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Jessica's Story

(This is my life story, how I was introduced to diapers, and how I became an adult baby. It deals with a bit of my childhood, form when I started wetting the bed at age 12, to my intro to diapers at age 18, and how I became an adult baby by age 20. I am 20 now and lead a normal life; even though half the time I am two, half the time I am 20. Enjoy!)

First, we'll start off with some opening facts. My name is Jessica and I started wetting the bed at 12 years old. My mom, Lisa, pretty much panicked. She hated the smell of urine that filtered through my room, and she was a neat freak. She would come in my room every morning, and wake me up by pulling my sheets, that were very wet, out from under and over me, and pulling off my saturated nightgown, leaving me in just my panties. Needless to say, I was cold and wet. After taking my dirty laundry to the laundry room, she would come back with a couple towels and have me soak up the urine that remained on my bed. I was then told to take a shower and get ready for school. I never really knew what was truly wrong with me until I was 18, and the wettings started to get worse. By then, my mom had gotten me a plastic sheet for my bed. Anyways, I woke up wet one morning, as usual, I do not truly remember having but one or two dry mornings since I was 12, and I went though my usual routine with my mom, but now I only needed to dry my plastic sheet and not my bed. I took a shower and got ready for school. That day I wore the usual school uniform, a navy blue collared shirt, and navy blue skirt with matching socks. I know it sounds hideous but it was what we were made to wear. And I wore my white sneakers. I went to school on the bus, as I usually did, and when I finally got to school I met up with my friend Andrea and we got some breakfast at the cafeteria. I drank my usual carton of milk and orange juice, which never really had bothered me much before, at least not until third period break, which was the first and only scheduled bathroom break of the day, we could not go in between during class, it was either then or before or after school. Well, today the drinks bothered me. The schedule for classes went like this: Odd days were periods 1, 3, 5, and 7, and Even days were periods 2, 4, 5, and 6, with period five being only one hour long each day. The other classes were 2 hours long.

So, as usual, I went without the morning bathroom break as I felt I did not need it. About halfway through 1st period, I felt the need to pee badly. I was a bit shocked, as this had never happened before. I crossed my legs, but to no avail, before even a moment passed I was making a puddle on the floor beneath my desk, and I did not even feel it coming! It happened so fast that I could not even warn my teacher, but the boy sitting next to me did my job too well. He saw what was happening, and he yelled, "Oh man, Jessica is wetting herself!" That's when the teacher, a 65 year old bitch, pardon my French, came over and said, "Jessica, you naughty little girl, you go to the nurse right this instant!" So I grabbed my things and ran to the nurse's office, with the pee in my sneakers sloshing around the whole way. I felt disgusting, and everyone in the halls were looking at me, and I knew they were laughing softly as I ran by full of pee. I made it to the nurse's office, and went inside. I did not even have to say a word; the nurse saw my predicament and led me to the bathroom in her office. She had me take off my soiled skirt, and my shirt, which got pee on it too, and my shoes, socks, and panties. So there I was, an 18-year-old girl, last year of high school, naked except for my bra, in a nurse's bathroom because I had just uncontrollably wet myself. The nurse came back with a new uniform for me to wear, but no panties. I dressed myself in the new ensemble, which was about the same as my old one, shirt and skirt, but this time the nurse gave my some sandals, which were a little big, but would do as my shoes dried. When I was done the nurse said, "Why don't you get on the potty and try to use it, then we can see about you getting back to class." She said it so sweetly that I could not decline, even though she used the word "potty" like I was a two year old. So I sat on the "potty" and tried to go, but to no avail. I wiped myself clean, even where the pee had not touched me, and headed out of the bathroom. The nurse came up to me and said, "Any success on the potty?" o which I blushed a bit, and shook my head no. The nurse got a disappointed look on her face and said, "Well I'm afraid that means I'm going to have to have you wear these then." And with that she held up something that I had seen in TV commercials, but had never even thought of wearing. I nearly fainted at the suggestion.

The nurse was holding up what I now know to be a pair of Depend Protective Underwear. They looked so goofy that I nearly laughed out loud and said, "You're kidding right? I don't need to wear that, it's for old people." The nurse then said, "That's not entirely true, I know many young people who wear these for their bladder problems. And you know I know your mother, Jessica, and I know about your nighttime accidents. This will help for now, to keep you less embarrassed." I was blushing fiercely when she brought up my little night problem, but it was true, I had known Nurse Andrews almost my whole life. But it still pissed me off a bit that mo had told her about my bedwetting. But I figured since she was a registered nurse, it was probably only told so my mom could understand it more. I was at a crossroads. Should I do what Nurse Andrews said to do? That would mean wearing the bulky old people underwear, but did I really have a choice? The Nurse Andrews gave me an opportunity of escape, when she said, "Or I could call your mom and explain to her what happened and you could be sent home for the day, but according to rules you cannot leave without wearing panties, so you still have to wear this. And I have to inform your mom that you are wearing it. How does that sound?" It sounded a whole lot better than wearing it in school, so I agreed. She handed me the diaper pant, and I put it on. It was a loose fit, but she said it would do until I found something more suitable. But I just figured that it would be just this one day and that was it. Boy, was I wrong.

Nurse Andrews called my mom and explained my situation. My mom seemed relatively cool about it, or so Nurse Andrews told me. When my mom reached my school however, it was a different story. She came into the nurse's office, and said in a bit of a high tone but not a yell, "Jessica Natalie Harris, explain to me why you wet your pants at school right this instant, young lady!" I blubbered out my usual response when I wet the bed for the first time, "I didn't know it was happening and it just came out. It was an accident, I'm sorry." My mom cooled down a bit, at least until the nurse had to butt in.

"Lisa, there's more. The school's policy for wetting is a bit of a harsh one, I'm afraid. You see I already have put Jessica into what she will have to wear here for the next week. It is a health code issue, Jessica must wear these or a more suitable diaper to class and I must check her at her afternoon break. It is the best thing for her and the school's health and this way I can monitor her and suggest other treatment." My mo just stood there looking awestruck and puzzled, but was able to muster out the words, "What diaper?" That was when Nurse Andrews walked over to me and lifted my skirt to show her what I was wearing.

"Good lord, what the hell is that?" My mom stammered out.

(Diaper leak. Need a change. Have to stop writing for now. Just thought I would add that for the explanation of a shorter paragraph. Yes I wet my diaper while writing this, in fact I woke up wet, and wet again this morning, and now I need to change.)

(Ok all changed and in a fresh diaper so I will continue writing.: )

I thought my mom would faint right there on the spot. She seemed like she was abut to lose her balance but she caught herself. That's when Nurse Andrews said, "That, Mrs. Harris, is a pair of Depend Protective Underwear. It is school policy that whomever should wet their pants must go home wearing one, and come back in a similar brand for the next week. As for its yellowish color, it seems Jessica has wet herself again." I looked down and felt the blood rush out of my head. I felt my face grow pale. I had wet the old people underwear, and I did not even notice it happening. I felt it squish around under me, it was warm and it felt absolutely disgusting. My mom was dumbfounded, but she was able to squeak out, "Jessica, why is your "diaper" wet? Are you some kind of freak?!" And with that, I started to cry. My mother had never talked to me that way, even when I started wetting the bed. But then my mom tried to calm me down, "Oh, Jessica, I'm sorry! I didn't mean that! You know that this is very hard for me to understand. I'll get you the best help I can find, I'll make an appointment to see Dr. Shapiro, how does that sound? It'll be okay, I promise." While my mother was trying to console me, Nurse Andrews went to fetch another Depend out of a compartment, but before she could, I blubbered out, "Oh no, I think I'm leaking!" So Nurse Andrews helped me onto her examination table and wiped me up before I could make too much of a mess. She then used the tear-away sides to undo my diaper. She then said, "I think I might have a something better than this in storage, it won't leak in case you have another accident, but it is a lot bulkier. Do you want to try it?" I just calmly nodded my head, as I did not know if I would wet again, so I wanted to be prepared for it. Nurse Andrews told us she would be right back. I lay there on her table, naked from the waist down.

I did not see my mom move for the whole five minutes Nurse Andrews was gone. She just sat there, pale as a ghost, obviously in her own world to try to escape what may be a fate for both of us soon. Nurse Andrews came back with a bigger diaper; it was white and had tabs. As she put it on me, Nurse Andrews said, "This is a Depend Overnight brief, it is a bulkier, and much more absorbent, type of diaper. This can handle a couple wettings and even a bowel movement if need be. I would suggest that Jessica wear this kind of diaper the rest of the week, or something like it. You can get them at your local pharmacy, and dependent upon what her doctor recommends, I would try to get a couple cases and send some to the school so she can be changed diligently and not have to carry her changes around in her backpack." This was all Nurse Andrews said as she taped me up. I got up off the table, and felt the true bulkiness of the diaper. It was big and it crinkled loudly. At first, I had a little trouble getting my walking straight, but I figured it out eventually. My mom must have noticed the crinkle and said, "Well we might have to get a brand that crinkles less, but these would be good for her nighttime accidents." With that I said, "I have to wear these at night too! Oh this just keeps getting better and better. What's next? You gonna feed me from a highchair, making noises and saying here comes the choo-choo! Come on! This is nuts!" And with that my mom swatted me right on my diapered behind, and said, "That is enough young lady. Today you have proved to me that not only can you not be trusted to use the bathroom when you need it, but that also you can act like a snotty little brat in front of a lady who just did a whole heck of a lot more for you then you have ever for her. Now I want you to thank Nurse Andrews right now!" I lowered my head a little and said softly, "Thanks Nurse Andrews." To which my mom said, "For what?" And I replied, "For changing my di....." And my mom slapped me on the butt again and I blurted out, "For changing my diapers! Ouch! Are you happy? I feel like a three year old!" And my mom replied, "Well you act like one, too!" And we left, my butt crinkling all the way out the door.

In the car on the way home my mom was completely silent, and I was upset. I did not want to wear diapers for a whole week, and definitely not for my whole life. This sucked. And it sucked even more when we pulled up to the Walgreens. I sat up and said, "What are we doing here?" To which my mom replied, "Buying you some more diapers, what else? Now come on, I need you for the size check." I just shook my head and said, "No mom, this is here I draw the line. I am 18 years old, and its bad enough that you won't let me drive or get a job, but I am not letting you embarrass me in front of a whole store of people by having me try on adult diapers! I am not moving." And with that I crossed my arms. But my mom was not thrilled by my sudden outburst. She came over to the side of the car I was on, opened the door, undid my seatbelt, and grabbed my long brown hair, pulling it tight, and yanking me out of the car.

"Ouch! That fucking hurts!" And she then slapped my mouth and said, "Don't you talk to me that way young lady, now are you going to come in like a good girl or do we have to make a scene?" And through the stinging of my mouth I said, "I'll be good! Please let go, it hurts!" And my mom let go. She then took my hand and led me into the store, where the fun only had begun.

My mom found the nearest clerk and said, "Hi, I need some diapers for my 18 year old daughter, can you help me?" The clerk just burst out laughing and said, "Are you for real? This is a joke right? Who put you up to this, was it Bill?" But my mom was surefooted, and she said, "This is no joke, my 18 year old daughter needs some diapers, and we may need to try some on, and if you help me there is a tip in it for you." The clerk's eyes got bright. They were hazel eyes, and the clerk was not bad looking herself. She had the nicest blonde hair, and a figure to match. I'm not a lesbian or anything, but if I was, watch out, I would have been all over her like flies on bad fruit. But the clerk interrupted my drool fest and said, "Okay, if it's no joke, follow me. My name is Tiffany, by the way, and are there any brands you had in mind?" To which I blushed and my mom replied, "Well, she's wearing these," and to my dismay she lifted my skirt and exposed my despair, "I think that they are Depend Allnights, or, now what did Nurse Andrews say? Jessica, do you remember?" I just stood there and said, "Overnights, I believe. Now can you put my skirt down, people are gawking!" My mom dropped my skirt and said, "You better stop taking that tone of voice with me young lady, or do you need a spanking?" I gawked at her, but stopped myself from saying anything that would get me a harsh spanking that I had not gotten I years. The clerk interrupted our squabbling, and said, "Well we have those in stock, but they crinkle like the dickens, would you be more interested in something less noisy but just as absorbent?" To which my mom replied, "Well, what did you have in mind?" The clerk picked up a package of Attends, and said, "Those diapers do well for nighttime situations, such as bedwetting, but these are good for everyday activities. They are more like a cloth-covered diaper, so they crinkle less.

But don't worry, the cloth cover won't leak." To which my mom replied, "Those would be good for her in the daytime, but if you do carry the Depend Overnights, we'll need some of those too, as she has hr little nighttime problem to deal with." Was blushing fiercely, and I was mad as a hatter. So I said, "Mom why do you have to blab about that!" To which my mom quickly retorted, "Well if you did not wet the bed every night, I would not have to, would I?" So I just shut up. My mom ordered two cases, 96 diapers each, of the Attends, size small, since I am petite, and two cases of the Depend Overnights. On our way to pay, I just had to know something.

"Tiffany?" I said, trying to keep our conversation quiet.

"Yes?" she replied.

"How do you know so much about adult diapers?" Tiffany did not even reply, she just lifted the back of her shirt to expose the white waistband of an Attends diaper.

I was awestruck for the car ride. Nurse Andrews was right, I thought, kids my age do wear adult diapers. I felt better about my predicament. My mom broke the silence of the car by saying, "Wanna go to McDonalds for lunch?" To which I hungrily agreed, as it was nearing lunchtime. We pulled into the parking lot of the McDonalds, and went inside. My mom got the food as I got the table. My mom got me chicken nuggets and fries, while she got a fish sandwich. And we both got large cokes. During the meal I felt a warm sensation, and realized I was wetting for the third time today. I shrugged it off as being the coke, but then I felt a more familiar, less reassuring feeling. I said to my mom, "I need to go." To which my mom whispered, "Might as well use what you're wearing." To which I said, "No, I gotta go number two, and I'm already wet!" Which I'm sure someone heard as a snicker filled the air, but I did not care anymore. But my mom was steadfast, and whispered her reply, "Look, I'm not wasting almost two hundred dollars worth of diapers, so you might as well get used to using them. I'll change you in the car." I was upset, but I felt my mom was right. But then I realized, even if the doctor found nothing wrong with me, was I still going to have to wear diapers in the daytime? I figured not, as I could just as easily use them all up at night. But I could not wait any longer, so I lifted my butt up gently in the seat, which caused my diaper to crinkle and attract some stares, but it did not matter as I was already going. It felt mushy and it pushed up into my vagina and up the back of my diaper. Luckily it did not smell too bad. But when I sat down it mashed more, and I felt disgusted. I could not eat anymore, and my mom was finished, so we went to the car. I lay down in the back seat and she went to the back of the car and fetched an Attends, and the wipes she brought. She put up my skirt and undid my diaper, and when the smell hit her she said, "Oh what a stinky baby!" To which I said, "Mom I'm not a baby!" To which she deftly replied, "Oh yeah, how many adults do you know that mess themselves in McDonalds, and need to be changed in the car by their mommy?" She had a point there, so I just had to grin and bear it. Mom wiped me clean, making sure to get the entire poop, which she called "poopies", off her "baby". I was feeling demoralized, being treated like an infant, but I would have to get used to it.

She finished changing me, and we went home. It was a little after two o'clock, and I wanted to watch TV. So after I helped my mom get the cases of diapers up to my room, we lived in a two-story house and my room was on the second floor, I went to get changed into some normal clothes. I took off my school uniform, and put on some sweats, and a shirt that said princess on it in glitter. I figured the sweats would cover my diaper the best. But when I got downstairs, my mom said, "Pants off." To which I replied, "Why?" And when mom said, "Cause that way I can tell when you need to be changed. Plus, I already know you are in a diaper, so does it really matter?" She was right again, so I took off my pants, and sat on the couch. I was flipping through the channels when a diaper commercial came on. It was one of those pull-up commercials, where the little kid sings, "I'm a big kid now!" and I found myself with the incredible urge to sing along, though I did it quietly. But unknown to me my mom heard, and she started planning something of her own. Little did I know it, but by the end of the week, and the end of my school "punishment", I would be a baby again.

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