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I Was The Oldest But Know I'm The Youngest

Wow that was awsome. I was in baby heaven. People all around me in diapers, me getting changed by hot girls. Got any thinkg i wantedn anytime i wanted. This was a dream of mine but how did people find out my dream.

Well first thing is first im a a adult baby named RickyLuvs. My mother just had gotten a divorce and got married to another guy. He was wierd i mean relay wierd. He could tell if i was doing anything what he calls "not normal." Since I was 18 and still liveing with my mom i ahd to follow her rules.

I had always dreamed of wearing diapers and being the baby just like on tv. I wanted to get all the attention and wear the luvs diaper and that weekend i got my chance. I was at home watching a advertisment for the luvs diaper and since there was a store that sold diapers. So i started to work there.

I was closeing that night and so was my friend Jay. All the ladies called him baby Jay but i never knew why? Well i was walking past the back door i heard alot of moans and screams. I countunued to work and then a hour later Jay walked out with three other girls. Damn he had sex with all them hes a king. Then he had a pack of diapers under his coat and then i knew why he was baby Jay. He was and adult baby just like me.

So then i bought a pack of luvs diapers size 6 and took them home and hid them in closet. I also had written a journal of al my feelings about diapers and stuffed it in the pack wiht the diapers. I was hopeing that my family wouldnt catch me with it. So i took a week off of work and wore my diapers. I peed pooped and even masturbated in these diapers. I wore them so much i began to piss my pants and my bed. But lucky me i knew how to do laundry. My younger brother Josh caught me with one befor and then he wore one. So it as cool to know someone else who liked diapers. He wasnt always around because he lived with my real father.

The day my mom left to go away for two weeks was horrable. Once we got home from the airport. My step dad came into the kitchen wiht a pack of diapers. Luvs size six opened. He said "I know".

So i was so scared he said it was ok because he wore them to when he was younger. Well the next day he took me down to his new cabin he had bought. I walked in and there was all these boxes. And jabb I was stabbed with a needle.

I awoke with a little sleeynies. my step dad was right next to me. Sorry but now its time. I was chained to the wall. He pulled down me pants and began to jerk me off. I kicked him in the face and ran. But o yea forgot about the chain boom i fell to the floor. He said he was just going to see if i could fit in my diaper. Then two hott girls walked in and my dad said there all yours and left.

The girls told me that they were my new mommy . Then three other people atrrived. They where girls. Then 4 other poeple arrived they were guys. The twins said all the boys are babies and the girls are mommies. Im kim one of them said i am your mommy. So then she took me inot a room.

She flicked the light and it was luvs. Everything Wipes,wallpapers,Changeing pad, Powder, Even diapers. Size six. Kim was going to put me in just a diaper that day. When she put it on she realzied that my dich was hard rock so she played with it. Then she put hypnoises tapes in and we did the same routine for 3 days.

I was crawling with baby kris when mommy walked over to me. She Had something wrong with her breast so she could produce milk and that was awsome for me. Well it was my bathe she bathed me and went into my luvs room. She was diapering me and saw that i was rock hard but this time she payed no attention and diaperd me. Then i continued to get closer to her breat and bam i began sucking on it. Then she moaned and mona d milk flew continuesly and i began fingering her and she bit a whole throught my luvs Barney diaper and stuck my dick in her pusyy and we made love. Put befor i spermed she put it in her mouth and drank.

The next night after all the babies where asleep except me all the mommies undressed and we had a big gang bang. I had lots of sex. I wet all the time. i even pooped it was like i didnt even notice i was doing it. My Father told my boss i was quieting so. I didnt have a job. i wore diapers and i was a baby so that makes me the youngest in my family. Man so now im moving in with Kim.

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