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It's all about the cuddles

This is a totally fictional story that I think would be fun to have actually happen. It begins fours months earlier, at work. In the story, I work with a couple of co-workers that just love to torment people. I seem to be their favorite toy. Everyday when I come to work, they go out of their way to mess with me. We have had many verbal fights and usually the supervisor winds up getting involved. The company I work for does data entry, so it's your hum-drum boring job. Well one day I finally had as much of their crap as I could take and snapped.

The day started like most other. I arrived at work to find my cubical completely filled to the top of the walls with toilet paper. The jokers and several other people just laughed when I saw it. I cleaned that mess up and around lunch time, my desk started smoking like crazy. I ran down the hall and returned with a fire extinguisher and drown the desk with it. I could here the clowns laughing so I went to find them.. When I saw them, I just went crazy. I still had the fire extinguisher in my hand, and without even realizing what I had done, I smacked one of them with it across the nose. His face erupted in blood. The other one jumped on me and I threw him across the room and knocked him out. Now I need to explain a little bit about myself. I am not a violent person. Usually I just get my

feeling hurt and I pout for several days, and just move on. When I was a kid, I was picked on in school and I usually didn't do much about that either. I was just a little sissy, afraid of my own shadow. My mother and sister were both very abusive toward me as well. I never defended myself ever, so me hitting this jerk with the extinguisher was way out of character for me.

Well I went back to my desk and tried to calm down. The supervisor had called the police and soon there after they showed up. Everyone was pointing at me and soon the two cops were standing outside of my cubical demanding that I come with them. I, like and idiot, didn't want to listen to them and refused to follow what they were telling me to do. So it got physical and soon it became a fight By that time my adrenaline was gone , so my weak attempt at fighting them was soon stopped, but not until I was beaten within an inch of my life. I was handcuffed and loaded into an ambulance, and taken to the hospital. I really don't remember much about the first few days in the hospital, because I had a concussion and several broken ribs.

After like three days I was starting to make so sense of my situation and knew I was in deep trouble. That was when I got to meet Beth.. She was a mental health doctor, that was assigned to me. She was a very nice person. Very friendly and also quite pretty. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, and a nearly perfect figure. Beth was very understanding of my situation and we talked for several hours each day. Soon she had a complete picture of who I was from birth to present day. She told me up until the moment of the attack, I was holding a lot of built up rage and I released it on my co-workers. She told me It wasn't right to have done what I did, but it was understandable since I had never defended myself from anything.

I spent the rest of that week in the hospital and the day came for me to get out of there. I was dreading my release, because I knew I was going to be facing some very serious criminal charges. Beth came in that morning at explained my options to me. I have to tell you. Neither of them was all that great.

The first option was to have the police take me to jail. The second option was to sign a conservatorship, and go with Beth to her hospital and be place into a inpatient program. A conservatorship is a piece of paper that gives all your adult rights to another person, making it someone else's responsibility to make all of your decisions for you. I agreed to the second option and Beth asked me to give her a person that would be making my decisions for me. I didn't have any family at all and couldn't come up with a name, so she said she was willing to be my "responsible adult". I agreed to that and soon she had the paperwork for me to sign. I read it carefully and signed my name. Beth again left the room and returned a short while later, with a pair of hospital type scrubs and a bag. I was only wearing the hospital type gown since I had been a patient.

When she came in the room she had a different mood about her. Still very nice but also very authoritative, and in another light, very motherly. She explained that she would need to search me before I got dressed and that she needed me to stand up and put my hands on the wall. I gave her a weird look and she told me to please stand up, as we need to get this over with. I stood up and placed my hands against the wall. She searched me and asked me put on the hospital scrubs. She stayed in the room while I changed my clothes. Once I was done she asked me to sit down on the bed so we could talk. She looked me in the eyes and asked me if I trusted her. It felt weird for her to ask that question like that but I shook my head yes that I did. She went on to explain that since I had committed a violent act against another person she would need to put restrains on me to take me to the new hospital. I promised her I would behave but she told me she didn't have a choice. Beth went over to her bag and took out a pair of ankle shackles and kneeled down in front of me. I felt a cold chill shoot up my spine when I saw them and sat there in shock as she put them on me. When he was finished, she noticed I was watery eyed and she gave me a hug and told me it would be ok. After she felt I was a little calmer she took out a pair of handcuffs and asked me to stand up. I told her this was all totally unnecessary but she just said she was sorry, it was required. I held out my hands in front of me and she stopped and said, "before I do this, do you need to go potty". I told her I was ok and she again asked if I was sure because it was going to be a long time until I could use it again. I again shook my head no and held out my hands in front of me. Beth said I have to put them on behind your back, it the law. I stood very still as she put the handcuffs on me. It was very surreal, listening to the echo of the handcuffs ratcheting around my wrists. This made me start to understand the trouble I was in. I began to cry softly to myself and Beth again hugged me. I knew at that moment I was not going to like this at all. She wiped the tears from my cheeks and asked me if I was really to go. Well to tell the truth, I would have rather stayed in the room, but I knew that wasn't going to happen, so I shook my head yes again. Beth took hold of my left elbow and lead me out of the room into the hallway. Several people noticed me right away. hell it was hard to hide. The chain from the shackles was chattering on the floor with each step I took.

We walked down the hall and to the elevator and waited for it to arrive. We got in it and rode it to the first floor. A mother and small child were in the elevator. The child asked her mother several questions about why I was wearing the handcuffs and shackles and her mother told the child I was a bad man and I was going to go to jail. This made the elevator ride seem like it took an hour. I tried to ignore the child, but when it arrived on the first floor and the doors opened, the little girl yell out to me that I was a very bad man. I turned and told the child to shut up. That prompted a sharp tug on my handcuffs from Beth. She told me.

"do you see now why I had to put you in restrains".

"You just picked a fight with a toddler". My face grew bright red and the tears started rolling down my face. I was lead across the main lobby, where lots more people stared at me.

A van and a driver were waiting outside when we stepped out the front doors. Beth opened the doors and asked me to step in. I quickly got in and sat down. Once in my seat, she took the seatbelt and placed it over me and snapped it into place, and then got in the front passenger side of the van. We sped off down the street and my mind was going a million miles a minute. I think Beth could tell I was upset.. She talked about how nice the hospital was and how much I was going to like it. I was still in shock from the walk thru the hospital and was ignoring her. She picked up on that and told me If I was going to be a normal person again I had better work very hard to get my emotions in check. The ride to the hospital took like 45 minutes. We pulled up a driveway and the van stopped in front of a door. A couple of big goons came out of the door and took me out of the back seat and quickly forced me into the building. Beth told me she would see me just as soon as my paperwork was done. I was escorted inside and it looked just like a prison. Jail cells and loud slamming doors. I was released from the handcuffs and shackles and order to strip naked. I was scared out of my mind and I also feared them so I quickly stripped and was searched. I even got the old finger wave. Next I was finger printed and a mug shot was taken. They then gave me back my clothes and pushed me into a empty jail cell. A cold chill went up my spine when the door slammed shut. I got dressed and sat down on the bed . I thought to myself, man I sure hope this isn't wasn't the "nice" hospital Beth talked about. An hour or so later I looked up and saw the friendly face of Beth staring at me from the other side of the bars. I smiled and was soon released from the jail cell. She said I bet you thought that was your new room. I laughed and said I did. We walked down a long hallway to a single door. When she opened the door I stepped in, and was pleasant surprised by the nice surroundings. It looked like a expensive home. Nice wood work, a beautiful kitchen and living room. The living room had a large entertainment center and a very comfortable looking couch. I walked over to it and sat down and Beth came with me. She sat down and again we talked. After like ten minutes she said something that made my spine wince again.

"Do you trust me". Well The last time I agreed to this statement I was handcuffed and abused by a toddler in the hospital. I again started to tear up and Beth hugged me.

"awwwww, it's gonna be ok baby" she said.

"I was just gonna ask you if you wanted to get some more comfortable clothing on". Her motherly, friendly tone made me relax, so I shook my head yes once again. She suggested I take a nice warm bubble bath and then get ready for a nap. It had been a very stress filled day, so maybe a nap would be nice. I shook my head yes again.

Soon I was lead down the hall to the bathroom. It was nice as well. In the corner was huge garden tub. Beth asked me to take off my clothes as she drew a bath. I was surprised how good the bubbles felt and how inviting the warm water was. I soaked for about a half hour. Beth left the room, and I could tell she was digging thru drawers for things in another room. When she returned she asked me to stand up so she could wash me. My face grew red with embarrassment, but from the look I got from her, I knew I needed to listen to her. After all I didn't want to go back to the jail cells on the other end of the complex. I stood up and she washed me like a toddler.

When she got to my privates, I put my hand in front of them. She smacked my hand away and told me I was going to have to get used to this. I was getting aroused when she was washing my private area, and got very embarrassed. I just spread my legs a little bit so she could finish. When she finished soaping my body, Beth playfully patted my butt and told me to sit back down.

When I sat down a strange tingling was going over my entire body. I told her about it and she explained the soap she used was designed to remove body hair. I immediately reached down to feel my private area and found out just how fast the soap worked. I had no hair at all on any part of my body except my head. I asked her why she did that to me. She explained that it was hospital policy, body hair meant bacteria. I felt strange but, oh well, what was I going to do about it now. She asked me to stand up which I did. That when I got the first look in the mirror across the bathroom and saw my hairless, naked body. Beth wrapped me up in a huge towel and lead me back to the living room and sat me on the floor. I noticed a bright yellow item, folded on the couch and asked if that was for me. She shook her head yes and said we will needed something else first. I asked what and again that terrible question popped up.

"do you trust me" I just knew this one was really bad. I didn't say anything at all. Beth took the lead and asked me to lay down on my back on the floor. I did as she requested and she picked up the yellow item from the couch. Several items were under it but I couldn't see just what they were. Beth grabbed the entire bundle of stuff and came over to me and sat next to me on the floor. She started out by explaining what she noticed about me. The therapy so far showed her I was a very upset person. The abuse my mother and sister had unleashed on me had done some very serious damage. Also she noticed I was rushed into being an adult, and wasn't given the time to be a toddler. It was her believe that adults that didn't have a childhood, would act out and do things like I had done. She was going try and give me the time to just be a toddler and see if that fixed the damage my mother had caused. That's when she showed me the rest of the stuff. Under the yellow thing was clean white socks and a big white disposable diaper. I freaked out and said No way!! She quickly got upset, but told me I really didn't have a choice since I had signed the papers, and that she was disappointed with me. That's when she told me it's your choice. either you lay her and let me get you dressed or I call the goons and they put the diaper on me in the jail cell and then you can spend a few days in jail too. A very deep chill ran thru my spine and I stopped and thought for a few seconds. I knew I really didn't want the jail cell so I reluctantly agreed to her course of therapy. Beth smiled and said" I knew you would see it my way".

"You just wait your going to like this, I promise". Beth asked me to lay down on the floor so she could get me dressed. I lay down and she opened my towel. I couldn't believe I was about to be diapered at the age of 38. She pulled the towel from under me and pick up the diaper from her pile of stuff and showed it to me. I begged her to please not do this to me, but she wasn't listening at all. Beth unfolded the diaper and laid it next to me. Beth pushed my ankles up and slide the diaper under me. I whimpered as it touched my skin. The tears began to roll down my cheeks. Beth said "oops I forgot the powder" and got up and left the room for a few seconds. I was left to deal with the fact I was laying on a disposable diaper. When she returned she spoke to me in baby talk while she powdered my crotch.

The smell of the powder and the fact I was just about to be wearing this diaper was really fucking with my mind. I was blubbering and sniffling. She rubbed my head for a bit and told me it was going to be ok. When I settled down a bit, She finished pulling the diaper up between my legs. That brought the tears right back. I was whimpering and begging, but Beth ignored me The padding was thick and forced me legs apart as she fastened each side of the diaper snuggly around my waist. Beth let me settle down some and spoke softly to me while rubbing my head some more. Once she felt I was calmed down she took the yellow thing and showed it to me. That turned out to be a big polar fleece footed sleeper, just like that a baby would wear.

It had whinnie the pooh on the chest and had a zipper that ran from my ankle to my chin. It even had a little strap over the top of the zipper to protect my chin from the zipper. Beth unzipped it and put it on me. I just laid there and let her put it on me. I Whimpered and sniffled the entire time. You could hear my diaper crinkling as She finished putting me in the sleeper. When she was finished, she playfully patted the front of my diaper and asked me to roll over on to my stomach. I did as she asked me to do and she started rubbing my back and softly patting my diapered bottom. I was starting to calm down and was actually enjoying the peaceful quiet time. She slipped a Nuk pacifier in my mouth and continued rubbing my back and speaking to me in soft babyish tones. The rhythmic back rub and the patting of my diapered behind started to totally relax me and soon I fell asleep.

Several hours later I woke up from my nap on the floor. I was alone in the room and the lights were down low. I had a blanket covering me and a baby blue teddy bear was laying on the floor nearby . I slower woke up and worked my way to a sitting position. As I moved about I could hear the sound of my diaper crinkling softly under my pj's . Soon Beth appeared in the room and noticed I was awake. She asked me in a very babyish tone, how I had slept. I was actually surprise at how comfortably I had slept. The jammies were super soft and fit me loosely, so I guess that helped. Without even asking me, Beth sat down next to me and unzipped my sleeper down to my crotch and stuck a couple fingers in my diaper to check for wetness.

"looks like my little baby boy had a dry nap", she said. I was stunned by her actions and just sat there with my mouth wide open while she zipped my sleeper back up. Beth asked me if I was hungry and actually I was, so she held out her hand for me to take. We walked to the kitchen, well she walked, I waddled. When we got to the kitchen I saw a huge high chair in the corner. Again my mouth flew open. I asked if that was for me. Beth just laughed and said," of course it is silly baby". She lead me over to it and undid the table top. I was motioned in and she secured the crotch belt and then put the table top back in place. Next she tied a large bib around my neck that had Elmo on the front of it. Beth went over to the cupboard and pulled out a couple of jars of baby food and then pulled out a baby bottle. I watched her put the food in a bowl and then make up the bottle. She wasn't putting milk or even juice in the bottle. She was making up a bottle of infant formula. Once everything was ready she returned to me. She was making funny noises and talking baby talk to me while she sat down. I figured she would give me the bowl but she put it in front herself and spoon fed me with a baby spoon. She was playing airplane and "choo-choo" train. I wasn't finding that amusing at all.

When the food was all gone she put the nipple of the bottle to my lips and told me to drink my baba. I held it in my hands and nursed on the nipple. It was gross and I gagged the whole time until it was gone. She told me formula was an acquired taste and soon enough I would be used to it.

When my bottle was all finished, she released the table top of the high chair and helped me out of it. She suggested I go play with some toys in my room. I never really thought about my room before. I bet that's going to be interesting. Beth took my hand again and leg me down the hallway. When she opened the door I almost dropped to the floor. It was a complete nursery right down to the mobile above the crib.

The walls were baby blue on the bottom and soft yellow on the top. It had a white chair rail and I border right above that with black and white cows and stars. The ceiling was painted sky blue and had big white fluffy clouds on it. In the center of the room sat the crib. The mobile and the bedding were the same as the wallpaper. There was several stuffed animals sitting in the corners of the room.. In one corner sat a huge rocking chair, and in another was a changing table. The closet didn't have doors on it, and I could see several babyish outfit hanging from the rod. Wow talk about overload.. I wasn't ready for all this. I just stood in the doorway until Beth gave me a gentle shove in the door. In the center of the room, at the foot of the crib, was a big play mate on the floor. Beth sat me down in the center of it and went to the closet and got out a few toys for me to play with. She came back over to the mat and took out a pacifier from her pocket and put it in my mouth. Next she dumped out a container of legos and told me to play for a while. I didn't do much for a while but after a while I picked up a few pieces and started putting them together. Before I realized it I was making cars with the legos and making car noises. I sat and played on the floor for at least the next two hours..

When Beth returned I was playing and I didn't even see her walk in. She stood in the door way and giggled to herself for a few minutes. When she did finally let me know she was there, I got startled and was very embarrassed she caught me playing. Beth didn't skip a beat.. She came over to me and asked me if I was having fun, and before I could protest, she was again checking my diaper so see if it was wet. When she found it still dry she told me I was going to have to go sometime. I had never thought anything about having to wet in my pants. This took me by surprise. I told her, "you don't really expect me to use this thing do you"? Beth nodded that she in fact did expect just that, and further yet, I was not allowed to used the potty for anything.

"I told you your not going to get a chance to use the potty for a long time back in the hospital, remember" I remember her saying that, but when she said it I hadn't expected this. Beth told me "ok we better get this over with" and she helped me to stand up. I was walked over to the corner and she told me to put my nose in it. I didn't understand why I was in trouble, so I asked why. Beth told me, she was going to set a timer and if my diaper wasn't at least wet by the time it was done counting down, I was getting a spanking. My mouth flew open but she just turned my head back in to the corner. Beth explained the rules of corner time. I had to put my nose in the corner and, keep my mouth shut and, my hands behind my back at all times. I didn't like standing in the corner and started to make it clear I was unhappy. Beth just left the room and would return about every two minutes to check on me. The second time she returned, she told me one more sound and I was gonna get a spanking. I shut up immediately and faced the corner.

I started to think I had better try and wet my diaper. I tried for the next ten minutes, but was unsuccessful. I guess it was because of all the time that had past since I had been potty trained. When the timer went off, Beth returned and came over to the corner I was in.. She asked me to turn around so she could check my diaper. I did as she asked me to do, and when she found my diaper dry, I knew I was in trouble. She removed my sleeper the rest of the way and took me by the hand to the couch in the living room. She sat down and then pulled the tapes loose on my diaper. I watched it fall to the floor and actually wished I still had it on. . Beth then ordered me to lay across her lap so I could get my spanking. I pleaded with her but she explained it was just no use.

I started to protest just like a toddler that didn't like what was about to happen. Beth let me finish my tantrum and said, " the longer you make me wait the worse this is going to be". I finally knew I wasn't going to win this one and laid down across her lap. Beth had a wooden spoon in her hand and once I was in place, she gave me a lecture and then let the spoon touch the skin on my butt. I couldn't believe I was 38 and was just about to get a spanking just like toddler. I started to beg again but that when she started her assault. The first few were just embarrassing, but after the tenth hard smack, I was starting to really feel the burn. At around 25 smacks I started to beg her to stop and I started to cry out in pain. At 30 she stopped and let me up. My butt was bright red and stung from the pain. I was ordered into another corner in the living room. I stood and held on to my flaming butt. Beth barked at me to get my hands off my butt or I would get more of the same. I quickly removed my hands and stood in the corner sniffling. The tears were running down my face. About ten minutes later Beth summoned from the corner. I was told to lay down on the floor again and She started to put me back in the diaper she had just removed. Beth was very gentle with me again, talking to me in very soft tones again. She told me she really didn't want to do that but I needed to learn she was in charge. I lay there on the open diaper and she put some more powder on my groin. Before she sealed me back into the diaper she asked me to pull my ankles up so she could put some rash lotion on my sore butt. I didn't want her to get mad at me so I quickly did as she requested. She rubbed lotion into my sore bottom and then I felt something pushing into my anus. I was startled by what she was doing but she just told me everything was ok. What I didn't know was she was putting a suppository in my butt. Soon she had finished and I was again laying on the floor in just a diaper. Beth left the room and returned a short while later with a baby bottle in her hand. She handed it to me and I nursed from it while laying on the floor. She continued to dress me back into the sleeper.

I finished the bottle and went over and lay down on the couch. Beth put 101 Dalmatians in the dvd player. I watched for about 20 minutes and I started to notice I was feeling strange. My stomach was starting to hurt and soon found myself squirming around to avoid pooping. Beth could tell I was having some trouble so she explained why I felt like I did. I was shocked she would have done such a thing to me. Soon the need to poop was over powering so I started to beg her to please take off my diaper. Beth just ignored me and soon I could no longer hold it in. They say when a woman is in labor there comes a time when she can no longer avoid pushing. I now know just how that feels. I jumped to my feet and squatted down a little bit, and just loaded the back side of my diaper. It felt so gross. like a moving ball of warm mud in my pants.

Beth saw me jump up and knew exactly what I was doing. I just couldn't stop pushing and it just kept coming out. When I did finally finish, I quickly got really embarrassed. I ran and hid in my bedroom in the closet. The smell was terrible. Beth left me alone for about twenty minutes and finally she came to check on me. When I saw her in the door way, I started to cry and told her I was very sorry. She came over to me and pulled me by the hand out of the closet. I was led by the hand back down the hall back to the couch. Beth sat me down and when I did, the poop smashed all over my bottom. That was such a gross feeling. We sat and cuddled on the couch for the next couple of minutes. Beth finally said something about the smell and suggested that she change my diaper. She stood up and took me by the hand and led me back to my bedroom.

The walk down the hall was gross too. I could feel the poop squishing around in my diaper and could tell I was waddling like a duck. Beth helped me up on to the changing table, unzipped my sleeper and removed it the rest of the way from me. I just lay on the table and put my hands over my face because I was so embarrassed. Beth got all the supplies she needed and started to change me. She was talking baby talk to me. Telling me I was a stinky little boy, and tickling my tummy. I was trying to shut her out, because I really was embarrassed. Beth pulled the tapes loose on the diaper and pulled the front of it from between my legs. I pushed my legs up and she used the front of the diaper to remove a large part of the mess from my backside. Once she was finished with that she started using wipes until I was clean. She was a real expert at this. Before I knew It I was laying on a clean dry diaper and my crotch was being powdered. I felt the diaper being pulled up between my legs and the tapes being pulled tight at the sides. I decided the embarrassing part was finished so I removed my hands from my face. Beth giggled at me and said" theirs my baby boy" in a very babyish tone. She patted me on the front of my diaper and told me she was finished. I was sat up and she pulled a baby blue onesie, with cookie monster on the chest, over my head and then snapped it in place at my crotch.

Beth told me I needed to go to bed and she helped me over to the crib. I really couldn't say much to her. I was still in shock from having a messing diaper changed, so I just climbed in the crib. She pulled a blanket over me and started the mobile above my head. I lay in the crib and tried to comprehend what had happened to me during that day. I found myself listening to the mobile and watching the cows turn around in a circle above my head. I lay there and sucked on the pacifier and soon I feel asleep.

The next morning I was awakened by the sunlight shining thru my window. I opened my eyes and saw the bars of my crib and as I moved around a little bit I could hear my diaper crinkling. I sat up and put my pacifier back in my mouth and played with the bars on the crib. Soon Beth came in the room and came over to my crib . She cooed at me and let down the side of the crib and helped me out of it. She then led me down the hall to the living room and sat me down in front of the tv set and put on Teletubbies. Beth left the room and returned in a few minutes with a baby bottle full of formula. She handed it to me and gently pushed me down to a laying position. Once I was laying down she felt the front of my diaper and said "looks like someone needs his pampers changed." I had no ideal I was even wet. She pulled back the leg gathers and confirmed her findings. Beth left the room and returned with a fresh diaper and a new outfit for the day.

I just lay there and finished my bottle as she changed me.

when she held up my clothes for the day I giggled and blushed. it was a sweat shirt with cookie monster on it and a pair of jean overalls with snaps in the crotch. She put it on me and then started tickling me and baby talking to me. I giggled and played along with her. we played like a baby and mother would for around the next hour. It was nice to just be able to just play without worrying about work and car payments and stuff like that. I was quickly becoming a toddler and Beth knew it. When she finished playing with me she gave me a hug and patted me on the diapered bottom. she told me I was going to have to play with someone else for a while because she needed to go check on a few of her other patients. She picked up the phone and called someone and soon a knock was heard at the door. I ran and hide in my bedroom closet. a short while later I heard Beth and another lady outside of my room. The door flew open and Beth Called out "where's my baby". I tried to sit quietly in the closet until they came and got me. Beth was standing in front of me and telling the other lady I was a brand new baby and I was scared of new people just yet. I wasn't scared of people, I was scared of people seeing me dressed like a toddler. Beth pulled me out of the closet and the other lady said I was very cute. She gave me a hug and patted my diapered bottom just like Beth had earlier. Beth told her I had just had my diaper changed a little while ago and I had already had a bottle this morning. My face grew bright red when she told the other lady this. I was introduced to her . Her name was Kim. Beth told Kim she would be back later today and to make sure I took a afternoon nap. Beth hugged me and walked out of the room. For the first time in my life, I knew how a toddler felt when Mommy had just left. I was actually scared. Kim seemed to understand my feelings and like any good sitter, tried to distract me. She took me by the hand and led me out to the living room and sat me on the couch. Soon she was explaining the her babysitting rules to me. If I was a good little boy I would get some cookies and if I was a bad little boy, I would be getting spankings and time in the corner. Furthermore she told me, the goons were just a phone call away and she could have me dumped into a jail cell for three days in a flash. I didn't speak I just decided I would let my actions speak good a loudly. I was a perfect angel the entire time Beth was gone. Kim fed me lunch and changed my diapers and made me take a nap.

When Beth returned I was still taking my nap .Kim gave her a good report and left. I woke up a little while later and sat and played in my crib until Beth came to check on me. I was quickly falling into the role of toddler and I have to tell you, it was actually nice. No more worries about work or bills or even where dinner was coming from. I could sleep when I wanted to. I could play when I wanted to and all I had to do was be a good baby and Beth was loving and cuddly toward me. This went on for like three months. Me being a toddler. Beth being a mommy. I was loosing my ability think like an adult.

Then one day Beth told me It was time to start become a big boy again. By that time I was really enjoying being a baby. It was easy and peaceful So I told her I never wanted to grow up, ever again. She struggled for a few weeks and decided If that's what I really wanted, she would allow me to stay that way. Beth agreed to let me live my life with her, at her house. I am her baby boy forever and I love it.

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