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I'll Do Anything For You

Part 1

Well there I was on Friday night I couldn't believe it my x girlfriend had finally called.

We had been together for 2 years, and yes she knew about my baby side, she enjoyed the power trip, but she left me after we had a huge fight.

So she called and we talked, we did some catching up and she asked what I was doing tonight I said nothing she asked me if I wanted to come over? I said that would be cool, she told me her and Mandy her twin sister were babysitting I said that's fine she said she would go to Hollywood video and rent some movies, I said ok.

I was surprised she didn't say anything regarding the baby stuff, usually she always talked about that but I was just happy she had called, I really never got over her.

Well I arrived at her apt Mandy answered the door her and I really didn't get along to well, You see I tried to go out with her while Magan and I were having problems, but this time she acted real nice we had some drinks and Magan sat next to me and we put on the movie, we watched 3000 Miles to Graceland we were fixing to watch unbreakable, and I just remembered how Magan told me she was going to be babysitting and Magan said I am, I said what do You mean, she said lay down which I said hell no she said don't worry Mandy already knows about your little games, I said no way I was really embarrassed, Magan said I thought you said before you would do anything to be back with me I said yeah but it's embarrassing that you want me to lay down and have you diaper me in front of Mandy she said I Know but you must understand who's in control.

She went on to tell me when her and I broke up she told Mandy all about it, and they both decided they would have some fun at my expense.

Magan said if you ever want to be with me again you better do as I say, I thought about it for a minute and I truly thought of her as my mommy my best friend my everything and I was better off with her so I said ok and I lay down and she said good and she came back with a already made diaper, she handed it to Mandy, and Mandy bent down and said is baby ready to be diapered my aunt Mandy I turned red and Magan and Mandy both laughed at my situation.

She slowly removed my shorts and my boxers, she told me to lift up which I did and she placed the diaper under my butt and then she got the powder and poured some all over my diaper area, she then pulled the diaper up and fastened the sides together.

Well we finished watching the movie and Magan said it was time for bed, so I took her hand and she led me in to her bedroom, she checked my diaper and I was wet so she changed me in to a nice dry one then we lay in bed and she told me to come closer, and she said you were very good maybe you have changed, she said how mommy was very proud of her baby.

She told me how the reason she had left was, cause I never thought about her I let her watch TV, her programs, and do the things she wanted to do.

She said this was a test she then said if we were to get back together again things would be a lot like this she would be in control, I said ok.

She then proceeded to lift her shirt up and lift up her bra and she let me suck on her breast, and I was very happy and soon fell asleep.

Part 2

Well Magan, woke up first, she must have already taken a shower before waking me up cause her hair was wet and she had no make up on, although she is so beautiful I don't see why she wears it.

She woke me up and she grabbed the front of my diaper and sure enough it was wet, she said it's a good thing you had a diaper on, see you still are a baby, you can't be trusted without a diaper, I said yeah you know how it was when we were going out after wearing a diaper to bed for 2 years, it's kind of hard to stop and of course you always wanted me to wet it, she really enjoyed the diaper when it was squishy.

Well, she got a new diaper and proceeded to change me I said what are you doing, I'm going home she said no your not your going to stay here with your aunt Mandy, while I go to work, she said remember I'm your mommy once again and you'll do as I say.

So she changed me and took me down stairs Mandy told us both good morning, I still felt uncomfortable walking around the apt with just a diaper on and especially in front of Mandy I think she knew that as she teased me and said how's the baby? Well we sat down for breakfast and we had pancakes I ate it all up as it was pretty good, Magan asked Mandy if she would keep a eye on me as she had to go and get ready for work. So Mandy led me to the front room and said we are going to have so much fun today I said yeah right, she said you better be good or I will spank you, I said ok.

Well I sat down on the couch and was watching TV I turned on ESPN, she said this is not what babies watch I said I just wanted to see if the Royals won she took the remote and turned on the cartoon network so I had to watch cartoons, about 15 minutes later Magan came back down she gave me a big kiss along with some tongue, she told me to be good for aunt Mandy and there will be more where that came from, as she was off to work After Magan left, Mandy got on the ph and was telling someone to come over I didn't quite hear all the conversation I was really curious to who she was talking to when she came back in I asked her who she was talking to she said you'll see, I begged her not to let no one else see me like this she just laughed.

Well it was lunch time and e had spaghetti then I heard a knock on the door, and I couldn't believe who it was it was Dawn a friend from along time ago she was beautiful about 5'9 blond blue eyes and she had her baby with her, as soon as she saw me she said aww how cute and gave me a kiss on the check her and Mandy were having so much fun at my discomfort there was nothing I could do.

Nothing to exciting happened her and Mandy were watching TV then Dawn told me to come over there I said what she said come sit on her lap, I said no Mandy said do it now or I will pull your diaper down and spank your ass so I went over there and Dawn told me to lay down, she proceeded to lift her shirt up and lower her bra I couldn't believe this she was going to breast feed me so she put her tit close to my mouth and I began to suck and the milk just started flowing it was kinda sweet it really wasn't that bad tasting, I was just more embarrassed, as I sat there and nursed she started rocking me and patting my diapered bottom.

As I lay there and drinking her milk I felt at ease and couldn't believe the chain of events and then without really thinking about it I wet my diaper, when I was done nursing, Dawn told Mandy I was wet, so she told me to lay down and she came back with another diaper and baby powder she knelt down beside me and ripped the tapes from my diaper and she removed the diaper and she wiped me and raised my legs up and she slid the new diaper under me and she powdered me she then brought the diaper up between my legs and taped the sides together.

Dawn commented he really is a baby, Mandy said yeah that's the way Magan wants to keep him.

Well a few hours went by and Dawn said she had to get going, so she left and Mandy said it time for your nap so she took me into Magan's bedroom and she gave me a bottle, and not long after that I feel asleep, when I woke up Magan was standing above me, for a second I thought this was all a dream then I looked down to see my diaper and it was almost like barney was smiling at me, Magan said how's my baby? I said I'm real good mommy.

Part 3

Well when I woke up I couldn't believe all that had happened I was breast fed by one of my former friends and babysat by Mandy, while my mommy (Magan) was at work.

Mommy woke me up and when I came to and realized this was all reality, she asked me how I was, I said I'm fine, she checked my diaper and sure enough I was wet she said it looks like me baby needs to be changed so she laid me down, and she ripped the tapes open and she got a new diaper and wipes and powder everything you need for a diaper change she pulled my diaper out from under me and wiped me down with a baby wipe then she raised my legs up and slipped the Luvs under me and she then let my legs down and she proceeded to powder me, she then brought the diaper up between my legs and she taped one side then the other.

She then took me in the living room and sat me on the couch a few minutes later she came back with a bottle it had apple juice in it she laid me in her lap and fed me the bottle.

Not a lot really happened that night we had dinner we ate hamburgers mine was all cut up in pieces and I was able to feed myself, I did have another bottle and I was changed again before going to bed of course Magan had me lay on her chest while she patted me to slip, I had my pacifier in my mouth while I held on to her bra strap, and of course my bottle was on the end table in case I needed it during the night.

The next day was Sunday, I had to get back to my apt cause I had to get back to work Monday, and today I was having my fantasy football draft, I was real excited for that so I kissed Magan bye and told aunt Mandy bye as that's what Magan told me to call her.

Well things were going good we had some pizza at the draft and drank some beer then the unexpected happened I was in my bedroom changing the CDs when I got the urge to pee, but just that split second and bam it came out luckily my bedroom and bathroom are very close bye so I went in to the bathroom, thank goodness I was wearing some black ski pants you know the silky ones kind of like jogging suits, well what could I do, so I decided to throw water all over my pants so know one would think I had a accident, I told them the water came shooting out and got me all wet, then I sprayed cologne on me to try to cut down on the smell , I also decided to get another beer and I would accidentally spill it on me just to make sure, well it was a close call but I don't think no one expected anything.

So the next day was Monday time to get ready for work I did wake up to a wet bed, I wasn't to concerned cause I went to bed pretty buzzed, so I figured that's what happened but I was concerned to what happened yesterday why did I wet myself was it cause I wore diapers all weekend? I just knew I was going to be more careful Well the week just flew by nothing to exciting happened I was more careful and no accidents, I cut down on my liquids maybe that had something to do with it Oh I did talk to Magan during the week and she wanted or should I say she told me to come by Friday.

Friday evening rolled around and I arrived at Magan's I knocked on the door she greeted me with a kiss she asked me how my week was and if I have any regrets about being her baby? I said no she said good cause by the time this week end is over you are really going to be a baby I said what do you mean? She said you'll see, your aunt Mandy and I have some fun planned out for you.

Part 4

Well I sat down to watch TV, and Magan came back with a diaper in her hand and she told me to lay down she knelt down beside me and removed my lee dungarees shorts and my boxers, she proceeded to lift my legs up sliding the diaper under me then she powdered me finally she pulled the diaper between my legs pulling the sides over my hips and taping one side then the other then she said there you go baby all done.

She helped me up and, I heard a knock on the door there I was sitting on the floor in just a diaper I was scared even though I had that experience with Dawn I was still very embarrassed about others seeing me in my diaper.

I think this made Magan happy, well she answered the door in walked Lori her sister, as soon as she saw me she said how's my baby nephew I turned red and they all laughed, then Mandy came in with Dawn and Misty a girl I used to work with, then Katie came in she was Magan's little sister she was 22 5'10 blond hair and blue eyes I might add Magan has a big family.

They all walked in with packages in their hands I couldn't believe this I was so embarrassed Magan told everyone to have a seat and she came back in with a bottle in one hand and a banner, that read WELCOME TO JAME'S BABY SHOWER, I almost started crying Magan was quick to give me the bottle and she told me to be good at my party.

Well they played games, and we ate snacks and two of the girls held me in their laps and feed me a bottle Mandy and Misty both changed my diaper, as they kept the bottles coming.

Lori and Katie took turns feeding me Gerber baby food I'm not sure what it was but it was nasty! After awhile we both went back in the living room and Magan started opening the packages one gift was a box of bottles another gift contained several packages of Luvs and one contained a pink dress which Mandy got and they laid me down right there and put it on me I really did start to cry then Katie gave her gift which was several pacifiers Magan stuck that in my mouth and said to be quiet or she will spank me! Well not to much happened after that, but I was still in for a shock when Magan got me ready for bed she stuck her hand up my dress to check my diaper and it was soaked so she took me in her bedroom and changed me and got me ready for bed, but I couldn't believe what I saw a baby crib and a rocking chair, she said how does baby like his new bed right here in mommy's room so she can keep an eye on her little one, I said this is going to far she said no were doing thing's my way and you will become a complete baby, she said you will be moving in here and you are quitting your job so you be here all the time she said for no on, Mandy will babysit you Mon-Thur and your Aunt Katie will watch you on Fri and Sat while I'm working.

What could I do this was the woman I love she was my everything, I'm the one that told her about my fetish she just took a lot further then I ever thought it would go, so she laid me down and stuck a bottle in my mouth and as I started drinking I noticed this was not milk but infant formula and it was not very good, I spit it out and said this is not milk she said no it's your formula your not big enough for milk and you better get used to it cause your starting over I said no way she said yes that's the way it is, I said why are You doing this she said one of the reasons she left cause I was always doing what I wanted running around with my friends drinking playing softball and basically not caring for her, then I would come home and expect her to put a diaper on me and that's it, she said she realized along time ago she made a mistake by letting me get out of control so she decided if she's going to be the mommy then she will be in full control, she said with her being my mommy and girlfriend I will be dependent on her and she knows this she said I can go out with my friend once a month as long as my babysitters say I'm good.

And of course as long as I act good for mommy!!

Part 5

Well I woke up and Magan was just in her nightgown she woke me up as it was morning time she took me over to the rocking chair, and I lay in her lap she proceeded to lower the strap of her nightgown exposing her breast she positioned it so I could suck on it and to my surprise there was actually milk coming out I almost chocked I said your not pregnant she said no she's been taking some drugs that produce milk she said Aunt Mandy told me how much you enjoyed Dawn's milk so much, that you should enjoy your mommy's milk.

I lay there and she patted my butt as I drank it was very relaxing and I almost drifted off to sleep when she was done she took me over to her bed and she changed my diaper, then she took me downstairs Mandy was already up and I was just in my diaper Magan was getting ready for work, so Mandy was going to feed me breakfast so I hoped up in the highchair and Mandy latched the sides together she got two jars of Gerber baby food out and fixed me a bottle of apple juice.

She tied a bib around my neck and spoon fed me strained apricots it was not very good but what choice did I have!

Part 6

As days passed Magan and her twin sister kept reducing me further and further into babyhood. I now had my own nursery highchair playpen I wore diapers all the time, I was fed baby food and I drank bottles. I have to admit life wasn't too bad, no bills, never alone never worrying about what to eat. Oh yeah, my new mommy and her twin sister took me on my first public outing to the great mall in Olathe, Kansas.

When we got there I had my paci, but the surprising thing was there were some teenagers who also had pacifiers one even had a baby bottle and was laying on a bench being fed by a hot-looking blond girl no one seemed to mind. We all went to the show we got nachos and pop. Mandy had my diaper bag and she took out my bottle and handed it to the cashier who filled it with punch we went in the theater and Magan [mommy] fed me nachos and Mandy gave me my bottle.

When the lights went out mommy's fingers found their way in my diaper outside of my diaper, as I was wearing shorts ez access I was having fun and so was she! Life couldn't be better as we all sat there and enjoyed the movie.

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