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Part 1: The Job Offer

Bryan was walking through town one day, and saw a young man going from store to store, looking for a job, each and every place that he went to told him that they were not hiring currently. He sat down on a bench with a very dejected look on his face.

"What is wrong?" asked a concerned Bryan. The young man, Andrew, replied that he was fired from his job and is having a hard time finding a new position. His rent was past due and he was about to be evicted from his apartment. Bryan asked, "What can I do to help?" Andrew replied bitingly, "All I need is a job." After a few moments, Bryan thought of something that might be intriguing to Andrew. Bryan proceeded, choosing his words carefully.

"What if I could offer you a job right now. The pay would not be much, but it would include room and board."

"That would be great!" replied Andrew. After a moments hesitation, he continued, "What do I have to do?"

"This job would be simple, I would just want you as a housekeeper. There will be a question about your attire, but we can discus this later. If you want the job come to this address tomorrow at 6:00 PM." He jotted an address on a piece of paper, and turned to leave.

"Hey, can you tell me more about it?"

"Tomorrow at 6:00," called Bryan over his retreating shoulder, "and do not be late." Bryan walked away, already thinking about all of the stops that he had to make by the next evening. Andrew watched Bryan walk out of sight, wondering what he had gotten himself into. He was sitting in his apartment, watching the TV until the early hours of the morning. He was not quite sure that he wanted to follow through with this job, Bryan had seemed a little odd to him. About 7:00 he was jolted awake by the sound of the TV shutting off abruptly. His power had just been shut off. Bryan decided that he had no choice but to accept this job. He waited around in his house with nothing to do until later that evening. At 5:45, he walked up Bryan's driveway. He stood in front of the door, took a breath, stealing his nerves and firming his resolve, and knocked the door. After a few moments, Bryan answered the door and invited him in.

Part 2: The Interview

"Please sit down," said Bryan gesturing to a chair across from one that he had just occupied. Bryan waited until Andrew sat down. Bryan started to list the job requirements, "Ok, this job is not that difficult. I want you to perform three functions. First, I want you to keep the house clean.

Straighten it daily, and clean weekly. Second, I want you to take care of the yard. Watering it as needed, and mowing, trimming, edging, pruning, and weeding the lawn on a weekly basis. Third, I will want you to cook lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be your day off, although I will still require you to adhere to your uniform that I will provide. You will be required to follow any legal, moral, commands that I give. This job will include an upstairs bedroom, and your food and utilities and a bi-weekly salary of $500.00." Andrew was taken aback. This was a great job; he did not have to worry about utilities, food, clothing, or a place to stay. He could save his salary for later, perhaps a down payment on a house.

"That sounds great," said Andrew, "but what is this uniform?"

"That is going to take some getting used to. The uniform consists of slacks and dress slacks, and casual dress and dress shirts. You will wear black shoes and socks. And one more thing." Andrew is wondering what that one more thing could be as Bryan is reaching behind the chair and pulling out a bag.

"The one last part of your uniform will be these," said Bryan as he pulls a package of Attends Overnights, "you will be required to wear them and to use them. There are thinner ones that you could wear outside of the house, but these will be what you wear when you are here."

"No way, no F***ing way, I am not wearing diapers."

"Here is a package, inside is your first weeks paycheck, a pair of pants, socks, shoes, a shirt, and three fitted briefs, they should be easily enough for you to get on. If you decide that you want to have this job anyways, you can cash the check, and I expect you to be at my house tomorrow morning by 9:00 dressed in your full attire. If you decline, there is a check for $50.00 for your time. I included the fitted briefs because I think you might want to try them before you decide to accept this job or decide to pass up a life saving opportunity. Good Bye, I will see you tomorrow if you so choose."

"But can't we discuss the diaper thing?"

"Good Bye, I will see you tomorrow if you so choose."

Part 3: That Night

That Night Andrew sat on his couch, watching his dark, powerless TV. His gaze kept passing between the $500.00 check and the $50.00, weighing his pride vs. his desire for money. Weighing his desire for the toilet that would soon not have water to flush and diapers. He went to the bank ATM at about 8:00 that evening and put the $50.00 check in a deposit envelope.

Began the deposit, placing his card in the ATM, entering his PIN, and entering the $50.00 deposit amount. Just before he hit enter, he looked at the $50.00 shining back from him on the screen and thought how good it would feel to be able to press the "0" key one more time. He changed his mind, took the $50.00 check from its envelope, replaced it with the $500.00 check and finished his deposit. He was not quite sure if he made a good decision or not, but he had made up his mind.

He went back to his apartment, thinking the whole way about what he had gotten himself into. When he came home, he saw the three diapers sitting where he had left them, on the table. He decided that he mind as well see what he had gotten himself into. He stripped off his pants and underwear, and picked up the diaper. He noticed that the window curtains were open, and rushed to close them. He was not worried that someone would see him naked, just that someone might see him in the diaper. He continued to put the diaper on, wincing as it was fully pulled up. After a few moments the wince started to fade. Although the diaper was thick, and not at all what he wanted to wear, it was not as bad as he thought it was going to be. He decided that he would keep it on until he needed to wet. As the night wore on, past midnight, he decided to go out for a walk. He left his house, and was two bocks away when he realized that he was out of his house and still had the diaper on. He decided that there was no one else on the street, and that he was going to have to get used to going out in public; this was a nice public foray, there was no public there to see him. He was walking, letting his thoughts wander, until he felt that all too familiar twinge on his bladder that said that he would soon need to use the restroom. He continued walking towards the town, thinking that he could use the restroom at the gas station. When he finally got there, the doors were locked and a sign on the doors asked him to please use the cash drawer for payment and purchases. He cursed in frustration, not sure what to do. He just could not wet himself in public; it would be mortifying.

Part 4: Long Walk Home

He started to jog back home, hoping to make it in time. He soon stopped jogging because on each step he felt the strain increase on his bladder. He began walking home. When he was about one mile from home, he felt the first little squirt escape. He looked around for a bush like he normally would have used, and went behind it. He unzipped his pants, and then saw the white diaper gleaming back at him. He quickly re-zipped his pants, not wanting to expose his diaper for the entire world to see. He resumed the walk back home. About two hundred yards from his house, he began to regret his decision to not use the bush. A few more squirts had already escaped, and the diaper had begun to have a slightly damp feeling. Andrew reached the stairs at the bottom of his apartment, and looked up, wondering if he could make it up them without wetting himself. He began slowly going up the stairs, one at a time. He was trying to keep his legs crossed, in hopes that he could hold off wetting until he was in the restroom. As he went up each step, he felt a little more escape. By the time he was at the top of the stairs, his diaper was wet enough to warrant a change, but he still had to make it to the restroom. He decided to make a mad dash, but before he had taken a handful of steps, he realized that that was a horrible mistake. It was not just a squirt or two any longer; it was a full out flood. By the time he reached his door, he no longer needed to use the restroom; he had already used his diaper. He sat down on the couch, and cried. He was wondering how he would be able to mess himself if he had that much trouble wetting. He cursed himself for cashing the $500.00 check, but he had entered into a contract now, if for just two weeks. He was certain that he would not want to continue this position after the two weeks was up. He ended up crying himself to sleep, still in the wet diaper.

Part 5: Morning

He woke up with a jerk to the sound of his alarm. The first thing that he noticed was that he had developed a severe case of diaper rash from sleeping in his wet diaper all night, especially because he had not applied any baby powder or oil. He tore the diaper off in disgust at having wet himself as much as at have allowed himself to develop a rash. He made up his mind, he was not going to accept the position. Yet even as he said that to himself, he knew that he could not turn down that kind of money.

He quickly took a shower, wincing as the hot water pelted down on his tender skin in his diaper area. He dressed, ate a quick breakfast, and left; off to the job that would change his life. As he was walking out the door, he grabbed the bag that had the clothes that he had worn the day before. He forgot that he had to put on the diaper.

As he was walking down the street, about half of the way to his new employer's house, he remembered that he was only in part of his uniform. He still needed to diaper himself. He walked into a grocery store, and went into the restroom. He locked himself in a stall, and took off his shoes and pants. Hearing someone come into the restroom, he froze, not wanting to unfold the diaper with someone else in there, afraid that the noise might be recognized. After the other person flushed, washed their hands, and left, he took the diaper out of the bag, and unfolded it. He began opening the diaper, and sliding it up his leg. He cringed at the noise that it made, certain that it was loud enough and distinct enough to be heard outside the restroom.

He walked out, cursing the rustle that he heard, afraid that others would guess what his alternative form of underwear was. He would have jogged to his new employer's house, but the diaper made walking as normal difficult, and would surly produce a discernable waddle when he jogged.

Part 6: The Arrival

Andrew arrived at Bryan's house a few minutes early, walked up to the door, gathered his nerve, and knocked on the door, looking like a man condemned to die. Bryan opened the door and invited him in. Bryan gave Andrew the "Grand Tour," showing him around the house, handing him a detailed list of what was required of him, and finally showing him to his room. He showed Andrew where his disposable diapers were and explained that they were expensive and very bad for the environment, so he decided to place a limit on how many he could use in a week, 21. He further explained that since he had not been informed of this when he was hired, there was a $100.00 check waiting on his nightstand. He would receive his 42 diapers and his next paycheck in two weeks.

"What happens if I run out of diapers?" asked Andrew slightly concerned.

"If you run out, I understand that you can not wear the same diaper for days until you receive your next check, so I have some in my room that you can use. I will give you one of those every morning that you are out. These diapers are much thicker than the normal ones, much noisier too. They are designed for people that are incontinent and cannot be changed often, like in a nursing home. I purchased these thicker ones because you will be stuck in the same one for 24 hours. I would suggest that you keep track on how many you use. Well you have things that you need to do, so I suggest you get started. I will be in the computer room if you need me. I have things that I need to do."

Part 7: The First Day

Andrew went to his room, and began unpacking his clothes and other belongings. He felt his bladder twinge, which reminded him that he had not yet gone to the restroom today. He slowly let out the pee, tenativly at first, but then in a fast stream, soaking the woefully inadequate diaper. He changed into a new diaper. This one had tapes, and he was not sure that he could get it on correctly. He tried for about five minutes, and eventually got the diaper on good enough that it would not fall off when he stood. He redressed, and went around the house beginning his work. He was putting the dishes away when Bryan walked into the kitchen. He stood there and watched as Andrew reached high and bent down low, putting the various dishes where they belonged, exposing his diapered state each time.

As Bryan watched Andrew, Andrew began to become uncomfortable, and he eventually asked Bryan if there was anything that he could get him. Bryan answered no, that he could get it. He reached for a bowl that Andrew had just put away, and poured himself a bowl of cereal, and went back to the computer room and began debugging the code that he had written earlier that day. Bryan was making dinner when he began to feel the first signs of a bowel movement.

Part 8: The First Mess

Bryan was trying to ignore his need to relieve himself all through dinner and his evening responsibilities. While Bryan was straightning the computer room, Andrew saw that Bryan need to mess his diaper, and also saw that Bryan was making every attempt to stop it from happening.

"Why don't you just mess yourself and get it over with? It would be much more comfortable than holding it in, and you will have to poop eventually." Said Andrew.

"Although I accepted this job, I do not mean to become dependant on these things. I am not going to mess or wet myself until I absolutely have to." Replied Bryan in a strained voice.

Andrew just watched Bryan as he moved around the room, thinking that reguardless of what he thought, he would slowly lose control of his bladder and bowels. He would tire of the pain and effort required to hold it in, and he would begin to wait a shorter and shorter time before wetting or messing himself each day. Eventually, his bladder will have shrunk to the point that he can no longer last the night without wetting. Eventually.

Bryan finished straightening the computer room and went to put away the dishes from dinner that had had a chance to dry by then. He had put them all away except for the serving dish that went on the top shelf. He stretched his arm up, standing on his tiptoes, and put the dish up on the shelf. As he was doing this, a turtlehead peaked out, and Bryan quickly stood back down, and grabbed at his butt reflexively. He had finished his chores and had gotten changed into his night clothes.

He laid in bed for about an hour when the cramps began. Each wave came quicker than the last, increasing in strength and duration. It was the fourth wave that finally broke the dam. Bryan was laying on his side, facing the bedroom wall, when it happened, trying for all he was worth to hold it in. When it came out, he gasped. It was hard and large. It pressed his butt cheeks apart, running from his butt all the way up to his scrotum. He tried to get out of bed without rolling over on it, and ended up falling out of bed, landing on his butt, spreading the mess around. As he stood up, he could feel it work itself into a paste like substance, spreading around.

He walked into his adjoining bathroom, and noticed for the first time that there was no toilet in it. Where the toilet once was, judging by the hardware sticking out of the wall and floor, was a set of shelves containing changing supplies: powder, rash cream, oil, lotion, and wipes. There was not a shower in the half bath either, so laid down on the floor, spreading out a changing pad, and took off the diaper. He rolled it up and threw it in the diaper pail. He then began the long process of wiping himself clean. He then powdered himself and pulled up the new diaper, taping it into place, and went off to bed. It was 4:00 in the morning when he was woken up with the urge to pee. He decided that instead of fighting it, he would wet and then change himself, so he could get back to bed and salvage what he could of the night.

Part 9: Public Foray

The next two days passed, and a regular schedule was starting to establish itself. He would wake up, wet, and change himself, make breakfast, cleanup, take a shower, make lunch, cleanup, wet, change, make dinner, cleanup, and straighten up the house, wet and change before bed, and go to sleep. On the morning of the third day, Bryan was again struggling not to mess himself. In the meantime, he wet and changed his diaper. Andrew saw this and said that he should watch how many diapers that he was using, he might run out before the two weeks was over, and he would not like that. Bryan ignored that, and went to change himself again. When he came out, Andrew handed him a list and asked him if he could go shopping after lunch. Bryan agreed, and began making the lunch. He and Andrew ate, and Bryan cleaned up.

Right after finishing cleaning up, Bryan left for the grocery store, still struggling not to mess himself. He bent down to get a case of pop off the bottom shelf, and almost lost control right there. He barely managed to control himself and wheeled the buggy to the checkout line. While waiting in the long line, he felt the cramps hitting one after another, and silently cursed himself for not messing before he left. He was so focused on not messing himself that he managed to make matters worse by having to mess himself while out in public.

He managed to hold it in until he went to pay. He accidentally dropped the card when he went to pay, and not wanting to bend over, afraid that the top of his diaper might show, he squatted down to pick up the card. When he squatted down, and his legs separated, a cramp hit and the poop flooded into his diaper. This time it was not as hard as it was the first time, it was soft and mushy. He stood up, blushing, and sporting a semi noticeable bulge in the seat of his pants, and handed the clerk the credit card. She ran the card, asked him to sign the receipt, handed him the groceries, and bid him a good day. As he gathered up the bags, he heard someone behind him say, "What is the smell? It smells like someone crapped their pants." Bryan walked out thing that that kid had no clue how right he was. He hurried out of the store, not wanting anyone to be able to connect him, with his puffy pants, to the smell, afraid that someone might be able to see his pants and smell that smell, and put 2 and 2 together.

He made it out of the store and began the walk home, struggling to walk like normal. Each and every step that Bryan took was a reminder of his diapered and messy state. He could not believe what a mess he had gotten himself into. He just could not wait to get back to Andrew's house and change out of his diaper and into a new one. This had to have been one of the worst feelings that he ever experienced. Bryan's diaper began to itch as he was walking. The long time and the long walk did nothing to help his poor bottom. It was defiantly going to develop a rash. He was in a foul mood by the time he made it back to Andrew's house. He quickly made it inside and put the groceries away. While he was putting them away, Andrew entered the kitchen and grabbed something to drink.

"Could not wait until you got back?" asked Andrew.

"No. I could not." Replied Bryan sharply.

"I hope you realize that if you had just messed yourself earlier this morning, you could have changed yourself and been off to the grocery store and back in a fresh clean diaper. All waiting does is put you through more pain and suffering."

"I do not need diapers, you made me wear them."

"First, look at yourself. You could not hold it any longer, so you had an accident. If you would mess yourself earlier, you would be the one having control over you defication. By waiting, you are subjecting yourself to accidentally messing your pants. Second, I set the stipulations for this job, you accepted. You could have declined the job."

"I-I-I guess that I did chose to wear them after all. I need to go and get changed."

"Please." Replied Andrew. Andrew knew that Bryan thought that he said please go change because the smell was bothering him, but it was because the faster Bryan ran out of diapers, the longer he would be in only one diaper a day.

Bryan went to his room and began the long and laborious process of cleaning the mass of spread out poop off his butt. After twenty minutes and countless wipes later, Bryan emerged clean and smelling like baby powder. He finished his cleaning and made diner. He could not wait until the next day, it would be his first day off, and he would be able to leave the house, and get his diaper off for a while. He would even be able to use the toilet, rather than his pants.

Part 10: The Day Off

Bryan grabbed a quick bite to eat. As he was about to leave, Andrew said that he should probably bring three or four diapers with him. That way he would not be in the same predicament that he was in the day before. Bryan went back to his room, grabbed four diapers, powder, and wipes, and asked Andrew if he had a backpack that he could keep the supplies in. Andrew handed Bryan a backpack and Bryan ran out of the house early Saturday morning with his diaper on and a full bladder waiting to be expelled in the toilet at the gas station. He went into the restroom and emptied his screaming bladder, basking in the sweet bliss of using the toilet. He stuffed the old diaper and the fresh ones that he was told to bring along into the trashcan. He never expected that he would have to use them today.

He left just one that he could change into before he went back into the house.

He walked out of the restroom, feeling like something was amiss. Then he realized that the thing he was missing was the thick padding around his loins. As he was exiting the store, he saw his boss, Andrew, out at the pumps pumping gas. He turned around and headed out of the other door. Bryan thought that he had just gotten away scot-free. What Bryan did not know is that Andrew assumed that Bryan was going to try and get away with being diaper free that day. His suspicions were confirmed when Bryan went to leave the house with no supplies. Andrew saw that the book bag that previously had a bulge in the two side pockets where the diapers were stored, now only had a small bulge in one pocket. He had ditched his diapers.

"At least he was smart enough to keep one to put on before he came home." Thought Andrew.

"I will have some fun with this."

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