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Written By: Baby Jay NY

In my dream: My Mommy/Wife/GF comes in to see if I am wet. Which I always am. She removes my wet diaper. Mommy holds my hand and we go into the bathroom were a warm bubble bath is waiting for me. All my toys are in the tub covered by all the bubbles. She picks me up and places me in the bubbles. I giggle as the bubbles tickle my hinny and pee pee. She washes me from my head to my toes. Paying special attention to my pee pee and my hinny. She removes me from the tub and dries me off with a big fluffy white towel. Holding my hand again we return to the bedroom. Mommy places me in the middle of my bed. She reaches for a clean diaper and raises my legs as she places the diaper under me. The diaper is soft and warm. She powders me rubbing it into my skin. Her hands are warm and very tender to the touch. She grabs the diaper in-between my legs and pulls it up tight as she asked "How's my baby boy this morning"? "You're so cute I could eat you all up". After replacing my diaper we go into the kitchen. She puts my bib around my neck with a little kiss on the cheek. Mommy starts to feds me baby food with a baby spoon talking to me all the time. My baby is going to eat all his breakfast like a good baby. Yes he is. I'm hungry and finish in a flash.

She washes my face and hands like a one year old. She grabs my bottle as we go into the living room. She places the bottle on the table and sits on the rocking chair. Picking me up mommy lays me in her arms and places the bottle between my lips. She rocks me slowly and hums a lullaby. She places me on her shoulder rubbing my back and my diapered hinny. I finish the milk and she asks if I would like something special. I give a nod and she opens her blouse. She opens the front of her nursing bra, grabs the back of my head and guides me to her awaiting nipple. I take her nipple and start to suckle. She puts her hand down my diaper and starts to stoke me very slowly. Mommy is getting very excited. She picks me up and leads me back into my bedroom and removes my diaper. She removes her cloths. She lies down besides me and I continue to suckle. The more I suckle the more she moans. She tells me that I am a good baby boy.

You please me in so many ways. When she can't take all my suckling any more she settles on top of my rock hard pee pee places it in between her pussy lips and we make love the rest of the morning. She replaces my diaper and we fall a sleep in each others arms.

When I awake she is in the kitchen. I hear her and let out a little cry. Mommy comes in wearing an apron. Oh my little baby is awake. She puts two fingers into my diaper and finds that I am wet again. Such a pissy little boy today. Mommy picks me up into her arms and hugs me close and tight as she walks over to the changing table. Smiling at me she places me down and starts to remove my diaper. What shall we do today she said? Would you like to go to the park or maybe watch some Tom and Jerry on TV? Lets just have lunch first then we can decide. She starts to remove my diaper. Cleans me up with some Huggies baby wipes.

My hinny and my pee pee are all clean as she pulls up my diaper between my legs and tapes it tight.

Mommy puts a pair of blue teddy bear plastic pants on me and carries me into the kitchen. Putting my bib on she reaches for my baby dish and starts to feed me. Carrots and mashed potatoes. I'm waving my arms and giggling showing her I like my lunch. I have food all over me. After I finish, she takes a wash cloth and cleans my face and hands. She picks me up and places me on a blanket in front of the TV and hands me my bottle. I start to suck on the nipple and she puts on Tom and Jerry. I'm lying on the blanket giggling and waving my arms while sucking on my bottle of juice. She yells from the kitchen "Is my little baby boy enjoying his cartoons today"? I start to giggle more while waving my hands and legs up in the air. It's such a nice day I think we will go to the park mommy tells me.

After she finishes the dishes she takes me into the bedroom and lays me on the bed. She reaches into the baby dresser and takes out a blue omnie and a pair of shorts. Mommy puts the omnie over my head and snaps it in between my crotch. The feeling of the omnie is warm and comfortable. Mommy puts my shorts on, some white socks with a pair of white sneakers. I'm all ready and mommy starts to get dress. She is very pretty. Mommy has long brown hair that I love to hold when I suck on mommies nipples. She has big brown eyes. She has a young figure and keeps in shape. Mommy is all dressed and she looks beautiful.

She is a special mommy; a baby boy could love forever. OK mommy said. All done lets go to the park. Picking me up as she walks to the car. She puts me in the back sit and buckles me in. She bends over to me and kisses me and pinches my cheek. What a little cutie I have here she said with a giggle. She gets into the car and drives to the park. Once there we go into the park and go to the baby swings. There aren't any people or children there because it is early. I just fit in the baby swing as she sits me into a swing. She starts to push me. I'm holding on as she is pushing me harder. At this point she is only talking baby talk to me.

"Is my little pumpkin having fun"?

I'm giggling and trying to look at her at the same time. I get a little dizzy from this and start to cry. Mommy slows me down and steps in front of me and gives me a big hug. I smile at her warmness and hug her tight. She takes me out of the seat and we go over to the horse with the springs. She places me on and I start to ride the horse. In awhile I get off and run to her as she is sitting on a bench reading. I sit in her lap and hug her tight. My little baby boy is so lovable today and thank you for sitting that wet little hinny in my lap.

Mommy lays me down on the bench and removes my shorts. She unsnaps my omnie. Mommy removes my teddy bear plastic pants then removes my wet diaper. She reaches into the diaper bag and pulls out the baby wipes and wipes me clean. She puts a clean diaper under me and proceeds to diaper my little hinny again. Putting on the plastic pants and snapping my omnie closed. Just when she is putting my shorts back on a family comes into the play ground. They go right to the swings and don't even give us a second thought. Mommy finishes with my shorts and pulls me up into her lap again. I hug her and tell her I love her. She is surprised because I am not permitted to speak adult talk. She puts her finger to my lips and said I love you too. Mommy grabs my hand as we walk to the exit of the playground. The mommy of the other family looks at me with a surprise look. When we are almost to the exit she said to mommy, that is one cute little baby boy you have there young lady and gives mommy a wink. Mommy said thank you as we leave the park.

It is getting a little dark outside so mommy decides we should go to dinner at McDonald's. I don't agree with mommy but I'm a baby and don't have any say in where we go or what we do. So it is back into the car and off to McDonald's. As mommy drives into McDonald's, I notice that there are a lot of young mommies and their children in there. Mommy doesn't even notice as she comes around to get me out of the car. Mommy unbuckles my belt and tries to take me out. But I don't really want to go. Come on sweetie I'll get you a happy meal for dinner. You like happy meals and a surprise. I look at mommy with puppy blue eyes as if to say I don't want to go. Mommy looks at me and said,

"You have been good all day now don't be a bad baby". No one in there knows who we are. I still hesitate. But mommy with a very stern voice tells me "Now let's go or do you want me to spank you for being naughty"? So I let her take me out of the car and we walk in. Mommy is holding my hand as I'm hiding on the other side of her. She takes the tray and we sit down at a table.

Mommy opens my happy meal and I start to eat. Mommy is holding my small soda so I don't spill it all over me. I can see and hear the other mommies talking about me and looking my way. After a while one of the mommies walks over and she said, "I'm sorry but isn't he a bit to old to be in those baby cloths"? Mommy tells her, "Not really". His in a diaper too. I didn't think there is a special age for anyone to wear baby cloths. Do you enjoy having a baby to care for? My mommy asked. Do you have a baby you love? Do you do what ever it takes to make him or her happy and yourself? Well yes the pretty lady said.

Then why can't we care for each other if it makes us happy? I guess I agree. Would you mind if I sat down. No not at all. The pretty lady sat down right next to me. I have to admit he is cute in these baby cloths and you said he has a diaper on too she said. Does he use his diapers? Yes he does and I change him when he needs to be changed. Don't you do that for your little one? Yes I do. BUT! But what? I love him and he loves me. We try to make each other happy and this is what makes us unbelievably happy. I guess you can't disagree with that. It was nice to talk to you. Bye little cutie. Mommy was smiling from ear to ear. See I told you it would be OK.

We finished our dinner and headed out to the car. As we drove back I got sleepy and went to sleep. I woke up when mommy picked me up out of the back seat. OK sweetie we are home lets get you ready for your bath. We went into the house and went to the bedroom. Mommy laid me down on the bed and started to remove her cloths. She put on her rob and started to undress me. Now that was a lovely afternoon she said to me but you almost got yourself a spanking. I don't except any more of that.

I'm your mommy and you will do as I ask. Now you stay her and mommy will get the bath ready. She came back in a short while and lay next to me on the bed. Mommy pulled the covers over us to keep us warm until the bath was ready. I immediately went for her nipples as she opened her rob for me. My eyes closed and I suckled her until I was hard. She enjoys my suckling and often tells me so. The water was ready and we went into the bathroom. Bubbles where over flowing the tub. She put me into the tub then she got into it herself. We sat down as we played with each other under the bubbles. The water was warm as our hands explored each other. Mommy said it was time to get out.

I dried mommy off and she dried me off and we went back into the bedroom. Mommy must have been really turned on because the second we got into bed she put her pussy on my face. I started to lick and kiss her.

Putting my tongue deep into her sweet smelling hole. She was getting really turned on. She turned around to place my dick into her mouth while still on my face. (69). She was hot and wet as she got up and sat on my rock hard dick. She pulled my hair as she rode me to her own orgasms. I pumped into her and let my load go deep inside her. She moaned and said you are such a good man and I love you very much for all you do for me. She slides up my chest and rest her head on my shoulder. I tell her I love her too for all she does for me.

I wake up from my dream and I'm thinking to myself. I wish it could really happen to me. I wish I was lucky enough to have some one in my life to love me and care for me as my mommy in my dream.

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