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The Jenny Series

Part 1 - Jenny Goes to the Movies

Jonathan West and Jenny Tallant were a stunning couple. He was unusually tall, with dark hair, while she was exceptionally slight and fair. John and Jenny had a different type of relationship. They didn't quite know how it all started. He was ten years older (thirty-four to her twenty-four) so maybe that was it. Jenny started talking baby-talk sometimes, and John was especially tender with her when she did this. Before they knew it, it was like they had taken on a new set of roles. Jenny started acting younger and younger, until in private she was more like a four year old. And John rewarded her when she acted this way, by lavishing her with attention, and playing the role of a loving guardian.

One day they decide to go to the movies. Jenny was definitely in her little girl role. She wanted the biggest size coke, and pouted until John bought it for her. John pulled Jenny to a private corner of the lobby, so no one could hear him speak to her.

"Jenny, when small, thin girls like you drink that much pop, it makes them have to go potty. You aren't going to want to leave the movie. What do you think is going to happen?" Jenny beamed at John, clutching her drink.

"Thank you for the pop!" she said sweetly.

"Jenny, you aren't listening. Now I want you to take a bathroom break halfway through the movie, okay sweetheart? We don't want any accidents." Jenny nodded obediently.

"Okay, I will" she said cheerfully, and sucked at her straw. The drink was so huge, she needed both hands to carry it. This, combined with the effect of her light blue overalls made her look much younger than her age. John smiled at how cute and fragile she looked.

The movie was a silly one for children. John watched the film, but mostly watched Jenny out of the corner of his eye. She quickly drank most of the pop. It was a huge cup, and worse, it was coke, which always went straight through her. John noticed that Jenny had to use the bathroom. He could tell because she was shifting around and crossing her legs. It was difficult to concentrate on the movie, when all his attention was on Jenny. He knew if she didn't go to the bathroom soon she would have an accident in her seat. But he didn't want to give her a reminder. She would never learn to be a big girl if he always took over for her when she got into trouble. She finished the last of her pop, and continued squirming around. He waited for her to get up to sprint to the bathroom, but she didn't seem willing to leave the theatre. All her attention was focused on the movie. She squirmed, crossed her legs, uncrossed them, and shifted her weight. Then she suddenly sat very still.

A minute passed and John realised she was no longer squirming. A suspicion dawned in his mind. He reached over and casually slid his hand behind her on the chair, checking her pants. Although he had half expected it, he gasped slightly when he found the back of her pants and her seat were soaked. He glanced down at her lap, and even in the darkness, he could see the dark, spreading stain. John was really angry this time. She had promised to go potty on her own if he bought her the large pop, but had deliberately chosen to pee in her pants instead. She was getting very lazy about making it to the bathroom, and he couldn't allow her to get away with such terrible behaviour. He stood up and took Jenny by the hand.

"Let go. Movie's over Miss." Jenny was shocked.

"No! It's not over. I wanna stay!" John knelt down to her level and spoke in a firm, quiet voice, so no one could hear him but her.

"Jenny, when you choose to wet your pants like a naughty little baby, you are showing me that you are too little to be at a movie. Little girls who pee-pee their pants have to go home and have their daddy clean them up." Jenny was so disappointed she began to cry. John didn't want to make a scene, so he swiftly pulled her up, hugged her to him, and half led, half dragged her out of the theatre.

When they got to the car, Jenny was in a terrible mood.

"Now I'll never know whether the Care Bears escape from the monsters. I'll never know and I'll always wonder, and it's because you are a MEAN person." John took Jenny's hand and slapped it sharply.

"Jenny, you are about to make me even angrier, if that's possible. I want you to take that tone out of your voice right now. You know very well why we left that movie. Look at your pants." Jenny had been hiding the pee spot by holding her jacket in front of her. John moved it away and forced her to look at the babyish wet circle on the front of her overalls that showed the whole world she had an accident.

"Look at that. You peed your pants after you promised you wouldn't. Did you think I wouldn't notice, just because you were in the dark theatre?" Jenny glowered at John.

"Jenny Lynn." John only called Jenny her full name when he was extremely angry.

"Don't you make me any angrier. You answer me." Jenny murmured sulkily, "I'm sorry. It was an accident."

"I'm not so sure it was. Anyway, this is what happens when you pee your pants. I'm not going to let you sit there in wet clothes for the rest of the movie. You have to be changed. When we get home you are going straight to bed. You are obviously not old enough to stay up late like a big girl." Jenny turned and faced out the window, and John started the car.

Jenny was so angry she didn't know what to do. She really wanted to see the end of that movie. She wanted to punish John for making her leave. Jenny still had to pee a little bit. She decided John couldn't get mad at her twice for the same thing, so she sat very still and peed her pants again. She felt the warm wetness soak through the corduroy fabric of her overalls and into the car seat. There. She smiled a naughty smile. She glanced at John, but he was driving and didn't notice her at all. He would never know. She moved around a little bit and realised she was really soaked now. Then she felt a grumbling in her tummy. She got a very naughty idea. Jenny's heart began to race; the idea was so naughty. Could she possibly be such a bad girl? She thought of being pulled out of that movie, and got mad all over again. Yes, she would do something very messy and bad to show John that he was not the boss of her.

Jenny began relaxing all her tummy muscles. She was about to poop in her pants. Normally when she got that feeling, Jenny would fight it and wait until she was in a bathroom. This time, she began pushing as if she were already on the potty. She felt the seat of her pants becoming warm and heavy, as she quickly filled them. Before she knew it, Jenny had done the naughtiest act of her young life. She felt incredibly little, sitting in a car, having deliberately messed her pants just like a toddler. She squirmed a little, half-hating and half liking the feeling of her messy pants. Then she began trembling. Now that she had done this, there was no going back. And John was going to be unspeakably angry. Suddenly, she wanted to cover up her naughty act of defiance. She unrolled the window, hoping John wouldn't smell her little "accident." John was annoyed at the noise and the wind created by the unrolled window, but decided to Jenny be. He felt a little guilty at the harsh scolding he had given her, and decided to be gentle with her when they got home.

Suddenly, he smelled something. At first he thought it was something outside the car, but then he got another whiff. A thought of Jenny entered his mind, but he immediately dismissed it as ridiculous. She never had soiling accidents. But on the other hand, why had she suddenly rolled down the window? He stole a glance at her. She had pulled her jacket over her lap again, and sat staring straight ahead with scarlet cheeks and a decidedly guilty look on her face. John immediately pulled over to the side of the road and stopped the car. Jenny still stared ahead. When the car wasn't moving, the smell became stronger.

"Jenny, look at me." She turned her large blue eyes towards his. John spoke in a quiet voice, which held a note of authority.

"Do you have something you want to tell me?" Jenny shook her head furiously.

"Jenny, if I check you and I find that you didn't tell me about something that you have done, I will be very, very angry." Jenny knew she was in for a worse punishment if she didn't tell.

"I think I... I..." Suddenly she was too embarrassed to confess what she had done. John got out of his side of the car and went around to her side. He opened the door, undid her seatbelt and lifted her out of the car. He could see the seat was dark and wet, and her overalls were soaked. The smell told him exactly what she had done, but John wanted confirmation. He undid the straps of her overalls, slid her pants down, and did a quick check of her pink, floral panties. They were now filthy, dark, and very full with the results of her naughty accident. He pulled her pants back up, leaned her over his knee and gave her several very hard spanks.

"Jenny Lynne Tallant, I am very disappointed in you! I have never seen a big girl like you act so horribly! Do you think it's okay for a great big girl like you to poop in her pants?" He had never yelled at her so loudly.

"You are not a little girl Jenny! You are a grown up girl of 24! It is one thing to play games, it is another thing to be a messy girl and act like a 2 year old!" Jenny was now thoroughly ashamed of herself. She was crying and trembling.

"Did you want attention? Hmm? We'll you're getting attention now, aren't you? Accidents are one thing, but if you deliberately go in your pants to defy me, you are going to be punished Miss Messy Bottom." He continued spanking her soundly on the soggy, smelly seat of her overalls.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done it! Please don't be mad! I'm sorry..." Suddenly, something in her voice stopped him. He saw her fair hair, and her tearstained face, and his anger dissipated.

John's heart melted as he looked at the pathetic little figure. He gently lifted her back into the car, and got back in his side of the vehicle. They drove home in silence. When they got to the house, John lifted his sorry little girl out of the car, walked with her to the house, and carried her upstairs to the bathroom. She was 24, but light enough to carry like a girl much younger. In the bathroom he carefully peeled off her soiled clothes and ran a warm bubble bath for her. He left her to clean up, while he got her a fresh dry pair of jammies.

When she was out of the bath, warm and fragrant, dressed in her jammies, he carried her down to his favourite easy chair and sat with her on his lap.

"Let's have a talk. Jenny, do you know why you were such a bad girl today? I never saw such a naughty girl." Jenny shook her head.

"I think I know what was going on. You were wilful and stubborn." Jenny looked at him without understanding.

"All day, you insisted on getting your own way. First you fussed until you got the big coke, even though I knew it would be too much for your little tummy. Secondly you tried to stay and watch the whole movie, even though you knew you should go take a potty break. Then you tried to stay in the movie even though you needed to be changed. And finally, you tried to control me by messing your pants. Doesn't that sound like a girl who always wants her own way?" Jenny nodded.

"Jenny, I know little girls, even 24 year olds, sometimes have accidents. When that happens you know I don't get mad, right? You just tell me and we clean you up. But it is NOT okay to potty in your pants because of laziness or because you want your own way. You ruined what would have been a fun night with your naughtiness, didn't you?"

"Yes," Jenny whispered, quietly.

"I'm sorry. Do you hate me now?" John chuckled.

"No, I don't hate my little Jenny, even when she is a very naughty, messy girl. But I do have to punish her, don't I? The lesson is that I know best. I knew you shouldn't get that big drink, didn't I? And that was the start of this whole thing, wasn't it?" Jenny nodded.

"I need you to try and be a better girl. I don't want you to be afraid of me if you have an accident. But if you deliberately wet or mess, you have every reason to be a very scared and sorry little girl. I will spank you every time, and I don't care who's around, either! Do I make myself clear?" Jenny nodded again, and snuggled against John. After she had been naughty, and then forgiven, she always felt closer to him than ever.

"Are you going to obey me next time, Jenny?"

"Yep," she said obediently.

"I won't be bad, I'll be sooooo good, okay?"

"Okay," he chuckled.

"Know what?" she whispered.

"What?" he asked gently.

"I love you!" she said with a sweet smile. John pulled her close and kissed the top of her head, feeling his heart swell with love.

"I love you too, Jenny." He held her and rocked in the recliner until she fell asleep, and then carried her to bed.

To be continued......

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