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Jimmy walked off the elevator into the beautiful lobby of the posh Majesty hotel in downtown Singapore. When I say he is a bit of an exhibitionist, you may or may not agree. But I watched him look over the busy lobby area wearing bright red toddlerboy shortalls with white snappers in the crotch and on the sides. His shirt had snappers in the shoulder and was made from a fire engine print on a pale blue background; it was also kind of short, and, if one took a moment, it would be easy to see the milky white plastic pants peeking over the side vents of his shortalls. I was dressed in my business suit and blended in with a group of multinational businesspeople seated in the soft lobby chairs, sipping cocktails, and having earnest conversations. A piano player provided classical music; the splashing of the waterfall in the flower garden seemed to echo back down from the top of the lobby's atrium; dishes clattered and glasses clinked as waiters served hors d'oeuves. All of this added to the din. and the apparent distraction of Jimmy as he stood clutching a small blue canvas bag.

Jordan, our manager in Austin, had sent me to Singapore to deal with some issues raised by TechStartius, one of our biggest accounts and I had just checked into the hotel an hour ago. I am the International Sales Director for our company and Jimmy is our star field service engineer. He had been sent to Singapore two weeks ago to repair some of our installed equipment at TechStartius and had no idea I was coming. That's why he never really noticed me watching him from my comfortable seat, somewhat obscured by a large plant.

It amused me to see him dressed that way. I'd seen this before during one of my unexpected visits to Denver where he had preceded me. During the day, Jimmy always wore impeccable khaki slacks and sports shirts; he was a perfectionist at his work, and all of our customers hoped that, when they called for service, he would be the engineer sent. I suspect many of our customers would be shocked to see his "little boy outfits" after hours! Jimmy turned from the elevator and walked toward one of the hotel restaurants, the one in the lobby area, marked off by a bamboo styled railing. Watching, I could see that the back of his shortalls seemed pretty puffy and I guessed he was wearing pretty thick diapers. I half wondered if his crotch snaps might burst. I could see the hostess flash a grin while welcoming him and inviting him to follow her to a table. I knew he had been here for two weeks, and appeared every evening in the restaurant in some sort of toddler outfit. The hostess was probably used to his atypical dinner clothes but didn't seem to mind.

As he sat at his table, I was amazed to watch her reach quickly into his canvas bag, pull out a large bib, and tie it around his neck. I chuckled to myself and half wondered about the size of tips he must be leaving each night! She apparently took Jimmy's drink order and left him to look at a menu.

I took a moment to signal the roving waiter for another beer, then settled back to see what Jimmy'd do next. A waitress came to Jimmy's table with a glass of wine. I could see Jimmy say something while reaching into his bag for something. A moment later the waitress was pouring his wine into a brightly cartooned sippee cup! When she took his order and left with the menu, he again reached into his bag, pulled out a pile of Golden books, stacked them on the opposite side of his table, and took the first on the pile and began to read intently. I watched his lips move slowly; it was apparently he was reading them aloud to himself! I just shook my head, took a large gulp of my beer, and sat back in my chair to read some sales reports. I would've liked to say "hi," but I didn't want to interrupt his fantasy dinner.

I guess I got pretty engrossed in planning my work for the next few days, because when I looked up, Jimmy was gone. I decided it was safe to get up and go and get some food myself.


It was about 9 pm and I was back in my room when the phone rang. It was Jordan calling from Austin. It seems there was yet another crisis at TechStartius.

They wanted me to get Jimmy and go over to their plant. Jimmy would need to provide a quick fix on the equipment; I was expected to provide a "political" fix.

"Jimmy must be asleep," Jordan said, "because I have called his room - it's number 844 by the way - three times and there's no answer." I told him I'd find him and take care of it.

I got dressed and took the elevator down to the eighth floor and found his door with little difficulty. I was about to knock when I heard voices inside.

"Little Jimmy needs his Mommy to mahssage his sore legs, yes? There we go, a little baby oil will help him feel better, yes?" It was a woman's voice.

"Tankie Mommy. Me feels better," giggled a young man's voice, clearly Jimmy's.

"Me love you Mommy and me loves me Teddy Bear too."

"You put Teddy over here, now, Jimmy so we don't get oil on Teddy. That's right. Time for you speshal mahssage little boy. A little of your nice baby oil here, yes?"

"Yes, please Mommy," Jimmy said.

It was quiet for a few moments, and then I could hear Jimmy moaning slightly.

"Ooooohh. Looks like little Jimmy's pee-pee is getting warm an happy," I could hear the woman say soothingly. Good grief. There I was standing outside the hotel door of our most outstanding engineer, listening to his hired masseuse baby him! I could feel my own member rise a bit, just listening.

Suddenly, I could hear the woman again.

"OK Jimmy.

It's time to get you diapered little guy. Let me slide this under your little bottom."

"No, no, no, Mommy! Not yet Mommy! Please, no stop now!" I wasn't sure if Jimmy was going to start crying or something.

"Oh yes my little one. We can't have you messing me with your .. A little powder, yes? Ahhhh, I thought so, cute one. Let me rub that in now, yes? You like that? Now we pull this right up here. Here we go, just pull this back part around front and tape you all up nice an' snuggy."

"Mommy, pweeeaaase!" Jimmy was pleading.

"Oh, Jimmy," cooed his Mommy-for-the-night.

"You not worry. Mommy will fix you, yes? Let me just squirt a little baby cream in your little diaper, yes? There we go. Uuuummmm. Is that better for you? Now just a minute while I get your plastic pants on. Come on, Jimmy, lift your bottom, that's a boy. There we go.

What a cute boy you are Jimmy. Yes, Mommy will fix you now. Yeesss, she will."

"Oh, tankie Mommy, tankie Mommy!" Jimmy was saying, and moaning a bit more loudly. I felt a little bit of precum stickiness in my own diaper. - Yes, I wore diapers too, I just don't advertise it the way Jimmy does.

"OK that's the way we fix our little Jimmy, isn't it," she was saying.

"Now, don't cry Jimmy, you a nice boy. Why you cry like this every night Jimmy? You know Mommy loves you, yes?"

"Yes, Mommy, I know," I could hear Jimmy say in a little sobbing voice.

"I just wish I had a real Mommy or Daddy to take care of me. I'm sorry. I put the money over on the desk, Mommy."

"OK, Jimmy. .Oh, Jimmy, thank YOU!," she said.

"You are a generous little boy!" I heard the woman laugh softly.

"Here, let Mommy cover you up and tuck you in now. There we go. Night - night little one." A moment later I heard the door to his room start to open.


She had long dark hair and a beautiful Philippine face. I guessed she was about 26 years old. She looked startled to see me standing about three feet back from the door.

"Oh, hello!" I said casually.

"Just coming to call on a friend of mine. I guess if you are just leaving, he must still be awake. Thank goodness! I hoped I wouldn't be disturbing him." She looked at me with a slow smile and a shrug.

"If you say so, mistah." She headed toward the elevator with a brisk, professional walk.

"Here we go," I thought to myself. And I came back close to Jimmy's door and knocked, then stood aside so he wouldn't see me through the security peek hole.

After a minute or two, the door opened a crack, with the safety bar still in place.

"Is that you Mommy?" Jimmy whispered.

"Did you forget something?" I wanted to laugh. But instead, without missing a beat, and trying to keep my voice steady, I replied, "No Jimmy, it's Daddy. May I come in, little one?" A short gasp. A long pause.

"Uh, Allen? Is that you? What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Uh-oh, Jimmy," I laughed out loud.

"Maybe Daddy will have to wash your mouth out with soap. Now why don't you let Daddy in. We have a little emergency at TechStartius we have to address."

"SHIT!" was all I heard. The door closed, the security lock was removed, and the door opened to let me in. Jimmy was trying to hide behind his opened door. But there he stood in his blue carousel print plastic panties covering his disposable diaper and his fire engine print toddler T-shirt was back on, too.

"I was all snuggled in bed, Daddy! Can't I go night-night, now?" he tried.

I laughed.

"Yeah, Jimmy, you were snuggled all right." I sat on the edge of his bed, took his hand, and pulled him over to sit on my lap. He was slight enough that he fit there quite comfortably.

"So how was your Mommy, Jimmy? Did she give you a nice massage?" Jimmy put his thumb in his mouth and snuggled against my chest.

"Uh - huh, she nice, Daddy. Me misted you, doe. Me glad you came all da way to see me." I kissed Jimmy on his ear, the one closest to my face, sucking on his ear lobe just a bit.

"Why Jimmy, of course I came here just to see you!" Then I laughed, rolled him off my lap and onto the bed, and started to tickle him, saying, "Of course, Jordan had nothing to do with it, did he now? Our biggest customer in southeast Asia had nothing to do with my coming, right diaper butt? Right?" He was howling with laughter as I tickled him. Then I lay on the bed and we hugged and kissed.

"Well," I whispered, "I knew you needed Daddy to take care of you, so of course I was glad to obey the Jordan slave driver!" I slowly disentangled from Jimmy and sat up.

"Jimmy, I am really sorry to do this to you, but I need to talk with you as 'Big Boy Jimmy' for a few minutes."

"Daddy, you know I hate that! I only got to wear my diapers for the last few minutes since Mommy, er. the masseuse left."

"I don't think so Jimmy! Your 'Mommy' put those diapers on for you. And you were in diapers since before 6 pm when you went down to supper! Yes. I saw you sitting in the restaurant in your toddler clothes.

So don't tell me you've only had a few minutes of diaper time." Jimmy had a smooth, nearly hairless face. He blushed and looked down at the floor.

"Look, Jimmy, here's the deal. Jordan called about 45 minutes ago. He wants us both to go over to TechStartius tonight, as soon as possible, to work a problem." I hated to talk to Jimmy about work. In fact, I know we both found it challenging to keep our professional and personal lives in working order. Professionally, I'm not really Jimmy's boss. His boss is Rodney, the International Service Manager based in Austin. Still, I do outrank him in the company. And on a personal level? Well, whenever we can, we stay together as Daddy and son. However, even when we know we both will be traveling to the same city at the same time, we get our own rooms. No sense in anyone at the company learning about our relationship.

"Sheesh! Allen, can't this wait until tomorrow?"

"Not according to Jordan, Jimmy. Look, why don't I change your diaper and get you dressed into your work clothes. Maybe with a few minutes transition time, you'll be OK. And, when we get back, I'll tuck you in so you can sleep better, OK?" I knew that without some snuggling from me, or someone he could find to baby him a bit, he was unable to sleep well. He would wake continually.

Jimmy sighed.

"Ok, Daddy, you win." He rolled onto his back.

I put my hands on the front of his plastic pants, feeling his cock start to stiffen under his diaper, and smiled at him.

"All right, let's slide these panties off," I said. I put his feet up on my shoulders, and lifted his butt enough to slide down his plastic panties. They crinkled pleasantly. I could see immediately that his white Attends was wet.

I rested my hand on the front of his diaper and the warmth and generally soggy feel confirmed what I already knew. When Jimmy is tickled, he wets uncontrollably. I pulled back the tapes and lifted the heavy diaper from under his butt. I tossed it through the bathroom door to deal with later.

Jimmy shaves what little hair he has on his pubic area and the sight of his cute clean, cut dick always makes me weak. I bent down and kissed his tummy so that he giggled, and kept kissing all the way down to his "pee-pee," as he calls it, while he squirmed and giggled. The added aroma of his urine mixed with baby powder and baby oil seemed to erase all sense of time and place. Jordan and TechStartius ceased to exist and only Jimmy and his now erect pee-pee filled my consciousness. I grabbed his butt with both my hands and lifted him up just a bit, while lowering my mouth over his tall dick. Oh, yeah. That same flavor, just as I remembered from the last time I changed him when he stayed a week at my apartment in Austin, a month ago now. Yeah, the same feel of his now slippery dick on the back of my mouth, just as I remembered in Denver when we first spent time together three years ago now.

I knew he had cum with the help of his "Mommy" less than an hour ago, but I also knew he had plenty left for Daddy. I eased off him, kissing his thighs.

"Ohhh, Daddy, I really misted you. You be long here?" he asked, slipping into his semi-toddler vocabulary.

"Yes, Jimmy, I'm scheduled to be here for the next week." He reached up and put his arms around me and kissed me on the mouth, and dropped back on the bed smiling.

Then he reached out and unbuckled and unzipped my pants, pushing his hand against my groin as he did so.

"Daddy got his dipee on too," he said cheerfully, yanking my pants down off my butt. My pants fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. He put his hand on the outside of my white Attends diaper, feeling the plastic, and feeling my stiff cock. His eyes slowly closed; he smiled; and his hand kept feeling.

"I like dis, Daddy," he said. Me too, I thought. Somehow, I found the strength to break away, and go over to the dresser where Jimmy had stacked his diapers in plain sight. I grabbed one of the pile, came back to the bed, and knelt between his legs. I raised his legs once more and slid the clean Attends under his butt. The can of powder was still lying on the bed, so I picked it up and lightly sprinkled his pee-pee, belly, and thighs. The aroma of "baby" was now in the air as I began to rub the powder in and around his balls sack, then up and down his standing cock shaft. His hips began to move up and down slightly, and in rhythm to my working his not so little boy pee-pee. He reached over and grabbed Teddy, and pulled the bear in close, in a hug, with one arm. With his free arm he reached up and clutched my hard member, right through my diaper. I let go of him and reached for the pink baby cream, moved his hand off my diaper, and squirted generously into my own diaper, and then into one of my hands. I then smeared the cream onto the front of my Attends, and tossed the bottle aside. Lowering myself onto my big little boy, and pressing my creamed-over diaper onto Jimmy's hard pee-pee, I began to hump him. The Attends was sliding up and down over his dick and he grabbed my head with both of his hands, smiling and moaning. His Teddy sat on the sheet, looking on. My own hard cock was slipping around inside my diaper.

It was just a few seconds later when there was cum juice in my diaper and on the outside of my diaper! We lay together, just hugging and waiting for our breathing to settle.

Finally, I sat up.

"Jimmy, we better clean up fast." I stood, ripped off my cum and pee soaked diaper and brought it to the bathroom, and got some wash cloths wet and lathered. I quickly washed myself off and went back out to the bed and cleaned up Jimmy with the other cloth. Within minutes, I had us both diapered and dressed. Ten minutes later, we sat in the back of a taxi, on our way to TechStartius. I knew we could wrap up the problem there in an hour and we'd be back in bed. together, Daddy and son.

I knew it would be a fun week in Singapore, at least each evening, back at the hotel. And I knew Mommy would not be getting her fees for at least the next week. I knew very well that Jimmy wanted a Daddy more than anything else. OK, you could say I needed a little guy with a big diapered cock, too, if you wanted to.


The End What do you think would improve this story? Your ideas are welcome. Email me.


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