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Hypnotically Turned Into a Baby

A few weeks ago I had the greatest session with a local hypnotist. I had corresponded with him by email after he had noticed my posting in a yahoo newsgroup about making a guy talk and act like a little baby while hypnotized. I discovered that he ran a great website ( and could easily take a guy like me and take me back to babyhood. Since he was local I set up a session with him in person.

In our conversations beforehand, he asked me several questions and told me to bring "baby stuff" with me. So I loaded my backpack with disposable and cloth diapers, plastic pants, a baby bottle, a bib, a pacifier and a few other baby things I thought he might want to use with me, and I was on my way. As I drove to his place I ran through all kinds of possible scenarios in my mind. Our two hour session could take me to a level of submission I hadn't experienced before.

When I arrived he greeted me at the door and the first thing I told him was that I was a little nervous. He had a very calming way about him and it wasn't long before we were seated and he was telling me all about hypnosis. He showed me various perceptual exercises and games...I wondered if he was trying to see if I'd be a good candidate for hypnosis. He then asked me to show him what I had in my backpack. I was surprised how easy it was by that point to show him the contents of my backpack...after all, I'm a full grown man with all this baby stuff.

By that time I had to pee so bad that I asked to use the restroom. He asked if I was sure, and I had to say yes because it was so bad that I was afraid I would not go into a trance cause I needed to pee so bad. When I returned my "baby stuff" was all laid out near the sofa and he asked me to stand in front of him. I had to look up into his eyes since he was slightly taller and his words and the deep color of his eyes soon had me feeling so relaxed. I felt very much like I was loosing any ability to resist his suggestions at all. He was so powerful. It was kinda like those cartoon hypnotists where you could see the lighting bolts from their eyes to yours. I felt him draining my will and relaxing me so quickly that I was soon in a trance.

As I fell to the sofa the last of my resistance fell and I was deeply in trance. While I was somewhat aware of the noises in the background (cars outside, etc.) his voice really was all I concentrated on. It was such a weird feeling because even though part of me knew I could resist, I really didn't want to and I'm not sure I could have if I tried. His first tests of me were fairly easy. He had me see and feel a balloon at the end of my hand, raising it higher and higher until it popped and my arm fell back on its own. He had me see a little flying elephant in my hand and pet it and wave bye bye to it. Then he started giving me key words to make me go deeper or do things like "freeze" or "unfreeze" my movement. And I'm not sure what he did but instead of my name being "Jim", all of a sudden I was calling myself "Baby Jim" and I was playing with a kids' toy.

He first used the "freeze" word while he had me singing my ABCs. By this point I already felt like I was just a little kid again. His words and his tone seemed to reinforce that I wasn't an adult sitting there...just a little kid...maybe five years old. As I sang the ABC song he froze me, and when he unfroze me my pants and underpants were open and my peepee was out like I had to go pee. I almost thought I was gonna pee my pants right there. He froze me again and when I was unfrozen all my clothes were off.

I'm not sure exactly what he said but then I felt myself getting younger. Each time he said a number and touched my forehead I seemed to lose another year. As he did, he asked me to write my name down on a note pad. Later he showed me how it got progressively less legible and it actually looked like a 4 yo, then 3 yo, then 2 yo was writing on the note pad.

As he took me younger, he dressed me in a stripped t-shirt that I brought with me cause it looked really babyish. And instead of diapering me, he just put the plastic pants on me calling them my "potty pants". I could hear his words suggesting to me how a grown man should feel being dressed like a baby and how he had taken control from me. All I could respond with was the talk of a little 2 year old boy. By the time he took me to a one year old baby all I could do was gurgle and coo and goo goo and gaga and I was soon on my back on the sofa with my legs in the air, helplessly reliving my infancy.

As I lay there he fixed a baby bottle full of water and gave it to me to drink...and before I knew it he replaced the nipple of the bottle with the tip of his cock and soon I was nursing hungrily on daddy's "baba". In my mind I could see that he had climbed into my crib and straddled my face and placed his cock there for me to nurse. It was incredible. His power over me not only had me hard in my plastic baby pants, but had so aroused him that he soon pulled out of my mouth and shot his hot sticky load all over my face and baby shirt.

After he cleaned me up, he sat me up and tied the bib around my neck and proceeded to feed me baby food (puréed squash) which I dribbled and drooled down my face and bib. I looked into his eyes as he fed me and all I could see was "dada". After my meal, he had me get on the floor and crawl around like a little baby. I crawled to him and layed in his lap while he planted several suggestions deep into my subconscious that I didn't fully realize until many hours later.

When he woke me I discovered that the pacifier in my mouth couldn't be removed. Try as I might, it was stuck there. I learned soon that it wouldn't come out until I had driven all the way home. He wanted to ensure that my desire to be seen as a baby by others was accomplished. (I'm blushing still as I write this). We sat and talked for a few still dressed in plastic "potty pants" and baby shirt with a pacifier stuck in my mouth. As I more fully realized my situation and what he had done the arousal was soon more than I could stand. His words and an application of baby lotion to my peepee soon had me jerking off in front of him and talking baby talk and shooting my load all over myself. What was most amazing was that within five minutes and his calling me "good boy", I soon shot another load in my potty pants. I couldn't believe what was happening. We talked a little more and it was soon time for me to leave. When I stood to put my clothes back on I somehow knew that the potty pants had to stay on. What I didn't realize was they wouldn't come off until I peed in them when I got home. So I pulled my jeans on and collected my things, still with pacifier in my mouth, and went to leave.

As I was putting on my coat I vaguely felt like I was supposed to be on my hands and knees but I told him that I guess my conscious mind knew what it wanted to do. Just then he told me my legs were getting weak and he touched me on the forehead and I collapsed to the floor, only able to crawl like a baby. He told me I had to crawl out his apartment door, down the stairs and out the door. Only when I reached the outside would I be able to stand again. It was the most incredible feeling ever. I knew I shouldn't but also knew I had to. The risk of being seen that way suddenly didn't matter.

When I stood up and finally got in my car I realized I had the long drive home in rush hour traffic with a baby's pacifier in my mouth. I blushed more than I thought possible. It was pretty amazing, especially when I pulled up next to a really hot guy at a red light. He was on his cell phone and he turned to look straight at me, nursing on my widdle pacifier. That embarrassment will fuel j.o. fantasies for a long time.

I hope you don't mind me sharing this long story, but it was an amazing feeling and I know I'll return for another hypno session with him. He's already told me that baby land awaits. (BLUSH)

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