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Just the smell of a hospital takes me back through the years to the time when I spent every night locked in a pediatric crib with heavy diapers and plastic pants - and loving every minute of it.

It all started with the most innocent of reasons. My mother, who was a Registered Nurse, found out that the hospital where she worked paid a premium for night shifts. That was a pretty good reason for her to switch to working nights but when she realized she wouldn't have to pay for after-school baby sitters for me it made even more sense. She knew there were lots of extra beds in the kids ward so why not take me to work with her and let me sleep at the hospital? Dad had walked out on us and Mom had divorces him. He'd been cruel to Mom and used to hit me whenever he felt like it. Honestly, I was glad when he left as it would be just Mom and me. I didn't know it at the time, but Mom was struggling to pay the mortgage on the house. She didn't want to have to sell it and down size as that would have meant changing school and leaving all my friends. She told me later that she thought I'd got enough on my plate with Dad leaving without having to loose my friends as well. She told me when I was much older how Dad had gone off with another woman and had not sent her any money which was why she'd needed the extra pay form the night shifts.

Her boss and coworkers agreed and I went along with it all. I was only 9 and still pretty impressed with hospitals - based on medical dramas on TV. I figured it would be exciting - and I was right but in ways that I couldn't have predicted.

Although only 9 I had discovered that I liked to be helpless. Whenever we played at tying each other up I was always the first to volunteer to be the victim. There was something powerful about being unable to move. I was too young to think of this in a sexual context but that didn't stop me from being attracted to it.

The first night I was to sleep at the hospital was very exciting. Mom helped me pack some clothes and pajamas. I would walk to school from the hospital the next morning. I had to bring my homework with me.

We got there a few minutes before Mom's shift started at 7 p.m. She showed me where I'd be sleeping and I got my first surprise of the night. My "bed" would be pediatric crib, complete with a cage of steel bars and rubber covered mattress. Thinking I'd be afraid of such a bed, Mom began to apologize, saying that she'd make the bed up nice and that I wouldn't have to have the side of the crib closed. How could I tell her that I was thrilled.

For the next hour I did my homework at a desk in the nursing station. Then Mom took me to the "day" room to meet some of the other kids who were at the hospital for treatment. Most of them were really glad to have someone new to play with. I noticed right away that about half of them wore diapers and plastic pants under their hospital gowns or pajamas. I felt strangely attracted to these kids, though I'd never before thought of diapers very much. It's just that these kids, all of whom were too old to be in diapers for the usual reason, looked like they were under a sort of control and that did excite me.

About nine o'clock there was a general move towards the wards. I watched as kid after kid stopped by a changing table near the door to have his or her diapers checked. If the diapers were too wet or dirty new ones were swiftly applied. Anyone who hadn't been wearing diapers up to that point was put into them, covered by a pair of heavy grade, frosty plastic pants. Soon, I was the only kid in the ward not in diapers. No one seemed to care about that so I headed for my crib. I felt strange to be treated differently.

Once we were all in bed the nurses went around raising the crib sides. The clanging of the metal bars sounded like a symphony to me. I watched as young face after young face peered back at me through the shiny chrome bars. I secretly wanted to be like them but I just couldn't find the words to ask - who would believe that I wanted those things to happen to me.

As I crawled into my crib Mom assured me that I wouldn't have to wear diapers or have my crib side up - the exact opposite of what I wanted! I smiled and let her kiss me good night. As I listened to the room full of kids toss and turn I began to wonder what it would feel like to be in one of those closed cribs, wearing thick diapers sealed inside frosty plastic pants. I fell asleep hoping that somehow I'd find out.

As it turns out I didn't have long to wait. The next thing I knew I was awake. There was an older woman in a nurse's uniform standing next to the crib. My Mom was beside her and they were talking about me.

"I have no problem with him sleeping in an otherwise vacant crib," the older woman said quietly, "but we must respect insurance regulations. The fact that his side is down will encourage others to want their sides open. I must insist that his crib be secured." There was a bit of a pause then she continued, with words I'll never forget.

"Of course, we can't have you running to him every time he needs to be let out to use the bathroom. Put night thickness diapers on him from now on and make sure he knows that no matter how much he calls for you, he must not expect to be let out for any reason."

"Yes, Ma'am" My mother replied. It was all I could do not to shout for joy.

A few seconds later my Mom was back at the crib, gently wakening me.

"I'm sorry, Jamie, but the Head Nurse insists that your crib be locked and that means I'll have to put you back into diapers at night. I know it's not much fun but no one but the people here at the hospital will ever know."

She peeled down my pajama bottoms and then slid a thick pile of cloth diapers underneath my bottom. It felt just as soft and warm as I'd thought. She fastened them tightly, pinning them at both the waist and legs. I felt as if I was being bound up in warm soft cotton. It was all I could do not to moan with delight. I went relaxed for her as she worked a pair of plastic pants up my legs and over my diapers. As she pulled them over my bulging diapers I felt a thrill pass through my body. I was in heaven. Mom said to me, "Jamie, now remember, if you need to 'go' during the night, I can't let you out to the bathroom, so you'll have to use your diapers. I'm sorry about this, pet, but we really do need the extra money I get from the night shift here."

She took the bottoms of my pajamas away and then raised the side of the crib. Two resounding clangs announced that, just like every other kid in the room, I was locked in for the night. If I had to use the bathroom my diapers would have to serve. I thought myself one lucky kid indeed.

About four or five in the morning I woke up with a full bladder. At home I'd just pad down the hall to the bathroom and then head back to bed. Suddenly the reality of what had been done to me came into focus. I had to pee really badly.

I tried to let it out while lying down but nature wouldn't cooperate. Finally I got up onto my knees and then, with the roof bars pressing into the top of my head (reminding me I was confined) I was able to release the hot pee into my diaper.

It was the most extraordinary thing I'd ever felt and I swooned with pleasure. Once the stream was over I laid back down and felt the thick cloth diapers soak up my pee. I remember looking through the bars and thinking that I was supposed to wet my diapers. I had no other choice as I couldn't get out of the crib to go to the bathroom. It was not unlike being tied up and the feelings of being helpless washed over me. I didn't sleep another wink that night but I was sure to pretend to be asleep when Mom came to wake me for the day.

She was all apologies when she realized that my diaper was soaked.

"Did you wake up to pee?" she asked, "Did you call for me?".

"No, mom, I heard what was said last night that I couldn't go the bathroom, so I did as you told me." She ruffled my hair and said, "You're a good boy, Jamie," planting a big kiss on my forehead. Wow! Mom was pleased I'd wet myself!

That day at school I couldn't concentrate. I was so excited about going back to the hospital that I almost forgot my homework at school.

When we got to work Mom's boss told her that she didn't want me wearing street clothes in the day room. I had to get into my pajamas right away. She added that I might as well be put into my night diapers at the same time. Mom apologized to me again but I reassured her that it was OK with me because it made me feel more like the other kids. That seemed to make sense to her and she seemed to enjoy putting diapers on me from then on.

For me, being able to run about the day room with thick diapers on, sealed safe inside a pair of plastic pants that soon made everything nice and warm was just about as close to heaven as I could wish to be. When it came time for bed I went straight to my crib and crawled in. Having a nurse come along to raise the side was just another dollop of icing on the cake. Just before I went to sleep I lay back and let my bladder go. It was wonderful to lie there in the darkness and feel the hot pee creep through my diapers. The warm wetness spread around the diaper and I could feel it against my skin. I loved it!

Things went along just like that for most of the first week. Mom wouldn't be working weekends and I was sad at the thought of going without diapers at night while at home. Then a miracle happened.

I got into a wrestling match with Tony, one of the patients in the day room, and fell on my left arm. There as a loud crack which everyone on the ward heard. The nurses came running over as I started to cry from the pain. My arm was a funny shape and it hurt so bad. The head nurse, my Mom's boss took a look at it and said I would need it X-rayed. She did some phoning as one of the other nurses ever so gently put my arm in a sling. One of the nurses fetched a wheelchair for me and two nurses helped me to sit in it. I was wheeled down to the X-ray department where the lady radiographer took pictures of my arm from different angles. I tried not to cry but it hurt when she wanted my arm, this way then that way, so I did blubber a bit. Afterwards, she gave me a big smile and told me I'd been very brave as she was sure it must have really hurt. I smiled back because she'd been so kind to say that. The nurse had waited for me and wheeled me back to the ward. Shortly afterwards, one of the doctors came to look at the X-rays. She put them on the light box and I was wheeled over to see as well.

"I'm sorry, Jamie, but your arm is quite badly broken. You'll have to go down to the OR to have your arm set. Look." She pointed out the break to me and I could see that both bones in my arm, were snapped clean through. No wonder it hurt! "Now I've seen the films, I can order you up something for the pain. We'll let you rest in bed for a while to allow your last drink time to get through your stomach, then we'll take you down to the OR to set your arm for you." at that point Mom arrived for her night shift and was quickly appraised about what had happened. She was given the consent form by the doctor to sign and then rushed over to me as, by this time, two of the nurses had put me in my crib and then went to get the pain relief for me. Mom said, "You poor lamb," and kissed me. That was it: I just burst into floods of tears.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I really didn't want to cause all this bother." Mom kissed me again.

"Hush, Jamie. You didn't do this on purpose."

At that moment, the two nurses came up with an injection of what Mom told me later was morphine. One nurse said, "Just a sharp scratch in your leg, Jamie. Wriggle your toes as that'll help." I wriggled my toes as she'd told me to, but it still hurt and wasn't, in my opinion, 'just a sharp scratch'! As the drug took effect, I felt as if my head was floating somewhere up by the ceiling and the pain, though still aware of it, stopped worrying me anymore. The curtains were pulled round my crib. Once I was really drowsy, Mom and another nurse stripped me of my pajamas and washed me from head to foot. Then they changed my wet diapers for clean dry ones and put a clean pair of plastic pants on me. Then put one of those open backed hospital gowns on me just as the head nurse came to speak to Mom.

"This puts us in a really difficult position now that Jamie has been injured on hospital property." Mom blushed and started to plead, "I'm very sorry. It was an accident, I know and I won't make any trouble for the hospital." The head nurse smiled, "Would you put that in writing?"

"Of course," said Mom, "Just give me a form to sign and I'll do it gladly. I never thought our arrangement would cause this much trouble." The head nurse smiled again, "Thank you. It was an accident, so we'll say no more about it, but the hospital will look after Jamie at its expense and the arrangement can continue, but Jamie will have to be careful nothing like that happens again."

"Oh, thank you!" Mom said. The head nurse smiled again, "You're too good a night nurse for us to loose you. I'm glad we've sorted it all out." As she finished saying that, the gurney came to take me to the OR. The head nurse smiled again at Mom, "I expect you'd like to go with him?" Mom went with me down to the OR. I guess I'd have been frightened as I'd never had an operation before, but I suppose the morphine was helping to calm me down. In fact, I think I was rather excited by the whole idea of being put to sleep for an operation. It seemed like another way of allowing others to be in control of me.

I was taken into the OR and Mom lifted me off the gurney onto the table. The OR staff were all wearing masks and gowns and one strapped my good arm to an arm board and put a strap around my waist to hold me down. This was a very new way of being tied up! A woman came over to my head, "Jamie, I'm the anesthesiologist who is going to put you to sleep. I will hold a mask over your face and give you oxygen to breathe for a few minutes. It may smell a bit funny from the other gases we sue but don't worry about it. Then I'll add some special sleepy gas which will drift you off to sleep so you won't feel a thing. When you wake up, your Mom will be with you and you'll have your arm in a plaster cast. You will also have a tube going into your other hand which will be giving you some salt water as you won't want to drink for a bit and so it will give you the water you need to keep your kidneys working. Don't be surprised if your diapers are wet when you wake up - that's quite usual. Are you ready?" Jamie swallowed hard, now both nervous and excited, but agreed that he was. The anesthesiologist pointed to a black rubber bag attached to the anesthetic machine.

"When I ask you, Jamie, I'd like you to take big deep breaths to try to blow my bag up like a balloon. Will you do that for me?" Jamie told her that he'd try.

A black rubber mask, which was hissing with the oxygen, was put over his nose and mouth and held there tightly with fingers curled under his chin. She was right, the mask did have a funny smell. Jamie laid back breathing in the oxygen and watching the black bag inflating and deflating. His Mom came over and kissed his forehead, saying, "I'll see you soon in recovery, Jamie" The lady reached over to the shiny chrome and glass anesthetic machine with its corrugated black rubber tubing coming from it like snakes and turned a tap.

"Try to blow up that bag like a balloon for me, Jamie!" Jamie could smell the difference in the gas. there was a sweet, rather sickly smell now and, as Jamie dutifully took large deep breaths to try to blow up her bag for her, he was aware of beginning to black out with a rushing sound in his ears as if he was falling down a long black tunnel. The lady turned another control on the machine and Jamie's throat 'caught' as she added ether to the nitrous oxide and oxygen she was already giving him. By now, she was massaging the bag to force the anesthetic and oxygen into Jamie's lungs as the darkness swallowed him up and he became unconscious.

He woke feeling rather sick from the anesthetic and opened his eyes to see his Mom there as promised.

"How are you feeling, pet?" his Mom asked.

"Sick and my arm hurts," Jamie blurted out, discretion gone because of the effects of the anesthetic.

"I'll get a recovery nurse to give you something for that. His Mom disappeared for a moment and returned with another nurse who injected something into the drip tubing and then another injection. She smiled at Jamie, "That's something for the sickness and something for the pain. Jamie was quickly feeling light headed from the effects of the further dose of morphine and the cyclizine helped with the nausea. He was soon asleep and was transferred back to the ward while he was still sleeping.

The head nurse was on the ward when Jamie and Mom returned.

"I think it would be best if he sleeps on his back tonight, in case to stop him pulling on the drip. Mom got a strange look in her face but said she would take care of it. That night, when I woke, I noticed that a leather strap, with two fur lined cuffs attached to it, had been attached over the mattress at the foot of my crib, and my feet were held down. The heavy plaster cast, from shoulder to just above the tips of my fingers with my thumb exposed as well, was heavy enough to weigh that arm down. The hand with the drip in it was fastened by the writs to the side of the crib. I couldn't move! It was wonderful!

I assured her I did and then watched as she pulled a cuff tight around each ankle. With a not-so-stern warning not to try to release the cuffs she stepped back and then raised the side of the crib into place.

As the lights in the ward dimmed I pulled against the firm leather straps and swooned with joy. Having been in diapers for four nights by then I had learned how to relax enough to wet while lying down and I celebrated my new thrill by soaking my diapers as best I could, aided by the drip running saline into my blood to be filtered out through my kidneys and into my diaper. I fell asleep from the effects of the drugs quickly and slept until morning to find my diapers were absolutely soaked.

The next day was the first Saturday I had spent in the hospital. I found out that the routine was different on weekends. Long past our normal wake up time the ward was still dark and almost silent. When the nurses did come, Mom wasn't with them but I was told she would be along later. I hadn't tried to release the cuffs, of course. It was a wonderful feeling though to be free of their grip.

About half the kids were let out of their night diapers and given pajamas to wear. The rest were changed into lighter grade "day" diapers and fresh pairs of plastic pants. I was changed in my crib into clean and dry diapers with the milky white plastic pants ballooning around my hips. Saturday was wonderful with the nurses looking after me. I was introduced to the joys of a bed bath as two nurses washed me from head to foot on the Sunday morning.

On the Sunday night, the head nurse came to see me.

"Jamie, we have a lot of new children coming into hospital tomorrow and there won't be room for you on this ward, so we're going to have to move you to another ward. Your Mom will be able to check on you, so you'll be all right. Do you mind, as you won't be allowed out of bed for a few days yet?" Jamie said that he didn't mind as he didn't want to be a nuisance. Two of the nurses wheeled Jamie's crib out of the ward and across the corridor. Jamie looked out and realised he was being wheeled into the babies ward! One of the nurses saw Jamie's worried look, "Jamie, we're going to put you in a side room all by yourself. The babies ward isn't very busy at the moment so the nurses here can look after you as the children's ward will be full tomorrow. We know you're not a baby, but don't mind too much if the nurses here 'baby' you a bit!"

Jamie was wheeled into the side room and one of the baby ward nurses came to speak to him as the children's ward nurses went back to their ward. Another nurse came in to the room with a tray containing a hypodermic syringe. Both nurses checked Jamie's writs band and asked him to confirm his name and date of birth.

"Jamie, we're giving you a last dose of pain relief through your drip. It'll help you to sleep tonight and we'll take the drip out in the morning. We'll be running fluids through still overnight, so expect a wet diaper in the morning!" With that the nurses injected the morphine through Jamie's line and he felt the usual drowsiness overtake him as he drifted off to sleep. As he was drifting off, the nurses removed his gown from him as the babies and toddlers ward was heated to a higher temperature that the children's ward so the nurses could keep an eye on the babies better as well as clothes not getting in the way during diaper changes.. After all, they saw no reason to treat Jamie differently, did they?

The next morning, Jamie was woken by the nurse who gently removed the drip, and, to his disappointment, the restraints as well. He was surprised to find himself in just his plastic pants, diapers and plaster cast, but decided that the nurses knew what they were doing and said nothing. She was wearing a plastic apron and, after she had removed her rubber gloves and washed her hands, she came back and raised the lid of the cot. Sitting down on the cot mattress, she lifted Jamie up and sat him on her lap.

"I expect you're thirsty now? Would you like some juice?"

"Yes please," was Jamie's reply. To his surprise, she produced a large baby bottle with rubber teat from a trolley which she'd wheeled into his room.

"I'm afraid we only have baby bottles on this ward, Jamie, so please don't mind having to drink from the bottle. You don't mind, do you?"

"No, I do understand," was Jamie's reply. The nurse put the teat between his open lips and cuddled him to her as he sucked eagerly at the juice. He enjoyed being cuddled by her and the feel of the smooth plastic apron against his skin.

When he had finished the bottle, she told him that she'd give him another with his breakfast shortly. She laid him on the mattress and spread her legs apart. She placed a pink baby's potty between her legs and covered that with a pad of diapers. She lifted Jamie off the mattress and placed him face down across her thighs, with his plaster cats resting on the mattress, saying that she needed to examine him and take his temperature. To Jamie's delight, after she had put on a clean pair of rubber gloves and peeled off his plastic pants and wet diaper, she produced a thick rectal thermometer which was dipped into some lubricant and then inserted into Jamie's exposed bottom. After holding it in place, saying to Jamie, "As you can guess, young man, we only have these thermometers on this ward!" After she had removed the thermometer, checked that his temperature was fine, wiped it clean and placed it in some antiseptic, she placed some lubricant on her index finger of one hand.

"Now then, Jamie, I need to examine you internally because your records show you haven't had a bowel movement since your operation." she explained what she was about to do as Jamie thrilled with the thought of being laid submissively across her lap while she did these things to him. She inserted her finger slowly and gently into his back passage and felt around inside. The sensation was incredible! Jamie was disappointed when she stopped.

"You're very constipated, Jamie, as we expected, so I'm going to try to help things come out by putting two suppositories into you which should soften the lumps inside you and help them to come out." She picked up a suppository from the trolley and inserted it as deep as it would go inside Jamie's back passage. This was followed by a second one, but, to Jamie's delight, her finger stayed there.

"We help out babies to keep these inside them by keeping our finger there to block their hole for them - although with a baby, it'd be our little finger. I'm so used to doing this, that I've done what I always do. I suppose you could hold this or yourself, or shall we stay as we are?" Jamie couldn't believe he was hearing this.

"Since I'm like this now, let's stay as we are." Jamie tried to keep the excitement out of his voice, but wasn't sure he'd succeeded.

"Let's see if we can break those lumps up a bit for you." By now the glycerine had melted enough for it to be irritating and was causing his anal sphincter to spasm as he tried to hold on against the irritation of the suppository. The nurses smiled to herself as she could feel his efforts to hold onto the suppositories while she continued to block their exit with her finger. She wriggled her finger around inside him, spreading the suppositories and helping them to melt as well as trying to break up the lumps of hardened stool since constipation is a well known side effect of morphine. She pressed against Jamie's bladder as she did this and he released some urine into the diaper. The nurse felt the warmth of the urine soaked into the diaper against her thigh "Don't worry, Jamie, you can wet if you need to. That's why you're lying on the diapers." She playfully pressed against his bladder again as a little more was forced out. After twenty minutes of shear heaven for Jamie, She lifted him up, still with her finger firmly in place and her hand supporting his bottom and placed him on the potty, shifting the diaper out of the way as she did so. She cuddled him back to her as he was sitting on the potty facing away from her and removed her finger.

"You can let it out now, Jamie." Jamie felt strange to be seated on a child's potty and a pink one at that! She placed her gloved hand over his penis to stop any splashing as Jamie pushed to try to pass stool. His bladder emptied as the nurse's gloved hand directed it into the potty, but he only managed to return the glycerine from the suppositories and a few very small lumps. The nurse lifted Jamie off the potty and placed him on a clean dry diaper, then wiped him with a wet wipe before doing up the diaper and pulling on another pair of those plastic pants. However this ward, because it had both babies and toddlers in it, had different plastic pants. She pulled on a yellow pair complete with animal print on it. Jamie looked at them and fell in love with them. he felt he was going to enjoy being here. She looked at the return from Jamie in the potty and turned to him, "I'm afraid that hasn't worked very well. I'll clear this away and bring you some breakfast. How thirsty are you? Would you like a bottle of juice and a bottle of milk too?"

"Yes please!" came Jamie's quick response.

After clearing away, she went to get Jamie his breakfast while the other nurses on the ward dealt with the babies and toddlers. Fortunately, as Jamie had been told, the ward was very quiet which was why Jamie was getting so much personal attention. He loved it! The nurse came back with a different plastic apron on. Whereas the first apron had been clear plastic, this one was pink with nursery animal print to match Jamie's plastic pants. She fastened a plastic bib which was the same color and print as his plastic pants around Jamie's neck, then lifted him onto her lap so he was snuggled against her plastic covered breast. Once they were both comfortable, she held a bottle of juice for him to suck thirstily. Once the juice was all gone, she picked up a spoon and began spooning cereal into Jamie's mouth. Whether accidentally or otherwise, some ended up round his mouth rather than in it, so she stopped from time to time to wipe his mouth for him. This was wonderful and all because his mother had started night shifts. After the cereal came the bottle of milk which disappeared just as rapidly as the juice had done.

"Are you still thirsty?" the nurse asked him, "Juice or milk or water?" Jamie had always been taught to be polite, so replied, "More juice, please, if that's not too much trouble?" The nurse called to one of her colleagues who was passing the door to Jamie's room to ask her to refill his juice bottle for him. Jamie smiled to himself. he really was thirsty, but also anything he drank would soon be soaking his diaper and he was looking forward to that.

After she'd given him the second bottle of juice, by which time Jamie had discovered that sucking on a rubber teat can be quite an effort for mouth and tongue muscles no longer used to being used that way, the nurse laid Jamie back on the bed and went to get something else for his constipation. She brought a blue potty this time on the trolley. As last time, she sat on the mattress with the potty held between her thighs on top of her plastic apron with some diapers laid across her lap. Jamie was again lifted across her lap, lying with his tummy across the diaper, but his chest across her plastic apron. This time she inserted a micro enema without dilating him first as the tube for the enema was small. She squeezed the container and Jamie laughed as it made a rude noise as the small amount of air in the tube was ejected as well. The enema was removed and the nurse's finger substituted again. Again she playfully waggled her finger inside Jamie's bottom, this time deliberately pressing on Jamie's prostate, not that he knew he had one! His 'weener' became hard and pressed against the nurse's leg causing her to smile to herself. Jamie hadn't known that that could happen and was confused by the strange feelings which he was feeling. After 20 minutes, by which time Jamie was fidgeting on her lap as the enema worked inside him, she lifted him up, placed him on the potty and removed her finger, then covering his 'weener' to prevent him splashing.

"OK, Jamie, push and let's see what comes out this time.." Despite the enema, very little came out other than fluid produced by the osmotic action of the enema. She diapered Jamie with a transparent pink pair of plastic pants with teddy bears on them. Jamie liked those! "We'll leave you to rest for a bit, then one of the other nurses will come to look after you.

Jamie laid down on his back to rest. He was tired, to his surprise, and drifted off to sleep. When the next nurse came to him, he was lying on his back with his thumb in his mouth. She had wheeled in a portable baby bath big enough for the toddlers on the ward and, she hoped, large enough for Jamie. She had put on a pink plastic apron to match Jamie's plastic pants. She gently shook him away.

"Jamie, time for your bath!" Jamie woke up and yawned. She lifted him up and pulled off his plastic pants. She held him with his feet on the bottom of the bath and slipped his, by now, wet diaper off him then sat him in the bath with his plaster cast over the side. Having disposed of the wet diaper, she changed her rubber gloves and pulled a plastic sleeve over Jamie's cast to stop it from getting wet. Jamie liked sitting in the warm water and being babied like this. It was fun! The nurse had put baby bubble bath in the water so Jamie was sitting surrounded by foam. The nurse proceeded to wash him from head to foot, washing his face then his hair first. She got a jug of warm water and washed most of the bubbled off him and then picked him up in a large white bath sheet and sat down with him to cuddle him dry. Jamie loved snuggling up to her with his face against the smooth plastic of her apron. When he was completely dry, she laid him on the bed and diapered him again, after thoroughly creaming his diaper area to prevent diaper rash. She shut the lid and side of the crib before taking away the bath, towels and diaper pail.

"I'll be back in a few minutes to give you some juice, Jamie."

True to her word, she was back with a large bottle of juice for Jamie to suck from. He eagerly sucked the bottle dry.

"Would you like another one, Jamie? You seem thirsty," the nurse asked.

"Yes, please," replied Jamie, politely. She put up the crib side before going to get him a refill. Opening the crib side, she lifted him out and cuddled him to her as she gave him the bottle. Jamie's head was snuggled up to her breasts covered by the plastic apron. Jamie was in seventh heaven! Warm, safe and cared for. The responsibilities of a nine year old had been replaced by the care and babying of the nurses.

Once he'd drunk the second bottle, she put him back in the crib and shut the crib side.

"I'll be back in a minute, Jamie. We need to sort out your constipation, so I'm going to try more drastic methods." Se came back with a trolley which had a jug filled with warm water and a thermometer. Taking a sachet, she cut the corner and poured the contents into the jug, stirring with the thermometer. The appearance of foam on the water showed that she'd added soap to the water and then she actually told Jamie that she was going to put some of the soapy water into his bottom to help to move what was blocking him. She opened the crib side and top and sat down. Spreading her legs apart a little, she picked Jamie up and laid him across her lap on the plastic apron. This time there was no diaper and Jamie wondered about this. he didn't have to wonder for long as his plastic pants and diapers were pulled down across his bottom, leaving his bottom sticking up in plain view. A lubricated finger explored his bottom.

"Good boy, Jamie. You're not making a fuss about this at all. Some children would be kicking and screaming by now."

"That's silly," Jamie replied, "you're only trying to help me!"

"What a sensible lad you are, Jamie." She showed him the "instruments of torture" as she showed him the rubber bulb with its nozzle and explained how it would be filled with soap and the nozzle inserted into his bottom and the soapy water squirted in. She then put the tip of the nozzle in the soapy water and squeezed the bulb several times to get all the air out of it.

"Ready, Jamie?" she asked and Jamie nodded, with suppressed eager expectation of what was to come. The nozzle penetrated his little rosebud and was buried to the rubber shield on the bulb. The nurse squeezed gently as she wanted to get plenty in and didn't want to upset him right at the start. Jamie could feel the warm soapy water entering him and found it a lovely feeling. The nurse removed the bulb and refilled it. The second bulb full went the way of the first and the third followed shortly afterwards. Jamie took a fourth one before he said that he was full.

"Just one more, Jamie, if you can." Jamie said he thought he might be able to manage one more. She injected the last bulb really slowly and, on removing it, her finger replaced the nozzle for Jamie to clamp down on to help him to retain it. She sat there until Jamie started to wriggle as the soap irritated him. She sensed his discomfort and decided that he'd held it for long enough. Removing her gloved finger, she quickly pulled up his diapers and plastic pants, making sure all of the terry towelling was tucked inside the plastic pants. Jamie was lifted to face her with his legs astride her lap. With his face snuggled against the smooth plastic apron covering her uniform and her ample breast, she held him against her and rocked him gently.

"You can let it out when you're ready, Jamie, or you can hold it a bit more." Jamie wanted to please her and also to stay cuddled against her as long as possible, so he fought the effects of the soap until he really couldn't hold on any more. The release of the hot soapy water and softened stool was almost orgasmic for the boy as he flooded his diaper and bulged the seat of his plastic pants out with the accumulated stool which had been constipating him. The warm mess filled his diapers and he found it wasn't disgusting as he'd expected, but warm and comforting. It really did remind him of his baby years. When the nurse thought he'd finished, she checked with him by asking him and had it confirmed by Jamie that he really couldn't pass any more. She playfully put one hand under the seat of his plastic pants to lift him back onto the bed. As she lifted him, the stool squished up between his anal cleft and spread up his back and front.

She changed Jamie into thick clean diapers and blue plastic pants, after washing him clean and re-creaming him, again with teddy bears on them. Jamie was by now not sure whether he liked the pink ones or the blue ones better, deciding that he liked them both equally. She kissed him on the forehead, saying, "You've been a really good boy!" The crib top and sides were fastened and she left Jamie to rest before his lunch.

At lunchtime, his diapers were changed then one of the nurses, yet a different one, fed him. She'd asked him if he'd like to be fed or wanted to feed himself, pointing out to him that he only had the use of one hand and he might find feeding himself a bit difficult. Jamie gave this some apparent consideration, then agreed that perhaps it would be best if she fed him. Jamie was beginning, rightly to suspect that the nurses on the ward were enjoying someone other than a little toddler or a bay to care for.

At tea time, Jamie's Mom came to visit him, in her nurse's uniform. She put on a plastic apron to keep her uniform clean, then lifted the top off the crib and dropped the front. She sat on the mattress and lifted Jamie onto her lap, cuddling him and kissing his forehead.

"Jamie, I'm sorry you've ended up like this."

"Mom, I don't mind, honestly and, anyway, you need the extra money don't you?" The nurses are really nice to me so it's no problem."

"Oh Jamie, you're wonderful! The head nurse has said you can go to the children's ward to play tomorrow, but back here to sleep. is that all right?"

"Hey Mom, no problem!"

It wasn't either. One day the plaster cast came off and I was allowed back to school during the day, but coming to the children's ward after school and then, depending on how busy they were, after I'd been put in my diapers, either to stay overnight in the children's ward or walking across to the babies and toddlers ward. I liked that one better as the nurses really made a fuss of me in the babies ward. I was never dry at night, wetting without realizing it in my sleep and loving every minute of it, shut in my crib. The nurses monitored my bowels and I got cleared out if they felt that I was at all constipated.

I'm grown up yet still wear my diapers in bed at night. My wife does too and we change each other. I owe a lot to my Mom being a night nurse!

With thanks to Baby Conway who wrote the original on which this is based and developed.

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