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How I became an Adult Baby Girl.

Ever since I could remember, I always felt deep in my heart that I was a girl. In fact I had wondered what life would be if I had been born a girl. Growing up I remember liking and wearing girls clothes I always thought of one day wearing the same clothes that all the girls my age were wearing. They were so cute in their short skirts and dresses. As life went on I secretly had some bras oh I loved they way the felt on me. From that moment on I vowed to myself that one day I would be a woman! Well as the years went on I dated off and on for many years. I finally found a wonderful girl by the name of Sarah. Sarah and I knew of each other but didn't know each other. One day I was sitting around Sarah's apartment when she excused herself to go change. As I sat there I thought about how great it would be if I could to wear her clothes. She returned about 5 mins later wearing a sports bra and a pair of shorts. My mind went blank for a brief moment and she said Steven how do I look? I guess in my daze I said you look great but it would look better on me. Her face grew into a question mark this is when I sat her down swallowed my pride and told her about my fetish.

Thinking oh my god this is the end of Sarah and me. But to my amazement she said honey you know I love you and I want to do whatever makes you happy. Could my ears really believe what they were hearing? I paused and she said honey would you like to try on my clothes? I jumped off the couch and said yes. She pulled things out that she though would fit me. We had a wonderful afternoon she said Honey I know you always wanted to be a girl blushing I said really? Her response threw me on the floor, she told me that she had been saving up money for my dream to finally come true. We talked about this and that then she said she would help me through the transitions under two conditions that I never tell anyone where the money came from and that I had to follow her rules down to the last letter..

Six months passed and I had been living as Stacie and people got to know her. One day after receiving the final ok from the shrink I was seeing we planned the day that Stephen would officially die and Stephanie would be born. We kissed as I was wheeled into the operating room. I woke up in the recovery room with Sarah there with pink balloons that read

"It's a girl". I remember reaching down to fell my penis but instead felt this smooth plastic instead. I looked down and realized that I was wearing a diaper. I said Sarah what's this she told me that from now on I was her baby girl. Being reborn but not as a male but finally as a female. Still drugged from surgery I fell asleep. When I woke I woke to a wet diaper and found myself in a pink blanket. A couple hours passed and Sarah helped me in the car. On our way home she asked how does it feel to be a woman? I mumbled great Sarah smiled, but she said to me Staphie you will start your new life as a baby you will have birthda! ys and grow up all over again. I didn't argue cause I remembered the deal Sarah made with me. As we arrived home I felt the urge to pee.

I started towards the bathroom when I heard Sarah in a stern voice say

"Young lady where are you going"? I replied to the bathroom she said but sweetheart your wearing your bathroom babies don't use the potty they use their diapers. with my kidneys feel like they were about to explode I just let go in my diaper. Sarah saw this and smiled. She then took me by the hand sat me on the couch and laid out her rules. From now on you will be diapered. You will not use the potty or change your own diapers. You will be considered a newborn and starting right now you have no privileges. I will feed, change, dress you. You are a baby girl! Well here we are 2 years later I'm still Sarah's baby girl daughter in fact she introduces me as her daughter. I'm still kept as a baby which is great but most of all I'm now the woman I have always wanted to be.!

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