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Hot day at the beach

Gerber's toddler size plastic pants are one of my all time favorites. I am still thin enough to squeeze into them.

When they started becoming scarce, I would always buy a pack at any store that had them. I have a big box full of them. I miss the days when they were so plentiful that you could find them all over. Here's a story from that time.

It was a hot summer day. I wanted to go down to the beach to watch all the beautiful girls, and see what kind of fun I could have while wearing plastic pants under my shorts.

I found a place up the road a ways that wasn't very busy.

I went into their rest room to put on the Gerbers, and put shorts on over them. They feel so neat just after putting them on. The plastic gets warm and starts to stretch a bit. They are not so tight after that. I walked to the beach with my dick starting to get hard from the feel of the Gerbers, and the cute women all around.

I laid down by the beach to get a bit of sun tanning. I started sweating from the hot sun. The plastic pants were getting slippery inside. Soon my dick would be able to slide around in there, and start to feel real good. As I got up, I could feel my dick sliding against the plastic.

I walked along the path, getting so horny from looking at all the girls while my dick was slipping around in those Gerbers. After a while, I felt like I was going to come any time. I was hoping it would happen, but it didn't.

It was driving me crazy. Finally, I went back to the car to finish myself off. I could see a really cute girl off in the distance as I started coming.

After sitting there for a while, I got a cup, and headed back to the beach house. I drank a few cups of water, then filled up the cup and walked around by the beach. It was really getting hot and juicy inside those Gerbers.

That feeling, along with the water pressure building up was so nice.

After a while, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it much longer. I walked towards the lake. Just after getting my shoes off, I let it go. I was walking to the water while the Gerbers were filling up with my hot pee. I stood there by the water, enjoying the full pants. When they started dripping, I went in the water. This was a very unique feeling. I was cold all over from the lake water, except for the pants full of pee.

After enjoying that, I figured it was time to get out of those pants. I swam away to a place where there weren't so many people. I took off the shorts. There I was, standing in the lake, just wearing the Gerbers. That was such a neat feeling. As I took them off, I lost hold of the shorts. Luckily, I grabbed for them. I fumbled around, getting the Gerbers off, and the shorts back on.

Now, with the Gerbers in hand, I headed back to dry off.

I put them in the towel so nobody could see them. After drying off a bit more in the warm breeze, I headed home.

It sure was a nice day at the beach.

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