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It all Started, But no one knew how much fun it would be.

Steve was a college student at a small community college, he was the younger of two children, and though he still lived with his parents he was a diaper lover with a little adult baby in him. Steve spent as much time as he could in diapers which was limited because of school, work, and his parents being home whenever he was it seem but he still found time to enjoy his diapers for what they were for, or just to wear them to bed because they were more comfortable then boxers and sweats. Though there was always a fear of getting caught by his parents, though secretly he wished they would catch me so he would not have to hide his love of wearing diapers. But if they did know they never said anything, though he felt they always knew even from the first day he bought them. Then came the day he had always wished for the day he got his first apartment though he did have a roommate he still had a lot of alone time to spend how he pleased, and he spent it in diapers. They did happen to be the CVS brand though but they work quite well and were nice white color and happened to be pretty thick. But his favorite brands were Attends and Abena diapers because those brands worked so well but they are not easy to find were Steve lived but that's getting off topic.

Steve now found himself with lots of free time because his roommate spent many a night at his new girlfriends house. So Steve was alone many nights with nothing to do but have fun and be diapered with usually three CVS extra large diapers between his legs because he loved the bulk and so he would only have to change once in the morning before his day stared. And when he awoke his diapers were always soaked to the core no matter how little he had to drink the night before and sometimes they were a little messy but that was just more fun. Then one day a new person entered Steve's life it was an older woman but only by a couple of years and a relationship was so born thought Steve's secret was now hid when she was around because they had a different kind of fun. Time passed and the grew closer together until on night Steve offered to fulfill her one most wild fantasy if she did the same for him. Though neither knew what they were in store for. Steve's partner wanted a man to be a man with her and make love to her so hard and dirty that it made porn stars look like school children. And so that night happened and the both enjoyed it that neither one would need sex for a long time. But the next night was Steve's turn and his fantasy was to have a grow woman change him, bathe him, feed him, and just take care of his every need. And so he proceeded to prepare and he started the best way he knew how by first buying a new pack of Attends from the store and putting two on under his clothes and waiting for her to come over. Once she arrived he took her to the bed room and the sat down on his bed and he said I want to explain to you my fantasy and the fastest way is to start by showing you something, she said ok, so here took his pants off reveling a wet and messed Attends diaper and saying that he need to be changed. She was in shock for a few minutes before she grabbed him by the crotch and told him that he was bad for messing his diaper without asking first and she took him over her knee and spanked him ten times on each side of his ass. He was then instructed to lie down on the bed and think about what he did while she readied the diapers, powder, cream, and wipes from his hiding place that she had known about all along. That's why he was in for the surprise of his life. He lay there for about ten minutes with tears of joy on his face but could not figure out one thing why if she knew where everything was and knew about everything why she had never asked about it before. But he really did not care Steve was in the here and now and he loved every second of it. She soon returned with everything she needed, and some stuff Steve did not expect, she placed it all beside him on the bed were he had to stare right at it. She had also changed her clothes, she was now wearing a tight low cut top and since she had rather large breasts the were flowing right out the top she also had on a short and I mean short skirt with white silk panties on underneath. Steve was in heaven and loving every moment. She started to change Steve by first removing his shoes, socks and pants and saying "Wont need the anymore!" Which surprised Steve but he let it go in the heat of the moment. She the removed his shirt and rubbed his tummy a little while doing so cooing a little as she did so.

Next came the messy soaked diaper, she undid the six tapes slowly making it just that much more exciting for Steve who now had a tent pitched in his diaper large enough for scouts to camp in. She then unfolded the front reveling him and all his gloriousness and his now stinking mess. Though she did not even notice at that Steve saw, she just took a washcloth and started to clean him up. What happened next is something Steve did not plan for she brought out a container of Nair and started to remove all of his body hair not just what's in his diaper area but everywhere Steve tried to object but it fell on deaf ears. She took her time and was through not missing a single hair on his body. Once she was finished she removed three new Attends diapers and two brand new Abena Abri-Let booster pad; Steve's new diaper was now over 6 inches thick she the placed it under his bottom and the proceed to rub Destin all over his bottom and diaper area and the rub some baby oil all of his penis and the applied generous amount of powder to his stack of diapers and his diaper area which made his penis become very erect and prevent his diaper from being closed for a few minutes in till it went away. Once it was gone she pulled the stack of diapers up between his legs and pulled it sung and taped the six tapes as tight as she could get them. She then brought out a small chain with a keyed lock attached to it and proceed to lock his diapers onto him with a piece of chain around the waist and one around each leg, so there was no way out unless she said so she the put the key on a chain around her neck. She then dug around in the pile of stuff left and found on of the largest pairs of plastic pants that was ever made and had Steve lift up his butt so she could slid them around the huge diaper that prevented him from touching his knees together. These also had a rope that pulled them tight around the waist and locked with yet another lock. Steve was now completely depended upon his wonderful female friend fro everything has the only way to get around was crawl. Once completed she told Steve that he was be like this for 48 hours unless his plastic pants leaked the she would change the outer diaper only and add another boosted pad but he had to remain like this no matter what for the first 48 hours now changes unless he never wanted to do this again and the all he had to say was the safe word and it ended right there. She said that because she loved him so much she never would want him to suffer anything he did not want to experience himself. And so she tucked him into his bed with a large bottle of milk that was full of special medicine that would make him fill his diapers to the brim while he slept, though he did not know it at the time. Steve fell asleep with diaper dreams and baby wishes.

The Next Day

Steve awoke to the sun streaming through his window though he did not know the time he knew it was late morning as the room was quite bright already. He heard the sounds of breakfast being cooked and assumed his lovely female companion was cooking him breakfast so he figured he would get up and join her but he had forgotten his diapers and tried to rise and was weighed down by the now quite fully wet and messed diapers almost sagging in the crotch and pulling on the chains around the waist keeping am imprisoned in his diapered state. Has he tried to move again she came in the room with his breakfast and cooed Steve back down to the bed where she placed another large bottle of warm milk filled with laxatives and diuretics into his mouth and he drank hungrily. Once he finished his bottle she feed him some oatmeal that he got all over his face and her clean shirt. Once he had finished his breakfast she helped him off the bed and Steve crawled to the living room where she let him watch TV while she got cleaned up for the first of many time over the next two days. He watched many shows that morning and continued to fell his diapers which we now almost over flowing into the plastic pants. Once lunchtime came which was almost the same as breakfast expect the oatmeal was replaced with applesauce and some pudding for desert since he had been well behaved that morning. Once lunch was cleaned up she noticed that Steve's diaper was now leaking into his plastic pants so they went to Steve's room and she added two more large Abena Abri-let booster pads and a fourth Attends and with the swelling for all the pee-pee the diaper was now almost 9 inches thick in the middle and now prevent Steve's feet from even touching but he was still in heaven. She guessed that in the time gone by so far the he had wet 6 times and messed 3 times and cum once since last night. She would fix that last one because now he could only do that when she let him not when he wanted to.

It was now time for Steve's nap so she took Steve back to his room where she helped into bed where she had laid down several towels to trap any would be leaks and prevent his bed from becoming messy. Steve slept for 2 hours before she woke him for playtime that involved him bring her some pleasure with his tongue and fingers. That was followed with a stimulation session through his diaper which took all of about 30 seconds has he was already over stimulated. Afterwards she began making dinner has it was late afternoon. She fixed herself quite a large dinner for one person but all Steve got was a warm bottle of milk with her secret ingredients and them some oatmeal and applesauce though it was as much has he wanted. At this point Steve has wet his diapers a total of 10 times and messed 2 more plus there was now more cum from the afternoon's activities. And his diapers started to sag again so his lovely female friend brought out some suspenders and placed attached them to the diapers and put them over Steve's shoulders. They were very uncomfortable but he only had to use them for twelve more hours so he thought he could live for that long at least. She then to Steve to his room to go to bed at 8o'clock at night something Steve had not done since elementary school so he had a little trouble falling asleep until she came in and masturbated him once more while telling him a sorry about a woman that loves a man so much that she would fulfill his wildest dreams now matter how weird and do it anytime he wanted to and that if he wanted to live his life that way she would be there to give it to him everyday and she would support his life and lifestyle. Steve fell asleep that night with a large grin on his face not knowing that tomorrow held for him.

To be continued in the near future!!!!

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