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When Hannah got home, she got her stuff of the backseat, and went inside.

"Hey mum, I'm back" she called as she opened the front door. Her mum came out of the kitchen.

"Hello sweetie. Tea will be about half an hour. Why don't we take your things upstairs, and you can tell me what you've been up to". Jackie took one of the bags off Hannah, and then went upstairs. Hannah followed her. They both went into Hannah's room.

"If you get your trousers off I can put you into a nappy". Hannah put down the things she was carrying. She began to take of her trousers.

"Mum, I wanted to show you something"

"Ok. What is it?" Jackie said. Hannah opened her bag, and reached in for the nappy Kendra had given her.

"A nappy?" said Jackie when she saw it.


"You have nappies here, what is so special about this one"

"It has adjustable tapes. And you know the only reason I can't do my own nappy is because I can't get the tapes right. So I thought that this might help"

"Where did you get it from?"

"Um...Kendra. Well, you know I told her, and I stayed over in her room last night". Jackie nodded.

"Well, you know how I wear nappies in the daytime, even though I don't need them" Jackie nodded again.

"She likes to wear them sometimes, even though she has no need for them at all, and she uses these. Anyway, we were talking, and I told her that I always had to be changed by someone else, because I couldn't get the tapes right. She told me that her nappies have adjustable tapes so you can get it right. Anyway she gave me one to test it out"

"Ok, do you want to put it on now? Then if it works we can get you those instead, so you can change your own nappies all the time"

"Yeah ok" said Hannah. She was a bit worried about the statement her mum had just made. Although Hannah wanted to be able to change her own nappies when she was staying at a friends house, or there wasn't anybody around to change her, the last thing Hannah wanted was to have to change herself all the time. She liked her mum changing her sometimes.

"Get on the bed then. I will just stand here, if you need help". Hannah took off her pull-up and then got on the bed. She put the nappy next to her leg.

"Here you go," said her mum passing Hannah the wipes and powder. Hannah quickly wiped herself. She then opened out the nappy, and then slid it underneath herself. Hannah then powdered herself. She handed the powder back to her mum, who put it away. Hannah brought the nappy up between her legs, and then she grabbed the tapes and began to fasten them. She had to adjust each of the tapes a few times before it was right.

"I think I'm done" Hannah said, sitting up. Jackie checked that it was tight enough.

"Good job Han. We will have to see how good these nappies are before we get some. If they aren't very absorbent, then we can look for others that have the adjustable tapes". Hannah got off the bed.

"So how was your evening last night, and your day today?"

"Last night I had pizza, and we watched The Notebook with a couple of Kendra's flatmates. We had a fire alarm in the middle of the night as well. Then Kendra and me had our class this morning. It was only two hours, then I was just gonna go over to Kendra's and get my stuff and come back home, but then we ran into one of Kendra's flatmates walking to Kendra's room. She said she had been supposed to be going to the cinema with some friends, but they had backed out. So me and Kendra ended up going with her, along with another flatmate Jamie" said Hannah smiling as she mentioned Jamie's name.

"Jamie?" said her mum noticing the smile.

"Yeah. He asked me out"

"He asked you out?"

"Yep. After the fire alarm, he asked me out then this morning we swapped numbers"

"What did you do in the fire alarm?"

"What do you mean?"

"With your nappy"

"I had to go outside in it. I didn't have time to take it off"

"Was it wet?"


"So you went outside in a wet nappy?"


"How was it, did anyone else notice?"

"Nope, and I even peed a little bit in it whilst I was outside" Hannah said. Jackie smiled and remembered how Hannah hated to go outside wearing a nappy.

"So you might be going outside in a nappy more often in the future, now you know that no one else can tell?"

"Maybe. I don't know. I mean what if I go out and then need to change. Changing a nappy in a public toilet is going to be a hell of a lot harder than changing a pull-up". They went downstairs. The meal that Jackie had made was almost ready, so Hannah started to lay the table. Jackie stood there looking at her daughter, pleased that a boy had asked her out and that she had been outside in a nappy.

Jackie served the food onto two plates, and then put the plates on the table. They both sat down to eat.

"So I've told you about my evening last night and my dad today. Now you have to tell me about yours. How was the leaving party?"

"It was good"

"Where did you go? Who was there?" Hannah asked.

"We just went to a local bar and got a meal and a few drinks. It was just the people from the team at work. There were six of us. I wasn't even that late back. It was about eleven when I got in"

"So how was work today?"

"It was alright. Normal I suppose"

"Good" said Hannah.

"Oh I got an email off Jessie today. She said she got a ten out of ten on a spelling test. I sent her a message saying well done"

"That's nice. I spoke to Ted and Sandra earlier on before you came home, and we agreed on Christmas plans. I will just need to speak to Louise and Allie to find out what they're doing. They might have plans with Allie's family over Christmas"

"So what are we doing at Christmas then?"

"We are going on Christmas Eve. Then we can stay over on and be there when the kids open their presents on Christmas morning". Hannah's face fell when she heard this. She hated sleeping over at her brother and Sandra's house. The reason for this was that she knew how much her nieces and nephew looked up to her, and she didn't want them to find out that she wet the bed and wore pull-ups during the day. So far she had managed to get away with it, but she didn't know how long her luck would last for. Jackie saw the face.

"Don't worry, the kids aren't going to find out"

"But on Christmas morning they are going to be up early, coming to wake everyone up"

"We stayed there a couple of Christmases ago with no trouble"

"But this time they are older, plus last time Tia wasn't around"

"I'm sure we can sort something out so that they don't find out, and of course you could change into a pull-up before you go downstairs. Don't worry about it ok Han" said Jackie, although she knew that Hannah probably would worry about it. They finished eating, and put the pots in the sink.

"How's the nappy?"

"It's alright. Still dry, so I don't know how absorbent it is yet". Hannah went over to the kitchen and turned on the tap. She started to wash up the pots whilst Jackie dried them and put them away.

"After we have finished this I am going to go upstairs and ring Simon. We are going to finalise the details for tomorrow. Then after that we will go on the Internet and look at buying you some nappies with adjustable tapes ok"

"Alright ok mum". They finished washing up. Jackie quickly tidied up the kitchen whilst Hannah went upstairs. She switched on the computer and signed onto MSN. There were a couple of her online friends there, but none of her real life friends were around. She began chatting to one of them, and then she heard her mum coming upstairs. Her mum went into her own room. Hannah chatted for about fifteen minutes, and then her friend had to leave. Hannah checked her email, and then looked at a few websites. Once she was bored of that, she looked at the clock again. Her mum had been on the phone with Simon for almost three quarters of an hour. Hannah leaned back in the seat, and wet her nappy. She had been holding on for a while, as she was determined to test the nappy out properly. Hannah was pleased when it didn't leak at all. Just as she finished, she heard Jackie walking across the hallway. Jackie knocked softly a couple of times, and then came in. She had her debit card in her hand.

"The nappy seems to be fairly absorbent" Hannah said when she saw her mum.

"Good, then we might as well get a pack of those. Just a small pack then to test them out properly. What are they?" Jackie asked. Hannah told her the brand, then she found their website. They looked at the sizes and then ordered a trial pack of the right size. Jackie typed in her card details, then the address. It said they would be there within the week.

"Since it is Friday evening already, they are not going to be here before Monday, if not Tuesday, so it looks like I'm going to be changing you for the next few days"

"So does that mean that you aren't going to change me again once I have those nappies?" said Hannah, voicing her concerns.

"No, not if you don't want me to. If you want me to stop changing you then I will" Jackie said. She sat down on Hannah's bed, and Hannah swivelled around the desk chair to face her mum.

"I don't want you to. I kind of like it sometimes, but I only like it when it is you, Louise or Allie. I hate most other people doing it"

"Ok then, I will do it whenever you want. But if you want to do it yourself even when I'm around then just tell me" Jackie said. Hannah nodded to let her mum know that she would.

"Ok, why don't we go downstairs and watch a bit of TV?" Jackie asked. Hannah started to close down the computer.

"Do you need a nappy change before we go downstairs Hannah?"

"I've only wet in it once, so I think it should be alright," Hannah said standing up. After Jackie had seen the nappy, she agreed with Hannah and they both went downstairs.

When they were downstairs, Jackie went to make herself a drink.

"Do you want something to drink as well?" she asked Hannah.

"Juice please" Hannah said.

"Ok, why don't you choose something to watch, whilst I get the drinks". Jackie went into the kitchen whilst Hannah went through to the lounge. Hannah grabbed the remote as she sank down into the sofa. She lent back on the cushions, and then switched the TV on. Hannah flicked through the channels until she settled on a programme she liked. As she started to watch Jackie came in with a glass of juice for Hannah, and a cup of tea for herself. She sat down in the armchair and nursed the cup in her hands, as it was too hot to drink. Hannah drank some of her juice, and then she put it on the floor.

"Be careful that doesn't fall over," said Jackie when she noticed what Hannah was doing.

"I am been careful," said Hannah looking up at her mum. Hannah then sat up on the sofa again, having left the glass on the floor.

"What is it we are watching anyway?" Jackie said noticing what was on the screen.

"Will and Grace. You've heard of Will and Grace. I normally watch it every week"

"Oh yeah" said Jackie. She looked at the screen again.

"So which one is Will and which is Grace". Hannah pointed them out, and also told her mum the names of the other main characters. They both sat and watched it for the next half an hour with the only conversation been when Hannah had to explain something about the show to her mum. By the end of the programme, Hannah had finished her juice. She went and put the glass in the kitchen. When she came back into the lounge, her mum had moved over to the sofa.

"I took your place, sorry" she said. Hannah had previously been sprawled over the entire sofa, whereas Jackie was now just sat at one side. Hannah sat down next to her, and watched as her mum flicked through the TV channels, looking for something to watch. Jackie eventually settled on something, and she put the remote down. They both started to watch. Hannah wasn't really interested in the programme, but she didn't say anything as she knew that her mum had just sat through Will and Grace, which Hannah had wanted to watch. When the adverts came on, Jackie turned to face Hannah.

"Have you remembered that I'm meeting Simon tomorrow?"

"Yeah. You mentioned it a few hours ago. How could I have forgotten?"

"Well, I'm meeting him at one o'clock, at a café in town"

"Oh right, ok"

"So, I don't know what time I'm going to be back"

"I am eighteen, so I can look after myself. I don't care what time you get back"

"I know that"

"Make sure you are safe as well. You don't know this guy in real life so you don't know what he's going to be like" Hannah warned.

"I do know," said Jackie. The TV show came back on, and Jackie turned her attentions back to it. Hannah laid her head against the armrest of the sofa.

"Are you tired sweetie?" Jackie asked, when she noticed what Hannah had done.

"No. It's just more comfortable like this"

"Are you sure? It doesn't look that comfortable," said Jackie. The armrests were quite hard. Hannah had to eventually agree. She sat up, and realised she needed to go to pee. She relaxed, and then started to wet her nappy. When Hannah had finished, she looked over to her mum.

"I think I need a nappy change," she said. Jackie looked over and figured that Hannah had just wet her nappy again.

"Come on then. Upstairs" said Jackie getting up.

Once Hannah was laid down on her changing mat, on her bed, Jackie started to untape the nappy.

"I think I'm going to get a shower after you've taken this nappy off me" Hannah said.

"Ok" said Jackie. She quickly removed the nappy, and wiped her daughter.

"I'm going back downstairs. Just give me a shout when you are finished in the bathroom". Jackie disposed of the nappy, and then left the room. Hannah took off the rest of her clothes, and then slipped on her dressing gown. Hannah padded across to the bathroom, and quickly took a shower.

On the way back to her room, she leaned over the banister and called her mum. Jackie quickly came upstairs, and put Hannah into a nappy. When she had left, Hannah looked at the clock and realised that it was too early to be going to bed, so she switched on the computer and spoke to a couple of friends through MSN for a while, before she went to bed.

When Hannah woke up the next morning, she stretched out in bed, and then looked over to the clock. Hannah had slept in for quite a while. It was ten in the morning. Hannah had slept for almost ten hours without stirring. She sat up in bed, figuring she would wait and see if her mum came into her, or if Hannah was going to have to go and find her. After five minutes Hannah decided to get up and look for her mum. It was quite cold so she pulled on her dressing gown and walked out of her room.

"Mum" she called. Hannah quickly checked her mum's room. Finding that empty, she went downstairs. Hannah eventually found her mum sat in the kitchen. She was sat at the kitchen table, reading the paper, with a mug of coffee next to her.

"Mum" Hannah said again. Jackie turned around and saw Hannah standing there.

"Morning sweetie. Are you going to get some breakfast?"

"Yeah" said Hannah. She quickly got herself some cereal and juice, then sat down at the table with her mum, still in her wet nappy. Whist Hannah was eating Jackie got up and made herself another cup of coffee.

"Are you nervous about meeting Simon later on?"

"A bit I guess" Jackie replied.

"I'm going to be setting off in a about an hour and a half, then I can wander round town for a bit before I go and meet him. What are your plans for the day?"

"I don't know. Do nothing I guess. I might go on the computer for a bit later on," said Hannah. She never normally did much on a weekend, unless she had an assignment due in.

"Have you got no uni work to do?"

"I have an assignment, but it's not due in until after the Christmas holidays. I might look at it, but I am not going to be able to do much as I don't have any books or anything," said Hannah. She finished off her cereal and then drained the last of her glass of juice.

"Come on upstairs, then I will get you into a pull-up, then I'm going to get a shower and get ready". They both went upstairs and into Hannah's bedroom. Hannah lay down on her bed, the changing mat underneath her. Jackie quickly took of Hannah's wet nappy, and wiped her clean. Then she got Hannah's legs into a pull-up. She pulled it up her legs, and then Hannah stood up. She stood in front of her mum, and Jackie finished pulling it up.

"All done"

"Thank you mum" Hannah said. She began to get dressed, and Jackie left the room to get ready.

Once Hannah was dressed, she went back downstairs and quickly washed up the breakfast pots. When that was done, she went into the lounge and switched on the TV. Hannah idly flicked through the channels then settled on some cartoons. Even though Hannah was 18, she still loved watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, just as she had done when she was a kid.

Hannah was sat downstairs alone for an hour and a quarter before Jackie came down.

"You look really nice mum" Hannah said when she saw her.

"Thanks sweetie. It is only a casual daytime meeting for lunch so I didn't want to go too dressed up". Jackie sat down next to Hannah as she put on her shoes.

"I hope you get on with him," Hannah said looking at her mum.

"We seem to get on quite well on the phone," Jackie said. She slipped on her shoes, and then was ready to go. She waited about five minutes, and then got up.

"I'm going to set off now Hannah. I will see you in a few hours".

"Ok mum, have a good time," said Hannah. She stood up to hug her mum. As she did that, Hannah started to wet herself.

"I'm sure I will. Do you need anything from town, since I'm going to be there?"

"No it's alright. I'm just going to go and change my pull-up"

"When did you wet?"

"Just now when I hugged you"

"Ok, you go get changed and I will see you later". They both walked out of the lounge. Hannah went upstairs and Jackie went out of the front door.

Once Hannah had changed her pull-up, she went back downstairs and started watching the TV again. She expected that the day was going to be fairly boring. Therefore when the doorbell rang, she wasn't expecting it. As Hannah walked to the door, she was relieved that she had put on her trousers again after changing her pull-up. When Hannah got to the door, she unlocked it, and then opened it.

"Hey" she said once she had seen who it was. It was her best friend Marie. The same best friend that she had been talking to online for months, because she was at a university far away. The same best friend who wasn't supposed to be back from that university for another week.

"What are you doing here?"

"Can I come in and I will explain?" Marie asked. Hannah nodded, then stepped aside to let Marie in. Marie walked in the house, and Hannah shut the door behind her. They walked through to the lounge and sat down.

"I thought you weren't coming back until next week"

"That's what I thought, but then most of my tutors decided not to hold a class next week because it was the last week. There was only one that was still doing a proper seminar and that is on the Friday. I didn't really want to stick around for just that, so I packed up my things and drove back last night"

"Last night, and you are just telling me now?"

"Yeah, sorry. Once I had packed my things, and got back here it was fairly late. I would have told you on MSN last night, but you didn't come on, whilst I was on" Marie explained.

"When do you finish uni?"

"Another couple of weeks. But guess what happened to me yesterday"


"Well, I ended up staying at uni, with one of my friends and there was a fire alarm in the middle of the night. After the fire alarm one of Kendra's..."


"My friend. It was her room that I was staying in. Anyway one of her flatmates asked me out"

"Really, what did you say?"

"I said yes"

"What is he like?"

"He's called Jamie. He broke up with a girl over the summer and hasn't seen anyone since then. He is really fit. I fancied him practically from when I saw him. We even went to the cinema with Kendra and another of their flatmates yesterday. And on Thursday evening he watched The Notebook with us"

"The Notebook. Wow. I've never got a guy to watch that. He sounds really sweet"

"Yep" said Hannah smiling.

"Does he know about your you know?" said Marie gesturing towards Hannah's crotch. Hannah knew that Marie was talking about her pull-ups and bedwetting.

"No. I didn't want to scare him away before I even went out with him. Although when the fire alarm went off I had to go outside with a wet nappy on under my clothes. He was there then, but he didn't realise"

"You went outside in a wet nappy?"

"Yeah, I had no choice. Oh I just realised something else I wanted to tell you"


"I am getting some nappies that I can put on myself. They have adjustable tapes. I ordered them of the Internet last night.

"Cool. So does that mean that your mum won't be changing you again?"

"She's still going to do it sometimes. It means that when I stay over at your house or something, then I can do it myself. Its kind of embarrassing having a friend change me. And I know that you get uncomfortable having to do it"

"You noticed then," said Marie.

"Yeah. Its kinda obvious when you are looking up at the ceiling to avoid looking at what you are doing" said Hannah.

"So what did you do when you stayed over at uni with Kendra?"

"I did most of it, then she just fastened the tapes"

"Why did we never do that when you stayed over at mine?"

"I don't know. I never really thought of it. Anyway, I have known you longer. Even though it is embarrassing when you change me, it would be more embarrassing if Kendra had to do it, because I have only known her for about two and a half months".

"Ok, I guess you're right. Are you here by yourself?"

"Yep" said Hannah. She then proceeded fill Marie in on where her mum was. After that was explained, they chatted about other things, that they hadn't had time to say on MSN.

After Hannah and Marie had finished catching up, it was lunchtime.

"Do you want a sandwich or something?" Hannah said.

"Yeah please" Marie said. They both went into the kitchen and made something to eat. Then they went back into the lounge and ate their sandwiches in front of the TV.

"So do you have any plans for the rest of the day?"

"Nope. I was just going to do nothing all day. Do you have any plans?"

"No. I kind of want to go into town and see what's changed. I mean I've been away for three months"

"Ok cool. Do you fancy some company?" Hannah asked.

"Yeah. Why do you think I came round here before I went into town?" Marie joked. They finished eating then Hannah went upstairs to get ready to go out. Marie followed her. That morning Hannah had dressed in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a baggy top. She didn't really want to go out like that, so Hannah had to get changed as well. Marie sat down on Hannah's bed. Both girls heard the plastic sheet crinkling as Marie sat down, but Hannah wasn't bothered. She probably would be if it had been another friend. Hannah went over to her wardrobe and grabbed a pair of jeans and a top. Throughout this she carried on the conversation with Marie. Then she turned round so that her back was to Marie and pulled off her top. She quickly slipped on her other top. Then she turned round and went over to the bed. She pulled down her trousers, and then sat down to take them off. Hannah dropped them on the floor, figuring that she would pick them up later. Hannah went to grab her jeans off the bed, but realised that she had left them on the desk, so she had to get up to fetch them. She walked over to her desk in a top and her pull-up.

"Do you want to go out tonight Han? I could text some of our friends, to see if they want to come as well" Marie asked. Hannah grabbed her jeans and walked back over to the bed, the pull-up crinkling as she moved. Hannah was just glad that the pull-up was dry. She sat down and started to put her jeans on.

"Yeah. After we've finished in town, we could come back here or go to your house and get some tea, then get ready to go out"

"Sounds cool. It would probably be easier if we went to mine. Besides my parents have been asking about you. If you want you could stay over at mine as well"

"Ok. It would probably make more sense if I took everything I was going to need now and left it in the car. That way we don't have to come back here when we've finished in town"

"Good idea" Marie said. Hannah got out a bag. The same bag that she had used twice already that week. Once when she slept over at Louise and Allie's flat, and once when she slept over at Kendra's. She got out the clothes that she was going to wear the next day.

"Where are we going to be going tonight?"

"Don't know. Probably a few bars in town ending up at Time" said Marie. Time was the only club in town. Hannah looked into her wardrobe finding something to wear. She knew that Marie as well as other people were probably likely to be wearing short skirts and little tops. Hannah had a few nice little tops that she could choose from, but she didn't like wearing short skirts in case someone noticed her pull-up. She picked out her nice pair of jeans and then threw them over to Marie. Marie caught them, and then put them on Hannah's bed.

"You know I bet you could wear a short skirt and have no one notice what you are wearing underneath," said Marie. Hannah was quite surprised that Marie had mentioned it, as Hannah had never told her the reason why she never wore short skirts.

"But since I am most likely to be getting drunk, I don't want to run the risk of accidentally showing it. I think as well that it would make me more self-conscious. And besides it's not like I'm going out to meet a guy. I already have a date with Jamie"

"I suppose so. But if you ever wanted to wear something like that then you could borrow something of mine"

"Thanks" said Hannah. She went over to where her nappies and pull-ups were kept. Hannah got out two nappies then tossed them over to Marie.

"Two nappies for one night?" she questioned.

"Yeah, just in case. You never know I could wake up in the middle of the night in a wet nappy and need a change. And I will probably wet loads because I will have been drinking. It would be so embarrassing if I leaked at your house" said Hannah. Marie had a double bed and whenever Hannah stayed over, they both slept in it. Hannah then got out quite a few pull-ups. She put two aside to take with her that afternoon, then handed the rest over to Marie. Once she had got everything else she was going to need, she began to put it all in the bag.

Eventually they were ready to go. Hannah quickly texted her mum, letting her know that she was going out, then staying over at Marie's house. Jackie replied quickly, telling Hannah to have a good time that evening, and that she would see her at some point the next day. Hannah quickly went to the toilet, and then they went out to Hannah's car. Marie had walked over to Hannah's house, so she got into the passenger seat. Hannah put her big bag in the boot of her car and then got into the drivers seat. Marie took Hannah's small bag and then put it at her feet with her own handbag. Of course Hannah's bag was a bigger than Marie's because it had to have room to fit pull-ups and wipes.

"So what do you want to do in town?" said Hannah. She started the car and then drove off.

"I don't know. Wander round for a bit"

"Wandering sounds cool". Marie grabbed her bag off the floor.

"What you doing?"

"If me and you are going to be at mine for tea, I should probably let my mum know". She got her mobile out of her bag, and then rang her mum.

"Hey mum, its me...yeah...we are going to wander round town for a bit, then we are gonna go out...ok. Is it all right if the two of us come back for something to eat before we go out...half six ok we should be back be back before then...thanks mum...ok bye" Marie said. She hung up the phone, and then put it back in her bag.

"She said it's cool for us to come back for something to eat. She's making tea for half six"

"I should think we will be back by then. The shops will be shut by half five anyway. What else did she say?"

"Not much really. Oh I forgot to say that you were going to stay over tonight"

"You can tell her when we go later on can't you"

"Yeah. It's not like she's gonna mind anyway. She did say that she was looking forward to seeing you. Actually when I told her that I was coming round to see you this morning she asked me to ask you why you hadn't been round to visit her"

"I saw her once in the shop. Mum asked me to go out and get some bread I think and because the parking is really bad by the shop I decided to walk. Then I had an accident just before I got there, so I couldn't really stop and chat to her in case I started to leak. I haven't seen her since then"

"Did you tell her why you couldn't talk?"

"Not really, I just said I had to get home. I wasn't going to tell her that I had wet myself and needed to change my pull-up. We were in the middle of the shop". She was actually looking forward to seeing Marie's mum. After all Hannah and Marie had been friends for years and Marie's mum Sylvia was practically Hannah's second mum.

"Ok, I guess you had a reason then" said Marie as Hannah stopped at a set of traffic lights. They both heard a phone beeping. Marie picked up her bag and got out her phone.

"It was me," she said to Hannah.

"Oh it's Sally" Marie said. Sally was one of their friends from school.

"She said that she can go out tonight. She's gonna meet us in Wetherspoons at half eight. If we are eating at half six do you think we will be in town by half eight? I mean we will have to get ready"

"But we will be back at your house by half five at the latest, so we can start getting ready before we go out" Hannah reasoned. Marie then texted Sally back saying that they would see her at half eight. They were in town by that point, so Hannah went into one of the car parks, and began looking for a space. As it was a Saturday afternoon it took a bit of time before they spotted one. Hannah went into it, and Marie got out to buy a ticket. Hannah sat there waiting for Marie to get back. She looked to the car next to her and realised that it was her mum's car. Hannah then saw Marie heading back to the car, a ticket in hand. Marie had her bag with her, so Hannah grabbed her bag and got out of the car. Marie came over and stuck the ticket to the windscreen. Hannah then locked up her car and they set off into town.

The first place they went was WHSmith to check out the CDs and DVDs. On their way there, the girls ran into Hannah's mum with a guy who Hannah assumed was Simon.

"Hello Hannah, Marie it's nice to see you again" Jackie said.

"Hey mum" Hannah said. She then looked over to the guy.

"Oh sorry. Simon this is my daughter Hannah" Jackie said indicating Hannah.

"And this is Hannah's friend Marie. Marie, Hannah this is Simon". They all said hello to each other.

"We best get going," said Jackie. The situation was very awkward.

"Yeah us too" Hannah said quickly.

"Ok sweetie. I will see you tomorrow" Jackie said. Hannah nodded, and they went in their separate directions.

"They obviously got on ok," Hannah said to Marie.

"Yep". They walked into WHSmith and went over to the magazines. Once they had spent some time there, they went to look at the new CDs and DVDs. After they had finished in WHSmith Hannah and Marie went to some of the clothes shops. They tried on some clothes. When Hannah was in the changing rooms, she checked her pull-up and was pleased that she was still dry.

A couple of hours later they headed back to Hannah's car to go back to Marie's house. Marie got into the passenger side, and Hannah got into the drivers side. Over the course of the afternoon Marie had received a couple of texts from other friends, both saying that they would be able to go out that night. As a result it was going to be Hannah, Marie, Sally and two other friends Eliza and Donna. Eliza lived near Marie's house so she was going to be coming round so that they could go into town together.

When they got to Marie's house, Hannah grabbed the bag out of the boot of her car and they walked into the house. Marie's mum Sylvia came up to them both and then hugged Hannah. When she stepped back, she greeted her own daughter.

"Hello Hannah. It's nice to see you finally. Apart from that time in the shop I haven't seen you since Marie was last home"

"Mum, I forgot to say earlier, but it is alright if Hannah stays here tonight"

"Of course" said Sylvia noticing Hannah's bag.

"Why don't you go upstairs and put your stuff down". Sylvia then looked at her watch.

"Tea's gonna be about another three quarters of an hour"

"Ok thanks mum" said Marie. The two girls then went upstairs to Marie's room. Hannah dropped her bag in the corner. Marie went over to her wardrobe and began looking for something to wear that evening. Hannah got out the clothes she was going to wear and put them on Marie's bed. She looked up and saw Marie holding out a top.

"What do you think of this?"

"Its really nice. When did you get it?"

"When I was at uni"

"You should wear it tonight. With a skirt or something" Hannah suggested.

"Yeah, I think I'm gonna. I might go take a shower though before we go and eat"

"Do you mind if I take a shower after you?"

"No that's fine"

"Ok, I'm gonna go sit downstairs with your parents. Just call me when you are finished". Marie went to the bathroom and Hannah went downstairs.

"Oh hello Hannah" Sylvia said as Hannah walked into the lounge. Sylvia was sat on the sofa and Marie's dad Martin was sat in his armchair.

"Where's Marie?"

"She's just taking a shower". Hannah went to sit on the sofa next to Sylvia. They chatted, with Hannah filling Sylvia in on what she's been doing, until they heard Marie calling Hannah. Hannah went back upstairs. Marie was sat on her bed. She had put back on the clothes she was wearing before she shower and her hair was damp.

"I'm finished in the bathroom, if you want to go for a shower," Marie said.


"I left out a towel for you" Marie said. Hannah thanked her again, and then walked to the bathroom. She locked the door, and then switched on the shower. Hannah took off all her clothes and left them in a pile. Normally when she took a shower at home, she would go into the bathroom in her dressing gown, leaving her clothes in her room. Therefore she didn't think that the pull-up might get wet because of the steam from the shower. Hannah sat on the toilet. The last thing she wanted to do was pee in her friend's shower. Once Hannah had peed and then wiped herself she got into the shower. Hannah smiled when she realised that Marie had left out her shampoo and shower gel for Hannah to use. Hannah made sure that her hair was wet, before she put the shampoo in it.

Once Hannah had washed her hair, and her body she just let the water run over her body for a while. After been in a pull-up all day she was kind of glad to be free of it. After ten minutes Hannah switched off the water and then stepped out and wrapped a towel round her body. She put another smaller towel round her shoulders so that her hair didn't drip onto her body. Hannah dried herself, and then dropping the towel on the floor, she reached for her pull-up. Hannah quickly realised that she had left her clothes too near to the shower. The pull-up wasn't just damp from the steam. Evidently she had splashed water about, which had wet the pull-up. Hannah knew that she couldn't put it on again. She sat on the side of the bath and put on her socks, then standing up she pulled on her jeans and dried her hair a bit with the smaller towel. When it had stopped dripping she put on her bra and top.

Hannah tidied up the bathroom, and put her towels on the towel rack to dry, next to the towels Marie had used. Then she picked up the ruined pull-up and rolled it up. Carrying it, she left the bathroom and went through to Marie's bedroom.

"Did you have an accident?" said Marie when she saw Hannah walking in holding the pull-up in her hands.

"No, I left it too near the shower and it got wet from that" said Hannah. Marie handed her a carrier bag.

"Where did you get that from?"

"I figured that you would probably need some for pull-ups and your nappy, so I went and got some whilst you were in the shower. We have loads downstairs"

"Oh thanks," said Hannah. She took the bag from Marie, put the pull-up in it and then put the bag in the bin.

"So if the pull-up was ruined, what are you wearing under your jeans?"

"Nothing at the moment. I need to put a new pull-up on" Hannah replied. She went over to her bag and got out a new pull-up. Marie turned round whilst Hannah took off her jeans. She put them on the floor whilst she got the pull-up on.

"You can turn round now. I'm just putting my jeans on," Hannah said. Marie turned round and Hannah pulled her jeans back on.

"You know when we get back from town," Marie said.


"Well are you gonna want me to put a nappy on you, or just do up the tapes?" Marie asked.

"Just do up the tapes so that they are tight enough" Hannah said. She saw no reason for Marie to completely put her into her nappy. After all it would only embarrass them both.

"Ok. I think I can manage that," Marie said smiling. At that point they heard voices from downstairs. Marie got up and opened the door then realised that her mum was called both her and Hannah downstairs because tea was ready. They both headed downstairs.

"Girls, we're in the kitchen" they heard Sylvia call when they got to the bottom of the stairs.

"Come and sit down at the table" she said when they walked into the kitchen.

"Oh actually Marie can you just get some drinks for everyone". Marie nodded, and then went to get some glasses out. As Hannah hadn't been asked to do anything she went and sat at the table with Martin. The food and drinks were put on the table. Sylvia and Marie sat down and everyone began to eat.

"This food is really nice" Hannah said. Sylvia had made spaghetti bolognaise.

"Thank you Hannah" Sylvia said.

"So where are you two girls planning to go tonight?"

"Eliza is coming round here later on, then we will get a bus, or a taxi into town and we are meeting Sally and Donna in Wetherspoons at half eight" Marie explained.

"Then we might go onto somewhere else after that". Marie put a fork full of food into her mouth.

"Instead of you having to pay for a taxi or the bus, your dad will take you in," Sylvia said. She looked over to her husband Martin.

"Just let him know when you want to go in"

"Ok thanks dad" said Marie, even though it had been her mum's idea.

"Remember to take your keys with you, so that you can get back in. We will have probably gone to bed," Sylvia added.

"Ok will do mum" Marie said. They carried on chatting until everyone had finished eating. Marie stood up and started to pick up the plates.

"Marie, why don't you and Hannah go and get ready to go out. Your dad and me will clear these things away. If Eliza comes, we will send her up to your room ok"

"Ok thanks mum". Hannah stood up and they both walked out of the kitchen. Hannah was walking in front. When they were out of the kitchen Marie spoke.



"You might want to pull up your jeans a bit, the waistband of the pull-up is showing". Hannah folded over the top of the pull-up, and then pulled her jeans over it. They then started walking up the stairs.

"How long has it been showing?"

"I don't know. I just noticed it now. It probably rode up when you stood up or something". They went into Marie's room. Hannah sat on the bed, then lent against the pillows. Marie sat down next to her.

"That means that your mum and dad probably saw it then" said Hannah.

"I don't know, maybe. But they both already know that you wear them"

"I know, but just because they know, it doesn't mean that I want them to see it"

"I doubt they even noticed. I mean they were clearing the table. They were hardly likely to have watched us walking out of the room. Even if by some chance, they did watch us walk out of the room, I was behind you, so they wouldn't have even been able to tell. Anyway, we should probably start getting ready," said Marie. She knew that Hannah sometimes got worried about anyone outside of her family seeing her pull-up or nappy even if they knew that she wore them. Hannah had told Marie in the past that she walked around with nothing covering up her nappy at home in front of her family, but she had always covered them up around anyone else including Marie. Hannah stood up and grabbed her clothes. Marie stayed on the bed, deep in thought. She began to wonder why Hannah didn't feel as if she could be completely open with her. They were practically sisters.

"Han, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah" said Hannah turning round. Seeing Marie's face, Hannah went back to sit on the bed.

"Why do you hide your pull-ups?" Marie asked.

"What do you mean, hide my pull-up? I don't want any random person seeing them in my room"

"No, not hide them in your room. I mean hide them from me"

"I don't hide them from you" said Hannah. She was very confused, and didn't really understand why Marie was talking about it.

"So this morning if it was your mum in your house rather than me would you have been wearing the trousers covering up your pull-up?"

"No probably not. I would have just been in a nappy and a top"

"So why couldn't you just wear a pull-up then. If that's what your are more comfortable wearing"

"Because I didn't know whether you would be comfortable with it. I mean I have told you before that I kind of like to wear them". Hannah had told Marie two years ago that she liked to wear nappies, even when she didn't have to. Hannah had never intended to tell Marie, but had to when Marie had turned up at Hannah's house unexpectedly in the middle of the day and Hannah had been wearing only a nappy and top. However Hannah had never confessed to Marie about her liking of baby things.

"And you've always been uncomfortable having to put me into a nappy for bed. So I didn't want you to be awkward. It's nothing to do with how close we are. I mean I know that my mum is fine with me walking round in just a nappy. And I know Louise and Allie are fine with it. But I would never walk around in just a nappy if Ted and Sandra were around, even if the kids weren't with them. They are not comfortable with the idea of me wearing a nappy when I don't really need to"

"So it wasn't that you didn't feel comfortable been around me with nothing covering your pull-up, it was just that you didn't want me to feel uncomfortable"

"Yeah" said Hannah.

"If you're sure that your not going to be uncomfortable with it then I will take my jeans off, at least until Eliza shows up". Hannah stood up and undid her jeans. Then she pulled them down and stepped out of them. It was at that point that Hannah realised that she must have had an accident whilst she had been talking to Marie. The front of the pull-up was yellow. Hannah went bright red.

She looked up at Marie, who was staring at Hannah's pull-up. At that point Hannah had two thoughts: one that it was very embarrassing to discover she had wet her pull-up at the same time that Marie discovered it; two that it was her second accident of the day. At the minute however Hannah knew that she had to concentrate on the first thing. Marie grabbed Hannah's bag and passed it over. Hannah quickly held it in front of her pull-up, and then got out a pull-up and some wipes. Hannah was mortified as her dummy fell out of the bag as she got out the things. It was still in there from when she had stayed over at Louise and Allie's flat, as she hadn't needed it since then. Marie looked down at it, just as Hannah hurriedly snatched it up. However Hannah realised that Marie already knew what it was.

"I'm gonna go change" Hannah said trying to avoid a conversation with Marie. She didn't even think about the fact that Marie's mum or dad would be able to see her in a wet pull-up when she walked across the landing. Instead she just wanted to leave the room, as she was worried about Marie was going to say. Fortunately she managed to get to the bathroom and lock the door without running into anyone else. She put the lid on the toilet seat and sat down still wearing her wet pull-up. It squished beneath her as she sat down.

"How can I go out tonight now?" she said quietly to herself. Hannah couldn't believe she had been completely embarrassed in front of Marie two times in less than two minutes.

"How can I even face Marie now? She has seen me in a wet pull-up and has seen my dummy". Hannah stayed in the bathroom thinking about this for almost ten minutes. Then she decided to get her act together and face Marie.

"After all she has seen me in a wet nappy loads of times. A wet pull-up is no different I suppose. And I can just explain the baby thing. I mean she was fine when I told her that I liked to wear nappies, and she has just said that she doesn't mind me walking round with just a pull-up and top on. Hopefully she will just take the baby thing in her stride". Hannah then quickly changed her pull-up, thinking that if she'd already had two accidents she might be able to get through the night out without wetting herself. As she was changing, Hannah turned her thoughts to the fact that her accidents seemed to be getting more frequent. For almost four years she had wet once every couple of days.

"But I have had two accidents in the same day on about three or four days this week" Hannah said to herself.

"What if it carry's on like this. That means in a few years I might never make it to the toilet. I might have to be in nappies permanently, having to go outside in them". Hannah had finished changing her pull-up, so she rolled up the wet one and grabbed her wipes. Then she walked back across the landing to Marie's room. She resolved to put the thought of her more frequent accidents to the back of her mind for the night to concentrate on telling Marie and trying to have a good time with her friends. Hannah managed to get back into Marie's room without running into anyone else. Marie was still sat on the bed. She looked up when Hannah walked in. Hannah grabbed a carrier bag so she could throw away the wet pull-up she was holding. Once that was in the bin, Hannah went to sit next to Marie on the bed.

"I think I need to explain". Marie nodded slightly.

"Well as well as liking wearing nappies, I kind of like some other things. Like baby things"

"Baby things?"

"Yeah. The dummy you saw, I have a couple of baby bottles as well. And I kind of like been babied"

"By someone else?"

"Yeah, my mum does it sometimes. She doesn't really like doing it, but she tends to do it as a reward for something. Or if I'm really upset. Louise and Allie sometimes baby me as well"

"So how come there was a dummy in your bag?"

"I slept over at my sisters earlier in the week and took it there. Then I haven't used it since then. I kind of forgot it was in the bag. If I had known, then I would have taken it out"

"Thanks for explaining all that to me" said Marie. She hugged Hannah.

"You know if you want to use your dummy, I don't mind"

"I don't know. Don't you think it would be kind of weird? And what happens when Eliza walks in"

"You know how polite my mum is to visitors. She will walk Eliza up here, and will knock on the door before she walks in, just in case we are changing or something. So no one else will find out"

"It's ok. Maybe we should just get ready to go out". Marie looked up at the clock.

"Yeah. We have like three quarters of an hour now until we will have to set off". Both girls began to get ready. As Hannah only had one outfit with her to wear, it didn't take her very long to get dressed. Marie however took longer. Whilst Hannah was waiting for Marie to finished getting dressed, she put everything she was going to need in her bag. Whenever Hannah went out, knowing she was going to end up at a club, she always made sure to put her spare pull-ups in a zipped up part of the bag. The last thing she wanted was for a bouncer to check her bag and find those. Hannah also put in her purse and phone. By the time Hannah had done all this, Marie had finished getting dressed. Hannah got out the bit of make up she had brought with her and put it on Marie's desk. They each did their own make up. Marie was really good at doing people's hair and normally did her friends' hair before they went out, so she styled Hannah's hair, and made it look really nice. Just as she was finishing Hannah's hair, there was a knock on the door. Hannah quickly scanned the room, checking to see that there was nothing out that should have been hidden, such as her pull-ups or the dummy.

"Come in" Marie said. The door opened and Sylvia walked in followed by Eliza.

"Hello girls. Oh, you both look really pretty. Anyway here is Eliza".

"Thanks mum" Marie said. Sylvia left the three girls alone. Eliza went to sit on the bed.

"Han, your hair looks really nice," she said.

"Thanks Eliza. Marie did it". Eliza hadn't done anything with her hair.

"Do you want me to do something with your hair? I think we have a bit of time before we need to set off," Marie offered.

"Yeah that would cool". Marie quickly finished of sorting her hair out, then started working on Eliza's. Hannah decided to go downstairs and get a quick drink.

"I'll be back in a couple of minutes. Just going to go get a drink," she said as she headed to the door. Hannah headed downstairs and into the kitchen. She was surprised to see Sylvia stood in there.

"Hello Hannah. Are you ready to go then?"

"Almost, Marie's just doing Eliza's hair. I just came down to get a drink"

"What do you want to drink? Just water or milk to line your stomach"

"Milk I think. I don't really want to get too drunk tonight. Just a little tipsy". Sylvia made Hannah a glass of milk then handed it over. She sipped at it whilst Sylvia talked. Hannah knew that if she were at home her mum would probably be reminding her to change her pull-up if she wet herself, no matter how much she had drank. Hannah was grateful that Sylvia didn't bring this up at all. When Hannah had finished her glass of milk she went back upstairs and into Marie's room. Marie had finished doing Eliza's hair and was just putting her things into a bag. Hannah picked up her bag, and then slipped on her shoes. As she did that, Marie and Eliza stood up from the bed.

"I think we are all ready to go now" Marie said. She put on her shoes and the three girls walked out of the room, and down the stairs. They walked into the lounge, where Martin and Sylvia were sat.

"Dad, can you take us into town now please?"

"Yep, come on then," said Martin. He stood up and followed the three girls out of the room. He quickly slipped on some shoes and a jacket, and then picked up his car keys. Sylvia had come out of the lounge.

"I'll see you in a bit Martin. And you three girls have a good time tonight. I will see you two in the morning," Sylvia said gesturing to Hannah and Marie. The three girls and Martin went to the car. Marie got into the front seat alongside her dad. Hannah and Eliza both got into the back. Marie switched on the radio and found a good station. Martin started the car, and then drove off.

When Martin got into town, he asked the girls where they wanted to be dropped off. Once he had his answer he headed in that direction. They had told him that they wanted to be dropped off on the street next to the one that Wetherspoons was on. When the car stopped, the girls got out, thanked Martin, and then set off walking to Wetherspoons.

"My god it's freezing out here," said Eliza. She was wearing a sleeveless low cut top and skirt, which wasn't really appropriate for the cold December night.

"Well, get a move on then. The quicker we walk, the quicker we will be in the warmth" Marie said. They were soon at Wetherspoons. It was fairly busy as it was a Saturday night. They all quickly scanned the busy bar, and not seeing Sally or Donna headed to the bar. Hannah managed to get served first once she had her drink, she moved out of the crowd round the bar and waited for Marie and Eliza to get served. Whilst she was stood there, she noticed Sally coming into the bar. Sally looked round and spotted Hannah. Hannah then saw Sally walking over.

"Hey Sally" Hannah said hugging her friend.

"Marie and Eliza are just getting a drink. I haven't seen Donna yet" she told Sally.

"Oh ok. I didn't know Donna was coming" Sally said. There was a bit of a troubled history in the friendship of Sally and Donna. They had had big falling out just under a year ago. Because they had the same friends, it had become very difficult for everyone for quite a while, as they had refused to hang out together. Eventually they had agreed to be around each other as long as other people were there. Hannah knew that the situation hadn't changed since then. They still barely tolerated each other. The last time they had been out together, then had ended up drinking too much and having a huge argument which had ruined the night out for everyone else.

"Yeah. I think she texted Marie after you'd texted her. So Marie just told her when and where we were meeting"

"I'm just gonna get a drink then we can find somewhere to sit or something" said Sally. She went to the bar, leaving Hannah stood there. Hannah wasn't stood there alone for long though. Marie had got her drink and joined her. They weren't stood there long before Eliza and Sally came back. The four of them managed to find a table, and they sat down. As they hadn't seen each other for a while, they spend a bit of time catching up. Eliza had been at a university quite far away. She had only got back home earlier in the day. Sally wasn't at university. Instead she had a job in an office. Hannah had been seen her a few times because they had both been in the area. However Sally hadn't seen either of the other two.

By the time the four girls had finished their drinks Donna had arrived. She hadn't looked very pleased when she had seen Sally sat there, but had managed to sit down without saying anything. Hannah, Marie, Sally and Eliza went back up to the bar; leaving Donna sat at the table. As they walked to the bar Hannah decided to go to the toilet. Hannah didn't actually need to pee, but knew that going to the toilet every so often just to see if she did anything, was much easier than wetting her pull-up and having to change it in the bathrooms, especially when she had, had a bit to drink and was unsteady on her feet. She told her friends where she was going. Eliza said she needed to go as well. Hannah and Eliza headed off to the toilets. Sally and Marie went to the bar, saying they would buy drinks for the other two and meet them back at the table.

When they were all back at the table, Donna downed the rest of drink and got up to get another.

"So you're still not on very friendly terms with Donna" Eliza said to Sally once Donna had gone.

"No. I haven't really seen her since summer. I would be willing to put it all behind us and get on, but I think she still has a grudge against me"

"I suppose now that we aren't seeing each other everyday like when we were at school, it takes longer for things to happen" Marie said.

"But we were at school when all this happened and we still managed not to make up" Sally commented.

"If I had known you were still funny with each other then I wouldn't have asked you both out," Marie said.

"It's just I didn't think Donna was going to be able to come, and I didn't really want her finding out then we all went out and didn't even ask her"

"Look, its ok. I certainly don't intend to ruin everyone's evening by starting anything with her. If she starts on me then I am just going to ignore it" said Sally. She spotted Donna walking over from the bar, so stopped talking. Donna sat down, and began chatting, not realising what had been said in her absence. Hannah tried to join in on the conversation, but couldn't help thinking about things. She was very worried that she would have an accident in the bar and have to change; she was also sort of upset that her friends were still not getting along, and underneath all that had feelings of dread at the conversation she was going to have with her mum when she got back home. Hannah was going to sit down and tell her mum that her accidents were becoming more frequent to see what her mum had to say about it.

Hannah suddenly started paying attention to what was going on in front of her. She knew that Donna was a lightweight and tended to get drunk quickly. After her two drinks, she had started to verbally attack Sally. Marie was trying to calm Donna down, whilst Eliza was holding Sally back. She didn't actually think Sally was going to do anything, but wanted to make sure all the same.

Hannah was actually quite good at handling situations like this. Marie and Eliza both knew this and were looking at her expecting her to do something. Hannah got up and put her hand on Donna's shoulder. Donna looked up to see who it was.

"Donna can you come with me to the toilets for a minute?" Hannah said. Donna looked at her strangely and for a minute Hannah thought that Donna was going to start having a go at her. Eventually Donna looked back to Sally, and then stood up. She walked with Hannah, away from the table and into the toilets.

"What did you want then?" Donna said when they were both in the toilets.

"I figured that after you had sobered up you might come to regret your little performance out there. Look, I don't think you are going to have a good time tonight with Sally been there. Is that right?"

"I don't know. Maybe" said Donna avoiding Hannah's look.

"So how about you go home now, then maybe we can go out next week sometime without Sally. That way you can have a good time as well. Ok. Why don't we go to the taxi rank and I will text you tomorrow about going out next week" said Hannah, praying that Donna would like that plan. Donna appeared to be mulling it over.

"Ok. Will you walk with me to the taxi rank then?"

"Yeah. Look why don't you just wait here and I will go and fetch your bag," said Hannah. Donna nodded to say she would stay there, and Hannah left. When she got back to the table, her other friends asked her what was happening. She explained the situation and then asked if Eliza or Marie would go with her and Donna to the taxi rank, so that Hannah didn't have to talk back alone. Marie stood up.

"We will back in about five or so minutes ok"

"Ok, and thanks Hannah for sorting that out" Sally said. Hannah and Marie went to the bathroom to get Donna.

After Donna had gone, the rest of the girls had a good night and were all quite drunk by the end of it. By going to the toilet regularly, Hannah had even managed to keep her pull-up dry. The club didn't close until three in the morning, but by two all four girls were ready to go home. Sally lived fairly close to town, so they all walked back there, planning to get a taxi from her house as they normally did.

Sally made everyone some food, and then they all sat in the lounge talking about Donna. The walk to Sally's house had sobered them all up somewhat. After they had eaten, Marie rang for a taxi, and was told it was going to be at least twenty minutes. As Eliza and Marie lived so close, they were just going to use the same taxi.

"I can't believe the way she was acting tonight," Eliza said about Donna.

"I know, what did you say to her in the toilets to get her to go home Hannah?"

"Um...I just said that she would probably regret what she had said, when she was sober. Then I said you know that she wasn't going to have a good time, and maybe it would be better if she went home. And also, that since she wasn't going to be out with us tonight, then we would go out with her next week some time"

"What do you mean 'we'?"

"Well, not you Sally obviously. The rest is open to interpretation. I said we, so Donna could have either seen it as me and her, or as me and her and you two" said Hannah, gesturing to Eliza and Marie.

"Anyway I said I would text her at some point tomorrow about it. Plus it is going to be a weeknight, so it is not like we are going to be out really late with her"

"Why is it going to be a weeknight?"

"I have plans on Saturday night"

"With who?"

"Some friends from uni. There is like a snowfest thing on at the union. We are all going. I would say you could come, but one of my friends lives on campus so I'm going to be staying over at hers so that I don't have to drive back". Marie already knew about this, but both Sally and Eliza looked surprised. Hannah saw the looks and knew exactly what they were trying to say. Both girls knew about her bedwetting and were wondering whether Hannah had told, or whether she had stopped wetting the bed.

"She knows" Hannah said to make it clear for Eliza and Sally.

"I thought you weren't going to tell anyone at uni about it" Sally said.

"I managed to go until Tuesday without anyone finding out, but then on Tuesday one of my friends guessed about the pull-ups during the day. Then my other friend Kendra asked me about snowfest and whether I wanted to stay over at hers after. So I ended up telling her about me needing nappies at night. She was cool with it, so I told her that I wore pull-ups in the day. None of my other friends know though"

"I can't believe you managed to keep it secret for so long"

"Why? The only reason that you lot knew about me wetting at night was because I told you so that I could sleep over at your houses without worrying. And the only reason you knew that I started wearing pull-ups during the day was because you were there at the beginning" said Hannah. After she had said that she began to remember what was one of the most embarrassing occasions of her life.

It was two weeks after Hannah's dad's funeral, and almost two weeks since Hannah had wet herself in the hallway in front of her family. As it hadn't happened again since then, Hannah and her family just thought that it was a one-time thing. Hannah had been back at school a few days and Marie, Sally and Eliza had come round to spend time with her. The four of them were sat in Hannah's room chatting. Marie and Eliza were sat on Hannah's bed leaning against the wall. Hannah was sat on the floor leaning against half of her beanbag. Sally was sat next to her, leaning against the other half. They had been in the same positions for about half an hour, and for the last five minutes had been debating who should go downstairs and get drinks and snacks for everyone. All of them were comfortable in their positions so didn't want to have to move. Hannah eventually agreed to go downstairs and get the things. Sally went with her.

They came back up ten minutes later and sat down again. After about ten minutes it happened. Hannah started to wet herself, except of course she had no idea she was doing it, and didn't even realise that she needed to pee. Marie happened to look over to Hannah and noticed the growing wet patch on the crotch of Hannah's light blue jeans. She then looked at Hannah's face and realised that Hannah had no idea what she was doing. At that point Eliza noticed.

"Hannah what are you doing?" she asked. The wet patch was no longer getting any bigger, so Hannah had obviously stopped wetting herself.

"What do you mean?" Hannah said. As she was already quite warm, she hadn't even been able to feel the warmth against her skin.

"It looks like you've just wet yourself". At that moment Sally looked across, and Hannah looked down. Hannah realised that she had just had another accident, and this time it was in front of her friends. She was completely mortified and couldn't even look at her friends. Instead she ran out of the room and into the bathroom. Because of the position she had been sitting in, her jeans took most of the wetting, but there was still a very noticeable wet patch on her carpet.

She lent against the door, feeling disgusted with herself, and hating the feeling of her wet clothes against her skin. Unfortunately because she had ran out of her room so fast, she didn't even have anything to change into. Instead Hannah started to cry. She didn't know how she was ever going to be able to look her friends in the eye, after they had just seen her wet herself when she was supposed to be fourteen years old. 'Normally I am worried that they will think I'm weird because I still wet the bed, but this is ten times worse than them knowing I wet the bed, or them seeing me with a nappy on under my pyjamas' Hannah thought as she stood there. 'At least with that it was my choice to tell them about it. It wasn't like I slept over at one of their houses without a nappy and peed the bed'. As she was thinking this, there was a knock on the door.

"Han, it's me, Marie. Can you let me in?" a voice said.

"I've got some clothes for you to change into". Hannah moved aside, and then opened the door to let Marie in. Marie handed her a different pair of jeans and some knickers.

"Here you go"

"Thanks Marie"

"Your mum is still out, and your sister isn't in. Also Sally and Eliza wanted to know if you wanted them to go home"

"I am really embarrassed at what happened. It's bad enough having to face you, but I don't want to have to face Sally and Eliza at the same time"

"Ok, I'll go tell them. Why don't you get changed?" said Marie leaving. Hannah quickly peeled off her jeans and soaked knickers leaving them on the floor. Knowing that Marie was probably going to be coming back, Hannah hid the knickers in between the jeans and made sure that there was no wetness showing. Then she got on the dry knickers that Marie had brought her. Just as Marie knocked on the door Hannah pulled on her jeans. She then had to endure one of the most embarrassing conversations of her life. It was up there on a level with the birds and bees chat her mum had, had with her when Hannah had been eleven.

Marie asked her why she had wet herself and whether it was connected to her bedwetting. Marie also asked if it had happened before, meaning Hannah had to confess about her earlier accident. That was something Hannah had wanted to keep quiet from all her friends.

"I guess you're right," said Sally. Hannah momentarily looked confused. She was completely caught up in the memory and had forgotten what had led her to think of it in the first place. At that point all four of them heard a car horn. Eliza got up looked out of the window.

"Taxi's here" she said. Sally hugged the other three girls goodbye, promising to see them again soon. She walked them to the front door.

They all got into the taxi, with all of them in the backseat. Marie was in the middle. It didn't really take all that long to get home. Hannah was silent for most of the trip, whilst Marie and Eliza chatted to the taxi driver. He stopped to let Eliza out first. Eliza handed Marie some money to go towards the fare as she got out. Then the taxi driver set off for Marie's house. They were there within a couple of minutes. Marie gave the driver Eliza's money and added in the rest of it from her own money.

They got out of the taxi and walked up to Marie's house. It was past three in the morning, so they went straight up to Marie's room. Marie's parents were asleep, so Hannah and Marie made sure that they were fairly quiet. Luckily Marie's room was at the other end of the hallway to her parents, meaning that Marie and Hannah could talk, without running the risk of waking up someone else.

"I'm just going to go pee," Hannah said. She didn't want to put on her nappy and have to wet it before she went to bed.

"Ok, I'm gonna get ready for bed then" Marie said. Hannah went into the bathroom and went to sit on the toilet. As she pulled down her trousers and pull-up, she felt the inside of her pull-up and smiled when she realised it was completely dry. It wasn't even damp, apart from the sweat because of been next to her skin in a hot environment for a few hours.

After Hannah had finished peeing, she pulled up her pull-up and trousers without wiping herself, as she knew that she was going to wiping herself ready for her nappy as soon as she got back into Marie's room. When she went back into Marie's room, Marie was ready for bed, in a t-shirt and shorts.

"I'm just going to go pee. Why don't you get ready and then I can come help you if you need it"

"Ok thanks". Marie left the room, and Hannah got her bag. She didn't want to get powder on the bed, so decided to do it on the floor. She took off her trousers and pull-up, then wiped herself. She put the nappy underneath her butt, then grabbed the powder. She was just about to start powdering herself when she heard the door open. Instinctively she grabbed the nappy, and pulled it between her legs to cover herself up. Marie came over and saw Hannah holding the powder.

"Do you want me to tape you up, or do you still need to use the powder?" she asked.

"I still need to powder" Hannah replied. Marie turned her back, and Hannah began to powder her skin. When she had done she put the powder to one side, then got the nappy in place.

"Can you do the tapes now please?" she asked. Marie turned round, bent down and fastened the tapes into place.

"All done" said Marie standing up again. Hannah sat up, and then looked down at her nappy.

"Thanks. I've just got to change my top, then I'm ready for bed," said Hannah. She grabbed the top out of her bag, then pulled off the one she was wearing. Marie got into bed as Hannah put on the t-shirt she was going to sleep in.

Even though Marie had a double bed, it was in the corner of her room, with one side against the wall. It also had a footboard at the end, meaning that the only way to get in was from the side that was facing into the room. Marie was currently lying across this side of the bed.

"Are you letting me get into bed then? You've either got to roll over to the other side or get out and let me get across," Hannah asked.

"You know that you always sleep on the wall side when you sleep over. Because I will probably wake up in the night to pee. And you probably aren't going to get up are you. Just climb over me, I don't mind"

"Ok, but don't complain if I hurt you" said Hannah. She knew that she probably would have been able to get to the other side of the bed, by just standing on the bed and stepping over Marie, but instead she put her hands on the bed, and then crawled over Marie. Marie couldn't help but giggle as Hannah climbed over her, her butt sticking in the air. Because Hannah's top half was now lower down that her bottom half, her shirt had slid up, and was completely revealing her nappy and stomach. Eventually Hannah collapsed onto the other side of the bed, next to Marie. She got under the covers and then laid her head on the pillow facing Marie. She closed her eyes and then put her thumb in her mouth.

"Are you going to sleep then?" Marie asked.

"It's not like there is anything else to do, unless you want to talk or something," said Hannah as she opened her eyes and removing her thumb from her mouth.

"I'm not bothered"

"I didn't hurt you did I, when I crawled over you. I'm thinking no, because you were giggling"

"No. And I was giggling at the sight of you. With your nappy up in the air". Hannah blushed as Marie said this, then began to picture what that must have looked like and began laughing as well.

"Shush, you don't want to wake up my parents" Marie said. Hannah quietened down, and put her thumb back in her mouth. Suddenly remembering something Hannah sat up and removed her thumb from her mouth again. When she had been at Sally's house and had been remembering having an accident in front of her friends when she had been fourteen, it had suddenly struck her how long she had been in the bathroom before Marie came. Hannah had been wondering what had been going on in her room whilst she was in the bathroom. She decided to ask Marie and see if she could remember.

"You know before I started having to wear pull-ups?"


"Well, you know that time when me and you, Sally and Eliza were in my room. And it was just after my dad died"

"Yeah I remember," said Marie. Hannah was glad that Marie remembered the day, as she didn't really want to have to say that it was the day she had wet herself.

"Well, you know how I went to the bathroom. Well do you remember what happened in my room in between me leaving, and you coming into the bathroom?"

"I remember bits of it. went, and we sort of looked at each other. Sally asked whether you'd ever done that before. And I said I that I didn't think so. Then Eliza wondered if it was connected to your bedwetting. Sally pointed out that you weren't asleep. I said that maybe we should do something, so Sally went downstairs to see if your mum or sister were in, so we could tell them. I got out some clothes for you and Eliza wondered if we should just go. She thought that you would probably be really embarrassed at what had happened. Then I said I would take you some clothes and asked if you wanted us to go. Sally came back up saying no one else was in, then I came to see you. That was it. How come you wanted to know?"

"I was just thinking about it earlier"

"How come you like wearing nappies? I mean have you always liked it?" Marie asked.

"Whoa, where did that come from?" said Hannah surprised. They had never really had this sort of conversation with Marie before.

"I was just wondering. Because I mean, I don't really see the appeal"

"It's a whole lot better than waking up in a wet bed" Hannah joked.

"Come on Han, be serious. Surely there is more to it than that"

"Well yeah. I mean I like to wear them in the day because it takes away the stress. When I am in a pull-up I have to keep thinking about whether I need to pee. And then if I do have an accident, I have to worry about it leaking before I can go change. And they are difficult to change, even when I am home because I have to take off my trousers. In a nappy it doesn't matter if I have an accident because the nappy can hold it easily. And so long as I get it changed after two or three wettings, its not going to leak. I mean tonight because I was in a pull-up I went to the toilet loads because I was so worried about wetting myself and then having to get changed"

"So its like a security type thing then?"

"Yeah I guess" Hannah said.

"I kind of understand why you like them then"

"But I mean other people have different reasons for liking them" said Hannah. She yawned.

"Did you want to go to sleep?"

"No I'm fine if you want to talk some more. So long as you don't intend on waking me up early in the morning"

"Don't worry, I won't. I'm probably still going to be asleep myself," Marie said. Marie then yawned.

"I'm just going to get a drink. Do you want anything?"

"Yeah, just a juice or something" Hannah said. Marie got out of the bed and left the room.

Hannah laid there contemplating getting out of bed and fetching her dummy. Marie had said she was fine with it, if Hannah wanted to use it. But Hannah didn't know how Marie would react if she walked back into the room and saw Hannah sucking on a dummy. Hannah decided not to get her dummy. After all she didn't actually need it to get to sleep or anything.

Marie walked in with two glasses. She handed one to Hannah, who sat up to drink it. Marie put hers on the table and switched on her lamp. Then she switched off the main light.

"Han, do you want your dummy before I get into bed?" Marie asked.

"Um...I don't know. I mean I don't need it, and I don't want you to be weird seeing me with it"

"I'm not going to be weird about it. I already said that I was cool with it," said Marie.

"Besides I want to see what you look like with it"

"Ok, can you get it out of my bag then?"

"Yep" said Marie. She picked up Hannah's bag and rooted around in it for a bit before she found the dummy.

"I'm just going to run it under the tap. It's been at the bottom of your bag so it's probably dirty". Marie walked out of the room with it in her hand, whilst Hannah sat there stunned. She had thought that Marie would just pass it to her, not that she would go and clean it first. Hannah carried on drinking her juice waiting for Marie to come back into the room.

Marie came back and got back into the bed. She held out the dummy for Hannah to take. Hannah took it, and not wanted to actually put it in her mouth in case Marie wanted to talk, she just held onto it.

"Aren't you going to use it?"

"I don't know. I can't exactly talk to you with it in my mouth can I?"

"No I suppose not. Do you want to carry on talking then, or do you want to go to sleep? I mean it is past four in the morning," Marie said looking at the clock on her bedside table.

"I'm not tired now. I want to carry on chatting. I mean so long as you don't want to sleep"

"Chatting sounds good. We just need to have something to say"

"Well, I have told you loads of stuff about me that you never knew about me tonight. You found out about the baby thing and why I like wearing nappies. Is there anything about you that you want to share?"

"Um...well actually yeah"

"Ok, cool. Can you just hold on a second? I kind of need to go to the bathroom"

"You're in a nappy. Why don't you just use that?"

"Because I know that I need to go, and I would rather not have to go to sleep in a wet nappy. I can just pull it down and go," said Hannah. She handed her glass to Marie, who put it on the bedside table next to her own. Hannah then climbed over Marie and got off the bed. She handed Marie the dummy.

"Can you just hold this? I don't want to get it dirty again"

"Yeah sure" Marie replied. She walked out of the room in only her top and nappy. She knew that Marie's parents' bedroom had an en-suite bathroom so it was highly unlikely that she would run into either of them on the landing. Hannah made it to the bathroom. She switched on the light and went over to the toilet. She carefully pulled down her nappy, so that she would still be able to wear it to bed. She sat down and peed. When Hannah had finished, she wiped herself then pulled her nappy back up. Once she had flushed, she washed her hands and then walked back out on to the landing, switching off the bathroom light on the way.

As Hannah was walking to Marie's room, she practically jumped out of her skin when she heard a door opening behind her. She knew that it was Marie's parents door that was opening, meaning that it was either Sylvia or Martin. Hannah didn't particularly want either of them seeing her in her nappy, but if it had to be one, then she would have preferred that it was Sylvia. Hannah was in luck. It was Sylvia.

"Hannah, what are you doing up? Did you just come from the bathroom? Does that mean that you woke up and managed to make it without wetting your nappy?" Sylvia asked. She waited with anticipation for Hannah's answer. Hannah knew that Sylvia was thinking something that wasn't true, and Hannah hated to have to disappoint her by telling her the truth. She didn't want Sylvia to think that she was waking up to pee when she wasn't.

"Me and Marie aren't asleep yet, so I knew that I needed to go. And I didn't want to wet my nappy when I was still awake"

"Oh, I just thought that..."

"Yeah. Maybe someday, but not tonight" said Hannah. Sylvia nodded, and then took Hannah by surprise by hugging her. Hannah hugged her back. When they both pulled away, Sylvia headed downstairs. Hannah assumed that she was going to get a drink. Hannah went back into Marie's room.

"How come you were so long?"

"I ran into your mum on the landing. She kind of thought we had been asleep and I had woken up to go to the toilet. I almost didn't want to disappoint her with the truth"

"But you did tell her the truth thought right?"

"Yeah. She hugged me. I did say that maybe it would happen someday. You know me actually waking up to go to the toilet, but after eighteen years I'm not so sure that it is ever going to happen"

"Maybe not, but at least you are better off than some other people that wet the bed"

"How am I better off?" Hannah asked.

"Well, there are probably some people that still wet the bed and hate having to wear nappies. At least you enjoy wearing them"

"I never looked at it that way before. I guess I am better off"


"I just remembered that you were going to tell me something, before I had to go to the toilet. What was it?"

"I'm not so sure I want to say anything now"

"Come on, it's me. Whatever you tell me stays between me and you" Hannah said trying to reassure Marie.

"I'm not worried about you not keeping it secret. It's just I'm not sure that I want to say it"

"You don't have to say anything if you don't want, but maybe it would help to talk about whatever it is"

"It's not really anything to talk about. Look, don't worry about it. It's not important. Can we talk about something else?"

"Yeah sure. But if you want to talk about it, then I am here to listen ok"


"So do you have any plans for tomorrow? I mean are you going to want me gone by a certain time?" said Hannah. She realised that Marie was still holding the dummy, so she took it off her and held it in her hand, not wanting to put it in her mouth whilst they were still talking.

"No. I have no plans. I think my parents are going out. Some friends have invited them round for lunch or something. So it doesn't really matter what time we get up". There was a knock at the door.

"Girls are you still awake. Is it ok if I come in?"

"Yeah mum we are still awake. Come in" Marie said. Marie looked over at Hannah and noticed the dummy in her hand.

"Han," she hissed pointing at the dummy. Hannah quickly put her hand under the covers to hide the dummy. It had been embarrassing enough when Marie had seen it, and it would have been even more embarrassing if Sylvia were to see it.

"Hello girls. Your dad and me are going out at about eleven in the morning. We probably won't be back until half two or three in the afternoon. There is some food in the fridge if you are hungry when you get up"

"Ok thanks mum" Marie said.

"Try and get some sleep ok girls"

"We will mum," said Marie. Sylvia left Marie's room and Hannah got out her dummy again.

"That was well close. Did you just forget you were holding it?"

"Yeah. Thanks for pointing it out. I can't imagine what your mum would have said if she had seen me holding a dummy"

"She would probably have pretended like she hadn't seen it, that way she wouldn't have to mention it. Or she wouldn't have realised what it was" Marie said after thinking about it.

"It's kind of cool that she doesn't expect us to be up in the morning. My mum would have woken us up if we were at mine. If she were going out, like your parents are, then she would have woken us up before she went out"

"Yeah, but it's not like she would be doing it to be harsh or anything. It would just be so she could change your nappy. That way you didn't have to do it yourself" said Marie.

"You know that thing I wanted to talk about?"


"Well, I kind of think I want to tell you now"

"Oh ok"

"Well, um...I kind of want to try it. To see what it feels like" Marie eventually said.

"Try what?"

"Wearing a you know," said Marie. She wanted to be able to Hannah what she wanted to try without actually using the word. She pointed to the covers. Hannah couldn't understand what Marie was talking about. Then she realised what was under the covers, in the exact place that Marie was pointing. Hannah's nappy.

"You want to try wearing a nappy?"

"Yeah. I mean I know that I used to wear them sometimes when we were little and we stayed over at each others houses, just so you didn't feel bad about been the only one in a nappy, but I mean that sort of stopped when we were about six or seven. And I mean since then I have sort of seen you in them, and even put you in one a few times, but never worn one myself. Then you know when you were talking earlier about why you liked them, it sort of made me realise that maybe I would want to try them. I mean at least once, just to see if I like it or not"

"I have a spare one with me here. If you want you can have it"

"Really. What happens if you need the spare one?"

"The only way I would need the spare one is if I wake up and am really wet. And I am hardly likely to wake up, no matter how wet I am"

"Ok, well I mean, are you going to put me in it? Because I'm not sure that I would want that. I mean could we just do it like we did yours earlier on" said Marie. She could barely believe that she was even having this conversation.

"I can just do up the tapes for you. You can do the rest," said Hannah.

"That is if you are sure that you want to try it"

"Yeah" said Marie. She knew that if she backed out if it now, then she would never be able to pluck up the nerve to ask again. Then she would never know whether it was something she liked or not.

"Ok, come on then," said Hannah. She pushed the covers off them both.

"You will have to do it on the floor. You don't want to get powder on the bed". They both got off the bed.

"Ok, I'll turn round and you will need to wipe yourself, then put the nappy under you, then powder..." said Hannah before she was interrupted by Marie.

"I have changed you enough times. I know what to"

"Ok, I was just making sure. Just let me know when you want me to do up the tapes" said Hannah. She grabbed her bag and got out the spare nappy, wipes and powder then handed them to Marie. Hannah then sat on the bed and faced towards the wall. As she sat there, she suddenly realised that Kendra had sat the same way when Hannah had stayed over in her room, and she was waiting to do up the tapes on Hannah's nappy. Hannah stuck the dummy in her mouth and waited for Marie to say that she needed Hannah to do up the tapes.

Hannah could barely believe that she was in this situation. She had been completely surprised that Marie had said she wanted to try wearing a nappy. Hannah remembered the first time she had slept over at Marie's house. They had both been five years old. Marie had stayed over at Hannah's a couple of times already so already knew about her bedwetting, although Jackie had never put Marie into a nappy. Sylvia had insisted that Hannah stay over one night. Hannah was reluctant to go, because it meant having someone else change her into her nappy. Jackie had rang Sylvia up to explain this, and Sylvia had asked whether Hannah would feel better about it if Marie were wearing a nappy as well. Jackie had spoken to Hannah about this, and Hannah had said she would sleep over, but if she didn't like Sylvia changing her nappy then she didn't want to have to sleep over again. Hannah didn't particularly care whether Marie was in a nappy or not, but Jackie had taken her over to Marie's house with an extra nappy. When it came to the time when they were getting ready for bed and Marie had realised that she was going to have to wear a nappy, she started to argument with her mum saying that she didn't need a nappy and didn't see why she had to wear one. She had eventually agreed, but only when her mum had reminded her that Hannah was stood there, and had mentioned that Hannah could have been hurt when Marie referred to nappies, as been something that only babies wore. As Hannah thought about that, it suddenly hit her, that Marie had referred to them as something for babies, and now Hannah was sat there in a nappy and sucking on a dummy. She also couldn't believe that Marie had once kicked up such a fuss about wearing a nappy and was now voluntarily putting one on herself.

"Han, I've done everything but the tapes. Can you just come and fasten it up please?"

"Yep" said Hannah. She got of the bed, and looked down at Marie lying on the floor. The shorts that Marie had been wearing were at her side, and her top was pulled up. Hannah was used to herself been in the nappies and Marie been in normal clothes so it was kind of weird for her to see Marie lying on the floor holding her nappy in place. Hannah quickly bent down and taped the nappy in place.

"I'm dones," she lisped through her dummy. Hannah stood up and sat on the edge of the bed, watching Marie. Marie slowly got up, and then stood with her legs apart. She wasn't used to the bulk of the nappy between her legs. Marie waddled over to her full-length mirror. Hannah couldn't help but laugh as she saw Marie's waddling. As her mouth was open, the dummy fell out and landed in her lap. Hannah wondered if she looked like that when she was walking in her nappy. As Hannah had been wearing them for a long time, she thought that she had learnt to walk normally. Deciding to check, Hannah got up and walked over to the mirror watching herself. They stood side by side.

"Sorry for laughing, but you just looked so funny waddling around your room" Hannah said.

"Waddling? I was not waddling. That's something that ducks or penguins do. Not people"

"People wearing nappies which they aren't used to tend to waddle as well. It's just because you aren't used to the padding between your legs. If you wear them often enough, then you get used to it"

"I haven't even said if I like it yet, never mind getting used to it"

"So do you like it then?"

"I don't know. It kind of feels weird at the moment" said Marie. She gently touched the front of the nappy.

"It is so bizarre, because I am used to you wearing them, and now I am wearing one as well" said Marie. Hannah shivered.

"Maybe we should get back into bed. And try and get to sleep"

"So you're going to sleep in it then?"

"Yeah. If I took it off now, then it would be a waste wouldn't it?"

"Ok, but it might take you a while to get to sleep. I mean, it is different sleeping with one on. Not that I would know what it is like to sleep without one or anything" Hannah said. They both got into the bed. Even though they were both now wearing a nappy, Hannah was still lying on the side next to the wall. Hannah yawned, and Marie grabbed the dummy from Hannah's hand. She stuck it in Hannah's mouth, just as she closed it. Hannah smiled. They both lay down in the bed. Marie moved around a bit, trying to get comfortable. Hannah closed her eyes, and was quickly asleep. She had been very tired. Marie adjusted her position and looked over at Hannah. Eventually Marie turned and slept on her stomach.

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