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Jamie's Mom is a Hospital Nurse

Part 2

Introduction. When I reworked the story, I never intended to write a sequel, but it just demanded to be written, so here goes. It takes up after Jamie has broken his arm.

Jamie's arm took a long time to heal so he was playing in the children's ward during the day and often sleeping on the babies and toddlers ward at night. In fact, he really preferred that as he liked being babied by the staff there who made a real fuss over him. However, all good things seem to have to come to an end, so Jamie's plaster was taken off one Friday so that he could spend the weekend at home with his mother for her to keep an eye on him. She still worked the night shifts during the week and the hospital was very pleased with her work.

After her shift on the Saturday morning, she took a very sad Jamie home. Yes, he'd be back in the hospital on Monday night and playing with the other children on the children's ward after he'd done his homework. Because he's been in hospital so long, he'd had to join the hospital school so he didn't fall behind his friends at school, but he really was going to miss playing with the other children and all the nurses looking after him. Especially he didn't want to stop wearing diapers and nursery print plastic pants at night when he was home in bed. He knew he'd be back in them during the week when his mom was doing her night shift on the children's ward, but that would only be five nights out of a possible seven.

Jamie and his mom had breakfast together. He was used to the routine at home where she'd get him breakfast when they came home from the hospital and he'd play on his computer or watch TV until his mom woke up at lunchtime. She'd either cook him lunch or take him out to a local burger bar as a treat. Then they'd be together during the afternoon and evening and then both go to bed, his mom at the same time as Jamie to try to catch up on missed sleep.

That afternoon it was a local burger bar as a treat for being so good over his broken arm. he and his mom did some shopping together to buy Jamie some new clothes and he was even allowed a say in what she bought. That evening, he and his mom cuddled up together on the sofa and watched TV together. He decided that, because he loved his mom so much, he enjoyed being cuddled up to her as much as he'd enjoyed being cared for in hospital. Later his mom went to get Jamie's bed ready for him. She seemed to be gone a long time and was busy in the kitchen as well as her bedroom and his. However, he continued to do as he'd been asked: to stay and watch the TV program until his mom called him.

She called downstairs to him, "Jamie, would you come up now. It's time for your bed!" He came upstairs, thinking how he'd much rather spend the night in plastic pants and diapers in a hospital cot rather than his bed. He'd thought his mom's voice sounded a bit muffled and realized why. his bedroom door was closed. he opened it and just stood there in amazement. His mom had changed into her nurse's uniform and put a white smooth plastic apron over the top. On his bed were nursery print plastic pants, a thick pile of diapers, a bib and bottles to drink from complete with baby teats on his bedside cabinet.

"Jamie, shut your mouth and come here!" his mom laughed as he stood there with his eyes wide and mouth open with surprise. Jamie ran over to his mom as she stood up to cuddle him to her. With his check pressed against the apron over her breast, she cuddled him tightly to her.

"Jamie, love, I talked to the other nurses and we agreed that it wasn't fair to expect you to sleep at home without diapers at the weekend, but have to wear them at the hospital, and wet them too, overnight. So I went out yesterday to buy some plastic pants and diapers for you. I asked the nurses in the baby and toddlers ward what your favorites were so I got those."

"Oh, mom, you're wonderful!" Jamie exclaimed, "I do so love you!"

"Right, my lad, let's get you ready for bed." With that she sat down and started to remove Jamie's clothes for him. Normally he would have done that for himself but his mom had spent the week caring for other people's children and wanted the chance to make a fuss of her own son and to mother him a bit, or, she hoped, rather a lot!

Once she'd undressed him, she pulled a couple of the cloth diapers over her lap and laid him face down across her lap. With one hand supporting his back to hold him down, the other hand picked up the large rectal thermometer which she'd had ready. She slipped this into Jamie's bottom and reminded him that, as he had been ill with his broken arm, it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on his temperature. Jamie agreed that it was probably a good idea. Mom wasn't fooled for a moment as they both were enjoying the experience.

After checking his temperature. mom lifted Jamie onto the pile of diapers and with expertise from long practice, pulled them snugly around him, pinning them in place. They were followed by the pretty pink nursery print plastic pants and his mom was careful to tuck the diapers inside the waist and leg elastics on the pants. Jamie remarked, "Gee, mom, they're thick!"

"I know, dear", as she cuddled him up against her plastic apron, tied a bib around his neck and put the teat of a large bottle of juice between Jamie's lips, "You've got two bottles to drink, one now and one of water for later if you wake up thirsty. Your diapers are thick enough to hold all you can drink tonight." Jamie realised that he hadn't been reminded to use the toilet before he went to bed and he'd need to go quite soon. He thought that his mom probably realized that, which was why his diapers were so thick around his hips. He emptied the bottle quite quickly and enjoyed being snuggled into mom's plastic apron covering her breast. She hugged him to her and rocked him gently. After a while she decided he really needed his sleep, so laid him in his bed and pulled the duvet over him. He laid there, surprised he hadn't got any pajamas on. She saw his surprised look and said, "With your diapers and a nice warm duvet, you don't need pajamas, do you, love?" Jamie thought for a moment and agreed that she was right. Then, to his surprise, she reached down and pulled up metal cot sides on each side of his bed.

"You've been used to them at the hospital and I don't want you falling out of bed on your newly healed arm." With that she lent over and kissed him goodnight on his forehead, then went out, turning off the light and shutting the door.

When she had gone, Jamie had a feel around. To his delight, his pillows were inside plastic covers as was the mattress with a draw sheet and a plastic drawsheet under that. The duvet was also in a plastic over underneath the cotton outer cover. he was by now aware of his full bladder, so rolled onto his back and relaxed, letting the hot urine flow out of him. The diapers could not soak it up fast enough, so he could feel the warmth spreading across his tummy and running down between his legs. He put his left hand on his plastic pants between his legs, his right thumb in his mouth and went to sleep. Later he woke in the night feeling thirsty, realizing his mom had left a low powered night light on in his room, he reached for the large bottle of water, and contentedly sucked on the rubber teat until the bottle was empty. from the feel of his diapers, he'd actually wet at least once in his sleep and, with all that water inside him, he would be wetting again. His last thought before falling back to sleep was that it was a good job his mom had put him in plastic pants and diapers as he'd have wet his bed otherwise.

In the morning, his mom said exactly the same thing when she came in to wake him up and realized how wet he was. Lifting him out of bed, she carried him into the bathroom and stood him in the shower to unpin his wet diapers which went into a new lidded bucket Jamie hadn't seen before in the bathroom. She asked him if his healed arm was still a bit sore and did he want her to help to shower him? The smile on his mom's face showed Jamie that she was hoping he'd say 'yes' and he was very happy to be washed by her.

Jamie and his mom had a wonderful day together. He was put back in diapers overnight and the next morning he was dropped off at school to be taken to the hospital to spend the evening in the children's ward to do his homework and eat his evening meal, and then overnight in the babies and toddlers ward. The week passed uneventfully, but oh so enjoyably, especially the evenings and nights. He had his temperature taken every night and morning on the babies ward as the nurses laughingly told him that it was ward policy. Jamie wasn't going to argue!

The next Saturday, things were a bit different. He came home with his mom and she spend the morning sleeping as before. In the afternoon, after yet another burger bar lunch treat, they went home with Jamie being asked to watch TV while his mom did some things upstairs. Jamie could hear the sound of him mom moving around and doing things upstairs. There was also the sound of running water. Jamie's mom called down to him to come into his bedroom. His mom was wearing her nurse's uniform again and that lovely white plastic apron which felt so good when Jamie cuddled up against his mom when she was wearing it. There on the bed was a pile of diapers and a pair of plastic pants. Jamie's mom pulled him over to her and said to him, "Just let's get you ready."

"Ready for what?" Jamie asked, "It's too early for bed." Jamie's mom shushed him and removed his clothes, lifted him onto the bed, then pinned the diapers up around him and pulled the plastic pants over the top. Standing him on his feet again, she led him into the bathroom where a plastic sheet had been put on the floor with a chair standing on the sheet. Jamie's mom sat down and helped Jamie to lie face down across her lap as she sat there with her legs apart so that his tummy wasn't pressing on her legs.

"When the nurse took your temperature, she noticed that you're a bit constipated, so she had a word with me. I said that I'd like to sort you out myself. Now just lie still and we'll see what we can do!" With that, she pulled down the back of Jamie's plastic pants and diapers, exposing his bottom. She as wearing rubber gloves and applied some lubricant to Jamie's 'rosebud' and then dilated him gently with her little finger. Jamie laid there loving every moment, made sweeter by the anticipation of what his mom was about to do. His mom picked up a Higginson syringe, sometimes called a ball syringe because of its shape, which she'd already primed with hot soapy water from the enema can on the surface beside her. She slipped the nozzle of the syringe into his back passage, burying it right up to the rubber anti splash shield. Holding the nozzle in place, she pulled the diapers and pants up a little and then rested her hand there, holding the pipe in place. With her other hand, she started to gently squeeze and release the rubber bulb in the middle of the syringe. The valves in the syringe clicked as they allowed the flow of the soapy water form the enema can into Jamie's bottom. mom wanted it to be a pleasant experience for him, so she squirted the solution slowly into Jamie. Jamie loved the feeling of the hot water as it pulsed into him, slowly filling him up. His mom told him to tell her when he felt full. To her surprise, there was the telltale gurgle from the enema can which happens when the last of the soapy water is drained out.

"Goodness, Jamie," his mom said to him, "You've managed to take the lot!" She withdrew the nozzle of the syringe from his bottom and pulled his plastic pants and diapers up around his waist. She then lifted her son up with one arm supporting his back, the other under his knees and his bottom between her legs as she sat there. Jamie leant his head against his mom's plastic apron, put his thumb in his mouth and started sucking on it. His mom kissed him gently on his forehead.

"Hold it as long as you can, Jamie, please. There's a love!" Jamie glanced down and was really amazed to see how much his tummy was bulging from all the hot soapy water inside him. He squirmed a bit in his mom's arms as he fought to hold onto the enema. Suddenly he couldn't hold it any more. He exploded into his diaper as his constipation was well and truly relieved. When he told his mom he was empty, she lifted him up and sat him on her lap with her legs together this time. The mushy mess was squeezed up between his legs and he could feel the warm soft mess spreading up his back and between his legs and up his front. It felt wonderful. His mom cuddled him to her and started to cry softly. Jamie took his thumb out of his mouth, "What's the matter, mom? Why are you crying?"

"It's a grown up thing, Jamie. I'm just so glad I have you and you're such a wonderful son."

After a while of cuddling him and rocking him gently, his mom lifted him up and stood him on the plastic sheet. She'd calculated correctly as he hadn't leaked at all. She lifted him into the bath and removed the plastic pants and diapers, wiping a much as she could off him with the diapers, and then cleaning him with baby wipes before showering him clean. She wrapped a bath sheet around him and cuddled him dry. She knew in her heart that she missed having a husband who loved her and cared for her, as well as someone she could love and care for. men, she thought, can be such babies at times. She loved Jamie dearly and knew that she was lavishing all the love and care she could on him. Fortunately, Jamie liked it. When he was dry, she held him to her and kissed his forehead.

"Decision time, young man! Do I put you in diapers early for the rest of the afternoon and evening, or do you want your normal clothes?"

"Diapers, please, mom," came Jamie's reply. he'd not even had to think about that choice!

The next year went by so quickly. Jamie was dropped by the school bus at the hospital every weekday evening where he spent the night as his mom did her night shift. The weekends he spent with his mom at home were great and being in diapers at the hospital and every night, sometimes during the day, at home was fine by him.

One day, just at the start of the summer vacation, his mom took him home after her shift and was looking very serious. She got breakfast for them both and, while they were eating it, turned to Jamie, saying, "I need to have serious talk with you." Jamie looked worried.

"Mom, I'm sure I haven't done anything wrong!" His mom laughed, "What makes you think you're in trouble?"

"Well, you always use that tone of voice to me when I've done something wrong and I'm about to be punished." His mom ruffled his hair and kissed his forehead.

"No, love, you're not in trouble, but we have some serious decisions to make. I need to ask you a question and I want an honest answer. Are you happy with the way things are at the moment with my working nights and you staying overnight at the hospital? The truth, mind you!" Jamie could see that his mom was concerned about something, so gave this some thought.

"It's fine by me, mom. I get the weekends with you and I can play with the other kids at the hospital in the evening. Why?"

"Well, Jamie, the hospital is so pleased with my work that I've been offered a choice of two jobs. I've been asked to be in charge of all the children's wards either during the day or at night. The night time job still pays more money as it's permanent nights, but the extra pay for the promotion means that I could do either. I wouldn't need to works the nights to get enough money to pay the mortgage and all the bills. It's up to you. Which would you rather I did?"

Jamie looked at his mom thoughtfully. After some time of silence, he replied, "Mom, which would you prefer to do? I'm happy to go with what you want." Mom was surprised at such a grown up answer, but thinking that he was ten years old now and he'd had to do a lot of growing up when his father walked out.

"I like nights, Jamie. It's a different sort of nursing at night and I like that. I'd rather do the nights, but only as long as you're happy with that!" Jamie got up and threw his arms round his mom's neck.

"Of course I am, mom. I just want you to be happy too, 'cos I am." His mom started crying again, but Jamie knew that she wasn't sad: she was happy for them both.

"Unfortunately, Jamie, there is a complication. The hospital want me to go on a special course for pediatric intensive care. It means a month away and it's the summer vacation, so I need to know what you'd prefer. I'm going to different hospital in another state for the month. You can come with me and stay in the hospital, but it is the summer and you will want to play with your friends, or I know there is a place on a summer camp if you'd prefer that. If you want to stay here, there are ways we can do that, but it really is your choice. What would you rather do?" Jamie's reply was immediate.

"Mom, I want to be with you, if that's all right?" His mom started crying again, "Oh Jamie, I so hoped you'd say that. So it's all right with you if I go in on Monday and accept the night post and then well go the other state for me to do my extra training?"

"Of course, mom. I'm so pleased that the hospital knows what a super nurse you are!"

Mom and Jamie went into the hospital on the Monday morning. Jamie was left on the children's ward while she signed the papers and made the travel arrangements. She came back to collect Jamie from the ward.

"I've got a couple of days leave before we go to give us time to pack. We'll go shopping first to buy you some new shoes and some smart clothes for the journey."

Jamie was thrilled that they flew to the other state which was actually quite a way from where they lived. They were met at the airport by a car from the hospital and driven over there to where they'd be staying for the next month. Mom was helped by the driver to carry her cases up to her room in the nurses' home which the hospital had in the hospital grounds. It was a warm sunny day and some of the children were either walking or being pushed by nurses round the attractive hospital grounds. Jamie couldn't help but notice that all the children had diapers on and rubber pants instead of the plastic ones he was used to. He wondered if he'd be wearing them later, really hoping so. After his mom had put her stuff in her room, his mom said that the driver had gone back to take Jamie's case to the ward where he'd be staying and they'd better go there to get Jamie settled in as they wanted to have a meeting with mom and the other nurses who'd come from across the country for the course. Mom followed the signs and ended up at the ward where the Jamie was to stay for the month his mom was on the course. She handed him over to a nurse who smiled at Jamie with a really nice smile, saying, "Welcome, Jamie! We've been expecting you. Come with me and we'll get you sorted out." His mom kissed him and said that she'd be back later to see him.

The nurse led Jamie into the ward itself where he was pleased to see that all the beds were cot-sided and the sides were up for all the children in their beds. The nurse stopped at an empty cot and told Jamie that this was his. She then said that he'd need to get changed after she'd explain the ward rules to him. She led him into an office, saying that he'd have a bath first after they'd had a little chat together, then he'd see the doctor as all children were checked out on admission and Jamie was going to get the same treatment as everyone else. She sat him down on a chair and sat in another chair which was beside it.

"Jamie, let me explain some things about this ward as it'll help you to settle in if you know what we do here. All children wear diapers and rubber pants all day and night. I'm afraid that means you as well. You'll be changed in the morning before breakfast, before lunch, before supper and just before you go to bed. Normally, unless there is a special reason like you've got a tummy upset, you won't be changed more often that that. You will also be expected to 'go potty' in your diapers as well. that's the rule and every patient here, including you, has to obey that. We have a lot of children who don't want to wear diapers and certainly don't want to 'go potty' in them. Now, you're a sensible boy, so I hear, and I gather you are used to diapers from staying overnight at the hospital where your mom works. is that so?" Jamie confirmed this for her.

"Good, then I won't have a battle with you over wearing diapers, then! I have to tell you, although we wouldn't normally warn our new patients first, that you get a large glycerin suppository and a big dose of laxative once we're ready to diaper you. That's to make sure the children who really don't want to be in diapers and don't want to 'go potty' in them, have to. I think you can understand what I mean!" Jamie said that he could see why they did that. It was strange for him when he was put back into diapers the first night he stayed at his mom's hospital. The nurse then explained that she'd have to do the same to him as the procedures had to be followed for all patients. Jamie did say that he understood and didn't want to cause problems, so he'd do what he was told.

"Right, then, my lad! We'll go to the bathroom, get your clothes off, all washed and squeaky clean, then get you seen by the doctor."

She led him out of the office and another nurse joined them. She led Jamie to the bathroom which, to his surprise, didn't have a bath like he had at home. The baths were plastic and on wheels like a baby bath. The nurse who'd been talking to him saw his look at the baths.

"We can take these to a bedside if we want to and they go up and down like the hospital cots so we can get you at the right height to wash you." Both nurses put on green rubber aprons and put on rubber boots of the same color and then pulled rubber gloves which stretched from finger tips to well above the elbow. The other nurse took a hose and started running water into one of the baths, while the first nurse helped Jamie out of his clothes. When he was naked, she held out her hand and led him to the bath. he noticed that there was a tube from the bottom of the bath leading to a drain, but the tube on the other baths was clipped up underneath. He guessed, correctly, that this was to drain the bath through. Just before he got into the bath, the other nurse handed Jamie a urinal.

"This is what we want you to do, Jamie. We want a sample of your wee in this special bottle. I'll hold the bottle for you. Jamie felt really strange being asked to wee into this special bottle with one nurse holding it and the other watching. The bottle was clear glass and he struggled at first to start. It was much easier in a diaper! The other nurse turned on a tap full so there was the sound of running water. Jamie's bladder took the hint and he soon emptied himself into the urinal for the nurse as she held it in place over his weener.

The nurse dipped a stick into his wee and pronounced that it was fine: no problems at all. The bath was low down and Jamie was lifted into it. Once he was sitting in the warm water, the nurses first fastened a strap around his waist to stop him falling out, then pumped the foot pedal to raise the bath to a comfortable height for them to wash him. They were very thorough and Jamie discovered that the bottom of the bath was shaped to allow them to wash between his legs without him having to lift his bottom off the base of the bath. It was shaped a bit like a toilet seat with a cutaway front. After he was scrubbed clean, the plug was pulled from the bath and one nurse took a shower attachment and showered him all over while the water ran don the drain.

"Jamie, you'll be bathed here normally as we won't need to bring the bath to you." The shower was turned off and the bath lowered as far down as it would go. Jamie was wrapped in a large towel and sat on one nurse's lap while the other dried his hair with another towel. He was then dried all over and placed in a wheelchair, still in the towel and taken to a clinic room where an intern proceeded to examine him literally from head to foot. She looked in his eyes, his ears, in his mouth and up his nose, pulled back his foreskin, which he found embarrassing and also checked to see if his testes had descended. She listened to his chest, took his blood pressure and then rolled him on his front on the examination couch to take his temperature the way Jamie preferred - rectally. She told Jamie that she'd discuss her findings with her senior and also his mom later. One of the nurses stayed with her while the doctor was examining Jamie. When the doctor left, she went to the cupboards and got out a thick pile of diapers, rubber pants in Jamie's size, diaper pins, cream, talcum powder, poured something into a glass and placed something in a metal dish. She put a pair of hospital rubber gloves on, sitting him on the diapers, she proceeded to apply a good layer of diaper cream over Jamie's bottom, rubbing it well in. She powdered him, then asked him to lie on his back with his legs apart. When he had complied, she placed some lubricant on a finger and proceeded to lubricate and dilate Jamie's back passage. When she was happy that she'd stretched him enough, leaving Jamie wishing she'd keep going, she removed a large suppository from the dish. Jamie realized why he'd been stretched gently first, the suppository was huge! the nurse smiled at him, "I know you've had these before, but these are our special admission ones. They're shaped differently so that the child can't push it straight out into their diaper before it has a chance to do some good. We want them to mess their diapers as soon as possible to get them used to it. I know you've no problem with that but."

"You treat all your patients the same," Jamie finished for her. It wasn't comfortable to have this large suppository pushed in to his back passage: Jamie grunted with the discomfort, but could feel that it wouldn't come out in a hurry until it had dissolved a bit first. The nurse swiftly pulled his diapers around him, pulling them tightly between his legs and firmly around his hips to make it harder for him to expel the suppository before it had had a chance to work. She then pulled on the semi-transparent amber colored rubber pants. Jamie put his hand down to feel them. They felt nice, he decided. The nurse sat him up and held his nose.

"Drink this down quickly and I'll give you a peppermint to suck." Jamie dutifully did as he was told and swallowed the bubble gum flavor castor oil - a large dose - as quickly as he could. The nurse then handed him a glass of water and then, when he'd drink from that, the promised peppermint to take the oily taste away which even the flavoring couldn't disguise. She then put Jamie in such a short gown that it didn't even cover his rubber pants, then took him by the hand and led him to the play area for the children in the ward allowed out of bed. by now the suppository was dissolving and irritating his back passage, making him want to pass stool. He tried to hold it as long as possible. One of the children noticed him fidgeting and smiled at him.

"New today?" Jamie agreed that he was. The other boy introduced himself as David and said that he'd had the suppository treatment and that horrible dose of castor oil as well.

"When the castor oil works, you'll really know about it! The nurses here are really keen to keep us regular. if you miss even one day, they have all sorts of methods of getting you to soil your diaper." As he was speaking to Jamie, Jamie noticed that that he could see David's diaper getting wet at the front through his semi-transparent rubber pants. Jamie said, "At the hospital where I was, we were all put in diapers and plastic pants." David replied, "I like the rubber ones myself. I've had plastic pants, but these feel nicer." At that moment, Jamie erupted into his diaper as it filled with stool helped out by the suppository. David smiled, "It's better out than trying to hold it in. You can't escape it. I think you'll be going again and again in a couple of hours when the castor oil gets working. Just then, another boy was brought over by a nurse. He'd obviously been crying as his eyes were red and blotchy. The nurse introduced him as George. David turned to George, "We've all had the same treatment when we came here and we're all wearing rubber pants and diapers, so you may as well get used to it! Jamie here has just arrived and he'd had the same treatment as you."

"But I'm, a big boy and I don't wet myself," came George's reply.

"I know, but this is how things are here, so like it or lump it." was David's not unkind response. Just then George filled his diaper.

"Do I ask a nurse to get changed?" he asked plaintively.

"No chance," responded David, "you'll stay in those until just before supper time."

Jamie really did get emptied by the castor oil and his diaper was full. He realized that the rubber pants didn't leak as easily as the plastic ones had done. He could see the brown mess spread all up the front of his diaper through the rubber pants and knew the other children could see what he'd done in his diapers. none of them seemed bothered and Jamie could see that he was not alone in being in very messy diapers, apart from poor George who was also plastered and very upset. Jamie leaned close to him and told him not to worry as he'd get used to it and they were all literally in the same mess.

Just before supper, each child was taken away in turn to have a diaper change. Those who were just wet were wiped and changed, but the really messy ones like Jamie and George were taken to the bathroom to be washed and changed after being thoroughly creamed. When Jamie came back to the main ward in clean diapers, rubber pants and the short gown, his mom was there along with another doctor. The doctor smiled at Jamie, "Your mom and I have been talking about you. Would you come here and let me look inside your throat?" She looked in Jamie's throat, turned to his mom to say, "The intern who examined Jamie this morning was right, I'm pleased to say for her sake, but not for Jamie's. I'm afraid he has enlarged tonsils and adenoids. I agree that he should have them out. Don't worry about the cost, the hospital has covered that. I've got a slot and can do it tomorrow, if that's all right with you?" Jamie's mom had suspected that Jamie had adenoid problems because of the way he breathed through his mouth at times, so was happy to agree and sign the consent form. The doctor turned to Jamie, "We've decided to do a small operation on your nose and throat tomorrow. Your mom says you had surgery when you broke your arm and coped with that very well. So we'll make the arrangements and operate on you tomorrow. I'll inform the nurses and make the necessary arrangements." With that she turned and left, leaving Jamie's mom to explain to him what the doctor was planning to do.

While his mom was telling him about the operation he'd be having the next day, the doctor was writing up Jamie's chart for his pre-operative preparation. Jamie was not quite sure that he wanted the sore throat following the operation, but remembered his gassing for setting his broken arm and didn't mind that so much. The nurse came over to Jamie, "I'm sorry, Jamie, the doctor has put you on 'no food from now, so you can't have any supper. Sorry about that! She's said you can drink up to midnight, so we'll give you drinks until then and also wake you at midnight for a last drink so you don't wake up too dry in the morning. I'm also afraid she's ordered up another laxative for you. I reminded her you'd had the 'on admission' castor oil, but she wants me to give you something else as well. I'll be back in a minute or two with it and we'll change you into thicker diapers -I'm afraid you'll need them." Turning to Jamie's mom, knowing she was a nurse, she told her, "He's to have a dose of Epsom Salts to wash him out thoroughly. Sorry."

She went away and came back with another nurse, pulling the curtains round the bed. Jamie was swiftly and expertly changed into extra thick diapers, as well as larger rubber pants. His diapers were so thick that, lying flat, his hips were raised right off the bed buy the thick pile under him. His legs were pushed apart by the thick diaprs and rubber pants bulging between his legs. he had to put his legs apart like a frog they were so thick. His thighs were sweating wheer they came in contact with the smooth slick rubber of the pants. He was sat up and one of the nurse gave him a glass with a clear liquid inside.

"Drink it down quickly, love, as it tastes a bit salty. It should work in a couple of hours, and we'll be back every hour to give you a glass of water to drink which will help." Jamie dutifully drank it down and grimaced at the salty taste. The nurse had already arranged Jamie's pillows so he was propped up in his bed. his mom said that she'd stay with him until after supper as she had some work to do back in the nurses' home as part of this course. She did remark to him how kind the nurses seemed on the ward. Jamie agreed with her: they had been kind to him already.

The nurses had left the curtains around his cot so he wouldn't have to watch them all eating when he couldn't. He'd had his first glass of water an hour after the laxative and was shortly due for his next one. Suddenly he both felt and heard a gurgle from his tummy, followed by another, then another. he could feel a tremendous pressure inside him and he was forced to let go a huge amount of liquid diarrhea from him which flooded into his diaper faster than it could absorb it. He was sitting in a puddle of his own mess. He felt and heard the gurgle again just as the nurse came through the curtains with his next glass of water. As she was about to hand it to him, he exploded into his diaper again. The nurse smiled, "The laxatives seem to be working well, Jamie, from the sounds of it. We'll be back in a hour with some more water for you and then, at midnight, we'll change you, give you a last drink and then something to help you sleep for the rest of the night. Hopefully, you won't wake up until after breakfast so you won't have to hear the sounds of the others getting theirs. There are a couple of others going to the OR tomorrow, so they're getting the same treatment as you!" She stood beside him while he drank the water down. It almost went through him straight away, or that's how it felt to him, as he was soon filling his diapers with yet more liquid diarrhea. he could see through his rubber pants that the diaper had changed form white to brown. The next glass of water went through him as well and, about a quarter past midnight as the nurses had down the other, younger children first, Jamie was placed on a gurney and wheeled into the bathroom to be bathed and changed. Two nurses removed his saturated diapers and rubber pants, which to his surprise hadn't leaked, sot he nurses had know just how thick to make them. he guessed that they must be used to doing that if all the children going to OR the next day were dosed with the same laxatives. What with the castor oil and the Epsom Salts, he felt very light and empty!

He was washed below his waist quickly, dried and creamed, and then another pile of diapers just as thick as before were put on him, along with rubber pants and a pair of rubber bloomers from his knees to mid chest over the top. The rubber bloomers cut into his thighs and chest as the rubber bands at thigh and chest were tight to try to contain any leaks. One of the nurses said, "The rubber over-pants are just in case you leak!" He was taken back to his bed, but without a gown this time. Already he could feel himself sweating where the smooth rubber caressed his thighs and chest as the ward was warm. The nurses had removed the aprons they'd been wearing to shower him, and one of them had put on a clean white rubber apron. She sat on the bed and Jamie was encouraged to lie across her lap with his head cuddled into her breasts covered by her uniform and the rubber apron. Jamie learnt that night to associate the smell of rubber with a feeling of safety and security. The nurse bent over and whispered to him, "We do this for every patient going to the OR the next morning. It's our way of giving you a bit of special care!" The other nurse came back with two baby bottles, one large and the other much smaller. She handed the larger one to the nurse cuddling Jamie who took the bottle form her and encouraged Jamie to put it between his lips and suck it empty. After that, she placed the empty bottle on the bedside cabinet and picked up the smaller one.

"This is something called chlorate hydrate which will help you to sleep. Drink it down quickly and I'll cuddle you until you're asleep. Would you like that?"

"Yes, please!" whispered Jamie. He sucked the bottle dry quickly and tried to ignore the strange taste. The nurse, who was well used to this and loved helping the rather anxious children to relax and go to sleep the night before their operation, gave him a pacifier to suck on, telling him that all their patients would be given one the night before their operation as the nurses found it helped, and, no, he wasn't a bay, just a worried boy who would be worried about what would happen tomorrow, and that everything would be all right, just wait and see. She pulled him closer to her so that his face was partly buried between her breasts with the smell of the rubber strong in his nose as she rocked him gently. Soon Jamie became floppy as he fell deeply asleep as the drug did its work. The other nurse came back after what they had agreed was an appropriate time for a boy of Jamie's age and size and they lifted him into the bed on his side, covering him with the sheet and blanket. They quietly opened the curtains at the foot of the bed so they could keep an eye on him overnight and then went on their rounds of the ward.

In the morning Jamie woke when the nurses came to get him ready. He was absolutely soaked, having wet his diaper and passed very watery diarrhea while he was sedated overnight.

"We're going to wash you and get you ready for your operation, Jamie," the nurse said to him. Jamie suddenly went cold with fright. It was different when he'd broken his arm as he wanted to be put to sleep to get it fixed and stopped it hurting. He wasn't hurting and was aware enough this time to be worried. Another nurse came with a gurney to take Jamie to the bathroom where one of the rasing plastic baths was ready for him. He was stood in the bath while the rubber bloomers which had contained some leakage, the rubber pants and the absolutely sopping wet diapers were stripped off and he was hosed down as the water drained out from the bath through the hose into the drain. Once he was cleaned off, the plug was put into the bath and the bath raised while the nurses filled it while Jamie laid back while they soaped him from hair to feet, then pulled the plug out and showered the soap off him. The bath was lowered and Jamie was lifted out and wrapped in a thick white bath towel. When he'd been dried off, he was lifted onto the gurney where the nurses creamed and powdered him, then put another pile of really thick diapers on him, followed by another pair of the larger rubber pants. He was sat up for a short gown to be put on him, then a green rubber bib which had a collar around his neck and straps to fasten around his chest. A green rubber shower cap was pulled over his freshly washed hair. They laid him down on the gurney and pulled the metal rails at the sides up to stop him falling off. he found that, yet again, his back wasn't in contact with the rubber covered mattress, with a green sheet overlying it, because of the thickness of the diapers they had put him in.

He was wheeled back bedside his bed and lifted into bed. The curtains were drawn around, then one of the nurses left while the other sat with Jamie. The other nurse came back with a dish. her colleague uncovered Jamie's leg for him to have an injection. The nurse with the dish, wiped his leg with a swab of cotton wool, then told Jamie, "I'm going to give you a little injection which will make your mouth dry and you'll feel drowsy as well, which should help a bit as I guess you're a bit nervous aren't you?" As Jamie was replying in the affirmative, she swiftly injected his leg as her partner held it still for her.

"Ouch!" said Jamie.

"Sorry, pet, it does sting a bit, but it will soon work and you'll get sleepy." The other nurse handed her colleague her apron and swapped it for a clean one.

"Would you like a little cuddle until it starts working, Jamie?"

"Yes, please!" came his earnest reply. She sat on the bed and Jamie was lifted into her lap, cuddled up again between her rubber covered breasts. Her colleague got Jamie a special OR pacifier which she placed in his mouth and fastened it behind his head to hold it in place. With Jamie sucking nervously on the pacifier, the nurse cuddled him with the smell of rubber in his nostrils as he drifted off to sleep.

Jamie woke as he was lifted from his bed onto the gurney to take him to the OR.

"Sorry, pet, we were hoping to get you down there and asleep before you'd woken up." The side rails on the gurney were lifted and Jamie was covered by a blanket. He was taken to the OR holding area where a nurse in OR greens came out to see him.

"Hello, Jamie. I'm sorry you're awake. Most children are still very sleep from the effect of the drug you were injected with on the ward. You've had surgery before, haven't you?" The OR nurse untied his pacifier from behind his head so that he could answer her. Jamie said that he'd had his arm set last year when he broke it. The nurse said to him, "We can do this in one of two ways, Jamie. We've got a short while as they're not quite ready for you. You were brought down quicker than expected. We can either take you into the OR and put you to sleep there which means you'll see inside the OR, or I can put a special mask on your face out here and put some straps behind your head to hold it on so that you won't have to see the OR. Some children find that more frightening than seeing the OR and others prefer to have the larger mask on. Which would you like?" Jamie thought for a moment, think of all the shiny equipment that he'd seen last time. He was frightened this time as he wasn't hurting like last time and he hadn't been given as much morphine either.

"Please can I have the larger mask on out here?" Jamie asked in a plaintive little voice, his throat dry from the injection of atropine earlier as well as from his nervousness.

"Of course you can, pet. Let's get you sorted!" The nurse got Jamie to lift his head as she put some rubber straps behind his head. She showed him the black rubber mask with the inflated rim which would cover the whole of his face and the hooks to attach the straps to.

"Let's put it over your face and see if it's all right shall we?" She put the mask over Jamie's face which covered his face from his forehead to his chin. The mask smelt funny from the anesthetic which had soaked into the rubber. The nurse took it off and asked Jamie again.

"Do you still want this mask on now?" Jamie decided that he did.

"Jamie, would you like your pacifier back again? Most children want their pacifier while they're waiting. I'm told it does help!"

"Yes please," came Jamie's earnest reply. The pacifier was put between his lips so he could taste the rubber teat and the hard rubber guard was pressed up against his lips. It was fastened behind his head so it wouldn't come loose when he was put to sleep. She smiled at him, "Ready now?" Jamie nodded and she put the mask over his face again, this time hooking the rubber straps onto the metal fixings so the mask was held tightly onto his face and the inflated rim made a good seal around his face. Jamie could smell the rubber of the face mask as well as the other smells. In his nervousness, he felt his bladder releasing involuntarily into his diaper as the hot urine spread out across his abdomen and down between his legs. The nurse wheeled Jamie into the OR. He was sucking nervously on his pacifier as he was lifted up onto the operating table. He was told what was happening as he was strapped down across his ankles, knees and upper chest. His arms were pulled out and placed on arm boards so he looked as if he was being crucified. The anesthesiologist said to Jamie that he was going to plug a tube into his mask and he was to take deep breaths. It would be oxygen and would only smell slightly funny from the rubber tubing. Jamie felt the tubing being plugged in and could feel the cold draught of the oxygen hissing onto his face. He took his deep breaths and the anesthesiologist was pleased to see the black rubber bag inflating and deflating as Jamie took his deep breaths. The nitrous oxide was turned on and Jamie could smell the sweet sickly odour of the nitrous oxide. He sensed a roaring in his ears and felt as if he were falling down a black tunnel. Ether was added and the anesthesiologist massaged the rubber bag to force more ether into Jamie's lungs. Jamie's throat 'caught' from the ether, but the rubber mask sealed well around his face and the gases were forced down into his lungs. Rapidly now he lost consciousness and was taken deeply unconscious for the surgery.

What happens when Jamie wakes? Will he still be in diapers and plastic or rubber pants when his mom takes him home? Look out for the next installment!

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