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The Institution

As a got to know my new girlfriend, Rae; she explained that she is a nurse, & works at the nearby State Mental Institution. One thing that I really like about her, is that she has a good sense of humor, & likes to tease; as well as being a strong willed, dominating personality. I am more laid back, & enjoy being dominated by my girlfriend (especially in bed)! As our dating went from

"just friends", to an intimate relationship; I reverled to her that I have permanent incontinence, due to nerve damage. She being a nurse, had put diapers on many adults; thus this was not a big deal to her, that I wear diapers. She even insisted at times, on changing me, & checking to see that I did not have diaper rash. After a time, I explained that I like to use humor, to keep from feeling sad or depressed about my incontinence; & encouraged her to kid & tease me about my wearing a cloth diaper & plastic pants. I was able to use humor as a way to reveal my ABDL feelings & needs. Surprisingly, she was very open & understanding about this, & enjoys teasing & kidding me, by witholding sex until I "obey her orders to act like a baby!"

After dating a few months, she said that a friend of hers; Sally, had tried to kill herself, & was admitted to her ward, at the institution. Rae asked me to come with her, to visit her friend. On the way, Rae said she was thirsty, so we bought sodas at a fast food drive up; drinking them on our way to the institution. Since my car was in a shop for repairs, we took her car, & she drove.

After checking in and obtaining visitors' pases, we went up to Rae's ward, on the 3rd floor. Half way down a long hall was a locked & guarded door (to keep patients from escaping). Ater showing our passes, we were let thru the locked door, & entered a lounge area, where we waited for Rae's friend to meet us. A nurse on duty asked who we were there to see, & then went to get Rae's friend, Sally. The nurse on duty (Becky) had never worked the same shift as Rae, so Rae introduced herself, & told the night duty nurse that she was a day shift nurse on this ward.

As we waited for Sally, Rae asked to see my pass, to compare it to hers; explaining that she had the old pass form, & that I had a new pass form, so she wanted to compare the two. Staff who wanted to visit had been given the remainder of the old forms, to use during off duty visits to friends who were patients. As Rae looked at my pass, her friend Sally entered the lounge. Sally seemed normal to me; however Rae had previously explained that Sally had heard voices in her head, telling her to kill herself.

After about 1/2 hour, our visit ended, & Rae said she needed to use the restroom, to change my wet diaper ( I brought a fresh one with me). I told Rae that I also needed to go to the restroom & put on a new diaper (soda goes right thru me, as Rae knew). The womens' restroom was by the locked & guarded door; while the mens' restroom was farther down the hall, away from the door. While relieving myself, it occurred to me that Rae still had my pass; but it was ok, since she would meet me at the guard's door; & I could get my pass back then.

As I left the restroom, I looked towards the guard's door, & saw the guard letting Rae thru; then shutting & locking the door. As I walked up to the door, I told the guard that Rae had my pass (this was a different guard from the one who had let us in). He opened a small window in the door, to ask Rae if she had my pass. Rae smiled at me, thru the small window, saying "He is not a visitor. He is the guest that I came to see!" She then added: "Have a pleasant night. I'll see you in the morning, when I come in for my work shift!" The guard then ordered me to return to the lounge. I knew that I had to obey, or hey would lock me into a straight jacket! Rae had bought the soda, as part of her plan, so she could get thru the locked guard's door, while I was in the men's room!

I figured that Rae was just teasing me, and she would return in a few minutes, & give my pass back to me, so I could leave with her. Looking out the lounge window, I was shocked to see her get in her car & drive off! A few minutes later a nurse came by & told me to go to my room. I tried to explain what had happened, but she didn't believe me! I looked for the nurse who had met Rae & I, when we had arrived as guests, knowing that she could verify that I had come in as a visitor. When I asked for the night nurse, Becky; I was told that she had to go to another floor, as two nurses there had called in sick. The other night nurse, who told me to go to my room; had not seen me while I was a "visitor"; thus she assumed that I was a newly admitted patient, & that a copy of my official admission papers would be forwarded to this ward tomorrow. She led me to a vacant bedroom & told me to remove my clothes. At this time, I was resigned to the fact that that I would have to spend the night, until I could get my pass back from Rae, when she came on duty the next morning. I was angry at Rae for carrying a practical joke too far!

Since I have permanent incontinence, due to nerve damage, I had to explain my need to wear a diaper, so I would not get the bed wet. The nurse said she would get a diaper for me, & a pair of pajamas' but she needed to take my clothes & lock them in a cubboard, at the nurses' station (this being a rule for new patients who had not ywet been evaluated by the psychiatrist; to prevent a possible suicide attempt). A few minutes later, she returned, & ordered me to lay down on the bed, as she insisted on putting the diaper on me. She had a thick cloth diaper, & a very thich pair of institutional quality plastic pants, which she put on me, over my diaper. She told me that they were out of pajamas for this night, so I would be wearing nothing but my diaper & plastic pants. I then heard a "click" sound, & wondered what that was. Nurse Becky explained that the plastic pants had a series of fabric loops (like belt loops) & a small - link chain went thru the loops, & the 2 chain ends were locked togerther with a small padlock! I was locked into my diaper & plastic pants! Nurse Becky said that all incontinent mental patients had to be locked into their diaper & plastic pants; to prevent any of them from removing it & peeing on the furniture. The chain had been locked with no slack in it; with the chain tight around my waist; so it was impossible for me to slide it down my hips, to remove it.

After a restless night, a light came on, as my girlfriend Rae entered the next morning. With her was an orderly; a large man who could subdue any unruly patient. Rae greeted me in a cold clinical manner, & told the orderly to secure me to my bed. I didn't dare resist, as he strapped my wrists, ankles, & added 3 straps across my body. She then dismissed the orderly; and said: "How is our new mental patient? That's right; you are now an officially admitted mental patient! I came in early, and filled in at the admissions desk, so the clerk there could go on her break. While I filled in, I filed your official admkission papers. I had previously obtained a copy of the forms, so I could fill it out completely, ahead of time. I just had to fill in the date, to complete it! Our files now show that you are an officially admitted mental patient; and are committed here for a permanent stay! I am now in total control over you! I can have you strapped into your bed any time that I feel like it, & give you electroshocks, if I think that you are not promptly obeying my orders! You told me, during our first few dates, that you wanted a relationship with a woman who would dominate you, especially in bed! I am dominating you in bed right now; as you are locked into your restraints until I decide to unlock you. Also, I am going to give you a baby bottle, a pacifier, & baby toys (a rattle, play blocks, & plastic keys). They will be the only personal things which you will be allowed to have in your room. You must play with them at all times, and suck on your pacifier at all times (except when you are sucking on your baby bottle of milk)! If you do not, I will punish you with the electroshocks! There is a video camera in the ceiling, & I have a TV monitor at my nurses' station; so I can watch you at any time. You must assume that I am watching you at ALL times, since I will shock you any time that I catch you not playing with your baby toys & sucking on your pacifier! You are my baby mental patient! The other nurses & I will enjoy having you as our "entertainment", as we watch you on the TV monitor. We will enjoy having you as our "baby'! I will decide when I will unlock your plastic panties, & change your diaper. I will keep you locked into them for the rest of your life, here! You are my baby, & must obey my orders, from now on!"

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