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Pamela Clements stood in a lush forest. Sunlight beamed through the leaves from trees above her. She started to stroll along a dirt path, not knowing how she got here or where she was. She did hear a thunder like noise in the distance and decided to head in that direction. As she walked, her foot stepped on a small branch and it hurt. Looking down, she saw that she was bare footed. Not only bare footed, but naked too! Pam quickly slumped to the ground, trying to cover herself.

Thinking to herself, Pam thought, "This is silly. I haven't seen anyone, so why am I hiding?"

Pam stood and once again started towards the thunderous noise. Shortly, the forest parted and a white sandy beach appeared. The beach ran along side a crystal clear blue river. In the background rose a hill that a waterfall ran down into this river. Before leaving the safety of the forest, Pam looked up and down the beach, on both sides of the river. There was nobody. Walking over to the river, Pam noticed that she could see down to the bottom, it was so clean, no pollution. She could feel the fine mist of the waterfalls gently caressing her face and body. It was so refreshing. The animals and birds were shy and very gentle. Pam encountered a deer and her doe. They were so gentle, that she was able to pet them. It was like being in the Garden of Eden!

Thinking back, Pam's last thought were going to bed and then being here, wherever here is. Fear struck her.

"Did I die in my sleep? Is this Heaven?" she thought.

"No." she told herself, "I must be dreaming. Yea, that's right, I'm dreaming."

As Pam stood on the bank of the river, a man quietly walked out of the forest. He was fully dressed, and completely out of the right attire to be coming from the forest. The man wore a three-piece black suit, white shirt and a red tie. A heavy gold watch chain ran from one vest pocket to the other. The man was tan, approximately a little over 6 feet tall, with brown hair, worn a little long.

Pam sense rather than heard him approach. She quickly turn, covering herself and falling into a squatting position. She recognized him instantly, his name was Robert Charleson.

"Bob!" she cried out.

"What are you doing here?" looking around, she said, "And where is here anyway? Did I die and this is Heaven?"

Bob smiled and replied, "No, you did not die. And yes, you are dreaming." Walking towards her, he continued, "You see, for years now, I have been practicing Astro Projection. Right now, you are asleep in your bed, and I'm in mine. Through Astro Projection, I can project my brain waves into your mind. As a matter of fact, I created this particular dream just for you. I control what you are dreaming."

Still squatting, Pam replied, "No. I don't believe you. My mind is controlling the dream and you are just my figment of my imagination!"

"Really?" smiled Bob.

"Let's go to Time's Square in New York City , shall we."

Before Pam knew it, she was squatting on hard cement pavement, with people walking all around her, staring. She turned several shades of red from embarrassment. Then she saw a policeman coming towards her.

Looking at Bob, Pam cried out, "Quick, do something."

"Still think you control the situation?"

"No, please do something! Anything!" Pam screamed.

Blinking her eyes, Pam noticed that people now walked around her, not staring or caring. The police officer also passed by her, smiled at her and walked away.

"What happened?" Pam asked.

"I made it seem natural for people to see you that way." Stated Bob simply.

Shaking her head, "That's impossible, even in dreams."

"In dreams, anything can happen. You can go anywhere, be anywhere and time does not matter. Is this place to crowded for you?" Asked Bob.

"We can change it."

Suddenly, Pam was surrounded by freezing winds. Her bare feet covered in snow. She quickly hugged herself, trying to protect herself from the cold. She was on top of a mountain peak! Looking up, she saw that Bob was dressed in a warm parka and snow goggles protecting him, while she was naked still.

Bob gazed at the naked woman and screamed over the howling winds, "The cold should not bother you,"

It was then, even in this bitter cold weather and snow and wind, she realized that she was not cold. It as just a reaction to her surroundings.

"Where are we?" she screamed.

Sweeping his arm from left to right, Bob bellowed, "The Alps . The Swiss Alps to be exact."

Pam walked around the top of the mountain, gazing at its beauty. But the snow blinded her so that see could only see about half a mile.

Smiling at Bob, she shouted, "This is great, beautiful just as I imagined it would be. Let's try someplace else."

Once again, her bare feet touched grass, leaves and tree branches. Looking around now, there were palm trees, plants with extremely large leaves.

"Where are we now?" Pam inquired.

Walking around, Bob stated, "You are the first and only woman on Earth. This is prehistoric times. It's at least a million years before the beginning of life of man on Earth."

Pam started walking through the forest. No not a forest, more like the jungle. She heard strange sounds, animal sounds. The ground started to rumble and she fell to the ground. It was an earthquake she thought. She had read that early stages of the earth's development had violent earthquakes, but it was not, it was something else that riveted her to the spot on the ground. It was a dinosaur. A real live dino, a brontosaurus. She was in shock. She knew that these great beasts were vegetarians, they ate or eat leaves and branches. Then Pam looked at what she was wearing a skimpy animal hide, much like the early prehistoric people wore.

Bob stood by watching her.

"I thought you look more appropriate in these clothing. You know, due to the environment."

Pam stood and watched as the brontosaurs fed off the leaves above her head. After eating its fill, the mammoth animal pounded its way away from them.

Bob smiled and said, "Still think you control the dream, Pam?"

She shook her head no. The next thing she knew, she was standing by the riverbank once more. The animal cloth was gone and she stood there naked.

Smiling at her, he said, "Stay here for awhile. Sunrise is due soon and you'll wake up. Not to worry, though. I'll be back here tonight." Walking back into the forest, Bob announced, "There is nothing to fear. Any animals here will be friendly. Good bye." And he disappeared into the forest.

Pam turned and looked at the tranquil of the clear water. Slowly, she walked towards the river's edge. Taking a deep breath, she dove into the water. It felt so refreshing. She swam around and then towards the waterfalls. Everything felt so clean. For an hour, or so she though, she swam and then laid on the warm beach. She felt tired, closed her eyes and was asleep in minutes.

She woke to the buzzing of her alarm clock. Pam was back in her own bed. It was only a dream, and she felt very disappointed. She swung her legs out of bed and her bare feet touched softly on the hardwood floor. She sat there, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her 18-year-old daughter, Courtney, since it was summer, was still asleep. Pam got up and walked wobbly to the bathroom. Even with her short blonde hair a mess and no makeup, she thought that she still looked good for a 40-year-old woman. Pulling the oversized tee shirt over her head and pulling down the men's boxer shorts that she wore as pajamas, she took a fast shower. After the shower, she quickly dressed in her maroon scrubs and her white nurse's clogs. Then she left for the medical clinic where she worked as a medical secretary.

She worked all morning, occasionally thinking about her strange dream. At 12, Bob enter the clinic and walked up to the receptionist's desk. He was taking Pam to lunch.

When they reached the restaurant, Bob turned on a CD. A song came on at a specific point on the song, Bob said, "Sleep." At that point, Pam fell into a deep hypnotic sleep. A few days before, he had hypnotized Pam, giving her the dream suggestion and a post-hypnotic suggestion too.

Once in the hypnotic state, Bob again gave Pam several suggestions. Pam accepted them easily.

That night, Pam went to bed and was asleep in minutes.

The next thing she knew, she was in Bob's SUV. His SUV was parked in front of her house, in the street. Trying to get up, Pam noticed that she was strapped into a baby's car seat. Shoulder straps came down over her shoulders, a safety belt was around her waist and a strap came up between her bare legs. Her bare feet dangled inches off the carpet. What shocked her was the only item she wore was an adult size baby's Pampers! Seeing her reflection in the rear view mirror, her once wavy blonde hair was now a mass of baby curls, with a baby bow tied in the center.

Looking out the side window, Pam began to panic. Walking down the sidewalk was her 18-year-old daughter, Courtney. Struggling with the straps, Pam cried out, "Bob, get me out of this! I don't want Courtney to see me like this."

Turning around in his seat, Bob stated, "Right now, you have the motor skills of a year old. As Courtney comes closer, your vocal skills will also regress."

Looking through the window and seeing her daughter come closer, Pam cried, "Nooooo me wanta get out!"

Courtney reached the back door opening it. Pam's mind formed the words, "Courtney, I don't know what to say." But the words came out, "Ma-ma, ga gee goo da blaa!"

Pam was shock at what she just emitted. Pam was speaking like a baby!

Courtney pressed a button, easily releasing the straps. Cooing to her mother, she said, "Did Baby Pammie have fun at the zoo with Uncle Bob?"

Pam was shocked, for Courtney was treating her like a baby.

Lifting her mother under the arms pulled her out of the car seat. Pam found herself wrapping her bare lags around her daughter's waist while grabbing her neck. Courtney stood up and started walking towards the house, followed by Bob, carrying a diaper bag. Arriving at the porch, Courtney sat down, sitting her infantile mother on her lap. Taking a nipple baby bottle from a side table, Courtney stuck it into Pam's mouth. Pam tasted the warm baby formula, Nutramigen baby formula, start to flow into her mouth. The higher Courtney lifted the bottom, the more the formula flowed. Pam found herself gagging on it.

Finally, Pam finished the awful baby formula. Placing a cloth over her shoulder, Courtney pulled Pam's head over her clothed shoulder, holding her mother's head, Courtney started patting Pam's back hard. Pam realized that she was being burped and to her surprise, Pam let out a loud burp. Not only did she burp, but spit out a little of the formula too.

Picking her mother up, Courtney carried her into the house to the living room where a baby's playpen awaited her. Courtney sat Pam into the infantile prison. Once inside, Bob said his good byes, stating that he would babysit "Pammie" anytime.

"If Baby Pammie good," cooed her daughter, "Mommy will let her take her nappy in her playpen."

Pam sat in the playpen and started crying. Balling her fists to her eyes, Pam started kicking her feet on the playpen's mat. She could not think of anything else to do. She was very upset at her surroundings.

With her hands on her hips, Courtney stated, "So, Baby Pammie's havin' a temper tantrum. Well, baby's goin' haveta go take her nap in her crib now."

Picking Pam up, Courtney carried her mother upstairs. Courtney carried Pam on her right hip just like she would a baby. Like before, Pam had her legs wrapped around her daughter's waist. In the hall, Courtney turned to the bedroom on her left.

Thinking, Pam thought, "My bedroom is on the right." Then thinking some more, Pam realized that Courtney was the "adult" and would have the master bedroom while she the "child" would have the smaller bedroom. When they entered the room, Pam was shocked, although she shouldn't be. The room was decorated like a baby's nursery! Courtney walked over to the adult size baby crib and deposited her mother in it. Then she pulled the side rail up, securing Pam in the crib.

Pam knelt in the crib, holding onto the rail, watching as Courtney went to the dresser. Opening a drawer, she withdrew a white and pink one-piece baby pajamas complete with footies. As Pam knelt there, she suddenly felt a warmth start between her legs. Then she started to feel her Pampers starting to sag. To her shock, Pam peed herself! To make things worst, Pam brought her fists to her eyes as she began to bawl.

Courtney came over to the crib and cooed, "What's the matter Baby Pammie?" seeing her Pampers sagging, Courtney knew why her infantile mother was crying. Sticking her finger into Pam's Pampers, Courtney could feel the wetness.

"OK, sweetie, mommy will change baby."

Lifting Pam under her arms, Courtney carried her over to the large changing table. Laying her down, Courtney took a Velcro strap and strapped her across her waist. Pam was pinned down. She started kicking her legs when Courtney pulled the tabs of the Pampers off. Pulling on the front of the Pampers, Courtney pulled it down exposing Pam's virgina.

Looking down at what Courtney was doing, Pam was taken aback. Her pubic hair was gone! She was hairless as a baby.

Courtney gently lifted Pam's legs until her bottom was off the mat. Then she pulled away the damp Pampers and threw it into the trash. Lifting her bottom up, she slid three thick white clothes under her. Taking diaperine, Courtney smeared the ointment all over Pam's virgina and then over her bottom. Sprinkling baby powder on her bare skin followed this. Pam continued crying through her ordeal. She was being diapered like a baby. Spreading her legs apart, Courtney pulled the clothes up and pinned them together. Pam cried louder when she realized that Courtney put her into a diaper. Lifting her legs, Courtney pulled up a pair of plastic pants, covering the bulky diapers. Taking the pajamas, Pam's feet were insert and the pajamas were put on. Then Courtney pulled the zipper up, enclosing Pam in them.

Picking Pam off the changing table, Courtney carried her over to the baby crib and gently laid her down on her stomach. Handing her infantile mother a teddy bear, Courtney covered her with a sheet, kissed her forehead, and pulled the side rail up, securing it.

Taking Pam's thumb, Courtney gently eased it into her mouth. Pam found herself starting to suck on it. As Pam laid there, Courtney started patting her diapered bottom. Pam felt so relaxed that she fell asleep in minutes.

- to be continued -

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