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The Huggies Files

I was 25 when it started. My name is Greg. I was with my fiancé Linda. She was very nice, blonde hair, same height as me (5"6), and blue eyes, beautiful. Anyway, she stayed over at the hospital because her extremely close friend was having a baby. So when I spent those nights alone, it happened. Every night for about a week and a half, I would wake up with a wet bed.

At first, I was completely in shock, and for the first 3 days I stopped drinking a lot. But it continued happening, every night. I did the only thing I really could do; I scheduled a doctor's appointment. The doctor said I was completely fine, that this happens to quite a few adults.

The doctor said that it was just a phase, and gave me a small box. I went home, and when I opened the box, it was full of goodnites diapers! At first I was like no way, but then; a curiosity aroused me and I put one of them on. They were soft and kinda comfortable. I decided that this was my solution, and that I would hide it from Linda.

I put the goodnites in a safe I had in a room in my small apartment. Our bills were getting higher, and I knew that we might have to leave the apartment soon. We both had jobs, but we were both strangely fired for absolutely no reason. But then, Linda came home, happy to see me. It was late when she arrived, time for bed.

She slipped into bed, and I told her I was going to get some water. I got my goodnite, put it on, and came back into the room. I sipped into bed, and Linda started to hug me, getting lower and lower. When she was just about to touch the diaper, I moved. She grabbed me, saying that she missed me a lot, and wanted me to let her touch me. I said no, but she just grabbed my crotch, wondering what was going on.

She felt the soft goodnite diaper, and asked me what I was wearing. I began to cry, and I slipped into the covers. She told me to stop crying, that she wanted to show me something. When I looked at her, she was without her usual bed pants, and wearing a girl goodnite.

She told me that she had a slight incontinence, that she has been wearing these since she outgrew diapers, and refused to wear "adult briefs". I told her that I had started bedwetting when she was gone, and she kissed my forehead. I told her that I was out of goodnites. She told me that she was out too.

We loved each other more when we knew about each other's slight incontinence. But then my fear was realized, we lost the apartment. I called my mother, and she said that she would be more than happy for me to come home. About a week before, I told her about my bedwetting and Linda's slight incontinence.

My mother was the CEO of the huggies company. It was always weird to me, having a mom that worked in a baby company. But anyway, when I arrived at my mom's house (she moved), I saw a mansion! It was enormous! Linda was amazed at the house.

My mom left me a key, because she wasn't home, and I entered the house. It looked exactly like my old childhood house, but much larger, with a few more rooms. My mom left me a small list of instructions, and I went to our new room. Linda opened the door, revealing a room with a king sized bed, TV, Computer, and furniture.

Linda was amazed at the room, and I was speechless. Linda and I started to unpack. When I opened my closet, I found 10 bags with 40 goodnites each! Half of them were for boys, and the other half for girls. Linda was amazed, embarrassed, and grateful all at the same time. I told Linda that I told my mother about her incontinence.

My mom's note read "Even if you wet, I will always love you two." Linda started to cry, grateful. The rest of the note said "If you need anymore, just say the word, it's absolutely no problem." Then it hit me, goodnites was huggies brand! That's how my mom got all these. Linda pulled down her pants, revealing her soggy girls goodnite.

She grabbed all of her packs of goodnites, and opened them. I did the same. But these designs were a little more babyish than usual. Linda's had the same designs, but the goodnite period was pink. Mine was baby blue, with the same designs. Another thing was different, mine had some tool outlines, and Linda's had some butterfly outlines.

But my mom's note did say one more thing. It said "If you want to continue wearing goodnites and not wetting your pants, then you must follow this rule: Wherever you go, I ONLY want you to wear the goodnites. No actual underwear. And from now on, pants are forbidden inside the house unless there are guests."

These rules shocked Linda and I, we couldn't even wear pants! But Linda was too grateful to complain. She slid on a goodnite, and put her pants away. Since she was wearing a tank top, the goodnites were perfectly visible. I was going to have a problem with the rules, but Linda grabbed me and said "You will obey these rules; I don't want to wake up everyday with you making the bed wet!"

She threw me on the bed, pulled down my pants and underwear, exposing my erection, grabbed one of the goodnites, and slid it on me. I was embarrassed, but I knew she was right. She went over to my duffel bag, and pulled out a short shirt. She took of the one I was wearing, and slid the small one on, so she could also see my cute goodnites.

I blushed, but continued to unpack. Once we finished, we decided to put our goodnites in the cabinet too, so we did so. I looked at Linda's goodnite, and I saw the outlined butterflies disappear, and immediately I noticed that these goodnites had a wetness indicator. I watched as she flooded her goodnite, and I reached over to her goodnites, got one, and gave it to her.

She asked me why I was giving her the goodnite, and I told her that it was because she just wet hers. She told me that she didn't even notice wetting, that she usually noticed when her goodnite was wet. I was a bit worried, but she said that it really wasn't too much of a problem.

My mom finally arrived home, hugging Linda and I tightly. She noticed our goodnites and teased us slightly, saying "Awww, two babies!" Linda blushed a bit, but got over it quickly, she thanked my mom so dearly for not being bothered by her incontinence. My mom just hugged her and kissed her cheek.

My mom was preparing dinner while talking to Linda about her job. Linda was fascinated with baby stuff, and she even had some baby clothes herself! I didn't even know that! She told my mom that she had some footsie pajamas and a couple of onesies.

My mom announced dinner, and we ate a nice dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes. My mom asked Linda if she would like to have a baby room with a whole bunch of adult-sized baby stuff. Linda said that it would be a dream room. But my mom told Linda that it's possible to give us a baby room.

I immediately said no, but Linda told me that she would really like it a lot, and really, in my head I thought it would actually be pretty nice. She said that she will do it, and that it will be done by the end of the week. Linda hugged my mother, and unnoticingly wet her goodnites. It started to leak, and my mom told her to go change.

We slept soundly that night, Linda in the footsie pajamas that I never knew about. The next morning, my mom woke us up, put 2 small duffel bags on the floor, one already packed with goodnites, and another already packed with clothes. My mom told us that we were going to a hotel until the room is complete. We were both in shocked, but I knew that a dream room has to be a surprise.


Linda and I were happy to come home after a lovely hotel stay. My mom led Linda and I to our new room, Linda took off her pants, with her soaked goodnites underneath, and my mom told her that she would change her. Linda blushed a bit, not knowing what she meant by changed, but continued to follow my mom. I also took my pants off, my goodnites nice and wet. During the week, I wet my goodnites during the day, and I just ignored the embarrassment, and lived with my now slight incontinence.

My mom opened the door to our new room, and we both were in complete shock. The walls had half-pink/half-blue wallpaper, there was a king-sized crib with completely plastic bedding, a changing table, which kind of confused us a little bit, and it also had a TV. I asked my mom what the changing table was for, and she said good question.

She opened one of the cabinets of the changing table, and pulled out a large bag. It was labeled just like the regular huggies brand diapers, except for 2 things. It was labeled "Big baby Huggies" and it had a picture of a (not trying to be gay) handsome man wearing diapers that looked exactly, I mean EXCATLY like the regular huggies, just larger.

My mom said"You will wear these inside the house, unless there are guests. If there are guests, or if we go out, you will wear these..." She took the bag, a bottle of lotion, and a bottle of baby powder, laid them on the changing table, closed that cabinet, and opened the other one, pulling out a larger bag, that was just like pull-ups, but said "big baby pull-ups". There was no picture of a person though.

My mom put the pull-ups back, and grabbed our hands, leading us to the bathroom in the room. When we entered, we saw a large bathtub big enough for 2 people already filled with water and bubbles. My mom pulled our goodnites off, and took our shirts off, and put us in the tub. My mom then bathed us, and left us in the bathtub for a few minutes, getting the changing table ready.

Linda and I played with some bath toys we found until my mom came back with two very large beach towels. We dried ourselves off with a little help from my mom. Linda actually didn't seem to have much of a problem with my mom looking at her naked. Then my mom brought us back into the room, and laid me naked on the crib for a few minutes while she got Linda comfortable.

She powdered and lotioned Linda's bottom and vagina. She slid the bottom of the diaper onto Linda's bottom, and tapped the diaper. It had cute baby Minnie designs on it, and Linda smiled at the comfortable diaper. Then my mom took a pink onesie she got while we were in the tub, and put it on Linda.

My mom lifted Linda, and put her in the crib, and gave her a bottle of warm milk. Then the same happened to me, she diapered me, but she put me in a baby blue onesie with carousel prints. She put me in the crib, and gave me a bottle as well. She put a soft blanket over us, and announced naptime. I drank my bottle and fell asleep. Oh this is going to be interesting


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