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I am Happy to be in a Nappy!

Part 0: Introduction

Ok, first off you're going to wonder, who am I? Well I think the basics would be that I live in the UK, I'm currently 21 years old (at least whilst writing this tale), I love video games, especially Pokemon and YuGiOh, and I'm pretty much your average funny guy.

On top of that, I have a secret desire. When I am alone in the house, I like to wear nappies (just in case you didn't figure that out already), yes I am British and refer to them as nappies and I'll be referring to them as nappies for the rest of this tale, so to make things less confusing for you Americans out there: Nappies=Diapers.

One other thing I want to mention, throughout my life as a "Diaper Lover" (sounds better than "Nappy Lover"), it's hard to come across any good stories that relate to my interest, most of them are Adult Baby material, some have sexual themes which I don't like, and not that I have anything wrong with it but my interests are for disposable nappies only so all those stories about those who wear cloth nappies just aren't my thing, especially the ones that involve baby knickers which are a real turn-off for me. Having said that, although there are some good stories out there that I do enjoy, there aren't that many that actually talk about the life of a Diaper Lover, so I reckon "Screw it, why not make my own?" and that is what I'm doing.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, your probably wondering why on earth I am telling you this? Well I just felt like telling others about my experiences and pleasures is all, what your about to read is my perspective, the typical life of your average Diaper Lover, so for those already into the ABDL community I hope you can relate to the things said in this story and I hope you find it inspiring, even if your not an ABDL. Ok, we all sorted? Lets begin shall we?

I cannot really explain why I became a Diaper Lover but I think it was my late teen years when I had the independence to explore why I was into them. I remember when I was young I had an inner desire to wear them because I assumed they felt comfortable, but when my later teen years in college came around I discovered the world of ABDLs. Now for those who don't know, ABDL means "Adult Baby/Diaper Lover", Adult Babies are people who want to regress as babies to feel safe and secure, whilst Diaper Lovers are simply people who want to wear nappies, tastes and interests differ with each person (I'll get to that in a bit). But looking on these sites I discovered I was indeed a Diaper Lover, and since I was gaining income and my parents trusted me enough to give me space, I reckon this was as good a time as any to experience for myself what nappies felt like.

Everyone is the same, I haven't worn nappies since I was a baby and I was expecting them to feel soft and crinkly. I am a clever man and always thinks further ahead so when I decided I was going to buy some nappies of my very own I had to consider so much, such as where to get them, what brand, where to hide them, where to transport them, how to be rid of dirty ones, the whole nine yards. Once all was decided, it was time to pluck up the courage and buy what I have been longing for.

Part I: First time back in nappies.

Back then I had no debit card and no way of ordering adult nappies, so my only option was to get baby ones, which helped me be more secretive. My first ever stash of nappies were the Tesco brand; you know when big stores have their own brand of stuff like bread and beans and crisps? Tescos had their own supply of nappies, they were £1.75 for a pack of 20 toddler nappies, which was very cheap (I can buy a pack of YuGiOh cards for that price!), I also bought some Baby Powder just in case. I have to fairly admit buying them wasn't so much of a hassle as I first imagined, I was in and out before I even knew it, so to those trying to pluck up the courage trying to buy baby nappies I can tell you its easier every time you buy them! I put them in my backpack and the only thing to worry about was my parents.

My parents are very negative people, always moan about everything and argue at least once a week, and the worrying part was if they were to stop me they might get the impression that something is wrong, especially since my bag is bulkier with the nappies inside. Thankfully, they hardly even notice and half the time they are so preoccupied with other things they don't even want to see me, let alone be concerned why I go straight to my room to unload a heavy backpack full of unknown loads.

Going up to my room the first thing I did was open the bag and open the nappies, my parents were downstairs so I had the ability to look at my purchase. They were small but they were cute and plasticy, and they had a decent baby print on the front, I felt the inside of the nappy and it was as soft as I imagined. I couldn't wear them then and there so once I had a good look and feel of the first nappy; I then went to my hiding space.

My Wardrobe, as well as my dresser, has an empty space at the bottom, should the bottom draw be removed would give me access to this small space, it was here that I stored the nappies, and it is this space where I would store the rest of my secrets up until the present day. The way I stored them is I would sort them like normal underwear in this space, I was limited as to how many I could hide due to the size of the space so only two nappies could be stacked on top of each other, but thankfully, the draws weren't very long so I could hide at least one bag of nappies at the very back of the wardrobe and still use the space under the drawer for other nappies.

So now my nappies were nicely hidden and safe, if anyone were to open those draws they would only see clothes and toys, unless they took the whole thing out which I doubt they would think of doing. So the next step was wearing them, and as you can tell I stumbled to that "secret drawer" the first opportunity. Now take into account that these are baby nappies, and although I'm fairly slim there is no way I am going to fit into these, so my method involved selotape, usually one long strip sticking to the back of the nappy whilst the tape sticking out could then secure the nappy in place.

Upon doing this I was finally in a nappy, my first impression was that it felt good on the crotch and buttocks and it was as I had hoped, but the pain was the selotape keeping it together, as they twist as I move leaving unpleasant red line marks on my hips when taking them off, with time though I started using the tabs of my old nappies or cut plastic bags and stuck then onto the extending tapes to prevent this problem, but even so it was still uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this was my only option at the time, and the nappies themselves were very comfy so it was worth the effort.

So it was settled, from that day forth I was an authentic Diaper Lover, wearing nappies every chance I got, and I ended up buying more when I ran out which got easier with every purchase and I have learnt that there isn't much to be afraid of.

Part II: Letting go...

As I've said earlier, all ABDLs have different tastes, with Diaper Lovers what happens in the nappy depends on different people, I am one of the number of DLs who enjoy wetting my nappy, which was an intent I was hoping to do ever since I was interested in nappies, I've always wanted to know what it felt like to wet my nappy, I was about to find out.

The first time I wet my nappy, I was disappointed for two reasons, firstly the nappy I was wearing doesn't absorb much and if I overflowed the diaper will leak and even ooze at the front, so often when I am wetting them I have to stop my bladder from peeing when I know the nappy has had enough, which not only hurts but destroys the whole intent of purpose, each full bladder would take at estimate three nappies to fill, and I didn't want that at all, I wasn't a piss factory, I wanted to lose control of myself entirely. The second reason was that trying to piss yourself at will is not easy, so often I am pushing myself to pee, which hurts and is frustrating at times, so I wasn't really losing control like I had imagined.

I have actually pooped in my nappy on rare occasion, but as any DL will tell you, cleaning it up isn't an easy task, hence why I am also one in a number of people who doesn't want to poop his nappies and would rather wet. The first time I pooped, at the very least at least I was able to go naturally as opposed to my peeing problem, but the first problem with this was obviously the smell, the moment I filled my nappy it stunk pretty fast. I know what your thinking, no crap! of course it is going to happen! Well I didn't think and I wanted to know how it felt, it felt good for a while as I filled my nappy but within half a minute I really wanted to get out of my nappy.

Now thankfully I was alone in the house for quite some time, so I rushed to the bathroom to take it off, then started wiping my bottom of all the poop, this took forever! But once I was clean I put my underwear back on, taped the nappy up, washed my hands and that was the end of it. So all in all, pooping wasn't the most pleasurable experience of my nappydom (there's a new word for ya), I only poop on rare occasion, like if I'm alone for a long time and am prepared before-hand, normally I'd double check before letting go, but either way I would prefer wetting myself than pooping myself, wetting is more pleasurable for me and the cleanup isn't all bad.

Wet, dirty or even clean, all nappies I have worn are taped up, put in a plastic bag and are put underneath my bed for the time being, then when I get the chance, those plastic bags go in a bin bag and are put in the outside bin with the rest of the trash, this can be worrying only because of the new recycle laws and I have to be careful that I'm putting the trash in the right place, I don't want my parents rooting in my bin and find them there so again one of the many things about my interest I plan ahead for. Once they are gone they are gone forever so its also one of those things that gets easier the more times you do it, the only problem is seizing the chance to dispose of them, as they will stink up my room if kept there for too long, but with practice, they will be disposed of within 2 days of taking it off.

Part III: Expanding my interests.

The Internet is a wonderful thing, I had access to a lot of ABDL information as well as art and comics about people who wear nappies (or diapers in a lot of cases). Often I would save my favourite pictures in a hidden file on my computer, mostly drawn art but I also kept some close-up shots of people in nappies because they looked so good in that nappy. Not that I am perverted, I would never be like that, in fact I find it frustrating when I encounter images that show more than just the nappy, that really gets me mad, PUT THAT NAPPY BACK ON YOU DUMBASS!!! Yes I'm the kind of guy who finds women more sexier in clothing than in the nude, but like I said I'm not perverted.

Many artworks have been saved on my computer and I love them all, but my favourite artist of all time would be Tamae, he draws very cute ABDL pictures and his "Powder and Fluff" comic was well drawn and well written, I've read the comic several times, pity its ended now, but there were some other good comics too, though again I hate it when I encounter comics that show too much so finding pictures of just cute teens in nappies was quite rare at the time, but with time I could tell them apart and the sites I visit are limited now.

Another thing I encountered on the Internet was hypnosis, this was interesting because I hoped for a way to relax myself so I could pee more easily, so naturally I tried them out. Although they have yet to work and finding the time where I was alone in the house and wouldn't be distracted was quite limited, at the very least they relax me and calm my muscles and solve my worries. The site I go to is totally free and I've only paid for two files to this day, both of which had better imagery and were great to listen to.

Later on (during the time of part V) I've developed other interests to further the experience of being in a nappy, to which I may have to assume I'm turning into an Adult Baby. I bought a pack of pacifiers that I bought with the intention of relaxing me further to help me wet, I didn't like the taste at first but improved with time but little did I know it made me feel cuter and secure. Later on I found my stuffed Pikachu and started to give it a little cuddle, I would then move around on the bed and even sleep in it during the day, I would drink a big bottle of water and hold it like a baby as I drink it, my interest was only in the nappies, and now I'm starting to develop more baby traits.

At the moment I consider myself more of a DL than an AB, but I guess with the interests I have been developing is putting me on the right track to being an adult baby, the only thing I am missing is a baby bottle and a better shirt to wear, I don't think I'm ready to try a onsie or eat baby food as it would be too much. Though I have to admit, even if I do become an adult baby, the biggest reward for being so would still be the nappies, they are the main comfort and everything else baby-related is only to enhance the experience of wearing them, I love nappies, that's all there is to it.

Part IV: The Secret of Doom!

I think many can agree that keeping a secret can be quite a chore, luckily though as I've said my parents are too preoccupied to notice all those outings to the nappy-store (at this stage being Tesco), so sneaking them in wasn't a problem anymore. Since my parents are already concerned about me for other reasons I'd hate to think how they would react if they discovered I was a Diaper Lover, they already like to moan at me at the littlest thing such as not keeping an eye on the post or be careful when going out and other such things, plus they drag me into conversations that don't even involve me.

It's the same with all DLs when I say that this would be a secret that I wont be spilling to anyone, if you saw me in real life playing YuGiOh cards and telling jokes and just being an ok guy you wouldn't think that I would be interested in such a thing. Many people have their ways of keeping their secret identity secret, Batman keeps his Bat-mobile under the mansion, I keep my nappies under my wardrobe, both cases are the same, the only real way to discover out identities is if we actually told someone about it, and it would be difficult to discover otherwise, look what it took the Joker to discover Batman, but in my case no one is actually intending to catch me in a nappy.

So who have I told? I think about three people to this day, all of them very understanding and still treat me like they always have, if it doesn't control your life and you still have good qualities then they can pretty much bypass anything weird. The first time I told a friend of mine, she was shocked at first but reassured me that it was ok and that we are all different, and it was her that gave me the courage to share this secret with my girlfriend who was also very understanding and found it rather cute. The third was going to be my friends fiancé as she didn't want to keep secrets from him as it made her feel bad, her future-husband is also my best friend so I also plucked the courage to let him in on it, again he was understanding. Even so, plucking the courage to tell anyone is always going to be hard, though I think what matters is who you are telling it to, as I've said my parents would be shocked so my entire family is a no-go, but telling my girlfriend ! was a move well-made as it develops more trust in each other. There was a time where I was playing Mario Kart at a friend's house with two friends, and they were talking about the fact that there were many Baby characters in the game, and I chose Toad in a stroller as my choice of racer, when asked why I reacted "Cause I like Nappies!", they're reaction was pretty much a semi-shock even though I told them I was joking, I think they would be understanding if I actually told them but right now I'm not sure if I should, though like I said it depends on who your telling it to, I may tell them one day but just give me time, but I'd hardly tell my secret to anyone who would abuse it or make fun of me for it.

Part V: Discovering the Adult Nappy

The nappies I was currently wearing were comfy but I had longed to feel the full experience of a complete fitting nappy that wraps me completely, I've longed for a nappy that would replace those annoying red marks on my hips with unlimited soft comfort from the sides of the nappy. I used the Tesco ones for a while but then I went into Pampers with the stretchy sides, they were better though didn't hold a lot, they were comfy on the sides but I still got marks, not to mention I ripped the sides once or twice, I only bought one bag of these.

Through the Internet I discovered that they actually do sell nappies for adults, mainly for incontinence reasons, and I knew from the get-go that I needed some of these. Sadly I didn't have a credit card at the time and the shops wouldn't have them, my shops were the only option. Thankfully I discovered that Boots do in-fact have a "Bladder Weakness" section, though since this is the UK they didn't have Attends or Mollicare (which I have heard endless rumours about online), they didn't have any of the popular nappies/diapers that many a Diaper Lover has had experience with, when I did pluck the courage to ask the shop assistant for them they directed me to the isle and all I see are all Boots brand.

I bought the Pull-ups kind first, they didn't have much to offer, I prefer to tape myself to a nappy, not pull it up like underwear, they were even designed to feel like underwear which I also didn't like, don't get me wrong for those incontinent they are high-plus, but with time I discovered they do in fact have the taping variety in stock.

These new ones were the Boots Super-Plus Brief, £6.99 for 8 super-sized nappies, trying these on they were at the very least what I have been looking for, real nappies that I could tape myself into, they fit and they held lots of pee, one thing I didn't like about them, the tapes were one-offs, if they came off then I couldn't tape them back, and they do break away if I move too much in them, so they are not fully secure. Nevertheless these were a huge step-forward, I could now wear nappies that fit me and those red marks on my hips faded away instantly, no more Tesco brand for me, this was the nappy experience I had longed for!

My routine with these was pretty much the same as buying any other nappy, I still kept them in my backpack for transportation, hid them in my secret drawer as usual and disposed of them in the exact same fashion, the difference being that I didn't have to have selotape or scissors on standby, though sadly I still had to use the selotape to stick my nappy back on if it broke.

They weren't the best nappies in the world, but they did their job well and I was happy and would satisfy my needs for a good long while, what else could be missing? Well it wasn't long before I noticed a comparison between these nappies and the old Tesco ones, the Boots brand were soft on both sides so the outside had more of a cloth feel, whereas the Tesco ones had a plastic outing which I enjoy more, plus I then started to realise the longer I stayed in the Boots nappies the more I sweat, especially when I wore one for the night. This however would all change.

Part VI: Online shopping

All of my money goes into a Savers account, and before now I used that for my finances, but it didn't have the power to order stuff online. Thankfully, after many times of mentioning the deal to my parents they finally set me up with a Debit account, which I would continue to abuse to this day. I didn't go all out and buy any nappies the moment I got it, as I needed to get used to this new debit card. So I started small and just bought the many relics I've been wanting for a while and they were cheap, and after getting used to it and getting used to the wonders of ebay, it was clear that I was going to eventually use it for my nappy needs.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of buying nappies in all methods and brands, there will never be a time where I can buy and wear a nappy with all expectations of the purchase and experience being top-notch. Buying the Boots brand was a snap and sneaking them in was easy but they weren't high-quality, buying nappies online would have a different effect, as this time I couldn't just sneak them home in my backpack.

It highly depends on your secrecy at home, but pretty much anything that comes through the post my parents are always going to be nosey, the biggest disadvantage in buying nappies online, if they see me with a delivery then they are going to want to find out what's inside, the godsend is when the postman arrives when they are out, but there is no telling when he will arrive and often he will arrive minutes after my parents come home from a long day of work. So as you can tell, buying anything online is risky, but because I buy so much cheap stuff on a regular basis, with time they just didn't care.

All that aside, it was time for me to buy a new brand, so I browsed the internet (mostly ebay) for as many nappy brands I could think of, most of them weren't cheap and the P&P costs for a lot of them were high, on top of that considering what I've just said about nosey parents there is no way I will be able to buy an entire case without being noticed, not to mention I don't have room for 30 oversized nappies. So when buying online, I can only buy Nappies in bunches, preferably in packs of 5 if possible with cheaper P&P costs, my conditions were hardly met.

That's when I discovered the Kendall Lille brand, which were £3 for three with an additional £3 for P&P, so that's £6 in total, and at the time I didn't consider that cheap considering the Boots brand were £6.99 for a pack of 8 and I was aiming to get the same deal. But like I said, cases were not the choice here, so I ordered them and that was that. The time it takes to get them vary, but all involve me trying my best not to go outside until they arrive, usually within 4 days.

There was however an upside, although receiving them from the post was beyond risky, I found that it's entirely worth the risk, because these Kendall Lille nappies were to die for, they were plastic on the outside, they had cute blue tapes and I really felt like a baby in a nappy, the exact feeling I was hoping for, on top of that they held all of my pee, these were the real nappies I was after and it made me feel even happier. After this experience I figured that £10 for less than 6 nappies was worth the money so as long as I didn't overspend or buy anymore than I needed I was willing to fork over that next £10 for the next 5 from the same seller (including P&P), even though the Boots are cheaper, I reckon it's the quality that adds to the price.

The hardest part of ordering it online is that it is more worrying that they might find out, for one, I already have to keep track of my finances and so does my dad so everything I buy is recorded, thankfully sellers like the ones I'm seeing keep the item purchase private and just the payment is shown, so overall I have limited myself to only buying 5 nappies a month and only buying more when I run out completely. Money aside I'm happy I have a way of buying more, the real problem was the post itself.

Here's a good example of a bad post experience, One time Dad answered the door and collected the post, and as I was coming down the stairs he ran off laughing with my package, I KNEW the package had my nappies in it (as I had bought some before and the packaging was the same as last time) so naturally I wasn't pleased, then he teased me and wouldn't let me have them. Thankfully he didn't take it too far as the dull look on my face told him I wasn't amused, and he gave them back along with another parcel I got. I rushed to my bedroom and hid the nappies instantly, so at least he couldn't see them, but what worried me is that he might want to know what was in the parcel, and since he felt the thing in his arms he may have more concerns. I drew out an old kit that I haven't touched in ages and got loads of bubble-wrap from under my bed and laid it all out on the bed, hoping to pose it off as the thing I bought, should that question arise.

The strange part, he didn't even ask, so all that trouble trying to dress up a package of nappies as a second-hand model-kit wasn't needed, perhaps I could use this method should a similar incident occur, this has made me all the wiser, buying online is still a pain but for that full babyish feel it's worth all the trouble.

Part VII: How I feel when put in a Nappy

Something I couldn't do in the Boots brand that I can with the Kendall Lille is that I can move more freely in them without the tapes breaking, and since the nappy I am currently wearing completely envelopes my bottom and around my hips then the ability to move freely adds to the enjoyment of wearing it.

These are entirely based on all experiences after buying and wearing the Kendall Lille brand as I couldn't experience them in the Boots brand for reasons already explained. Originally I was interested in them because I was curious as to know how they felt, my normal boy underwear felt kind of dull for some reason and I only saw them as something I wear under my trousers, There is no doubt about it, what article of clothing do I find the most comforting? Nappies!

I'm the kind of guy who loves nappy changes, so unlike some ABDLs who put them on whilst standing I prefer to be changed like a baby, on his back. This gives me that "its coming" feel as I'm preparing to be changed, once my legs are bare and my underwear off its time to put that nappy under me, its nice to land on a soft, dry nappy. I also like the smell of the baby powder, which I then apply, and then the best part, putting the nappy over me, at this point I feel like all my worries are gone and replaced by a soft, gentle feeling. Now I just need to keep myself in the nappy, and that's that the tapes are for, I like the sound they make when I open them and again this makes me feel babyish and helpess, I tape myself in tight tape-by-tape until all four are secure, then I quickly check the leg gathers to see if I am whole, once all is accounted for then I'm all finished and I am kept in nappies for the next hour or two. Not to mention, I love the crinkly sound! they make when I move in them, making me feel more babyish as only babies are supposed to make that rustling sound.

Whilst in the Nappy, the most important part of the experience is that I feel safe and secure, most Diaper Lovers (including myself) consider nappies as a security blanket, once I have that nappy on all my cares and worries disappear, all I can think about is how wonderful I feel in that nappy. There I am after the changing process still on my back and I look down on myself and see two skinny legs coming out of a comfy baby nappy, I feel really babyish as I look at what I am wearing and kicking my legs in excitement just like a baby, I was no longer concerned about negative issues such as trouble at home or when things will be done, this was my happy time, I'm wearing a soft, comfy nappy and I cant take it off until I either need to be changed or need to grow up for when my parents get home.

I feel safe and secure because I can let go of all responsibilities and just be happy, one of these is going to the bathroom, and why should I go to the bathroom when I am wearing a nappy right? Especially now that I am wearing nappies that wont leak or rip apart no matter how much I move, I really feel happy now that I don't have to worry about consequence and wet my nappies freely. When I am wetting my nappies, it hurts to push but once it flows then it's a nice relaxing relief, just letting go into my nappy and feel it getting warmer and warmer with each flow, it feels so good to wet my nappy as it not only feels good to let go, it releases all my negative energy and collecting it to dispose of later (a feeling I don't get when going in the toilet).

So at this stage I am in a wet nappy, I can just sit there and stare at dark patch on my nappy feeling the warm, damp material covering my crotch, and to think that the nappy did its job so well makes me even more safe. I feel so innocent to think that I just carelessly wet myself without thought and shouldn't blame myself for doing so, why should it matter? I am a baby sucking my pacifier hugging my Pikachu doll kicking my legs at the sheer comfort of it all, I'm stuck in a wet nappy and I'm enjoying it, I must be such a baby by now.

Now for another comforting part, nappy changing, sadly I haven't a mommy and will never force any of my friends into this interest so I have no one to change my nappy for me, though I will admit its an experience I would love to have one day. Pretty much the same applies as to when I first put one on, only this time, considering that I was just damp and dirty in the wet nappy, the feeling of being changed from a wet nappy to a dry one is truly exciting, as I am now clean and dry and I can relive all those wonderful experiences once again, including the ability to wet myself again.

All are wonderful experiences and part of the reason I am now considering getting a baby bottle and spending more time with my Pikachu doll, to define the fact that I am in nappies to make the experience more wonderful, though even at this stage I don't think I'll be ready to have a caregiver as even when I'm in nappies I'm still the mature adult I always was, I'll still be on that computer or Playstation doing what I normally do in real life, its just more fun and relaxing to be in nothing but a nappy and a t-shirt, its amazing how nappies have made my everyday life the little more happier isn't it? And like my girlfriend said one time, there's nothing wrong with wearing nappies if it makes me happy, and she's right.

Part VIII: And then I wore Bambinos

For so many reasons, mostly because of posting, money and efficiency concerns, Kendall Lille is the only brand I was ever going to buy online, its eliminated my need for the Boots Super-Plus briefs almost entirely, and those Boots brand already eliminated my need for baby nappies like the ones from Tesco. I was still buying the Boots brand for the little occasion where I'm really worried about post, but if I had enough Kendall Lille then the need for them was rare. Either way, I figured considering these were cheap, efficient and were discreet in the post there is no need to risk myself any further and buy any other brand, Kendall Lille is my ideal nappy, and none other.

Or so I thought...

Popping up on Ebay was a two-pack of the Bambino Adult baby Diaper/Nappy, these were cheap so I went for them. Just like finding out about Attends or Mollicare I have heard rumours about them, but there was another reason that I couldn't get them. They were manufactured in the US and are only posting to the US. What I have heard is that they are specifically designed for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers, they have the best absorbency rating than any other nappy on the market and look babyish to please the wearer, as it has a cute baby block pattern on the front. Considering I'm British and have no way of ordering from their site, I took this chance to buy them.

The result of buying them was more rewarding than I had imagined. I literally got them the next day, and my parents were out when I got them. The packaging seemed absolutely seemless, when buying the Kendall Lille brand it came in this big-ass white postage bag the size of my YuGiOh card folders, these were wrapped in a grey bag and was the size of an average lunch box! If it wasn't for the letter selotaped to the front with the word "Private" in red lettering, I would have mistaken this for my other purchases! So even if my parents do see me with this package they wouldn't think twice about what's inside, I can pass this as ANYTHING that I bought on ebay. The letter attached had my address and a transaction invoice of my purchase which I shred later on to avoid attention, the only concern my parents would have, checking invoices, but even then I can still pass it up as anything else if I just hide it and draw out an old letter I never use.

Of course my sister was in the house at the time but she never comes into my room so it was safe to open it up and look at them, I didn't have the time or the secrecy to wear them right now but taking these out I saw these had promise, with their plastic wrapping and clear tapes, even though there are four of them when there should be two but that didn't bother me, plus they made a nice babyish crinkle sound, if the rumours are true, then I'm holding a very promising baby nappy in my hands, which I then hid in my secret drawer, I could still only stack them two at a time but compared to the Kendall Lille these are compact and when brand new and unopened they are almost the same size as baby nappies, just more bulky and wider to suit my size, so that was another plus to getting them.

The Day finally came, I was alone, they weren't coming back for a while, I got prepared for this moment by turning the heating up, double-checking the coast was clear, draw out my pacifier and baby powder, laid out a towel to act as a changing mat over my bed and lay down. Took my trousers off and pretended I was being changed like I always do, put the nappy under me and took my underwear off. The amazing part was that I instantly felt the difference, a second after taking off my underwear the first thing I instantly noticed was the soft feeling against my bottom! This was nothing like the Kendall Lille or any other nappy I've ever worn, I've only felt the nappy for five seconds and already I'm amazed. I put lots of powder on before wrapping myself in the nappy, the feeling was heaven, and I really felt secure once those tapes were fastened, I did my regular baby kicks and felt nicely wrapped, I felt more babyish then I had ever felt before!

They sure kept their word about being an ideal Adult Baby Nappy, because that's exactly what it felt like, they reminded me of the old Pampers that I most likely wore as a baby, because the outer plastic simulated that exact feeling, something not even the Tesco Brand had. Much like the Kendall Lille brand I could move and even bend in all directions and it kept in tact, but these are a lot softer than Kendall Lille, especially on the leg wraps, when I breathed in from yawning and stretching I felt the nappy hug me when I exhaled. I pranced around, crawled, walked, sat down, lay down, kicking my legs in all directions and the nappy was still there and was endlessly comfortable the entire time I wore it.

But all good things must come to an end, my parents arrived home, they were busy downstairs and I had to grow up fast, but I knew the very least I can do before taking it off it wet it, which I did. I didn't pee a lot this time compared to other incidents but enough for me to experience their function, it felt wonderful, they absorb better than the Kendall Lille and they swelled like real baby nappies, not to mention the nice, warm crispy feeling of the front, this was paradise, these were the real deal, the Nappies which all Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers would dream of wearing.

At this point I was thinking "Ok, wonderful, but now its time to take it off", but the baby version of me just wouldn't let go! I knew in my mind what I had to do, but part of me was like "No! I love my new nappy! I want to wear it a little longer!" Its crazy but that's exactly what happened, though hearing my parents argue downstairs I knew I had no choice so I took it off, the cleanup was easy and was gone in 10 second flat.

Part IX: What of me now?

That's a lot of information right there! But that's my life as a Diaper Lover, the only thing to cover is the present. Today is the 21st November 2008 and I just felt like my story was worth telling, the only thing to discuss before closure is my life today and what I hope for in the future.

These Bambino Nappies are a true dream and I consider them the best Nappies I've ever worn, so naturally I got more, I should have three in my wardrobe right now along with only two Kendall Lille Nappies and 7 of the Boots Super-Plus, which I'm hoping to use up before going back to the Bambinos, which I am planning to buy more when I have the time and money. The Kendall Lille I would still buy because they too had a nice unique feeling to them, but Bambino's are my main focus for now.

There is a Hypnosis tape I downloaded which has relaxed me further, I still long for the ability to wet my nappies without pushing or hurting and to just wet myself whenever I need to (though I'm not longing to be incontinent, just when I am in nappies). The file is certainly enjoyable and if nothing else it has relaxed my muscles further making it easier to wet when I wake up, so I don't need to push so hard to wet myself. Within time I'm guessing the hypnosis tape will work eventually with enough listening, if it does then I will be wetting my nappies like I had visioned, uncontrollably and without pushing and maybe even wetting my nappy when I sleep, we can only hope.

As for turning into an Adult Baby? Right now I mostly enjoy wearing the nappies and if I'm going to be a baby then that's the first thing I need, I'm not a baby if I'm not wearing a nappy. So all the other babyish things like sucking my pacifier and cuddling Pikachu just defines my comfort for the nappies. I'll be buying a baby bottle to use for drinking to enhance the experience as holding a full water bottle feels weird and I would love to feel slightly more babyish. So I guess I'm already there, even though that's as far as I might go, I don't want to wear onsies or be in a high-chair.

I don't think I'll ever be ready to expand on my babyish interests as far as getting other people involved is concern, although I would like someone to change my nappies for me, I don't think I'd be ready to experiment with other things such as being clothed, punished or fed, and even when thinking about them changing me, I'm Penis-shy and the thought of anyone seeing my private area still scares me, I can't even use a public urinal without worrying. I guess I would wear a nappy in front of my friends if they asked me to, but I don't want anyone to see me naked.

Life outside of Nappies is still the usual, I'm still your everyday guy, and even when I'm in nappies my mind is still alert and am doing stuff like usual, so nothings changed, even if I told my friends about my Nappy interests it wouldn't put them off from my other qualities (such as my skills as a duellist or being bloody hilarious at times!).

Part X: I Bid you Farewell

So my life is everything as it should be, and I can imagine the inner-child is just as happy knowing he has a nice supply of nappies to last him a while, and my adult me is secure in the fact that he can live in both worlds and not have to worry about my inner-child taking over my entire life.

The moral of the story being told here is to be who you want to be, just be careful and remember the level of consequence, and you will have no trouble living life as a secret Diaper Lover. Nappies are my security blanket and I love wearing them! Its as simple as that.

That's my entire life in Nappies in what appears to be 13 full pages of none-stop babbling (writing this on Microsoft Word). So my final regards to anyone who has actually read right through from beginning to end, I believe this would be the whole portrayal of your average Diaper Lover but whether or not that's true I hope that other Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers can relate to this story and even if not I hope you've find it inspiring and more importantly fun to read.

I must go now, even us adults have a bedtime, again thanks very much for reading, the best part about writing this whole thing is that I had the ability to express my experiences as a Diaper Lover. Now if you excuse me, once I finish writing I'm going to put on a Bambino Nappy and go to bed in it, so I can sleep tight and remember just how happy I feel as a Diaper Lover, that's exactly what I am going to do tonight upon finishing the final description below...

I will snuggle myself into bed tonight with my Pikachu doll, sucking my pacifier and wearing my favourite all-time Nappy, before I doze off for the night I have a secret message that runs through my head.

"Thank you Nappies, for all the comfort and security you have provided for me, you will be a permanent part of me forever. I am Happy, to be in a Nappy..." And with that, I start to doze off happily into a deep comfortable sleep, nighty night world, Thank you for reading about my life. THE END

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