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How I became BJ (Baby Jody)

My name was Jody, I have been into the diaper scene for about ten years now, and I would love to share how I got started. I truly love my role now, and know I will never be able to go back to life as it once was. But, that is OK with me!

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was a peeping-Tom. I would was around neighborhoods at all hours of the night and try and get a cheap thrill off anyone I could. Young, old, married, single, it did not matter. It was the fact that they did not know I was watching that made it fun. I found a few households that had regular routines, and made regular rounds to them.

One couple in particular always seemed to have very uninhibited sex, and they were very lackadaisical about shutting their blinds, and sometimes even their windows. I had masturbated outside their window on many warm summer evenings. One day however, I was caught with my pants down, so to speak. They made me come in the house and sit down at the kitchen table. They threatened me that if I did not do as they said, they would call the police, and they said they knew some very powerful people that could do terrible things to a pervert like me. I did not know if they were lying or not, so I obeyed them.

They wound up taking me into their bedroom and having me sit in a chair along side of their bed. They tied my legs to the legs of the chair, and put a gag in my mouth. Then they proceeded to have the most incredible sex right in front of me. My cock sprang to life and I opened my pants and masturbated right there. When I was through, Mistress came over and scooped my cum up with her finger and made me swallow it until it was all gone. The problem I was about to be faced with is the whole scene was being videotaped, and my initial blackmailing was about to begin. My choices were to go to jail, or to become their full-time, live in slave. I thought it was a joke at first, since it was a dream some true for me, and jumped on the opportunity to move in with them ASAP.

I had to give a thirty day notice with my landlord, and in that time Mistress and Master did some remodeling to their house. The day I arrived, I was instructed to go and take a bath. Mistress had already run a bath for me and I undressed and climbed in for a long soak. However, when I got out of the tub, things took a quick change. My clothes were gone, and the moving van with everything I owned was gone as well. I was led to a room at the end of a hallway, and when we entered, I about dropped my lower jaw. It looked like an oversized nursery. Crib, play pen, changing table, everything in the room was large enough to fit me. My initial reaction was to say no, but they reminded me of the video tape, and what my future life as an inmate would be like. They also told me that everything I owned had just been donated to family services. This was now all I had, whether I liked it or not.

I was instructed to lie down on the changing table, and I started to cry. As I walked over to the table, I noticed that there were restraints. I lay down, and my arms and legs were fastened to the table. Mistress proceeded to remove all my body, making me baby smooth, then Master came over and oiled my body, powdered me and diapered me. I lay there crying my eyes out, and Mistress came in with a warm bottle of milk and pacified me. As I finished the milk, I was informed that it was laced with muscle relaxants, diuretics, and laxatives. Again I started to cry, and Mistress then put a pacifier in my mouth. It had a strap that snapped behind my head so it would not fall out, and Master covered me up with a blanket. The lights were turned out, and the door was closed for the night.

By morning, the little cocktail I drank the night before had taken its toll, and my diaper was wet and messy. This was the biggest hurdle for me to cross, since until then, I had not worn diapers since I was a true toddler. Master was the first to enter the room, and I could not look him in the eyes. He came over and checked my diaper, commented on the contents and proceeded to change me. He spread lots of diaper rash cream into my groin and butt, and powdered my whole body. I was taken back by the babyish smell. Then Master untied my arms, and placed my hands in special mittens. My hands were virtually useless, as I could not grasp a thing. He then untied my legs and pulled on a pair of plastic pants over my diaper. With just a diaper, plastic pants, and the pacifier still in my mouth, he led me to the kitchen so I could join them for breakfast.

That night, I got to enjoy an experience of a lifetime though. I was led to the master bedroom, and there was another crib in the room with a locking top. I was given two bottles of milk with the special cocktail, and double-diapered. They then put a pair of rubber pants on me and a footed sleeper. I was then placed in the crib-cage, and locked in for the night. Mistress and Master undressed for me and began to make very passionate love to each other, as I sat in my crib and watched. When they finished, they both walked over to the crib and asked how baby enjoyed watching mommy and daddy make love. I smiled back at them as I sucked on my pacifier, and have never looked back.

I still live with my surrogate parents, and get to watch them make love and have sex frequently. It does not have the same thrill, but it is much more gratifying this way. I have had electrolysis and most my body now and have absolutely no control of my bladder or bowels. I do not own and piece of clothing that appears older than a toddler, and even enjoy public outings.

Today, I am 30 years old, but you would never guess my age. I do not act a day over 4 most of the time, and live closer to 2. My behavior has been modified, my sexuality is gone, and I love it. I still have the capacity to think as an adult, but ask "Why?" I have two adults that love me and care for me, and do all the thinking for the three of us. I truly am their baby.

Baby Jody

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