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(This is a happy story that also includes some explicit gay sex scenes. Nothing in this story has anything to do with pedophilia or under-age sex. It's a bit sappy J, but I hope it will make your day!)

By Joey (abdljoey)

Jimmy pulled off 101 and drove down the off-ramp into Sunnyvale. He squinted past the sunny glare on the windshield of his rental car and slowed to a stop in front of the red light. He stretched and yawned. It had been a long night at Silicon Valley Devices getting his company's product back on line. Yesterday evening he had flown to Mineta San Jose International Airport from Austin, his company's headquarters, checked into his hotel, unpacked, changed, and gone directly to SVD. By midnight he was hard at work and by sunrise, the machine was back in production. While extremely tired, Jimmy was pleased with himself. He had solved the problem that the local service rep, Jason, could not solve and once more gave evidence for his reputation as his company's "star" service engineer. Jimmy drained the last from his water bottle, and accelerated as the light turned green. SnugTime Suites was located a few blocks from El Camino Real, on a tree-lined dead end. Unlike many of the older motels on El Camino, this facility was just three years old, was a bit upscale, and Jimmy's favorite place in Silicon Valley. There were only 25 units, but each was a two room suite, had a full kitchen, free wireless internet, and a reasonable price. But what Jimmy really liked was the extra storage space: large closets and large chests with multiple drawers. Jimmy always brought a lot of "extra" clothes.

Jimmy had not really unpacked very carefully when he had checked in only 12 hours ago. He had also been in a hurry to change out of the little toddler boy clothes that he liked to wear when off duty, and Jimmy considered traveling time to be "off-duty." So he had worn a blue and yellow striped onesie to help keep his thick and layered diapers in place. This he covered with a pair of tan shortalls, complete with snaps in the crotch. Like a lot of young techs, he wore a cap, but this was no baseball cap; it was a multicolored, little boy styled cap that he wore backwards. And yes, he carried his laptop, but it was stored in a light blue bag that also served as his traveling diaper bag. Jimmy had no problem with people's odd looks when he traveled through the airport or sat on a plane. He was an adult baby (AB) - well, more like an adult toddlerboy of 3 - and very comfortable with himself. Anyway, on arrival at the hotel, he had shed his soaked diaper, cleaned up, and tossed some of his other toddlerboy clothes into random drawers. With a clean diaper on, he threw on some clean jeans and a gray dress shirt with his company's logo over the pocket, and headed out to SVD.

Jimmy pulled into his spot in front of Unit 116 at SnugTime Suites, switched off the engine, and leaned back to relax for just a minute. At once, his diaper warmed to the fresh flow of pee. And after such a long night, his diaper was now soaked, and the beginning of a dark outline of pee showed on his light blue jeans. Jimmy sighed happily, and swung his legs out of the car. He loved his job. He was well respected. And he had lots of opportunities to enjoy dressing and acting like the little boy that he felt he always wanted to be. Walking to the door of his Unit, he suddenly realized that he had left his "card-key" on the kitchen counter in his room when he had left the night before. He would have to go to the front office and request a duplicate. He turned down the sidewalk that curved lazily through an inner, grassy courtyard - a shortcut to the office on the other side of the facility. Just past the decorative fountain in the center, a male housekeeper approached, pushing a cart of laundry. Like all the SnugTime Suites housekeepers, he was not in any special uniform; he had a hotel badge with his name pinned to his bright red tee shirt that was tucked neatly into tight white jeans. He had cute dimples that brought a large smile to Jimmy's sleepy face. until he saw the housekeeper grin and stare at Jimmy's wet jeans. Sometimes, there just isn't any excuse. So Jimmy just shrugged and said, "Accidents happen!" He could almost feel the look of the housekeeper staring at the wet marks on the back of his jeans as he kept on walking toward the office.

Now it is true that Jimmy was a bit of an exhibitionist; he had no trouble going about in public places dressed in diapers and toddlerboy clothes. But when he was dressed in "normal" clothes he actually could get embarrassed by a bulging diaper or wet marks on his pants. So, as soon as he turned the corner of the building, he pulled out the tails of his dress shirt, to cover the top of his jeans. The only problem was that the bottom of his gray dress shirt was black with soaked pee-pee. Jimmy sighed and forced his legs to keep on walking toward the office.

As Jimmy stepped into the carpeted office area, the manager, standing behind the desk, took only a second to spot Jimmy's wet shirt-tails.

"Good morning. Sir!" he smiled pleasantly.

"Looking for the laundry, sir?" He was a little over six feet tall, well-tanned, and the well-tailored suit he wore did little to hide his muscular body.

"No," said Jimmy looking down at his feet.

"I.. I guess I locked myself out. Could I get a duplicate key, please? I'm in 116."

"Absolutely, sir. Here you go. Now, why don't I give you a few minutes in your room, and then send housekeeping to pick up your wet clothes. Looks like you had a bit of an accident. We can have those cleaned and returned to you by 3 pm."

"No.," Jimmy started. Then he realized he would need them to return to SVD later in the day. Something about a 100,000 wafer cycle checkout.

"Well, uh, .OK.

Sure." Jimmy turned, with the key in his hand, never looking the manager in the eye, and stepped outside. He didn't see or hear the manager begin to chuckle as he picked up his portable radio to call Ramon, the same housekeeper that Jimmy had passed in the courtyard minutes before.

Exhausted, Jimmy opened the door to his room and stumbled in. He had about six hours to catch some sleep before he'd have to get dressed and head back to SVD. He kicked off his jeans and dress shirt by the door and shivered in the air conditioned room. Where is my sleeper, he wondered. Without a care for neatness, he pawed through his drawers, looking for his teddy bear print fleece sleeper he bought from KozyKomfy. Shortalls, diapers, plastic panties, little boy print shirts, and jammies all went flying to the floor. Finally, under everything else, he found the warm sleeper he wanted and stepped in and zipped up. He grabbed Teddy from the sofa and fell onto the king sized bed.

Moments later he was fast asleep, arm wrapped around Teddy. Had he changed out of his soaked diaper? No! As he slept, warm pee gathered into his diaper, and drained through his sleeper, making an ever-widening pee-pee stain on the sheets of the hotel bed.

Chapter 2

Ramon knocked on the door of Unit 116 and stated, "Housekeeping!" in a loud boyish voice. He had been sent by the manager to pick up the laundry. He thought it was odd that no one answered, but he knew he was expected to pick up a shirt and pants, and possibly more, so he used his passkey to enter the room.

Ramon was startled to find that the room was occupied after all; then he realized that the sleeping occupant was the cute guy from the courtyard who had said, "Accidents happen!" just a short while ago. He grinned and shook his head, looking at the wet sheets surrounding Jimmy.

"It looks like the accidents keep on happening," he thought,.

"Damn! What is with this guy?" wondered Ramon. He started to wander and poke around the room. He saw the box of Attends diapers next to the bed. He saw the tan shortalls and striped onesie Jimmy had worn on the plane the day before, lying on the floor. He saw Jimmy's sippee cup sitting on the kitchen counter. He saw the cold wet diaper and baby print plastic pants in the bathtub. And of course, he saw the Teddy Bear snuggled in Jimmy's arm. It made Ramon wonder. In fact, he grew a bit faint and sat down on the sofabed.

Ramon had been a bed wetter through most of his childhood. He had resented the Pull-Ups his parents insisted that he wear, but by the time he was a teenager he began to appreciate the feel of wet diapers much more than the feel of a wet bed. In addition, he began to enjoy some of the pleasures that came with wearing diapers, like the great feel of jacking off in a pee-soaked diaper (and no tell-tale cum stains on his jammies for Mom to find!). Throughout his teen years his parents would humiliate him by calling attention to his diaper-wearing when guests came and privately yell at him to grow up so they could save the expense on diapers. Alternately, when he would risk going to bed without diapers and have a bedwetting accident, his parents would humiliate him for the "stench" and for the ruined mattresses. He had often wondered why his parents had so frequently humiliated him, no matter what he did. He was after all a good student and a good helper around the house. Was it the bedwetting? Was it that he was short in stature, seemingly underdeveloped physically? Was it that he had told his parents one night while a high school junior that he was gay? By his senior year in high school, he had achieved consistently dry nights, only to relapse when he lived on-campus as a freshman at San Jose State University. His roommate had discovered his bedwetting and ridiculed him unmercifully. Ramon, who was only 5' 8" and 132 lbs, tried to remedy his embarrassing problem by wearing Pull-Ups at night, but it only exacerbated the rumors and jokes. So he moved back home and the bedwetting faded.

Now he was 21, working at SnugTime Suites to help pay his way through the remainder of the engineering program at SJSU. And sitting in a room with a sleeping, bedwetting cute guy in a Teddy Bear print sleeper! Here, before Ramon, was an adult who still faced incontinence, yet there was apparently more to it.

Ramon got up and stood over the bed, looking at the boy-man lying before him. He reached out, running his hand up the fleece covered leg of the adult toddler until his hand hit the soaked area near the crotch of Jimmy's sleeper. He pulled his hand away, and slowly lifted it near his nose and inhaled deeply. Ramon sighed as he remembered so well the odors of his own pee-soaked bed clothing of just a few years back. He wondered: "Why is this man in bed at 10 am, and why did he not put on a dry diaper if he is a bed wetter?" He was puzzled, yet felt sorry for the man-child before him.

With sudden resolution, Ramon decided to get this cute man cleaned up. He remembered what it was like to wake up cold and wet.

"Hey, Little Guy," Ramon said softly, tussling Jimmy's hair. Jimmy moaned a bit, yawned, put his thumb in his mouth, and sucked for almost a minute before opening his eyes a bit. When he saw Ramon, his eyes opened wider and his thumb fell out of his mouth. He started to sit up.

Ramon put his hand on Jimmy's chest, pushed him back down and said, "Come on, Little Guy, relax. You're all wet, and you need to be changed. I don't know why you need to sleep in the daytime, but you won't sleep well like this." He gently pulled down the zipper and pulled Jimmy's legs out of the feet of the sleeper. He rolled Jimmy from side to side and got him completely out of the wet sleeper. Ramon saw at once that the disposable diaper that Jimmy was wearing was soaked to beyond capacity. He rested his hand on the diaper to remove the tapes and felt Jimmy's cock begin to rise beneath the diaper. By the time that Jimmy lay naked, his cock was at attention. Jimmy vaguely thought, "It's the cute housekeeper I saw in the courtyard." He began to relax just a little, and put his thumb back in his mouth, and closed his eyes. With his other hand, he reached down to play with his pee-pee, much like an innocent toddler would. Ramon stepped over to the dresser and gathered up the baby wipes and baby powder. He helped Jimmy scoot over to a drier part of the king sized bed, closer to the edge. He knelt to the floor, and using the baby wipes began to clean the seven inches of erect penis that stood just inches from his face. Then he lifted Jimmy's ball sack and began to clean under and around.

Ramon couldn't help but notice a glistening flow of precum flow from Jimmy's standing pee-pee, and he could not help but notice his own cock push against his tight white jeans. Ramon took another clean wipe, stood up, and pushed Jimmy's legs up and onto his shoulders. He reached under Jimmy and began to clean his butt crack, probing and wiping all around the opening to his ass. Then, he lowered Jimmy's legs to the bed, and sprinkled powder on his belly and all around the waving tower. Finally, with both hands, Ramon lightly rubbed the powder into Jimmy's tummy and thighs, and up and down the warm and glistening tower itself.

Jimmy used his free hand, not the one he was still using to suck his thumb, to reach out and feel the stiff cock in Ramon's pants. His hand also felt some of Ramon's precum oozing through his white jeans. Jimmy then stopped sucking his thumb and with both of his hands grabbed Ramon's arms and pulled him down toward him, saying, "Cuddle me pwease, brudder. You pwease cuddle me, aw wight?" Ramon smiled broadly. Gosh this hunk of a man was awfully cute! He started to lie down next to Jimmy.

"No! No! No!" Jimmy cried.

"You still gots dose tings on you. You get dem off, OK, pwease? You get dose clothes off and cuddle me, OK?" Ramon didn't argue. He quickly slipped off his jeans and tee shirt, lay down next to Jimmy and pulled a heavy comforter off the floor and over both of them.

"Dat better," Jimmy sighed, as Ramon snuggled against Jimmy's back and reached around to play with Jimmy's big stiffy. Ramon shoved his own erect member into the warmth of Jimmy's butt crack. Both of the big "little" boys wiggled and cuddled against each other. Jimmy couldn't help but giggle a little. He suddenly turned over and began to tickle his guest "brother."

"Hey, quit it!" Ramon yelped, laughing.

"Nuh-uh! Not gonna! Not gonna!" said Jimmy and he kept tickling Ramon who started thrashing about wildly, even rolling into the cold wet part of the bed where Jimmy had leaked pee-pee. Ramon was now on his back, laughing uncontrollably. His erection had shrunk, but suddenly he began to shoot a stream of golden pee-pee straight up into the air. Some of it splashed on Jimmy, but most of it came splattering down all over Ramon.

"Wow!" said Jimmy.

But Ramon, now glistening in his own piss, rolled to his side and started to sob quietly.

"No, no, no, I so sowwy, I so sowwy, I so sowwy," he sobbed. His dark, nude body trembled. Now it was Jimmy who didn't know what to do or think. He snuggled Ramon with his own body, pulling him close, comforting him by running his hand over his tear-streaked cheek. After a period of time, Jimmy was not sure how long it was, they both lay quietly together, the smell of sweat and urine and powder from two boy-men engulfing them both.

Chapter 3

But for his curiosity, Jimmy would have fallen back asleep from pure exhaustion. But finally he pushed himself up and off the bed. He grabbed the hand of his guest, pulled him up, and led him to the bathroom.

He tossed the old diaper out of the tub and started the bath water running; when the water was warm enough, he turned on the shower.

Jimmy put both of his hands on the boy's shoulders and looked into his eyes.

"OK, cute little housekeeper boy, I'm Jimmy. Now, what's your name?"

"Ramon. I'm sorry I wet on you. Really I am. I'm a big boy. I will keep my diaper on, I promise!" Ramon chanted in a juvenile voice.

"OK, Ramon, whatever you say, but you step into the shower with me so we can both clean up a bit." Jimmy held Ramon's hand and guided him over the side of the tub and under the shower. As the warm water poured over Ramon's back, he began to sob quietly again, as though unleashing a private tragedy. He put his arms around Jimmy, and lay his head on his chest. And they stood there, the water warming them both.

Finally, Jimmy reached for a bar of soap and began to soap up Ramon's back and his buttocks. It was then that he felt Ramon's cock begin to rise again, pushing up and probing the insides of his thighs.

"I don't know why you got upset in there, Ramon," Jimmy began, "but I want you to know how much I appreciate your trying to get me ready for bed. I'm sorry that I peed on the hotel bed. But mostly. I'm sorry for whatever happened to you that is causing you to cry right now." Jimmy felt Ramon hug him a little tighter. Finally, Ramon sniffled, "Tank you Jimmy." Pause.

"Jimmy? Do you LIKE to wear diapers?" Jimmy felt Ramon's strong arms around him and felt Ramon's nose and soft lips nuzzle his nipples. He could only wonder at the question.

"Ramon, I wear diapers because they make me feel secure, make me feel . I don't know, helpless. free and happy, but loved. Sure! I LOVE to wear diapers and I love to dress in toddler clothes. How about you?"

"My family made me. They made it sound so. so reasonable. But they also made me feel stupid and worthless. and ashamed. They said I failed to grow up right. They said I would always be a little pee-baby.

And every time I forgot to put on a diaper or Pull-Up and wet the bed, they would just yell at me. Maybe it was for hours? I don't know, but I still feel like a great big zero. They said every time I wet the bed, it showed how far I was from ever becoming responsible." Ramon just sniffled.

Despite the heart-to-heart talk they were sharing, the body communication was stronger. Both boys were rubbing the back and firm buns of the other. Both boys were moving their tummies back and forth against each other, the better to feel the pleasure from the tips of their own shaft rubbing against the other, as the warm water poured over them. Jimmy whispered, "You can be responsible and wear diapers too. You can be an adult and be a little guy too. You can be cute and. be gentle and. be a successful guy and. be cared for by other little guys. like me." With that Jimmy began to place soft little kisses on the top of Ramon's head. He bent down and sucked gently on Ramon's ear. He whispered, "You are good. You will be a star. I w ill help you. Don't ever be afraid again." With his tongue, Jimmy began tracing a path to Ramon's nipples, kissing him as shower water poured down his chest. Jimmy began lowering himself to his knees, continuing to run his tongue past Ramon's navel, and then licking the dark head of Ramon's big boy shaft. Ramon grabbed Jimmy's hair and moaned, "Tank u Jimmy, tank u, tank u, tank u." Jimmy's tongue ran up and down Ramon's hard cock and then he slipped it into his mouth, and sucked gently, like he would suck his own thumb. He swallowed the sweet precum and felt Ramon's thick member pulse quickly and begin to unload in his mouth. He swallowed every drop along with the shower water that ran down Ramon's shaft and into his mouth. He gently caressed Ramon's thighs and his buns while allowing his cock to dwindle inside his mouth. Then he stood up and kissed Ramon on his lips softly.

Ramon still held Jimmy's hair and pulled his head closer. He thrust his tongue deeply into Jimmy's mouth while moaning happily and contentedly. Then, the two man-boys hugged in the shower until Jimmy said, "Come on, Ramon. Let's get out and get dried off." Out of the shower, Ramon grabbed the towel from Jimmy, and began to dry him off carefully, beginning with his hair, his shoulders and back, then his chest and tummy. Then Ramon sat on the toilet cover and faced Jimmy's softening pee-pee. He lifted it with one hand and dabbed the underside with the towel, and giggled.

"I can dry you here, but you'll only get it wet soon again!" Then he began to kiss Jimmy on his belly, lick his navel, . all the while gripping Jimmy's hardening cock.

Jimmy tenderly placed his hands on Ramon's head, ran his fingers through his hair and across his ears, and then gently pinched his ear lobes. He felt his boner swell, and then felt Ramon take it into his mouth. Jimmy shuddered as Ramon used his mouth to deliver a thorough massage, making Jimmy give up his milky cum in repeated spurts. Ramon sat back and wrapped the towel around Jimmy, squeezing the last drip of cum into the towel. Then he stood up and kissed Jimmy deeply on his mouth once more. Then, placing his mouth close to Jimmy's ear, he whispered, "Sit here a minute, Jimmy, while I fix up your bed." Ramon left Jimmy sitting on the towel draped toilet cover, and slipped out of bathroom. Still nude, he expertly stripped the wet bedding and put it by the door, along with Jimmy's clothes that he originally had come to the room to retrieve. From the closet he grabbed some spare sheets, meant for the sofa-bed, and put them on the bed. Then he went back to the bathroom and took Jimmy's hand.

"Come on back to bed, Little Guy. I still have to get your diaper on and put you to sleep."

"OK, brudder," Jimmy said, slipping into his semi-toddler vocabulary.

"But later tonight, when I finish working, I want you to come back here. Then we can talk and snuggle up together."

"If you want, Jimmy, OK." Ramon led Jimmy back from the bathroom. Then he helped Jimmy down onto the bed and tucked a fresh Attends under his butt. He again sprinkled fragrant Johnson & Johnson baby powder all across his privates and rubbed it in well. He soon had Jimmy snuggly diapered and into a dry sleeper he found still in Jimmy's suitcase. He pulled the comforter over Jimmy and bent down to kiss him. Jimmy reached up and put his arms around Ramon's neck.

"Come back at eight tonight, OK brudder?" Jimmy grinned. Then he kissed Ramon for a long minute, finally falling back onto the bed and reaching for his Teddy. Ramon stood up, slipped on his clothes, walked to the door, grabbed all the wet laundry, stepped out, and closed the door behind him.

In less than a minute, Jimmy was sound asleep.

Chapter 4

Ramon finished his shift, went home and studied for a test in Electronic Properties of Solids, which was scheduled for the following afternoon. But his mind kept drifting back to Jimmy's words - "You are good. You will be a star. I w ill help you. Don't ever be afraid again." Finally at 7:15 he decided to change his clothes before going back to the hotel. Hesitantly, he opened the bottom drawer of his dresser and stared at the Pull-Ups. He had not worn one to bed for a while; he had learned to do that only when there were extreme stresses. And he had not worn one during the day since he was a child. He took one out and turned it over in his hands. Finally, he slipped off his black BVDs and pulled on the Pull-Up. Embarrassed, he quickly slipped into his black nylon wind pants and tucked in his white tee shirt. None too soon.

His mother looked into his room, surprised that her son was not studying.

"Don't forget to fix the dishwasher," she scowled.

"Uh, I won't get to it 'til tomorrow evening, Mom."

"And why is that," she said, with hands on her hips. She looked at him oddly.

"You're not going out, are you? With things that need attention at home and a test tomorrow-how irresponsible! When will you ever grow up!?" She scowled again and left shaking her head disgustedly.

"I AM GROWN UP!" Ramon wanted to scream. Instead, he just stood there with his eyes watering slightly in shame and anger. He grabbed his wallet and car keys, walked to the front door, and opened the door --all as quietly as he could. Just before he could close the door though, he heard his mother yell, "Be home early young man!"


Ramon was as punctual as he was an excellent student and an excellent kisser! He knocked quietly on Unit 116. The snug feel of the paper Pull-Up felt odd, given that he was standing in full view of the many cars in the side parking lot. Surely it was not observable to anyone looking at him! Jimmy opened the door widely, stepped out and kissed Ramon on his cheek. What caused Ramon to blush and look quickly around was not so much the kiss, but the way Jimmy was dressed! Jimmy stood outside the door with an impish smile. He had on little boy overalls that had been made from a material with brightly printed trucks, front-end loaders, and other assorted construction vehicles all on a bright red background. He wore a bright blue youth shirt with snaps in the shoulder. He had a multicolored little boy cap on backwards. And, most incredibly, he had blue sneakers with fire trucks on the side, with little red flashing LEDs! In his hand was his pale blue diaper bag.

"Uh, shouldn't we go inside," asked Ramon, looking alternately at Jimmy and furtively around the parking lot.

"On the contrary, brother!" said Jimmy pulling the door shut behind him.

"I'm taking you out to eat. There's a Buzzingbee's just down the road. We can walk there in less time than it takes to drive." Jimmy started to walk across the parking lot.

Ramon stared at the straps of Jimmy's little boy overalls, that crisscrossed on his back and went over his shoulders. He looked at the way the seat of the overalls puffed out and how an inch of yellow plastic pants peeked past the back elastic waistband of the overalls. Ramon's feet seemed glued to the sidewalk as Jimmy turned to look at him.

Jimmy went back to Ramon and put his free arm around his waist.

"Remember what I told you this morning, brother? 'You are good?' OK, and I am good. I am decently dressed, if a bit out of the norm. So what? I am a star at what I do, and I have this feeling that you will be too. If feeling like a child makes me happy, who is to complain? People often say - 'let your inner child come out.' Well, I actually do it. And you know what? I am quite happy. I am not afraid at all of what anyone thinks. Many of my colleagues know of my personal preferences, but I respect my company and my work. I would never dress like this while attending to a customer. But this is what I call, 'off-duty time' and I dress this way. for me." Jimmy gave a playful pat on Ramon's butt and grinned even wider.

"Well, I see you are a bit of a child at heart, too! Now are you coming?" Ramon, blushing and grinning just a bit, now that Jimmy knew he was wearing a Pull-Up, said, "Aww, OK." They crossed the parking lot and began walking down the sidewalk of the shaded street, heading out to El Camino Real and the restaurant. Jimmy continued to talk with Ramon; Ramon continued to walk self-consciously, looking at all passers-by with embarrassment. When they entered the restaurant, Ramon hoped they could find a booth in the corner, where few would see them. But Jimmy grabbed Ramon's hand, led him passed the smiling hostesses, and went directly to the bar in the center of the restaurant! "Hi Jimmy!" called out the vivacious blond bartender as they sat down.

"How's my little boy tonight? Got a little friend with you?"

"Yep, this is Ramon. Ramon, this is Susan, the best bartender in Silicon Valley." Susan laughed.

"Guess little boys don't get out much, do they? If you want some of your favorite red wine, you better give me your cup Jimmy."

"OK, it right here." Jimmy grinned at Susan and then reached into his diaper bag and pulled out a sippee cup with bright Disney cartoons on the sides and handed it to her. She turned and smiled at Ramon, "And what would like to drink, honey?" she asked him.

"Uh, Bud Light, I guess."

"Got some ID, little boy?" she grinned.

Ramon produced his driver's license from his wallet, just as he heard someone call out Jimmy's name from right behind him.

"Jimmy! You old Ace! You got SVD going last night, thank God!" A muscular, redheaded man slapped Jimmy on the back, oblivious of Jimmy's non-conforming outfit.

"Hey, Jason! Yeah, don't hold it against me, man. After all, I'm just a little guy!" Jason laughed uproariously.

"All the worse, man! If SVD ever sees you dressed like that, I'll never hear the end of it. 'Even a kid could fix it, what's wrong with you?' - Just what I need!" Susan set a beer in front of Ramon, and in front of Jimmy, his sippee cup filled with red wine.

"Don't worry," Jimmy told Jason.

"You can tell them the truth: we have never seen this fault before and we guarantee they will never see it again. I already have engineering working on an upgrade!"

"Well, thanks good buddy, for saving my ass. I'd buy you a drink but it looks like you have company," Jason drawled, looking at Ramon and raising his eyebrows.

Jimmy grinned.

"Yeah, another time Jason." Jason took the hint and wandered off to a table of three other guys. Jimmy nodded his head toward Jason's table and said to Ramon, "All guys from our local field office." Ramon was astonished.

"They know about you? They know you . dress like a little boy?"

"I told you. I am competent - I'm a star. That's what counts. Sure, there will be people who don't understand, like the smirking older couple across the bar from us that has been making lots of jokes at my expense, no doubt." Jimmy placed his hand reassuringly on Ramon's leg.

"It's all in your attitude. I treat others with respect. The people that know me and work with me trust me, and I try not to fail them." The two looked at each other, and finally Ramon smiled and whispered, "Gosh I love you brudder. Will you help me to be a happy adult toddlerboy like you?"

"I already promised I would, didn't I?" Jimmy smiled.

After they ordered and began eating their meals, Jimmy began asking Ramon about his studies. He asked endless questions about his courses, lab experiences, and grades. Finally Jimmy asked, "So why the hotel housekeeping job, Ramon? Shouldn't you be getting a more appropriate work experience to prepare you for the 'Big Boy World'?" Ramon explained that his parents insisted that he help out around the house in exchange for living there. He said that it left no real time for the type of internship he knew he needed. So he had settled for a few hours a week at the hotel to earn gas money for his car.

Jimmy sat quietly, clutching his sippee cup with one hand, drumming the bar counter with his other hand. Finally, he said: "With your college record, I can set you up for a one year internship with our local field office. I don't know if the word 'internship' is exactly accurate because you'd get all the benefits of an employee, including tuition reimbursement. Your pay would be 30% less than the starting pay for a new service engineer. On the other hand, we start our engineers at $65,000. How would that work for you?" The power of emotion! Ramon's eyes watered just a bit, just as he felt a warm stream of pee flow into his Pull-Up. Inadvertently, his eyes glanced down at his crotch. Jimmy followed his gaze.

Jimmy dropped a fifty-dollar bill on the counter and smiled at Susan. He slid off the bar stool, put away his sippee cup, and picked up his diaper bag. He took Ramon's hand and led him out of the restaurant.

The moon and stars were bright against the dark sky as two adult boys walked quietly back to the hotel, hand in hand. Finally, Ramon broke the silence.

"I could move out," he choked.

Jimmy waited. Then he said, "Yes, you could --and you should. You'll have enough money to have your own studio apartment. You need to get away from your parents so you can be a man. AND, so you can be free to be a boy." They had arrived at the door to Unit 116.

"Does all that make sense to you, Ramon?"

"Yes, brother," smiled Ramon for the first time that evening.

"With that in mind, come in and spend the night with me. Tonight you will be the GOOD little boy you deserve to be. Tomorrow morning, I will take you over to the office to get the paperwork started. Then we will find your new apartment and get you set up as the GOOD man that you really are." The two boys went into the room.

Chapter 5

"Sit on the sofa with me, Ramon. Ummm, now put your legs out over there and put your head on my lap,.

there we go. Just close your eyes. Now, little brother, once upon a time, a long time ago, there was." Jimmy rubbed Ramon's arms, played with his hair, and brushed his cheek with his fingertips all the while reciting a story of bravery against giants. When he finished, he said, "Little Ramon, when you grow up, you too will bravely slay the giants in your life. You will have the courage you need to face the giant of controlling parents and the giant of fear of failure. It is because you will look inside you and the child in you will 'know' that heroes DO live and those who believe in heroes DO win." Jimmy bent down and kissed Ramon's ear and whispered, "And tomorrow you WILL have the chance to grow to be who you want to be." Tears were running down Ramon's cheeks.

"Me CAN be brave, Jimmy," he choked.

"Me loves you so so much Jimmy. Me wishes you could stay here in Sunnyvale wif me."

"I'll be here often, Ramon. Keep the inner child alive, and let it guide the heart of your big boy self."

"Jimmy? Don't be mad at me OK?"

"Are you so soon afraid?"

"No, but my inner child loves you so much he wants his big boy self to make love to you. Does. that make sense?" Jimmy laughed and his eyes twinkled.

"And me wants to love you to pieces all up too!" Jimmy stretched out his hand, and slipped it under Ramon's nylon pants to pat his pee-filled Pull-Up. Immediately, Jimmy realized that the large hard cock poking out of the Pull-Up did not just get that way. It must have rose to its blood-hard state from the twenty minutes of story-telling, caressing, and genuine love going between the two boy-men. Ramon took the gentle touch to his penis as a signal of permission. He turned over and began kissing the lap of Jimmy's toddler-print overalls with a vengeance, nuzzling his nose between Jimmy's legs. When his nose or cheek touched one of the cool crotch snaps, he pushed up and used his hands to pop most of the overall's crotch snappers. Then he dove down again to nuzzle and kiss the soft, yellow plastic panties that covered Jimmy's diapered, but growing cock.

"Whoa!" Jimmy breathed.

"Hold it a second." He put his arms under Ramon and rose to his feet and carried him to the large bed. He turned out the light. He easily found and removed Ramon's sneakers and wind pants; he kicked off his own blinking-light sneakers; he unhitched and dropped his overalls; he crawled onto the bed, leaned over, and began kissing Ramon gently on his lips while rubbing Ramon's still hard and protruding tentpole. Ramon pushed his tongue deep into Jimmy's mouth; at the same time he uttered sounds that were a cross between a baby's babbling and a lover's moaning. Ramon arched his butt off the bed as Jimmy rubbed his warm hand up and down, coaxing the cock to cum. Jimmy turned around, the better to kiss Ramon's dick, and kiss it he did, tonguing it, lubricating it with the saliva he and Jimmy had just finished sharing. Meanwhile, Ramon got a firm grip on Jimmy's plastic panties and the pee-drenched Attends and tugged them down Jimmy's legs. Jimmy kicked them off and they flew onto the floor. Then Ramon went to work on the newly free and waving cock, first breathing in for the second time that day the delicious odor of Jimmy's piss, then licking it off. Finally, with no further preliminaries, he lowered his mouth onto the cock of the man he so deeply appreciated. At the same time, Ramon's hands were everywhere, almost frantic. He cupped Jimmy's balls and pulled a little on the ballsack skin. He reached beyond his balls and fingered Jimmy's ass, probing a little beyond the rim.

His other hand caressed the back of Jimmy's legs and his bubble-like buns. He sucked on his cock until it began tremble in his mouth and Jimmy was clutching Ramon's buns with both hands. The sensation of Jimmy shooting wad after wad of cum into the back of Ramon's mouth was too much for Ramon; he literally lost it. The pleasure that shuddered through his body was nothing compared to the intense emotion he felt for Jimmy.

Jimmy lifted himself off Ramon's cock and turned to kiss him. He murmured, "I love you Ramon, my baby brother forever." Then, they kissed ever so gently, tongues only a little inside each other's mouth, and shared the man-boy juice of the other. Jimmy knew that sleep was minutes away. He stumbled across the bed and grasped the baby powder and an Attends. Gently and lovingly he diapered his brother, while whispering, "That's my good little boy," When done, he gave Ramon a quick rub on his belly. Ramon turned on his side and sighed contentedly. Jimmy grabbed another Attends, quickly powdered himself, taped the diaper on himself, and fell to the bed. Jimmy pulled the comforter over the both of them, and the two cozied up. They were soon asleep. Ramon dreamed of a diapered hero slaying giants. Jimmy dreamed of the crib and other gifts he would buy for Ramon's new apartment.


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