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Jenna sat in the garden, on an old wooden seat that her dad had built, feeling her wet diaper beneath her short jean-shorts. it was a hot day, and all of her friends were off doing something else (mainly in the public pool, which Jenna REFUSED to go into), and her parents were out for the day, so Jen decided it was good as any time to explore her diaper fetish.

Jen had discovered her diaper fetish when she was eleven, 6 years ago, where she'd stumbled upon a diaper site online while she'd been looking up something on the net. For two more years Jen just looked, read, and dreamed. She really wanted to try on a diaper, any diaper. She's already stolen a little baby diaper from her church's nursery, but that wasn't satisfying (nor fitting). So finally, one day when jen knew her parents were going to be away for a day and a bit, jen biked out to a grocery store. very nervously, she bought a pack of depends diapers, the smallest kind, and rushed to the cash. right in front of her was one of her friends, and she was sure that she was going to die right there, but he didn't notice the diapers. she paid for them, and rushed home. Now every time she had alone (and sometimes not alone) Jenna placed a white depends diaper between her legs.

Jen liked wetting, and would usually do just that before she took off her diaper. she didn't hate pooping, but it was something she would only do if she KNEW she could get rid of it, because the wet ones would go into a drawer, then into the trash once her parents were far away from the house.

today, Jen ran and put on a thick depends (she'd gone and bought the same kind after she'd used one pack) the second her parents were gone and there was no sign of them coming back. she'd been sitting in the chair in the garden, surrounded by high fence so no one could see her, for half and hour now, had only wet ten minutes ago. Jen liked being wet, but not for too long. it had been that too long.

Jen slid off the chair, and waddled into the house (the diaper was pretty thick between her legs). She went upstairs to her room, and stepped into the bathroom. There, she pulled down the little zipper on her shorts, and pulled them down off the white plastic. She stood, staring at the diaper, and pushed her bladder, making the last trickle of pee shoot into the diaper. She then undid the tapes, and slid the diaper off herself, a sense of relief meeting her crotch, for it was a bit hot wearing that diaper in the heat.

Jen walked back to her room, her filled diaper in her hand, her shorts in her other hand, and carefully placed her used diaper into the large drawer at the bottom of her dresser, a place that no one would look. Jenna pushed the drawer into place, and smiled to herself. She was so smart.

Jen scanned the room and spied what she'd been looking for: a pair of pink panties. Grabbing them out of the mess in her room, she pulled them on, and walked over too her computer. She had a instant messaging program that she used all the time, and she signed on that. There was no one on, so she minimized it, but, just as she closed it, a blinking message appeared in the task bar. That was strange, no one was on, so there was no way that someone could talk to her. She got to choose who she wanted to talk too. She clicked the flashing icon, and the box popped up:


Ignoring the improper grammar, Jen was creped out. who the hell sent this message? she looked at the top of the browser, but did not see any sender name nor email. it was if her computer itself had sent it... then curiosity took over. Jen knew that she had the BEST firewall and anti-spyware and virus softwear, so there was no harm in just clicking on the link...

she moved the cursor closer, and closer to the blue highlighted text... and, double clicked on it.

Jen Disappeared


Jen awoke with a strange feeling all over her body, and realized that it was nakedness, because she was naked, and she had not realized it the second she'd awoken. Jen looked around, and saw that she was in a large room, all the walls were white; there were no doors or windows. Jen was sitting on her naked butt, on warm white floor. Suddenly, there was a loud crack, and a woman was standing in front of jen, also naked.

'Welcome to the imagine-application.' she said. She had shoulder length hair and a curvy body of a 20 year old woman. 'My name is Sora. I'm sure you're very confused.'

Jen stood up, looking very confused indeed. 'Where am I? How did I get here?'

The woman smiled, 'I told you. This is the Imagine-Application. You are in your computer.'

'WHAT??' said jen.

'Look, I'll explain in full detail:' said Sora, looking sympathetic, 'Yesterday, you downloaded a video off of a diaper website. Did you not see that you had downloaded this application also?' Jen shook her head. 'Well, you did, and it finished downloading. Immediately, you were sucked into your computer to start enjoying the benefits of this application when you clicked on the link.'

Jen had begun to understand. 'So... but wait, what is this? What does it do?' jen looked around and also remarked, 'technology really has moved forward quite a bit.'

Sora smiled at Jen's understanding, 'It's a fantasy maker. You can do what ever you want here, and it is specially programmed for diaper men and women like you.'

Jen understood. 'You mean, I can do WHATEVER I want here? I just have to think it?'

Sora nodded, 'Go ahead and try it out. If you have any questions then just call for me. I am programmed to assist you in any way you possibly want! Bye for now!' the woman disappeared.

Jen thought for a second. What would she possibly want? For starters, and to test it out to see if it worked, Jen wished a diaper and t-shirt on herself. *poof*. In a blink of an eye she was now standing wearing a thick diaper and plastic pants, the latter she did not even think of herself.

Now jen realised the full extent of this programme. Immediately she flipped though hundreds of ideas in her head as how to use this programme and finally decided on one thing: A hot guy was changing her. She flooded her diaper (it was strange because in the real world she hadn't touched a glass of water during the whole day), and then instantly imagined herself lying on a changing table, while a red headed guy who looked strangely like a couple of her friends combined changed her. She was in bliss. After she was cleaned up and re-diapered, the guy disappeared (to her disappointment).

Then something dawned on her. "Hey, Sora!" she shouted. Sora appeared in front of her, still naked.

"Yeah? What is it you require?' she stated, bowing slightly causing her enormously large breasts to swing.

"Can I bring someone else in here?'

Sora smiled, "Of course."

Jen pounded her fist in triumph. "Yes! Ok, I want to bring someone I know, and really hate. Can you make it so she cannot do anything at all? I'm the only one who can think of stuff."

Sora nodded, "You can change the settings all you wish. I've set them to your preferences."

Jen smiled widely, and walked over to sora, and tried to give her a big hug. Her arms passed right through her.

"Sorry, but I'm just a figure. You can't touch me." Said Sora, with a slight twinge of regret in her voice.

Jen shrugged. "Alright, send me back! Send me back! This place is so cool!" Sora waved her hand, and with a blink of an eye, and a slight wetting of her diaper...

Jen disappeared.

Too be continued...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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