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Joan and Eric had been dating for over two years now. Eric had proposed to Joan after their first year of dating and the two moved in together soon after. During that time, Eric slowly opened up to Joan more and more and began to share his infantile side through roleplay. At first Joan was extremely uncomfortable with this side of Eric but soon took part without too much pleading from Eric. Joan enjoyed the control part of the roleplay but would not let Eric know this. Up to this point, the two played once or twice a month but she was sure if she allowed it more often, it would escalate. Normally, he would ask her to play and she would make herself appear hesitant to do so but would eventually agree after she made Eric plead a bit. She would then simply diaper him without much care or effort, feed him a bottle, set a few limits, and eventually rub him off through his diaper. Once he got off, he appeared to longer want to take part in the roleplay. As time went on, Eric and Joan began fighting over money problems and the fact that Eric constantly went out and wasted money with his friends without regard for their financial situation. Joan was soon at the end of her rope and was worried the two were growing apart. Joan became desperate to keep their relationship together.

One Friday night while Eric was out on the town with his friends, Joan decided to take control of their relationship. She began devising a plan and then headed out to pick up some essential things she would need to put her plan into motion. Around 11p.m., Eric returned home to find Joan waiting for him at the door. Joan greeted him by taking his hand and leading him to their bedroom. Eric had obviously had a few drinks that night and was led easily to the room. As they arrived to the bedroom, Eric was shocked to see a diaper laid out on the bed awaiting him. Eric asked what was going on but Joan continued leading him to the bed without a word. As they arrived at the bed, Joan began removing Eric's clothes and pushed him towards the awaiting diaper guiding his rear to sit on the diaper. She then pushed him by his shoulders forcing him to lie back and then began to powder his privates. She then carefully pulled the front of the diaper up and over his now erect penis and taped the diaper snug against him. Eric quickly realized that the diaper was wet as this took place and began to protest. Joan then placed a pacifier in his mouth to stop him from arguing and pulled him by his arms towards her to have him sit up. She then placed a white shirt over his head and moved his arms forcibly through the sleeve holes. Joan then pulled the front of the shirt down over Eric's belly. Eric believed that this was simply one of his T-shirts but to his amazement found that what Joan was dressing him in was an adult sized onesie. Eric began to smile from ear to ear from behind his pacifier as Joan began speaking. Joan explained to Eric that their roleplay session would change tonight and that going forward, she would be in charge. She explained to him that she knew that he wanted to truly be treated like a toddler as well as a bit of humiliation mixed in. She told him that she would control the roleplay situations and that he must comply with each and every demand she made of him. She also told him that if he decided at any time that he wanted to quit the game, she would never take part in his roleplay again. She finished with laying out her rules by telling him that she knew he wanted to pretend to be a toddler and that this weekend he would truly become one if he agreed and start by wearing an already wet diaper just a toddler would. Eric agreed to her rules without much thought. He knew that he enjoyed the little roleplay that she took part in up until this point and he didn't want to jeopardize it. Joan then led Eric to the living room where she had him sit on the floor. She then left to return with a bib which she placed around his neck. Joan then removed his pacifier and began feeding Eric some apple sauce using a large plastic mixing spoon. The spoon was obviously larger than Eric's mouth and each time Joan fed him some apple sauce, she managed to get it all over Eric's face. By the time Joan was finished feeding Eric, his face was covered with drying apple sauce. Joan then left for a moment only to return with a camera and took a few snapshots of Eric sitting on the floor in a onesie, bib, and apple sauce all over his face. Joan then wiped Eric's face clean using a wet cloth. Eric appeared to truly enjoy this treatment. Joan then placed a babies blanket near Eric and instructed him to lie on his back on the floor. She then placed a bottle with apple juice in it next to him and instructed him that if he became thirsty, he was to drink from his bottle. Joan also placed a stuffed teddy bear next to him. Soon enough, the alcohol that Eric had consumed all night took effect and Eric fell asleep on the floor. Once Joan was sure Eric had fallen asleep, Joan took several more pictures of Eric who was now lying on the floor, sound asleep with his arms wrapped around the teddy bear, sucking on his pacifier, and his soggy wet diaper was peaking through his onesie.

As the morning sun rose, Eric began to wake up. As he slowly opened his eyes, he quickly became aware of how he was dressed. As he got up to make his way to the bathroom, Joan stopped him. Joan explained that he wasn't allowed to make any decisions on his own and that using the toilet was a decision that she would make for him. She told him that the bathroom was off limits and that only adults used the toilet and not toddlers. She went on to tell him that he would have to wait for her permission to use the bathroom and reminded him of the consequences if he wanted to quit the roleplay session. Eric appeared very upset but did as he was told and returned to the living room floor to wait for Joan. While he waited, he tried to hold off from using his diaper but soon found that he was just about to the point where he could no longer hold it. While this was happening, Joan was watching Eric squirm around and just before Eric was about to truly wet his diaper, told Eric that the only reason he had to pee so badly was because he was out drinking the night before. She then told him that he could now use the bathroom with some stipulations. Joan then led him to the bathroom and carefully removed his onesie and diaper but instructed him that once he was done using the bathroom, to call her so she could put his wet diaper back on him. Once Eric was finished, he called her in as he was instructed. Joan returned to the bathroom with a glass of warm water which she poured into the already wet diaper and refastened it on Eric. As she did this, she reminded him that he would truly feel like a toddler and although toddlers use their diapers, she wouldn't force him to use it for real unless he disobeyed her. Eric told her that he didn't want to really use the diapers and that he would obey her. Joan didn't put Eric's onesie back on and once he stood up, his diaper was now sagging due to all the weight of the water from the night before and the latest glass. Joan then led Eric back to the living room, and instructed Eric to sit on the floor and watch cartoons while she prepared breakfast. Eric initially thought that his wet diaper wasn't too uncomfortable until his warm wet diaper soon became a cool wet diaper. Joan returned to the living room with a bib and breakfast in hand. Joan placed the bib on Eric and again used an oversize spoon to feed Eric. Once again Joan got cereal and milk all over the front of Eric's face and bib. Several times Eric attempted to wipe his face but Joan was quick to swat his hands down as she told him that toddlers didn't mind being dirty. Once breakfast was finished, Joan took a few more pictures of Eric with his sagging diaper, bib, and dried cereal on his face. Eric asked why she was taking pictures of him and Joan told him that he looked so cute and she wanted to remember their roleplay together. Joan then led Eric to the bathroom where she removed his diaper and led him into the bathtub. She then began to run a bath for him using children's bubble bath. As the tub filled, Joan appeared with a razor. Eric became really nervous and asked what the razor was for. Joan explained that toddlers didn't' have pubic hair on their bodies and that she was going to shave his chest and private areas to make him feel like a real toddler. As he obviously started to become upset, Joan reminded him of their agreement and he quickly quieted down. Joan placed a pacifier in his mouth and began shaving his chest and privates. Soon Joan was finished and led Eric from the tub. Eric saw himself in the mirror and looked down in defeat. Joan observed this and knew she was beginning to wear him down and fully take control of him. She then led him to the bed where she spread baby powder over him and placed a new dry diaper on him. She then produced a new onesie that had a picture of Elmo on the front of it. Then she dressed him in his regular pants, socks, and shoes. Joan then told Eric that they would be going out to run some errands. Eric immediately protested and told her that he wouldn't step out of the house dressed like he was. Joan again reminded him of their agreement and explained that his diaper couldn't even be seen since he was wearing baggy carpenter jeans and that no one would even think twice about his Elmo shirt. Eric thought about what she had said and the alternative of ending their roleplay at this point and decided to go along with her. Joan knew that the more she demanded of him, the more he would accept it since facing the alternative of never roleplaying again wasn't an option for him. Joan then gave Eric one last instruction for their trip. She told him that any time that he needed to use the bathroom, he may use a public toilet however he must allow her to pour water into his diaper each time. Wearing a wet diaper would be part of pretending to be a toddler and he should be happy that she allowed him to use the bathroom instead of his diaper. Eric agreed and then two left the house.

Joan led Eric to the car and buckled him in the seat just as she would a toddler. The two then left for the mall. As Eric realized they were going to the mall, he became irritated and Joan had to once again remind him of their agreement. The entered the mall and stopped into a department store where Joan and Eric went to the baby department. While there, Joan selected several pacifiers and bottles while telling Eric that he would need these for future roleplay. Eric then asked Joan if he could go to the C.D. department and meet back up with her in a bit. Joan agreed and Eric headed off. Joan then followed Eric without him seeing her. Joan watched as Eric went to the public restrooms. She then went off to the pharmacy part of the store where she selected a package of depends. As Eric met up with her, she demanded that Eric carry them. Although incredibly embarrassed, Eric did as he was told. They went to the registers to pay for the merchandise. While paying for the merchandise, Joan turned to Eric and asked him if these diapers were the right size for him and said it loud enough for the cashier and customers behind them to hear her. Deeply embarrassed, Eric turned white and tried to walk away and acted as if she were talking to someone else. As he did this, Joan spoke even louder and told Eric that he should not forget his diapers at the register and that he should change out of the wet one he was in as soon as he gets to the car. Eric quickly returned to the register, grabbed the package of depends, and walked away while Joan paid the cashier. When Joan caught up to him, Eric began yelling at her for what she had just done. Joan replied to him by telling him that she saw him go to the bathroom and didn't tell her and by doing this, he was breaking the rules and had to be punished. Eric knew that he had been caught, dropped his head, and said he was sorry. Joan then told him that in addition to the punishment he had just received, he would now go to the bathroom with her so that she could pour some water into his dry diaper and if he decided he didn't want to do this, then he would have to actually use the diaper the next time he needed to go to the bathroom. Eric agreed and the two went to the public bathrooms. Eric ensured that no one was in the men's room and Joan entered. She quickly filled a cup of water and poured it into Eric awaiting diaper. Joan repeated this three more times. Eric's diaper was now not only sagging but actually leaking around his crotch and was apparent to anyone that he was wearing a diaper. Joan then led Eric through the mall from one end to the other and back again to be sure that people would notice that Eric was walking funny and know that he was wearing a diaper. Joan then led Eric back to the car where the two headed home. Throughout the entire ride, Eric sat quietly.

Once the two returned home, Joan removed all of Eric's clothes except for his diaper and directed Eric to go to the living room and sit on the floor to watch cartoons. Eric went and sat on the floor for an hour while Joan did some housework. Finally Joan returned to the living room and explained to Eric that she had decided that their roleplay was over for the day because he had broken the rules. Eric began to beg and plead with her to continue and he promised he would never disobey her again. Joan sat and listened to Eric whine for a bit and finally told Eric to stop. Joan went on to tell Eric that the roleplay would only continue if Eric followed each and every instruction she gave him without questioning her again. If Eric were to break any rule and question any order given by Joan, then she would simply show Eric's friends and family the photos of Eric that she had taken earlier in the day and the night before. Eric agreed to her demands and knew that he had nothing to lose sine she already had the pictures anyways. Joan finished by instructing Eric that since he was a bad boy today and he was to spend some time in the corner to think about what he had done. Eric went to the corner of the living room and stood there. Joan told Eric that for the last few months, he had been acting like an irresponsible adult and that now he would be treated like the toddler he acted like. Joan left to continue with her housework while Eric stood in the corner still wearing his saggy diaper. As Joan left the room, she turned back to look at Eric. She thought to herself how well she had done in handling her boyfriend. In less than twenty four hours he went from going out with his friends, drinking regularly, and spending their money to standing in a corner with a soaking wet diaper on, waiting eagerly for her next command and never even having to rub him off. She had indeed done herself proud. Joan was truly in full control.

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