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I woke up that morning a little groggy and my head was pounding from last night drinking escapade I decided to go on. See I was back at home for the summer after a rough semester as a graduate student studying for my master's degree. Although home was the last place I wanted to be, since my father married a woman just 5 years older than me. It was hard to accept the fact that he married a young woman let alone a person I couldn't stand.

At 24 years old I thought I was adult enough to do and go where I pleased but when I moved back home for the summer Dad made it clear that I wasn't to be partying and disrupting his new wife for any reason. Since dad traveled for work, Heather my step mom would be in charge of the house and any discipline I might need. This was a ridicules thought since I was well over the age of needing a baby sitter but I also knew how strict my daddy was with me, so I respected his wishes and demands and knew I had to mind her the best I could manage.

Before I realized what I had got myself into Heather had full power over me and I had nothing to use against her. With my head still aching I slowly got up and headed to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up and together for my first weekend back home. As I got up I found my sheets soaked and my Pj's sticking to my skin. I was horrified but not completely shocked that I had an accident through the night. Instead of making a big deal out of my predicament I instead started stripping my bed to wash the sheets before anyone found out. Well just my luck, Heather walked in smiling as she took a good look at my sodden pj pants and sheets.

"I hope you can explain yourself Jess" Heather said.

"Umm well I know what it looks like but it was an accident Heather" I replied.

Heather smiled and continued to look me over and said she would have to consult my father on how she should handle a grown woman pissing her bed in the night. I had no choice but to stand there and take in her laughter as she dialed my dads cell phone. When he answered Heather told him exactly what she had found me doing and said that I had been out the night before drinking. I couldn't help but hear his words over the cell since he was pretty upset with me saying that Heather had full control over how she was to punish me. My heart sank with the thoughts of this bitch of a woman punishing me for wetting my bed.

Heather finished talking the situation over with my dad and told me to clean up because punishment would start in an hour. I wasn't sure what she had in mind but as she walked out of the room she said "make it fast baby girl, your about to get a punishment you wont ever forget".

I cleaned up my bed sheets and showered, got dressed and headed down stairs to see what she had in mind for a punishment. When I got down stairs I found a note that said she would be back soon, she had to run to the drug store to get a few things but I should be to start my punishment when she walked in the door. I was sitting at the kitchen table and watched tv and ate breakfast when Heather came in with the same shitty grin on her face carrying two large bags of things.

She sat the bags on the table and sat down beside me. Without warning she reached down and felt my crotch then asking if I was wet yet. I replied no and pushed her hand away without thinking. She told me to stand up and pull my pants down so she could start my punishment but obviously I refused. She again told me to stand up but with a face I was certain would make me melt if I didn't comply, so I stood up. She reached over, slid both my pants and panties down to my ankles and smiled when she saw I was clean shaven.

Next she told me to step out of my pants which I did but was starting to get nervous now since I had no clue why she was making me do this. As I stood there half naked she started to explain the rules of my punishment starting with what was in her bags on the table.

She started off saying "Jess its time to start your punishment ok. Its going to last the entire summer and you will comply to every rule or your father will kick you out of the house and stop paying your tuition."

She then pulled a bag of adult diapers out of the bag and laid them on the table waiting for my reaction. I stood there naked in shock as she opened the bag and pulled out two diapers. The diapers crinkles and crackled as she opened them up. I looked at her and said "you cant be serious, I am not wearing those things". She replied saying "you will wear them and if you don't then your out on your ass with no school money, understand potty pants?" I was shocked, embarrassed, and helpless to her control.

Heather said "here are the rules little girl. At all times you will be in diapers. You will never use the bathroom unless you are supervised. You will go in your pants regardless where we are or who you are around. For the next three months you will be treated like a 4 year old in diapers. Here is your pacifier, baby bottle, bibs, and there are more things on order. You are my baby for the summer whether you like it or not!"

I was now in tears shaking while standing naked in front of the woman that was about to force me into diapers and treat me like a toddler. She asked me "do you understand the rules Jess?" I replied in a whinny voice yes. She told me to follow her into the living room and lay down on the floor. I hesitated but followed her and lay on the floor as she unloaded the second bag of item. She took out baby powder, desatine, Vaseline, and a large pink pacifier.

She shook the diapers out then told me to lift my butt off the floor. Once again I hesitated but eventually knew there was no way out of this punishment. She slipped the thick diaper under my ass and then slid the second disposable under me. I laid my butt down I needed two diapers. She replied that she wanted me to be aware of what I was wearing and she wasn't sure how heavy of a wetter I was. She pushed the pacifier in my mouth then began powdering me, putting Vaseline in my butt crack and wrapped my up snug in

Heather wasn't done there, after she had me diapered she pulled out plastic fancy pants like babies wear and slid them up my legs and over my bulky disposable adult diapers. Was in tears in seconds as she took me to my room and picked out one of my old dresses from middle school. She pulled it over my head even though it was old it still fit me decently until I noticed how short it was when it came to the bulk of the diapers I was in.

I stood there now totally helpless and ridiculed by Heather when she started to tell me about my room. The door bell rang and she said it was perfect timing because that must be my baby bed and changing table. She made me walk to the door with her and all the way there I noticed the bulk, crinkle and the way the diapers made me waddle back and forth. The delivery guy was hot and was checking me out but couldn't help but notice the pacifier and the crinkle plus bulk of what was under my dress. Once he put the sounds and baby items laying around the house with the fact that the crib was over sized as well as the changing table, he knew I was the one that was going to use them.

Once the baby bed and changing table were set up in the spare room, Heather thought it would be the perfect time to embarrass me more before the delivery guy left by lifting my dress, pulling down my plastic panties and checking my diapers.

She asked me "Jess did you poopy your diapers or go pee pee? You know you have to go sooner or later, don't hold back because this cute boy is here watching you."

I stood there red as an apple when the guy said, "so she actually has to use her diapers to messing and wetting? Don't you think she's a little too old for all this? I thought this was all a joke but it sounds like your seriously making her be a toddler."

Heather said "well sweetie if you pissed your bed don't you think your mommy would put you back in diapers too? See Jess needs the punishment to keep her in line, and soon enough her cute little diapered ass will be stinky and wet."

The boy left smiling saying well sounds like she deserves her punishment, good luck to you baby jess. He left and I stood there again crying when Heather pulled my dress up bent me over and began spanking my butt. She told me I had an hour to dirty and wet my diaper and if I didn't she would make sure I did by force. She then went to watch her soaps after putting my in the baby bed. The bed was fixed with arm restraints which she quickly put me in and left me to lay on my back until I filled the butt of my diaper with poop.

It seemed like days went by until I felt the pressure build up in my butt. I fought the need to go but after awhile I had no choice and knew that there was no way Heather would let me out of the baby bed or diapers to use the bathroom. I never knew how hard it would be to mess my pants let alone having to do it restrained to a bed while laying down. I struggled and fought it but after awhile I relaxed the best I could and slowly started filling my diaper up. The mess went forward first then pushed back into my butt cheeks. I finally finished after about ten minutes of pushing then slowly wet myself. Now I was hopeless, I was defeated. 24 years old and laying in a baby bed, wearing diapers, sucking on a pacifier and just filled my pants with pee and poopy. I sobbed and moaned behind the pacifier but no one was listening.

About 20 minutes later Heather came in and checked my diapers, only to coo and smile at me with happiness. She said she didn't think I would do it. She didn't think I would give in so easily and mess myself. She said she knew I was made for diapers now as she unlocked my restraints and told me to find a pair of sandals because we were going for a drive and to visit her friends. I replied with aren't you going to let me change my diapers first?

I didn't realize it but I just screwed up twice, once for taking my pacifier out of my mouth and secondly for asking for a diaper change. First she slapped my hands then put the pacifier back in my mouth. She then swatted my butt forcing the mess to spread further around in my pants. She told me I will listen to everything she says and go anywhere she wants. She told me she would change me when she felt that I used my diapers fully.

Once I was dressed to her standards I stood next to the couch with my pacifier in y mouth sucking on it in fear that she would spank me again if I didn't. I waited patiently to leave the house but hated the idea of being out in public in this state. Not long later Heather came out of her and dad's room smiling while on the phone with one of her friends. She was telling her how my dad gave her complete control of me and how she was abusing that such control. She told her friend everything she had done to me and what I had done in my pants as well.

I stood there with tears flowing own my face as she ridiculed me to her friend while I felt the load in my pants shift further into the crotch of my diapers. I was honestly helpless to her and knew the day wasn't going to get any better with knowing she was about to take me to meet her friends as well as embarrass me further by doing so.

We left the house a few minutes after she hung up with her friend and headed to the store to pick up more baby things for me. Heather made me sit in the middle of the back seat so everyone passing by us could see that I was being treated as a little girl. When I sat down in the car the mess in my pants further squished and spread throughout my diaper. Heather noticed my face and laughed saying,, "awe poor babies diaper is full and wet isn't it?" I just shook my head yes as she buckled me in and kissed my forehead telling me I was a naughty baby. Heather then drove us about 30 minutes away to a shop I had no idea even existed. It was a fetish shop and specialized in adult baby items.

We got out of the car but I hesitated to go inside. Once Heather drug me into the shop, the people inside quickly noticed my smell and obvious diapered condition. I waddled by the other customers as we were met by a staff member. The lady was in her mid 30's roughly and asked us if she could help us. Heather smiled nicely and said that I would need a lot of baby items as well as punishment tools. The lady gladly led us to the adult baby section where they had row after row of clothing, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, bedding, furniture, plastic pants, CD's, movies, and how to books. After Heather picked out almost one of everything, she headed to the diaper isle with the lady asking her what the best, thickest, most absorbent adult diaper she had in stock was. The lady searched and found us a thick triple tape loud disposable that was designed for people with no mobility. She said the diaper was made to be used for multiple wettings and messing. She continued saying that it could be worn all day without any leaking and that it would control the odor as well. This made me worry but it was the perfect diaper in Heathers eyes. See she thought the less she would have to change me the better it was for her and the worst it would be for my comfort.

The lady pulled a sample diaper out that was already taped together, the diaper nearly stayed formed as if it was molded to a person. It was so thick it would make it obvious to any passer by that a person was diapered, and the crinkle of the plastic covering was not exactly quiet. Heather told the lady she would buy 500 of the diapers knowing full well that I would be in diapers longer than just the summer, and I knew she was right as well.

Next Heather and I were led to the punishment area of the shop where the walls were covered with leather shackles, chains, and restraints of all kinds. There were cages, sex punishment toys, and gags of all types. Heather cruised the shelves and displays with a purpose picking out restraints, locking plastic pants, gags, enema kits, and a punishment cage. When I thought she was done she continued with her shopping back to the adult baby section to pick out more baby appropriate clothing for me.

Heahter began telling mei wouldn't be needing my adult clothes at least for the summer, so she was going to dress me like I acted, in toddler clothing. She picked out jeans that snapped all the way to the crotch, bib overalls, onsies, short dresses, jumpers, shorts made to cover thick diapers that velcroed together for easy diaper access as well as socks, and baby style shoes. With all the new items from the shop I fit the part of an adult baby with no hopes of being released any time soon.


By A.R.

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