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When Hannah got home she went straight up to her room and began packing up everything she was going to need. She made sure to take some clothes that would disguise her nappy when she went out. After the clothes and other things were packed, Hannah went over to the cupboard where her nappies, pull-ups and other changing things were kept. She put a couple of pull-ups in her bag, as well as some powder and a packet of wipes. When it came to the nappies, Hannah wasn't sure how many to pack. As she had never worn them full time before she had no idea how many she would actually use in a full day. She tried to work it out based on how many times she went to the toilet in a day, including the times that she went in a nappy. Eventually Hannah decided to pack five nappies per day, plus three for the rest of Tuesday. That meant that she was taking 13 with her.

"I can always come back and get more if I need to" she said to herself. Hannah decided to change into a nappy now, so that she would be ready to go and would not need to change into a nappy when she got to Louise's flat. Also she would be able to show Allie and Louise that she was finally able to get her own nappy on. She moved her bags onto the floor so that she was able to lie out on the bed.

Once Hannah had packed up her things and put a nappy on, she took her two bags downstairs. She dropped them both by the front door and then went to make a drink. Hannah knew that Allie wouldn't be back home for quite a while so she had some time to waste.

"Uni stuff!" she suddenly said as she stood at the kitchen sink drinking a glass of water. Hannah had forgotten to pack any of the things she would need for university over the next couple of days, including a book that she had to read for her seminar next Tuesday. Hannah put her glass on the side, and then went upstairs to get what she would need. When that was done, she put the other bag next to the two that were already by the front door.

Hannah still had some time to kill however, which was largely due to the fact that she had not had her lecture that morning. Even though she had been at Kendra's for a while, she had still gotten home a lot earlier than she had expected to. Hannah decided to go on the Internet for a bit, until she was going to ring and see if Allie was at home.

A couple of hours later Hannah switched off the computer and went to ring Louise and Allie's flat. As she stood up Hannah looked down at her nappy, and was disappointed to see that it was wet. She had wet herself again because she was concentrating on what she was doing on the computer rather than thinking about needing to pee. It didn't really concern Hannah too much as she was already in a nappy, so it was not as if she had to bother changing herself before she went over to Louise's flat. Hannah went to use the phone in her mum's room to ring Allie.

Allie had already been in for half an hour when Hannah rang, so she said that Hannah could come round whenever she was ready. Hannah made sure that she had everything that she was going to need, and then she put on her jacket and shoes. The last thing Hannah did before she left the house was looking at herself in the mirror, which was on the wall in the hallway. She was checking to see whether the wet nappy she was wearing was visible, or if there was any kind of noticeable bulge.

When Hannah was satisfied that no one was going to notice what she was wearing she picked up her bags and headed out of the house.

She locked up the house and then unlocked her car door. Hannah put the bags in the boot of the car and then got in the drivers seat to drive to Louise and Allie's flat.

On the car journey over to the flat, Hannah was apprehensive about the whole thing. She knew that she wanted to try wearing nappies full time, but couldn't believe that it was actually going to happen.

When Hannah got to Louise and Allie's flat, she grabbed her bags out of the boot and walked up to the flat. She managed to knock on the door, despite holding the three bags and her car keys. Allie quickly answered the door and took a couple of the bags from Hannah.

"We might as well put these in the spare room now" Allie said. Hannah walked in the flat and closed the door behind her. She then followed Allie into the spare bedroom. Allie dropped the bags she was holding onto the floor. Hannah did the same thing.

"Louise said that I should put you in a nappy straight away, even if your pull-up is dry"

"Um, I am already wearing a nappy. I put it on before I left home," Hannah said.

"You did. So does that mean that you are going to be changing yourself whilst you are here?"

"I'm going to have to at least some of the time. Like when you and Louise aren't around. Actually have you planned anything for tomorrow?"

"Nope. Lou will be at work. And I might have to go into work for a couple of hours at least"

"Well, my friend Kendra has asked if I want to go over tomorrow so we can work on this assignment that's due in after Christmas. And also maybe to go into town"

"Oh ok. Well, that will probably be good. I mean there is no point you staying here to wear nappies full time, and then not go anywhere really"

"Nope" Hannah said.

"This way I am going to be at uni for a bit and in town. So what's happening tonight?"

"Well, we talked about ordering a takeaway. Maybe renting a DVD from Blockbuster. You and me could walk up to the shops and look in Blockbuster later on. Is there anything out now that you want to see?"

"Um, I don't know. We can look round and see can't we" Hannah said. She put her car keys in her handbag, and then dropped the bag onto her bed.

"Yeah. We will have to wait until Louise gets back first though. It will probably be a couple of hours until then. So what do you want to do until then?"

"I don't know. What would you be doing if I weren't here?"

"Nothing probably. I need to wash up the breakfast pots from this morning"

"I can help you. You wash and I will dry and put away then," Hannah said decisively. They both went into the kitchen and Allie started to put the water in the sink.

An hour and a half later when Louise arrived home, Allie and Hannah were sitting on the sofa chatting. The TV was on in the background, but neither of them appeared to be watching it.

"Hey you two. What you watching?" Louise said as she put her bag on the side and took of her coat.

"Allie, did you tell Han about our plans for the evening?" she asked as she walked across the room. She bent down and gave Allie a quick kiss.

"Yeah. Hannah and me are going to walk over to Blockbuster later on. Do you fancy coming round as well? Help choose what we are going to watch tonight?"

"Yeah ok. When are you going?" Louise asked.

"Um, its half five now. How about we go in an hour or something. Then we can ring for some food when we get back"

"Ok. Sounds like a plan" Louise said.

"I'm just gonna go get changed quickly". She went into the bedroom leaving Hannah and Allie alone again.

"Is there anything better on TV?" Hannah said. Allie handed over the remote control and Hannah flicked through the channels, eventually settling on one channel.

When Louise came back into the main room of the flat, she said down next to Allie.

"Are you looking forward to the next couple of days?" she said to Hannah.

"I don't know. It will be good to know what it is like to be in nappies all the time"

"Yeah. Are you doing anything tomorrow?"

"Yep. I'm going into uni and spending some time with Kendra. We are going into town to look around for a bit"


"There is one thing that I'm wondering about the whole me wearing nappies"

"What's that?"

"When does it end? I mean I know I am doing it for a trial period now to see if it is something that I would want to try permanently. Well I am going out on the date with Jamie on Thursday evening, and I don't really want to have to wear a nappy then"

"That's fine. You can change into a pull-up before you leave here. But Han,"


"If you decide that wearing nappies full time is something that you want to do, then you will have to wait until you have had a chance to talk to mum. She will want to know about it if you are deciding to change something like that"

"I am going to talk to mum about it. I wouldn't just do something like that and not even tell her," said Hannah. She knew that her nappy was fairly wet, but she didn't see the point in changing until just before she was going to be going out. That way it would be guaranteed that she would at least be going out in a dry nappy.

For the next forty minutes the three of them chatted and watched the TV.

"How about we get going?" Allie suddenly said.

"Yeah" Louise said. Allie stood up to fetch her shoes.

"I'm just going to go change," Hannah said. Louise watched in amazement as Hannah walked into her bedroom and closed the door. Louise had not been told about Hannah been able to change herself. Allie quickly explained it to Louise, whilst Hannah changed herself.

Once Hannah was in a dry nappy, and everyone had their coats and shoes on, they set of walking. It was a fifteen-minute walk to Blockbuster and the other local shops.

As they walked to the shopping area Louise slipped her arm through Hannah's.

"Well done for doing your you know what earlier on" Louise said to Hannah.

"Thanks. I figured I needed to do it myself more often, because I am going to need to do it when I am out at some point" Hannah said.

When they got to Blockbuster, they began looking at the rows of DVD's, trying to decide which one to pick.

Eventually the three of them decided on a couple of films. They went up to the counter to pay, grabbing a bottle of coke and a bag of popcorn on the way. Allie paid for the things whilst Louise and Hannah stood just behind her.

As Hannah was stood there she realised that she needed to pee. Hannah was quite bothered by this, as the only times she had wet her nappies in public had been when it was fairly dark so no one would have been able to see. The lights in Blockbuster were fairly bright, and even outside there was the light coming from some of the shops and the streetlights. However Hannah knew that there was no way that she was going to be able to hold it for the fifteen-minute walk back to the flat. In fact as she stood there, Hannah doubted that she was going to be able to hold it in until she got out of the shop. Hannah looked over to the counter where the guy was just putting the money in the till. He slowly got out the change. As he was doing that Hannah came to the conclusion that she was going to have to pee her nappy in the middle of Blockbuster. She subtly moved her legs slightly further apart and then felt herself peeing.

"Hannah are you coming?" she heard Allie saying. The guy behind the counter had finished giving Allie her change, so they were ready to leave.

"Um, yeah" she said. Hannah walked fairly slowly, waiting for the stream of pee to stop. When Hannah had finished, she quickly caught up with Allie and Louise.

"What was that about?" Louise asked when Hannah was walking next to her.

"Uh nothing" said Hannah going slightly red.

"Aren't we going to go back to the flat?" she said to change the subject.

"Yeah". Hannah went ahead of Louise and Allie so that she didn't have to look at them. Hannah was walking fairly fast, which meant that she was getting more and more ahead of Allie and Louise who were strolling along fairly slowly.

"Han, slow down will you" Louise called out. Hannah stopped and turned round. She waited until Louise and Allie had caught up with her. Hannah waited to see if either of them was going to ask her again what had happened. When neither of them said anything, Hannah decided that it would be ok if she carried on walking with them both.

"What sort of food are we ordering?" Hannah asked.

"Um, we could have pizza. Or Chinese. Or Indian" Allie said.

"Or something else. What are you in the mood for?"

"Chinese sounds good. But I mean what do you two want?" Hannah said.

"I was actually in the mood for Chinese" Louise said.



"Chinese it is then" Louise said.

When they got back to the flat, they took of their coats and jackets. Allie went into the kitchen and found the menu for the Chinese place. Once she had found it, she brought it back out to let the other two look at it.

Once they had decided what to get Louise rang up and was told that it would be delivered within half an hour.

"Is it ok if I um, have my nappy uncovered?" Hannah asked when Louise had hung up the phone. Hannah was used to wearing only a nappy so it was rather strange for her to be wearing trousers over it.

"It's just I'm not used to wearing clothes over my nappy" she explained.

"Yes that's fine. Why don't you go do it now? Then we can start watching one of the films," Louise said. Allie went to get a blanket whilst Hannah went into her room to take her trousers off.

As Hannah started to undo her trousers, she realised that her wet nappy would be completely on show. This meant that Allie and Louise would immediately realise what Hannah had been doing at Blockbuster, if they didn't already know it.

Hannah laid her trousers on the bed, and then decided to change into a different t-shirt. The one she was wearing was not particularly long, so Hannah wanted to change into one that was a bit longer. She settled on the one that she had brought to sleep in. That way if Louise or Allie asked why she had changed, Hannah could say that she had decided to get ready for bed.

When Hannah went back into the lounge, Louise and Allie were sat on the sofa with a blanket over them. The TV was on and one of the DVD's that they had rented was ready to play. Louise lifted up the side of the blanket.

"Are you coming to sit down?" she asked Hannah.

"Yep" said Hannah. She went to sit down next to Louise, who then put the blanket over Hannah as well. Allie pressed play on the control and the DVD started to play.

There was very little conversation once the DVD was playing. Louise asked what one of the actresses had been in before because she looked familiar.

It was Allie who got up to get the food when it arrived. Whilst she paid, Louise went to get some plates to eat it from. Hannah stayed sitting under the blanket waiting for them both to come back.

When Allie and Louise sat back down and got comfortable, Hannah started the DVD again. The three of them began eating.

An hour later the DVD finished. Hannah got up to take it out of the machine and put the other one in. Whilst she was doing that Allie cleared up the plates, and grabbed the popcorn. Louise got up to go to the toilet.

Once the three were settled again, Hannah started the DVD and they sat and watched it. The only sounds were of one of them munching on popcorn or drinking their glasses of coke.

About half way through the film Hannah realised that she needed to poop. She knew that she probably wouldn't be able to do it sat on the sofa, but she also did not particularly want to stand up or squat down in front of Allie and Louise. Even though a week ago, Hannah had had no issues with doing that, for some reason it was not something that she wanted to do tonight.

"I'll be back in a couple of minutes," she said lifting the blanket off herself and standing up.

"Do you want us to pause the DVD for you?" Allie asked.

"Yeah ok" Hannah said. She went into her bedroom and closed the door behind her. Then she stood next to the bed and soon was messing herself. Before she started to change herself, Hannah got out her phone and quickly rang Kendra so they could decide what time Hannah should go over in the morning.

"Hey Kendra, it's Hannah" she said.

"Hi Han" Kendra said.

"I can come over tomorrow, if you still want me to"

"Yeah cool. What time do you want to come over?"

"I don't know. I mean Louise and Allie will both be at work first thing in the morning. So I can come over whatever time"

"Ok. How about you come over for about eleven. We can work on the assignment for a bit, and then go into town. We can get lunch here, or we can get something in town" Kendra said.

"Alright. I'll give you a ring when I get to the car park"

"Ok. See you tomorrow" Kendra said. They both hung up and Hannah dropped her phone onto the bed.

Once Hannah had finished she was left with the dilemma of what to do next. Although Hannah could change herself now she was reluctant to clean up a messy nappy because she would not be able to be sure that she had cleaned herself up properly. On the other hand Hannah didn't really want to go and ask Allie or Louise to change her, because she was trying to be more independent.

"I will do it myself," she said out loud. She grabbed the wipes from her bag and put them on her bed. Then she noticed the old towel that was on the chest of drawers. Hannah realised that Louise and Allie had put it in there for her, or it had been left over from when it was used the previous week. Hannah untaped her nappy and she lowered it gently onto the towel. She carefully grabbed the wipes and began to wipe herself, dropping the used wipes into the nappy.

When Hannah was satisfied that she was clean, she bent down to clear away the used nappy, so that she would be able to lie down on the towel to put a fresh nappy on.

In the lounge, Louise and Allie were sat there waiting for Hannah to come out of the bedroom so that they could start the DVD again.

"How do you think it's going so far? With Hannah in the nappies?" Louise asked quietly.

"What was she like when she first arrived?"

"I think it's going well so far. She didn't put up any objections to having to go out. When she got here she couldn't wait to tell me that she had changed herself"

"Aw, that's sweet. What is taking her so long?" Louise said, turning around so that she could look at the bedroom door.

"I don't know. Maybe she needed to change or something"

"Yeah. Did you see her in Blockbuster? She was obviously peeing"

"I know. But I don't think anyone else would have noticed because they wouldn't have been looking out for it" Allie said.

"No. But Hannah was obviously uncomfortable with what she did. I mean the way she walked off at top speed shows that"

"She will probably get more used to it" said Allie. They heard the bedroom door opening, so they both turned round to see Hannah walking out.

"Are you alright? You were gone for quite a while"

"Yeah I'm fine. I just needed a change," Hannah said. She had a bag with her.

"What do you want me to do with this?"

"Just put it in the bin in the kitchen. We can throw it outside tomorrow," Allie said. Hannah quickly took the bag into the kitchen. When she came back into the lounge she went over to the sofa and sat down next to Louise again. Allie started the DVD again and they all resumed watching it.

"I'm gonna go to bed" Louise said when the DVD finished.

"I've got to be up for work in the morning"

"I think I'll go to bed as well," Allie said. They both stood up.

"Will you be up in the morning before we leave?" Allie asked Hannah.

"I don't know. Probably since I am meeting Kendra at eleven. I will have to set off between ten and half past"

"Oh ok. I might see you in the morning then" said Louise. She and Allie went into their bedroom leaving Hannah alone, with only the TV for company.

Hannah flicked through the channels, but couldn't find anything that she actually wanted to watch. She ended up heading to bed about ten minutes after Louise and Allie had gone.

After setting her alarm on her phone and switching off the light Hannah moved the things off the bed, and then climbed in under the sheets. Her nappy was still dry from when she had changed it earlier so Hannah did not need to bother changing before going to bed. She stretched out in bed, enjoying the extra room. At home she a single bed, whereas the one she was sleeping in now was a double.

When Hannah's alarm went off the next morning, she sleepily fumbled around, trying to find her phone to switch it off. As soon as the room was silent again, Hannah pulled the covers off of her body, and shivered. Her nappy was really wet, but Hannah couldn't be bothered to change it. She got out of bed and went out into the lounge. Allie and Louise were both fully dressed and sat eating breakfast at the table.

"Morning" she said as she headed into the kitchen to get something to eat.

"Morning Han. Did you sleep well?" Louise said.

"Yep" Hannah called from the kitchen.

"Is the milk on the table?"

"Yeah". Hannah came back into the room. She put the bowl of cereal on the table and pulled out the chair. She sat down and grabbed the cereal.

"Did you want one of us to change you before we leave for work?" Louise asked Hannah.

"No it's ok. I'm gonna have breakfast then take it off before I go take a shower" Hannah said.

"Thanks for offering though" she added.

Hannah was halfway through her bowl of cereal when Louise had to leave for work. Louise gave Hannah a quick hug, and kiss Allie before leaving the flat. Allie still had half an hour before she had to leave.

As Hannah and Allie were talking, Hannah felt happy. She was happy that Louise and Allie were a couple, and that she got on really well with Allie. It was like having two older sisters rather than just one and it went some way to make up for the fact that Hannah was not particularly close to her older brother Ted. Hannah was actually closer to Ted's wife Sandra than she was to her brother.

Hannah stayed at the table chatting to Allie until Allie had to leave for work. When that happened Hannah went into the bathroom. She needed to pee, but knew that there was little chance of her nappy taking another wetting and not leaking, and she also knew that there was no way she would be able to hold and took off her nappy. Leaving the nappy on the floor to deal with later, Hannah got into the shower.

An hour later Hannah was ready to leave the flat. In her bag were two extra nappies as well as wipes, powder and a couple of carrier bags to put any used nappies in. Her bag was barely able to fit all that stuff in alone with her phone and purse. There was no way that any of the things she needed to take to work on the assignment would fit in there as well, so Hannah ended up carrying those things loose.

Hannah had her own key to the flat, which she had been given when Allie and Louise had moved in there. It meant that she could get in when she came over. However Hannah had hardly ever used it, except to let herself out on those times when Louise and Allie left before her after she stayed over.

Hannah left the flat locking the door behind her, and then headed down to her car. After dumping her bag and work on the passenger seat, Hannah got in the car and drove off.

On the drive to university Hannah was wondering what was going to happen when she was walking around the shops. She wondered whether she would act differently, or change the way she walked to better hide that fact that she was wearing a nappy under her clothes. Whilst Hannah was thinking about these things, the thought of how she was going to change her nappy suddenly struck her. Hannah had only just learnt how to change her nappy when she was lying down. Hannah realised that laying down would be impossible in the public toilet, either because there would not be enough room, or because the floor was dirty. This would mean that any changes would need to be done whilst she was stood up.

"I don't know if I will be able to do that," Hannah said to herself.

"Having to hold the nappy in place whilst I tape it up sounds kinda difficult". After mulling it over, Hannah decided to try and change just before going into town, and then hopefully she wouldn't need to change again in town.

When Hannah got to university, she parked and then grabbed her things off the passenger seat. She began walking to Kendra's flat, getting out her phone and ringing Kendra as she walked.

"Hey Kendra. I'm walking to yours now" she said.

"Ok. I'll just put some shoes on and come up to meet you" Kendra said. They both hung up and Hannah carried on walking.

Hannah was practically at Kendra's flat before she spotted Kendra walking towards her.

"Hey Kendra"

"Hi Han" Kendra said.

"Do you want me to carry something?"

"No I'm ok" Hannah replied.

"So where do you want to work on the assignment? In your room or in the library or something?"

"I don't mind. But we will have to go to my room first anyway. Just so I can get my books"

"We might as well work in your room then" Hannah said. They both walked towards Kendra's flat.

"Is Jamie in?"

"Nope. He went out to a lecture. Then he said he had plans with some friends"

"Oh ok. I guess I will just have to wait until tomorrow then," Hannah said, smiling as she thought about her date.

"You are really looking forward to this aren't you" Kendra said noticing her smile.

"Yeah. I haven't been on a date for ages and Jamie seems really nice. I just hope it goes ok"

"Oh, it will" Kendra said. By this time they were at Kendra's flat. Kendra opened the door and they both walked in. Kendra then opened her door. As they went in, Hannah dropped her things on the chair, before going to sit on the bed. Kendra got some papers from her shelves before she joined Hannah on the bed.

"I really can't be bothered with this assignment," Kendra said before she had even looked down at the papers that lay in her lap. Hannah stood up and got her things.

"Come on. We don't have to bother writing anything. If we just talk about it, then we will have more of an idea for when we do actually have to write it," Hannah said, trying to encourage Kendra.

"Oh ok" Kendra said. She got out the sheet that everyone had been given about the assignment, and started reading it out.

Three quarters of an hour both girls were bored. They both knew the sorts of things that they needed to put into their assignments, but couldn't really do any more work on it without actually starting to write it.

"Are you ready to go into town then?" Kendra asked.

"I guess. I just want to change first," Hannah said.

"Oh yeah. I forgot about that. How's it been going so far?"

"Ok I guess" Hannah said uncertainly.

"You guess?"

"Well, we were in Blockbuster last night and I needed to, you know, pee. And I didn't really want to do it in there because there were people around that would have seen. I tried to wait until we got outside, then that way it would have been dark so no one would have been able to see my face. But I couldn't hold it. Right in the middle Allie and Louise wanted to leave, and I was just stood there waiting to finish what I was doing. It was so embarrassing and it was so obvious to them both what I had been doing. I'm just grateful that neither of them really said anything about it"

"Oh man. I would hate for something like that to happen to me," Kendra said.

"But you would probably at least be able to hold it until you got outside. I couldn't even manage that," Hannah pointed out.

"Yeah probably. So were do you want to get changed? And do you need me to help you like last time?"

"No you're alright. I can do it myself now. I figured that I had to learn since I might need to change when there was no one else there. But I can only do it lying down, so I kind of need to do it in here"

"Ok that's fine. I'm just gonna go to the toilet. Just let me know when you've finished" Kendra said.

"You can use my bed if you want. Rather than laying on the floor"

"Thanks". Kendra locked the door to her bedroom, and then went into the bathroom shutting the door behind her whilst Hannah got out a fresh nappy and everything else she would need. Hannah then went back to the bed and undid her jeans. Pulling them down and then stepping out of them, Hannah got to work on changing her wet nappy.

When Hannah had changed into a dry nappy, she pulled her jeans back on and made sure that the nappy couldn't be seen. When Hannah had done all that and put everything away, she knocked on the bathroom door to let Kendra know that she had finished.

Ten minutes after that, the two girls were ready to go. Hannah took all her things with her so that she didn't need to bother going back to Kendra's if she didn't want to.

They both walked up to the car park. Hannah dropped her books onto the backseat along with her bag. Once they were both in the car Hannah switched on the stereo and started the car.

"So where do you want to go first?" Kendra said.

"I don't know. I mean it is kind of early to be getting lunch," Hannah said looking at the clock on the dashboard. It was only just after twelve.

"Yeah I suppose so. How about if we look around a couple of shops then go to subway or something to get a sandwich?"

"Yep. Ok. Sounds good" Hannah replied. For the next couple of minutes there was no conversation between the two of them. Hannah concentrated on driving, whilst Kendra appeared to be deep in thought.

"What are you going to do if you need to change whilst we are in town?" Kendra said suddenly to break the silence.

"I'm hoping I will be able to avoid it. That's why I changed at yours"

"Oh right. So didn't you actually need a change before then?"

"Well, if I hadn't have been doing anything else, I would probably have waited a bit longer to change" Hannah said.

"It was fairly wet though," she added.


"So did you wear a nappy last night?"

"No. I couldn't because I ended up hanging out with one of the girls that lives in the flat next to mine. We watched a couple of DVD's. I was actually at hers when you called. By the time I got back to mine, it was fairly late, and I knew that I would have to get up this morning to be ready for you coming" Kendra explained.

"I will probably wait for the weekend and wear one then"

"You could wear one when I stay over on Thursday" Hannah suggested.

"But you will probably be getting back late, and we will have a class first thing on Friday" Kendra pointed out.

"Oh yeah".

After Hannah had parked, they headed to one of the clothes shops that were on the way to Subway, which was where they had decided to have lunch. They both picked out a few things to try on, then headed for the changing rooms. Kendra and Hannah went into booths next to each other. Before Hannah even took off her jacket she made sure that the curtain was closed and no one would be able to see in.

When that was done Hannah took of her jacket, and then took off the rest of her clothes until she was down to only her sock, bra and nappy. Hannah had picked out a top, skirt and a pair of jeans to try on. The first thing she did was pull the top on. Following that, she put the skirt on, but was disappointed when she looked in the mirror. Hannah quickly realised that the nappy was very obvious under the skirt.

"Han," she heard Kendra saying.

"I'm wearing that pair of jeans and the t-shirt. Are you in the clothes yet?"

"Um, almost. Just a second" said Hannah. She didn't know what to do. There was no way Hannah had time to change into the trousers, and even if she did have time, there was no guarantee that the nappy wouldn't show with them on.

"Kendra" Hannah said. She opened the curtain a little bit and motioned for Kendra to come in. Kendra immediately noticed that the nappy was obvious through the skirt.

"I like that t-shirt. It looks really nice" Hannah said.

"Thanks. I don't really have the money to buy it though"

"I don't really feel like trying the jeans on," Hannah said.

"Why don't we both just change into our own clothes and go for some lunch". Hannah wondered what would happen if she did start wearing nappies all the time.

"Ok" said Kendra. She left Hannah alone, and went to change her clothes. Hannah checked the curtain again then looked at herself in the mirror again. Her eyes focused on her waist and hips.

'Am I going to need to change my entire wardrobe?' she thought as she started to take off the skirt. 'Will I not be able to wear certain types of clothes again?'. As she pulled off the skirt, Hannah was surprised that her nappy looked wet. It had been dry when she had put the skirt on.

Hannah quickly got dressed and put the clothes back on their hangers, then pulled back the curtain. Kendra had already changed and was waiting for Hannah. They quickly hung up the clothes then walked out of the shop, heading for Subway.

When they got to Subway, Hannah and Kendra went over to the counter. There were a couple of people in front of them, so the two girls had to wait. Whilst they were waiting, they chatting about what sort of sandwich they wanted. Another couple of people came into the shop and joined the queue behind Hannah and Kendra.

"How long have you two been waiting?" one of them asked.

"Um, only a couple of minutes" Kendra replied.

"Good. I'm starving," said the same guy. Hannah was called up to the counter, leaving Kendra talking to the two guys.

Just as Hannah got to the cash register, Kendra spoke to her.

"Han, Alex and Ollie are going to pay". Hannah assumed that Alex and Ollie were the two guys that Kendra was talking to.

"These two are paying for our sandwiches" Kendra said to the woman that was stood behind the cash register. Kendra grabbed her sandwich.

"Ok" the women said.

"Come on Han. Lets find a table whilst Alex and Ollie pay" Kendra said. She grabbed Hannah's arm and pulled her over to a table. It had four seats around it.

"You don't mind if they join us for lunch do you. I figured it was only fair since they paid for it"

"Oh ok" Hannah said. The two guys came over and sat down at the table. One of them had longish brown hair and the other had black hair.

"Alex, Ollie, this is Hannah" Kendra said.

"Han, this is Alex," she said indicating the one that was sat opposite Hannah. It was the one with the brown hair.

"And this is Ollie" she said indicating the other one.

"I got that the right way round didn't I?" she asked the two guys.

"Yeah" Alex said.

"Hi Hannah"

"Hi" Hannah said. At any other time, Hannah would have been fine with this situation. The two guys seemed fairly nice, and both were good looking. But today, Hannah didn't really feel up to chatting to two guys. She would have rather sat with Kendra and felt under no pressure to have a conversation. The fact that she felt very self-conscious because she was wearing a nappy did not help either.

For the first few minutes, Hannah sat there eating her sandwich and listening to the conversation that Kendra was having with Alex and Ollie.

"So are you at uni then?" Kendra asked.

"Yeah. But not the one here. We went to school together, and are both at home for Christmas and thought we would meet up and check out if anything had changed since September"

"Oh right. Has anything changed then?" Kendra asked.

"Nope not really" Alex replied.

"Yeah, everything still looks the same" Ollie added.

"So are at uni here then?"

"Yeah, we both are" Kendra said. Both the guys looked over at Hannah.

"We both do the same course," Hannah said. As soon as she had said it, Hannah felt like an idiot. She felt as if she had just said something stupid and now Alex and Ollie would think she was stupid.

"Really. What course is that?" Alex said smiling at Hannah.

"Um, English Literature and Education Studies" Hannah replied.

"Cool. I do English Literature at my uni as well" Alex said.

"What uni are you at? Are you both at the same one?" Kendra asked.

"No, we're not at the same one. I'm at Leeds" Ollie said.

"And I'm at Swansea"

"So you are not exactly near to each other then" Hannah commented.

"Nope" Ollie said. From then on, the conversation flowed fairly easily between the four of the, and Hannah had completely changed her mind on eating lunch with the two of them.

"So are you both living in halls then?" Alex asked.

"I am, but Hannah drives in from home"

"Really. How far away do you live?"

"Um, it usually takes about half an hour to get over. Depending on the traffic" Hannah answered. She then looked over at Kendra and was surprised that she looked deep in conversation with Ollie. Both of them were leaning in across the table. Hannah realised that she was going to have to carry on talking to Alex whilst Kendra was talking to Ollie.

"Oh right cool" Alex said.

"Yep" Hannah said.

"So how come you decided to stay at home, rather than living in halls?"

"Well, it is only me and my mum at home, and we are quite close, so I didn't want to be living to far away from her" said Hannah. 'Man, I sound like such a complete loser' she thought.

"So are your parents divorced then?" Alex asked.

"No. My dad died four years ago" Hannah said quickly.

"Oh, I'm sorry"


"So do you have any brothers or sisters?" Alex asked.

"Yeah. One older brother and one older sister. My brother lives quite far away with his wife and three kids. And my sister lives about ten minutes away from me and my mum"

"Your brother is married with kids? How old is he?"

"30. And my sister is 28. They have a different dad to me"

"Oh right. So does your sister have any kids?"

"Nope" Hannah said.

"I'm just going to refill my drink," Alex said.

"Do you want me to refill yours as well?"

"Yea..."said Hannah. At that point she remembered her nappy, and that anything she drank would end up in there. Hannah did not want to have to wet her nappy when she was with people that she did not know very well. As Hannah didn't know how long she was going to be hanging around with Alex and Ollie, she realised that it would be better not to drink a lot and then she would be less likely to need to pee.

"Um, actually no, I'm good"

"Ok" Alex said. He got up leaving Hannah with Kendra and Ollie.

"I'm just going to refill my drink as well," Ollie said when he noticed that Alex had gone.

"Did you mind them joining us? I mean I didn't really give you a chance to object to it before" Kendra said.

"I wasn't too thrilled to start with, but they both seem really cool" Hannah replied.

"So is something happening between you and Ollie, because the way you were leaning in towards each other over the table, made it look as if the two of you were practically kissing".

"Really" said Kendra. She sounded surprised. At that point the two girls noticed Alex and Ollie walking back to the table. Hannah couldn't help but notice that Alex was the taller of the two by a couple of inches. They both sat back down again.

"So do either of you have plans for the rest of the afternoon?" Ollie asked. On hearing this Hannah began to get a bit worried. The nappy she was wearing was already wet, and Hannah didn't want to end up having to change in town. If that happened then she would have no nappies left, so would have to stay in it until she got back to Louise and Allie's flat.

"Not really" Kendra said.

"We were just going to wonder around some shops. How about you?"

"Nothing really. We have already looked around for a bit. We were just going to go home". Hannah didn't know whether or not to be relieved at hearing this. On one hand they could just leave and then Hannah wouldn't have to worry about using her nappy. On the other hand, because they didn't have any other plans they could decide to hang around with her and Kendra for longer.

"Oh. So I guess this is goodbye" Kendra said.

"I mean unless..." she added.

"Unless?" Ollie said.

"Yeah. I mean do you want to do something"

"Like what?"

"I don't know" Kendra said. The conversation was now between Ollie and Kendra. Hannah and Alex were stood to the side waiting for them both to finish talking. Alex looked towards Hannah and rolled his eyes. Hannah smiled.

Eventually Kendra and Ollie came to a decision. They were all going to go to the cinema. That is if Hannah and Alex wanted to go as well. Alex had no choice really since he was relying on Ollie to get back home. And Hannah didn't want to leave Kendra in town, even though Kendra could have gotten the bus back.

"Yeah I'll go," she said.

"Ok. But before we set off, I have to go pee" Kendra said. She went through to the toilets leaving Hannah stood there with Alex and Ollie.

"Didn't you have to go?" Alex asked.

"No. I'm fine" Hannah said.

"Oh, strong bladder is it then?" Alex said smiling. Hannah smiled weakly back at him.

'Nope, the complete opposite' Hannah thought.

When Kendra had finished in the toilets, the four of them started walking to the cinema. Alex and Ollie were walking in front whilst Kendra walked behind with.

"Are you ok with going to the cinema?" Kendra quickly asked Hannah.

"Yeah I'm fine"

"Even with the whole you know" Kendra said. She didn't really want to say the word 'nappy' in case Alex or Ollie, or someone else walking past heard it.

"Yeah. But I will probably need to use your room before I get home. I don't think it will last until I get back to Louise's. I just hope it lasts until we get back to the car"

"I will keep an eye on it for you. And if it doesn't last, you could just tie your jacket round your waist"

"Thanks. Make sure to check when we stand up after the film is over"

"I will do"

"And tell me discreetly. The last thing I want is anyone else overhearing, and then looking to see what we are talking about"

"I will be discreet. I promise. Now, we should probably catch up to Alex and Ollie before they think we have changed our minds and gone somewhere else". They both sped up slightly and were soon caught up with Alex and Ollie.

"Where did you two go?" Ollie said looking at Kendra.

"We just had something to talk about" Kendra said.

"You know. Girl stuff"

When the four got to the cinema, they went to look at the listings.

"So what do you fancy seeing?" Alex said looking at the list of films and times.

"Well me and Kendra saw this one last week" Hannah said pointing at the name of one of the films. It was the film that she and Kendra had watched with Jamie and Dawn the previous week. The one where Hannah and Kendra had both worn pull-ups.

"Oh ok. So is there another one that you fancy watching?" Alex asked.

"Um, what do you think of this one" Kendra said, pointing at another of the titles.

"Yeah it sounds cool. And there is a showing in like half an hour" Ollie said.

"Alex, Hannah, are you cool with seeing this film?"

"Yep" Hannah said. She noticed that the film was only 90 minutes long, which looked better to her than the one that was 110 minutes long, as it would mean they could leave sooner, and Hannah could change sooner if she needed to.

"It's fine with me as well" Alex said.

"Right, we need to get some tickets. Then we will have a bit of time to waste before we can go in," Ollie said. He led the other three to the ticket office.

All four of them paid for their own tickets.

"Ok, we have like 20 minutes to waste before we can go into the cinema" Alex said.

"We need popcorn and stuff," Ollie said. The four of them walked over to the snack area. They spent a bit of time in there, and eventually came out with one small cokes for Hannah and three medium cokes for Kendra, Ollie and Alex. Hannah had only wanted a small one because she knew that she was not going to be able to use the toilet, and she didn't want her nappy to start leaking. They also bought two medium popcorns to share between the four of them.

They were each carrying their own drink. Ollie and Hannah had ended up carrying the popcorn. Alex offered to pay for everything rather than everyone paying for themselves, and having to pay for half of one of the popcorns each.

"Thanks" Hannah said to Alex as they walked out of the snack area.

"It's ok" Alex replied.

As they had been quite a while getting their food and drinks, they could get their tickets checked and go through to their screen already. They went in and chose some seats. They ended up sitting about three quarters of the way up, and about half way across the aisle, so that they were sat looking at the middle of the screen. Hannah wanted to make sure that she was sat next to Kendra so that Kendra would easily be able to check Hannah for any leaks when the film finished and they all stood up to leave. Alex ended up sitting on the other side of Hannah, and Ollie sat down next to Kendra.

"I guess you and me are sharing popcorn then" Alex commented after he saw Kendra grabbing a piece of popcorn from the bucket that Ollie was holding. Hannah looked over towards Kendra and Ollie, and then turned back to Alex.

"Yep, I guess we are" Hannah said. She lifted up the bucket and offered it to Alex. He took a couple of pieces and put them in his mouth.

"The popcorn is nice. Its still warm" he commented.

"Really" Hannah said. She took a couple of pieces and put them into her mouth.

"Oh yeah they are". Kendra and Ollie were busy talking between themselves, so Hannah carried on talking with Alex.

Alex checked his watch.

"Only about five minutes now before the trailers will start," he commented.

"Five minutes?" Ollie said. He had just overheard what Alex had said.


"I'll be back in a couple of minutes then" Ollie said. He stood up and began to make his way out of the cinema.

"He is probably going to the toilet" Alex said.

"Actually I might go as well. That way I don't have to miss any of the film". Alex stood up and walked towards the door. Kendra looked around quickly, to check how close the other people in the cinema were to her and Hannah, and whether they were likely to be able to hear Kendra talking. Once Kendra had decided that no one would be able to hear her, she spoke to Hannah.

"How are you doing? I mean how is the you know holding up?"

"Well I used it once in the changing rooms at the shop, and I need to use it again"

"Well, why don't you use it now, whilst Ollie and Alex are gone. That way neither of them can notice anything"

"I think I'm going to have to. I can't hold it" Hannah said. Kendra turned away and let Hannah have a bit of privacy. Or at least as much privacy as she could have with Kendra sat right next to her.

"I'm done" Hannah said a minute later. Kendra turned back round. As she did that, they both saw Ollie and Alex heading back up to the seats.

Ollie and Alex sat down just as the lights started to dim out and the curtains in front of the screen opened. Hannah moved slightly in her chair to get comfortable just as a trailer for an upcoming film started.

Alex leaned over and grabbed a handful of popcorn and then looked up at Hannah and smiled. As Hannah saw this she was reminded of the previous week when she was at the cinema with Jamie, and their hands had brushed whilst reaching for their drinks.

Hannah then started to think about Jamie. She still liked him, and was looking forward to their date. But now Alex had appeared, and Hannah liked him as well. She had no way of knowing whether Alex liked her, or if he would want to see her again after this afternoon, but it didn't stop Hannah thinking about it. Since Hannah had not even been on one date with Jamie, it could hardly be seen as cheating, but Hannah couldn't help but feel a little guilty for wanting to see more of Alex.

Throughout the film, Hannah had thoughts of Alex and Jamie in her head. She did try to concentrate on the film as well, but found it difficult. When the film was about two thirds of the way through, Hannah decided to put her thoughts of Alex and Jamie to the back of her mind. She started to concentrate on the film and was soon caught up with what she had missed in the early part of it.

Hannah held onto the popcorn for the entire film. She occasionally glimpsed Alex grabbing some out of the corner of her eye. Hannah also kept reaching for her drink. She managed to finish it all before the end of the film, but didn't realise so she put the cup back down in the cup holder at the side of the seat. The next time that Hannah reached for it, she put the end of the straw to her parted lips and tried to take a sip. When no liquid appeared Hannah broke her concentration from the film to look down at the cup. Alex noticed this and realised that Hannah must have finished all of her drink.

"I still have a bit left if you want some of it," he whispered to her. He then grabbed his drink and passed it over to Hannah.

"Here you go"

"Thanks" Hannah said taking the drink from him.

"I don't want anymore, so you can finish it if you want" Alex whispered.

"Ssshhh" they both heard from somewhere in the cinema. Alex turned back to the film and Hannah took a sip of his drink.

By the end of the film Hannah had completely finished off Alex's drink, and was beginning to regret it, as she knew that she would need to pee fairly soon. When the credits started to roll, a few people stood up and started to make their way to the doors. Alex and Ollie both stood up to put their jackets on.

"I can take that if you want" Alex said to Hannah. She had picked up the empty bucket from the popcorn and the two cups, and was holding them.

"Then you can get your jacket on" he finished.

"Oh thanks" Hannah said, handing the rubbish over. Alex headed for the aisle. Ollie followed him with the rubbish from the things that he and Kendra had had. As soon as Ollie had started walking down the stairs, Hannah stood up and turned her back to Kendra, so that Kendra could check to see if there were any wet spots on the back of Hannah's trousers.

"No you are ok" Kendra said.

"Good" Hannah said. She picked up her jacket and put it on. Kendra put on her own jacket as well. Once both of them had their bags, they walked down the stairs and then made their way towards Ollie and Alex who were waiting at the bottom of the stairs, having already thrown the rubbish away.

"So do you two have time to do something else now? Or do you have to get back home?" Ollie asked as they walked out of the cinema.

"Actually, I have to get back" Hannah said. She didn't really want to leave as she was having a good time with Alex and Ollie. But if she stayed then Hannah would have to change her nappy.

"Oh" Alex said.

"Yeah. I have plans with my sister later on" Hannah lied.

"So does that mean that I won't see you again?" Ollie said to Kendra.

"You can have my number. You know, if you want" Kendra said. Hannah wondered whether Alex would ask for her number.

"Yeah. I mean if that's ok with you" Ollie said.

"Yeah" Kendra said. They both got their mobiles out and Ollie began typing in Kendra's number.

"Um, Hannah, could I have your number?" Alex asked whilst Kendra and Ollie were swapping numbers.

"Um" said Hannah. Even though she had spent time wondering whether or not Alex would ask for her number, now it had actually happened, she wasn't sure how to reply.

"I mean, it doesn't matter if you don't want to" Alex said quickly.

"No I do. It's just, well I have a date with this other guy tomorrow. It will be the first time we will have gone out. And well, I mean I want to see how it goes with him" Hannah burbled.

"Oh right ok" said Alex. Ollie and Kendra had finished swapping numbers by this point, and were ready to go off in their separate directions.

"It's not that I don't like you. Because I do," Hannah said quickly.

"How about I get your number? And then I can give you a call" Hannah said.

"Oh ok" Alex said. As Hannah said that, Alex got the idea that he would only be getting a call if things with the other guy didn't work out. He still got out his phone to give Hannah his number.

After Hannah had Alex's number, she went to stand next to Kendra, whilst Alex went to stand with Ollie.

"So bye then" Ollie said when no one else appeared to want to talk.

"Yeah bye" Kendra said.

"I'll give you a ring," Ollie said.

"Ok". Hannah was beginning to get worried as she needed to pee, but didn't want to do it in front of Alex and Ollie in case the nappy started to leak.

"Kendra, I've got to get back" Hannah said quietly.

"Oh right yeah," said Kendra suddenly.

"Bye you two" she said to Ollie and Alex. As Kendra and Hannah turned round to walk to the car park, Hannah tugged down her jacket, so that Alex and Ollie wouldn't be able to see her bum.

The two girls quickly made their way to the car. Once they were there, Hannah unlocked the car to let Kendra get in, and then she opened up the boot of the car. Hannah kept a bag in the boot of her car with supplies in it. One of the things that was in the bag was an old towel to put on the seat if she thought that she was going to leak. After closing the boot, Hannah came round to the driver's side and opened up the door. She laid down the towel before getting in the car herself.

"What's with the towel?" Kendra asked.

"It's just in case I leak. So that the seat doesn't get wet," Hannah explained going slightly red. It was embarrassing for her to have to say that to Kendra.

"Oh right. So will you still want to use my room to change?"

"It depends. If I leak then I don't really want to have to walk down to your flat. But if I don't leak then yeah, would it be ok if I used your room?"

"Yeah that will be fine" Kendra said. Hannah switched on the radio and Kendra turned to look out of the window. Whilst Kendra was distracted Hannah released her bladder and lifted herself slightly off the seat.

When Hannah had finished she tried to check whether or not her trousers were wet, but it was impossible to check the back of her trousers whilst she was still sat down.

"What are you doing?" Kendra asked when she turned round and saw Hannah wriggling about on her seat.

"Just trying to check if I have leaked. But I can't really tell. So will you be able to have a quick look when we get to the uni car park?"

"Yeah of course I will" Kendra said.

"Thanks" said Hannah. She started the car and then began to pull out of the parking space.

When they got back to the car park at the university, Hannah switched off the car engine and then turned to Kendra.

"If I just kind of half get out of the car or something, then will you be able to check" she said quietly. It was fairly embarrassing for Hannah to have to ask Kendra to do something like this for her.

"Yeah that's fine" Kendra said. Hannah opened up her door and then put one foot out of the car and onto the ground. She then got up slowly so as to give Kendra time to look.

"You are fine" Kendra said just as Hannah stepped fully out of the car.

"Good" Hannah said. She turned round, grabbed the towel and then threw it onto the back seat. She didn't want anyone walking past the car and seeing a towel on the seat, and then wondering why it was there. Whilst Hannah did that, Kendra grabbed both her own and Hannah's bags and then got out of the car.

"Do you have everything that you are going to need in here?" Kendra asked Hannah, as she walked around the car.

"Yeah" Hannah said taking her bag from Kendra. They walked down to the halls, and Kendra's flat.

When they were in Kendra's flat, Hannah looked over towards Jamie's door, wondering whether he was in or not. She did not particularly want to see him, at least not until she had changed out of her wet nappy. Therefore Hannah was grateful when Kendra unlocked her door, and they were both able to go inside, closing the door behind them.

"So where do you want to do it then? If you want to use my room then I can wait in the bathroom"

"Yeah that would be cool. So long as you don't mind" Hannah said.

"No its fine" Kendra said. She locked the bedroom door and then went into the bathroom.

"Just let me know when you have finished. Oh and there are carrier bags in the wardrobe," Kendra said as she closed the door.

Once Hannah was alone, she closed the curtains and then opened up her bag. She got out the things that she would need and put them on the bed. Then she undid her trousers. She untaped the nappy and then let it fall to the floor. After that was on the floor she grabbed the small pack of wipes and wiped herself. Hannah then dropped the wipes into the used nappy, and rolled it up. She then opened out the fresh nappy on the floor and put some powder onto her skin. She then sat down in the middle of the nappy, before lying back and adjusting it slightly before easily taping up the sides.

After Hannah had done that, she pulled her trousers back up and made sure that none of the nappy was sticking out. She then knocked on the bathroom door to let Kendra know that it was ok for her to come out. Hannah then put her things away and put the nappy in a carrier bag, before putting it into Kendra's bin.

"So you are all changed then?" Kendra said as she went to sit on her bed.

"Yep" Hannah said.

"Was it alright for me to put the old one in your bin?"

"Yeah. I will just get it emptied tomorrow. So do you have anything planned with your sister for today then?"

"She won't be back home from work for another couple of hours. But I think Allie will be home"

"Oh right ok"

"And I don't have any more nappies with me, so I should probably be getting back"

"Yeah. I will walk you back up to your car"

"Thanks". Hannah picked up her bag and was ready to go. They left Kendra's room and Kendra locked the door. Just as Hannah and Kendra were about to walk out of the flat Dawn came out of her room.

"Hey Dawn" Kendra said.

"Oh hiya Kendra. Oh and Hannah hi as well" Dawn said.

"Are you going out?"

"Well, no I'm just going to walk Hannah back to her car"

"Oh. Didn't you just come in?"

"Yeah" said Kendra.

"We were in town, and then I was just dropping Kendra off, and she needed to give me some notes that she borrowed" Hannah made up quickly.

"Anyway, I have to get going. I need to get back home".

"Oh ok bye" Dawn said. She walked to the kitchen as Kendra and Hannah walked out of the flat.

"That was some quickly thinking back there," Kendra said as they walked up to the car park.

"Thanks" Hannah said.

"I'm just glad that she saw us after I had changed. I don't think I would have been so quick thinking before that".

"No, not if you were wanting get out of it," said Kendra referring to Hannah's nappy, but not wanting to say the word nappy in case someone else overheard.

"Yeah. Oh I might just stop in at the shop," said Hannah. The university had a shop that sold many things. There were things such as frozen ready meals that were aimed at those students that lived on campus. As well as those sorts of things it had other things as well which those students that did not live on campus could buy.

"Oh ok" Kendra said. They headed off in the direction of the shop.

"What are you buying?"

"I really want some chewing gum. I don't normally buy it, but for some reason I am really in the mood for it"

"If you'd have said that before, I could have given you some of mine. I think I have a couple of packs in my room" Kendra said. They walked into the shop.

"Did you need anything?" Hannah asked.

"No I'm ok" Kendra said. Hannah then grabbed a couple of packs of chewing gum and went up to the counter to pay for them.

Once she had paid, Hannah and Kendra walked out of the shop and carried on walking to Hannah's car.

"I will see you tomorrow then" Hannah said.

"Is it still ok for me to stay over in your room after the date with Jamie?"

"Yeah of course" Kendra said.

"Are you going to ring Alex? Because I saw you taking his number before"

"I don't know. I want to see what happens with Jamie first. How about you? Do you think something is going to happen between you and Ollie?"

"I don't know I hope so," Kendra said as a huge grin spread across her face.

"Aww, you like him" Hannah said when she saw Kendra's grin.

"Yep. It sounds stupid doesn't it, since I have only known him for a couple of hours"

"No it doesn't sound stupid" Hannah said. They were both stood next to Hannah's car, so Hannah quickly unlocked the door. She then unwrapped one of the packets of chewing gum before putting a piece in her mouth.

"Do you want a piece?"

"Yeah thanks" Kendra said. She took a piece and then put it in her mouth. Hannah then put the pack in her bag.

"I'll see you tomorrow then" Hannah said, opening up her car door.

"Yep, bye" said Kendra. She walked out of the way of the car, and then waited until Hannah had backed out of the parking spot before she turned and walked back to her flat.

When Hannah arrived back at Louise and Allie's flat, she parked her car, and then put the towel back in the boot. She then walked up to the flat. Allie had already gotten home from work so Hannah didn't need to use her key. Hannah walked in and took off her trainers, then went to her room to put her bag down.

"Han, is that you?" Hannah heard from the kitchen. She knew that it must be Allie. Therefore once Hannah had put her bag in her room, she went through to the kitchen.

"Hiya Allie" Hannah said as she walked into the kitchen and saw Allie stood leaning against the counter.

"What are you doing?"

"Just making a cup of coffee. Did you have a good time with your friend?"

"Yeah. We actually ended up meeting these two guys. Alex and Ollie. And then we ended up going to the cinema with them"

"Really. Where did you meet them then?" Allie asked. The kettle boiled and Allie poured the boiling water into the waiting cup.

"Do you want some as well?"

"Yeah thanks" Hannah said. Allie got out another mug.

"We met at Subway. They were behind us in the queue and then ended up offering to pay for our sandwiches. So we sat at a table with them. Kendra really hit it off with Ollie so I spent most of the time talking to Alex. After we had finished eating, we went to the cinema. Anyway, after the cinema Ollie and Kendra swapped numbers. And Alex asked for mine. I was kind of reluctant because of having this date with Jamie tomorrow. I ended up taking his number and I said I might give him a call. I think he realised though, that I wasn't going to call him if things went well with Jamie". Allie handed Hannah the mug of coffee and picked up her own mug. They walked through to the lounge and sat down on the sofa.

"Han, you could always ring Alex and go on a date with him as well. That way you will know who you like the best. It's not as if it would be cheating on Jamie"

"I might do that. But I want to have the date with Jamie first" Hannah said.

"Ok. Oh, how did it go with the wearing nappies thing?" Allie asked.

"It was ok. I didn't really want to have to change when we were in town. So I changed before me and Kendra went into town. Then we ended up been in town longer than I thought, so I was really worried that it would leak. Especially since I had a drink at Subway and then had another one at the cinema. I had planned to quickly drop Kendra off and then come back here, but I ended up having to use Kendra's room to change in otherwise I would have probably leaked on the way back here"

"So you had enough with you then? Nappies I mean"

"Yeah. I mean the one I am wearing now is the last one I took with me," Hannah said as she took a quick sip of her coffee.

"That's good then. So you were ok wearing them when you were out then?"

"Yeah. I mean until I started to worry that it would leak. Until then, I kind of forgot about it almost. It was kind of like when I started having to wear pull-ups when I was out. The first few times I had to wear them I was worried that people could tell, but then no one noticed anything and I got used to wearing them. If I do start wearing nappies full time then I will just get used to it, and it will become normal" Hannah said. She had spent some time thinking about that issue as she had drove back from the university.

"It sounds like you have thought about this before"

"Well, not really. I mean only on the way back here," Hannah said. She took another sip of her coffee and realised a trickle of pee into her nappy.

"So is there anything planned for this evening then?"

"Well, we should probably have mentioned this before, but me and Louise were invited round to a friends tonight. They are having a bit of a party. We already said that we would go before we knew that you were going to be here, but you can come as well if you want to. Our friend Carla will be fine with you coming too" said Allie. She didn't want to force Hannah to go, so decided to give Hannah another option.

"Or if you want you can stay here. It is completely up to you. If you want to go, but are worried about been in nappies, then if you want you can wear pull-ups"

"No I wouldn't do that. I mean the whole point of me been here is to wear nappies no matter where I go" Hannah said.

"Can I think about whether I want to go or not?"

"Yeah sure" Allie said.

"Is it ok if I walk around in just my nappy?" Hannah said.

"Yeah of course" Allie said. Hannah put her cup of coffee down and went into the bedroom to take off her trousers. She wanted to check how wet her nappy was at the same time.

Hannah quickly undid her trousers and pulled them off. She then dropped them onto the bed before pulling up her nappy and walking over to the mirror.

"You can hardly tell that I'm wet" Hannah said to herself as she grabbed the door handle.

When Hannah went back out into the lounge Allie was still sat on the sofa drinking her coffee. Hannah sat back down and picked up her cup.

"So this party. What sort of party is it?" Hannah asked.

"It is a housewarming party. Carla has just bought a house, so she is having a few friends round"

"So how many people will be there?"

"Not many. Me, Lou, Carla and I think no more than ten more" Allie said.

"And you are sure that it is ok if I go?" Hannah asked.

"Yeah it's fine. Louise spoke to her after we knew that you were going to be here and she said that it was fine if you came along as well"

"And you and Lou won't mind if I came as well?"

"No of course not. Lou has actually said that she would prefer you came, rather than having to spend the evening alone"

"I will go then, but I don't have anything I can wear. I bought two pairs of jeans with me. And I am saving one pair to wear tomorrow night" Hannah said.

"I will have to go back home and get something from my wardrobe"

"Ok that's fine. Do you want me to come as well?"

"Yeah could you. Because I don't know what sort of thing I should wear. You can help me decide"

"Yeah ok. Do you want to go over now? That way we can be back for when Louise gets home"

"Oh ok" Hannah said.

"Come on then. Finish your coffee and go and get your jeans back on. That is unless you are planning to go outside in only your top and your nappy," Allie said, putting her cup up to her mouth. Hannah quickly finished the last of her coffee and then went back into her bedroom.

She pulled her jeans back on and made sure that none of the nappy was sticking out of the top. Hannah then grabbed her bag and took out the wipes and powder.

"Even if I do need a change when I am at home, I have everything I need already there" she thought out loud. Hannah then went back out to the lounge.

"Ok, I'm ready to go" she said. Allie had already put her shoes on and was also ready to go. Hannah quickly grabbed her trainers from near the front door, where she had taken them off.

Once Hannah had her trainers on, she checked to make sure that her house keys were in her bag. Then Allie and Hannah left the flat and headed down to the street. They were going to take Allie's car.

Allie and Hannah both got in the car, and Allie drove off.

"What sort of thing do I need to wear?" Hannah said.

"Whatever you have is fine. It is only a casual thing so it doesn't need to be anything fancy"

"Oh ok"

"But if you are sure that you are going to wear a nappy then whatever you wear has to be able to fit over that. And without it been really obvious what you are wearing" Allie said.

"Yeah I do want to wear a nappy. Otherwise there would have been no point in me staying at yours," said Hannah.

"I mean aside from getting to spend time with you and Lou. Which I always like doing" she adding.

"And we like having you around. But I know what you mean about there been no point. The whole point of you coming was to see what it was like wearing nappies full time. That doesn't really work if you don't wear them when it would be inconvenient" Allie said. She pulled into Hannah's driveway and switched off the engine. Hannah and Allie both got out and Hannah walked to the front door and unlocked it.

"Did you want a drink or something first?" Hannah said as they both walked in the house.

"No I'm ok" Allie said.

"Alright then. Come on upstairs then" Hannah said. Allie followed Hannah up the stairs.

"Why don't you just have a look at what you have whilst I just go to the toilet" Allie said once they were at the top of the stairs.

"Oh ok" said Hannah. She went into her room and opened up her wardrobe.

By the time Hannah had pulled a few things out of the wardrobe, Allie had finished in the bathroom. Allie sat down on the bed and Hannah started to pull her top off so that she could try on the clothes. Hannah then suddenly realised that the curtains were wide open. She let her top fall back down and went to pull the curtains closed.

"I didn't want people to be able to see in when I am going to be changing and wearing a nappy as well," Hannah explained. She then lifted off her top and grabbed a dress from the pile of clothes that were draped over her bed. She quickly put the dress over her head and then put her arms into it and tugged it down over her nappy.

Once Hannah had it on properly she turned round to look at Allie.

"How does it look?" she asked.

"Er Han, you might want to have a look in the mirror" was the only comment Allie made. Hannah's face fell and she turned to look in the mirror. The nappy was very obvious under the dress. Her whole middle looked puffy.

"I guess this one is out then," Hannah said as she began to pull the dress up to get it back over her head. She looked fairly upset about the fact that she wasn't going to get to wear the dress. Allie passed Hannah a pair of trousers, which Hannah quickly stepped into after passing the dress to Allie. She pulled them up her legs, but was frustrated to find that she couldn't even get the trousers over her nappy properly. Hannah pulled them off and instead of passing them to Allie; she threw them down onto the bed.

"Han," Allie said in surprise.

"You don't need to get so worked up about it"

"It's frustrating" Hannah said.

"Why don't you pass me the next thing?"

After trying on another two pairs of trousers and been no closer to finding something which would fit properly over her nappy, Hannah was really frustrated and upset.

"Han, don't get upset about it. You can just wear the jeans that you had on today if you want to" Allie said. As Allie said that, she noticed that Hannah's eyes were looking very teary.

"Aww Hannah come here," said Allie. Hannah went and sat next to Allie on the bed. Allie put an arm round her.

"Come on, don't start crying about it. It's nothing to get upset about," Allie said.

"What was I thinking" Hannah exclaimed.

"Why would anything I own fit me? I mean what sort of shop sells clothes for 18 year old with extra room to fit a nappy. Only baby clothes are made with extra room for a nappy". At that point Hannah started to cry. Allie stood up and reached for the box of tissues that were on Hannah's desk. She put them on the bed next to her and then grabbed one to wipe Hannah's eyes with.

"Han, I'm sure you aren't the only 18 year old that wears nappies," Allie said, not really knowing how else to comfort Hannah.

"Well it sure feels like it" Hannah said through her tears.

"It might seem like that at times Hannah. This is just a temporary thing though. You hating the nappies. Pretty soon you will have forgotten all about this. And even if you don't, you can easily stop wearing nappies during the day. You have managed with pull-ups before. So if you decided to stick with pull-ups during the day then you would manage again" Allie said. She threw the tissue in the bin and let Hannah carry on crying. There was no point in her trying to wipe up Hannah's tears whilst she was still crying.

"But I can't manage with the pull-ups" Hannah sniffled.

"It is more difficult to change them. And I worry about leaking a lot more"

"I don't really know what else to say to you then Han" Allie said gently as she rubbed Hannah's back.

"We can go shopping if you want. This weekend maybe, and we can get you some more clothes. In the next size up so that they will fit over your nappy"

"Thanks. But that doesn't exactly help tonight does it" Hannah said. She was still crying.

"No I suppose not," Allie said.

"I tell you what. I will have another look through your wardrobe. To see if I can find anything". Allie stood up, even though she was reluctant to leave Hannah sitting there alone whilst she was crying. Allie began looking through the things that were left in Hannah's wardrobe.

"Do you know something?" Hannah said suddenly.

"I already have to buy some clothes in the size bigger just to fit over my pull-ups. So if I have to buy them in the size bigger than that, then it means I am going to be wearing clothes that are two sizes too big for me". Hannah finished talking and started to cry even harder. Allie went back over to sit next to Hannah. She put her arm around Hannah's shoulders. Whilst she was crying Hannah accidentally messed herself and on realising what she had done, Hannah cried even more. She tried to stand up off the bed slightly so that she wasn't sat in her mess. As Hannah was trying to stand up, Allie was suddenly able to smell what Hannah had done.

"Han" Allie said.

"Yeah" Hannah said as she took a sharp intake of breath.

"I found a skirt in your wardrobe which I think will fit over your nappy. Do you want to try it on?" Allie asked. She hoped that Hannah would admit that she needed a new nappy on, rather than Allie having to ask her about it, which would probably cause Hannah more embarrassment.

"Yeah" Hannah said, slowly nodding her head.

"But I um..." she said.

"That's ok. I can do it for you if you want" Allie said.

"I can do it for myself"

"Yeah. I know you can. I just wanted to let you know that I can help you if you want. If not, I can wait outside your room until you have finished. That way you will have some privacy," Allie said. She waited, as Hannah appeared to be thinking it over.

"Can you help me please?" Hannah eventually said.

"Of course" Allie said. She let Hannah sit back down on the bed whilst she grabbed the changing mat and other things she was going to need. Allie put the changing mat on the bed and Hannah moved so that she was lying on top of it. Allie then quickly changed Hannah.

Once Hannah was in a clean and dry nappy and Allie had thrown away the old nappy, Allie put the things away. Whilst she was doing this Hannah was able to stop crying. She had been quietly sniffling throughout the change.

"Here you go" Allie said as she passed Hannah the box of tissues.

"Why don't you dry your eyes?"

"Thanks" Hannah said.

"Once you have dried your eyes you can try on that skirt and see if that fits you properly," said Allie.

Hannah wiped her eyes and then balled up the tissue in her hand.

"Ok, pass me the skirt then" Hannah said holding out her hands. Allie took the skirt off the hanger and then handed it over. Hannah stood up and then stepped into the skirt. Once it was pulled up, Allie zipped it up at the back and then stepped backwards to check whether the skirt covered up the nappy properly.

"Is the skirt ok?" Hannah asked. She looked down and smoothed out the skirt with her hands.

"Yeah. There is no visible bulge or anything," Allie said.

"Why don't you have a look in the mirror and see if it is ok" she suggested. Hannah walked over to the mirror. She looked in it and was surprised with what she saw. Because the skirt was flared from the waist down, there was no bulge. Hannah walked back over to the bed, and listened for the sound of the nappy crinkling.

"There is a bit of crinkling" Hannah mentioned as she sat back down on the bed.

"Yeah, but not enough that anyone else would notice. And also there will be music playing at the party, which would mask the sound anyway"

"Are you sure?"

"Yep. You will just need a top now. And some sort of shoes to wear with it as well" Allie said. Hannah went over to her chest of drawers and opened one of them.

"Can you look in my wardrobe, to see if there are any tops in there that will go with this skirt whilst I look in the drawer?" Hannah asked Allie.

"Yeah of course" Allie said. She began looking through the clothes in the wardrobe.

"What top do you normally wear with the skirt?"

"I have only worn the skirt a couple of times I think. And both times I wore this shirt I have. But I wore the shirt the other day so it is still in the wash" Hannah said. She rooted through the tops in her drawer.

"Will this shirt be ok" Allie said holding out a shirt on a hanger for Hannah to look at. Hannah took it, and then held it up against her body.

"Does it go with the skirt?" Hannah asked.

"Yeah. Why don't you try it on and see how far down it goes. Just in case the waistband of the nappy comes above the skirt" Allie said. Hannah was already wearing just her bra and the skirt, so she quickly pulled the shirt on. It reached just below the top of the skirt, which meant that it would hide it if the nappy showed above the top of the skirt.

"They look nice together"

"They do? Good" Hannah said. She glanced over towards the mirror to look at her reflection.

"So this is what I'm going to wear tonight then" Hannah said.

"How long are we going to be before we go?"

"Quite a while. You would probably be better to change back into your jeans. Just in case" Allie said. Hannah quickly pulled off the skirt and shirt and then pulled back on her jeans and top.

"Ok. I'm all ready" Hannah said. She picked the clothes up off the bed.

"Shoes" Allie said to remind her. Hannah quickly bent down and looked under bed, where most of her shoes were kept. She quickly chose a pair and then stood up again.

"Ok, now I'm ready. I mean unless there is something else you can think of that I need"

"Nope. You do have enough nappies at the flat to last for the rest of today and most of tomorrow, don't you? Because if not, we might as well pick some up whilst we are here"

"I have enough at the flat," Hannah said.

"Ok then. We should probably be getting back then. We will probably beat Louise back home" Allie said. They walked out of the room and down the stairs.

Both of them were quickly out of the house and in the car. Allie drove them back to the flat. During the car ride, Allie switched on the radio and Hannah appeared to be deep in thought. As Allie pulled up outside the flat, Hannah spoke.

"I'm sorry about getting upset before. You know stressing out because nothing was fitting me" Hannah apologised.

"That's ok. Wearing them full time, if it comes down to that, is going to mean that you are going to have to go through some stuff in the rest of your life that other people wouldn't have to do. You just need to get used to those types of things," Allie said. Although, obviously she had never gone through anything like that, she was trying to be understanding towards Hannah going through it.

"Thanks. I'm glad that it was you there and not one of my uni friends or something. Even in front of Kendra, that would have been so embarrassing. Actually, even in front of you it was embarrassing" Hannah said. She went slightly red as she thought through what had happened.

"Don't worry about it ok. I'm not going to tell anyone else about it"

"What about Louise?"

"Nope. I won't even tell her," Allie said.

"Unless you want her to know what happened," she added.

"No, please don't tell her. It would be so embarrassing if my older sister knew that I had got stressed out because nothing was fitting me, and then ended up crying about it and shitting myself as well" Hannah said. She looked as if she was on the verge of crying again.

"We are here now, so do you want to get out of the car" Allie said trying to distract Hannah.

"Yeah ok" Hannah said. She opened the door and then got out and grabbed the clothes, which she had put on the back seat. Allie then got out of the car. Once it was locked up, the both went upstairs to the flat.

When they were inside, Hannah walked through to her bedroom and laid down her clothes on the bed carefully, so as to avoid wrinkling them. She then went back out into the lounge. Allie was straightening the cushions on the sofa.

"So what are we going to do now?" Hannah said to get Allie's attention.

"It's up to you Han. I'm going to get a drink and then watch a bit of TV until Lou gets home"

"Oh ok. Do you mind if I use the Internet then?" Hannah asked.

"To check my emails and stuff"

"Go ahead" Allie said. Hannah went into the spare bedroom, which was where the computer was. As soon as she was in the room Hannah pulled down her jeans and then neatly stepped out of them, using her foot to fling them up onto the bed. Feeling more comfortable without the trousers on, Hannah looked down at her nappy to try and tell if it was still dry. She couldn't tell properly, so she walked over the computer desk and sat down. Hannah switched on the computer and the screen on. Whilst it was loading up, Hannah parted her legs and looked down again. This time she was properly able to see the wetness indicator and was able to tell that she was still dry.

By that time, the computer had loaded up, so Hannah quickly clicked on the internet. Once the internet page was displayed Hannah decided to go on MSN and see if any of her friends were online. She clocked open the MSN screen and then quickly typed in her email address and password. She then signed in. Hannah then checked her email. She had three, none of which needed replying to.

As Hannah was typing the web address for Daily Diapers, Marie messaged her. Hannah's hand quickly moved away from the keyboard as if she thought Marie would be able to tell what she was looking at just by messaging her. Hannah replied to Marie, and then clicked on to view the Daily Diapers forums.

In between talking to Marie, Hannah was able to look at some of the posts that had been posted since she had last been on the site. She was pleased to see that Kendra had posted another part of her story. So far it had three replies to it. Two were from the same people that had posted replies to the first part of the story, diamondback688 and the diaper mike. The third reply was from someone calling themselves Alex Nappy. The name immediately reminded Hannah of Alex. She thought of his phone number and again wondered whether or not to ring him. Hannah explained it wall to Marie, who's first comment was 'Wow, you haven't been out with anyone for ages and now you have two guys wanting to go out with you'. Marie advised Hannah to wait until after she had been out with Jamie before ringing Alex to see if he still wanted to go on a date.

Hannah carried on looking at other websites, whilst talking to Marie. After a while Hannah decided to go out and sit with Allie for a bit. She knew that Louise would be back from work soon. After Hannah had decided to do that, she told Marie that she had to go, and then switched off the computer. Once the computer was switched off, Hannah stood up and then went into the lounge. She looked briefly at her jeans as she walked across the room, but decided to go without them.

Allie was sat with her legs curled under her, on the sofa. A mug was in her hand and the TV was on.

"Have you come to join me?" Allie said when she heard the door opening.

"Yep. I have finished on the computer now" she said going to sit in the armchair.

"Good. So did you have any emails then?" Allie asked.

"Three, but nothing that was important" Hannah said.

"Oh ok" Allie said. Hannah decided to go and sit with Allie, so she stood up from the chair and walked over to the sofa before sitting down.

"So you've come to join me now then," Allie commented.

"Yep" Hannah said. She shifted back in her seat, and then lifted up her legs so that they were on sofa. Hannah then quickly crossed her legs in front of her and briefly looked down. She was disappointed to see that her nappy was slightly wet. Allie noticed Hannah looking down and realised what she was doing.

"Are you ok?" Allie asked.

"Yeah of course" Hannah said looking up quickly. She felt kind of embarrassed to have been caught checking her nappy by Allie.

"Good" Allie said turning back to the TV. Hannah looked over to the TV and started watching it as well.

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