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Jackie's Diapered Din-din

This story comes from years of writing. The goal of this story was to present a possible real story that many of us diapered men, would love to enjoy with a friend or a lover without going overboard with too much fantasy. I hope you enjoy this adult-gay-diaper story!

Coming home after a long week of dealing with other people's problems, Jack just wanted to relax. He knew that this night was going to be very special. He allowed the time between work and hitting his home elongate, the excitement and fun building inside of him, imagination was running wild in him. He stopped at the grocery store. There wandering up and down the aisles he found what he was looking for. First a rotisserie chicken, then the cold slaw, and of course the pudding all dropped into his basket. Then he wandered over to the baby foods. There he picked out his favorites, peaches, plums, and apple cobbler from the Gerber 3 foods. Finally he choose a couple that he knew would not be happy, pees and creamed corn and some others he just grabbed without looking. Those would be the surprise.

Wandering through the aisles he remembered the Gatorade and then went up to the check out counter. He thought about other things, but decided against them. Keep it simple!! At the counter, the young man behind the counter was quiet a talker. The lady in front of him kept chattering on about the price of oranges with him. When it was Jack's turn, the young man noted, "Guess you both are hungry tonight!" Jack looked around, "You and the kid!" the young man noted and winked.

"Well, you know how things go!" Looking closely at the tag that said, BRAD.

"Well Brad, gotta feed a growing boy!"

"Really! Have you ever tasted those, I wonder how babies actually get some of these down." Brad placed the food jars into the bag and also noted that there was no dinner food jars, only fruit and vegetables.

"Don't you love the chicken? Great finger food when you don't need to clean up the dishes."

Jack puzzled and thought about the dishes he might use that night and then nodded his head. After the obligatory process of the debit card, he suddenly felt like Brad was looking at him oddly.

"Thanks, do you know where I can get some really great beer?" He asked.

"Well our selection is the standard, but you could go across the street. The special reserve is kept in the stock room and you have to know the manager. What do you like?"

"A heavy robust bitter."

"I'll call over for you, how about that?" But Jack said no and went on his way.

Jack knew that that night things were going to be interesting. He headed home to the apartment. Gathering up his packages, he headed up the stairs and into the kitchen. Everything needed to be put away just right. He wandered down the hall. Ran a bath and laid in the bath thinking what to do next. The hot water soothed him and relaxed him until he was clean and ready. He wandered into his room and stood there naked before the mirror. Not bad for his 30s. He always looked a bit young for his age. Then he sauntered over to the white set of drawers.

Sliding open the drawers he peered inside to the mass of diapers that awaited him. Tonight would be a long night, he hoped. He chose a large absorbent disposable diaper which was not too cool because the color was blue. It had the advantage of holding loads of pee though and he would need that! Then he gathered up a white disposable diaper and laid this out on his bed. The larger diaper was positioned within the white one. He folded the large up between his legs and tightly taped these to himself. He cut an opening between that and the white diaper then closed the white diaper up between his legs. He was padded and slowly growing happier as feelings began to flood him from within. The stirring that gently reminded him of soft and warm times to come, gathered between his legs. He stood, looking in the mirror as a man in brilliant white diapers would look - like an oversized baby.

He reached into another drawer. There he found one of his favorite tee shirts, a white shirt with the big "S" for superman. But his thoughts went to "super-baby" ideas. Things were not right yet. He looked over to his big drawer and opened it. There was a note that he knew would be there, "You better be wearing your big baby cloth diapers, or you will regret the punishment!" The handwriting was, of course familiar, but written in black sharpie marker in bold letters. This was the drawer filled with cotton flannel diapers all with baby prints. To one side were plastic pants, some in white, some colors and some with baby prints patterns. But beneath all the cloth diapers was "super-diaper" the thickest of diapers that he owned. He knew the note referred to that one special diaper. But he closed the drawer and walked into the other room.

Jack pulled out a glass and filled it with Gatorade. The electric blue looked odd and obnoxious, but he drank the whole thing in one large gulp. Then he wandered out to the TV room to watch a bit of Jeopardy. He knew that there was more than enough time to relax before he would need super-diaper, and he got caught up in the answers and questions on TV. As the night progressed, he flipped through the stations and found an old episode of Star Trek on and began to watch it. He was so engrossed in the show, he forgot about everything else.

There was tinkling noise at the door, and Jack jumped up. He had lost track of time! The door swung open and standing there was Brad. Jack looked down as Brad looked down at his mid-section. And then Jack let out a cry.

"Er...epp,... I wanna explain.."

"I don't think so. I brought what you asked for, but obviously your not ready for that yet. Stay right there." Brad marched into the kitchen to store the beer. He checked all the areas so that everything had been put away correctly.

"I see you could only be good with half the instructions. I see, what have I told you about watching the sci-fi channel without first completing your dressing requirements?"

Jack shrunk back and whimpered, "No TV before transformation on Fridays."

"And you always forget!" Brad bellowed demanding that Jack move closer to him by pointing a finger to the ground. Jack slowly walked over to Brad. Brad grabbed his ear and pulled him down.

"Now get down on ground like the irresponsible boy that you are!" And Brad pulled his ear down to the ground. Jack was forced and cried out as he crumpled to the floor.

"Let's go to your room now!" Jack began to crawl along the hallway to the back room where he had dressed before.

Brad sat on a large chair and asked, "What am I going to do with you now? Humm...." He pondered and pulled down a paddle that was on the wall. It was the first gift that Brad gave Jack when he discovered that Jack had been buying baby food at the store for some time, there was never a child for it to go to. Brad had waited outside one night and confronted Jack for eating the food. Jack was so embarrassed that he admitted that he liked it. Brad asked if he was some kind of baby. Jack turned red, and Brad's intuition told him that he had found a brother. Brad had loved diapers for years. He had worn them 24/7 ever since he was a teenager.

Brad had relearned how great diapers where when he took care of his next door neighbors young boys. The boys were 6 and 3, but both were still in diapers. The boys were very hard to train. While the 6 year old was only wetting the bed, the three year old needed a lot of attention. Their mom worked at night and paid Brad and his mom to take care of the boys in the evening. Brad found that as he grew sexually that he loved the smell of diapers and plastic pants all covered with baby powder. He one day stole a set of larger diapers and tried it them out. He was so turned on that he began to train the young boys to let them go. He worked miracles for the boys. As they became dryer and dryer at night and no longer a problem for their mom, Brad began to slowly remove the diapers and plastic pants to his own stash. By 17 he was the boys savior, and the mom never knew where all the clothing went. He replaced the boy's diapers with real underwear. He also became quiet a disciplinarian.

After going to community college for a couple of years, he started to work in the grocery store. He realized that he liked to take care of men and even to sleep with them. He wore diapers all the time but few knew that he was into them. By the time he was 25, he could no longer control his ability to pee and was totally dependent on them. It was then that he began to seek out other men like himself. But not until one late night in the store when he could see Jack buying disposable diapers from the one way mirrored manager's office, did a plan begin to hatch.

He started to get to know Jack, helping him with all sorts of things. He discovered that Jack was very shy, but at the same time was a nurse who by day assisted many people in the lab and did blood tests. Brad went to the Doctor that Jack worked for. He was a gay doctor, well known in the community. When he saw that Jack was totally confident and different in the office, he began watch Jack's purchases until the fateful night that Jack went all out and bought only baby food from the shelves. Brad confronted him.

This led to Jack balling his eyes out that night. He never knew that anyone not sick or twisted was into just wearing diapers or being a baby. While Brad did not like to be a baby he was into being with men who were. He told Jack that this was normal for about 1% of the male population - especially those that had to wear diapers no matter what. In doing so, Brad showed Jack that he wore diapers and that were just a normal part of his life. Jack and Brad got very drunk that night and both discovered something that they were both missing, close intimate friendship and love with the common interest of diapers and babying.

So Brad sat there, now 29 with the boy of his dreams on the floor, 33 going on 3, awaiting his punishment. The paddle in his hand was pink and covered with bouncing childish sheep. He was bobbing it in his hand, and then every once in a while slapping his hand. Each time the paddle made Jack flinch a bit.

"Well boy, I am really waiting. I know that you are holding onto yourself. You better let go right now."

Jack was holding his pee in. He did not want to wet his diapers yet. The wetness made a paddling much worse. The soft padding was better. But the pain was going up and up as his heart raced and forced more fluid into his bladder. He was not like this man whom he had fallen for. He was not a bed wetter, just loved diapers and regressing.....

"I will count to 3, if you have not let go, I will create an even worse potential punishment." Brad almost hoped that Jack would choose that road. But he watched as tears dripped out of Jack's eyes and the front of his diaper suddenly changed color. Jack kept going and going until the wet spot rounded between his legs swelling the packaging and merging with the back of his diapers. Brad never tired of watching this action and his own member began to swell at the sight.

"Good, now get up here and lay across my lap." Jack crawled slowly to Brad. Finally he lifted up and Brad took him by the neck and pushed him over his knees. The wet spot went up the back of his disposable diapers. The paddle came down on Jack, "Count!" Jack burst forth a tearful "one".

After about ten strikes, Jack had buried his nose into Brad's crotch. Sniveling and begging to be forgiven, "Please no more, I promise I won't forget next time." Brad laid back as Jack pushed forward into his jeans with diapers therein. His own sense of relaxation came over him.

"I just like it when you diaper me. Please Brad will you diaper me and treat me like the baby that I am!"

This was what they both were waiting for. As long as they had been together, Brad new that Jack had to ask for his treatment. He had to make sure that he was going to get the full treatment. Otherwise, Brad had to come up with another solution to the problem. Brad brought his hand down on Jack's tosseled head of light brown hair and began to pet him.

"There you go boy, it will be alright soon." Jacks back went down and he sat at Brad's feet.

"Good boy, let's start again. Do you want to be a baby tonight?" Jack nodded, "Do you want to be padded big and bulky like the baby boy of three that you are?" Jack nodded again and hugged Brad's leg.

"Okay now, relax and let me count down to 1. As I do you will get younger and younger until you are all ready for tonight's fun."

Brad began to count down slowly. Jack's eyes glassed over. And he began to move back and forth like a younger and younger boy. Brad had insisted that the two of them go to a hypnotist to set up this type of deal. The hypnotist was skeptical at first but then trained Brad to put Jack into a relaxed suggestive state. Asking permission was required. Brad knew that Jack could easily be given any suggestion. They had maintained this respect and contract so that neither of them would feel hurt of responsible if something should go wrong. The hypnotist was always concerned that Jack would not come back, and Brad would be taking care of an adult baby forever. Brad was not too concerned having trained the boys he did as a child. He knew he could handle it, but they both discovered that there was a lot to be discovered as they wandered in this area fun and play.

Brad reached 1 and Jack was drooling on Brad's knee.

"Lay on the floor boy. Let's get you dressed the rest of the way." Jack slumped down and back as Brad guided him. Jack's legs and knees went wide and he began to put his fingers into his mouth.

"Jackie that's not good, boy, here" Brad reached up to the dresser and pulled the oversized pacifier down to Jack. Jack's face light up and he greedily sucked it in. He started to suck and chew on the knob as Brad went to get more things.

Brad opened the big toy chest where the bigger baby clothing was located and took away the sign that Jack had ignored. He pushed through to the bottom of the pile and pulled out the very thick flannel diapers. The cloth was two sided with bears in blue and yellow on one side and sleeping babies on the other in light colors. Brad chose the bears. He laid the cloth on the ground and pushed Jackie up to reveal his butt better. Without removing the disposable diaper, he began to pull the cloth up over Jack's covering. He did not pre-fold the diaper so Jackie's legs were pushed farther apart when the over sized pins attached the cloth higher than the big pampers.

"Okay Jackie, bring your legs down a bit." The cloth bunched up and gathered around the crotch but Jack could not completely connect his legs.

"Let's get you into your baby plastic pants too. Which ones will work for tonight? Do you want a color like pink or blue or will we go with a pattern?" Jack shook his head no to the colored plastic and lit up as the soft blue pattern with blocks came out of the chest.

"Okay this looks like it! Here we go." Brad positioned the plastic at Jacks sock covered feet and finally got the pair up to his knees.

"Up we go." Jackie was pulled up to standing as Brad pulled the pants fully to cover the oversized thick cloth diaper.

"There we go babe, you are now dressed for the evening. Feel better?"

"Yeth" Jackie slurred behind his pacifier. He began to waddle out of the room and lost his balance falling back onto his diapered butt. It shocked him as he suddenly let out a burp. Then he lost it and cried with abandon.

"Now now, Jackie, let's not start that. Get up." Brad hauled him up and pushed him down the hallway to the TV room. Jackie was very happy then as the two of them sat together for a while on the couch. Sci-Fi channel was still showing a marathon of Star Trek and for that moment this was what they watched. In a little while, Jackie was wetting again, and Brad was getting ready for the late diner that they were going to share.

More on Jack and Brad as the evening progresses - soon.

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