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The Infant

My story starts late one night in a sports bar. I'm not that fond of sports, but those types of bars are usually dark and not very busy. They perfect place to wear my diapers in public. I almost always wear Depends with a Huggies as a liner. Fairly comfortable and doesn't leak unless I really fill them up. I don't try to get away with it at work though. It did make for a hassle goin g to the bathroom, as I hadn't brought a diaper change. I was pretty loaded by the time This Lady came in. I was getting ready to go home, so I had wet my diaper, thinking I could get a change pretty soon.

The Lady looked like she was around 30 or so, but God, what beautiful breasts, fairly large, yet pert. The rest of her didn't look too bad either. Blonde, she looked about five foot two. She was very stimulating, and it was quite the site in my drunken state. I found out later it was even better when I wasn't intoxicated.

I wiggled a bit and could feel my warm, wet diaper squish against the booth seat. She sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. My penis was growing hard by this time, almost uncomfortable. I squished my diaper around again and had another slurp of my drink as I thought how nice it would be to suckle at her breasts.

I was extremely surprised (read astonished) when She picked up her drink and headed in my direction. My heart started beating harder, my dick throbbed and my head spun. I squished my diaper again as She sat down. She introduced Herself as Sarah. I slurred out my name; Ben. Sarah mentioned that she had seen me moving around and wondered if I was having a problem. I'm sure I blushed enough for her to see, even in the dim light. I mumbled some denial, but Sarah looked skeptical. I sucked on my drink again, just as I felt a hand on my crotch.

I blushed again, furiously, as she felt up my diaper, and almost came. Sarah smiled, leaned forward a bit, and said in a lilting baby voice "Would you like to come to my house for a drink, Baby Ben?" I blushed again and stuttered agreement.

We finished our drinks and got up to leave. I followed Sarah out of the bar and could feel my soggy diaper between my legs as I walked. My penis was still hard when we got into her car. Sarah patted my diapered crotch again and gave me another smile. There was no chitchat on the way to her place, but that was just as well, because my head was spinning again.

I didn't know what to expect, but when we pulled into her driveway, some garage lights came on. I saw glimpses of a fairly large house. On the sidewalk, she took my hand and led me up to the door. Inside it was gorgeous. There were hanging plants every where, fine hardwood furniture and a few pieces of delicate art. Sarah gestured me toward the couch and said "Have a seat, I'll go fix some drinks."

I settled into a corner of the couch and pressed my diaper against myself, rubbing it around, keeping my dick hard. When Sarah came back with the drinks, she sat down and handed me one. I quickly sucked back about half of my glass and almost choked at the strength. Sarah patted my back, the pulled me against her. I was extremely nervous, my usual state around women.

Chugging the rest of my drink, I set the glass down. Sarah had already put down her glass. She touched my shoulder, leaned over and kissed me. I'm afraid I wasn't very responsive the first time. Sarah looked at me, grabbed my wet diaper and chided in that baby voice again "Come on, Baby Ben, give Mommy a kiss." I tried harder and when we finally broke the kiss she rewarded with another smile. She pulled my head down to her breasts and that was about all I remember for that night. It was either all the drinks I'd had that night or she slipped me a Mickey Finn. From later experience, I decided it was probably a Mickey.

I woke up the next morning and before opening my eyes I noticed a few things. First off was the smell. It was the scent of baby powder and a little bit like Pampers used to smell, before they took the perfume out. Next I realized I was wearing pajamas of some sort, I still had a diaper on, and it was very wet. When I moved I could feel that the bed wasn't very dry either. Thinking I'd been wearing the same diaper since the night before, I opened my eye s and flipped the blanket back. I wasn't thinking about my full pants then. I was in a large crib. The blankets were nice and soft, with cute little bunnies on them. Through the crib slats I could see I was in a nursery. There was a mobile off to one side of the crib of brightly colored objects; slowly spinning.

Looking around the nursery again, I saw a couple dresser drawers, there was a large, padded changing table with a frilly lace skirt. The room seemed to be predominately pink and against almost one whole wall was a set of shelves. On almost all the shelves were piles of different types, sizes and colors of diapers. I'd never seen a red diaper before. Seeing all those diapers gave me a hard-on right away. On one of the lower shelves were some piles of plastic pants, and at the end by the change table were bottles of baby oil, powder and some wipes. There was also a roll of paper towels and a couple of jars that looked like cream of some sort. Then I really took notice of what I was wearing. They were baby pink pajamas with feet. They zipped up the front, and had snaps around the crotch. I sat up and flipped the blanket back some more, then felt the bulge of my diaper. It didn't feel like the ones I was wearing the night before, so I unsnapped the crotch of my baby PJ's. It was definitely a different diaper. It was pink too, and had different color designs on it, similar to a Luvs, but better. My drippy diaper was nice and thick though, and I'd never seen a disposable like it. I snapped myself up again and stood up.

My head pounded with a hang over and I wished for some aspirin. Looking down I could see moist spots on the sheets where I had leaked. The crib bars came above my waist, but the mattress was sitting on the floor. I didn't see any immediate way out, without leaping over the side, so I hollered toward the door "Hello? hello? Anybody out there?" After a few more shouts with no response, I got th e idea that maybe the rules were different now. My diaper was getting a bit uncomfortable and I had to take a dump. Thinking a bit and looking around the nursery again, I started to cry. Waahhhhhh! Eeehhh! Waaahhhhh! No tears or anything, but like a baby that wants something.

Not even 30 seconds later Sarah opened the door and came in. I cried a bit more and she came over to the crib and kissed me and said (in The Voice) "Hush, hush Baby, Mommy's here to take care of you" I tried to speak, but Sarah put her finger over my lips and murmured "Shhh, baby, it's okay, be quiet." I shut up, even though my bowels were getting kind of anxious. Sarah did something to the outside of the crib and the bars slid long ways to let me out. She led me over to the change table and pushed me, so I lied down. Sarah efficiently stripped off my pajamas, with a little help from me lifting up now and again. With a quick motion, she untapped my soggy diaper, exposing my rigid penis. Sarah pulled the drenched diaper out from underneath me, wrapped it up and threw it in a diaper pail nearby. With a couple baby wipes she washed me off, then rubbed some baby oil on my butt and balls. My penis hadn't gone limp, but Sarah paid it no attention. After the oil and a light powdering, I felt like a cake pan. Sarah went to the diaper shelf, collecting a large, thick soft cloth diaper and a pair of pink, plastic panties with little ruffles all over them. I puzzled over how she had gotten me into the crib the night before.

As Sarah approached me lying on the change table with my legs spread apart and my boner sticking up in the air, I mentioned something about having to take a shit. Sarah pretended not to hear me and pulled the diaper up under me. Grabbing a couple pins she quickly diapered me again. The fresh, dry diaper felt great. It was thicker than I thought and seemed to be made up of five or six layers of cloth. Next came the plastic panties. My stiff dick was visibly pushing my diaper out, but Sarah only crooned something softly and patted my prick through my diaper.

I tried to mention the need for a bowel movement again, but she just grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Sarah led me over to the closet, which I hadn't seen before, opened it up and started shuffling through hangers. All the clothing looked like baby clothing, with little, cutesy things on them. Most of the stuff was pink, although some were baby blue, and a few other colors.

It was about this time that I really realized how much Sarah enjoyed playing Mommy to adult babies. I decided this was a great opportunity for me. I had never told anybody I liked to wear diapers, and prepared to wholeheartedly spend the weekend with this exquisite woman as her baby.

Sarah finally selected something, pink and very frilly. I concluded that she liked little girl babies better and it didn't bother me any. She slipped the dress o ver my head, gently spun me around and zipped up the back. The frill at the bottom barely came to the top of my diaper panties. Catching a look at myself in a mirror over one of the dressers, I admit I looked pretty good: Cute, baby dress with my diaper panties that were a bit darker pink. My glasses' kind of wrecked it though. Sarah took a couple more items out of the closet and shut the door. Leading me back to the change table, she had me sit down.

Revealing the things she had gotten out of the closet, I saw a pair of pink socks with little, white, lace ruffles around the ankles and a large pacifier, which she popped in my mouth. I wondered where Sarah had bought the pacifier, as it was big enough to fit.

I'd had a bad incident before with a pacifier that was supposed to be "toddler" size. I fell asleep with it in my mouth and when I woke up the next morning I had some weird ridges around my lips that didn't go away for a couple day s.

Anyway, sitting on the edge of the table, sucking on a pacifier, feeling the need for some bowel release, Sarah put the socks on me and led me out of the room by the hand. Sober now, I noticed the house a little better. I noticed Sarah a little better too. Out of the nursery, past the bathroom, down the hall and into the dining room.

In the dining room, Sarah had me climb up into a high chair, picked up the tray from nearby and snapped it into place close to my stomach. Next came a large pink, bib, that said "Sarah's Baby" on it. My feet hung off the ground and I swung them a bit thinking about having to drop a load. Sarah left. She must have had breakfast ready as she came back quickly with sausages and pancakes with honey. She fed me breakfast by hand, small bite by small bite. I felt a bit embarrassed again and blushed. Sarah saw, smiled and continued to feed me like a baby. I was getting full by this time, and my full stomach was pressing on my innards. Figuring that She wanted me to make poo poo in my diaper, I obliged. I guarantee, the look on my face, almost grunting, pushing the poo poo into my nappy on top of the hard, high chair, made her notice.

I could smell it right away, but Sarah didn't say a word about me filling my britches and just now making them dripping wet. The pink plastic panties did their job though, and I didn't leak. My dick, which had gone limp during breakfast and filling my diaper, grew harder than I thought it could get.

After breakfast, Sarah took me around the house. Apparently she was showing me around. The shit in my diaper was beginning to cool off, and wasn't feeling very good, so I said something about it. That didn't do a bit of good, so I started crying again. Sarah shushed me and checked the back of my diaper. I blushed again.

"Oh ho!" Sarah said "Did the baby make poo poo in his diaper?" I sheepishly nodded my head.

"Well, I guess it's time for baby's ba th." She cooed softly grabbing my diaper between my legs, mushing the shit around on my ass. I spread my legs a bit for her. The stench came flowing out.

Sarah just smiled, led me into the bathroom where I hadn't been before, and took off my dress. She made me get into the tub with my diaper on; I didn't resist. It had a baby type headrest, but it was adult size. It even had little baby designs on it and I wondered again where she had gotten the stuff. I lay back against the headrest and Sarah took my plastic panties off. The smell of my full diaper permeated the air. Sarah murmured "Phew, baby filled his diddie right up, didn't he?" I didn't say anything, but looked down at my soppy, shitty diaper. My penis sprang back to life, and Sarah pulled the top of my diaper down, then began kneading my hard dick. This was the first time she had done something sexual, and it didn't take me long. With the feeling of my diaper full of shit and all wet besides, I came within a minute. Relieved of blue balls, I relaxed and she let the rest of the cum drip onto my diaper. Sarah then unpinned my diaper and pulled it off. She took the poopy diaper and rinsed it out in the toilet, then came over and washed my butt off with a hand shower.

When she finished cleaning my bottom, Sarah made me sit up and washed my hair and the rest of my body. I was a little apprehensive when she pulled out a small pair of scissors and started trimming my pubic hair close to the skin. I started to say something and got the finger over my mouth again. After the trim, Sarah got out some shaving lotion and sprayed it on my pubes and around my anus. With a safety razor, she started shaving me and rinsing off the razor under the running water of the tub. When she was finished there, Sarah made me stick my butt in the air, gave it a lather, and shaved the rest of my hair off. Being shaved, I got another boner just thinking about it. Sarah shut off the water and led me naked back to the nursery. Looking down and seeing my hard penis without any hair around it, bare as a baby's bottom really turned me on. I didn't want to think about what it would feel like growing back.

Laying me down on the change table, Sarah picked out a disposable diaper this time. I was kind of disappointed it was just white. It was different than the one I woke up with, but the dry diaper after that big load of shit in my pants felt pretty good. The sensation of hairless bottom and dry diaper was exquisite, and I couldn't wait to see what it felt like wet. Sarah put some plastic panties over my diaper again, except this time they were baby blue. My boner seemed to get harder, even though I had just cum. Sarah went to one of the dressers this time and got out some blue coveralls. They had a snap-up crotch for diaper changing, but they weren't that cute.

By this time, it seemed to be late Saturday afternoon. Sara h delivered me into the living room, laid me down on the couch and said "I'll be back in a minute Baby, with your bottle." She left the room towards the dining room. Sarah came back with a baby bottle that looked like it was filled with chocolate milk. It was filled with warm milk, but also some Bailey's, for flavor I guess. She sat next to me on the couch and fed me the bottle. It was gone in about a half hour and my hang over was long gone now.

My boner had gone limp while sucking on the bottle, so feeling very relaxed I peed in my diaper again. Sarah didn't notice, of course, but took off her blouse and bra, then had me sit against her and suckle at her breasts. Nothing came out, but I was in bliss. My diaper was warm, wet, and here I was sucking on some beautiful breasts. A bit later I wet myself again. After enjoying almost an hour of nursing, Sarah reached down and felt my diaper. It was very wet by this time, having two pee pee's in it. She led me to the n ursery and changed my diaper again. It was a long process. After taking off the coveralls, and peeling off my wet diaper, she spent a great deal of time with baby wipes cleaning me off. My skin seemed extra sensitive with no hair. My penis was still hard and wasn't likely to go down in the near future. Again the procedure of oil and powder, Sarah picked out another disposable diaper with the same blue plastic pants. It was dark by then, so I got some powder blue, baby pajamas again. Dressed in cute fuzzy, blue PJ's, which I never wear, and a clean, dry diaper, I was ready for bed.

Sarah led to the crib and had me lie down. She left briefly and returned with another warm bottle. With me lying in the crib, she sat next to me with the slats open. I sucked on my bottle and peed in my diaper again. This bottle was filled with the same as the last, but had a peculiar taste I couldn't place. Quickly closing up the bars, she left the room, turning out the light. Leaving my lying in my warm, wet nappies, in a dark room.

After lying there for what seemed like a long time, I peed again. I almost fell asleep, but I decided I wanted my diaper changed before I went to sleep. I started crying and Sarah came in. She checked my drenched diaper, released the side of the crib and took me over to the change table. Then I really noticed how buzzed I was feeling and figured that there must have been something special in that last bottle. Sarah unsnapped the crotch of my pajamas to expose my diaper. It was just barely seeping out the legs. I spread my legs a bit and Sarah untapped my wet diaper and threw it away. Then the usual happened.

I got a boner and Sarah wiped me off, oiled and powdered me. She selected a disposable and a cloth diaper and put them on me with the disposable on the outside. Double diapers for a long night, I suppose, just in case I really wet the bed. Sarah put me back in my crib, tucked me in and gave me a kiss. Then s he stuck her hand in my pajamas gave me a quick feel, turning me on, then left.

My diaper was dry, I was aware of being buzzed, and feeling very relaxed. I remember thinking that there just had to be something in my last bottle and the next thing I knew it was Sunday morning.

I still had my diaper on when I awoke, and the sensations were beyond belief. I guess my pubic hair had started growing back. I knew I had some itchy days to look forward to unless I kept it shaved. An interesting idea, which I would have to consider. My diaper was soaked again. This was the second time that I had saturated my pants in the night. I had never done that before, and thought about what had been in that bottle.

I lied there in the crib for a while, feeling secure and happy. I wet and filled my diaper with poo poo. It came out a lot easier with me lying on my back. I mushed it around with my hand, and instantly got hard from the sensation with no hair. Rubbing my penis through my diaper for a while, I felt like I was just about to come, when Sarah walked in. It startled me and I forgot about my hard-on for the moment. She looked a little peeved, but just said "Good morning, Baby, how is your diaper? Does it need a change?"

I whined a bit, gurgled and slapped my diaper with both hands between my legs. She seemed to like my performance and gave me a motherly smile, as if the baby had just done something adorable. I sat up and could feel the poop squish up toward my balls. Let me tell you, my dick didn't go limp. After standing up, I was led to the change table, and made to lie down. Off came the pajamas and plastic panties. The smell was horrid. I started crying to show my discomfort. Sarah shushed me and started singing some little diddy. I shut up as she cleaned me up. Light yellow disposables this time. I lifted up as she pulled them under me and up between my legs. She had to hold my unyielding penis down with the front of th e diaper to tape it up properly. Over the diaper came some yellow diaper panties to match. Leaving me lying on the change table, Sarah went to one of the dressers and opened a drawer. Out came a yellow shirt of some type. As she turned around and came closer, I saw it was a diaper shirt. The kind with the flap that comes up between your legs. It had lace around the collar, sleeves and leg flap. Sarah had me sit up and pulled it over my head, slid my arms through, then pushed me back down and snapped the flap between my legs. My boner hadn't gone down yet, and the process of diaper change, and dressing must have taken at least a half hour.

Another trip to the dining room and a ride in the high chair meant breakfast. Another bib from some kitchen drawer, yellow to match, was put on me. Cream-of-wheat and toast this time. The same little bites, but this time I gave her a hard time and spit out some cream-of-wheat a few times. Good thing for the bib. I pur posely left crumbs and cream of wheat on my face and chin. Sarah didn't wipe my face till I was finished, so I gurgled a bit and stuck my tongue out at her. Another lovely smile came my way. I hadn't wet yet, but Sarah checked me anyway and pronounced me dry. She unsnapped the tray, I got up and promptly began filling my diaper.

Sarah led me to a room I hadn't been in before. It was a huge bedroom. I assumed it was her room. There was a large canopied bed, and I figured she must really like the color pink. I was led to the bed and made to lie down. Sarah pulled out a drawer next to the bed and pulled out some cotton rope. I decided this wasn't a baby -- mommy relationship any more. This must be the pay off. She started tying me spread eagle to the bedposts and I started to cry and squirm a bit. Sarah started crooning softly and rubbed my diaper. I was already hard, but I did quit crying. After finishing tying me up she left. I assumed she'd be back pretty soon, but by the clock radio a half hour, then an hour had slipped by.

I spaced-out a bit looking around the room and thinking about my situation. I wet my diaper again, and it was quite soppy now, although it didn't leak. It was more than two hours later when Sarah came back in, querying "How is my little Baby doing, ropes aren't too tight, are they?" I hadn't noticed them much, not being too worried about getting out. I pulled on them a bit now, gave a smile, and made some baby sounds. Sarah stuck that large pacifier in my mouth and felt my diaper through the side of my shirt. Sarah smiled at the wetness, unsnapped the diaper shirt and pulled the plastic panties down a bit. They still held the bottom of my soggy diaper against me. My penis had gotten hard when she was playing around with my diaper.

She seemed to take notice this time and untapped the top of the diaper. My boner pressed out and she folded the top of my diaper back. Grabbing my penis, Sarah began rubbing it up and down, stopped for a minute, then left.

I heard water running, and she came back a few minutes later with a warm washcloth. She washed my penis off and tucked the top of my soggy diaper down inside, exposing more of my dick. Sarah washed the base off and took the tip of my tool into her mouth. The feeling was much better than my wet diaper, but I felt its waterlogged padding bunched between my legs.

She bobbed slowly up and down. I tried to reach down and grab her head to push it closer on my penis. Then I really took notice of how well I was tied up. I started thrusting with my hips and Sarah stood back. She gave me a little slap on the stomach and I lie still. She took my penis in hand again and rubbed it a bit. She stood back again and unbuttoned her shirt. Next the bra came off and she pulled her skirt and panties down. Giving my penis a last squeeze, she left again. I thought I would die from the pressure she had built up in my balls and I tried to rub my diaper around on the bed to make myself come. No luck.

Sarah returned in about 15 minutes with a bottle in one hand. She sat down next to me on the bed, pulled the pacifier out and stuck the nipple of the bottle in my mouth. I started sucking. The bottle was filled with a warm, milk based liquid and had a good percentage of some type of liqueur in it that I couldn't place.

I finished it off fairly quickly. Sarah plugged the pacifier back in my mouth, taped up my diaper, and pulled the plastic panties back up and left, shutting the door behind her. After the hardness of my penis went droopy, I began to observe how uncomfortable my sopping diaper was beginning to feel. I cried for a while. There was no response and I started to get a bit worried. Pulling at the ropes, I tried to get loose, but to no avail. Forty five Minutes later, I wasn't bothered by my drenched diaper or the ropes. It was days later that I thought that I had been given a dose o f LSD or something similar.

Sarah came back a little over an hour later with a pink, of course, diaper bag that had a purple giraffe on the side. Coming over she pulled my yellow, plastic panties down as far as she could with me tied up. Untapped my diaper and pulled the diaper shirt up around my arm pits. The usual wipe, oil and powder followed. Sarah taped on a new disposable from the diaper bag and pulled the plastic panties back up.

I was disappointed that she didn't want to jump on my bone with a drippy diaper on, but by this time I was quite looped and was really enjoying my pacifier. Sarah snuggled up next to me, put one arm around me and the other on top of my diaper panties and started massaging me. I was hard, and came in my nappy within 30 seconds. I'm sure she could feel my dick throb through the diaper and as I came I jerked on the ropes a bit. She continued rubbing the cum around in my diaper, patted me between my legs and left again.

I spaced- out again, seeing visions on the underside of the canopy. A while later I looked at the clock and found over an hour had gone by. I peed in my diaper. The sensation of the liquid flowing into my pants in my buzzed condition was incredible. It moistened the cum that had begun to dry, and it wasn't so sticky any more.

Sarah came in a half an hour later, set a full bottle on the night stand and changed my diaper. I thought this was the it, she was going to screw me, but she left again after plucking out the pacifier and feeding me the bottle. It didn't taste like the last one, and went down quicker. 40 minutes after Sarah left I felt my bowels telling me I had to take a shit. I thought that rather strange, as I usually poop only once a day. There was no stopping it as it oozed out. That triggered my bladder and I wet too. I moved around on the bed a lot, and squished my poopy, wet diaper around. I was still very high, and only noticed the poo p oo smell when I lifted my butt up and flopped it down on the bed. The aroma didn't bother me at all in my state.

It was another hour before Sarah came back. She pressed my diaper up against me, and mushed it around. I could smell my full pants and I'm sure Sarah could too. She pulled the plastic panties down again, only a little, enough to un-tape the first tabs of my diaper. She pulled out my penis, and left again with the old, cold wash cloth. Moments later she was washing my dick off and sucking on the end.

I don't know how she could stand the fragrance of shitty diaper, but she got me hard again. Sarah then climbed up and sat on my hips, but didn't put me inside her yet. She leaned over and pulled out the pacifier and put her nipple in my mouth. After a few sucks, I noticed it get hard and stiff. Sarah moaned and grabbed my penis. Taking the head she rubbed it up and down and around her outer pussy lips. I didn't go soft, that's for sure. Sarah finally glided my penis into her pussy and the feeling was beyond words. As she pumped up and down on me, the poo poo in my diaper squished around and I was very aware of the wet sogginess between my legs.

Sarah groaned and began to rub her clitoris with one hand, and used the other to feel up my diaper. I made some baby noises at this point and it just seemed to turn her on more. Leaning forward she stuck a nipple in my mouth, and as I sucked for all I was worth she whimpered with ecstasy. Riding me and rubbing her clit, Sarah came. I was still sucking on her nipple and almost came when she did, but I had already had some release that day, and could hold out a bit longer. She continued to drive up and down, and begun smushing my poopy diaper again, which she had stopped doing when she reached orgasm. The smell came out again, and from the feeling of my shit squishing against my bare butt, her silky pussy clutching at my penis, I came deep into her cunt. Sarah came again just after I did and slowed to a stop. Leaning forward, she pulled me out of her with a slight plop. I could still feel my penis between the lips of her pussy as she pressed her breasts against my chest and snuggled her head against me.

We both felt exhausted when Sarah got up off me. She grabbed a baby wipe out of the diaper bag and wiped off her crotch. A thick, change pad came out of the bag next, after sliding it under me, down came the plastic panties and the stench was remarkably bad. Peeling the tapes off, she pulled the diaper down a bit and used it to scrap some of the poop off my ass as she drew it all the way off. While she was using the old, cold wash cloth to clean me off, I started crying. I continued to cry as she left with the shitty, smelly diaper. Sarah came back moments later with a bunch of diapers and put them in the diaper bag. I quit crying to watch what she was doing. They were all disposabl es, but in different colors. A few pairs of plastic panties followed. All were pink with different lace, ruffle designs.

Sarah finally untied me, grabbed the diaper bag, and I followed her back to the nursery, rubbing my wrists. I spent some more time on the change table. A fresh diaper, two actually, and my old clothes. Pink, plastic panties then my underwear and blue jeans. She pulled me to a sitting position and put on my shirt and coat.

Sarah took my by the shoulders and I looked up at her. I 6could feel my diaper caress me as we kissed. I was getting better at it now. Sarah snatched a piece of folded paper off the shelf and gave it to me saying (in The Voice) "Why don't you give me a call in a couple weeks? Come back and be my baby." I blushed and said I would be calling. Walking me to the door, a smile, another kiss, and I found myself outside on the porch. The diaper covering my butt felt good and I noticed the pink diaper bag with the giraffe was over my arm. Feeling paranoid, I looked around. Out in the driveway I saw my truck. It surprised me, but to hide the diaper bag, I went and got in, finding the keys in the ignition. I drove home, and wet my diaper on the way, thinking about the next time I would talk to Mommy.

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