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Part II

Around 7:30 the next morning, Bob heard Chrissy walking down the hall. Chrissy was holding her Panda Bear in one hand while rubbing the sleep from her eyes with the other. She was still dressed in her baby doll pajamas and the panties looked inflated due to the Pampers. Bob also noticed that the panties were down around Chrissy's hips. Her Pampers must be soaked and were being pulled down.

"What are you doing up, young lady?" he asked.

Still rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Chrissy said, "I was hungry."

"You're not suppose to get up for another half hour, now scoot back to bed." He said as he swatted her diapered bottom.

"I'll get you something."

After taking her back to bed, Bob went to the kitchen and warmed a baby bottle of formula for Chrissy.

When Chrissy saw the baby bottle, she cried out, "I don't wanta bottle!"

Bob paid no attention as he forced the bottle into her mouth. Chrissy did an infantile reaction, she started sucking the nipple, drawing out the warm liquid. As Chrissy started sucking on the nipple, she held the bottle with both hands.

"I'll be back in a while to get you out of bed. Don't you get out until I come back." Bob commanded.

Chrissy stayed in her bed, sucking on the warm formula. She was very relaxed. As much as she hated not having control of her bodily functions, she could not believe how much she enjoyed being taken care of. Thinking back to yesterday, she really enjoyed being taken care of. Even having a diaper change. Chrissy wondered what today would bring.

Chrissy let the bottle fall onto the bed and she replaced it with her thumb. At eight, Bob entered her bedroom with a fresh Pampers. Baby-talking to her, Bob started to remove the panties and then the wet Pampers. Chrissy closed her eyes as Bob was cleaning her up. Here she was, a grown woman of 25, wearing diapers, using them, having someone change her and having baby-talk spoken to her. And she liked it! When Bob finished cleaning her and diapering Chrissy, he had her go out to the kitchen.

Bob had given her another post-hypnotical suggestion during her diaper change. Everytime he said, "I think" and then stated something, she would do it.

So, as they walked down the hall, Bob simply said, "Chrissy. I think it would be easier if you crawled around the house instead." Chrissy stopped, looked at Bob and got down on all fours and started to crawl to the kitchen.

"And I think you would like it better."

"Don't you like that better?" asked Bob.

Chrissy smiled and said yes, that it was much easier than walking about.

Once in the kitchen, Bob sat in a chair and then lifted Chrissy onto his lap. Pulling a bowl near him, he started to feed Chrissy the warm baby rice cereal in it. Chrissy started to struggle, saying that she could feed herself.

Smiling. Bob said, "OK, fed yourself Chrissy, but I think you'll be feeding yourself like a 12 month old."

Chrissy looked at Bob strangely, but she grabbed the spoon. She held the spoon as a 12 month old would. And much to her surprise, started to eat like a 12 month old, getting the cereal all over her face, her baby doll top, the table, everywhere except into her mouth. Pouting that she was unable to feed herself, Chrissy looked at Bob.

Smiling, Bob cooed, "Don't worry sweetie, I'll fed you." Taking the spoon, Bob dipped it into the bowl, getting a spoonful, and then gently putting it into Chrissy's waiting mouth.

After feeding Chrissy, then bottle-feeding her, Bob had her crawl to the living room. Turning on the television to Sesame Street, he told her to behave and that he would be cleaning up the breakfast dishes.

Chrissy sat in front of the television on the floor, twirling her hair and sucking on her thumb. Chrissy was thinking why was she acting so babyish? Why did she enjoyed someone taking care of her, having almost all of her adult responsibility taken away from her. And why was she enjoying such childish television shows? She just knew that she never felt so relaxed and free.

When he finished cleaning up and drinking his coffee, Bob entered the living room. Chrissy was where he had left her, sitting in front of the television.

"Come on sweetie," he said, "time for your bath."

Chrissy looked up at Bob and whined, "Aw, I wanna see this." Pointing to the Sesame Street program. Elmo was on the screen now and Chrissy was giggling at him.

Bending over, he said, "I'll tape it. Now come on." Grabbing her hand and pulling her up.

"Get to the bathroom." He said giving her bottom a love slap.

Chrissy slowly crawled to the bathroom and sat on the carpet as Bob adjusted the temperature of the water. Sitting Chrissy on the toilet seat, he removed her baby doll top, and pulled down her baby doll panties. Pulling the side tabs, Bob pulled down the front of the Pampers exposing Chrissy's virginal area. Chrissy was still embarrassed about this had quickly used both hands to cover herself up out of habit. Taking her hand though, Bob pulled her up and sat her in the warm water. Using Ivory baby soap, Bob began slowly washing her. Chrissy felt very relaxed as Bob washed her. All of her worries seem to melt away as she was being bathed. Bob bathed her like one would a baby. Very gently he washed her while she laid in the tub playing with the rubber duck her had given her. Chrissy giggled when he tickled her "tummy". When he finished bathing Chrissy, Bob took a thick towel and rubbed her dry. She enjoyed this almost as much as being bathed. Taking her hand, Bob led her to the bedroom, naked. Chrissy was embarrassed about being led around naked, but she was getting use to being led around this way. She was still in her adult mode of thinking at this point and had not gone into a more babyish mode. Chrissy walked to the bedroom with her head lowered, sucking on her thumb. Laying her on the bed, Bob made sure that the plastic baby pad was under her. Chrissy's bedroom now smelled like a baby's nursery thanks to the aroma of baby powder and baby lotion.

Taking diaperine, Bob spread it over Chrissy's pubic area and then lifting up her legs, rubbed it over her bottom. After the diaperine, Bob sprinkled baby lotion followed by baby powder all over Chrissy's diaper area. She smelled so much like a baby. Chrissy giggled like a baby when Bob blew "bubbles" on her stomach, tickling. Once he finished coating her diaper area with protection, Bob got an Attends Pampers and taped it onto her.

Taking her hand, Bob led Chrissy to the living room. Sitting her in front of the TV and letting her watch "Barney", Bob went to make a phone call. A few minutes later, Bob returned. He stood there watching Chrissy. She was sitting on the floor, sucking her thumb and twirling her hair, as she watched "Barney". Bob thought how amazing it was 24 hours ago she was a 25-year-old woman. Now, she was a diaper-wearing baby-woman.

Standing in front of Chrissy, Bob announced, "You know, these Attends are expensive to wear. So we are going to a medical supply company today."

Taking her hand, Bob led her back to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed, Chrissy watched as Bob pulled so clothes out for her to wear. A tee shirt was easy, the pants were not. All of the pants and shorts that Bob tried on Chrissy did not fit. The Pampers were just too thick and the waist would either not go over the Pampers or they could not close. Finally Bob found a pair of faded blue denim bib overall shorts. The waist was large and fit over the Pampers comfortably. Ankle high socks and sneaks came next. Lastly, Bob put on Chrissy a pink baby's headband with a bow, pulling her long black hair back. Taking a brush, he made sure that she had bangs. Before leaving, he packed a diaper bag, just in case Chrissy had another accident. Bob put in a few pairs of Attends, diaperine, baby powder, and baby lotion. Now they were set to go.

It took about 45 minuets to reach the medical supply store. Taking Chrissy's hand, they walked into the store. A saleswoman greeted them. Bob explained how Chrissy started wetting herself and that they needed thick, cloth diapers. Chrissy turned red from embarrassment as Bob was talking about her wetting problem. The saleswoman showed them day-time and night-time cloth diapers. She stated that the night-time diapers were thicker due to the fact that she would be asleep and would absorb the moisture better. Bob said that they would take four dozen nighttime diapers only. Then she showed them the plastic pants to go over the diapers, they came in white, but she also had pastel colors too. Bob took a dozen white, half dozen of pink and yellow plastic pants. After purchasing these items, Bob and Chrissy drove to a department store where they purchased baby diaper pins with ducks on the heads.

The next stop was Bob's house. Since he was going to be staying with Chrissy for a few days, he would need clothes for work. When they arrive, Bob holding Chrissy's hand, took her into the house and into the family room. Sitting her on the floor in front of the television, Bob turned on "Mr. Rogers".

"Why do I haveta look at kiddie shows?" asked Chrissy.

Smiling, Bob replied, "Now Chrissy, we talked about this. It's all for your tummy. Watching news and other grown-up shows might upset your tummy. Kiddie shows are relaxing and soothing, things that you need. Now watch your show."

Chrissy was proud of herself that she had not wet herself. Maybe she was getting control of her bladder again.

Bob went to the kitchen and heated up a bottle for Chrissy. When it got to the right temperature, Bob took it to Chrissy. While Chrissy was sucking on the nipple and watching "Mr. Rogers", Bob leaned her forward and stuck his hand into the back of her shorts. She hated this. It was if she was unable to tell if she had wet herself and Bob had to check. Feeling the pampers, Bob found that it was dry.

Bob went into the bedroom and got his clothes for the next few days. He packed the car and returned to find Chrissy still watching "Mr. Rogers", while sucking on her bottle.

"Well," Bob said, "before we leave, do you have to go pee-pee?"

Chrissy did not like being talked to like a baby and replied, "No, I'm fine."

Smiling, Bob cooed, "Maybe we'll sit you on the potty for a while just in case."

"Nooooo!" cried Chrissy.

Bob ignored her, taking her hand took her to the bathroom. Unbuttoning her bib overall shorts and letting them drop to the floor, Bob un-tapped the pampers and sat her on the seat. With a stern warning, he told her to stay there until he said she could get up. Chrissy sat there completely embarrassed with her hands holding her head. After 5 minutes of sitting there and not peeing, Bob allowed Chrissy to get up. He re-taped the pamper on her, pulled up the bib overall shorts and buttoning the straps.

By the time they got back to Chrissy's apartment, she stated hat she had not wet herself. That was soon to change. Giving her the signal to wet, Chrissy could feel the pressure starting to build in her bladder. Very shortly, Chrissy was squeezing her legs tight, trying in vain to prevent herself from wetting herself. As Bob was unlocking the apartment's door, Chrissy was almost in tears. She had to pee real bad. Chrissy almost made it to the bathroom when she stopped. Looking down at her waist, Chrissy could feel the warm pee start to flood her Pampers. Chrissy had soaked her Pampers! When she finished, she burst into tears and ran into her bedroom. Bob followed, finding her lying on her stomach on her bed, crying. Sitting on the bed, Bob cradled her.

Sobbing, Chrissy cried, "How come I'm acting so much like a baby. Who's gonna take care of me?"

Kissing her forehead, like one would a child, Bob cooed, "No worry baby, daddy will always be here for you and take care of you."

Looking up at Bob, Chrissy sniffled as she asked, "Daddy?"

Smiling, Bob cooed, "Yes, your daddy. I'll always take care of you, I'll be your daddy and you'll be my baby girl."

Gently, Bob laid her on the bed and removed the demin bib shorts and untapped the wet pampers. Taking three of the night-time diapers, he lift her bottom up and laid them under her. Chrissy was then had diaperine, lotion and powder rubbed all over her diaper area, she just laid there sucking her thumb, enjoying be take care of. Spreading her legs apart, Bob pulled the diapers up and pinned them together. A pair of yellow plastic pants were pulled up her legs, covering her diapers.

"OK sweetie, now that your had your diaper changed," cooed Bob, "let's get you your lunch."

Chrissy followed Bob to the kitchen crawling. She sat on the tile floor watching as he prepared her lunch. When it was ready, Bob sat in a chair and then sat Chrissy on his lap. Using a baby spoon for the first time, Bob spoon-fed Chrissy the baby food mush. In between mouthfuls, he let her nurse on a warm bottle. Shortly, Chrissy had finished being fed. Taking a towel, Bob laid it on his shoulder then laid her head on his shoulder too. Holding her head and patting her back, Chrissy let out a loud burp.

Taking her hand, Bob took her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed.

"Time for your nap." He cooed.

"But I don't wanna take a nap." Whined Chrissy.

Handing her the Panda Bear, Bob said, "Chrissy, I've told you that I'm putting you on a schedule and you're naptime is 1 o'clock. And because we were out, you're late getting your nap."

He covered her with the sheet and kissed her forehead. He had purchased a baby monitor, so he turned that on. He watched as Chrissy closed her eyes and stuck her thumb into her mouth. Chrissy seemed to prefer her thumb to her pacifier or "binkie".

Bob let Chrissy sleep for an hour and half. When he went in to wake her, Chrissy's diaper was wet. Not soaked, just damp, so he decided to let her stay in them for a while. She smiled when she opened her eyes. Taking her hand, he led her out to the living room. Letting her sit in front of the TV, he turned on 'THE COMFY COUCH", and handed her a bottle of formula. She giggled watching the children's show. Bob did not allow her to watch anything above the level of a 2-year would watch. This included any music, Chrissy was only allowed to listen to nursery songs and other childish songs.

About 5, Bob had Chrissy come into the kitchen. Like all of her other meals, Bob had her sit on his lap. Chrissy felt embarrassed at this, being fed at first, but soon grew to like it. One part of her feedings that she did not like was when Bob tied a large baby bib on her, as if she would spill anything on her.

On the table was a baby's tri-bowel filled with war strained chicken, strain string beans and strain prunes, along with a baby bottle of warm Simulac. Chrissy ate the strained chicken with no fussing. When Bob spoon-fed the strained string beans, she fussed a little, but spoon-feeding her strain prunes, Chrissy fussed allot. Shaking her head back and forth refusing to eat them. Bob managed to shove them into her mouth, followed by the nipple of her bottle of Simulac. Tears ran down her cheeks as she swallowed the horrible substance. She stayed on his lap as he fed himself fried chicken, corn, potatoes, and drank his coffee. Chrissy hungered for this grown-up food, but Bob refused to feed them to her. He said that with her bladder condition, it would not settle and she would end up wetting more. He knew what was best for her. So Chrissy just laid there watching as he ate his dinner.

After dinner, Bob once again sat Chrissy in front of the TV as he clean up. He had taped "ROMPER ROOM" and she sat there watching the childish show. Chrissy found the shown terribly boring and walked into the kitchen to talk to Bob. Chrissy sat in one of the kitchen chairs, dressed only in her plastic pants and diapers, her bare feet touching the tile floor. She no longer felt funny wearing just her diapers around the house, as a matter of fact, she felt quite comfortable dressed this way.

When he finished cleaning up, he announced that it was time for her bath. Taking her hand, he led her into the bathroom and closed the door. The warm water started filling the tub as Bob peeled off her damp plastic pants. He could smell the odor of the urine in her diapers as they were sagging on Chrissy. Removing the diapers and depositing them into the hamper, he gently sat Chrissy into the warm soapy water. Handing her a yellow rubber duck, she started soaping up a washcloth. Chrissy loved it as she was being bathed. She did not even mind having to hold a rubber duck like a child. She just laid back, enjoying the simple pleasure of being bathed. Bob took his time bathing Chrissy. It took 45 minutes, between bathing her and letting her play in the tub. Once the bath was over, he had Chrissy stand up. Taking a large fluffy towel, Bob wrapped it around her and rubbed her vigorously.

Chrissy was still hesitant in walking out of the bathroom naked. Bob literally had to drag her out, she wanted to wrap a towel around her body, but Bob had said they were the only ones there. And he saw her naked, he's the one that bathed her. In the bedroom, Chrissy sat on the bed while Bob retrieved diapers, plastic pants and baby doll pajamas from the dresser. Laying Chrissy on the bed, Bob got a large diaper pad and laid it under her bottom. Using diaperine, he rubbed it all over her pubic area, lifting her legs up, he repeated the process on her bottom. He did the same using the baby powder. He laid her bottom on four thick night-time diapers. Spreading her legs apart, Bob pulled the diapers up and pinned them together. They were so thick, Chrissy could not close her legs. She laid there with her legs spread apart, much like a baby would do. The diapers were followed by Bob pulling the plastic pants over the diapers. A light pink baby doll top was pulled over her head, with the hem barely reaching her crotch. A pair of panties with ruffles on the bottom covered her plastic pants.

Smiling t Chrissy, Bob announced that it was nearly 8 and too late for Chrissy to watch any cartoons, that's when Chrissy said that she did not think it was right to be put to bed at 8, after all she was a grown woman. He told her to stay put and he would right back. A few minutes later, Bob came in with a nipple baby bottle of warm formula. Chrissy bulked at this saying that she was not a baby. Bob said nothing, only sat on the bed and pulled a reluctant Chrissy onto his lap. When she opened her mouth to object at this, he simply inserted the nipple into her mouth. It was not long before Chrissy was sucking away on the nipple.

As soon as she finished the bottle, Bob held her head over his shoulder and started patting her back, Chrissy knew exactly what he was trying to do and she was not going to let it happen. Chrissy was determined that the patting would not cause her to burp like a baby. But the patting proved her wrong. In moments after Bob started patting her, Chrissy could feel the urge to burp. She knew if she opened her mouth a loud burp would come out. She could not help it, an involuntary effect caused her to open her mouth and burp. She felt like crying, she responded like a little baby.

Bob laid her down, covering her with the sheet. After giving her the panda bear, he kissed her forehead, and turned off the side lamp. In the corner of the room blazed a night-light that was plugged into the wall socket. Next to her be on the night stand was a baby monitor. Quietly, Bob left the room, leaving the door slightly opened.

As Chrissy laid in bed, holding onto her panda bear, she felt so young.

Bob went into the kitchen and set the oven alarm to go off in 6 hours. That would be about 2 in the morning. He was conditioning her with 2 o'clock feedings. He would be sleeping on her sofa again tonight. Around 11, Bob decide to go to sleep. Before lying down, he checked on Chrissy. She was sound asleep, sleeping on her stomach, sucking her thumb. Lying down on the sofa, he covered himself with a blanket. He was tired. Taking care of baby was exhausting, let alone a 25-year-old baby.

At 1:55, the alarm went off. Sleepy, Bob got up, and went into the kitchen where he warmed a bottle of formula for Chrissy. Taking the bottle, he quietly crept into her bedroom. Chrissy was still asleep, sucking her thumb. Removing her thumb gently, Bob inserted the nipple into her mouth. Chrissy woke with a start, but Bob's soothing voice and the stroking of her hair, calmed her. She laid there, sucking on the nipple. By the time she was ¾ done, her eyelids were fluttering and closing.

Giving Chrissy a kiss on the forehead, Bob cooed, "Such a good baby you are, yes you are. Go to sleep, you have a big day ahead of you."

Bob left and went back to sleep. At 6, he got up, showered, shaved and got dressed. He dressed in his suit except for his jacket. By then it was 6:30, time for Chrissy to get up. He walked into her room and found her sound asleep on her back. She had her "binkie" in her mouth. Bob noticed that her baby doll top was up around her breasts, revealing her bare stomach. Gently, he woke her. Chrissy smiled and yawned. Then like fathers of babies that they just woke up, he decided to play with her. Kneeling next to the bed, Bob began to tickle her, which she erupted into laughter. After that, Bob blew "bubbles on her stomach. Chrissy reacted like a baby, giggling at that.

Chrissy wanted to play more, but Bob said that it was time to get dressed. Taking a large diaper pad, he laid it under her bottom. Carefully, Bob pulled the damp plastic pants down and deposited them into a plastic bag. Unpinning the diapers and removing them, they followed the pants into the plastic bag too.

"I don't wanta wear diapers to work." Pouted Chrissy.

Bob stated, "Chrissy, you know that you are not over your bladder infection yet. Do you want to have a accident in work and wet your pants?"

Sticking out her bottom lip, Chrissy shook her head. Taking diaperine, baby lotion and baby powder, Bob rubbed it all over Chrissy's pubic area and her bottom. Lifting Chrissy's bottom, Bob slid a Pamper under. Taking the Pampers, he pulled it up between hr legs and taped the ends. A sleeveless tee shirt came next.

Before Chrissy was a Medical Billing Specialist, she worked as a medical secretary. In that position, she had to wear "scrubs", just like in a hospital. In the billing department, she could wear scrubs or "civilian clothes. Chrissy has chosen to wear regular clothes.

Wearing Pampers, Chrissy's pants were to tight to fit over them. Bob decided that the best thing was for Chrissy to go back and wear her scrubs. Taking a set of pink scrubs, he pulled the pants up her legs and over the bulky pampers. The pants were large and did not reveal what she was wearing underneath. After tying the strap, he pulled the short sleeve top over her head. Finally he put her socks and sneaks on. Taking her hand, Bob led her over to her vanity table and sat her in the chair. Grasping the handle of her hairbrush, Bob began brush her long black hair. Chrissy sat there, almost hypnotized. She loved being pampered. Once he was satisfied with her hair and bangs, Bob put a baby's headband, pulling her hair back. The pink band did not look like it belonged to a baby and no one would know.

Satisfied that Chrissy was finished being dressed Bob took her hand and le her to the kitchen. Sitting down, he sat her on his lap like all her other meals. Chrissy did not like having a baby bib tied on her, but it pleased Bob and he had done so much for her, she let him. Using a baby spoon, Bob spoon-fed Chrissy a full bowl of warm baby rice cereal. It was very bland and Chrissy was glad when she ad finished it. After feeding her, Bob had to wash her face. He made sure that when he was feeding her, that the rice cereal was smeared all around her mouth and dripped onto her baby bib.

Removing the bib, Bob cooed, "Aren't you glad I put this bib on you. You would have gotten cereal all over your top."

Chrissy turn a little red, being a messy eater. She got cereal all over her face, hands, and on her bib. Bob was right, it was a good thing that he insisted that she wear a bib.

Chrissy and Bob left the condo the same time. He escorted her to her car, made sure that she got off ok. Before leaving, Bob asked, "Do you nee to be changed?" Looking around, making sure no one heard him, Chrissy, blushed and said no.

Chrissy arrived at work at her usual time and went straight to desk and started working. The morning went quickly and except for the bulkiness of the pampers, Chrissy did not have any accidents. Around 10:30, with a few of the other girls, Chrissy went outside for a cigarette. Bob had warned her about not smoking until her bladder infection was gone. But she wanted a cigarette and she had not peed herself yet. It was then that she decided to go home at lunchtime and change.

It took a few minutes to drive home. Chrissy went into the bedroom, and quickly removed her scrubs, both top and pants. Going to the closet, Chrissy pulled out the box that Bob had placed all of her panties and bras. Bending over, she caught her reflection in the full-length mirror that hung on the closet door. She had to admit that she looked cute dressed like a baby. But she had no time, she had to change and get back to work. Chrissy pulled from the box a white bra and white bikini panties. Pulling off the tee shirt and tugging at the pampers' tabs, she quickly put her adult underclothes on. It felt so good dressed like an adult inside and out again. She put on her scrubs and hurried to the kitchen, in the refrig was a meat loaf, mash potatoes, and corn that she had made Friday. Cutting a slice of meat loaf, she placed it in the microwave. Her lunch was done in seconds. She ate her lunch hungrily, for this was the first grown-up food she had in 2 days. When she finished her lunch, she washed the dish and went back to work.

It felt so good, sitting in her desk chair without the feeling of her pampers against her skin. Again, Chrissy took a break and went smoking with the other girls. This time, she did not have one cigarette, not two, but three cigarettes. Before she knew it, it was quitting time and time to go home.

On the drive home, Chrissy started to feel pressure on her bladder. Sweat appeared on her forehead. She was hoping to make it home and to the bathroom before she wet herself. Luck was not with her on the drive home. She hit every light. Every second was agonizing to her. Chrissy found herself squeezing her legs together. What seem like hours, she finally made it home. Racing up the steps to her condo, Chrissy, with shaky hands stuck the key into the lock and threw open the door. Slamming the door color closed, she dashed to the bathroom. Chrissy only made it to the living room before her bladder exploded. With tears flowing down her cheeks, she looked at her pants. A large dark pink spot appeared at the crotch and a stream on darkness running down the insides of her pant legs. Chrissy sat on the carpet and started bawling. She had wet herself again after being well all day.

That's where Bob found her. He came over and knelt next to her, holding her and rocking her.

"Po baby." He cooed.

"No crys. Like I said, all little girls have accidents. Besides, I did not diaper you very good this morning. You've leaked."

Tears flowing down Chrissy's cheeks, she looked at Bob bad cried, "I'm not wearing diapers. I came home at lunch and changed them." Chrissy told Bob everything, from changing her clothes to smoking the cigarettes.

Standing up, Bob said, "Alright. Let's get you changed."

Taking her by the wrist, Bob led her into the kitchen, ordering her to stay put until he returned. Bob returned in a few minutes carrying a large towel, soap and a washcloth. Putting the items on the counter, he started running warm water into the double sinks.

"Wh...what are you doing?" stammered Chrissy.

Looking over his shoulder, Bob replied, "I'm going to give you your bath."

Shaking her head, her long, black hair flying, cried, "Nooooo. I'm not taking a bath in the sink."

Putting his hands on his hips, Bob said, "You were very naughty today. I told you that I would dress you and you were to wear diapers. You decided that you weren't and now you wet your pants."

Sitting her down on the oval kitchen rug, Bob removed her sneaks and socks. Placing his hands in the waistband of her pants, Bob pulled down her pants and panties with one yank. Then he pulled off her top and unclipped her bra. Chrissy sat on the rug, she was hugging her legs tightly. Taking a stool, Bob helped Chrissy into the sink. She sat her bottom in one sink with her legs hanging over the side. Bob took her ankles and slid them over into the other sink. It was a tight fit, but Chrissy fit. She felt foolish sitting there as Bob bathed her. Bob washed her I minutes. Taking her ankles again, he spun her around with her legs hanging over the side again. Lifting her up under her arms, Bob helped her out of the sink and onto the kitchen floor. Picking up the towel off the counter, Bob wrapped it around Chrissy rubbing her vigorously, drying her.

"Stay her." He ordered as again her left.

Retuning shortly carrying an armload of items. Bob had diapers, plastic pants, diaper pad, baby lotion, baby powder, and diaperine. Laying Chrissy on the tile floor, he lifted her bottom laying a diaper pad under her. Chrissy had diaperine, baby lotion and then baby powder rubbed all over her pubic area and her bottom. Then she was pinned into four thick cloth diapers. Pink plastic pants covered the diapers, sealing them.

Taking her by the wrist, Bob led her to a vacant corner in the kitchen.

"You will kneel in the corner until I say so." He ordered pointing his finger at her.

"That will teach you for being naughty and disobeying."

Chrissy faced the corner, tears running own her cheeks, feeling so much like a naughty child. After kneeling there for about half hour, Bob allowed Chrissy to crawl to the table.

Sitting Chrissy on his lap, Bob tied a large baby bib on her. She sat there quietly as he spoon-fed her. He spoon-fed her strained beef, strained corn, applesauce, and strained prunes. In between mouthfuls, he had her sick on her bottle of Simulac. Chrissy was so upset about wetting her pants, she did not even fuss when Bob spoon-fed her the strained prunes.

"No TV for you tonight." Said Bob after he burped her and wiped her face and hands.

"Because I had to give you an early bath and you were punished, you ate dinner late. Now it's 8, time for you to be put to bed."

With her head down, Chrissy crawled to her bedroom where Bob tucked her in, gave her, her panda bear and turned off the light. The nightlight cast shadows on the walls.

In a tearful voice, Chrissy said, "Please Bob, don't be mad at me. I'll be good. I promise."

"I'm not angry with you." Bob said smiling down at Chrissy.

"But you have to behave. If you don't you get punished, ok."

Wiping her tears away, Chrissy smiled back, "Ok, I'll be good. But I don't like having a bath in the kitchen sinks. I feel so young being washed that way."

"I like washing you in the sinks. I think I might do it more often. Now, it's after 8 and you should be asleep." Stated Bob. He kissed her forehead, turned off the light and turned on the baby monitor. He left, leaving the bedroom door slightly ajar.

Chrissy grabbed the pacifier off the nightstand and started sucking on it. She did not know when she started needing it, but it felt right. Closing her eyes, she went to sleep, thinking how tired she was. Chrissy could not believe how tired she was. She remembered how she use to party all night and go to work without any sleep. Now, she was sleepy by 8 at night. She fell asleep thinking about that.

Like the night before, Bob had set the alarm for 2 o'clock. He was making sure that Chrissy got on a schedule, that she would be expecting a feeding at this time. Taking the warmed bottle of Simulac, he crept into her bedroom. As he approached the bed, Chrissy stirred and woke up. Seeing Bob in the semi-darkness, she reached out for the bottle. Holding the bottle in both hands, Chrissy hungrily sucked on the nipple.

As she sucked on the baby bottle, Chrissy thought to herself, "I was hungry when I woke up. I felt like crying, but when I saw Bob, I knew that I would be fed. How strange."

When she finished nursing on the bottle, she was burped. Chrissy was getting use to being burped after drinking her bottle. Yawning, she curled into a fetal position, stuck her thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes.

The next morning, Bob woke at 6, took his shower, shaved and got dressed. By 6:30, he was sitting on the side of the bed playing with Chrissy. Chrissy enjoyed being woke up this way. It was fun. By 6:45, Bob had removed her baby doll pajamas and her wet diapers and re-diapered her. He made sure that her pampers were sealed around her waist and legs, ensuring that there would be no leakage. Bob put her maroon scrubs. Her long black hair was brushed and put into a ponytail. Not the type of ponytail at the nape of the neck, but closer to the top of her head. It waved back and forth as she moved her head about.

Taking Chrissy into the kitchen, Bob had her sit on his lap. With a bib tied on her, he fed her a bowl of warm rice cereal and a bottle of Simulac. Once again, Chrissy was thankful she had a bib on because cereal was all over her mouth and on her bib too.

"Why am I such a messy eater of a sudden?" She could not understand why.

By 7:30, both Bob and Chrissy were on their way to work. Only Bob was working until noon. He had a surprise in-stored for Chrissy. Before they left, Bob took Chrissy's purse and emptied it. From her wallet, he removed her license, registration card, insurance card, and a gas credit card. Taking these few items, he put them into a pink "Barbie" doll wallet. The wallet he put into a little girl's black patent pocketbook. The pocketbook had a long strap to it. When he gave it to Chrissy, she almost started crying, she did not want to carry a child's purse. But Bob insisted.

Chrissy made it to work. She felt funny walking into work with the child's purse, but nobody seemed to notice. She sat at her terminal working. It felt so strange feeling the pampers against her skin, but Bob was right. Why take the chance of wetting her pants.

As she worked, Chrissy started to crave a cigarette. Opening her purse to get her pack of cigarettes out, she realized Bob emptied her regular purse and did not put her cigarettes in this new on. So, she'll have to bum one. Walking outside with the others, Chrissy bummed a cigarette. She leaned against the wall, enjoying her first one of the day. She thought that one would not bother her. She was wrong. Bob had given her a post-hypnotical suggestion stating that if she smoked, within 15 minutes, she would need to pee. Sitting at her terminal, she felt the pressure build, quickly she got up and walked to the ladies room. Chrissy made it to the door only to stop. She tried squeezing her legs tightly, but found that did not work. She could not walk this way. Reluctantly, Chrissy spread her legs apart. With little effort, the warm liquid began to flow. Chrissy felt it as it warmed the front of her pubic area and slowly creep to her backside, making her entire "diaper area" damp. Looking down at her pants, she examined them looking for dark spots. Thankfully, there were none.

Slowly, Chrissy walked back to her desk. As she walked, she could swear that she heard her pampers squishing and she was sure that everyone she passed also heard it. Looking around, she saw people talking and her imagination started in hyper-drive. Chrissy imagined that they were talking about her, they knew that she was wearing pampers and that she was wet.


A woman came up to Chrissy and said, "Does baby want auntie to change dose nasty didees?"

Chrissy shook her head and stammered, "Wh...what?"

The woman looked at her and repeated what she said, "Did you finish those reports yet, Chrissy?"

Relieved, she said that she was and handed the woman the reports. What the woman had said was only in her imagination. It was scary, yet exciting at the same time.

As she sat at her desk, Chrissy's imagination told her everyone was talking about her. They were saying things like:

"Did you see Chrissy, she's wearing diapers, you can tell from the bulkiness around her waist."

"Chrissy has wet herself. I always knew she was just a baby in an adult's body."

"Maybe I should change Chrissy, after all, babies don't know how to change their didees."

"No. Just wait until she starts crying to be changed."

"Yea, maybe she'll be messy too."

Shaking her head, she realized that the people around her were talking about everyday things, work, family, etc. They were not talking about her.

At lunch, Chrissy sat at her desk eating the lunch Bob had prepared. There were several coved plastic bowels. Opening them, she discovered that he had put mush baby foods in each one. One contained creamed chicken, another had strained peas, while the t5hord held applesauce. The last one contained mush plumbs. In the thermos, Bob had warm baby formula. Chrissy could not get away from eating and drinking baby foods. She was starved and Bob did not let her have any money, and she did not have her MAC card, so she ate the baby food. Sitting there, the wet pampers had chilled and they were itching. Without anyone noticing, Chrissy reached her hand under her desk and started scratching her crotch. It felt better, but she could not wait to get home and have Bob change her.

She finished her lunch and went back to work. It was a long afternoon, sitting in cold, wet pampers. Finally, 5 came and she raced out the door to her car. She could not wait to get home. As she drove, the pressure built up again and soon Chrissy was squeezing her legs. Once at her condo, she tried walking but by the time she reached the step, the bladder let loose and flooded her already soaked pampers. She peed so much this time, the pampers started to sag. Chrissy could feel her pants starting to fall also. Grabbing the waistband, holding her pants up, she climbed the steps to her condo. At the door, she put the key in the lock, only to have it opened by Bob. She was surprised to find him there already.

Entering the condo, Chrissy cried, "Please change me. My diapers are soaked."

Smiling, Bob took her hand and led her to the second bedroom. She used that room to store her computer and a desk, which she used to pay bills and other thing. Walking into the room, it had changed. Suddenly it was a baby's nursery room and she knew that it was for her.

Looking about the room, Chrissy saw that there was a baby's crib in the corner. The crib was long enough to fit an adult comfortably. Against another wall was a triple dresser with a thick plastic pad attached to the top. In the middle were two Velcro straps, one in the back of the dresser and one in the front. Above the dresser was a shelf holding a supply of baby creams, lotions, powders, and tubes of diaperine. There were a few boxes of "Baby Wipes". Next to the dresser was a trash basket with a lid and a diaper pail. Written on the outside was 'CHRISSY'S DIAPER PAIL". Chrissy turned red with embarrassment after reading that. Imagine having a diaper pail at her age.

"Let's change you diapers." Said Bob happily.

Lifting Chrissy under the arms, he sat her on the top of the dress and laid her down. Taking the Velcro strap, he secured them around her waist.

"That's so you can't fall off during your changing." He said.

As she laid on the table, Bob removed her sneaks and socks. Chrissy talked about the room, what had happened today in work and other things. Untying the straps to her scrub's pant, Bob pulled the pants down. The Velcro strap around her waist did not prevent her from sitting up. When he sat Chrissy up, he removed her scrubs' top and her tee shirt. She only wore her pampers now. Laying her down, Bob pulled the tapes and removed the wet pampers.

"You must have a pound of pee in them." Joked Bob. This did not amuse Chrissy. She lowered her eyes and stuck out her bottom lip. That was embarrassing. Seeing Chrissy's discomfort, Bob continued, "Don't get upset, sweetie. I'm here to take care of you and no one will know you wear diapers, or need them. Unless you decide not to wear your diapers again." He started wiping her down with baby wipes, he continued talking.

"You were very lucky the other day that you did not pee you pants when you weren't wearing your diapers."

Examining her pubic area, Bob said, "Chrissy, you have a rash. Your skin is turning a little red there. Don't worry, I'll put some cream on it."

Chrissy thought about yesterday, going back to work with her pampers on. Bob was right, that could have been humiliating.

Bob continued his diapering of Chrissy. Taking a tube of diaperine, he coated her pubic area and then lifting her legs up in the air, he coated her bottom. Chrissy hated the ointment. It felt refreshing, but it smelled. Opening one of the drawers in the dresser/changing table, he removed several cloth items. From another drawer, he removed a pair of yellow plastic pants. Lifting her bottom, Bob slid four thick diapers under her. Spreading her legs apart, he pulled up the cloth and pinned the ends together. Taking the pair of pair of plastic pants, he pulled them up her long legs, covering the diapers. Opening a small drawer, Bob took a pink plastic, baby bow. Then he removed the band from Chrissy's ponytail and replaced it with the baby bow.

Sitting Chrissy up, Bob putting his hand under her arms, lifted her off the table and onto the floor. Taking her hand, he led her out of the room and to the kitchen.

"I have another surprise for you, sweetie." He cooed to Chrissy.

By the kitchen table stood a baby's high chair! "Nooooo." Cried Chrissy.

"I don't wanta use that."

Smiling, Bob replied, "But sweetie, this way you won't haveta sit on m lap to be fed." Removing the feeding tray, he said, "Try it out."

Picking Chrissy up under arms, Bob sat her in the padded baby seat. Her hips were tight against the metal arms, but she sat in the high chair fine. Taking the feeding tray, he secured it. Chrissy was held in the baby's high chair. Tying a large plastic baby bib with a cartoon of Baby Minnie Mouse on it, he placed her baby tri-bowl of baby mush foods on her tray. Bob began to feed her using a tiny baby spoon. Chrissy enjoyed her "babying" by Bob, but being fed with a tiny spoon was to slow for her. Besides, she hated being fed this bland baby food. But she allowed Bob to fed her, she just opened her mouth and let him fed the warm creamed chicken, the strained peas and mash potatoes to her. At least the food was filling. After finishing the bowl of baby foods, Bob handed her a bottle of formula. He would only allow her to hold it as long has she held the bottle with both hands. She felt babyish doing it, but at least she was not being bottle-fed too.

When Chrissy was done her bottle, Bob removed the feeding tray and helped her down from the high chair's seat. Taking her hand, he sat on one of the chairs, having her sit on his lap. Placing a cloth over his shoulder, he laid her head on it. Holding her head down with one hand, Bob started patting her back with the other. Chrissy was use to being burped when she finished her bottle so she no longer struggled. She sat there and within minutes, Chrissy let out a burp. It felt good.

Taking her hand again, Bob led her to the living room. There Chrissy received another surprise. Bob had setup a baby's playpen for her. Lowering the side of the playpen's rail, Bob sat Chrissy in it. This was getting too much for Chrissy and she started crying. Chrissy was being treated younger and younger and she was starting to feel so young. Getting her "binkie, Bob inserted it into her mouth while patting the top of her head. Turning on the VCR she could watch "Romper Room". Chrissy sat in her infantile prison, sucking on her "binkie" watching the show, while Bob went to clean up the kitchen.

Coming back into the living room, Bob cooed, "Time for Chrissy bathy."

Guiding her to the kitchen, Bob had filled the double sinks up with warm water. Chrissy hated being bathed in the sinks, but Bob just helped her into the sinks. Like the night before, her bottom was in one sink and her feet in the other. Tonight, he was very through in bathing her and it was more relaxing. She even was sucking on her pacifier as he bathed her. Finishing her bath, Bob helped out of the sinks and standing on the small kitchen carpet, Bob dried her off briskly. She felt refreshed.

In her new bedroom, Bob laid her on the dresser/changing table, attaching the Velcro strap around her waist. Quickly, Chrissy was powdered, had diaperine put on her as well as baby lotion too. A baby doll pajamas were put on and the ruffled panties pulled up and over the bulging plastic pants.

"It's time for beddy-byes." He cooed.

She yawned. Chrissy after a few days was getting use to the schedule that Bob put her on. He led her over to the oversized baby crib and she laid down on the mattress. She had to admit, the mattress was quite comfortable. Bob pulled the sheet up, handed her her panda bear and gave her her binkie. Kissing her forehead, Bob raised the side rail, locking it in place, turned on the night-light and the baby monitor leaving the room. He left the door ajar slightly, so the light from the hallway peeked in.

Chrissy laid in the crib, sucking on her binkie and holding onto her panda. She was thinking how much of a baby she was becoming. But the thing that scared her was that she was enjoying the babying. Chrissy feel asleep thinking how safe she felt, knowing that Bob was there.

- To Be Continued -

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