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Jenny's Tales

Part One

"Jenny, get out of the bathroom now! It's my turn already!" yelled Casey.

"I'm gonna come in and pull you out of the shower if you don't hurry up!" Jenny finished rinsing off all of the suds that had covered her silky, brown hair. She watched as they slowly swirled around before being finally drawn into the drain.

"I'm coming in!" cried Casey. The doorknob squeaked as she turned it, and a cool breeze burst into the room as the door opened.

"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying. For Pete's sake already!" Jenny pushed the shower curtain back and reached for the big, fluffy towel that would soon cuddle her body.

"Now, miss drama queen, the bathroom is yours," joked Jenny. She wrapped the towel around her waist and carefully exited the shower. The door slammed, and Casey now showered in peace.

"So impatient, so rude," thought Jenny.

"Maybe one day she'll get to see what a jerk she can be." She turned the corner into her bedroom and flicked on the light. As she placed the towel on her head and wrapped her hair up into a tight bun, she quickly shuffled over to her closet. Cool air on damp skin was uncomfortable, especially since her mom turned the AC on early today, as it was supposed to be very hot.

"What to wear today?" she asked herself. Jenny's dark green eyes moved back and forth across the shelves of her closet.

"Pink? Red? Blue? Green? White? Clear?" Her face showed some dissatisfaction in her choices. Then, back in the corner, she saw them.

"Ahh, yellow!" Jenny picked up the garment and continued to prepare to dress herself.

"Pants are gonna be too hot today," she thought.

"I think I'll wear this skirt. She reached onto the shelf above the last one, and removed a long denim skirt. It had ruffled brown leather around the seams, and a cute spiral design on the front.

"This will do just fine," she smiled at her choice. She grabbed a sports bra from the bottom dresser drawer, and her ugly, dark blue school uniform shirt from the pile of freshly laundered clothes her mom had dropped on her bed.

She carefully laid her clothing choices down beside the mound of laundry, and reached under her bed. She could hear her sister singing in the shower.

"And she says I can't sing well in their." She chuckled to herself. Jenny reached under her bed and pulled out one of the clear plastic containers that held her morning essentials: a vinyl changing pad, a container of baby wipes, a bottle of baby powder, and a tub of Vaseline.

She unfolded the pad and carefully placed it on the floor beside her. She reached into the second container of essentials: a disposable adult diaper appeared.

"Attends 10, classic style. Size small." She had read those words thousands of times before, and each time she read it, it brought back memories of that day.

"Are you done in there yet?" She yelled jokingly to her sister in the bathroom.

"I'm no slower than you are!" came the reply.

Jenny opened the brief, and straightened the plastic and the tapes. Experience had taught her that unfolding all of the plastic, even the small creases, resulted in a much more comfortable diaper.

"I bet I could do this with my eyes closed and both arms tied behind my back," she joked to herself. She heavily powdered the diaper, making sure to cover all of the absorbent areas. She placed the diaper in the center of the changing pad, and positioned herself above it. The familiar soft embrace of a new diaper greeted her bottom, and she lay down, legs spread apart, on top of it. She reached over and grabbed the small tub of Vaseline, and removed the top. She dipped her right index finger deep into the tub and pulled out a large glob.

"Always has to be so cold," she whispered to herself in mild discomfort.

She gently pressed the glob into her vaginal lips, and slowly rubbed it in, allowing herself time to become used to the chill of the ointment. She generously spread it over her lips, and inside of her. She moved then to her anus, and covered that with Vaseline as well, making sure to spread it thick. She was accustomed to diaper rashes, but she tried to prevent them as much as possible. The Vaseline kept the moisture away from her skin, making it less likely to develop a rash in such personal areas.

"I'm done, you happy now?" asked Casey, stepping into the room.

"It's about time. I'm already getting dressed, and you're just now getting out of the shower," rebuked Jenny.

"Yeah, but it takes you longer to get dressed, so we're even." Casey laughed. It was true. Slipping on a pair of panties was a lot easier than having to prep for a diapering every morning...was.

"Hurry up, I gotta be at school early today for my test," Casey stated.

"Chill, Speedy Gonzales," Jenny teased.

Jenny grabbed the baby powder and poured a large amount on her lower half. She rubbed it in a bit, and used a baby wipe to clean her hands. Next, she reached down and pulled the diaper up between her legs. She taped the bottom right tape snugly, and then the bottom left. After that, she grabbed the top right tape and pulled it as tightly as she could. She repeated the process on the top left tape, securely sealing herself into her own private toilet for the morning. The rubbed her hands across each tape, pressing it securely into place, and ran her fingers down the inside of her legs to adjust the leg guards before she stood up.

"Grab my panties and toss them to me, will you?" Jenny asked of her sister. Casey picked up the pale yellow rubber pants and dropped them into her sister's hands.

"Come on already, let's go" Casey demanded as she fastened her bra and adjusted her medium-sized breasts into their respective places..

Jenny stood up, acclimating herself to the size of the new, dry diaper. She open the waistband of the yellow rubber pants, and stepped into them, right leg first, then left. She worked them upward against the pull of the tight leg bands, and moved the waistband up and over her diaper. She let the waistband of her pants slap against her firm, tan tummy above her belly button. The rubber pants only came an inch or so above her belly button, but the diaper came to within an inch below it, so the security of the rubber pants lay in the extra two inches of top room. She ran her hands around her bottom, feeling for signs of plastic peeking out of her rubber pants...her...rubber pants.

"Okay, done." Jenny smiled and turned to her sister, striking the pose of a ballerina, trying to make her laugh. She succeeded.

"You're so weird, Casey giggled, pulling her ugly dark blue school shirt over her head.

"Thanks!" Jenny said grinning.

Jenny walked over to her bed and picked up her skirt. She stepped into it, and pulled it up over her rubber pants. It was kind of difficult, but she managed. She grabbed her bra and slipped it on, adjusting herself afterwards.

"I really hope you do well on you're test today, Casey." Casey smiled, needing the affirmation in preparation for her hardest Calculus test to date.

Jenny grabbed her ugly dark blue school shirt and pulled it over her head. She pulled her hair out and slipped a scrunchy over it, putting it into a long, flowing ponytail. She walked over to her closet, and grabbed her sandals, slipped them on her feet, and grabbed her books. Then she headed downstairs to breakfast with her mom and sister.

Part Two

On the way to school, Jenny sat in the back seat, and Casey sat up front with their mother, Amy. Amy always drove them to school, even though they both had their license. Ever since...that day.

"You two girls have a good day, and please be careful," yelled Amy as the sisters exited the car.

Jenny and Casey headed off towards their classes. After third period, Jenny got up from her desk in Algebra, and walked...wobbled... down the hall to the nurse's office. Every day, same time, for four years. The middle-aged, lovely looking nurse sat at her desk, awaiting her morning appointment with Jenny. They had become friends through all of the diaper changes, and the nurse enjoyed the time she got to spend with Jenny.

"Good morning," Jenny gleamed as she entered the office. The nurse smiled and said hello. They walked into the exam room, and Jenny hopped up on the exam table, awaiting her chance to be released from her now very wet, and very swollen, soiled adult diaper.

"Any surprises this morning?" the nurse asked.

"Nothing surprising today," Jenny responded .

"Just the usual."

"Okay then, you know the drill," the nurse directed. Jenny knew the drill well. She lay down, and lifted her school uniform shirt, revealing the top of her pale yellow rubber panties, now beading with moisture. The nurse slipped her skirt down and off with expertise, gained from four years of experience.

"Lift up," commanded the nurse. Jenny complied, and the nurse began slowly rolling the pale yellow rubber panties down. Beads of perspiration mixed with urine dripped onto the paper covering the exam table.

"Okay, relax." Jenny allowed herself to slowly ease back down onto the now slightly damp paper of the exam table. She lay on the table in just her school shirt, a saturated and soiled diaper, and her sandals--quite a sight for her--an eighteen year old girl.

The nurse slipped on a pair of latex gloves, and approached Jenny. She untapped the bottom left and right tapes, and then the top two tapes, exposing Jenny's glistening tummy and messy bottom.

"Not too much of a mess today, Jenny," admitted the nurse.

"I know. Casey gave me an enema before I got in the shower this morning," Explained Jenny.

"I didn't think it would be too much by now. It'll probably be a little worse after lunch--all of those nasty cafeteria tacos." The nurse chuckled slightly, "You're probably right, sweetie."

Jenny hated the feeling of her own mess sliding around against her bottom, so as often as she could, she would have her sister, Casey, give her an enema before her morning shower. This helped most of the time, allowing Jenny to make it through the school day without smelling too badly between changes. Casey didn't mind seeing her sister naked, or sticking a big black nozzle into her sister's bottom to fill her with water and soap suds. It had become part of her morning routine. She had become accustomed to helping Jenny. After all, she was her sister, and sisters always looked out for each other. Sometimes, Casey wished she looked out for Jenny a little more often.

The nurse grabbed some baby wipes and began to wipe away the urine soaked baby powder that Jenny had applied earlier that morning. She then began the task of cleaning up the small accumulation of brown mess that had smeared its way into Jenny's skin, all the way up into the small of her back. When that was over with, she tapped Jenny on the leg, indicating that it was time for her to lift up, so the sodden diaper could be removed from under her.

"Flip over," the nurse instructed. Jenny flipped over onto her stomach. She felt the cool antiseptic wipe as it touched her back, and winced from the new feeling. After the mess had been cleaned away, she returned to laying on her back. She watched the nurse as she removed her soiled latex gloves, and put on a clean pair. She reached into the cabinet above the counter, and removed a large, clear container of diaper changing articles, which she placed at Jenny's side.

The nurse removed another Attends 10 Classic brief, and opened it. She doused it in baby powder, and motioned for Jenny to raise her bottom. Jenny lifted up in compliance and allowed her new toilet to be placed under her. The nurse then reached into the box, and opened a tub of Vaseline. She smeared a rather large glob onto her fingers, and began to slowly apply it to Jenny's vaginal lips. Jenny always enjoyed this moment, and savored it.

Jenny had long resigned herself to the fact that she would never have a boyfriend who could--or would--bring her pleasure. The nurse slowly inserted her two fingers into Jenny's vagina, and allowed them to caress Jenny's insides. She and Jenny had talked many times before about her fear of never receiving pleasure, and the nurse had secretly made a promise to herself to give Jenny at least some opportunity to know what an orgasm felt like. They were very comfortable around each other. The nurse knew that Jenny had never even kissed a boy, much less been masturbated by one. Jenny had mentioned several times before that she played with herself in her diapers often. The nurse felt sorry for her, and decided that she would allow Jenny to masturbate in her office whenever she needed to. For that, Jenny was very grateful

The nurse slowly masturbated Jenny. Jenny could feel her fingers doing a dance inside of her, and it made her tremble all the way down to her toes. As the nurse used her other hand to grease her anus with Vaseline, Jenny felt something slide inside of her. She kept her eyes closed,. She heard a click, and suddenly, waves of pleasure vibrated thorough her entire body. The nurse had inserted a vibrating dildo into Jenny's behind. Jenny moaned softly as the vibrator, coupled with the nurse's dancing fingers, brought her to a full and intense orgasm. Her legs grew stiff, and then relaxed. Never before had she felt such pleasure. The nurse took her fingers out of Jenny, and cupped her hand over the vibrator, still buzzing away softly inside of Jenny's rectum. Jenny opened her eyes and smiled wide. Small waves of pleasure still tingled in her thighs.

"It looks like you enjoyed that, huh?" grinned the nurse. Jenny nodded and peeped out a low, quiet, "Yes."

"I thought you would. I bought that with you in mind. I figured I'd give it to you as sort of an early Christmas gift." Jenny continued to smile.

"Thanks," was all she was able to say.

The nurse left the vibrator in as she lifted the front of the diaper up and over Jenny's wet lips. She fastened it tightly at the bottom tapes, and as tight as she possibly could at the top tapes. She paused to listen for any tell-tale sounds of a buzz coming form inside the diaper. Nothing seen, nothing heard. However, something was most certainly being felt. Jenny's eyes were opened wide and the smile she had from earlier was still glued on her face. The nurse could tell that Jenny was happy. To herself, she felt glad inside to bring the girl some happiness.

The nurse reached once more into the container and pulled out a pair of hospital style rubber pants. The were milky white and extremely thick and heavy. They were a pull on style that had a Velcro strip at the waistband to help keep them securely around Jenny's waist. Jenny hated wearing them, as they were very bulky and hot. She didn't care that they made lots of noise, as everyone in the school knew she wore diapers.

Jenny lifted her legs as the nurse slowly pulled the rubber pants up her legs. As they were pulled into place over her diaper, Jenny felt the weight and heat of the pants starting to take effect. A quick check to make sure her diaper was fully encased in the rubber prison, and the nurse slipped Jenny's skirt up and over the rubber pants, though with much more difficulty that Jenny had done earlier in the morning.

"All done," chirped the nurse, and Jenny hopped off of the exam table. As she stood up, she adjusted her ugly school shirt down over the top of her skirt and thick rubber panties. She stood still a moment, and felt the bulk and weight of her new diaper and thick rubber pants.

As she walked out of the Nurse's office, she said goodbye to the nurse for the next few hours. The entire changing, from greeting to goodbye, took only ten minutes.

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