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I chose not to listen to her threats that if I didn't stop wearing diapers that she would show me how mean she could be. My wife is a sweet person and very loving but very serious about me not wearing diapers anymore. She told me that grown men don't wear diapers like toddlers, but for some reason I just couldn't give it up.

After we got married I promised her and myself that I would stop using and wearing diapers, and I did. A few months went by and I couldn't stand the urges anymore and went out and bought a bag of attends briefs. I wore them as much as I could being the typical DL while feeling extremely guilty and nervous that she was going to catch me in the act and flip out on me. After the guilt set in good on me I couldn't handle it anymore and threw my half used bag of diapers out in the trash.

Time passed and I held my own and stayed away from diapers completely, but that didn't last long. One evening my wife and I got into a small argument about how she likes to suck her thumb, saying that it isn't fair she does that and that she demands I don't wear diapers at all. She told me it's not an option for me to go back to diapers and said she might stop sucking her thumb around me but would do it alone when I'm not around. That pissed me off and gave me the push to not care about feeling guilty anymore about wearing diapers behind her back, so the next morning while she was at work I went and bought a bag of adult diapers.

I wore the diapers as much as I could when she wasn't home and wore them to class and anywhere I knew I could be alone. This went on for a few weeks until my wife took a few days off of work to clean the house up a little.

I was in napping when I was suddenly awakened by something hitting me in the head. Still in a sleepy daze I didn't know what was going on until the all too familiar feeling of a diaper was felt against my groggy head. I didn't react right away until she started yelling at me with her tear covered face saying "what the hell is that, I thought you stopped wearing those along time ago?" I was speechless and didn't know how she found my stash but she did and I was in for it. She went on to tell me I was a liar and that she couldn't trust me anymore since I did this behind her back. She went from crying to down right mad as she ripped the blankets off me and started pulling down my boxer shorts. I didn't fight but asked her what she was doing but not in a tone to make her even madder at me. She didn't say anything until she had me stripped then grabbed the diaper and unfolded it. She said "lift up your it now!!!!" I did exactly what she wanted but wasn't sure why she was telling me this. With my butt lifted up she slid the fresh diaper under me and told me to lower my ass. As she wrapped me in the adult diaper she began telling me "if you want to go behind my back and wear diapers, then you will wear them all the time in front of me from now on. If you like them sooooo much to lie to me about them then you will like them even more by wearing them 24/7 until I decide you don't need them anymore, understand?" all I could do is shake my head yes as she fastened the last tape snuggly to the diaper.

She stepped back and realized the diaper was slightly small on me and told me to get dressed because I was going to tell her and show her where I buy my diapers. I was shocked, I didn't know what to say or what to do. I was standing there in only a snug disposable diaper when she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the spare room. She threw a pair of running pants at me and a tee-shirt. She said "that should be enough to cover your diapered ass but not enough to keep everyone around you from knowing you're wearing an adult diaper." She then told me to get dressed and get ready to go to the pharmacy that I bought my Attends from. As I was getting dressed I knew that it was going to be impossible to hide the fact that I was diapered under my pants, the crinkle and bulk was too much to hide.

We arrived at the pharmacy after a 15 minute ride in which I was lectured all the way there about how I was a liar and how the only way our relationship was going to last was if I did exactly what she said from now on, what she meant is everything she told me about wearing the diapers. She parked the car as I dreaded going inside the store to buy the attends. I reluctantly got out and walked, or more so waddled and crinkled into the store as she asked the lady at the door where the adult diapers where. The lady led us to through the store to the diapers and asked us if we needed any help. Of course my wife said yes and the lady started asking questions. She said "umm who are these briefs going to be for?" my wife replied "they are for my him, my husband", pointing at me. The lady looked confused but asked "well does he need full briefs? Day or night use? Are they for bladder or bowel, or both usages? Does he need thick ones? Ones with a cloth like outer layer or the plastic outer? My wife smiled and said "he needs the full briefs, they are for both day and night use, he will be using them for both bladder and bowel movements, the thicker the better and I want him in the plastic covered diapers.

With the questions answered the lady showed my wife abriaforms, molicare, and attends diapers as well as a sample to look at. My wife looked everyone over carefully and decided that the abriforms diapers were thick enough and loud enough to both embarrass and ridicule me. The lady was still puzzled but asked "umm how many diapers will your husband need? My wife replied "well we will need enough for at least 6 months". I was shocked but didn't dare say a word in argument. My wife made the purchase of what they had in the store, about 5 bags of 22. We made our way to the front of the store with me carrying the bags of diapers. As I walked my diaper crinkled, and everyone I passed including the lady that helped us noticed and giggled. I was embarrassed but not enough to worry about it.

After paying for all the diapers the cashier told us the rest would be shipped to the house within a week. My wife and I left the store and headed to the car. As I loaded the bags of diapers into the trunk my wife told me to put a bag in the back seat too. We got in the car and she drove to the far side of the parking lot where no one was parked. She got out and told me to get in the back seat and pull my pants down. I questioned her and she spoke up saying "you either fucking do what I say or this whole diaper thing will get a whole lot worse for you buddy." That was enough for me to comply with her demands and I got into the back seat and pulled my pants down. She pulled the small diaper off of me and pulled out a new abriform from the package. I lifted my butt again like earlier as she slipped it under me then taped it into place on me. She then pulled me out of the car with my pants around my ankles and inspected the fit of the diaper on me. She made the adjustments then re-taped it firmly into place.

Once I was in my new diapers we got back into the car and she started to relax and spoke to me in a nicer tone. She started by saying "listen, I hate that you lied to me but I know that you really love being in diapers. I don't like you in them but if you feel that strongly to go behind my back then you will wear them on my terms from now on. Here are the rules ok?" I just shook my head so I didn't piss her off anymore than she already was. She went on to saying "you will wear these diapers for at least the next 6 months. Since I know you have used them before you will use them for everything from now on. Have you ever pooped in your diapers in the past, be honest?" I tried to beat around the bush but she saw right through me and knew I had in fact shit my pants before. She continued saying "I knew that you have pooped yourself I just knew it! Well I guess it won't be that hard for you to shit your diapers now will it? From now on your no longer allowed to you the toilet understand buddy?" All I could do is shake my head and agree. She went on saying "you will be in diapers all the time accept for work and while bathing. As for work, I cant make you wear them there because if they find out you might lose your job and we cant afford that, and showers or baths will be the only other time you will be naked. You will use them regardless where we are. If and when our family or friends ask if your diapered you or me will tell them yes, and that you have a medical condition that requires you to wear them, understand? Once again I shook my head but thought how much wearing and using diapers might be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

The ride home was eventful with all the new rules. Before she was done she told me that I wasn't allowed to change my diaper unless she checked or agreed it was full before I did so. She said that no matter where we were I had to use them regardless what I had to do, pee or poop. She said that I could choose when I pooped and should do it wisely since there was really no way I was going to use the bathroom. She went on when we were home and told me more rules like how since the diapers were so expensive that I was limited to 5 diapers a day. This concerned me since I peed more than that and at least messed twice a day. Before she was done packing the new diapers into my underwear drawer she turned to me and pulled my pants off saying that she wanted me to be able to see what I had gotten myself into and so she could see when I wet or messed my pants.

That evening was very eventful as she went over more rules and changes in the way things were done in the house and around our friends and family. She calmed down and explained that she still loved me but didn't trust me like she did before. She said that me wearing diapers was going to be hard to get used to but she would adjust in order to punish me appropriately. I sat there on the couch in a thick disposable and a shirt and listened to every word she told me. I couldn't help but think how nice it would be to not hide them anymore but how much it would suck for everyone to know I was in diapers at my age. What really worried me was when and what would happen the first time I had to mess myself and what my wife would do or say about it.

Soon after my lecture about building my trust back with her, a few Tv shows and the evening news, we headed to bed for the night. Maybe it was shock or nerves but I hadn't peed since before I was so rudely awakened by a diaper hitting me in the head. My wife asked me if I had peed and then felt my diaper finding I hadn't. she said to me "well bud, guess your going to bed like you are so if you have to pee and I know you will in a few hours, you will be doing it without getting out of bed understand ?" Once again I just shook my head in agreement. So I lay down in just my thick diaper and kissed my wife on the cheek and told her I was really sorry for going behind her back. She replied saying you might be sorry now but you will be sorry later for sure and smiled and closer her eyes saying I love you my diaper boy.

I woke up about 3am and had to pee badly, with no choice I laid there for almost 30 minutes before I relaxed enough to go laying down in my pants. A little at a time I wet and half way through I felt the urge to poop. I knew I was in trouble since I had always messed before on my own terms knowing that I would be able to change when I wanted, now I was at the mercy of someone else. I held of pooping until morning and told my wife I was wet from peeing in the night, she replied with oh well I don't think that diaper is full yet. I knew I was in trouble with that comment since I still had to poop. She checked my diaper and said well maybe when it's dirty I will let you change it. I looked down and commented, that won't be long at this rate. She said well you chose to lie to me so now you will pay the price mister diaper boy,,, laughing at me.

I made it through breakfast before I couldn't hold it anymore. Still just wearing a diaper my wife caught me in the act of filling my diaper for the first time. She stopped and watched me as I squatted down in the kitchen while I was finishing the morning dishes. I sat there for what seemed like 10 minutes pushing and filling the butt of the diaper up as well as wetting a little more from the coffee I had for breakfast. She watched then asked me what I was doing, I replied with ummmm well I think you know. She said she wanted to hear it come out of my mouth, so I told her I was pooping my diapers. She laughed and told me she didn't think I would do it but since I had she needed to check it. She walked over as I slowly stood up and pulled the back of the diaper open to check the damage. She ewwed and awed at the load in my pants and then patted my butt and told me I needed to be punished for not asking permission to make such a mess. I didn't know what to say then she sat down and told me to come to her with a devilish smile on her face. I knew this couldn't be good for me but went to her anyway. She told me to get on my hands and knees with my back to her, so I did. She then rubbed the butt of my diaper up and down mashing the mess up into my butt crack making the diaper stick to my ass. She told me to tell her how much of a baby I was and tell her how much I liked my diapers now. I had no choice but to comply and tell her I was a baby that liked my dirty poopy diaper. She told me to stand up and finish the dishes then come to her when I was done. I did as I was told and returned to her. Standing in front of her in my dirty sagging wet diaper she told me to put my shorts on and mow the back yard and when I was finished to come back to her to see if my diaper was full yet.

The embarrassment of my wife watching me shit my pants at my age was enough ot make anyone melt, but I managed to get through it. I did my chores and finished mowing the law while feeling the soggy dirty diaper stick to my ass and then reported back to her when I was finished, nearly two hours after I pooped my pants. She told me I could go change and show but before I did she took several pictures of me in my shitty wet diaper then made me pull it down to show my dirty butt to prove that I in-fact had messed myself and in a diaper. I knew that this was going to be her keys to keeping me in line from now on.

I showered and took my sweet time cleaning up before I went to ask her for another diaper. When I did go to her she was on the phone with her mom telling her that I was told by the doctor I had to wear diapers since I had some reactions to a medication I was on. Her mother asked lots of questions and my wife told her not to be surprised to hear or see my diapers when we came over. She didn't stop there and told her that since I was in diapers she didn't see why I didn't use them for everything; her mom disagreed but said if I did that around her she would understand. After she got off the phone she told me to go get a new diaper and come back to her. I brought a fresh diaper to her and she placed me on the floor and taped me into it. It was now late afternoon and we had plans to go to dinner with our friends. I got dressed in jeans and a nice shirt and hoped that my diaper would be hushed by the denim, but I was sadly mistaken with that hope.

To be continued.................................

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