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Holly was new at the University this year. It was a big school, with lots of new faces that she'd never seen before. Perfect, she thought. Her previous college had been much less than what she originally expected it would be.

The first year was OK, but the second year, all the girls on her floor started backstabbing each other and turned on each other.

Holly had tried to stay neutral in the whole thing, but it wasn't easy. She had to take sides, and that was exactly what she didn't want to have to do. A fresh start, she said.

That's all I need.

This college functioned a little differently than her other one. Whereas the previous college was a state university, very large and overbearing, very conservative, this college was a welcome change.

Johnson College. She liked the sound of it. Simple. She had been raised very conservatively, her father being a businessman and her mother being a spokeswoman for a council. She was always caught up in the bustle of the city and had always wished she could just live on a farm or something. Somewhere where life wasn't so complicated.

Johnson had some interesting policies: new students had the option of being in a co-ed dormroom with another new student.

The restrooms were co-ed. But the classes were very demanding. The average student brought home six hours of homework every night. Holly didn't know if she was ready for that, but she'd have to give it all she had.

It was move-in day. Her parents, being the conservative types, did not agree with her desire to attend Johnson, and said they would pay the tuition, but that was it. Therefore, they did not accompany her down to school to move in.

She jumped out of her '89 Corolla that morning and looked hopefully at the college. She looked very cute today. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and overalls. Her hair was pulled back into twin braids. She went to the registration desk for the dorms, and found the woman in charge.

"Excuse me? Hi, my name's Holly Porter. I think I'm in Room 204." The young woman smiled.

"Oh, hi, Holly! I'm Nicole Bradley, your RA.

Yes, Room 204. I think your roommate should be there by now." Holly smiled.

"Thanks!" She walked up the stairs to the second floor and found her room. When she opened the door, she was surprised to find her roommate was a guy.

He was unpacking things with his parents. When she walked in, he quickly turned around.

"Hi! You must be Holly," he said.

She broke into a big bright smile.

"Yes! And you're Jason." He smiled.

"That's right. And these are my parents, Tim and Mary Albers." The two parents each shook Holly's hand.

"I hope you don't mind. I kind of got here and just claimed this side of the room." Holly smiled and shrugged indifferently.

"No problem."

"Where are your parents?" asked Jason.

"Oh, they didn't come down. They're not exactly thrilled with the idea of me going here." Jason's parents tried to empathize. His mother walked over to Holly.

"Let me give you a hand. I think these guys can handle Jason's stuff." Holly smiled and accepted.

Holly and Mrs. Albers chatted, talked girl talk, as they moved her stuff into the room. It wasn't a bad climb--she was lucky she was only on the second floor. She saw other girls crying from climbing up twelve flights of stairs to the all-girls floor. Holly felt sorry for them.

They got back to the room, and finally had all the stuff loaded in. Holly wiped the perspiration from her forehead. It was a hot hot day, and, being in the middle-of-nowhere of Missouri, it was very humid out. By this time, Holly was very tired and weak. Jason had brought a couch, and she promptly sat down on it. She sat there, drinking a Pepsi, as Jason's toolman-type father went to work on lofting the beds. He realized he'd forgotten a few tools down in their van.

"Hey, Jace. I left the rest of the tools in the van.

You wanna go get them?"

"Sure" said Jason. Holly figured she'd tag along.

"I'll go with ya!" Jason smiled and they were on their way.

They walked to the van, and Holly was very ambitious.

She walked slightly ahead of Jason, allowing him to get a look at her figure. Wow, he thought. She looks really good. I can't believe she's going to be my roommate. And those overalls--she looks like she's straight off the farm.

They got to the van, and Jason pulled out the key from his pocket. He popped the trunk and found the toolkit. He examined the contents.

"Hmmm, don't think Dad'll need all of these," he said.

"Maybe just the hammer and the screw kit."

"I'll carry some of that," offered Holly.

"Oh, no, it's okay," said Jason.

"There's really not that much." She grabbed the hammer from him.

"Why not--I've got the hammer loop!" she said as she dropped it into the loop of her overalls and smiled at him.

"Yes you do," he said. Jason wasn't going to argue--she was great! They got back up to the room, and Jason handed his dad the screw kit, and Holly pulled out the hammer and set it down next to him. Jason's mom looked and Holly and smiled--she was so cute! "Almost got your bed lofted, Holly," said Jason's dad as he finished tightening the screws.

"Let's get your boxes unpacked." Holly started unpacking all her boxes, most of them containing clothes and stuffed animals. She had completely packed out her Corolla, leaving very little breathing room inside. It was a relief to finally have the seven- hour drive over with. She had two entire boxes filled with jeans, another two with shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters, and then three filled with stuffed animals. Jason watched as she unpacked the boxes and sorted everything into its appropriate drawer. He noticed, however, that her entire supply of panties only consisted of a corner of one of the boxes. That couldn't last her very long, he thought. He quickly dismissed it as she pulled out a couple of bathing suits, and put them into a drawer.

Soon, her computer and everything was installed and set up under her bed on her desk. Her stuffed animals took up a big portion of her bed, but she'd still be able to sleep in it, he figured. There were a few medium- sized boxes that she hadn't unpacked, but simply put away in her closet, still closed. He wondered what was in those.

Holly sat down in her desk chair, provided by the dorms, as Jason got his TV hooked up. He flipped it on, and some soap opera appeared on the screen. Holly wasn't very interested by it, and she soon drifted off into a light sleep, sitting in her chair.

She woke up, probably no more than ten minutes later, abruptly.

Something wasn't right. She felt....wet. She looked down at her crotch.

She had wet her pants in her sleep. She felt the blood rush to her face.

She quickly looked around to see if Jason or his parents had seen her.

They all were quite transfixed on the television. She gasped as she shifted in her chair and felt the warm pee against her skin, through her underwear.

Jason's mom turned around.

"Oh, dear! Are you okay, sweetie?" she exclaimed.

Holly tried to appear calm.

"Jeez, I just fell asleep, and suddenly I woke up to this!" Mrs. Albers placed an arm around her shoulder.

"It's okay, it's okay.

Don't worry about it."

"I don't understand it!" Holly cried.

"I haven't done this for a reeeally long time!" By this time, Jason and his dad had managed to pull themselves away from the television, and took a look at what was going on. Jason's dad was also very sympathetic. Jason had to admit, he found all this quite stimulating. He had never seen an eighteen-year-old girl wet her pants before. He felt bad for her, but at the same time, it was kind of a turn-on.

He was so immersed in these thoughts that he didn't even think to help her out at all. Suddenly, he snapped back into reality as his mother called him.

"Jason, step outside with your father! We've got to change her clothes," she said. Jason grabbed his key, and walked out into the hall with his father.

"What a sweet girl," his father said.

Jason nodded.

"She seems just great. I wonder if she's still a bedwetter.

That's kind of interesting." His father shrugged.

"Probably not a big deal. Some people deal with that longer than others." Again, Jason nodded in agreement with his father.

"I just hope she won't wreck her mattress."

"She just got done with a long car drive," his father said.

"She probably had to keep the caffeine up just to stay awake. I think she just crashed." The door opened. Jason's mom waved them inside.

Jason was disappointed to see that Holly had taken off those great-looking overalls.

She still had her pink shirt on, but now she was wearing a pair of white sweatpants. She still looked awfully cute, though.

Pretty soon, all was done, and Jason's parents headed back to their hotel.

Parents' Weekend was only just beginning, and the Albers were going to take advantage of everything the college had to offer.

Jason started fooling around with his stereo as Holly settled into her big basket chair with some literature on the college. She looked up at him.

"What kind of music you got?" she asked.

Jason exhaled.

"Oh boy. I've got a lot. You can look through this if you want." He handed her a carrying case containing one hundred CDs. She started flipping through the pages.

"Wow," she said, "you've got a lot of good music. I may just have to borrow some of this sometime."

"Well, you won't have to go very far," chuckled Jason.

Holly smiled. All she'd brought with her was her entire U2 collection, some Dave Matthews Band. Everyone seemed to have Dave Matthews. She had her Police, her INXS, Duran Duran, and all her other favorites.

However, all that only amounted to about twenty CDs. Jason had a couple of the same CDs, but for the most part, what he had she liked, and was planning to get at some point.

They both had computers set up on their desks under their beds. Holly had a high-powered laptop, and Jason had a big desktop unit with a bunch of external units hooked up via a tangle of wires and cables in back. Somehow he must get it to work, she said. Jason pointed to one of the drives.

"You know, if you want to get your own copy of some of my music, I've got a CD burner right here," he explained.

"You can make your own mix CD of your favorite songs of mine." Holly broke into a bright smile.

"Really? That's so cool!" Jason was amused at her astonishment.

"Yeah. Once things settle in around here, I'll show you how to use it. It couldn't be much easier." Holly smiled and turned back to her literature. It was going to be a good year.


Around dinnertime, Holly and Jason were very well settled in. Holly was sacked in her basket chair, and Jason was sprawled out on the couch. They were both listening to Jason's stereo. Holly suddenly sprang up.

"Let's go meet some of our neighbors."

"Sounds good," said Jason.

They went out their door, and knocked on the door of the room next door.

A brown-haired guy answered the door.

"Hey," he said.

Holly stepped forward.

"Hi, I'm Holly Porter, and this is Jason Albers. We live right next door," she explained.

"Oh, hi! I'm Matt Jacobs. This is my roommate, Kimberly Nelson," he said as he pointed to a small redhead sitting at her desk, holding an acoustic guitar.

Kim looked up.

"Hey, guys!" she said. Holly and Jason walked in. Their room was set up a little differently. Neither one had their beds lofted, which made it feel much tighter; however, they didn't have much furniture other than their beds, desks and dressers. They appeared to be using their beds as places to sit.

Holly laughed.

"So are you serenading him?" she asked Kimberly.

Kimberly chuckled.

"I guess so. I'm playing, he's listening." Matt grinned.

"She plays really well. She knows a lot of songs." Holly smiled. This was great! It seemed like everyone so far was really happy with their roommates.

"So, do you know if every room on this floor is guy-girl?" she asked.

Matt answered.

"I think so, except for one room at the end of the hall, opposite Nicole's room--you've met Nicole, the RA, right?" he asked. Holly and Jason nodded. Matt continued.

"Well, I think that room has two girls in it." They don't know what they're missing, thought Holly to herself.


Holly and Jason met the rest of the floor at their mandatory floor meeting that night. They all seemed really cool, she thought.

Jason wanted to go play pool with some of the other guys downstairs. That was cool with Holly. She was tired after this exhausting day. She went back into the room, turned on a lamp, and put on some of the jazz she'd brought with her.

David Benoit, boy, can he play the piano. She took off her t-shirt and sweatpants first, then her lacy bra and panties. She pulled out a pair of pajamas from her lingerie drawer. It was a lavendar set, with a tank-top and a button-down cardigan-type piece. She took her hair out of the braids, letting the long golden strands fall to her shoulders. She climbed up into bed, and flipped the lamp off.

Jason came in a few hours later, and was very quiet not to disturb his sleeping roommate. Wow, he thought, she's got to be one of the most beautiful women on this campus. She definitely was a sight. She knew what was sexy. But she didn't carry herself as though she knew she was sexy.

She'd be quite the roommate.

Holly woke up the next morning, and had to go to the bathroom pretty bad. It was a pain not having the bathrooms in the rooms this year. She had a thought.

Well, I could just lay here, no, no, any repeat of yesterday's embarrassing occurance, and Jason might get suspicious. Besides, she didn't want to wreck her pajamas.

She jumped down out of bed, and skittered down the hall to the unisex bathroom.

She opened the door cautiously at first. Good, I'm all alone, she thought. She barely made it to the toilet before she burst. She flushed, washed her hands, and ran back down the hall back to the room.


The first week was excruciating. Holly had homework coming out her ears.

Jason wasn't doing much better. All the brochures said it: Johnson is a tough school. But that's why they were all paying twenty thousand dollars every year to go there. Hopefully, it'll get better, she said to herself.

Friday, however, was too much. Holly came back crying from her chem lab.

The first weekend of the school year, and the teacher assigned over a hundred pages of required reading. She got back to her room, and Jason wasn't there.

That's right, he's got a night class Fridays. That must suck, thought Holly. Her mind was racing. How is this going to end? she thought. It can't get much worse, and it's only the first week. She needed a fix. She needed a release.

She went over to her closet, and slowly opened one of the unmarked cardboard boxes she hadn't opened last weekend. She tore off the tape sealing the box, then one flap, then the other, and finally opening the two inner flaps. Inside, neatly stacked, were two dozen adult disposable diapers. She plucked two from the top of the box, and ran to her desk. She feverishly began unbuttoning her oxford shirt and unfastening the belt on her slacks.

She grabbed a pair of scissors from her desk, and cut a slit straight down the middle of the plastic on one of the diapers. After she had completely stripped, she set that diaper underneath her, and taped it on. She spread the plastic apart, and taped the other diaper on top of the first one. She looked around nervously, as if someone might be watching her. She didn't see anyone, so she stood up. As she did, somebody knocked at the door. Her heart froze.

Her knees almost went weak. She waited.

Another knock. Then a voice.

"Holly, are you in there?" asked the voice on the other side. She quickly put on a bathrobe and answered the door. It was Nicole.

"Just wanted to make sure everything's going all right for you," she said.

Holly smiled.

"Oh, yeah, classes are just a pain," she said, hoping her diaper wouldn't rustle. That would be the worst.

Nicole agreed.

"Yeah, classes are going to kill me this semester. But, then again, they always do." Holly laughed sarcastically. So this is what she had to look forward to. All she could think about, however, was her diaper inside the robe. She could feel herself starting to wet it. She got nervous. Nicole wasn't leaving. She noticed the flow inside her diaper was turning from a trickle into a stream. She could hear it bubbling inside the diaper.

"So, what classes do you have this semester?" asked Nicole innocently.

Oh no, thought Holly, an eternal question.

"Oh man, I gotta think," she said, stalling.

Then the miracle.

"No, don't stress out. I was just curious," Nicole said.

Holly was still filling her diaper and she couldn't stop.

"G'night," Nicole said.

As she turned to walk away, Holly felt a few drops of pee leak out of the diaper and hit the floor. She quickly shut the door, and ran back to her desk. She finally stopped. There were a few drops on the floor, but not too many. She grabbed a used washcloth from her laundry, and wiped up the droplets. She took off the diaper and put it in the wastebasket, underneath some trash already there.

Holly went back to her closet and got another diaper.

She taped it on, and opened another box in her closet. She drew from it a pink bodysuit, with a scooped neck and lace on the short sleeves. She pulled it on over her head, and fastened it closed at the crotch. Looking down, the diaper almost couldn't be seen. That is, until she twirled in the large mirror in the room, and could definitely see the lines.

It was like she'd forgotten about everything that had happened that week. She really liked the feeling of diapers. She always had.

Of course, she'd only worn them initially when she was very little, but she always wanted to get back into them. She had a younger brother whose diapers she stole occasionally, but always had to be very careful about when she would wear or wet them. No one in her family had any notion of her love for diapers. In fact, only one friend back home, Rachel Thomas, shared her desire to be diapered.

Suddenly, she heard a bunch of guys' voices out in the hall. She recognized one of them as Jason's. She quickly got back up into bed, and pulled the covers over herself. Jason turned the key in the door, and entered with several other guys. He turned on the light, and noticed her already in bed.

"Oh, jeez! I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were in bed already," he said.

Holly sat up slightly.

"No, that's OK, Jason. I was just resting my eyes." Jason pointed to her bodysuit.

"From the looks of it, you're all set to go to bed." Holly looked down, just to make sure no signs of her diaper were visible.

"Yeah, I kind of decided to just check in early tonight."

"That's cool," Jason said.

"By the way, this is Darin and Neal," he said, pointing to the two guys who had entered the room with him.

"This is Holly Porter." The guys said hi, and Holly said hi back.

He turned back to Holly.

"Yeah, we were just going to watch a movie, but if you're going to bed--"

"No, go right ahead," Holly said.

"I'll probably write in my journal or something." Jason, Darin and Neal settled in on the couch and on the floor. Holly eventually was ready to go to sleep, but she was a little thirsty. She looked down. The boys seemed very engrossed in their movie.

She didn't want to disturb them by asking one of them to fill up her water bottle for her.

"Hey, Jason?" she asked.

"Yeah, Holly?" he replied.

"Could you hand me just a pair of pants in my laundry? I just need to run down the the bathroom."

"Sure," he said, and he got up off the couch. Neal, who was on the floor, quickly claimed his spot. Jason rummaged through the laundry until he found the overalls she had wet earlier in the week. He pulled them out and handed them up to her.

She accepted them, and pulled them under her covers.

He could have picked something easier to get into, she thought. Especially lying down. She pulled the overalls up and hooked the straps over her shoulders. She climbed out of bed, and got down to the floor. Jason looked at her.

She looked really cute in those overalls and that pink top with the lace. She left the room with her empty water bottle.

After filling it up, she returned to the room, got back into bed, finished off the water, and fell asleep with her overalls still on.

Just before she drifted off, she felt her bladder empty into her thick diaper. Warm and wet, she faded away.

Holly woke up the next morning, and realized she was no longer wearing her overalls. She must have kicked them off in the middle of the night or something.

She looked out over the edge of the bed for them.

Instead of lying in a pile on the floor, she found them neatly folded and set on her desk. I didn't do that, she thought. No! Was it Jason? Jeez, she thought.

If he had taken them off, then he must have seen her diapers. This could be a bad situation.

Then she realized a worse situation. Now she was stuck up in her bed, in only her pink bodysuit--which did nothing to really hide the diaper. Across the room lay Jason, asleep in bed. If she were to get out of bed, he might wake up and see her. Moreover, her diaper was very, very wet, and she would need to get out of it at some point. If rustling in bed would be enough to wake him up, then untaping it would surely wake him up.

She looked down at the bodysuit. None of the white plastic from her diaper peeked through any of the leg holes, but the bulge was noticeable. If he had taken her overalls off in the dark, he might not have noticed it.

Enough bantering! She quickly jumped out of bed, and landed wrong on the floor. The button closure of her bodysuit popped open, sending both ends flying upwards. As she fell back on the diaper, she heard it squish and felt it ooze underneath her. She jumped up, scurried over to the closet, and pulled out her bathrobe. Just as she pulled it on, Jason spoke.

"You alright?" he asked.

Holly whipped around, startled.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

I didn't mean to wake you up, Jason."

"No, it's cool. I'm hungry. I'm going to go down and get something at brunch. What time do they stop serving on Saturdays?" he asked.

"Ummm....11:30," said Holly.

Jason glanced at the clock.

"Whoa, I've only got ten minutes!" he said as he quickly jumped out of bed and pulled on a shirt.

"Come down with me!" Holly swallowed.

"No, really, it's okay." All she wanted was to get out of this diaper.

"You gotta eat, Holly," Jason said.

"You've probably already lost weight just from stressing out over classes. Come down and get something to eat with me." He gave her a puppy-dog-eyed look, and she could hardly refuse. But what would she wear? "Just come as you are," he said.

"I've seen lots of girls down there in their bathrobes and pajamas at breakfast." Reluctantly, she agreed.

"Okay," she said.

Once downstairs, she realized Jason was right. She saw Kimberly in her bathrobe, and Nicole was in pair of footed pajamas.

Her hair was pulled back in two pigtails. Holly liked that. The authority figure, but still in touch with her youth. However, something looked out of place with Nicole. Holly observed her.

It looked as though Nicole was bulging a bit at the waist. Holly felt the heat inside her rush up to meet her head. Was Nicole wearing diapers also? As Jason grabbed his food, Holly continued to keep a watchful eye on Nicole, looking for any other signs that she might be wearing a diaper.

When Jason and Holly sat down, Nicole was still getting her food. Holly watched as Nicole bent over to grab the fork she had dropped on the ground. Her butt was pointed directly at Holly. As she bent over, Holly could make out a definite bulge, probably the soaker pad of Nicole's diaper. Where it normally should have curved inwards with the crack of her butt, it bulged outward.

Holly smiled with satisfaction.

If it wasn't diapers she was wearing, it was something quite similar.

Nicole came over to sit with Jason, Holly and Kimberly. Jason and Kimberly were talking about Johnson's girls' soccer team, something Holly knew nothing about, so she decided to make small talk with Nicole. She heard a rustling noise when Nicole sat down.

"So, did you sleep well last night, Nicole?" asked Holly.

Nicole smiled.

"Oh yeah. Did some studying last night, got to sleep in this morning--yeah, it's nice." Holly agreed.

"Yeah, it is nice to sleep in." She wanted to try something.

"Although I did wake up once." She chuckled, as if to herself.

"Yeah, I practically wet the bed." She saw Nicole laugh nervously at those last three words. Yup, she thought, that's a diaper she's wearing. Nicole followed her laugh by looking down at her waist.

Then she tried to cover it with a lame RA remark.

"Yeah, you gotta watch your stress levels. Sometimes bedwetting is caused by stress," Nicole managed.

Holly had her answer. She brought the conversation back to a light level.

"Well, fortunately, I caught it in time. Why is it that the bathroom is way, way down the hall?" she asked.

"You must hate that, Nicole. Your room is further from it than anyone else's." She suddenly realized to herself--maybe--why Nicole might wear diapers.

Nicole laughed.

"Yeah, it's a bummer. I talked to them about moving the RAs around, so I could be closer, but it didn't happen." Holly was just about to ask her a question when Jason cut in.

"Hey, Hol. Kim and I are going to go check out the soccer field.

I'll see you later." Holly waved goodbye, and Nicole grabbed her tray.

"Mmmm....think I'm done, too. You done, Holly?" Holly picked up her tray.

"Yep." They dropped their trays off on the conveyor belt, and walked upstairs together. As they got to Nicole's door, Holly followed her in.

"Nicole, I have to ask you something." Completely unsuspecting, Nicole said "What's up?"

"Well...are you wearing diapers?" Nicole looked at her, then down.

"Ummmm......yeah." She turned beet-red with embarrassment.

Holly smiled.

"No, don't worry about it." Nicole looked on the verge of tears.

"Oh please, please don't tell anyone, Holly. I'm so ashamed." Holly brought a comforting arm around Nicole.

"No, no, there's nothing to be ashamed about, Nicole. It's totally cool. I kind of like it." Nicole looked up.

"You do?" she asked.

Holly stepped back, and opened up her bathrobe, revealing her unsnapped bodysuit and her soaked disposable diaper.

"Yeah. I really like it." Nicole laughed between tears.

"Was I that obvious?" Holly chuckled.

"Well, for roomy footy pajamas like those, I mean, for a diaper to show through that.....well, what are you wearing under there?"

"I've got a couple of Depends stuffers inside a belted undergarment, a large Pampers adult diaper, and then an Attends large adult diaper," she explained thoroughly.

"I'm a big pisser." Holly laughed.

"Are you wet now?" Nicole nodded as she sat back on her bed, looking at Holly's eyes.

"Like you said, my room's the farthest from the bathroom. I'd be sitting here studying at night, and then I'd have to go to the bathroom. By the time I'd get back, I'd be completely out of the mode."

"So, when did you start?" asked Holly.

"I had a girlfriend last year who started wearing diapers to parties for when she'd get drunk and then pass out. Everytime she woke up wet. Rather than give up drinking and partying, she went out and bought a pack of adult diapers.

Every night after that, whenever there was a party, she'd be there, in her diapers.

It seemed to work pretty well." Holly pulled up a chair, and sat down, spreading her legs to let some air inside her diaper.

Nicole continued.

"I was an RA last year also.

Having a room to myself makes it very easy to have little things like this. One night, I was studying, and felt the need to pee. I didn't want to break my study mode, so I held it in. After a while, though, it wouldn't stay in any more. I felt myself bursting. I ran to my garbage can, and peed in it right through my jeans. Of course, the mode was completely ruined after that, just with the thought of what I'd done. But it made me realize that I didn't have to go all the way down to the bathroom. It was just that peeing in a garbage can wasn't the most practical thing to do. But it made me so hot. I put down the books and started masturbating right there.

I picked up some diapers after that. I hadn't worn diapers since I was a baby.

At first, I didn't know they made diapers in adult sizes, but I found them, and brought them back. I couldn't believe how big they were!" Nicole came to a pause. She started crying again.

"If you'd seen me right before breakfast, I'd have had a pacifier in my mouth."

"You look cute, Nicole. You know, last night when you stopped by, I was wetting my diaper as we spoke. In fact, my diaper leaked as we were talking." Nicole looked up.

"Have you lost control?" Holly shrugged.

"Apparently so. I opted not to wear diapers on Move-In Day. I fell asleep in my chair and accidentally wet my overalls. Have you lost control?"

"Well, I guess I don't really try to control it anymore. I got so into it last year, it totally brought my grades up. I was studying so much, and never had to take a break, with the diapers there. But I started wetting my bed. I don't think it had to do with stress--I wasn't really under stress. But I'd be studying, and would wet my diaper without knowing it. I guess my mind just kind of turned that part off, since it wasn't being used. Now I don't have any control at all. I think it's just a thing about security. They make me feel secure." Holly reached a hand behind her head.

"Do you need a change?" Nicole nodded silently. Holly stood her up.

"Let me change you. Where's your supply?" Nicole pointed to a big Rubbermaid tub under the bed. Holly pulled the zipper down the back of Nicole's pajamas, and stopped at her diapered butt. She pulled the pajamas off her shoulders, and off her arms. The one-piece garment then easily fell to the floor. Nicole was not wearing a bra, only her diaper now.

Holly pulled out the Rubbermaid tub, and flipped the latches on both sides, releasing the top. Inside were a variety of different diapers, all still in packages with torn tops. This had to be one of the biggest Rubbermaid tubs out there, thought Holly. She pulled out the changing mat, and laid it on Nicole's bed. She swatted Nicole lightly, prompting her up on to the bed. Nicole got on the bed, and popped her thumb in her mouth.

Holly untaped the Attends diaper, followed by the Pampers, then the belted diaper and finally removed the stuffers. Nicole was still very well-powdered, but it was saturated. A lot of wet baby powder. Holly found the powder and some baby wipes in the tub, and wiped off the old baby powder.

Nicole never took her eyes off Holly's face as she sucked her thumb, watching Holly ever so affectionately.

Holly pulled the wet diapers away, and pulled out two Attends diapers. She grabbed a pair of scissors from Nicole's desk, and walked back over to her.

"This is a little technique I use with my diapers," she said, as she cut a slit down the middle of one of the diapers. She taped it on Nicole, who was still sucking her thumb.

"Now, you'll probably wet quite a bit since we just had breakfast. I'll put some stuffers in here." She grabbed two stuffers, and adhered them on the inside of the outer diaper. She then taped on the outer diaper.

Nicole reached out her hand underneath Holly's diaper, and lightly stroked the underside of the diaper. Through the solidified wetness of the diaper, Holly could feel the stimulating little strokes offered her.

Nicole continued to suck her thumb as her other hand gracefully caressed Holly's diaper.

Holly lened forward over Nicole, pulled her thumb out of her mouth, and smiled warmly.

"All changed, pretty baby." Nicole sat up as the tears came flowing. She brought Holly closer, and kissed her.

Holly kissed back reassuringly. Nicole cried and cried as she kissed Holly, her hand moving through Holly's hair. Holly tenderly stroked her naked back, and allowed Nicole to consume her.

"There, there, baby," she cooed to Nicole.

"You make me feel so safe," sobbed Nicole.

"I feel so safe.....Mommy." Holly smiled and touched Nicole's nose.

"Such a big baby," she said as she rocked back and forth with Nicole.

"Such a cute little button." Nicole's touching turned into a full embrace as she kissed around Holly's neck.

"Such a cute little....oh!" Holly gasped pleasurably as Nicole gave a little stroke to the bottom of her diaper. Nicole stood up, and motioned for Holly to lay down on the bed, which she did. Nicole pulled Holly's bodysuit off, and unfastened her bra.

The two were now wearing only diapers.

Nicole grabbed her pacifier, and popped it in her mouth as she took to changing Holly. She untaped Holly's diapers and tossed them into her diaper pail. She cocked her head sideways and looked at Holly's vagina.

She let a tear roll down her cheek.

"Oh! It's like a flower!" she exclaimed.

She let her tongue paint some artistic strokes on Holly's clitoris. Holly gasped instantly, and started sweating as sensations she had never felt before began ravaging her nervous system. Nicole's tongue began creeping up Holly's body, and by the time it got back to her mouth, Holly was glad to accept it back. Just the mere flashing sensations were enough to make Holly go crazy. Cum spurted wildly out of her vagina, and shot hard and long onto the opposite wall. Nicole moved back down again, and quickly probed her tongue inside Holly's vagina, to prolong the orgasm.

Holly screamed as Nicole triggered a G-spot climax, powerful enough to send out surging jet streams of cum into Nicole's mouth and all over the bed. Nicole continued until Holly was completely spent. At that point, Holly turned into a puddle of girl on the bed as Nicole taped a fresh diaper on her. Then, Nicole slumped to the floor, the taste of fresh sweet cum still in her mouth, and wet her diaper.

At some point, Holly flowed back into reality. The fireworks had ended, and Nicole was still sprawled out on the floor. Holly rolled over as Nicole stood up.

"I'm afraid I've made your bed a little sticky, Nicole," said Holly.

Nicole grinned and sucked on her pinky finger coyly.

She gleefully skipped over to the bed, and planted a long, hard kiss on Holly's lips. Holly didn't care if it was another girl kissing her--it felt good, and it was sincere. Nicole pulled back the comforter, and invited Holly under the covers with her. Holly guessed it was nap time.

"Time for my baby to take a nap?"

"Take one with me, Mommy!" came the 'little girl' voice from Nicole. Holly got in, and wrapped her arms around Nicole, who sighed happily. Holly placed a hand on the bottom of Nicole's diaper, and felt that it was wet.

"Did you have an accident?" she asked Nicole.

Nicole responded affirmatively with a tired nod. As she did, Holly felt a surge of hot pee fill the diaper.

"Good girl!" whispered Holly to her baby. Nicole's eyes were closed, but she was beaming. She had never felt so comforted before, so affirmed for her diaper wearing. The security they both felt was immense, either giving or receiving an embrace. Total security. The only worry was that their diapers might leak. In complete bliss, they drifted off to sleep together.

The finger sex session must have taken a lot out of them, because when they woke up, it was dark outside. Nicole's room was almost completely dark. There was a dim streetlight shining through Nicole's blinds, but it didn't do much to light up the room. Holly woke up, and looked at Nicole's clock.

It was 8:04 p.m. She noticed she had wet her diapers in her sleep. Nicole was still asleep, pacifier in mouth.

Holly began kissing her lightly on her neck and shoulders. Nicole was a pretty girl.

And she was an adorable baby. As Holly's eyes adjusted to the dark, she looked Nicole over. Even to another girl, the sight of a girl's naked back with a diaper on was extremely erotic. Holly found herself fascinated.

She wasn't a lesbian, she didn't even think she was bi-sexual, but she was sure enjoying this. Maybe it was because she knew how much it meant to Nicole. She's very needy, observed Holly.

Nicole woke up. Holly was still there, kissing and caressing her. Nicole pulled Holly down to kiss her. They lay there, in absolute heaven, kissing and fondling each other. Once they were done, they lay in Nicole's bed, on their sides, facing each other.

"So, do you wear diapers all the time?" asked Holly.

"All the time. I don't have my control anymore," said Nicole.

"I never used to wet the bed. I never even thought about diapers before last year. And now, they're such a big part of my life. What about you?"


"Do you wear diapers all the time?" asked Nicole.

"I suppose I should. Control isn't something I handle well. I can go for periods of time where I have control, but then I'll wet my bed or pee in my pants or something.

It's unpredictable; that's why I should wear them all the time."

"Do your parents know?" asked Nicole.

"They might. They probably do, but they're not going to do anything about it.

They're so right-wing, they'd probably just try to forget about it. Once that happens, you're home-free. Do your parents know?"

"No," she said assuredly.

"I stayed here last summer, and that was a good thing.

If they found out....."

"It's okay. They don't need to find out," Holly said as she kissed Nicole.

"I like being the baby," Nicole said.

"Do you ever poop in your diapers?" asked Holly.

"Of course. I don't get down to the bathroom that often. That's a little more gross, though. The thought always intrigues me, but when it actually happens, it's disgusting. I just can't control it, though."

"I've pooped in mine a couple of times," said Holly.

"Usually not, though. I've been in love with diapers since as long as I can remember.

I remember in middle school, wearing them to school under my Guess jeans and Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls."

"Oskkosh B'Gosh!" exclaimed Nicole.

"I've got a pair of Oshkosh B'Gosh overalls too!" Holly smiled.

"Ever since I was a baby, I've been in Oshkosh B'Gosh. In fact, I've got three pairs of Oshkosh overalls back in my room.

Not to mention the other brands."

"How many pairs do you think you have?"

"Total? Probably about fifteen. I love overalls," said Holly.

"I used to wear them every day. All my friends thought I was going to turn into a farmer." Nicole laughed.

Holly continued.

"Yeah, but in high school, I found the adult disposables at the local drug store. I've been a regular there ever since.

You talk about how they looked so big.

I felt the same way. As I opened that first one up, my eyes got big and wide. This thing was going to gobble me up!" she said as she tickled Nicole. Nicole laughed and laughed. Holly pulled her closer and kept tickling her. Nicole couldn't stop laughing.

She stopped tickling. Nicole had this big bright smile on her face that made Holly happy. Holly watched as she moved in towards Nicole's face for a kiss. Nicole's eyes closed peacefully and her tongue was primed. They kissed long and passionately for a long time.

"Don't go," said Nicole.

"Stay with me, Mommy."

"Don't worry, baby," said Holly as she reached into Nicole's diaper.

"Mommy's not gonna leave you." Nicole felt other-worldly as Holly probed her finger around inside her. As the waves of love juice splattered inside the already-wet diaper, Nicole cried out lustfully. She never dreamed the day would take this kind of turn.


At about 11:30 or so, Holly pulled her hand out from Nicole's diaper, and kissed her good-night. Nicole was barely awake, sucking her thumb contently and making little cooing noises. She looked over Nicole as she lay there in bed. Holly found an empty water bottle on Nicole's desk, and quickly ran out into the hall to fill it. When she returned, Nicole was rubbing her eyes with clenched fists, just like a baby. Holly awakened her.

"Now, baby, I want you to drink all of this," she said. Nicole sat up dutifully, and accepted the water bottle. She slammed it all down quickly, and Holly took the bottle back.

"I know that you're a good little girl, but even good little girls still wet their diapers, so I know that you're going to wet yours." Nicole looked at her with puppy-dog eyes, as if she'd done something bad. It looked as though she was about to cry. Holly reached out to comfort her.

"There, there. It's okay, baby.

I know there's nothing you can do about it. That's why it's okay." Nicole wiped her misty eyes. Holly continued.

"But we have to make sure that your bed doesn't get soaked if your diaper leaks."

"How we do that, Mommy?" Holly, still wearing only her wet diaper, pulled out Nicole's Rubbermaid tub again. She pulled out two more Attends diapers.

"But Mommy, I'm already wearing diapers!" exclaimed Nicole.

"And you'll wear more!" said Holly. She took the scissors and expertly slit Nicole's outermost diaper right down the middle. The gel inside had done a wonderful job of soaking up Nicole's pee and love juice. Holly slipped another Attends under Nicole's already diapered butt, and taped it on. After slitting that one, she taped another one on.

With each new diaper, the blue tapes on either side got further and further apart. Holly stood back and looked on.

"I feel like a big ball!" said Nicole.

"Hmmm...." pondered Holly as she looked over Nicole's absorbency situation.

"I don't know if this is going to be enough, though....." With no hesitation, she slit open the outermost diaper, grabbed a couple of stuffers and a Pampers large adult diaper. She wedged the Pampers under Nicole's bulging butt, and stuck the two stuffers inside the diaper before taping it on. Now Nicole had five diapers on, with four stuffers inside.

"But, you know, all the padding in the world won't necessarily stop a leak. Baby could still wake up in a wet bed. Are you going to be a good baby girl and wet your diaper tonight?" she asked Nicole, who nodded anxiously.

"We better figure something out." Holly reached into the Rubbermaid, and grabbed a cloth diaper with velcro closures. She unfolded it, and wrapped it around Nicole's diapers, making sure that any cracks in the plastic of the diapers would be covered by the cloth diaper. However, when it came time to put on her plastic panties over the cloth diaper, she found that there were none that would fit over the cloth diaper AND five disposable diapers. But--there was a box of white kitchen trash bags under Nicole's desk. Holly jumped up, grabbed one of the bags, and shook it open. She punctured two holes, one on the bottom corners of the bag. She pulled Nicole's legs into it, and told her to point her toes. Nicole did as she was told, and the holes in the plastic bag quickly stretched to accomodate Nicole's legs. By the time the plastic bag was pulled all the way up, a watertight seal had been form-fitted to her legs.

Holly grabbed some masking tape, and pulled the plastic bag up as far as it would go.

The top of the bag eventually reached up to just above Nicole's breasts. Holly pulled it tight, and taped it off with an extreme amount of tape. She was now waterproof.

Holly smiled, and kissed her good-night again.

"I'll be back in the morning to check and see if you're wet!" As Holly left, Nicole beamed in bed and instantly flooded her diapers, the strem continuing for about forty seconds, and thoroughly soaking most of the diapers she had on. She would pee more during the night, so she was glad she was as heavily diapered as she was.

As Holly walked down the hall, she realized that she had been wearing the same thing all day: her bathrobe, her bodysuit, and another wet diaper, thanks to Nicole. When she walked into her room, the lights were all off. She flipped them on, and froze in horror.

One of her disposable diapers was sitting out on her desk, unused, neatly folded, straight out of the package. She closed her eyes in disbelief.

She certainly hadn't left it out, therefore, it must have been Jason. Just as she turned around, Jason walked in.

"Hey, Holly. Where have you been all day? You're still in your pajamas." She held up the diaper, holding back tears.

" did this come from?" Jason seemed incredibly relaxed.

"I've been putting two and two together now for the last couple of days. It all dates back to Move-In Day, when you wet your pants. That threw me for a loop. But I must say, it intrigued me.

Then, last night and all the to-do about getting you some pants to wear to go down to the bathroom. I noticed you fell asleep with your overalls still on last night. I took them off, figuring they'd get all wrinkled or something, and I saw your diapers on you.

Then, this morning, when you jumped out of bed and grabbed your bathrobe, you left your closet door open. We went down to breakfast, and you took off afterwards. When I came back to the room, I went to close your closet door, and saw the box of diapers inside." Damn snoop, thought Holly to herself. She started to cry.

Jason walked over to comfort her.

"Hey, it's okay. I have no problem with it. I figure you either wear them because you need them, or because you enjoy them. Either of which is a good enough reason to wear them. The point is this: don't feel like you have to hide them from me. Among other things, it turns me on." Holly looked up.

"Do I turn you on?" Jason laughed.

"Girl, you couldn't tell?" Holly looked back down.

"Just....just hold me then." As Jason's arms came around her, she buried her face in him and sobbed.

Unconsciously, she began wetting her diaper again. As Jason rubbed her back, he looked down at the pee that was now hitting the floor. He stopped her crying for a second.

"Um, Holly....I think you're leaking." Holly froze for a second, looked down at the puddle between her feet, then started crying again.

"Oh.....I didn't even know it was happening! What's happening to me?" Jason laid her down on the floor, trying to conceal his own rock-hard erection.

"We'll have to get you changed. It's okay, it's probably jsut the stress of a new environment.

We can get you changed here quickly."

"Will you change me?" asked Holly.

"....sure. But I haven't changed a diaper in a long time, though, so you'll have to bear with me." Holly laughed.

"Oh, that's okay. I change mine all the time--I'll walk you through it."

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