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Jamie was at her aunt's house, visiting her sick cousin. Nothing serious, just a bout with the flu, but her cousin was too tired and exhausted to get out of bed for anything, including to pee. So her aunt had bought her dear cousin Marie teenager-sized diapers, to make things easier on her. Her aunt needed to run some errands, so Jamie stayed to keep Marie company.

"So, um, I'm really sorry you're sick."

"Yeah, me too, but it's not so bad being waited on hand and foot, and having your diaper changed like a baby."

"Geez, I don't know about you, but I could never go back to diapers, having someone know when I've peed or pooped, and having them change me."

"Oh, but I enjoy it. Not to mention, between you and me, it's a bit of a turn on to just let go wherever you are." Jamie considered this. Sure, she loved to pee and masturbate, but she never thought about diapers being a part of her passion. Soon, Marie fell asleep, and Jamie went in the living room to watch TV. She went into the pantry to get a snack, and found seven unopened packs of diapers! Jamie took one of the packs, thought "Marie's a big girl, she can stay home alone for 5 more minutes," and left the house to go home, after all, Marie was 19.

When Jamie got home, no one else was there. She was an only child of 18, and her parents worked constantly to provide her with everything she ever wanted. She went upstairs into her room, and put on a diaper. She stared at herself in her full-length mirror.

"Well, this isn't too bad, kind of nice actually. Let's go see how well these hold." Being one who loved a full bladder, Jamie always started her day by drinking two cups of coffee, had two cups at lunch, and always drank plenty of water at dinner. Jamie sat on her bed to watch TV, waiting for her bladder to beg for mercy. Sure enough, 5 minutes later, Jamie could feel her bladder filling up rapidly. She didn't want to wait too long, to avoid the pain that comes right before an accident, but long enough so that she could enjoy this new experience. As the pressure in her belly built, she slipped her hand into the diaper, soft and warm and protective, and rubbed her pussy slowly, for she didn't want to orgasm just yet. She stood up in front of her mirror again, and did a little peepee dance, just to enhance the mood. She bent over, put her hands between her legs, moaned, and said aloud, "Oh I have to go potty!" Acting like a baby made Jamie's pussy tingle a bit. She decided to further develop this idea.

"Oh, I have to peepee so bad! I can't hold it much longer, I'll have to pee in my diaper like a baby!" With that, Jamie deliberately let go into the soft, fluffy diaper, putting her hand inside so she could feel the pee on her hands. She began to rub her pussy violently, and soon her legs gave way to an incredible orgasm. As she sat on her floor in front of her mirror, she felt the piss-filled diaper squish underneath her. She liked it a lot. She took off the diaper and threw it in the garbage. She went back over to her bed, and sat down to watch a movie.

Half and hour later, Jamie felt that familiar tingle in her pussy, and knew it was time to be Baby Jamie again. She stood up and went over to her mirror, and stripped down to nothing.

"Oh, I'm not wearing any clothes or a diaper, but I have to peepee again. Nobody's here to put one on me, and I can't go peepee on the floor! My mommy will be mad at me." Jamie went over to the pack of diapers and pulled out a new one. She went back to her mirror.

"Hmm, I don't know how to put this on, but I have to try." Jamie opened the diaper and placed it on the floor. She stood over it and began to pee again, making sure it landed on the diaper. She sat down on the floor, pressed the diaper hard against her pussy, and peed some more into it, rubbing the diaper against her clit the whole time. Just as she finished peeing, she came, spraying cum into the diaper as well. When her orgasm subsided, she had to pee again. This time, she put a new diaper on, and decided to be a little girl in school.

"Teacher, Teacher, I have to go peepee! But it's an emergency (she held her pussy with both hands and danced), and I can't wet my pants, my mommy will be mad. Please teacher, I have to go!" Jamie ran all over the house, pretending to be following the teacher and begging to use the potty.

"Please teacher, let me go peepee! I don't want to have an accident like a little baby. I want to use the potty!" Jamie pretended to be the teacher: "Sorry little Jamie, the potties are all being used right now. You will just have to wear a diaper like a little baby, and peepee in there."

"No teacher, I don't want to...ok, but hurry, I'm going to peepee on myself very quick! Thank you teacher, now I can peepee." Jamie stood with her legs apart, and peed full-force into the diaper. She peed for about a minute and a half. The diaper began to leak, and Jamie sat in her small puddle, playing in it. Just then, her neighbor walked in. Her family was close with their neighbors, and each family had a key to the other one's house.

"Hi Jamie, I didn't think anyone was home, and I need to borrow some milk..." her neighbor rambled on.

"Ummm, hi Laney...I was just um, trying something out." Jamie said, blushing like mad.

"Well baby Jamie, what do we have here? Looks like someone needs a diaper change. Does baby Jamie need some help?" Jamie was in shock. Here was her neighbor, only 6 years older than her, and she was offering to play along.

"Yes teacher, I need my diaper changed. I went peepee." The rest is history....

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