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Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

Honey, I'm A Baby Again - Part I

By Robert

READERS: If you like this story, please let me know at KISPMCSC@YAHOO.COM. And please read and send your comments to my other stories, "THE BABYING of BARBARA LETO" Series, "THE BABY HOTEL" Series, and "THE BABYING of HER OLDER SISTER", a new Series. All comments are welcome. Thank you, Robert.

NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either a product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

This work is dedicated to the actress who plays Diane in the television show, Barbara Alyn Woods, who I would love to see in this position.

Wayne Szalinski was your typical, everyday, run-of-the-mill type, absent-minded professor. All of his inventions worked, somewhat. They all seemed to have some bugs in them. His greatest invention was his shrinking ray. And only with the help of his son did he get that to work correctly.

Now Wayne was married to Diane, a lawyer. They had 2 children, 18-year-old Amy, and 12-year-old Nick. Amy took after Diane, a very bright teenage girl, while Nick took after his father. He was on the verge of genius and an inventor too.

Wayne had volunteered to be a consular at Nick's calculus camp for 8 weeks. So one sunny June Friday morning, they took off for camp leaving Diane and Amy alone.

After they had left, Diane and Amy got into an argument, with Diane stating that Amy was acting like a baby. Amy left in a huff and stormed up to her father's lab / work shop. When she had to work out a problem, she found that her father's room gave her the solitude that she needed.

"I'm acting like a baby!" she said aloud.

"It's her that's acting like a baby."

Sitting down at the computer, Amy decided to look at her father's inventory of inventions. Wayne had listed all of them alphabetically, with a description of each invention. As she was gazing at his inventions, Amy came across one that caught her attention. It was listed as A.D.D. - Age Development Device. This device causes the person to mentality regress or age. The person's personality would take on that age that the device was programmed to. The device itself was simple enough, it was the size of a TV remote control unit with a LCD screen in it. Using the keypad, the user would input the age, point at the subject and shoot. The subject would then have the mentality programmed into the device. Simple. An idea formed in Amy's mind.

Diane had left for the office, leaving Amy alone in the house. Diane would be back by 5 and then start her two weeks vacation. Amy had a lot of things to do. Going into the attic, she retrieved a box marked, "AMY'S BABY CLOTHES". Amy took several baby dresses, romper suits, Dr. Dentons and other baby clothes from the box. She took them to the laundry room and washed them, freshening them up.

Wayne and Diane kept her baby furniture too. After she cleaned up her old wooden playpen, Amy cut a gate with a latch on the rail. She was glad she took shop in school. Amy was quite good with a hammer and saw. When she finished with the playpen, she worked on the wooden high chair and baby crib.

Finishing her work, she took the pile of baby clothes and laid them on the floor. Using Wayne 's portable shrinking ray, Amy reversed the settings causing the clothes to enlarge. Soon, the baby clothes were large enough to fit an adult.

Getting into the car, Amy drove to the nearest K-Mart and bought baby pampers, cloth diapers and plastic pants, bibs, and other baby items. Once home, Amy enlarged these new baby items too. Now she was ready for her mother.

Amy came down to the living room to find Diane sitting on the sofa reading some legal briefs. They exchange greetings and talked about their day activities. Amy sat in the chair across from Diane with the A.D.D. in her hand. The LCD setting was blinking "2". Diane would be regressed to the mentality of a 2 year old. When Diane looked down at her legal briefs again, Amy pressed the control switch, Diane was engulfed in a light red beam and. ...Nothing happened.

All of a sudden, Diane stood up, resting her hand on the back of the sofa to keep her balance, she said, "Amy, I don't feel right. I feel a little dizzy."

Diane started to sway a little and she brought her hand up to her forehead.

"I feel like I'm a little drunk." About a minute later, Diane said in a weak voice, "I'm starting to feel gooder now." Realizing what she said, Diane said, " mean me feel better." Opening her mouth again, Diane cried out, "Me feel gooder." As she stuck her thumb in her mouth. Diane was confused. She could not understand what she was saying or doing.

Amy smiled, her mother's vocabulary had reverted to that of a 2 year old. Taking a few shaky steps towards Amy, Diane flopped down onto the floor. Diane could not keep her balance with the high heels she wore. Kicking the shoes off, she crawled the rest of the way, her shoes now forgotten on the carpet.

When Diane reached Amy, she cried out, "Why me crawl. Me am big giwl."

"Are you really?" asked Amy as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the enlarge baby's pacifier. Leaning over she stuck it into Diane's mouth. To her amusement and to Diane's puzzlement, Diane started sucking on the nipple.

Amy disappeared for a few minute only to return with the wooden playpen. Aiming the shrink ray at the playpen, she enlarged it big enough to contain Diane. Opening the gate to the playpen, Amy had Diane crawl into it, then she closed and latched the gate. Due to her infantilize mind, Diane could not conceive on how to unlatch the gate.

Diane stood, holding the rail and stomped her foot.

"Amy me no wanta be here. Me am a big giwl, no baby."

As Diane stood there, something happened. A small dark spot appeared at the crotch of her tan slacks. The spot grew and dark strains began to run down both the inside of her slacks. Diane had wet her pants!

Looking at her mother, Amy cooed, "I think someone needs a diaper."

Gazing down, Diane started to cry. She had wet her pants like a baby.

"Why me go pee-pee?" she wailed.

"Who's acting like a baby now?" questioned Amy.

Amy unlatched the gate and took Diane's wrist. She led her mother out of the playpen and laid her on an enlarge diaper pad. Baby talking to Diane, Amy pulled her wet pants down and off. Then she did the same to the wet panties she wore. Sitting her mother up, Amy unbuttoned her blouse and removed that, followed by removing her bra. The last item Amy removed were Diane's over the calf stockings. Soon, Diane laid very naked in front of her daughter.

Diane cried through out the entire ordeal. To sooth her mother, Amy stuck the enlarged baby pacifier into her mother's mouth again.

Holding up a cloth diaper, Amy cooed, "Time to put baby's diaper on."

Diane started crying and the pacifier fell out of her mouth, "Me no baby! Me am big giwl!" she wailed.

"Me no wanta wear didees!"

Shaking her finger in her mother's face, Amy said, "You should of thought of that before you wet your pants. Now you're going to wear diapers."

Taking baby wipes, Amy began to clean her mother's virgina area. Diane started to struggle, but was no match for an "adult". Grabbing her ankles, Amy lifted Diane's legs up. With her legs up, Amy was able to wash Diane's bottom. Sprinkling baby powder, Amy spread and rubbed it all over Diane's bottom and her pubic area.

With her legs up, her daughter laid three thick clothes under Diane's bottom. Carefully, Amy slid Diane's bottom on them. Diane thought how soft they felt. Spreading her legs apart, Amy pulled the cloth up and using enlarged baby pins, pinned the sides together. The diaper pins had baby ducks on the heads. Taking a pair of baby plastic pants that she enlarged, Amy pulled them up Diane's legs and over the bulky diapers.

Diane looked at the plastic pants. They were white with baby blocks printed all over them. Because the waist and leggings were sealed tight, her body heat was building up inside of the plastic pants making them feel very uncomfortable. Next came an enlarged pink baby tee shirt.

Crying Diane wailed, "Amy, me want wear big giwl clowes! Me no wike ba-bee clowes!"

"No." stated Amy.

"You'll wear what I dress you in and that's going to be diapers and baby clothes."

"NOoooo!" wailed Diane.

Looking down at her mother, Amy said, "And since you are acting so babyish, you'll need a Mommy. I'm going to be Mommy from now on. You better get use to calling me that or I'm er.... I mean Mommy's going to spank baby."

Nooooo," wailed Diane, "me am Mommeee! Me no babeee!"

Amy had Diane crawl back into the playpen. Diane sat in there, her legs spread apart due to the thickness of the diapers, crying. She did not want to be treated like a baby. She knew that Amy was her daughter, that she was married and a lawyer. She knew that she was an adult, so why was she acting like a baby. Even though Amy had showed Diane the A.D.D., her infantized mind could not understand the intention of the device, let alone understand the word "regression".

Amy left Diane in the playpen surrounded with baby toys. Sobbing, Diane picked up an enlarged baby rattle, shaking it. Banging her feet on the mat, she started giggling at the infantile toy. She was reacting to her regressed age.

Picking up an enlarged baby outfit, Amy came over to the playpen.

"See what Mommy has for Baby Diane to wear." Amy held up a one-piece "Onsie" baby outfit.

Having her mother walk on shaky legs out of her infantile prison, Amy laid her on the carpet. Taking the Onsie, Amy pulled it over Diane's head. The material stretched over her ample breasts. Laying her on her back, Amy spread Diane's legs apart and pulled the flap up, snapping the end on her stomach. Once that was complete, she had her mother "walk" into the kitchen. Halfway there, Diane flopped own on her diapered bottom and found it easier to crawl. After helping her mother into the high chair, Amy locked the feeding tray in place.

Placing an enlarged, nipple baby bottle on her tray, Amy cooed, "Here babykins, drink this while Mommy gets your din-din."

Diane looked at the baby bottle and knocked it off the tray.

"No." she cried out.

"Me am big giwl. Me no want ba-bee ba-ba. Me want gwass."

Crossing her arms, Amy stated, "No. You're much to young to drink from a glass. You'll spill it all over yourself." Picking up the bottle from the floor, Amy said, "Drink from ba-ba."

"No!" cried Diane, banging her feet against the footrest.

"Me want gwass!"

Against her better judgment, Amy gave her mother a plastic glass. Using both her hands, Diane picked it up to quickly. The milk spilled out of the glass, down her chin, on her chest and spilling onto her lap. Diane immediately dropped the glass and started to bawl. She was surprised. Amy quickly grabbed a towel and started to dry Diane. This was a chore with Diane bawling and moving about in her high chair.

"See," said Amy as she dried off her mother, " Mommy knows what's best for her baby."

Taking Diane out of her high chair, Amy laid her on the floor. Grabbing the flap of the Onsie, Amy unsnapped the flap and pulled off the damp outfit. Diane laid there dressed only in her plastic pants and diapers. The plastic pants protected the diapers from getting soaked.

Making sure the high chair was dry, Amy sat Diane back in it.

"I was going to give you a bath tomorrow, but now, I guess I'll have to give you one tonight." stated Amy.

"Here's your ba-ba." As she put the baby bottle on the tray.

Diane, using both hands, picked up the bottle and started sucking on the nipple. The warm liquid tasted good to her as it flowed down her throat. By the time she had finished half the bottle, a bowl of baby food for toddlers was put on her tray.

Taking an enlarged baby spoon, Amy began spoon-feeding Diane the baby mush.

Pushing Amy's hand away, Diane said in her new babyish lisp, "Me am big giwl. Me can feed me."

Amy let her. Diane started feeding herself. She got the baby mush all over, sometimes she even managed to get some into her mouth. By the time she was finished, she really needed a bath. Like any other 2 year old, Diane had managed to get her sticky food all over her mouth, hands, on her bib, and she even managed to get some into her blonde hair.

After cleaning her mother up as best as possible, Amy took her wrist and took her to the bathroom. Even though she was walking, Diane like a 2 year old kept trying to get on all fours and crawl. She felt more comfortable that way. She knew that with Amy holding her hand she would be safe, she like to crawl.

Once in the bathroom, Diane sat on the carpet, sucking her thumb and twisting her hair. Amy knelt at the tub, turned on the water. She started to adjust the temperature of the water. When she liked the water temperature, she poured "Mr. Bubbles" into the water, creating a mountain of bubble foam. Amy removed her mother's plastic pants and unpinned the diapers. Helping her, Diane sat in the warm water.

Splashing the water, Diane cried out, "Me am big giwl. Me wash me."

Smiling, Amy replied, "Yes, sweetie. Mommy knows Diane is big giwl." Picking up an enlarged rubber duckie, Amy cooed, "Mommy just goin' to wash baby and baby can play with this." Showing Diane the duck. Diane squealed with delight as she took the duck and started playing with it in the bubbles.

Slowly, Amy began washing her now infantile mother. She washed her arms and then her chest and back. Diane squirmed some when Amy tried washing her face and cried when the soap got into her eye. But Amy immediately cleaned out her eye and Diane stopped the crying. It did not take long for Amy to be as wet as Diane. Amy and Diane giggled when Amy tickled the bottom of Diane's foot.

Amy allowed Diane to play sometime with her bath toys before getting her out of the tub. After drying her mother, Amy took her wrist and led her to the master bedroom. At first, Diane was hesitant to walk into the hallway naked for some strange reason she could not comprehend. Only for a moment, then her infantized mind took over and like any other 2 year old, did not care running around naked. Like before, Diane had trouble walking and without Amy's help, would have fallen several times.

In the bedroom, Amy laid Diane on the bed. Taking four thick cloth diapers, pinned them on Diane with the baby diaper pins she had enlarge. The next thing Diane knew, Amy had put on her a pink Dr, Denton , complete with feet.

"Time for beddy-byes." Cooed Amy pointing to the enlarged baby crib in the corner.

When Diane saw the overgrown baby crib, she cried, "Nooooo. Me no sleep in ba-bee cwib. Me am big giwl. Me sleep here."

"No." stated Amy, "You'll sleep in your crib." Lowering the side rail, Amy had her mother crawl to the crib and then laid her in it.

"You are too young to sleep in a big bed. You need the rails so you don't fall out of your crib."

Giving Diane a bottle, Amy turned the night light on and turn off the main light. As she was closing the door, Diane started to bawl.

"Me scared." She wailed. Instead of letting Diane cry, Amy took her out of the crib and laid her on the king-sized bed. Lying next to her mother, Amy hugged her, reassuring her that there was nothing to be scared of.

"Wead me stowee, mommy." Lisped the infantized Diane.

Taking a nursery book, Amy began reading Diane a story. Diane listened as she sucked on the bottle. Shortly, she was sound asleep, laying in Amy's protective arms in a fetal position. Amy did not have the heart to move her mother, so she let her sleep in her arms.

The next thing Amy knew, the sunshine was streaming through the window. It was morning and Diane was lying next to her sucking her thumb, still in a fetal position, asleep.

Shaking her mother waking her, Amy cooed, "Good morning, sleepy-head."

Diane opened her eyes and smiled at her daughter. Checking Diane's diapers, Amy found them soaked. Removing her Dr. Denton's, Amy gently removed the damp plastic pants and diapers. Using baby wipes, she cleaned her mother's diaper area. As Amy was wiping her diaper area, Diane thought how refreshing it felt. After putting a fresh set of diapers, plastic pants and a tee shirt on Diane, Amy had her crawl to the family room where she put her mother into the playpen.

Diane stood in the playpen, holding hold to the rail and sucking her thumb. Amy took the A.D.D. from her pocket, set the age limit to Diane's correct age, and pointed. A soft blue light emitted from the device, enveloping Diane. In moments stood a mature Diane looking angrily at her daughter.

"Amy," stated Diane, "you young lady are in so much trouble." Then looking at herself, said, "How much of a threat can I be dressed in a diaper? You have five seconds to explain yourself."

Taking a deep breath, Amy began, "Mom, the other day you said that I was acting like a baby. That made me very mad. So when I saw dad's A.D.D., I though that I would show you what it meant to be a baby. But I thought of how this would be great for you."

Diane looked at her daughter questionly.

Amy continued, "You started your two week vacation. Since dad's away, you weren't going away either. So you were going to work around the house and doing lawyer stuff. Well, I have the ultimate vacation."

"Which is?"

"To be a baby for the next two weeks. Just playing and enjoying yourself. I'd take care of you. You know how I have taken care of you so far. What do you say.?" Asked her daughter.

Diane thought for a few seconds, finally saying, "Nothing to do but play and be taken care of for two weeks. That's very tempting. OK, I'll do it."

Amy smiled, pointed the A.D.D. at Diane before she could change her mind. The soft red glow enveloped her. Amy watched as Diane's features soften from a mature woman to a sweet baby expression.

Taking her mother from the playpen, Amy took Diane into the kitchen for her breakfast. Sitting her in the highchair, she tied a large plastic baby bib on her mother and began spoon-feeding her a bowl of warm baby rice cereal. As Amy cleaned up, she had given a bottle for Diane on suck on.

After finishing the bottle, Amy burped Diane and sat her on the floor. Amy faced a dilemma, she had bought baby food for toddlers and thought that she had bought enough. But Diane had eaten almost all of it in the past day. Diane may have the intelligence of a two year old, but she still had the appetite of an adult. When she buys more baby food, she enlargen it so it wil last longer. But diane needed her baby foods. What was Amy to do? She could leave Diane by herself, but that would not be responsible, Diane was only mentally two years old and you did not leave two year olds alone. Amy could get Bridget, her girlfriend from across the street to babysit, but that would have bad consecrations on Diane afterwards, or she could take her with her to the store.

Amy tried several pants and shorts on her mother, but had trouble getting them over the thick diapers. Finally, she got a pair of dark pink bib overall shorts with white ruffles going around the bib and a light pink tee shirt, and put them on Diane. Her mother looked so sweet dressed like that. Ankle high socks and white sneaks followed.

Shortly, Diane was strapped into the back of the SUV, holding Cookie Monster as Amy drove to the store.

"If you're a good girl, mommy will take you to 'Mickey-D's' for lunch."

Clapping her hands, Diane smiled and said, "Goody, Me get to see Wonald!"

At the store, Amy took Diane's hand and said, "Now behave and act like a big girl, OK sweetie?"

"Yes mommy." Lisped Diane.

Taking a cart, they went down the baby food aisle. After taking several items of baby food for toddlers, a dread came over Amy. Looking up the aisle she saw Ms. Brenda Stewart coming down. The she-devil of the 11th grade English class. Amy had her for homeroom for two years. Ms. Stewart loved nothing better than humiliating her students, always putting them down in front of others. Even though Amy had graduated from high school, Ms. Stewart still scared her.

Coming up to the cart, she said, "Hello Diane, Ms. Szalinski."

Diane was president of the PTA, a position that Ms. Stewart wanted to hold.

"Well," stammered Amy, "gotta go." And she quickly pushed the cart away, dragging Diane behind.

Turning, facing Brenda, Diane lisped, "Yea, bye you big meanie." Then stuck her tong out at her. Amy paid for the items and went to the SUV.

Pointing her finger at Diane, she said, "Sweetie, you stay right here by the car while mommy puts the bags into the car."

Diane stood there and then started to pout. Asking her mother what was wrong, Diane started sobbing saying that she just peed herself. Patting the top of her head, Amy cooed, "No cry baby. Remember mommy is going to start to potty train you like a big girl."

Diane stopped her sobbing and sniffling, smiled at Amy. When all the bags were stored away, Amy took her mother's wrist and sat her in the back seat. Diane started pulling on the front of her crotch.

"Do you want mommy to change you, Diane?"

Sniffling, Diane said, "Pweeze mommy. Me need changing."

Laying her down on the seat, Amy unbuttoned the straps to the bib and pulled down the shorts to her ankles. Removing the pins from the sides of the diaper, Amy was pulling the damp diaper off her mother when the side door opened. Standing there was Brenda Stewart.

Laughing, Brenda cried out, "I don't believe it. The president of the PTA needing a diaper change. Wait til I tell everyone."

Brenda started walking away, laughing so hard, that she was doubling over. Amy jumped out of the SUV heading towards Brenda. She had the A.D.D. pulled out and it was pointed at Brenda. She was not going to let her embarrass her mother.

"She's not the only one who's going to need a diaper change." Amy yelled. Pressing the button, the red beam engulfed Brenda. She suddenly felt dizzy causing her to put her hand onto a parked car.

Putting her hand to her forehead, Brenda said weakly, "All of a sudden, I don't feel so well." Taking deep breaths, Brenda felt a little better. Looking at Amy, she said, "Me feel better now."

Amy smiled at Brenda's transformation.

"You're too young to be left out here by yourself. You're coming with me, Ms. er...Brenda." As she grabbed Brenda's wrist and started to drag her towards the SUV.

Brenda was divorsed and had no children. She lived alone.

"Nooooo!" cried Brenda.

"Me am a big giwl. Me no need nobody."

"Behave yourself or I'll I mean Auntie Amy will spank you." Said Amy harshly.

Brenda Stewart, the terror of the 11th grade was suddenly transformed into a scared, little child, afraid of being given a spanking.

"Revenge is sweet." thought Amy.

As Amy was dragging the now infantile Brenda towards the SUV, Brenda was having trouble walking in her high heels. She was wobbling, as a little girl would wearing her mommy's high heels. Amy bent over and removed them. Brenda unexpectedly halted. Looking down at her crotch, Amy and Brenda saw a small dark spot appear. The spot got larger, running down the inside of her slacks. Brenda had peed her pants! Her bottom lip began to quiver as Amy led her to the car.

As they entered the rear of the SUV, Diane, in her childlike innocence, pointed at Brenda and said in a singing type voice and laughing, "Bwenda wet pants, Bwenda wet pants."

Amy smiled as she scolded Diane, "Diane, that's not nice. Now behave yourself." Then looking at Brenda, "Looks like you need a diaper, don't you."

Brenda began to wail, "Me no need didees!!! Me am aadd-alt, me mean big giwl!!!"

Taking one of Diane's enlarged pacifiers, Amy shoved it into the bawling teacher's mouth. Brenda started right away sucking on the nipple, soothing her. Making sure that Brenda and Diane were secured in the seats, Amy started driving home. When they arrived at the house, Amy unbuckled the 2 "babies", taking each of their wrists, and led them into the house. Both of them had trouble walking, as most two year olds do. Diane held onto her Cookie Monster, while Brenda sucked on her thumb. Once in the living room, Amy put both into the oversized playpen.

While Amy went to get the packages, Brenda held onto the rail sobbing, "Me am no ba-bee. Me am a big giwl!"

Handing Diane a bottle, Amy took Brenda out of the playpen. Laying her on a diaper pad, Amy removed all of her clothes until she was wearing her bra and bikini briefs, which were removed.

Holding them up to a naked Brenda, Amy cooed, "You won't be needing these for a while. You'll be wearing diapers, won't you babykins." Brenda started pouting as the tears began running down her cheeks once again.

Taking baby wipes, Amy cleaned up the infantile teacher, powdered her then rubbed diaperine all over her. Four thick cloth diapers were pinned on Brenda followed by a pair of pink plastic pants. A baby tee shirt was then put on her. Like Diane, Brenda's breasts caused the hem of the shirt to barely reach her navel.

"Doesn't Baby Brenda wook sooo cute." Cooed Amy as she squeezed Brenda's cheek. Brenda started bawling, pounding her fists and feet into the carpet. She took her former teacher back to the playpen and gave her a bottle. Brenda had regressed much more quickly than Diane. In her regressed state, Brenda stuck the nipple into her mouth and began sucking the warm formula.

The rest of the morning, Diane and Brenda spent in the enlarged playpen. Diane played with the baby toys, while Brenda clung to the side rail wailing that she was not a baby. Amy had dressed her former teacher as infantile as possible. She put on Brenda a short pink baby dress, with white puffed sleeves and a white pinafore. A pair of white socks and black patent Mary-Jane shoes. Using plastic baby bow clips, Amy put Brenda's hair into loose pigtails. When she had finished, Brenda looked as if she was an overgrown baby girl. She stood there, holding onto the rail, sobbing as she stomped her foot. Amy looked at her 'babies", and smiled. Her mother really looked as if she was enjoying being a baby, while Brenda had not yet accepted her condition.

Amy had taken Nick's old high chair and crib for Brenda. She fixed it to hold the overgrown baby. At lunchtime, Amy took both babies by the hand and led them into the kitchen. The high chairs stood side by side. Letting Brenda sit on the floor, Amy sat Diane in her high chair first.

As Amy was doing this, Brenda thought she could escape. She tried standing, only to fall on the floor. Her mind was conditioned for a 2-year-old mentality and was not able to stand yet. Brenda tried crawling to the front door, only to find the door locked. Besides, her 2-year-old mind did not know how to open the door. Brenda knew she opened doors before, but now she could not remember. She started banging her fists against the door bawling.

"Does baby have a problem?" cooed Amy.

"Does Baby Brenda wanta go out and let all of the grown-ups see how much a baby she is?"

Brenda fell backwards onto her padded diapered bottom. Her bottom lip stuck out and started quiver as she cried, "Nooooo. Me no wanta nobody see me."

Taking her hand, Amy led Brenda back to the kitchen. Before sitting her in the high chair, Amy hugged her, patting her bottom. This shocked Brenda. She had come from a family who did love each other, but rarely showed their affections.

As Amy patted her bottom, she cooed, "No worries baby. Auntie Amy will take good care of you. You'll be safe and no one will hurt you."

This brought tears to Brenda's eyes. She felt safe and most of all, loved. She thought Amy would take advantage of her in this condition for all of the grief she had given her and her mother. She was wrong. All Amy was doing was treating her like a baby, giving her love.

Feeding 2 babies at one time proved to be a chore for Amy, but she managed. Both babies had baby food smeared all around their mouths. It was a good thing Amy put large plastic bibs on them, because the baby food found its way on to the bibs too. Taking a washcloth, Amy cleaned up Diane and then Brenda, wiping away the sticky baby food from their mouths and hands. Removing the trays, Amy had her 2 babies crawl to their new nursery room. Lowering the side rail, Amy lifted Diane ad then Brenda into their cribs. Lifting the rail to Diane's crib, Amy went over to Brenda's crib. Baby-talking to Brenda, Amy removed her baby clothes until she was only in her diapers. Feeling the diapers, Amy discovered them wet. Brenda's diapers were removed, she was cleaned up. Using diaperine, baby lotion and baby powder, Amy rubbed it all over the infantile teacher's bottom and pubic area. Then she was pinned into four thick cloth diapers and a pair of plastic pants pulled up covering them.

Laying Brenda down, Amy covered her with a sheet and handed her a stuffed teddy bear. Kissing her forehead, Amy said, "Time for baby to take her nap."

Brenda, feeling safe and loved, stuck her thumb into her mouth and said, Yeth Auntie Amy. Me go sleepy-byes."

Finishing with Brenda, Amy went to Diane's crib. Diane laid on her stomach, sucking her thumb, sound asleep. Taking a sheet, Amy covered up her infantile mother. Closing the curtain, Amy left the room, closing the door quietly.

Brenda laid in her crib thinking how much of a baby she was. She had trouble remembering how to do things that hours ago she did without thinking. She like it when "Auntie" Amy kissed her forehead. Yawning, Brenda thought, maybe I am just a baby, but "Auntie" Amy will take good care of me. With that reinsurance, Brenda closed her eyes and went to sleep.

- To Be Continued -

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