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The Infant - A Second Part

I stood next to the phone. The small scrap of paper trembled in my hand. I looked at the fine script of the name and number for about the thousandth time that day, and my mind went back to that weekend I spent with Sarah. It had been almost two and a half months, but the experience was beyond short term memory. I had it deep, deep in my memory cells. At first my excuse was that it was too soon to call. I didn't want to seem over anxious. Later, I was afraid that she wouldn't remember me. I needn't be worried about that.

I patted the front of my diaper and made sure the tapes were secure. They were fine, I was just dwalding again. Grabbing my drink from next to the phone, I took a large swig. Thus fortified I picked up the handset. The paper was shaking so bad I could barely read the numbers. Of course they were probably committed to memory. Beeep-bip-booop-bep- beep-boop-bop. I heard the line click, a bit of shushing noise, then it began to ring. I counted One-a-ringy-dingy, Two-a-ringy-dingy, Three-a-; It was picked up "Hello?," said a voice I immediately recognized. It was Sarah! "Uuuhhh," I grunted.

"Hello? Is someone there?" Sarah said. I cleared my throat and said in my best baby voice "Ith Baby Ben."

There was a silence on the line that made me nervous.

"How's momma's little baby?" came her voice. I let a sigh of relief escape me. She must have heard it.

"Baby Ben fine." I said.

"So why are you calling? Do you want to come to spend the weekend at my house?" Her lilting voice was everything I remembered.

"Yeth!" I said excitedly. Now that I'd gotten the worst part over, my adrenalin was starting to die down and I was feeling euphoric.

"Well, okay," she said "but I already have a baby coming for the weekend. Do you think you can share?"

"Oh, yeth! I can be a good baby." I cried.

"Okay," she said "come over right after you get off work." Thinking for a couple seconds I said "Okay, I should be able to get there by 6:00. Should I eat something?" I had lost my lisp while thinking about serious matters: How early could I possibly get there? "No," she said "I have dinner all planned. It will be no problem to cook for two."

"I'll be there." I said "Bye bye, Baby Ben, see you tomorrow." Sarah said, sounding amused.

I heard the click and hung up. My brain whirled. I thought about what she said "cook for two" Hmmmm, I found that strange, I thought there were going to be three of us. Then I realized that there would be two babies and a mommy.

Smiling, I finished my drink, fixed another and sat down to watch some T.V. till bed time. I couldn't concentrate on the drivel as I usually did. My mind kept roving to the weekend ahead. Wonderin g what was going to happen, I wet my diaper. Carefully letting it out bit by bit I felt it seep into the padding. My pink Huggies soaked it up, and didn't get my Depends wet. Well, maybe, but just a little around the legs. As I squeezed the last iota out, I felt the familiar thrill rush down my spine and through my penis. Shuddering, my prick began to get hard. I rubbed it a little to get it nice and hard, then shut the T.V. off, fixed myself another drink and headed for my bedroom.

In my room; I turned on the bedside light, turned out the overhead, got a jar of creme, a used towel, a pair of pink panties and my favourite story from DPF. After pulling the panties on over my wet diapers, I started reading the story. It was fairly typical of an adult baby/diaper story, but it turned me on, no problem. I un-tapped the top tapes of my diaper and re-tapped them in back. Folding the top front of my diaper into itself, I scooped a big glob of creme out of the jar and smeared it on the head of my hard penis. Reading through the story, I slowly stroked, up twist, down twist, up twist, down twist. At a particular point in the story, where the little boy was forced to poop in his diaper, I could feel the build up. Tossing the story aside, and grabbing my towel, AAAAAHHHHH!, OOOOOHHH! What a feeling!

While relaxing, I cleaned up the last of the sticky juice. I took my panties and wet diaper off. A quick wash with a baby wipe, powder and fresh diapers for the night. With a sigh of relief, I turned out the light and fell asleep thinking about the weekend.

The next morning I was just hopping into the shower when I remembered my weekend ahead. Instant boner! I had to refrain from masturbating to save up for mommy.

My day at work was pretty rough. Instead of doing assigned projects, I called my favourite BBS's and played on-line games all day. As the end of the work day drew near, I became more excited, anxious and fearful. Who was the other baby? How long did Sarah know the other one? I guess I felt jealous. That was MY mommy! But I'd said I'd share, so I would try as hard as possible. Then I thought, hmmm, what if I wasn't good? What would my punishment be? I quickly thrust the thought from my mind and vowed to myself that I would be perfect, so as not to jeopardize the relationship. When the day finally ended, I logged out of my second work-station, fired up the tape backup and quickly left.

Down in the basement parking lot, I got into the canopy on the back of my truck that I had set up with carpeting and curtains and other stuff to make it comfortable. Getting out the diaper bag that I kept there, (The one Sarah gave me), I diapered myself with four pink Huggies and two Depends to make it nice and thick. It was.

I didn't have to piss on the way over, so my diapers didn't get wet. But then again, I probably couldn't relax my stiff erection enough to let go anyway. I finally got to Sarah's house and parked beh ind some small foreign car I'd never seen before. It must belong to the other baby. Feeling more jealous than I think I ever was before, I walked up to the door, my diapers making crinkling noises all the way, and rang the door bell. I could hear it ring inside. BING! BONG! BUNG! I heard some noises inside and moments later the door swung open.

There she stood in all her glory. Mommy Sarah. She smiled and held out her hand, I took it and she led me inside. From where I was talking off my shoes, I could see the dining room. There was one set of dishes on the table, and a candle, glowing brightly. At the other end of the table there were two high-chairs. I assumed Sarah must have two babies over more often than I thought. I wondered how many babies Sarah had in her brood.

When I was done taking my shoes off, Sarah said "You might as well take the rest of your clothes off, then I can get you ready for dinner." Blushing a nice deep red, I took off my shi rt, then slipped my pants off revealing my thick diapers.

"Oh Ho!" she murmured "Baby's already got his diapers on. Is baby wet?" With that she reached over and stuck her finger into the leg of my diapers. She seemed surprised to find I was dry.

After checking my diaper, she reached behind me with both hands, grabbed my diapered butt and pulled me close to her. I automatically put my hands around her and did the same to her. We massaged each others buttocks, and looked into each other eyes. I could feel the love and understanding flowing between us. I leaned my head forward and she met me for a kiss. It was sweet. It was arousing. Sarah smiled at me and said "Come on," taking me by the hand "let's go meet your playmate for the weekend."

Sarah led me back to the nursery. Sitting on the floor with HER legs spread apart playing with Lego blocks was a very beautiful girl. She was pretty! She was cute! She had on a pink T-shirt with white lace around the neck and arms. I could see her nipples poking out the front of the shirt, and could tell she didn't have a bra on. Of course, what baby wears a bra? Her breasts were much larger than Sarah's. I'd always liked big tits; was probably weaned too early. Her diapers were quite thick, and covered with pink plastic panties that had little red flowers and hearts all over them. She had long, light brown hair, that was tied up with two pink ribbons into pony tails in the back.

She must have heard us come up, for she looked up and saw me and Mommy standing in the doorway. Seeing me in only my diapers and socks, she smiled at me (Oh God, what a smile), and said "Hi! Come pway wif me." I was ecstatic! This was to be my playmate for the weekend! Sarah said "Katie, this is Ben, he's a 23 year old baby. (I blushed) Ben, this is Baby Katie she is a 20 year old baby." (She blushed)

I let go of Sarah's hand and started towards Katie.

"Hang on," Sarah said "let's get you two dressed for dinner." I stuck out my lower lip and pouted "Ben wanna play wif Katie". Sarah grinned "Well, let's get you dressed first, then maybe you can play together while I finish getting dinner ready. I think little Katie needs her diaper changed. Ben, you go stand over there by the change table, you'll be next."

Walking over and helping Katie to her feet, Sarah led Katie over and aided her to the change table top. As Katie lay down her breasts fell to the sides of her chest. Jeez, was she gorgeous. Sarah pulled Katie's cute plastic panties off and the wetness of her diaper was very obvious. I looked up at Katie's face and met her eyes. She was looking at me looking at her wet diaper. It was one of those Deja Vu, I saw you see me see you type things. Katie bloomed into a deep blush, but it made her look even better. I smiled at her and winked behind Sarah's back. She smiled back at me, as Sarah unpinned her diaper. Off came the diaper and my penis twitched, I came into my diaper, my legs felt like rub ber and I almost fell to the floor. Sarah saw none of this, but Katie did and smiled at me again. It was my turn to blush. Katie had the most lovely, hairless pussy I'd ever seen. Not that I'd seen that many, but she looked delicious. Her outer lips were hardly wrinkled and looked so smooth. You could barely see the inner pinkness till Sarah pulled Katie's legs wide apart. Ahh, the view was spectacular.

Sarah cleaned Katie's crotch with a scented baby wipe, then began to coat her diaper area with baby oil. Katie spread her legs wider and closed her eyes with a look of delight on her face. With lots of oil and some deft finger manipulations by Sarah, I saw Katie begin to shudder. She squeezed her legs together on Sarah's hand and moaned. Her face was bright red again and I got very hard, even though I'd just cum in my diaper.

As Katie started to relax, Sarah sprinkled baby powder on her and went over to the diaper shelves. A finger tip was in her mouth, musing what diapers she was going to put on Katie. With a glance at me, Sarah picked out a couple pink disposables that I remembered from last time I was here. Quick as a wink, Katie was taped up and Sarah was pulling her pink plastic panties back on.

While standing there watching, I relaxed my bladder and wet my diaper. Katie was looking at me as Sarah was over at the closet picking out something for Katie to wear, and she must have seen the look of relief on my face and smiled at me again. I blushed and smiled back, patting my diaper in front with both hands. Sarah noticed what I was doing as she came back with a cute, pink baby dress for Katie to wear.

"Does Baby Ben need his diaper changed now?" Sarah asked. I blushed deeper and Katie gave me a big smile. Nodding my head, Sarah said "Okay, just wait till I get Katie dressed." While Sarah put the dress on Katie, I stuck my butt out behind me forcing the wet diaper up against my crotch. Rubbing the front of my diaper I got hard again.

Sarah finished dressing Katie in dress, socks with lace and little pink slippers with bunny ears on them, that had a small, fuzzy bunny tail in the back.

"Now, Katie, you stand here while I get Baby Ben ready." The situation was reversed, and I blushed again. (I blush very easily, as you might have noticed.) Sarah peeled my socks off as I lay on the change table. Next my diapers came off. Sarah took the wet, pink Huggies out of the middle, threw it away and checked the rest for wetness.

"You're other diapers are still dry, we'll save them for later." Sarah said. Katie was watching and smiled at me while saying "Baby Ben gots a hard wee-wee in his wet diapers."

"Yes he does," Sarah said "but judging from this sticky stuff all over in here, he doesn't need any relief right now and can wait awhile."

Baby wiped, powdered and Sarah got a couple more of the same diapers she put on Katie. After taping them up, she put on me a pair of pink plastic panties exactly the same as Katie was wearing. I could see them sticking out below Katie's dress. Katie said "Mommy, Baby Ben has diapers just wike me!" I blushed as Sarah remarked "Yes, both my babies will be wearing the same type of diapers all weekend." Katie and I both smiled at that.

Katie went and started playing with the Lego's again, as Sarah picked out something for me to wear. A one piece, baby blue, little boys outfit was for me. It had a large puppy dog on the front. Sarah unsnapped the crotch, and pulled it over my head. I cooperated and put my arms through the sleeves. Sarah laid me back down and snapped the legs up. Socks and slippers just like Katie's except they had puppy dog ears on them to match my suit.

Sarah led me over to where Katie was sitting and pushed me down saying "You babies play nice while I get your supper ready." Sarah left.

"How long have you known Mommy Sarah, Katie?" I asked.

"About five months, but I've only been here twice. And you?" I told her briefly about my weekend. God, but she was beautiful. We played with the Lego's for awhile then Katie said "Let's build a big castle for the prince and princess to live in." When she said prince, she looked at me and winked. I blushed and we took apart the things we were building and started on one big structure.

There was a brilliant flash from the doorway. We both looked up to find Sarah standing in the doorway with a camera in her hand and a big smile on her face.

"Don't be alarmed." Sarah said "It's for my scrapbook. I love to see two babies playing so nicely together." I didn't like people having pictures of me in my diapers, and from the look on Katie's face she wasn't too enthused either. Katie and I looked at each other, understanding that there wasn't much we could do about it passed between us. We smiled at each other, and at the same time winked, getting a giggle out of us both.

"Come, let's have dinner." Sarah said. I got up and headed for the door; Katie followed. At the door Sarah took my hand and said "Take Katie's hand." I turned and extended my hand. Katie took it and gave me a quick squeeze. There were smiles all around.

We, Katie and I, sat in our high-chairs. Bibs were put on us. They were the big kind with a pocket at the bottom. Both said "Sarah's Baby" and had cute designs. First course was salad for all. Must be for roughage I figured. Looks like we were going to end up with a large load in our diapers sometime later. We didn't get any silverware and managed to get dressing and other bits all over our faces and bibs. That pocket sure came in handy. Next up was cheese enchiladas. I thought, jeez, what a thing to feed babies, but oh, what a mess it would make in our diapers. We were given small spoons with plastic coated tips. We made more of a mess, but managed to get most of it in our mouths. I felt much better, not having e aten since lunch.

Katie and I had ice cream cones for dessert. Of course we made more of a mess. Sarah took our bibs off and cleaned our faces and hands. She let us out of the high-chairs and told us to go play while she cleaned up.

Katie and I waddled down the hall to the nursery. As Katie walked ahead of my, her diaper peeked out from under her short dress at me. I could see it was wet. She must have done it during dinner. Not wanting her to feel alone, I wet my diaper too. In the nursery, we went back to playing with the Lego's. We were almost finished when Sarah came in.

"Okay," she said "who needs their diapers changed?" Katie and I looked at each other, blushed and hung our heads.

Sarah said "Come here, Katie, girls first." The diaper change went much quicker than last time, there was no playing around. Sarah seemed almost cool, but cooed and gurgled at us all the same. Katie and I were dressed for bed. Fuzzy pink sleeper with feet for Katie and a fuzzy blue one for me. I never did like the stuff they put on the feet for skid stop.

Once when I was little, I got a hold of a pair of scissors and cut the feet off all my pyjamas. My mother wasn't impressed, but they were much more comfortable that way.

"I've only got one crib," Sarah said "so you'll have to share." That announcement got a big grin out of me, and when I looked at Katie, I found she was shyly smiling at me, with her head down and cocked to the side. Sarah had us get into the crib and slid the side shut. There wasn't much room, but I didn't mind in the slightest.

Sarah covered us up with pink fuzzy blankets and said "I'll be right back with your bottles." I remembered what Sarah's bottles were like and looked forward to it. As Sarah left, Katie snuggled up against me. It felt great and I got turned on right away. Katie's hand slid down my stomach to my crotch. She slowly massaged the front of my diaper through the sleeper. I thought for sure I was going to come again when Sarah walked in with two bottles. Katie quit moving her hand, but left it where it was. I looked, and you couldn't really tell what was going on under the blanket.

Sarah turned the nursery light out, and in the dim light from the windows walked to the head of the crib. She must have turned a nite- lite on, because the room took on a soft glow. Sarah slipped the crib open and sat down beside me. Reaching over our bodies, Sarah pulled the string on a small music box, hanging on the side of the crib bars. It began to tinkle a soft tune as Sarah plugged the bottles into out mouths. My emotions were, ahh, hard to describe. On one hand I felt very calm and relaxed, lying there nursing on my bottle. On the other, I felt excited and tense lying next to this divine, young, diapered woman. I wasn't about to complain though.

My bottle was very tasty. Like last time, I couldn't quite identify what was in it, but it was milky and thick. I could taste some kind of alcohol and a few other flavours too. There was ground nutmeg for sure and it almost tasted like spiked egg nog.

I finished my bottle first, glutton that I am, and when Katie was finished Sarah slid the bars shut and said "I'll be back to check your diapers in a little while." She left and shut the door. The nite-lite cast small shadows around the room. I turned on my side towards Katie. She did the same and move closer to me.

I could just see her face, but her eyes twinkled at me. No words were said as our heads came closer together. Our lips met, my eyes closed, her tongue pressed against my lips and I opened them. I felt her hand rub my diaper again. She was stimulating me, but much to my surprise I DID NOT get hard. Instead I, almost involuntarily, wet my diaper. That felt good too though. Katie whispered "Ith Baby Ben's diaper all hot and wet?" Now that got me hard. I didn't answer, but moved closer and put my arms around her.

My leg seemed to slip between hers with a mind of it' s own. She snuggled her diaper against the top of my leg and moved her hands around me. Tight embrace. Another kiss. I pressed my leg hard up against her diapered crotch. Katie's breath escaped into my mouth.

Just then Sarah walked in. It had only been about a half hour. I was wet, but didn't know about Katie. She had keep me otherwise occupied. Sarah crooned at us and flipped back the blanket. We were still entwined.

"I'm glad to see the babies are getting along." Sarah said. She rolled us apart and checked our diapers.

"You're both all wet little babies, we'll have to get your changed before you go to sleep." Sliding the crib wall back, Sarah took my hand and led me over to the change table. I lied down and Sarah unsnapped the legs of my sleeper. After un-taping my diaper, she got some fresh ones from the shelf. I lifted my butt as she pulled them under me. Sarah wiped me off with a baby wipe, oiled and powdered me. Pulling the diaper up between my legs, she taped it up and pulled my plastic panties up over my legs. Sarah snapped my sleeper back up and took me over to the crib.

Gently extracting Katie out of the crib, Sarah had me lie down, on the inside this time. I thought for a moment about having to get up in the night to go to the bathroom, then realized I didn't have to worry about that. I had my diapers on. I couldn't see, but could hear Katie getting her diaper changed. The tapes coming off, the snap of the lid on the baby oil coming open. Then the sleeper snaps closing up. Moments later Katie and Sarah were beside the crib and Katie was lying down. Zip went the side of the crib, and Katie and I were close together again.

Sarah left and shut out the light. It was late, and there was no light coming through the window any more. The nite-lite was still on, but dim enough to be relaxing. We hugged, and got even closer to each other. I had been feeling a bit buzzed and asked Katie if she felt the same. She said that she did feel very tranquil. I told her it was probably alcohol and other things in our bottles. I felt very tired, while Katie and I kissed again. With our arms around each other, I fell asleep and assume that Katie did too.

I woke up the next morning with my arms around Katie. My bladder felt full and I let it drain into my diaper. Moving ever so slowly, I checked Katie's diaper. It was soaked! I figured she either woke up and wet it in the night or she didn't have any night time control. The latter thought made me get hard. If I could just have this beautiful baby girl to share my life with.

I awoke Katie with a kiss. I didn't really want to wake her up, she looked so peaceful and cute lying there. My hand was on her wet, diapered butt. She came awake slowly, her eyes fluttered and she saw me and smiled. I leaned forward and kissed her again. A quick peck. Then she was totally awake. We kissed deep, our tongues slipping around each others.

We lie there, arm in arm, happy with each others company. I was amazed that we could feel so close, without hardly speaking to each other. It just felt right. Two happy babies. I was so comfortable, I drifted off into a dream-like state.

It didn't seem like long when I regained full consciousness. My bladder and bowels were brimming with fluids and solids. I opened my eyes and saw Katie had fallen asleep again to. I let go my bladder, and then felt my bowels relax. I could feel my diaper get fuller and fuller as the poop pressed into it. I must have moved in my efforts as I felt Katie move against me.

"What's that smell?" she said. Then her eyes got wide.

"You're making poop in your diaper, aren't you?" She hadn't been talking like a baby, so I decided I would.

"Yeth, baby making his dipees awll full".

Suddenly I was overwhelmed with lips and tongue. She was thrusting herself against me. I held her and asked incredulously, "What? Baby Katie nev er make poo-poo in her diapers?" It was a simple "No."

"Well, do you feel the need?" I asked "Yeth" She said, getting into the swing of things.

"Well let go and we can be poopy babies together." A short while later and not a few grunts, she said "I can't. I can't do it."

I hugged her tight and said "Okay, it's okay baby." How hypocritical I thought, here I was with my diaper very full. I could feel it with every move I made. I talked to Katie telling her to relax. Reaching with my hand across her abdomen, while continuing to croon endearments to her, I found her large bowel. Gently I began to massage and press on it. I felt her muscles force against me and I placed my hand between her legs. I could feel her diaper bulge against my hand and knew she was filling her diaper. What a turn on that was. When Katie was done, we hugged and kissed again, giggling. I thought we made a great couple of babies.

The door opening caught us by surprise. Sarah walked i n and said "Phew! Smells like the babies made messy in their diapers." I don't know what it was, but I felt more embarrassed around Sarah than I did with Katie. Perhaps it was because we were both wearing very wet, smelly, poopy diapers.

Looking over I saw Sarah had two bottles in her hands. Walking over, Sarah slid the crib open, stuck a bottle in my mouth and said "Be a good baby, and drink this."

I was feeling pretty hungry and did as she asked. Katie was led out of the crib and towards the bathroom. I was busy sucking on my delectable bottle and didn't pay much attention to what was going on, but I did hear Sarah say "My, my! Little Katie filled her britches right up, didn't she?" I could almost feel Katie blush from here. Then the water started running and I couldn't hear any more. That was okay, I was busy.

A short while later Sarah came back in leading a very naked Katie. Boing! Boner time. I squeezed my legs together and felt the shit in my diaper squish a round in my crotch. That only helped my dick get bigger. Out of sight, I heard Katie getting fresh diapers on. My bottle was empty, and Sarah was over at the closet picking out clothes for Katie to wear.

I set the bottle down beside me and watched Sarah move out of my sight with a yellow something or another for Katie. Soon Katie and Sarah were standing beside the crib. Katie was so attractive I didn't even look at Sarah. Katie had on a dress that didn't leave much to the imagination. It was yellow, like I said, but scarcely covered her belly button. Yellow plastic panties, with daffodils on them sheathed her diaper. The dress looked like satin. Katie's pony tails were gone for one big tail the back, which I could hardly see, tied with a yellow ribbon.

Sarah looked down at me and said "Get up, Poopy Baby, let's get your diaper changed." As I sat up the poo-poo in my diaper seemed to go everywhere. I was glad I had decided to keep the hair off or it would have been even more of a mess. I could smell the stench, but the feeling made me harder than ever. I think that was the biggest shit I took in my diaper before and probably ever would again. After all, I didn't play with laxatives like Sarah did.

I stood up, and Katie was lied down, handed a bottle that had been sitting in the bottle warmer on the dresser, and the crib was closed up. Katie looked at me, stuck the bottle in her mouth and closed her eyes. She was the picture of perfection lying there. I wanted to get right back in with her, but my diaper was feeling cool and yucky.

I was taken into the bathroom, my wet, poopy diaper was removed and I was cleaned up in the shower with the hand held sprayer. Sarah shaved the bit of stubble that had accumulated since I last shaved. Another rinse with the sprayer, she dried me off with a big pink, fluffy towel that had a dark pink lion in the corner and led me back to the nursery. Up onto the change table, oiled and powdered and fresh, dry diapers. They felt excellent and I got hard again.

Sarah put a dark blue t-shirt on me and some baby blue bloomer shorts. I was told to get up and Katie was let out of the crib. The empty bottles lying discarded on the crib mattress reminded me that Sarah liked to spike her bottles. It had been a while since I finished mine, but I didn't feel anything unusual.

Sarah took my hand and led me to the dining room. This time I took Katie's hand of my own accord. There seemed to be some kind of energy swirling between our hands. Sarah tucked us into our high-chairs and bibs, then put oatmeal before us. Same covered spoons as last night, but they were clean, of course. After breakfast we got our diapers checked, but were both dry. Sarah sent us back to the nursery to play with the Lego's. We finished the castle before Sarah came back. When she did, Sarah had a couple more bottles for us. She lied us down in the crib and stood and watched while we sucked the m dry.

It was still fairly early Saturday morning when Sarah took us to the living room. No diaper changes or checks since breakfast and I was sopping, Katie probably was too. We were sat on the couch and Sarah began talking.

"I did it again." she said, Katie and I looked at each other, rather puzzled.

"You see, my hobby is acting as an adult baby match making service. You two were actually an accident, but it seems to be working out well." Katie and I looked at each other again, and I could feel the familiar flush raise in my cheeks. Katie matched it. Big grins as we turned our attention back to Sarah.

"I usually wait till I've had a couple sessions with my babies before I bring them together for a weekend to see how it works out. Ben jumped the gun, but that's okay. The only thing is, I usually don't see the babies any more after I set them up together, unless I don't achieve a proper matching. I get my fun and then let you go. I consider it my payment, however I do want both of you to come back together. I like watching the two of you together. It looks like love to me." There were smiles all around and Sarah continued, "So, you can go home now, but I figure you'll probably want to spend some more time together. Perhaps you can take turns changing one anothers diapers."

Katie and I smiled at each other again, and Sarah said "Let's change your diapers for the ride home, and I'll pack you a few supplies." I said I'd get my diaper bag out of the truck.

"You do that while I change Katie." Sarah murmured, with an evil grin on her face, taking Katie's hand.

It wasn't till I went to open the door when I realized what I was wearing. Looking down at my cute bloomers, with obvious diaper bulge, I thought: Uh uh, no way I'm going out there like this. I went back to the nursery and asked Sarah where my clothes were.

"Where is your diaper bag?" Sarah asked, a stern look on her face. I realized that she was going to make me go outside in my outfit.

"Uhhh," I spluttered, "I just need my keys."

"Oh." She said, smiling at me rather suspiciously. Sarah left Katie on the change table and left the room. Katie still had on her wet diaper, Sarah had just taken off her dress. I walked over and bent down for a kiss, my hand going between her crotch to rub her diaper against her butt. She was delicious.

Standing back where I was, Sarah came back a moment later with my keys saying "Now hurry and get your diaper bag." Blushing, I took the keys and headed for the front door. I opened the door and peeked outside to see if anybody was there. Across the street were a couple kids playing in the front yard. Oh, great. I thought, just what I need. I slipped out the door and walked quickly toward my truck. I was just unlocking the canopy, when I heard from behind me.

"Hey look at what that guys wearing."

"Yeah, he looks just like a baby. Looks like he even has diapers on." Blushing furiously, I grabbed my diaper bag and ran for the front door. There was more laughter behind me, "Baby had to get his diaper bag. Must need to be changed." More laughter.

In my rush to get the door open, I tripped and sprawled into the house. There were screams of amusement behind me. Getting up, I looked as I shut the door, see the two kids rolling around on the ground laughing. I hoped they laughed hard enough to wet their pants. After all, mine were very wet.

When I went into the nursery, Sarah and Katie saw the look on my face, and they started chuckling too. It was too much to take, I was so humiliated I started crying. That only made it worse, as I NEVER cry in front of people, and even then hardly ever. Katie and Sarah stopped laughing and came over and hugged me, patted my back and diapered butt. I put my head down on Sarah's shoulder, and sobbed for a while. When I finished I felt better than I had in a long time. Must have needed a good cr y.

Sarah took me over to get my diaper changed, while Katie looked through the closet of stuff. Humph! I never got to look. After Sarah changed me, she put the bloomers back on and I queried "What about our normal clothes?" Sarah said sarcastically "Oh, I'll take real good care of them. You can get them next time you come over." Katie stopped flipping hangers and looked at me. From the looks on our faces Sarah burst out laughing again. After a moment Katie and I joined in. I assumed it was going to be an interesti ng ride home. Sarah began putting stuff in my diaper bag, including my wallet, keys and other stuff from my pants. Katie got to keep her purse. I thought that rather unfair.

While Katie and I were exchanging phone numbers, Sarah commented that she would be giving us a call, soon. I asked Katie "Would you wike to come to my house tomorrow an' pway wif me?" Another one of those wonderful smiles and a nod "I'll call you in the morning." Smiling myself, I walked over to her and gave her a kiss. It was reciprocated, of course. A kiss for Mommy Sarah and I went to put my shoes on. Peeking out the door I saw the kids were gone and was glad for that. Walking quickly to my truck, I got in and left. On the way home I thought about all the fun that was to come tomorrow. Never had any real sex yet, and the thought of boning Katie's lovely pussy made me hard. Aahhhh, tomorrow was going to be a wonderful day.


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