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Part 1

READERS: If you like this story, please let me know at KISPMCSC@YAHOO.COM. And please read and send your comments to my other stories, "THE BABYING of BARBARA LETO" Series, "THE BABRY HOTEL" Series, and "THE BABYING of HER OLDER ISTER", a new Series. All comments are welcome. Thank you, Robert.

NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either a product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chrissy Powell laid on her stomach while Bob Charleson rubbed her back. They were in her living room and she was laying on the sofa. Bob was an amateur hypnotist and had agreed to help Chrissy lose some weight. Now Chrissy was not fat but she could stand to lose a few pounds. Chrissy was 25, while Bob was 49. it did not matter, they were friends.

A massage was common practice for Bob for this technique help relax the person. He rubbed her back, her arms her legs and her feet. Shortly she was very relaxed and ready to be hypnotized. Sitting her up on the sofa Bob told Chrissy to concentrate on an object in the ceiling. He began. It took a half hour to get Chrissy in the hypnotic stated that he wanted but finally she was there.

He tested her with several suggestions before giving her a host-hypnotic suggestion concerning eating. Also, while in a trace, Bob gave her some more suggestions. The first one was that when he touch the tip of his nose, Chrissy's bladder would feel very full, on the verge of bursting. By the time she took three steps, Chrissy would wet her pants. The second suggestion was when he touched the side of his nose, Chrissy would feel her bladder full again, but she would make it to the bathroom. Another suggestion was that Chrissy would trust Bob, like a two year old would towards her "daddy".

Then it was time to bring her out of the trance. Chrissy sat on the sofa saying that Bob had not hypnotized her as they spoke, Bob touched the tip of his nose. He could see a slight discomfort come to Chrissy's face. She stood up and tried to get to the bathroom. Chrissy only took a few steps when she stopped and looked down. A dark yellow spot appeared on her white shorts. Chrissy was wetting her panties just like Bob had suggested. Chrissy stood there sobbing as the spot grew.

"I peed my pants." She sobbed.

Bob came over and started to hug her. Stroking her hair, he cooed, "That's ok honey. All little girls have accidents sometimes."

Sniffling, Chrissy cried, "Bbbutt II'm not a little girl."

"Hush now. Let's get you cleaned up." He said softly.

Taking her hand, Bob led Chrissy towards the bathroom. Once in there, he closed the drain in the tub and started running the bathtub water. He had Chrissy sit on the toilet seat.

"What are you doing?" Inquired Chrissy.

Looking at her, Bob replied, "Preparing your bath. You need to be washed."

Standing up, Bob went to Chrissy and stood her up. Reaching for the hem of her blouse, Bob began to pull it up.

"What are you doing?" Inquired Chrissy pulling down the front of her blouse.

Bob stopped. Looking at Chrissy he said calmly, "I am going to give you a bath. You had a very traumatic experience and a warm bath will sooth you. Trust me."

For some strange reason, Chrissy believe him. She knew that he was not going to take advantage of her. Slowly and carefully, he removed her blouse, leaving her in her bra. Next, her removed her sneaks and soaking wet socks. Carefully and not to upset her, he pulled down her sopping wet shorts and underpanties, bikinis actually. During this time, Bob spoke very gently to Chrissy, like an adult would to a very small upset child who had wet her pants. Finally, he took off her bra, leaving Chrissy completely naked.

By now, the water had risen in the tub, the right height thought Bob. Helping her in, Chrissy sat in the warm water. The water barely covered her thighs. Taking a bar of soap, Bob started washing Chrissy's arms, then her chest, neck and back. Carefully, he washed her face avoiding getting soap in her eyes. Then he washed her virgina, her long legs and feet. Turning her onto her side, Bob washed her bottom. Her bath was finished. Chrissy felt so childish sitting there being bathed, but it felt refreshing. Helping her out of the tub, Bob took a soft towel and rubbed Chrissy dry. After hanging the towel on the rack, he took her hand began walking out into the hallway. Chrissy stopped him.

"I can't go out there with nothing on." She pleaded.

Bob smiled as he said, "Who's going to see you? It's only you and me."

With her hand in his, Bob led Chrissy to the bedroom where he sat her on the bed. Chrissy sat n the bed trying to cover herself. She was still embarrassed about being naked in front of the man who had just bathed her. Bob was going threw her dresser drawers until he found what he wanted - Chrissy's pajamas. Baby doll pajamas to be exact.

Bob laid Chrissy down on the bed as he started pulling the frilly panties up her legs.

"Stop that." Chrissy said.

"why are you putting my jimmies on me?"

Smiling, Bob said softly, "Chrissy you had a very trying experience and I think a nap would do you good."

He continued dressing her. Shortly Chrissy was dressed in the baby dolls, and tucked in under the covers. Retrieving a small panda bear that Chrissy had on her dresser, he gave it to her. Chrissy was so upset at the events that had happened, she started hugging the toy.

Kissing her forehead, Bob cooed, "I'll wake you in about an hour. Have a nice nap." With that he walked out, closing the bedroom door.

Chrissy was exhausted and fell asleep within minutes.

An hour later when Bob entered Chrissy's bedroom, he found her crying. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he asked, "What's the matter honey? Why are you crying?"

Looking up with red brim eyes, Chrissy sobbed, "I've peed the bed like a baby."

Hugging the crying woman, Bob said softly, "That's alright sweetie. All little girls have accidents. Now let's get you cleaned up."

This time, Chrissy did not remark that she was not a little girl.

Bob had given a post-hypnotic suggestion that told Chrissy to wet the bed at least once while she slept, and she did.

Taking her hand, Bob led her into the bathroom where he removed her soaked panties and top. Using a warm washcloth, Bob proceeded in washing Chrissy's pubic area and her bottom. He took her back to the bedroom where she sat on the vanity chair naked while he stripped the bed and cleaned the mattress. After cleaning the mattress, Bob went to her dresser and removed clothing for Chrissy. Taking a pair of bikini briefs, he pulled them up her legs.

"You don't have to dress me, Bob." She said.

"I 'm capable of doing this."

"Hush." Bob cooed.

"You had a very dramatic experience. I'm only helping you."

Chrissy had to admit that she enjoyed the attention. She continue to allow Bob to finish dressing her. He put white shorts over the bikini briefs, white anklets and sneaks and a light pink tank top. When Chrissy stated that she wanted to wear a bra under her top, Bob simply said that she would be more comfortable this way. And she was.

"I think," Bob said, "that we need to get you some protection. You can not go and wet you pants in public. What you need is Attends, they are an adult Pamper."

Chrissy looked at Bob and cried out, "I'm not wearing diapers!"

Talking to Chrissy, he finally convinced her the necessary of wearing the Attends. Shortly, they were off to Wal*Mart. Bob also said that she may have a stomach cold or some type of a virus. So the best course of action was to eat bland food. Baby food would be the best, it was bland and would not upset her stomach, plus it would give her the nutrients that she needed. With hesitation, Chrissy agreed. They loaded the cart up with not only the package of Attends, but different types of baby foods and formula. Also, Bob bought, without Chrissy knowledge, plastic bibs, baby bottles, baby bow and spoons, and pacifiers.

After paying for the items, they headed back to Chrissy's apartment. As they neared her door, Bob touched the side of his nose. Chrissy started to dance around.

"Bob," she cried, "I have to go peed. Hurry and open the door."

Bob unlocked the door and as Chrissy passed, he touched the tip of his nose. No sooner was Chrissy in the living room, she wet her pants again. She sat on the floor, crying.

"Why am I doing this?" she wailed.

Taking her hand, Bob laid Chrissy down on the floor. Opening the bags, Bob removed several items. The first item was a large baby's diaper pad. Laying it under Chrissy's bottom, he removed her wet pants and panties. Using baby wipes, Bob cleaned Chrissy's pubic area and her bottom. Next was diaperine. When Chrissy said what was he putting that on her, he smile and said he did not want her getting a diaper rash. Tears formed in Chrissy's at the though of such an infantile reaction. Then Chrissy was powdered and finally the Attend Pamper was taped on. He let her "run round" in just the Pamper, her shirt and her anklets.

When Chrissy complained that she wanted to wear more clothes, Bob said that if she had another accident, it would be easier to change her this way. Besides it was only she and him and he had already seen her naked anyway. So, for the rest of the day, Chrissy walked around dressed only in the Pamper, a top and anklets.

At five, Bob ordered a small pizza. When it came, Chrissy was ready for some, but she received a surprise. Bob had told her because she might have some type of a stomach virus, she was better off with a different type of food. Bob did everything for Chrissy, almost treating her like a small child. Sitting down at the table. Bob placed in front of Chrissy her dinner. It was a baby's tri-bowl filled with baby food. There was strained chicken, strained string beans, and mash potatoes.

"I'm not eating this!" Chrissy exclaimed.

"I want pizza."

"No." said Bob.

"That's bad for your tummy. Not eat what I gave you."

Picking up the baby spoon, Chrissy said, "Can I have at least a regular spoon?"

"No." said Bob.

"I don't want you to eat to fast and too much at one time. That spoon will be sufficient."

Standing up, Bob tied the plastic bib on Chrissy. She was going to object, but somehow it seemed alright with her. Slowly she ate the warm, tasteless baby food. Bob had poured her a glass of the baby formula with her dinner. When Chrissy picked it up, Bob instructed her to hold the glass with both hands so she would not spill it. Reluctantly, Chrissy did as she was told.

After dinner and cleaning up the dishes, Bob had Chrissy go out to the living room. He told her to sit on the floor in front of the television. Chrissy felt a little foolish sitting there like child dressed only in a baby's Pamper. To further reduce her to a babyish condition, Bob put a tape in for her. It was Barney!

"I don't wanta look at this." Exclaimed Chrissy.

Bob would hear of none of this. So Chrissy sat there watching the childish television show. To her astonishment, Chrissy enjoyed watching the purple dinosaur.

When the show ended at 7:15, Bob said, "Now Chrissy. You are going to be put on a schedule. Bedtime is at 8. so you'll have your snack, I'll put you in your jammies and change you. By then it will be bedtime."

Chrissy's mouth dropped open.

"I not going to bed at 8. that's a ridicules time for a grown woman to be put to bed."

Bob would hear of none of this. Taking her hand, Bob led Chrissy into the kitchen. Sitting her on his lap and tying a bib on her, he produced a baby bowl. Filled with a baby dessert, Bob using a baby spoon, began spoon feeding Chrissy a large jar of strained baby food of cherries. When she finished that, he spoon fed her a large jar of strained baby food of pears. Chrissy was quite filled when Bob had finished feeding her. Not only did he fed her the baby food desert, he also had Chrissy drink a large glass of the baby formula. Chrissy felt so foolish being treated like this, but it also felt so right. As Chrissy sat there, she started wetting her Pamper. Chrissy started weeping.

When inquired what was wrong, Chrissy replied, "I've wet myself again."

Bob said then, "Let's check to see if you have a temperature."

He left the room, returning shortly with a thermonitor and a jar of Vaseline. Taking Chrissy's hand, he laid her across his lap and untapped the Pamper, exposing her bottom.

"Wwwhat are you doing?" asked Chrissy nervously.

"I'm taking your temperature. I have to take it rectally."

"No!" cried out Chrissy, "Please don't do that. Take it orally."

Bob ignored her. Taking the thermonitor, Bob greased it with the Vaseline jelly and inserted it into Chrissy's bottom. Chrissy let out a cry. It was very uncomfortable. There was no fever.

After taking her temperature, Bob took Chrissy to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Taking a diaper pad, he changed her wet Pamper and put the top of a baby doll on her. He covered up the Pampers with the frilly panties of the baby dolls. Then he tucked her into bed, gave her her Panda Bear, and kissed her forehead. He closed the door as he left. It was now 8 p.m.

Around 9:30, Bob went into Chrissy's bedroom. She was sound asleep. Creeping quietly, he went up to the nightstand and placed a baby monitor on it. Looking down at Chrissy's sleeping form, he took her thumb and gently inserted it into her mouth. She did not start to suck on it like he hoped, but she did not remove it either.

Bob fell asleep on the sofa only to wake up around 1:45 in the morning. He went into the kitchen and prepared a snack for Chrissy. Buy 2, he was ready.

Bob went into her bedroom to find Chrissy still sound asleep, sucking her thumb. Taking a baby bottle, he slowly inserted the nipple into her mouth, gently nudging her thumb out. Chrissy quickly opened her eyes, but Bob's gentle voice reassuring her it was alright.

"Here Sweetie, drink you bottle while I check your diapers." H told her. Chrissy reached up with her hand and took the bottle. Smiling, Bob said, "No. sweetie, you're tired. You better hold it with both hands." Chrissy did as she was told.

Slowly, Bob pulled down the ruffled panties that covered the Pampers. Sticking his finger in the leg band, Bob said, "That's what I though, you're soaked."

Chrissy was to tired to care. She continued to suck on the nipple as Bob pulled the taped ends and pulled the Pamper off. Taking baby wipes, Bob cleaned Chrissy's pubic area, then lifting her legs up, cleaned her bottom. Using diaperine, he rubbed it all over her bottom and then on her pubic area. Bob paid close attention to her virginal rubbing the ointment thickly in that spot to prevent any type of diaper rash. He had noticed that she was starting to get a little reed in that area. Next was baby powder being rubbed into her skin. Lifting her bottom up, Bob slid a Pamper under her. Spreading her legs apart, he pulled the Pamper up and taped the ends together. Lastly, Bob pulled the ruffled panties up, covering the bulky Pampers.

Bob let Chrissy nurse on the bottle, after her covered her up. He left the room.

Around 7:30 the next morning, bob heard Chrissy walking down the hall. Chrissy was holding her Panda Bear in one hand while rubbing the sleep from her eyes with the other. She was still dressed in her baby doll pajamas and the panties looked inflated due to the pampers. Bob also noticed that the panties were down around Chrissy's hips. Her pamper must be soaked and were being pulled down.

"What are you doing up, young lady?" he asked.

Still rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Chrissy said, "I was hungry."

"You're not suppose to get up for another half hour, now scoot back to bed." He said as he swatted her diapered bottom.

"I'll get you something."

After taking her back to bed, bob went to the kitchen and warmed a baby bottle of formula for Chrissy.

When Chrissy saw the baby bottle, she cried out, "I don't wanta bottle!"

Bob paid no attention as he forced the bottle into her mouth. Chrissy started sucking the nipple, drawing out the warm liquid. Chrissy did an infantile reaction, she started sucking on the nipple, holding the bottle with both hands.

"I'll be back in a while to get you out of bed. Don't you get out until I come back." Bob commanded.

Chrissy stayed in her bed, sucking on the warm formula. She was very relaxed. As much as she hated not having control of her bodily functions, she could not believe how much she enjoyed being taken care of. Thinking back to yesterday, she really enjoyed being tken care of. Veen having a diaper change. Chrissy wondered what today would bring.


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