she could come out of the bathroom. Hannah came out.

"Did you put the pull-up on?" she asked.

"Yep" said Kendra, pulling down the waistband of her trousers to show the pull-up underneath.

"I'm wear it whilst we are eating breakfast, but I'm not sure if I will wear it to class yet"

"No one has noticed so far"

"But, you said that Georgina noticed you wearing them. What if she notices I'm wearing them too?"

"I have been wearing pull-ups every time Georgina has seen me, and she only noticed me this week when she heard it in the toilets"

"But that could have been because she thought your butt was naturally that shape, so didn't question it. Whereas my butt isn't normally this shape so what if she notices the difference"

"I don't know about you, but I've never imagined Georgina to be the sort of person that would go around staring at her friends bottoms, memorizing the shape. And if she does notice and asks you about it, then say that I stayed with you, which is true. Then say that you found out about me having to wear pull-ups, so you thought you would wear one to support me or something. Anyway shouldn't we go get breakfast? I don't want Jamie to have gone"

"Yeah ok". Hannah unlocked the door, and they walked out. They both headed to the kitchen. Jamie was sat at the table, a bowl of cereal in front of him.

"Hey" he said looking up as they walked in. Kendra went over to her cupboard.

"Hey Jamie" Hannah said.

"I've got Special K. Is that alright?" Kendra said to Hannah.

"Yeah, that's fine". Kendra got out two bowls and poured some cereal.

"You know Han, you don't have to stand like that. Sit down at the table" Kendra said as she got out two spoons. Hannah pulled out a chair and sat down. Kendra brought over the bowls and cereal, and then went over to the fridge to get the milk out. She brought it to the table.

"There isn't enough in there for both if us" Kendra said. She looked over at Jamie. Jamie looked up and noticed.

"You can use mine if you want" he volunteered.

"It's the one in the door from ASDA". Kendra went back over to fridge. She got Jamie's milk out.

"Is this it?" she said holding it up.

"Yep". Kendra walked back over to the table. Hannah used the last of Kendra's milk on her own cereal, so Kendra used Jamie's, then returned it to the fridge. Kendra then took a seat at the table next to Hannah. Hannah was sat facing Jamie.

"So um...did you manage to get back to sleep after the fire alarm?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah, did you?" Hannah replied.

"I was awake for like an hour, then I managed to sleep". Kendra looked over and watched Jamie and Hannah's awkward conversation. It was obvious that neither wanted to bring up going on a date in case the other person had changed their mind.

"For god sake guys, just get it over with already" Kendra eventually said.

"Jamie where's your phone?" she asked. Jamie picked it up off the table.

"Ok Hannah, do you know your number?"

"Yeah". Kendra looked at her.

"Oh right, yeah" Hannah said and then she gave Jamie her mobile number.

"Do you have your phone with you?" Jamie asked when he had saved Hannah's number.

"It's in Kendra's room"

"I'll prank you then, so that you have my number as well. Also I think Kendra has my number in her phone"

"Yeah I do," said Kendra. Jamie rang Hannah's number and let it ring once before he hung up.

"You should have a missed call when you look at your phone" Jamie said. He put his phone back down.

"If you want, I can give you a ring this afternoon or this evening and we can talk about going out somewhere"

"Yeah ok that sounds cool" Hannah replied. Jamie had finished eating his breakfast, and he wasn't dressed yet so he got up and put his pots by the sink to wash up later.

"Where is your lecture at nine?"

" Naseby building. Are you going that way?"

"Yeah. How about we meet in the hallway at ten to, then the three of us can walk over together"

"Yeah ok, sounds cool. Kendra?" Hannah said.

"Yep. See you at ten to". When he had gone Hannah looked at Kendra.

"Thanks for doing that. I don't think anything would have been said, if you hadn't brought it up," said Hannah. She finished off her cereal. Kendra finished eating as well.

"I completely forgot to ask, but do you want a drink?" Kendra said suddenly.

"Um...yeah. Do you have orange juice or something?"

"Yep" said Kendra getting up. She picked up the bowls and put them next to the sink. Then she went and got a carton of orange juice out of the fridge. Hannah grabbed two glasses out of Kendra's cupboard. Kendra poured it, then returned the carton to the fridge. Hannah picked up the two glasses then the two of them went back to Kendra's room. They still had twenty minutes until they were going to be setting off, so Kendra switched on her computer to check her e-mail. Hannah checked her phone and saved Jamie's number before packing all her things away. She was going to leave most of her things in Kendra's room, and pick them up after. She also made sure that everything she was going to need for the day was in one bag.

"Have you got any e-mail?"

"Just one, telling me I have a personal message at one of the forums I go to"

"What forum's that?"

"Daily Diapers"

"I go to that site too" said Hannah.

"What's your user name?" Kendra said her user name, and then Hannah revealed hers. They were both surprised as they had replied to each other's posts before.

"That is so weird. Replying to each others posts, and not even knowing" said Kendra. She went onto the website to read her personal message. She didn't recognise the screen name.

"Ok, it's from someone calling themselves cbass," said Kendra. She started to read it aloud.

"Hi, I have noticed from a few posts that we live in the same sort of area. I am in year 13 doing A levels at Brickworth School . I live in the village of Brickworth . Anyway, you can reply to this if you want, and we can chat or something"

"So he has probably just turned 18 if he is at school. I've never heard of Brickworth, have you?"

"Nope, but then again I haven't heard of many places round here"

"Are you going to message him back?"

"Yeah, I might as well"

"What are going to say?"

"I don't know," said Kendra. She read out what she was writing.

"Hey, it's always nice to hear from someone in the same area as me. It would be cool to chat to you sometime. Do you have MSN?"

"That sounds alright," said Hannah. Kendra read it through again, and then pressed the send button. Kendra then switched off the computer.

"What time is it?"

"Twenty to nine" said Hannah checking her watch. Kendra quickly got ready the things she would need. Hannah went to the toilet again. By ten to nine they were both ready. They went into the hallway and Kendra locked the door to her room. As she was doing that, Jamie came out of his room as well. He locked his door and the three of them headed outside. Both girls were very aware of every little sound that their pull-ups made as they walked. They tried to keep up the conversation so that any noise wouldn't be so noticeable to Jamie. When they reached the Naseby building, they all stopped.

"I'm off in that direction," said Jamie pointing to another building.

"Ok bye" said Hannah. Kendra went to wait inside.

"So I'll ring you sometime this afternoon or this evening"

"Ok, I'll expect your call," said Hannah.

"Bye then" said Jamie. He walked off and Hannah went into the building. She and Kendra headed towards the classroom.

"What did he say to you?" Kendra asked.

"Nothing really, just said he would ring today at some point" Hannah replied. They reached the room and went inside. Most of their friends were not in this class. It was only them two and Georgina . Georgina was already in there, along with several other people. Hannah and Kendra headed across the room to sit with Georgina .

"Morning" Georgina said as she noticed the two of them.

"Morning" Kendra replied. Walked round to the other side of the table, been careful the entire time not to have her back to Georgina . Hannah noticed this, but Georgina didn't appear to. Hannah sat down next to Kendra.

"So have you had a good morning so far?" Hannah asked Georgina .

"Not really. I got the kids up and my daughter's pull-up had leaked. So I had to strip her sheets and everything this morning. It's not the first time that it has happened either. It is just because the pull-ups aren't absorbent enough. I'm not sure what to do about it either. I don't really want to put her back into nappies through the night, because she always used to kick up a fuss whenever she was put into one. I think the pull-ups make her feel more grown up because she isn't been changed like a little baby, but can do it herself," Georgina said. Hannah's expression changed as soon as Georgina made her last comment. Georgina didn't see this. Kendra was talking to someone on the next table.

"Maybe you should talk to her," said Hannah trying to appear as if she hadn't been affected by what Georgina had said.

"You never know, she might prefer wearing a nappy to leaking and having wet sheets. Also, you could think of someway in which she is able to be involved in getting a nappy on. That might make her feel less like a baby"

"I could try that. Thanks" said Georgina as the tutor came into the room. Kendra turned round, and the seminar quickly began. Hannah put Georgina 's comment to the back of her mind, so that she would be able to concentrate. She took notes and paid attention. The seminar was two hours long and they were normally given a ten-minute break in the middle. When the break came, Hannah went off to the toilet with Kendra.

"Did you hear what Georgina said?"

"What, when? That comment she made about the book?"

"No, it was at the beginning. I think you were talking to someone else"

"Well, if I was talking to someone else then how would I have heard it?"

"I don't know"

"What did she say then?"

"Well, you know how her kids wear pull-ups at night. She said that her daughter keeps waking up with wet sheets because the pull-up has leaked"

"What was so special about that comment?"

"No it wasn't that, it was what she said after," said Hannah. Kendra looked at her as if to say what was said after.

"She said that she is thinking about getting nappies for her daughter because they are more absorbent. But she wasn't sure how her daughter would react as having a nappy changed is something that happens to little kids"

" Georgina doesn't know about you, so she didn't mean for you to take it like that. And besides she was talking about her daughter, who is young and is going to associate a nappy with babies"

"Yeah I know that, but I mean, is it weird that I am 18 and can't put a nappy on myself properly"

"I don't know. I would be willing to bet that any average 18 year old wouldn't have a clue what to do if you gave them an adult nappy"

"No, maybe not, but I haven been in nappies at night practically my entire life, and I still have to have someone change me. I mean the only reason I chose this university was because it was close enough for me to drive in, and live at home. And one of the reasons I wanted to stay at home was because I needed my mum to change my nappy every evening"

"You can do most of it yourself, it is just the tapes. All you need to do is get them tight enough so that the nappy doesn't leak. I manage to do it when I wear a nappy. It's not that difficult. Just ask your mum if you can do it tonight. She can be there as well to do it. Also, the nappies I have, you can adjust the tapes until you get them right. I noticed that the ones you use don't have that. If you want you can take one of mine and use it tonight, and see if you find it easier". The ten-minute break was almost finished, so Kendra and Hannah quickly headed back to the seminar.

"You were quite a while" Georgina commented as they sat down.

"Ok, now that everyone is back, we will start again," said the tutor as another couple of people came through the door. Hannah was pleased that she had spoken to Kendra, although she did have one concern. If she could do her own nappy, did that mean her mum would never change her again. Hannah knew it would be nice if she could change her own nappy occasionally, but didn't want to have to do it all the time. As the tutor talked Hannah realised that there was an advantage to been able to put on her own nappy. She would be able to wear one whenever she wanted, rather than just when her mum was at home. And there would be no more embarrassing situations when one of her friends had to change her. When the class finished, the three of them walked out together. Georgina headed in the direction of the car park whilst Hannah and Kendra walked back to Kendra's room. They ran into Kendra's flatmate Dawn who was heading in the same direction. She had just gotten out of a class as well.

"So do you have any plans for the day?" Dawn asked them both.

"Not really. That was my only class today" Kendra replied.

"I am just going to pick my stuff up, then get off home," Hannah said.

"Do you have any plans Dawn" Kendra asked.

"Well, there is a film I wanted to see at the cinema this afternoon. I was supposed to be going with a couple of mates from my course. Except I've just seen them and they both bailed on me. And I don't really want to go to the cinema on my own, so I'm not doing anything"

"How come they bailed on you?"

"One had an assignment to do, and the other had to pick her nephew up from school. And the film wouldn't have ended until an hour after school finished"

"At least they had reasons then. It wasn't just because they couldn't be bothered" Kendra said. Hannah didn't say anything throughout the walk to Kendra's flat. Instead she was thinking. Hannah was wondering whether she would ever stop having accidents. She hoped that she would, but as they had been happening for four years, and showed no signs of stopping, Hannah had to conclude that they were going to be happening for quite a while. She knew that wearing pull-ups all the time was better and less embarrassing than wearing knickers and having everyone knowing when she had wet herself. However, it was difficult to keep the pull-ups a secret. Whilst Hannah had been at school, keeping the pull-ups a secret wasn't really important because most of her friends had been her friends when she had started to have accidents, so knew about the pull-ups. At university it was a lot more difficult however. Hannah felt herself lucky that only Georgina and Kendra knew. She couldn't believe more people had guessed, especially when she was stood outside that morning during the fire alarm in a wet nappy. She had felt sure that someone would either spot the extra bulk, or be able to smell her. Hannah was forced to interrupt her train of thought when she realised that Kendra was talking to her.

"So do you?" she heard Kendra say. It was obvious that Kendra had asked Hannah if she did something, or was doing something, but Hannah had no idea what it was.

"Do I what?" Hannah had to ask. By this time they were back at the flat, and were stood in the hallway.

"I said, do you have plans for this afternoon? I know that you said you were going home, but do you actually have to be back for a certain time?"

"No not really. Why?"

"Obviously you missed the entire conversation. Dawn was supposed to be going to the cinema with some friends, but they had to pull out"

"I heard that bit of the conversation"

"Good, then after than I said that I wanted to see the film that Dawn was wanting to see. So then we just agreed to go later on together. I asked you if you wanted to come as well, and go home later or did you have specific plans that you get home for"

"Ok, yeah I should be able to come. What time is it?"

"Um...the film is at half two, so we will have to get the half one bus" said Dawn unlocking her bedroom door.

"I can drive us to the cinema" Hannah said.

"Oh ok cool. We should probably set off at about two then. I have got some reading to do, so how about we meet here at ten to two?"

"Yeah ok" said Kendra unlocking her door. Dawn went into her room at the same time that Kendra and Hannah went into Kendra's room.

"I'm just going to text my mum and let her know that I'm going to be late back," said Hannah. She got her phone out and took it off silent. She was surprised to see that she already had a message in her inbox. She checked it and found that Marie had texted her. It said that Marie had had a good time on her date the previous evening, and she would tell Hannah all about it the next time they were on MSN at the same time. Once Hannah had read that, she quickly texted her mum. When she had finished, Hannah put her phone back in her bag, and then sat down on the bed with Kendra.

"So what was it like?" she asked.

"What was what like?"

"You know, wearing a pull-up this morning?"

"Alright actually. I mean it was different, and I was more careful when sitting down. Do you think anyone noticed?"

"No. Georgina certainly didn't, and Dawn probably wouldn't have known what it was, if she had noticed something. Is it still dry?"

"Yeah. Is yours?"

"Yeah. So are you going to keep it on to go to the cinema?"

"I don't know"

"It makes sense to keep it on really. I mean what happens if you need to pee in the cinema. You can just pee in it, rather than missing some of the film to go to the toilet"

"Is that what you do?"

"Yeah, then after it has finished I just go into the toilets and change. I still have two pull-ups left, so if I manage to not have an accident before we go to the cinema, then you should be able to put on another one after. Or you can take a pair of knickers and change into them. Dawn didn't noticed before when we wear walking, so how is she going to notice if you are sat down in a dark cinema"

"I guess. Alright then I will keep it on then"

"Good". Kendra switched on her computer, and put on some music.

"I love this song" Hannah commented.

"Me too. Oh I'll get that thing out for you whilst I remember" Kendra said. Hannah had no idea what she was talking about.

"What thing?"

"You know, I said I would give you one of my nappies so you could see if the adjustable tape thing was easier"

"Oh yeah. I forgot". Kendra kneeled on the floor.

"Just lift your feet up a sec," Kendra said. Her nappies were hidden at the back of the drawer under her bed, and Hannah's legs were in front of it. Hannah moved back on the bed, and lifted up her legs. Kendra opened up the drawer and reached in. She pulled out a package of nappies. She was about to grab one out to give to Hannah when there was a knock at the door. Kendra quickly passed the package over to Hannah, who hid it under the duvet.

"Come in" Kendra called. The door opened and they saw Dawn.

"Hey Dawn" said Kendra closing the drawer and standing up. She sat on the bed.

"Hey. I know we said we were meeting at ten to two, but I was wondering whether you fancied getting some lunch or something in town beforehand"

"Um..." said Kendra looking over at Hannah. At that moment she didn't really care what they did, she just wanted to get Dawn out her room.

"Yeah that sounds cool," said Hannah. She looked up at the clock on Kendra's TV. It was quarter to 12.

"How about we meet up in an hour or something?"

"Yeah ok"

"Ok, see you in an hour then" said Hannah. She knew that it probably seemed like she was been rude, but she could tell how much Kendra wanted Dawn gone. Dawn, sensing she wasn't wanted, turned round and left. Kendra exhaled deeply.

"That was too close" she said.

"Why did you give them to me instead of just putting them back in the drawer and closing it again?"

"The drawer is really heavy, so I knew that you would be able to get them hidden faster than I cold close the drawer". Hannah lifted up the duvet and Kendra got out one of the nappies. She then quickly put the rest of the package back into the drawer. Hannah put the nappy into her bag.

"You know, I think we should apologise to Dawn. I bet she thought we were been rude"

"Good idea" said Hannah. They heard the front door of the flat open. Kendra went to her door and looked through the spy hole to see who it was. Before she could tell Hannah that it was Jamie, he knocked on the door. Kendra stepped back, then opened the door.

"Oh, hey I wasn't expecting you to be in. I just went to the post room. You've got a couple of bits of post," he said giving Kendra two envelopes. He stuck his head further into the room, and waved to Hannah. Hannah waved back.

"Thanks Jamie. Are you doing anything this afternoon, because me and Hannah are going to the cinema with Dawn if you want to come along"

"I thought Dawn was going with a couple of friends from her course"

"Yeah she was, but they bailed"

"Oh. What film is it?" he asked. Kendra told him the name of the film.

"What is it about?"

"I'm not too sure," said Kendra. Hannah stood up and went over to the doorway, as Kendra moved into the hallway, and knocked on Dawn's door. Dawn answered fairly quickly.

"Hey, sorry about before. We weren't been rude, it was just...well I can't really explain it. Anyway, I asked Jamie if he wanted to come to the cinema. He wants to know what the film is about before he decides". Dawn came out of her room, and explained the film quickly to Jamie. He decided that he would go. Dawn and Kendra then knocked on Rob and Kevin's doors to ask them if they wanted to go. Kevin wasn't in, and Rob answered the door in a dressing gown. He had only just woken up, and still had an assignment to finish, so he said that he wouldn't be able to go. Jamie went into his room, saying he was going to get a quick shower before they went, and Kendra invited Dawn to her room with her and Hannah. Hannah went into the room first and quickly checked that there was nothing on show that shouldn't have been. She then went and sat on the bed. Kendra turned her chair to face the bed, and sat on that. Dawn sat down next to Hannah on the bed. The three girls chatted. Dawn wanted to ask what it was that had been going on before, when Kendra and Hannah had wanted to get rid of her. She wasn't sure how to broach the subject, so she left it. At half past one, she left to go and get ready. Hannah and Kendra got ready as well. Hannah put the two spare pull-ups and some wipes in her bag. Kendra grabbed a pair of knickers and pushed them into a side pocket into her bag. The last thing she wanted was for them to come out accidentally when she was getting something else out of her bag. Hannah made sure that she went to the toilet before they left. Kendra went after Hannah had finished. At quarter to one they went into the hallway. Jamie and Dawn joined them a minute or so later, and they began walking up to the car park, to get to Hannah's car.

When they got to the car, Hannah unlocked it. Jamie and Dawn got in the back. Kendra got into the passenger seat and Hannah got into the driving seat.

"How long have you been able to drive Hannah" Jamie asked as Hannah started the car.

"I passed over the summer" Hannah replied.

"Why? Are you worried about been in the car with me driving?"

"No, I was just wondering" he replied. Hannah reversed out of the parking spot. She drove out of the car park and headed into town. Kendra leaned forward and switched on the radio. As she did that, the waistband of the pull-up was revealed and Dawn who was sat behind Hannah, happened to look across and see it. She stared at it until Kendra leaned back in her seat. Dawn was confused. She didn't generally go round trying to figure out what type of underwear her friends were wearing, but she couldn't help but notice that the material was very different to any other types of underwear she had seen.

"Where are we going for lunch?" Hannah asked. She needed to know, so that she would know whereabouts in town to park.

"I don't know" Dawn said trying to put the issue of Kendra's underwear out of her head.

"Is there anywhere that anyone wants to go to?" she asked everyone. They all shook their heads.

"I'm not bothered," Hannah answered.

"Ok, so what exactly do we want for lunch? A sandwich type thing, fast food, or like a proper meal?" Kendra said.

"I've got some mince to make spaghetti bolognaise tonight, so I would rather not have a proper meal now. But if everyone else wants a proper meal then I can make the spaghetti bolognaise tomorrow" Dawn said.

"I'm not bothered about having a proper meal. A sandwich or McDonalds is fine with me," Jamie added.

"Ok, Hannah which would you prefer, a sandwich or McDonalds?" Kendra asked.

"I don't know. Why are you asking me?"

"No reason, but you haven't said which you prefer. Dawn and Jamie said they would prefer not to have a proper meal"

"Well, since we are going to the cinema, we are likely to get popcorn and stuff like that, so we might be better getting a sandwich as a sandwich is likely to be better for us than McDonalds" Hannah reasoned.

"You're right" Kendra said. A different song came on the radio.

"Oh my god, turn this over. I hate this song," Jamie said as soon as he heard the opening line. Kendra lent forward to change the radio station. As she did that Dawn watched as Kendra's pull-up was revealed again. Of course Dawn still had no idea what it actually was. Hannah stopped at some traffic lights and happened to glance over at Kendra. She immediately noticed that her pull-up was showing. Hannah tapped Kendra on the arm, and Kendra quickly realised what Hannah was trying to tell her. She tugged down the bottom of her top, then lent back in her chair. Jamie, who was looking out of the window, was oblivious to all of this. Dawn noticed it though, and it made her more suspicious. She realised that Hannah knew something and also that Kendra was particularly bothered about anyone seeing what she was wearing.

The traffic light turned green, and Hannah quickly set off. Kendra was very careful for the rest of the journey to keep her back against the chair. She was very paranoid that Dawn or Jamie had seen what she was wearing. When they got into town, Hannah parked in the main car park. The money did not have to be paid until they came back, so the four of them got out and walked out of the car park. Jamie walked in front of the three girls. They were heading towards the sandwich place Subway. Kendra pulled her purse out of her bag, to check how much money she had. She realised that she was going to need to get some money out. They passed a cash machine. Kendra realised this, and stopped to use it.

"Hold on a sec" she said to the other three. Jamie, who was further in front, had to turn around and walk back a little.

"I'm just gonna get some money out" Kendra said. They all waited for her, chatting between the three of them. When Kendra had finished, they walked to Subway. There was no one else been served, so they each got their sandwiches fairly quickly. Dawn had got her sandwich first, so she sat down at a table, in a seat facing the counter. From there she could see the backs of Kendra, Hannah and Jamie who were all still been served. Dawn didn't want to appear to be overly interested in looking at Kendra, so she kept sneaking glances whilst looking round the rest of the room. However, Kendra made sure that her pull-up was completely covered. When Kendra came over to sit down, she put the sandwich on the table, and then held the bottom of her top as she sat down. Dawn noticed this, and was even more surprised when Hannah did the exact same thing as she sat down. Jamie and Hannah were the ones that were talking the most. Dawn was still trying to figure out what was going on with Kendra and why she seemed to have changed. Dawn was sure that whatever Kendra was wearing under her trousers was to do with this change. Kendra was quiet because she was sure that Dawn had figured out what she was wearing.

After they had finished Hannah needed to go to the toilet. She got up, and Kendra said she needed to go as well. They were about to go, when Dawn said she would join them. Jamie said he would stay there with their bags whilst the three of them went. Hannah knew that both her and Kendra's pull-ups were going to make some noise as they were pulled down, but hoped that Dawn either wouldn't hear it, or wouldn't realised what it was. The ladies bathroom had three separate stalls. Kendra went in the one on the left. Hannah went into the middle one and Dawn went into the one on the right. Both Kendra and Hannah tried to be as quiet as possible in pulling down their trousers and pull-ups. However, Dawn heard the crinkling and then came to the conclusion that Kendra was in some sort of nappy. Dawn then wondered if Hannah was wearing one too as she had been constantly checking that her top was covering up the bottom of her back. Dawn then began to wonder if they were in nappies, then why. Hannah and Kendra, oblivious to what dawn was thinking, came out of their separate stalls and went to wash their hands.

"Hey Dawn, are you almost finished?" Kendra called. Dawn quickly cam out of the stall and washed her hands.

"Sorry about that. I think I kind of spaced out for a minute," said Dawn. She didn't want to say anything to Kendra or Hannah just in case she was wrong and ended up looking stupid. They three of them left the toilets and went back out to Jamie.

"We should be getting to the cinema now" Jamie said. They walked out of Subway and headed towards the cinema.

Hannah and Jamie walked together, and Kendra walked behind them with Dawn. Hannah and Jamie were talking about when they would be able to go on a date. Kendra was telling Dawn about Jamie asking Hannah out after the fire alarm. Whilst Dawn was listening to Kendra talking, she was also watching Hannah walking to see if there were any signs of a nappy. However Dawn didn't really know what signs to look out for, other than a bulge. Dawn couldn't see that Hannah looked any different than she had the day before. It took about ten minutes for them to reach the cinema. They went inside and queued up to get tickets. Once they had done that, they went to the snack area.

"Are we getting things separately, or together?" Dawn asked.

"Because after that sandwich I'm not particularly hungry"

"We are probably better getting something to share then," Kendra said.

"How about we get a couple of things of popcorn between us"

"I don't like popcorn" Jamie said. The other three looked at him.

"How can you not like popcorn?" Hannah asked.

"Don't know, I just don't"

"What do you normally have when you come to the cinema then?" Dawn said.

"Malteasers normally. Sometimes other types of chocolate" Jamie said.

"So I can get that myself and you three can share popcorn if you want". They agreed and quickly bought what they wanted. Jamie got a tub of Malteasers and a coke. Dawn, Kendra and Hannah bought a large popcorn between them and three cokes. Kendra went up to pay as Dawn and Hannah had given her their share of the money. They still had twenty minutes before the film was supposed to start.

"We might as well go in and find some seats," Hannah said. The others agreed and they went into the dark cinema.

"Ok where does anyone want to sit" Hannah said as she looked up at the rows of seats. There were already a few people in the cinema, but as it was a weekday afternoon, Hannah didn't expect at there was going to be many others arriving.

"I don't want to sit at the front. I don't want to be craning my neck to see the screen," said Dawn.

"I don't have my glasses with me, so I'm not going to be able to see the screen if we are right at the back" Jamie said.

"I guess we are sitting in the middle then" said Hannah.

"I've never seen you in glasses before. When are you supposed to wear them?" Kendra said to Jamie.

"I'm a little bit short sighted. I'm supposed to wear them for watching TV, stuff like that, except I hardly ever do" Jamie replied as they walked up the aisle to the seats. Hannah, who was in front, stopped at one of the rows of seats. Jamie went in first, and then Hannah sat next to him. Kendra was next to her, and Dawn was sat in the aisle. Everyone put their drinks in the cup holders attached to each of the seats, then they began to remove their coats. Kendra, who was holding the popcorn, carefully placed it on the floor before she took her coat off. The three girls passed their coats to Jamie, who then put them on the empty chair next to him.

"I'm just going to go to the toilet before the film started" said Jamie getting up. Hannah, Kendra and Dawn moved their legs out of the way to let him get passed. As Hannah, Kendra and Dawn had all only just been to the toilet, none of them needed to go. Hannah heard her phone beeping to let her know that she had a new message, so she quickly picked up her bag from the floor and opened it up, completely forgetting about what was in her bag. Dawn was talking to Kendra, so was facing Hannah's direction. Hannah got her phone, and then left her bag on her knee whilst she looked at the message. The top of the bag was facing Kendra and Dawn, and it was open. Dawn happened to glance at Hannah, then down to the bag in her lap. She could see something white in the bag and wondered if it was a nappy. She didn't get enough time to figure it out though, as Kendra realised that Dawn's attention had been diverted by something. She followed Dawn's gaze and realised immediately what she was looking at. Kendra nudged Hannah and looked down to bring Hannah's attention to what was showing. Hannah quickly moved her bag, so that the opening was facing to other way. Kendra then started to talk to Dawn again. Through this happening Dawn's suspicions were confirmed. She wasn't sure that Hannah and Kendra were wearing nappies, but she knew that something was going on which involved Hannah and Kendra and something white in Hannah's bag. Jamie came back and as he was walking past Dawn and Kendra, Hannah put her phone away and closed her bag. Jamie sat down and the trailers started. There was still a bit of talking in the cinema until the film started. When is started everyone settled down and it was quiet. Jamie was slurping at his drink. Hannah was eating some popcorn, Kendra was trying to get comfortable and Dawn was making the decision to ask Kendra what was going on, and if she was wearing a nappy.

After about five minutes of the film Hannah reached for her drink. She had forgotten though that she had put her drink on her left hand side, between her and Kendra. So Hannah was reaching to her right and to Jamie's drink. As she did that, Jamie went to grab his drink. Their hands brushed together, and Hannah looked over in shock.

"You're drink is on the other side" Jamie whispered.

"Sssshhhh" they heard from somewhere in the cinema.

"Sorry" said Hannah to Jamie, moving her hand. She grabbed her drink and quickly put the straw in her mouth. Jamie picked up his drink and turned his attentions back to the film, whilst Hannah smiled to herself. She had liked it when their hands had brushed against each other. She put her drink back and turned her attentions back to the screen. That was the way she stayed for most of the film, occasionally glancing over at Kendra or Jamie, and occasionally reaching for popcorn or her drink. About twenty minutes before the film ended, Hannah realised that she needed to pee. She didn't think that she would be able to hold on until the film finished, so she was going to wet her pull-up. Hannah tried to relax, but the presence of Jamie next to her made it difficult. The last thing she wanted was for him to see something or hear something. The reason for this was because she liked him, and wanted something to happen between them. She felt that him finding out she was wearing a pull-up would significantly decrease any chance they had of something happening between them. Hannah shifted around slightly in her chair, and was able to find a comfortable position. She slowly began to pee, whilst watching the screen. Hannah was wearing dark coloured trousers, but even so she hoped that she hadn't leaked.

When the film finished, Jamie passed the coats across. Dawn stood up and put hers on, whilst Kendra and Hannah both put theirs on whilst they were sitting. They looked at each other and smiled. Hannah knew that Kendra must be wet, and that was why she was sat down as well. Hannah stood up and made sure that her coat was covering her up. Kendra did the same thing.

"Ok, is everyone ready?" said Jamie.

"Yep" said Hannah. Dawn walked down the aisle and the other three followed her.

"I'm just going to go to the toilet before we leave" Hannah said.

"Me too" Kendra said smiling at Hannah. Dawn noticed this smile.

"Yeah me as well" she said.

"Ok, I'll wait out here for you then" said Jamie. He sat down in a seat that was opposite the toilet door. Hannah, Kendra and Dawn went into the ladies toilets. There were three women at the sinks and three of the five stalls were in use.

"Do you two want to go first, and I'll wait" Dawn said.

"No it's ok. I don't mind waiting. You go," said Hannah. The last thing she wanted was for Dawn to be stood outside when she was going to have to change her pull-up. Hannah knew that Kendra wouldn't want that either.

"Alright" said Dawn going in one of the stalls. She didn't even really need to pee; she just wanted to be there when Hannah and Kendra went to the toilet in the hope that she would be able to tell for sure if one or both of them were in nappies. Hannah had both the spare pull-ups, and the wipes in her bag, but she couldn't get them out of her bag because of the people that were at the sinks. Hannah grabbed Kendra's arm and pulled her into the empty stall. She opened up her bag, and silently gave Kendra a couple of wipes. She then got out one of the pull-ups. Kendra shook her head, and indicated that she was just going to put on the knickers that she had brought with her. Hannah nodded to let Kendra know that she understood, and then Hannah walked out of the stall to let Kendra change. She looked around the toilets, and was pleased to see that the women that had been stood by the sink were gone. There was also an empty stall. Hannah went into it, and then locked the door. She put down the seat of the toiler, pulled down her trousers, and then ripped open the seams of the pull-up. She put the wet pull-up on the covered toilet, and then took off her trousers. She held them, whilst she got out the fresh pull-up out of her bag. Hannah pulled it on, and then put her trousers back on.

When Hannah had finished, she opened the door, and came out of the stall. Dawn and Kendra were already finished and were just washing their hands. Hannah started to wash her hands as well. They then walked out together. Jamie was still sat in the same place. He stood up when he saw them come out of the bathroom, and the four of them headed out of the cinema. They were heading towards the car park and Hannah's car. Jamie was walking in front, Dawn was just behind him and Kendra and Hannah were walking behind her. Kendra grabbed Hannah's arm and whispered urgently to her.

"Dawn knows".

"Knows what?" Hannah said, not understanding what Kendra was trying to say. They started walking again, so that they would not be too far behind Jamie and Dawn.

"She thinks me and you have been in nappies all day"

"Oh my god. When did she say this?" Hannah said. She knew that if Dawn asked her about it, she would just be able to say that she had a medical need for them, and had been in them all the time. Kendra didn't have this excuse, so it would be more difficult for her to explain it.

"It was when you were still in the toilet. We were washing our hands, and she said to me that she had guessed the secret that us two, had. I asked her what she meant by that, and she said that she had seen the secret looks and she knew that one, if not both of use were in some sort of nappy today. I showed her the waistband of my knickers to prove her wrong, but at the exact same time we both heard you ripping open the sides of your pull-up. So she said that I had probably taken mine off. I didn't exactly know what to say. She said that she wasn't going to tell anyone else, but she did wonder why. I didn't really want to have to explain it, and I didn't want to admit to it, especially not in such a public place. So I stayed silent, then you came out and she went quiet as well," Kendra said.

"She doesn't know for certain, so my guess is that she won't actually say anything to anyone else. If she wants to talk to me or you about it then we will deal with that, if or when that happens". They were soon at the car. Hannah opened it up and they all got in. On the ride back to campus, Kendra, Hannah and Dawn were all deep in thought. Jamie was trying to carry on a conversation, but was finding it difficult, so he eventually stopped even attempting to ask anyone else anything. They got back to university. Hannah's stuff was still in Kendra's room, so she walked with them back to the flat. She didn't really want to stay long, but she also didn't want to leave Kendra to answer Dawn's questions by herself. When they were in the flat, Jamie's phone started to ring, and he waved bye to the three girls, and went into his room to answer it. Kendra, Hannah and Dawn were left standing awkwardly in the hallway. Hannah wondered whether to talk to Dawn and admit the truth, or to ignore it and let Dawn think of her own explanation.

Eventually one of them said something.

"Maybe we should explain it to you" Kendra said. The last thing she wanted was for Dawn to come up with her own conclusions and tell someone.

"Ok" said Dawn. Kendra unlocked her room, and the three girls walked inside. Hannah was wondering what exactly Kendra was going to say. Hannah didn't exactly want Dawn knowing that she wet the bed, as she hardly knew Dawn. Hannah sat down on her bed, and Dawn sat next to her. Kendra sat on Dawn's other side.

"So I guess you want to know what's been going on," Kendra said. Hannah wasn't planning to say anything, until she knew what Kendra was going to say.

"Well, I mean, you don't have to. Didn't I already work it out?"

"Well, kind of. Not really. Anyway I think you should know the reason," said Kendra awkwardly.

"I wouldn't want you thinking something that wasn't true"

"Ok, I can understand that. What's the truth then?"

"Well the truth," said Kendra wondering what to say.

"It was a dare," Hannah said suddenly. She could see that Kendra was struggling to figure out what to say to Dawn.

"It was a dare?"

"Yeah" said Kendra realising what Hannah was doing.

"Well, you know how Hannah stayed over last night, well it was planned. You see we were talking yesterday afternoon, and we dared each other to wear a nappy for the day. So Hannah went to buy some after she left yesterday. Except Boots apparently don't sell them, so she got a pack of pull-ups instead"

"And we put them on when I came back yesterday evening. We have been wearing them since then"

"Really" said Dawn. She didn't know whether to believe them or not, but as she couldn't think of any other reason why two 18 year old girls would be wearing pull-ups, she decided to believe them.

"Yeah, I mean why else would we be wearing them?" Hannah said.

"So are you still wearing one now?"

"I am, but Kendra isn't. She thought to take underwear to the cinema, but I didn't" Hannah said.

"Why don't you go and change then. It can't be very nice wearing it," said Dawn. Hannah didn't really know what to do. She didn't have any knickers that she could change into just until Dawn went.

"I might do a bit later" Hannah decided to say. Dawn looked at her, as if she couldn't believe Hannah was going to stay in the pull-up when she apparently didn't have to.

"Will you keep it to yourself Dawn. It was only a supposed to be a private dare sort of thing. We never meant anyone else to find out about it" Kendra said. She didn't want anyone else finding out, that may not so easily believe their excuse.

"Yeah sure" said Dawn.

"Anyway, I'm gonna go now" she said getting up.

"Oh right ok," said Kendra. Dawn left them both sitting on the bed. She opened up Kendra's door and was gone.

"Thanks for not telling her the truth" Kendra said to Hannah.

"That's ok. I didn't want her knowing the truth anymore than you did" Hannah replied.

"So what now then?" Kendra said.

"Do you want to stick around for a bit, or do you want to go home?"

"I bet that you're sick of me. We have been together for most of the past twenty-four hours"

"No, I don't care how long you stay. It's kind of cool having you around," said Kendra.

"Then I guess I might stay around for a bit, but I only have one pull-up left, so if I have an accident or something, I am going to have to go"

"Ok. I'm just going to check my e-mail," said Kendra switching on her computer.

"Can I check mine when you've done?"

"Yeah sure" said Kendra waiting for the computer to load.

"So what did you think of the film?"

"It was good. I liked it" Hannah replied. Kendra went onto the Internet, and then opened her inbox.

"I've got another private message from that guy" Kendra said as she opened one of her emails.

"What guy?" asked Hannah struggling to remember what Kendra was talking about.

"You know. When I checked my email this morning, I had a private message from that guy, cbass. And I replied. He has sent me another one back," said Kendra. She went to the forum and opened up her message.

"What has he said?"

"Nothing really. Just said that he has MSN, and has given his MSN name. It's Jbizzle06"


"Yep" said Kendra. She signed onto MSN and added him to her contacts. Then she sent him a private message letting him know that she had added him.

"Ok, I'm finished now," said Kendra standing up. Hannah quickly checked her email. She had one from her niece Jessie.

"My niece has sent me an email," she told Kendra.

"I didn't know you had a niece"

"Yep. My brother Ted is married and has three kids. Jessie is seven, Michael is five and Tia is two. Jessie is the one that has emailed me," said Hannah looking at the email.

"She has told me that she got ten out of ten on a spelling test at school". Hannah replied saying well done. She logged off her email, and then turned round to face Kendra.

"I think she really looks up to me or something. It's a shame I don't get to see her more often. They live about an hour away. But we are going up to their house for Christmas"

"I bet that will be nice for you. I get to see my sister every time I'm at home, so I never really miss her. Plus she is twelve and apparently is getting into a really argumentative stage" said Kendra.

"So that should be fun at Christmas" she added, sarcastically.

"Hearing stuff like that kind of makes me glad that I don't have any younger brothers or sisters. But then again when I was going through a really moody and argumentative stage, I had no one really to argue with" Hannah said.

"Nor did I, only my parents. My sister was just a little kid so it was kind of difficult to argue with her"

"I suppose that your parents were grateful for that," said Hannah. She looked at the clock on Kendra's TV.

"There was something I wanted to ask you actually"

"Oh yeah, what is it?"

"Well, you know how you gave me one of your nappies, with the adjustable tapes. When my mum sees it, she is going to wonder where I have got it. Do you want me to say that you like wearing them and that's why you have one, or I can say you need them for bedwetting"

"Well, how likely is it that I am going to ever going to meet your mum"

"I don't know"

"Tell her the truth. Say that I like to wear them. I mean she knows that you like to wear them doesn't she?"

"Yeah. And she seems to be fine with it. I kind of think she would be happy for me that I found a friend with the same interest"

"Your mum sounds so cool. I could never imagine my mum been so cool with it, if she found out"

"I think its because I have always been in nappies, and the wearing in the day just sort of happened". Hannah looked at the clock again. Kendra noticed.

"I'm sorry if it looks like I'm been rude, but my mum wanted me to be back for tea. It's almost six now"

"I guess you should be going then"

"Probably. I will see you after the weekend, and I might speak to you one MSN at some point" said Hannah. She got together her things.

"I'll walk you up to your car" Kendra said. She pulled her shoes on, and grabbed her jacket and keys. Hannah picked up her things, and they set off. They were at the car park and next to Hannah's car within ten minutes. Hannah put her things on the back seat, and got in.

"Thanks for letting me stay over last night" she said to Kendra through the window.

"That's alright. I hope you will want to stay over again," Kendra said. She moved away from the car. Hannah started her car, waved to Kendra then drove off.

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